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Sharon and Nick exchanged heartfelt vows, but Phyllis interrupted the wedding. Phyllis accepted Jack's proposal, but he remained torn about his feelings for Phyllis and Kelly. Paul planted a personal ad in the newspaper to try to lure Ian out of hiding.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 6, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, October 6, 2014

At a motel, Phyllis, headed to Nick and Sharon's wedding, opened the door of her room. Phyllis was surprised to find a uniformed patrolman was blocking the doorway. He told Phyllis that she was under arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. Phyllis replied, "There must be some mistake. My family needs me." Phyllis scoffed at the prospect of being arrested.

Phyllis told the officer that the man who'd made unwanted advances was "a predatory piece of human garbage." Becoming greatly agitated, Phyllis threatened to ruin her accuser by informing his family and friends that he'd groped her and had attempted to force himself on her. Phyllis insisted that the complainant would quickly drop all charges if he knew the steps she'd take to defend her actions. The officer seemed sympathetic when Phyllis nearly collapsed and staggered to the edge of the bed to sit.

At the Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Sharon, wearing a lacy wedding gown, appeared in the doorway of the chapel. Nick's eyes sparkled when he saw his bride stride down the aisle. When Sharon joined Nick, the priest began the ceremony. Guests looked on. Jack and Kelly smiled at each other. Avery seemed lost in thought. Abby, seated next to Nikki, asked about Victor. Nikki replied, "It's not like your dad to miss this."

When the minister asked, "Who gives this woman to this man?" Sharon replied, "I give myself to him." Faith exuberantly added, "Me, too!" Noah, the best man, leaned forward and said, "Absolutely." Summer said, "We give them to each other." Mariah, feeling pressured, muttered, "Sure." Nick happily announced that the consensus was unanimous.

As the minister continued, Sharon reflected on her past with Nick in a flashback of heartfelt memories. She recalled her early years with Nick, when the couple had become engaged to marry for the first time. Additional romantic moments the couple had shared throughout their lengthy relationship ensued chronologically. The minister asked if anyone present had just cause to prevent the marriage of the couple. Guests turned and glanced nervously toward the entrance at the back of the chapel.

The minister announced that members of Nick and Sharon's family wished to share their feelings. Victoria grimaced. Abby, seated beside Victoria, seemed concerned. Victoria squirmed, began breathing rhythmically, and swaddled her enlarged abdomen. Nikki and Abby noted Victoria's distress. Abby quickly escorted Victoria to the hospital. Nikki seemed worried about Victoria, but she agreed to remain at the wedding and let Abby care for Victoria.

Nikki turned her attention to Noah when he spoke on behalf of his parents. Noah said that his beautiful, loyal, and strong mother had recently emerged from a very dark place. He praised his mother for having turned her life around. Noah admitted that he'd been concerned about his parents when they'd begun to grow close again. Noah added, "You proved to everybody that your love isn't just for today. It's for every day."

Summer recited a romantic poem by Rabindranath Tagore called "Unending Love." Mariah seemed touched as she watched Summer tenderly embrace Nick and Sharon. Tears ran down Sharon's cheeks when the minister told the couple to recite their vows. When prompted to respond, Sharon said, "Wait. There's something else that I need to say first." Mariah seemed anxious as she anticipated Sharon's response.

Sharon promised Nick that she'd strive to be open and honest. She told Nick that she'd place her trust in his love. Nick nodded when his bride asked him to forgive her past and future mistakes. Sharon thanked Nick for standing beside her during her darkest hour when no one else had believed in her. Nick, acknowledging that he was breaking tradition by acting hastily, pulled Sharon toward him and kissed her on the lips.

Nick admitted that he'd made mistakes that had hurt the people closest to him. Tears welled in Summer's eyes when Nick glanced at her. Nick vowed to avoid making similar mistakes and promised to make their house a real home for their extended family. Nick assured Sharon that their love would win out over everything else. After Nick and Sharon exchanged rings, they held hands.

The minister said, "Now that Nicholas and Sharon have given themselves to each other with solemn vows, the joining of hands, and the giving and receiving of rings, I do, by virtue of authority vested in me by the state --" The minister was suddenly interrupted. Phyllis, dressed in white chiffon, threw open the doors of the church. Avery stared in disbelief. Jack's jaw dropped as he stood and beheld Phyllis standing in the doorway. Sharon and Nick looked on in disbelief, as did Nikki and Kelly. Summer said, "Mom?"

As Summer rushed down the aisle and embraced her mother, Nick seemed dazed. Phyllis suddenly collapsed in Summer's arms and slumped to the floor. Jack rushed to Phyllis' side and placed his coat beneath Phyllis' head. Avery summoned an ambulance. Mariah asked Kevin about Phyllis. Kevin explained that his friend, Daniel, had placed his mother in a facility in Georgia, where she'd been receiving experimental treatment.

Lauren told Michael that Sharon was probably in shock because her worst enemy had suddenly materialized at the wedding. Michael replied, "Obviously, Phyllis had an agenda." Lauren said, "That's how you know she's really back." Devon described the surreal scene to Neil. Devon noted that the minister had yet to pronounce the couple husband and wife. Cane said that the marriage wasn't official. Lily remembered the reception, so Devon went to the Genoa City Athletic Club to put the event on hold. Cane drove Neil home.

Lily asked Kelly if she was okay. Kelly said, "I don't know." Nikki suggested to Nick and Sharon that they postpone the ceremony. Nick refused. Sharon lifted the hem of her dress and rushed out the door. Nick followed Sharon. Jack called out to Phyllis and told her that help was on the way. Summer, sobbing, cried, "Mom, I lost you once, and I cannot lost you again. Please!"

Nikki checked on Avery, who cried that her mind was racing in a million different directions. Kevin and Mariah looked after Faith, who asked if her parents were married. Kevin told Faith that her mom and dad were almost married. Faith replied, "That means no. They ran away, and now the minister is gone." Mariah knelt down in front of Faith and said, "I know that you're worried, confused, and have no idea what's going on. Welcome to my world." Faith warmly embraced Mariah. Kevin smiled.

Kelly stood a short distance away while Jack pleaded with Phyllis to open her beautiful eyes. Phyllis opened her eyes, but she remained disoriented. Avery rushed back to her sister's side. Jack, addressing Phyllis, said, "I always said you know how to make an entrance. Thank God you're back. Thank God." Kelly appeared to be in shock. Nick found Sharon in the courtyard and asked her why she'd run away. Sharon appeared to be in shock.

At the hospital, Victoria practiced breathing exercises while she waited for Dr. Chiverton to determine what was happening. Abby noted that the contractions were about seven minutes apart. Abby stepped outside while the doctor examined Victoria. After Abby left, Victoria said, "We both know that this is a high-risk pregnancy, so tell me that my baby's going to be okay." Dr. Chiverton assured Victoria that Braxton-Hicks contractions were perfectly normal and that the baby's development was normal. Victoria breathed a sigh of relief when the doctor said that all signs indicated that Victoria would give birth on schedule.

In the hallway, Abby phoned Billy and left him a message. She told him he needed to be by Victoria's side. After waiting a while, Abby placed another call to Billy and pleaded with him to rush to the hospital because Victoria had gone into labor. She added, "It's too damn soon." Abby, frustrated, paced as she waited to hear back from Billy.

Alone in the exam room, Victoria cradled her belly by placing her palms above and below her distended belly. Soothingly, Victoria said, "I don't know what I would've done if anything had happened to you." She lovingly stroked her baby by moving her palm along the curve of her abdomen. Continuing her conversation with her unborn child, Victoria added, "We won't have a picture-perfect family, but we are going to have a lot of love. I can promise you that."

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

At the hospital, Nikki worriedly checked on Victoria, who explained that she'd experienced Braxton Hicks contractions, but she was in the process of being released. Victoria felt awful for making something out of nothing, but Nikki asserted that Victoria's first obligation was to herself and her baby. Victoria regretted running out on Nick, but Nikki informed her that the wedding had been interrupted. Victoria guessed that Victor had stopped it, but Nikki told her that Phyllis had walked down the aisle and collapsed. Nikki added that Phyllis was at the hospital, and she hoped Phyllis pulled through for Summer's sake.

Victoria asked if Sharon had left Nick at the altar, and Nikki revealed that the bride had run away from the groom. Victoria blasted Sharon for making it all about her, and she wished that Sharon had put Nick first for once. Victoria said that she needed to see him, and she started to get up, but Nikki ordered her to sit down and wait until she was released. Nikki recognized that Victoria was the older sibling, but she lectured that Victoria couldn't be Nick's protector that night, since her baby needed attention. Nikki went to check on the release forms, and she warned Victoria not to make a break for it.

Summer, Jack, and Avery sat at an unconscious Phyllis' bedside, and Summer complained that the doctors had given Phyllis a sedative, but there was a lot that she wanted to ask her mother. Summer wailed that she'd been scared she'd never see Phyllis awake again, but she had, and she was frightened that Phyllis wouldn't open her eyes. Jack urged Summer to take a deep breath, since the worst was over, and Phyllis had needed to be sedated to keep her from being agitated. Avery remarked that Phyllis had returned the only way Phyllis knew how -- by making a grand entrance -- and Jack called it one nobody could possibly forget.

In the waiting area, Summer hugged Austin, and Kelly asked how Phyllis was doing. Barton approached and reported that they'd run preliminary scans, and Phyllis' brain activity appeared normal. He added that her vitals weren't alarming, so there were no immediate issues, but traveling had been strenuous for her. Jack and Avery asked when they could talk to her, and Barton advised them to keep things simple, since Phyllis might be confused when she regained consciousness, and she might not be able to handle everything that had happened during her absence. Jack and Kelly locked eyes.

Summer told Phyllis that she'd prayed for that day for a long time, and not just when she'd gone to sleep. She said that she'd begged God to let her have her mom back, and some people had given up because it had hurt too much to have hope, but it would have hurt Summer more to have no hope. Summer recalled that Phyllis had walked in like an angel, except she'd been real, and she cried that she couldn't lose Phyllis again. Summer nuzzled her head against Phyllis, and Phyllis opened her eyes and placed her hand on Summer's head. Phyllis murmured that she was there to stay.

Summer joyfully sobbed, and Phyllis said that it was okay. Summer explained that she had planned to go to the clinic, and if she'd been there, she could have taken Phyllis home. Phyllis said that she'd made it there, and Summer cuddled up next to her in bed. They said that they loved one another, and Phyllis said that she needed to see Summer's father.

Nikki inquired about Phyllis, and Avery said that a sedated Phyllis was with Summer. Avery remarked that it felt unreal, and Jack added that he felt almost numb. He recalled that his brain hadn't been able to make sense of seeing Phyllis in the church, and Nikki said that Phyllis had no idea of how much had changed in the past year. Jack and Kelly exchanged a glance, and Jack commented that the world had kept turning for everyone but Phyllis. He contemplated what would happen next.

Billy and Chelsea returned to the penthouse after going out to dinner, and they griped about the odd dishes they'd been served. She said that the worst part was that she was still starving, and she apologized that it had been her idea to go to the restaurant. Billy pointed out that it wasn't too late for pizza, and the doorbell rang. He joked that he had a psychic connection to the deliveryman, and Abby burst in and ranted that she'd tracked down Billy at his mistress' house because he hadn't answered his phone. Abby announced that Victoria was in labor.

Billy fretted that getting arrested at the bachelorette party had been too much for Victoria, and Abby questioned which one of them would drive to the hospital. Billy proclaimed that he wasn't leaving, and Abby admonished him for acting like a zombie because Chelsea was there. Billy argued that he and Victoria were divorced and that Victoria didn't want him around, and he implored Abby to go back to the hospital, since she was the one Victoria wanted. Abby coldly congratulated Chelsea on keeping a man from seeing his child being born into the world, and she walked out. Chelsea urged Billy to go for the baby's sake, and she cautioned him not to miss a chance he might not ever have again.

Billy ordered a pizza, and Chelsea questioned how she hadn't seen his stubborn side before. He amorously proposed that they head upstairs and race the clock while the pizza was on the way, but she insisted that he go to the hospital. He imagined pacing the halls and fighting with Stitch to see who held the baby first, and Chelsea noted that it was a baby Victoria hadn't expected and that Billy could make things better. Chelsea reasoned that he'd get to meet a beautiful baby, and she thought he wouldn't be able to think about anything else, anyway.

Billy rushed into the hospital and asked for Victoria's room, and he spotted Jack and guessed that Abby had called him to ensure that the first faces the baby saw were Abbotts. Billy realized that Jack hadn't known Victoria was in labor, and Jack revealed that Phyllis had woken up and that she was there. Jack explained that he didn't know how she'd gotten back to Genoa City, but she'd shown up at Nick and Sharon's wedding. Billy quipped that Phyllis had picked up where she'd left off by stirring up trouble, but he quickly added that he meant it with love. The men hugged, and Summer emerged from Phyllis' room and relayed that Phyllis wanted to see Jack. Billy told Jack not to leave her hanging, since the woman Jack loved had made her way back to where she belonged, and a distraught Kelly overheard.

Kelly returned to the Abbott mansion, and as she forlornly wandered around the living room, she flashed back to Jack kissing her goodbye before he'd left for Georgia to let go of Phyllis. He'd said that when he returned, he'd be with the woman he loved, and together they'd let the past go. Kelly slowly crumpled onto the couch, and she broke down in tears.

Avery said that Dylan would have wanted to be there for Victoria, and Nikki hated that people believed he was a murderer. Nikki left to take Victoria home, and Summer realized that she'd forgotten to call Daniel. Avery said that she'd been trying to reach him, but she'd gotten in touch with Heather. Summer credited Daniel with insisting that Phyllis go to the clinic, and Avery grumbled that the facility's release protocol hadn't been conventional, but she intended to look into it. Summer marveled to Austin that she'd finally talked to her mom, and it was almost too good to be true that she had her mom, both of her dads, and Austin. Summer gushed that she didn't want the moment to end, and she and Austin hugged.

Jack entered Phyllis' room and greeted "Red." She looked surprised to see him, and he asked if she'd been expecting someone else. Jack mused that he hadn't realized how much he'd missed Phyllis' eyes, and he asked how she was feeling. She said that she was exhausted, and she concluded that she'd had a really long nap. He encouraged her not to think about it, but she mumbled that it had been a whole year. He explained that she was tired from the sedative, but it would wear off, and they could talk about everything later.

Phyllis asked about Summer, and Jack said that Summer had missed Phyllis, but he'd tried to be the father Summer had needed. Jack said that having Summer with him had been a gift, and Phyllis realized that he loved Summer. Jack replied that he always had, but knowing that he and Phyllis had made a beautiful young woman and having Summer there had meant the world to him, and he thought Summer liked having him in her life, too. He said that they'd gotten one another through losing Phyllis, and he became choked up. He admitted that he could have gone back to the pills, but he hadn't been able to do that to his daughter.

Jack said that Summer hadn't had an easy time with Phyllis gone, but she'd been every bit her mother's daughter. He mentioned that he and Nick had exchanged words about Nick not having the DNA retested, but he knew that Nick loved Summer, and Phyllis said that there was something Jack had to know. Jack said that he and Phyllis had plenty of time to talk, but she needed rest and medical attention, since her body needed to recover. She refused to do it there, and she demanded to go home. Jack looked aghast.

Abby returned with magazines and soothing music for Victoria, and Victoria assured Abby that she wasn't stressed, since the baby was staying put. A relieved Abby was glad to have more time to prepare, and Victoria admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about things that could go wrong, since she was responsible for a tiny life. Abby noted that Victoria had been a great mom to Johnny and Reed, but Victoria argued that she hadn't been alone before. Abby said that Billy would be there for her, but Victoria was aware that both Billy and Stitch had moved on with their personal lives. Abby was certain that Stitch would do everything he could for his child if the baby turned out to be his, but she hoped the baby was Billy's. Abby confessed that she'd told Billy that Victoria had gone into labor, and Victoria surmised that he'd been with Chelsea.

Abby said that Victoria had pushed the man she loved into another woman's arms, but Victoria maintained that she and Billy were divorced, so he was free to see anyone he pleased. Victoria acknowledged that Billy and Chelsea had a connection because they'd both done terrible things, and they didn't have to hide who they were from each other. Victoria recalled that she'd repeatedly asked Billy to let her in, and he didn't have to worry about that with Chelsea. Victoria wondered where Billy was, and Abby reported that Billy had said Victoria didn't want him there. Victoria agreed that it would make things too complicated, and Billy walked in. Abby left, and Billy said that Victoria could throw him out, but he just needed to know that she and the baby were all right.

Victoria told Billy that she and the baby were healthy, and she was just waiting for her release forms. Billy said that he had to have a chat with the baby about not freaking people out, since the child's mom was a "take on the world" type. Billy told the baby to cut Victoria a break, and he'd give the baby a cookie once he or she had teeth. Billy urged Victoria to take care of herself and let the world handle itself for a while, and she swore that the baby was her priority. Billy offered to get her something or stay to take her home, but she insisted that he get back to his evening. Billy walked to the door, and Victoria called after him and thanked him for stopping by.

Nikki entered with Victoria's release paperwork, and Victoria said that she had too much to do. Nikki urged Victoria to rest, and she suggested that Victoria and Johnny stay at the ranch while Victor was gone. Victoria insisted that she needed to be at the office with Victor away, but she promised that she would look after herself and the baby.

Billy returned to Chelsea's and reported that it had been a false alarm, but Victoria and the baby were both healthy. He continued that Jack's life had become more complicated, and he asked if Chelsea had any pizza left. Chelsea invited Billy in to eat and to talk, and he mused to himself that he was back where he needed to be.

Outside the church, Nick begged Sharon to talk to him, and she said that she hadn't been able to breathe or think in the church. Nick conceded that Phyllis' appearance had been hard for all of them, but he wondered why Sharon had panicked, and he questioned whether she was afraid that Phyllis would reveal her secret. Sharon imagined that Phyllis would have filled everyone in if she hadn't collapsed, and Nick swore that nothing could change the way he felt about Sharon. Sharon explained that seeing Phyllis had made her feel like she was hallucinating again, but Nick assured her that they'd all seen the same thing, and Sharon's hallucinations were in the past. Sharon wasn't sure if that was true.

Nick asked if Sharon had seen Cassie again, and Sharon said that Cassie was still in her dreams, but Nick thought it was only natural that Sharon had been thinking about her. He said that they'd both wished that Cassie could have been a part of their wedding, and Sharon lamented that she'd ruined everything. Nick insisted that no one could have prevented Phyllis from collapsing, and he and Sharon had said what they'd needed to say, so finalizing the marriage was just a formality. He declared that their union was permanent, and they were forever. He suggested that they go home, and she worried what Faith and their other kids were thinking.

Noah and Mariah watched Faith at home, and Mariah called it nuts that Phyllis had woken up from the dead and shown up at the wedding. Noah corrected that Phyllis had been in a coma and not dead, but Mariah pointed out that everyone had acted like they'd never expected Phyllis to wake up. Faith whined that the penny was supposed to have been lucky, and Noah said that it had been good luck that Summer's mom had gotten better. Mariah reminded Faith that they'd talked about superstitions, and they didn't need a magic wand or a lucky penny to be fine. Noah assured Faith that Nick and Sharon would be together no matter what.

Sharon and Nick returned home, and Faith ran over and hugged Sharon. Faith asked why Sharon had run away, and Mariah remarked that everyone had been shocked that Phyllis had shown up, including Sharon. Faith queried about why Phyllis hadn't gotten up, and Nick said that the doctors were taking care of Phyllis. Noah pulled Nick aside and informed him that Phyllis had been sedated, but her tests looked good. Nick hoped that someone had been able to reach Daniel, since it was impossible to get back the time lost with a loved one.

Sharon took Faith upstairs to get changed, and Mariah went to the kitchen to get snacks. Nick told Noah that Sharon had panicked because she'd thought Phyllis had been a hallucination, and Noah replied that he'd thought he'd been seeing things himself. Nick said that Sharon was worried that Phyllis would spill her secret, and Noah wished that it was out in the open, so they could move past it. Noah reported that Faith had asked when they'd finish the wedding, and Nick said they'd do it as soon as Sharon was ready. Nick declared that they would spend the rest of their lives together, and nothing that had happened would change that.

Later, Sharon reported that Faith was exhausted, and Mariah revealed that Faith had thought she'd jinxed the wedding with the penny, but she'd told Faith that things didn't work that way. Sharon thanked Mariah for trying, and she recognized that Mariah hadn't wanted an instant family, but she thought that Mariah was a good big sister. Mariah taunted that she couldn't tell Faith the real reason Sharon had freaked out, since Sharon's secret about Nick was about to be exposed. Mariah pledged to do what she could for Faith, who she thought would need support when all of it hit the fan.

At the Underground, Noah was surprised that Mariah arrived to work, and she said that she hadn't been able to stay at home. Noah asked how Sharon had looked when Mariah had left, but Mariah wouldn't try to get inside Sharon's head. Abby entered and ordered champagne to celebrate, since Jack had Phyllis back, and Kelly could move on. Abby rambled that Victoria and Billy were bonding, and Nick and Sharon hadn't wed, so there were silver linings everywhere.

Noah contended that his parents deserved to be happy, and Abby surmised that he was looking after his mom because Sharon couldn't do it for herself. Noah refused to engage with her, and Abby imagined that Mariah agreed with her, since Sharon made herself out to be a victim, but Sharon had ruined lives. Mariah asserted that she had the common sense to know that Sharon wasn't a victim.

Sharon told Faith that she was happy for Summer that Phyllis was feeling better, and Nick mentioned that Noah had said Faith had been upset. Faith recounted Noah's words that Nick and Sharon were meant to be together no matter what, and Nick swore there was nothing to worry about. Nick said that they could have another big party after they made it official, and Faith kissed her parents goodnight and went upstairs. Nick noticed Sharon's distant expression and reiterated that the interrupted wedding hadn't been a sign or omen, and nothing Phyllis knew could hurt them.

Nick said that Sharon was his wife in every way that mattered, and a few missing words in a ceremony wouldn't undo how they felt. He suggested that they talk out her fears until he convinced her that anything Phyllis had to say didn't matter, unless seeing Phyllis had triggered a memory for Sharon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

At the cottage, Sharon told Nick that she was still stunned by Phyllis' unexpected appearance at their wedding. Nick wondered if seeing Phyllis had caused Sharon to remember her "secret." Sharon said that it hadn't, but if Phyllis knew the secret, then Sharon needed to know it as well. Nick sternly told Sharon that she was allowing the secret to run her life. Sharon said that even though Phyllis had been in a coma for over a year, Phyllis would still use any dirt she had on Sharon to make Sharon's life miserable.

Nick stood up to leave. Sharon was shocked when he told her that he was going to visit Phyllis. She begged him not to go, but Nick admitted that he still cared about Phyllis -- she was Summer's mother, and the last time he had seen her, she had been lying unconscious on the floor. Sharon said that she felt bad about that but thought that she and Nick should be spending the rest of their wedding day together. Nick told Sharon that after he returned home, they would be spending the rest of their lives together. Sharon did not seem particularly comforted by Nick's words.

After Nick left, Sharon fell asleep on the couch. She dreamed that she and Nick were in a church, alone, reciting their wedding vows. In the dream, just as Nick said, "With this ring, I thee wed," Phyllis burst through the door. Sharon urged Nick to quickly put the ring on her finger and finish what he was saying. Nick ignored the frantic Sharon and walked toward Phyllis. Phyllis whispered something into Nick's ear. He turned and looked at Sharon with utter contempt. He purposely dropped the ring as Sharon began screaming, "No!" Sharon woke up, looking quite frightened.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Phyllis suddenly sat up in bed and told Jack that she wanted to leave. Jack told her that she needed to stay in the hospital a while longer, but Phyllis said that she wanted to spend the night in their house -- in their bed. Jack suggested that she spend one more night in the hospital, and Phyllis suspiciously asked him, "What's going on, Jack? Why won't you take me home?"

Jack and Phyllis went back and forth over whether or not Phyllis should remain in the hospital. Phyllis said that she had things to do and people to talk to -- adding that she needed to tell Jack "what had happened." Jack wondered what Phyllis needed to share. Phyllis said that she wasn't sure -- she had a hard time remembering what was real and what wasn't. Jack said that he realized that Phyllis wanted to resume her old life -- but ominously said that might not be possible -- that a lot of things had changed.

Phyllis said that there were things she needed to know and mentioned that Nick and Sharon had been about to marry when she had interrupted the wedding. Jack said that Nick and Sharon's reconciliation was one of the changes that had occurred while Phyllis had been comatose. Phyllis asked what else she needed to know about. Jack avoided answering.

Phyllis grew frustrated. Jack was about to respond when Nick entered. Nick quipped that Phyllis always needed to be the center of attention. Phyllis told Nick that she needed to speak with him -- alone. As Jack left, he warned Nick to "take it slow." Nick sat down next to Phyllis, who said that she was sorry for interrupting his wedding. He smiled and said, "No you're not."

Phyllis told Nick that he made it sound as if she had purposely shown up at the church to cause trouble. Nick joked that she hadn't shown up in a sexy dress just to pray. Phyllis said that she'd needed to make an entrance as dramatic as the exit she had made the previous year. Nick asked her if she remembered anything about her fall in the stairwell. She replied that she could only recall bits and pieces -- but she needed to fill in the blanks.

Phyllis said that she needed to know how he and Sharon had ended up reconciling after all the stunts Sharon had pulled. Nick said that he had realized that his feelings for Sharon had never gone away. He told Phyllis that there was something he needed to ask her -- about Sharon. Just as he began asking his question, a nurse entered the room and insisted that Nick leave. She injected a sedative into Phyllis' I.V. line and told Nick to return the following day.

Nick left, as did the nurse. As Phyllis was about to doze off, she realized that someone had entered her room. It was Sharon.

In the waiting area at the hospital, Summer was asleep, her head resting on Austin's shoulder. She woke up with a start and told Austin that she needed to check on her mother. He told Summer that Jack was still with Phyllis.

Avery joined Austin and Summer and told them that she hadn't been able to get a straight answer regarding Phyllis' departure from the clinic but that someone would be held accountable. After Avery left, Summer told Austin that she wished she could do something for her mother. Her grim expression turned into a smile as she told Austin that she had thought of something that would make Phyllis feel much better. She grabbed her coat and left.

Jack joined Austin and Courtney in the waiting room. Courtney said that she had learned that a state trooper had been sent to arrest Phyllis for assaulting a man she had met on the road. When the trooper had arrived at Phyllis' motel room, she had insisted that she had been defending herself. When the man who claimed to have been assaulted learned who Phyllis was, he dropped all charges against her.

In the Athletic Club's dining room, Lily and Cane discussed how sad it was that Nick and Sharon's wedding had been cut short, but they agreed it was miraculous that Phyllis had wakened from her coma.

At the Abbott mansion, a despondent Kelly appeared to be deep in thought. She remembered lounging in bed with Jack, leisurely discussing redecorating the mansion. Lily called her, wondering how she was doing. Kelly lied and said that she was fine. After she told Lily that Jack was still at the hospital with Phyllis, Lily wondered if she should go to the mansion to keep Kelly company. Kelly said that she needed to get used to being alone.

Summer showed up at the mansion. Kelly was surprised that Summer had left the hospital. Summer said that Phyllis had company -- Jack hadn't left Phyllis' side since her admission to the hospital. Summer said that she was at the mansion to pick up some of Phyllis' favorite clothes. Kelly nervously told Summer that she and Jack had put Phyllis' things in storage.

Summer was upset to hear that. She told Kelly that the mansion was Phyllis' home. Summer saw some fabric swatches on the coffee table and realized that Kelly and Jack were planning to redecorate. Summer snapped that she had told everyone that Phyllis would return home, but no one had believed her. Softening, she said that she really liked Kelly, particularly since Kelly was one of the few people who had supported Summer and Austin's marriage. Summer also realized that Kelly loved Jack -- but Phyllis had returned, and Kelly needed to understand that things were going to be different. Summer left, and an emotional Kelly threw the fabric swatches across the room while letting out a primal scream.

From the hospital, Jack phoned Kelly, who was cowering in an easy chair. She looked at her phone, saw that it was Jack, and didn't take the call.

Jack returned home just as Kelly was descending the stairs -- carrying her suitcases.

Summer rejoined Austin at the hospital. She told him that she had gone to Jack's house to get some clothes for Phyllis but was upset to learn from Kelly that all of Phyllis' things had been placed in storage. Summer said that she had to go to Fenmore's to get Phyllis some new clothes.

At Crimson Lights, Avery's ex-husband, Joe, was staring at a photograph of him with Avery in happier times. He called someone and told the person that he was still in Genoa City and had decided to wait before attempting to consummate his plan to buy up some local businesses. He ended the call and, on his computer, pulled up a copy of the Crimson Lights business license, which showed Dylan McAvoy as sole proprietor.

Avery stormed into Crimson Lights, once again on the phone with Phyllis' facility, and once again receiving no answers about Phyllis' departure. Joe approached her and asked if she was okay. He wondered what was wrong, and Avery explained that Phyllis had returned to Genoa City. Joe said that it had to have been quite a week for Avery -- her sister had returned to town, and her boyfriend Dylan had been charged with murder. Avery seemed surprised that Joe was aware of Dylan's arrest.

Avery wondered why Joe was still in town -- he had said that his business trip was going to be brief. He told her that this deal was going to take time. He asked Avery how Dylan's arrest had affected her. She said that Dylan's name would be cleared -- that he was innocent. Before Avery left, Joe told her that he was going to be in town for a few more days if she needed a friend to talk to. Avery thanked him but said that it was unlikely that she would contact him.

Later, Joe ran into Lily and Cane at the Athletic Club. Joe and Cane had obviously met previously. After introducing Lily, Cane told her that he had met Joe in Chicago while working on a real estate deal for Newman-Chancellor. Joe told the Ashbys that he was in Genoa City, looking at some properties for his firm. Cane asked him if he was planning on staying in town for a while. Joe glanced at his computer screen, which still displayed a copy of the Crimson Lights business license. He told Cane that there were several properties he was planning to look at. Cane said that he would like it if Joe stayed in town for a while, as his guest at the Athletic Club. Joe said that he wanted to stay, adding, "This town has a lot of possibilities."

Inside the interrogation room at the police station, Paul and Dylan were playing cards. Paul told Dylan that he hoped that Ian would see the ad that Nikki had placed to lure Ian out of hiding. Dylan still had reservations about Nikki's involvement with their scheme, but Paul reassured him that Nikki wasn't in any danger.

Dylan wondered why Paul was helping him. Paul said it was because Dylan was innocent, and Paul wanted to capture Ian. Dylan asked if Paul would have been as helpful if he weren't Paul's son. Before Paul had a chance to reply, there was a knock at the door. Dylan and Paul hastily hid the playing cards under Paul's jacket. It was Hunter -- he wondered if Paul needed him to take over the interrogation.

Paul told Hunter that everything was fine. As the detective turned and exited the room, he noticed a voice recorder on the table -- the "record" button lit up. Dylan said that Hunter couldn't wait to get his hands on the recorder. Paul said that he would make sure that the recording was "accidentally" erased before Hunter could listen to it.

Avery arrived at the interrogation room and told a stunned Paul and Dylan that Phyllis had returned just as Nick and Sharon had been about to finish their wedding vows. Paul wondered how Phyllis had managed to get to Genoa City and told Avery that he would look into Phyllis' return.

After Paul was gone, Dylan told Avery how frustrating it was being locked up in jail. He was annoyed that he couldn't do anything for Avery or Nikki. Avery said there was something that he could do for her -- she embraced him and began sobbing.

Avery said that she had gone along with the plan to flush out Ian but was afraid that something might go wrong. Dylan changed the subject -- he wanted to know about Phyllis. Avery told Dylan how amazing it had been to see Phyllis standing -- that the way she had fought to return to Genoa City was inspiring.

Paul ran into Hunter outside the interrogation room. Hunter asked him what was going on in the room. Paul answered that he was interrogating a suspect. Hunter was upset that Paul trusted Dylan, but didn't trust Hunter. The detective said that he would be happy to help with whatever Paul was up to -- all Paul needed to do was ask. Paul replied that he might be able to use Harding. Paul asked, "You'd do this for Dylan?" Hunter answered that he would do it for Paul.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chelsea was stunned when Billy informed her that Phyllis had returned, and she contemplated what it had been like for Jack to grieve for the love of his life and then suddenly see Phyllis walk in. Billy sarcastically remarked that he was sure Sharon had appreciated Phyllis wearing a white dress to bust up the wedding, and he anticipated that Phyllis had been ready to "kick ass," despite just being out of a coma. He noticed that Chelsea was distant, and he suspected that she was wondering what it would be like if Adam walked in the door.

Chelsea contended that it made sense for her to think about Adam in that situation, since he had been such a big part of her life, and she thought that Billy was making an issue out of nothing. Billy stressed that Adam was dead and would never be back, and he pointed out that two people had mourned Adam's death, but most people were relieved Adam was gone. Billy explained that he hated that she felt pain, but he was glad Adam was gone after all he'd done. Chelsea understood, but she refused to apologize for where her mind had gone. Billy wondered what she would do if Adam made a deal with the devil to return to the land of the living.

Chelsea recalled that she'd freaked out when a maintenance man had walked in on her and Billy kissing on the couch, and she'd thought the man had been Adam. Chelsea noted that it had been almost one year since Delia had died, and Billy corrected that Delia had been killed. Chelsea asked if Billy had plans for the anniversary of his daughter's death, and he reported that her school was doing something, but it would be hard to see all of Delia's friends. Chelsea wished there was more she could do for him, and he asked her to tell him the truth.

Billy said that Adam had taken Delia away from all of them, and he asked if Chelsea still missed or mourned Adam. Chelsea replied that Adam couldn't hurt anyone anymore, and he would never walk through the door, but she had been happy when Billy had shown up. She said that she wanted to go back to that feeling, and she insisted that she had already let go of Adam. She suggested that they watch a movie, and she told Billy to look through the queue while she got some dessert. He turned on the television, and as some ballroom dancing music began to play, he declared that Chelsea had a "freaky streak."

Billy teased Chelsea for watching a ballroom dancing instructional video, and she defended that she hadn't had time to get to the gym, so it was good exercise. She tried to turn the topic back to their movie selection, but he opted to follow the instructions to hold his partner firmly and to feel the pressure of her skin. He pulled her close to him as the instructor advised them to feel the energy and heat, and Chelsea giggled. The instructor said that the connection between partners would guide them both, and Billy and Chelsea kissed.

Billy and Chelsea retreated to her bedroom, and he asked if she was okay. She explained that it had mattered that he'd returned that night, and he said he felt that it was where he needed to be. They started disrobing and collapsed onto the bed in a passionate kiss. Later, Billy watched Chelsea sleep, and she murmured Adam's name. Billy quietly got out of bed as Chelsea turned over.

At the Athletic Club, Devon contemplated calling Hilary, and Lily asked if he was playing games on his phone, since he seemed focused. Lily handed him some wedding cake, and Devon called it a "hell of a non-wedding." Lily imagined that Phyllis' appearance had been a miracle for Summer and Jack, but she expressed sympathy for Kelly. Devon seemed surprised that Lily expected Jack to break up with Kelly, and Lily argued that Jack had a second chance with Phyllis. Devon testily asked if it had meant nothing that Jack and Kelly had fallen in love, and Lily reasoned that it wasn't the same kind of love. They bickered over whether Jack owed anything to Phyllis or Kelly, and Lily wondered why Devon cared who Jack chose to be with.

Devon asserted that Jack wouldn't necessarily dump Kelly for Phyllis, and Lily conceded that she didn't like the idea of seeing Kelly hurt. Devon implied that maybe Jack didn't like the idea, either, and Lily lectured that Devon didn't understand being married, which Jack and Phyllis would have been if she hadn't had her accident. Devon huffed that marriage didn't mean things were perfect, and he questioned how it had worked out for Lily and Daniel. Lily called it a low blow, and Devon questioned why Lily thought Kelly would get thrown under the bus. Lily speculated that with three people in a relationship, one was bound to get crushed.

Lily said that Cane had reported that Neil was fine when Cane had dropped him off, and Devon grumbled that Neil didn't need a babysitter. Lily asked why Devon was being rude, and she noted that with Hilary out of town, they needed to check in on their father. Devon pointed out that Neil had punched a guy, and he was sure that Neil would let them know if he needed help. Lily said that Hilary had been a rock, and Devon sharply asked whether Lily suddenly liked Hilary.

Lily thought Devon had no room to complain, given the change in his love life, and she relayed that housekeeping had said he'd taken a hotel suite, which she and Neil had considered to be a good sign. Devon snapped for her to mind her own business, and Lily questioned why he was being private if he was happy. Devon barked that he didn't need her gossiping about him with Neil or anyone else, since she had no idea how much the woman meant to him. Lily asked if they'd hit a rough patch, and Devon replied that he was an adult who deserved privacy.

Lily said that she just wanted what was best for Devon, and he questioned why they were still talking after a long day. Lily imagined that Nick and Sharon would probably still get married, and Lily would wake up next to the husband she'd thought she'd lost and the children she'd thought she'd never see grow up. Lily said that it was part of life, and she advised Devon to have faith that good things could happen. She added that she loved him and had faith for him, and they hugged.

Devon looked at Hilary's contact information on his phone. He made a call to arrange for his jet to leave as soon as possible, since he'd be traveling alone to New York City.

Jack found Kelly descending the stairs with suitcases, and he asked what was going on. She queried how Phyllis was doing, and he said that Phyllis had done the impossible, but Kelly replied that nothing seemed impossible for Phyllis. Jack explained that the doctors had wanted Phyllis to rest, and he apologized that things had been chaotic earlier. He asked if that was the reason for Kelly's suitcase, and Kelly revealed that Summer had been there to pick up Phyllis' clothes, but Summer hadn't had any idea they'd put Phyllis' things in storage.

Kelly suggested that Jack retrieve Phyllis' belongings quickly, since Summer had been upset but honest. Kelly said that she was very happy that Summer had her mother back, and Jack asserted that it wasn't Summer's decision to make Kelly leave. Kelly admitted it had been her own decision, and Jack insisted she didn't have to go. Kelly thought that he knew in his heart that it was over between them, but it was sweet of him to protect her. He reiterated that he wasn't sure what would happen next. She recalled that she'd heard Billy refer to Phyllis as the woman Jack loved and said that Jack hadn't said otherwise.

Jack said that he cared about Phyllis, but Kelly believed that Jack and Phyllis' love had overshadowed everything, and even though they'd boxed up Phyllis' things, it was still Phyllis' home. Kelly added that Jack was still Phyllis' fiancÚ, and Phyllis belonged there, so he had to let Kelly leave. Jack contended that Phyllis needed to recover and reunite with the people in her life, and Kelly said that included him. Kelly reminded Jack that they'd talked about what would happen if Phyllis woke up, and she understood that it would hurt him to say goodbye to Kelly, but she didn't think he could say goodbye to Phyllis again.

Jack admitted that he was out of his depths, since he'd never imagined Phyllis would wake up, but Kelly said that perhaps she'd known it all along. Jack mentioned that Phyllis had no idea what she'd missed during the past year, and Kelly realized that Phyllis didn't know that Jack and Kelly had fallen in love or that Kelly was in the place that rightfully belonged to Phyllis. Jack confirmed that Phyllis didn't know about his and Kelly's relationship because the doctor had warned them not to overwhelm Phyllis with too much too soon, so they'd kept Phyllis away from any kind of media. He added that he wasn't accustomed to Phyllis needing protection, and Kelly thought that Phyllis sounded both incredible and frightening.

Kelly said that all that mattered was that Phyllis loved Jack and needed him more than ever, no matter what Jack had told Phyllis in Georgia. Jack recalled that he'd moved on with life for his own sake and not Phyllis', and Phyllis hadn't heard a word. Kelly referred to herself as the woman who shouldn't be in his life, and she told him that he needed to let her go. He reiterated that he didn't know what would happen, but he implored her not to leave like that. Later, Jack and Kelly silently stared at the ceiling while in bed together, unable to sleep.

Victoria stopped by with a gift to wish Nick a happy wedding day. He said that he and Sharon hadn't officially gotten married and that he thought Sharon was out looking for a reason not to make it official. Victoria was sure that Sharon had wanted to marry him that morning, and she questioned what had changed. Nick reported that he'd returned home and found a note from Sharon, saying that she'd gone to the hospital and that Faith had been at the main house, and Victoria commented that Sharon had a death wish if she'd gone to see Phyllis.

Nick referred to Sharon's secret, and he suspected that Sharon was out looking for answers. Victoria asked if Nick wanted to go to the hospital, but he didn't want to hover over Sharon, and Victoria countered that there was no reason to stop. He said that he and Sharon were in a different place, and he convinced himself that no one would let Sharon see Phyllis anyway. Victoria warned that if things became tense between the women, Sharon would be on the losing end.

Victoria informed Nick that Billy had visited her at the hospital, and Nick realized that she'd felt relieved to see her ex-husband. She said that it had felt like Billy could make everything okay, but she believed that the feelings stemmed from a different time, since he had been on a date with Chelsea. Nick argued that a date was much different from having a history with a marriage and a baby, but Victoria pointed out that the child might be Stitch's. Nick said that he wanted Victoria to do whatever it took to make her happy, and she replied that she'd be happy if her baby wasn't born until the due date. She offered to stay with Faith if he wanted to head to the hospital, and Nick fretted that he couldn't see anything good happening if Phyllis and Sharon were together.

Later, Faith ran downstairs and found Victoria on the couch. Victoria explained that Faith's mom and dad had needed to go out but that they'd be right back, and she offered to take Faith back to bed, but she realized the girl couldn't sleep. Victoria invited her to sit on the couch, and she empathized that it was hard to stop thinking about the things that had happened and what they'd meant. Faith said that things worked out when people belonged together, and Victoria agreed, but sometimes, it was tough to tell what was meant to be. Victoria assured Faith that Nick and Sharon would get married because they wanted to, and Faith asked if that was why Victoria and Billy would get married again, too.

Victoria said that Billy was wonderful, but he and Victoria weren't meant to be like Faith's parents were. Victoria wished she had a crystal ball to see the future, and she noticed that Faith had started falling asleep. Victoria moved to take Faith to bed, and Faith asked if the baby would be there for Halloween. Victoria said that they had to wait and see, and she inquired whether Faith had picked out a costume. Faith recounted that Delia had helped the prior year, and Victoria volunteered to help that time around. Victoria said that she knew Delia would have wanted Faith to have fun and to be happy, and Faith replied that Delia would have wanted Victoria and Billy to be happy, too. They hugged.

At the hospital, Sharon entered Phyllis' room, and Phyllis moaned Sharon's name and asked if it was a dream or a nightmare. Phyllis mumbled that she was tired, but Sharon begged her to stay awake. Sharon acknowledged that her face wasn't the one Phyllis wanted to see after all that time, but she needed Phyllis to stay awake and help her. Sharon added that Phyllis owed her that much, and Phyllis coldly questioned, "I owe you?"

Sharon clarified that it had been strange to have Phyllis interrupt the wedding, and Phyllis recounted that Nick had said the couple hadn't made it official. Sharon said that Phyllis' health had been the priority, and Phyllis sarcastically replied that it had been nice for Sharon to worry about her. Sharon asked if Phyllis had told Nick anything, and Phyllis said that her medication was kicking in, but Sharon urged her to concentrate. Sharon inquired whether she'd told Phyllis something in confidence.

Phyllis imagined that she would have told the whole world if she'd known Sharon's secret, and Sharon couldn't argue, but she remained convinced that she'd told Phyllis something. Phyllis remarked that Sharon had no reason to be fuzzy on the details, and Sharon revealed that she'd gone through a period of instability that had led to her accepting electroconvulsive therapy. Sharon added that she was healthier than she'd been in years, but she'd lost part of her memory. Phyllis questioned whether the secret existed at all, and Sharon explained that she'd told someone that she'd had a secret before the ECT and that Phyllis was the only other person who knew what it was. Phyllis wondered whether Sharon just wanted to mess with her head, and she asked if it was some kind of game.

Phyllis theorized that Sharon was looking for payback because Phyllis had messed up the wedding, and she couldn't fathom that a woman who had been asleep for a year had all the answers. Phyllis chided Sharon for defying doctor's orders by pressuring Phyllis, and she wondered if Sharon hoped to see Phyllis' brain short-circuit. Sharon swore that she just wanted answers and that she had no intention of slowing Phyllis' recovery, and Phyllis retorted that it was for Sharon's sake, not Phyllis'. Phyllis dared Sharon to spill what she really knew, and Sharon pleaded with Phyllis to share what she remembered.

Phyllis chortled and noted that she was the one in a hospital bed, yet Sharon was selfishly making demands. Sharon explained that her secret could hurt Nick, and Phyllis was skeptical that Sharon would want to find out something that could hurt the man she'd been about to marry. Sharon insisted that Nick was the last person she wanted to hurt, and Phyllis urged her to let it go. Sharon worried that the secret could destroy him without warning, and she appealed to the part of Phyllis that still loved Nick to help Sharon figure it out for Nick's sake.

Phyllis asked if Nick knew that the secret existed, and Sharon reported that he thought it was nothing, but Phyllis realized Sharon didn't believe that. Phyllis advised Sharon to trust Nick when he said that it didn't matter, but Sharon pushed Phyllis to say what she knew instead of asking questions. Sharon recognized that Phyllis loved having the upper hand and that she had it then, and she begged Phyllis to help her for Summer's sake. Phyllis admonished Sharon for dragging her daughter into it, and Sharon said that she had Summer had bonded in a special way that she'd never expected. Phyllis became incensed, and Nick burst in and asked what was up. Phyllis insisted on being the one to tell him.

Phyllis ranted that she had gotten out of one hospital and had made her way back to her family, but instead of holding hands with her daughter, she had Nick and Sharon badgering her about Sharon's secret. Nick explained that he'd done it to ease Sharon's mind, but the secret didn't exist, and he apologized for involving Phyllis. Nick said that it was time for them to go, and Phyllis appeared to doze off. Nick turned off the lights, and after he and Sharon exited, a satisfied smirk crossed Phyllis' face.

Friday, October 10, 2014

From Stockholm, Victor made a call to get the latest update on Phyllis, and he instructed someone to keep a log of her visitors and to monitor her phone calls. He stressed that the important thing was to make sure Sharon didn't get control of the situation. Victor called Nikki and expressed concern that she hadn't sounded like herself on some of her messages. She said that it was a confusing time, since he wouldn't tell her where he was, and there had been a lot going on, including Phyllis being back.

Nikki relayed that Phyllis had interrupted Nick and Sharon's wedding and that Victoria had been in the hospital with a false alarm. Victor apologized for being busy, and Nikki huffed that he hadn't returned her calls. Victor said that he'd called when he'd heard about Dylan's arrest, and he thought Ian had deserved what he'd gotten. Nikki lectured that Victor was making a lot of assumptions, and they'd talk when he decided to return home. She hung up, and Victor mused that Phyllis had done her job.

Mariah overheard Nick ask Sharon when she wanted to go to the courthouse to finish getting married, and Sharon replied that they'd do it when the time was right. Sharon argued that Phyllis had just gotten back, and Nick professed his love and assured her nothing had changed, but Sharon thought that everything had changed. Nick said that he still wanted to marry Sharon more than anything, and all they had to do was finish the paperwork. Sharon contended that it would be selfish to focus on the wedding, but Nick envisioned a small ceremony in front of the judge just to make it official. Nick asserted that Phyllis shouldn't prevent them from moving forward, but Sharon reiterated that the right thing to do was to wait.

Nick swore that nothing would tear him and Sharon apart, and Sharon left to pick up something special for Faith in town. Mariah entered the room, and Nick asked how much she had heard. Mariah wondered if Sharon was okay, and Nick said that no one would be after having their wedding interrupted, but it was typical behavior for Phyllis, who had once broken up a wedding with a car. Mariah said that she was starting to admire Phyllis, and she suggested that it could be a blessing in disguise to have everything out in the open. Nick warned Mariah to lay off Sharon, but Mariah suspected that both Nick and Sharon were worried about what Phyllis knew.

Mariah didn't buy that Nick didn't care about Sharon's secret, but Nick insisted that he only cared about Sharon. Nick acknowledged that some people had been against the marriage, including Mariah, and he admonished her for altering her dress and for making sure everyone had known she had been unhappy to be there, even though Sharon had tolerated it. He added that Mariah hadn't been the only insensitive one, and he was sure that Victor had been doing something to derail the wedding. Mariah admired Victor's ingenuity.

Nick understood that Mariah was angry, but he urged her to have compassion for what Sharon was going through. Mariah replied that she had no idea, and Nick encouraged Mariah to talk to Sharon. He said that Sharon was finally on solid emotional ground and that he didn't want to see her slip, and Mariah testily assumed that he meant because of her, but Nick ordered her to cut the hostility and to think about someone else who needed help. Nick said that he'd visited Phyllis to clear things up, and her memory had been faulty, but he'd sensed that she'd been trying to tell him something.

Mariah wondered if Phyllis had been playing games to get Nick to spill what he knew, and Nick admitted that the thought had crossed his mind. He received a call that he had to take, and Mariah flashed back to Sharon visiting her in the hospital and telling her that she had a family. Mariah remembered Nick saying that she couldn't undo her DNA and that she had someone who would always love her no matter what. Mariah recalled giving Sharon the blue anklet on her wedding day, but a call from Victor interrupted her thoughts.

Victor asked how everyone had reacted to Phyllis' return, and Mariah surmised that he was aware the wedding had been a bust. She reported that Nick was worried about Sharon and that Sharon was worried about what Phyllis knew. Mariah concluded that her information about Faith had been completely worthless, but Victor said that he kept his promises, and if her allegation turned out to be true, he would give her the money to leave town, if that was what she wanted. Mariah said that she couldn't talk right then, and she saw Nick staring at her.

Nick asked who Mariah had been talking to, and she fibbed that it had been a political poll. She said that she wished she'd never hurt Sharon or followed Sharon to Cassie's grave, so she never would have overheard Sharon say that she'd done a terrible thing. Nick said that it hadn't been Mariah's fault, and he recognized that Victor was a determined man with unlimited resources. Mariah wondered if Nick was upset that Victor had missed the wedding, and Nick conceded that he despised his father's tactics, but part of him wished that Victor had found out the truth so Sharon could have peace of mind. Mariah noted that Victor didn't want Sharon to have any peace.

Jack awakened, and he turned over and found a note next to him in the otherwise empty bed. He called out for Kelly, but there was no response. He read Kelly's words that it was better that way and that he knew where to find her when he was ready to talk. Jack left a voicemail for Kelly, and he admitted that he was confused about a lot of things, but he was certain that he loved her.

Sharon stopped by to see Jack, and she imagined things hadn't gone well with Kelly after the wedding. Jack reported that Kelly and her luggage had been gone when he'd woken up, and Sharon sympathized that his feelings were complicated. Jack asked if Sharon and Nick had rescheduled the wedding, and Sharon asked if Phyllis had said anything about her, since she didn't think that the time and place Phyllis had returned to their lives had been a coincidence.

Sharon said that she'd lost pieces of her life, but given her lack of control over her bipolar disorder before Phyllis' accident, she might have done things that would be hard to face. Sharon added that she didn't want to live her life unable to remember some horrible incident, and she thought Phyllis was keeping something from her about what Sharon had done when she'd been out of control. Jack had no idea what it could be, and Sharon apologetically hurried out. Sharon suddenly remembered seeing Phyllis in the cemetery when Phyllis had admitted following Sharon there.

Sharon went to Cassie's grave and confided that she was scared, since Phyllis was back. She said that it was wonderful for Phyllis' family, but she couldn't help thinking that Phyllis was there to make Sharon pay for something she'd done. Sharon said that Nick had tried to convince her that her secret didn't matter, but she thought it did because she felt guilty. She pondered what awful thing it could be, and as she touched the tombstone, she flashed back to telling Phyllis that she was in the cemetery to talk to Cassie. Phyllis had replied that she'd heard what Sharon had said.

At Crimson Lights, Summer and Austin walked in with shopping bags, and she surmised that Austin thought she shouldn't have spent that much money on new clothes for Phyllis. She reasoned that she wouldn't have needed to if Kelly hadn't convinced Jack to put Phyllis' things in storage, and Austin opined that Kelly wasn't the bad guy, but Summer marveled that things would go back to the way they were meant to be. She noticed Phyllis's favorite scones on the counter and imagined that her mother was tired of the hospital food, and she said that she felt bad for the hospital staff. Austin mentioned that Courtney had called Phyllis a tough lady, and he asked how Summer expected Phyllis to react to their marriage. Summer anticipated that Phyllis would be happy for them as soon as she saw how happy they were, but as they hugged, Summer looked worried.

Avery entered Phyllis' hospital room, and she became worried when Phyllis didn't respond. Phyllis suddenly grinned and said that she had no intention of checking out like that again, since she had a lot to do. Avery asked why Phyllis hadn't let anyone know that she was out of her coma and why she had left the clinic on her own, and Phyllis griped that it was all Avery could say after Phyllis had practically returned from the dead. Avery said that she was happy to see her and talk to her, but she was perplexed that the clinic had said that Phyllis' condition hadn't changed.

Phyllis joked that the reports of her persistent vegetative state had been wildly exaggerated, but Avery wanted to make sense of why the clinic hadn't told Phyllis' family anything when Phyllis had sneaked out. Phyllis said that she hadn't been thinking clearly, but Avery noted that she'd been cognizant enough to get to Genoa City and to show up at Nick and Sharon's wedding in a killer designer dress. Phyllis stated that she'd really wanted to make an impression at the wedding, since the last she'd heard, Avery and Nick had been getting married.

Phyllis questioned how Avery had let Nick reunite with Sharon, and Avery explained that she and Dylan had found their way back to one another. Phyllis said that she was happy for them if that was what Avery wanted, and Avery replied that it was, but she'd wanted Phyllis home more than anything. Avery conceded that they hadn't been close, but she'd missed her sister, and she hadn't been able to stop thinking about the good times they'd had as kids. Phyllis pretended not to remember those times, and Avery chuckled and said that Phyllis sounded like herself. Avery asked if Phyllis remembered what had happened on the night of the accident.

Phyllis said that she only had bits and pieces of memories, but she didn't know whether they were real or fantasy, although it had been a nightmare when Sharon had dropped by. Phyllis asked if Sharon had really lost her memory, and Avery explained that Sharon had been a mess before the electroconvulsive therapy. Avery revealed that Sharon had insinuated herself into Nick and Avery's lives and had used Faith to break them up. Phyllis groused that Avery had skipped over that part when she'd mentioned her reunion with Dylan, and Avery argued that Phyllis had been in a coma for a year. Phyllis inquired when people would stop managing her and just tell her the truth about what had happened while she'd been gone.

Avery explained that the doctor had said not to overload Phyllis with details, and Phyllis grumbled that Sharon hadn't gotten the memo. Avery recognized that Sharon had changed in the past year, and it had been Sharon's choice to have the ECT for her family's sake, since her sanity had been at stake. Phyllis thought that she saw Summer walk by in the hallway, and Avery advised Phyllis not to push things. Avery added that she was glad Phyllis was back and that she loved her sister.

Outside Phyllis room, Avery approached Summer and Austin, and she pulled Summer aside. Avery reported that Phyllis was anxious to know everything she'd missed, but she hadn't wanted to overload Phyllis with details, so she hadn't mentioned Summer and Austin's wedding. Avery advised Summer to ease into it by not saying anything about Austin holding Avery at gunpoint, and Summer covertly removed her wedding band. Phyllis called out to Summer, who rushed in, and Austin followed. Summer and Phyllis hugged and fawned over one another, and Phyllis asked who Austin was. Summer introduced Austin as her friend, and he looked at her in surprise.

Summer gushed that Austin had been wonderful to her over the past few months, and Jack entered. Phyllis remarked that Jack looked handsome, and he observed that Phyllis looked much better. Summer mentioned that Austin had accompanied her to Georgia to meet Phyllis, but Phyllis didn't remember. Austin suggested that they give Jack and Phyllis some time alone, and Phyllis told Summer to have fun with her friend. After the young couple left, Phyllis said that she didn't remember Austin visiting her at the clinic, but there were some things she did remember.

Jack said that Phyllis looked gorgeous, and she attributed it to her year of beauty sleep. He noted that she seemed much more energetic, and she guessed that he had been keeping up with the program. He declared that he had been sober for 18 months, thanks to her, since she'd stuck by him at his worst. She commented that neither of them ever gave up, and he said that he'd never stopped loving her or hoping for that moment, but she needed to know about some things that had happened. Phyllis replied that she knew what he was going to say.

Phyllis recalled that Jack had been at her side not long after her accident, and Jack said that he'd kept hoping and praying she'd heard him. Phyllis said that she'd fought hard to let him know that she'd heard the beautiful things he'd said, including when he'd asked her to marry him. She proclaimed that she'd heard his proposal, and her answer was yes.

In the hallway, Summer struggled to explain the situation to Austin, but he thought she was ashamed of him. She explained that the doctor had advised everyone not to give Phyllis too much information, and if she'd introduced Austin as her husband, she would have had to explain everything else. He noticed that she'd taken off her wedding ring, and he remained upset that she'd lied. Summer reasoned that she wanted Phyllis to know how much she loved him before Phyllis found out the whole story, since her mother could be unforgiving.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Paul presented Nikki, Dylan, and Christine with the personal ad he'd run in the newspaper. Dylan read aloud, "It was a new world when I met you, but now the path leads nowhere. They think you made your final transition, but I know better. You were right -- I owe you. We're bound together, and we need to see this through together. I want this to be over." Nikki commented that the last part was true, and Paul said that the world thought Ian was dead and Dylan was a murderer. Dylan anticipated that Ian wouldn't be able to refuse the bait, but Christine warned that Ian was unpredictable, and she was afraid the plan would backfire.

Christine worried that they were playing Russian roulette with Dylan's future and Nikki's safety, and she asked whether Paul and Dylan had thought through all of Ian's possible moves. Paul pointed out that they'd tried to play by the book, and Dylan said that he'd realized what Ian had wanted when he'd found Ian about to inject Nikki with the contents of a syringe. Nikki recalled that Ian had said that she owed him, and she'd offered him money, but it hadn't been enough. Christine asked if Nikki was okay with being the bait, and Nikki replied that she would do anything she could to help, but she didn't know how much longer she could take seeing her son in jail and knowing that Ian was capable of doing anything. Nikki began to cry, and Paul and Dylan consoled her.

Nikki wailed that everything had happened because of her mistakes, and it was only right that she helped. Christine advised that Nikki was under no obligation if it became too much, especially since she was facing it alone. Nikki explained that she hadn't wanted to tell Victor about the plan over the phone, but she'd tell him everything once he got home. Christine questioned whether Victor would condone putting Nikki in the center of a plan to catch a psychopath, but Paul reiterated that Nikki wasn't in any danger. Dylan suspected that Christine's reservations about the plan had to do with her doubt of his innocence.

After Nikki left, Christine swore that she trusted Paul's instincts, but she contemplated how long they could keep it up if Ian didn't take the bait. Avery entered and rushed into Dylan's arms, and Paul informed her that they'd published the ad. Paul received a call from Nikki, who reported that she'd gotten a text message from a number she didn't recognize, and it had said that the sender had seen her message and would be in touch. Paul planned to trace the message, and he promised that Nikki would be guarded at all times to keep her completely safe until they nabbed Ian. At Crimson Lights, as Nikki put away her phone, she pulled out her miniature liquor bottle from her purse and took a swig directly from it. She then added more liquor to her coffee cup.

Victor informed Dr. Jorgensen that he had an urgent family matter, and he had to get back home. The doctor recounted that Victor had said the accuracy of the tests was of utmost importance, and Victor said that he needed irrefutable proof that his son hadn't fathered Victor's granddaughter. Dr. Jorgensen reported that he'd have the results within the hour, and Victor said he would tell his pilot to be on standby.

Later, Nick called Victor, who ignored the call when Dr. Jorgensen returned. Nick left an urgent message for Victor to call him back, and the doctor presented Victor with the results of the DNA test.

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