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Paul arrested Dylan for Ian's murder, but the men conspired to lure Ian out of hiding. Those attending Nick and Sharon's bachelor and bachelorette parties were arrested after a brawl broke out. A doctor was concerned by Michael's lab test results.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 29, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, September 29, 2014

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack found Ashley seated at his desk. Ashley insisted that Jack had betrayed her when he'd taken over total control of Jabot. Jack claimed he'd simply made a straightforward business decision. He denounced Ashley's recent decision to hire Dr. Ben Rayburn as Jabot's head chemist. Ashley smugly announced that she had a revolutionary project in the works that would greatly benefit the company. Ashley told Jack she wouldn't back down until he reinstated her as co-CEO.

After Ashley left, Summer entered Jack's office and complained that she had little time to spend with her husband. Summer explained that Austin was much too talented as a photographer to languish in menial jobs as a bartender and lifeguard. Jack said he'd have to approach his advertising department about open positions. Jack added that Austin would have seek a position for himself. Summer said, "I'm asking you. I know that this is what Austin needs and what he wants."

Jack noted how much Summer was just like her mother. Jack explained that Phyllis was an expert at being an unstoppable force when she thought a change was order in someone's life. Jack added, "It's Austin's choice to make a change now. I know you don't want to hear this, but if your mother was here and I wish she were she'd tell you the same thing." Summer appeared to be frustrated and sighed.

At the Abbott estate, Phyllis strode up to the front door, retrieved a spare key kept behind a large planter, and unlocked the front door. Tears welled in her eyes as she stood in the living room and said, "I'm home." After Phyllis went upstairs, Kelly arrived. Kelly set one of Sharon and Nick's wedding invitations on the desk and phoned Sharon to let her know that invitations had been hand-delivered. Kelly made plans to meet with Sharon at her home.

After Kelly left, Phyllis emerged from an upstairs bedroom. Having exchanged a borrowed scrub uniform for black pants and a pullover top, Phyllis stepped out onto the stair landing and called out for Jack. Downstairs, Phyllis looked at the collection of framed family photos on Jack's credenza. She picked up a framed photo of Jack and smiled. After she set the photo back in place, she noticed that her framed photo was missing from line-up.

Phyllis opened a cabinet door and found that her framed photo had been stowed away. Phyllis placed her photo atop the mantle. Noticing some papers on the desk, Phyllis picked up the wedding invitation Kelly had left and read it. When Jack later returned home to his empty sitting room, he immediately spotted Phyllis' photo displayed on the mantle. Shocked, Jack mumbled Phyllis' name.

At Sharon's house, Nick assured bride-to-be Sharon that experiencing jitters was normal just before walking down the aisle. Sharon, holding Phyllis' clutch handbag, couldn't recall the reason she felt uneasy about Summer's decision to carry her mother's handbag at Nick and Sharon's wedding. Nick dismissed Sharon's concern and began kissing her. Sharon pulled away and reminded Nick that plans weren't in place for Faith's birthday party. Nick was still groping Sharon when she noted that some details of their wedding had yet to be finalized.

Sharon picked up her electronic tablet, perused a displayed docucment, and said, "We need to decide where to seat your dad at the wedding." Nick said Victor could sit beside Sharon's mom, but Sharon explained that her mom was away on a trip and would be unable to attend the wedding. Sharon said that Victor should be seated next to someone who could maintain control of him when the time came for someone to object to the union. Kelly phoned and offered to stop by and help with seating arrangements at the reception. Sharon accepted Kelly's offer.

Kelly arrived at Sharon's to work on seating arrangements. Nick picked up his keys and headed for the door, but Sharon explained that both the bride and groom were supposed to plan their big day together. Kelly mentioned that the Athletic Club should host more weddings. Sharon noted that Kelly and Jack might soon marry. Kelly couldn't hide her excitement at the prospect of marrying Jack.

After conferring with her clients, Kelly announced that all plans for Nick and Sharon's nuptials were all set. Nick said he'd already arranged the honeymoon. Kelly congratulated the couple and left. Sharon pleaded with Nick to disclose the honeymoon destination, but he remained mum and suggested she pack a bikini. Sharon handed Nick and beer and admitted that she hoped to loosen him up and get him to tell her about their honeymoon destination.

When Nick refused to spoil their surprise honeymoon, Sharon said she would slip on her bikini. Sharon paused at the foot of the staircase and explained that she could utilize other methods to persuade Nick to share his secret. While Sharon was upstairs, Nick heard a knock at the door. He opened the door but saw no one. He took a step out onto the porch. Someone immediately wrapped a dark cloth over Nick's head.

At the hospital, Victoria and Abby emerged from a birthing class. Victoria thanked Abby for being an attentive birthing coach. When Abby said she was expected at a business meeting, Victoria surmised that Abby would be working with Ben on their top-secret project. Abby left just before Chelsea and Billy arrived with Johnny and Connor. Billy told a receptionist that his son had been bitten.

Victoria scooped up Johnny when she heard that Connor had bitten him. Victoria began rocking Johnny in her arms and promising to protect him from harm. Chelsea shook her head in disgust. Billy and Johnny later emerged from an exam room. Johnny had a small bandage on his arm. Billy assured Victoria that their son hadn't been harmed. Billy went to the hospital's office to handle paperwork.

After Billy walked away, Victoria told Chelsea she was aware of Chelsea and Billy's deepening relationship. Victoria compared Connor to his menacing father, Adam. Chelsea approached Victoria and defended herself. She told Victoria never to speak against Adam again. Chelsea added that Victoria shouldn't do anything to hinder Billy's relationship with Johnny and to remember that both Johnny and Connor had the same biological mother.

Victoria acknowledged that she hadn't forgotten who'd borne Johnny. Victoria took a jab at Chelsea by adding that Billy seemed to have forgotten the circumstances involving Johnny's birth. Chelsea grinned and replied, "It seems to me that Billy remembers everything about the time Johnny was conceived." When Billy returned with Johnny in tow, he immediately noticed the tension between Victoria and Chelsea. Billy seemed exasperated.

After Victoria walked away with Johnny, Chelsea told Billy that Victoria had earlier spotted them together at Chancellor Park. Billy shrugged when Chelsea noted that Victoria had surmised that it was date. Chelsea teased that she had no plans to compete with Victoria for his feelings. Billy pulled Chelsea close and began kissing her. Victoria returned with Johnny and saw Billy kissing Chelsea.

Referring to Billy and Chelsea's public displays of affection, Victoria asked if they'd been too busy kissing to notice when Connor had bitten Johnny. Chelsea claimed that Victoria's angst had nothing to do with the biting incident. Chelsea took Connor and left. Billy reminded Victoria that she was the one who'd insisted on a divorce. Billy added that Victoria would have to get used to him being with Chelsea.

Abby was delighted when she bumped into Ashley at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Abby shared the latest goings-on with her mom. Abby reported that Jack had moved girlfriend Kelly into his home, that Summer had married a felon, and that a pregnant Victoria remained unsure whether ex-husband Billy or murderer Ben was the baby's father. Ashley was stunned when Abby noted that Billy was romantically involved with Chelsea Lawson. Abby happily noted that she was Victoria's supportive birthing coach.

Ben showed up for his meeting and took a seat between Ashley and Abby. Ashley expressed hopes that Ben could get the lab ready for operation soon. Ashley explained that she had uncovered a competitor's plan to set up corporate espionage. Ashley added that the competitor had sent a perfect candidate seeking a job as Jabot's chemist. Abby interjected, "Doesn't surprise me. Our lead chemist, the murderer, was blabbing our secret project to Victoria." Ben's face became flush, and he grimaced at Abby.

Angrily, Ben glared at Abby and replied, "That's it! I've had it with you calling me a murderer! I don't want to hear you use that word one more time, you understand?" Ashley also reprimanded Abby and said it was vital for them to work together as a team. Jotting down a list of organic compounds, Ashley showed Ben a chemical composition she thought might improve their current formula. Ben noted that Ashley's suggestion might weaken the fragrance's staying power. Ashley laughed and said, "Yeah, women really want staying power."

Abby rolled her eyes as she observed her mother's chumminess with Ben. As Ashley and Ben continued to work on the fragrance formula, Abby acknowledged that her marketing skills weren't yet needed. As she rose to leave, Abby promised to stop cheap hurling shots at Ben. Ashley asked Ben to continue working with her while they had dinner. Ben accepted.

At the Underground, Austin was restocking the bar. Mariah offered to help, but she handed him a premium, top-shelf bottle of liquor while he was filling the bottom shelf. When he explained that liquor was stored according to its value, she entreated him to open a pricey bottle of liquor for them to try. Austin refused and noted that he was working two jobs because he didn't want to depend on his wealthy wife. Kevin entered the bar and watched Mariah exchange friendly banter with Austin.

Kevin later told Mariah he was a bit taken aback by Mariah's interest in a married guy who'd shot Paul. Mariah insisted that she wasn't interested in Austin, and she added that Austin and Summer's wedding was bound to end soon. Kevin reminded Mariah of her recent pledge to leave Genoa City. Mariah explained that Michael had yet to arrange an annulment between her and Ian Ward. When Kevin asked if that was the only reason, Mariah added that Sharon was insisting she be part of Sharon and Nick's wedding.

Summer waltzed in to Nick's bar and greeted her husband with a passionate kiss. Mariah turned her head and watched the romantic sparks fly between Summer and Austin. Kevin took the beer Mariah had been holding and quipped, "Well, that marriage you said wouldn't last sure looks like it's on the rocks to me." After Kevin mentioned marriage, Mariah invited him to accompany her to Sharon and Nick's wedding. Kevin flashed a big smile.

Austin asked Summer what he'd done to deserve such a special greeting. Summer said she'd wanted to express her appreciation for his determination to hold down two jobs. Austin teased that perhaps he should add a third job. Summer pleaded with Austin to ask Jack for a job at Jabot. She insisted that Austin would be hired by Jabot based on his own merit and not because of his connections to the family. Austin agreed to talk to Jack.

Summer hugged her husband and kissed him. She assured Austin that a job at Jabot was exactly what he needed. Austin replied, "You always seem to have the answer." Summer laughed and said, "Jack's right. I really am just like my mom." Austin smiled at his bride.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

At the police station, various residents of Genoa City sat in adjoining holding cells, with the men in one and the women in another. Stitch complained that the stress wasn't good for Victoria's baby, and Michael blamed Neil for getting him into the predicament. Detective Harding appeared and asked if Kevin had taught the first-timers how to behave in prison, and he announced that the bail hearing wouldn't take place until the morning, so they were all stuck with one another. Drunken protests echoed through the holding cell, and Nick grinned. Noah asked what his father was happy about, and Nick turned around and exchanged a smile with Sharon through the bars.

Six hours earlier, Nick opened his front door, but no one was there, and suddenly, someone threw a bag over his head. Meanwhile, a bikini-clad Sharon descended the stairs and called out to Nick as she pranced around in the skimpy outfit. There was a knock at the door, and Sharon expected it to be Nick, but Abby, Summer, and Victoria yelled, "Surprise!" Sharon asked where Nick was, and Victoria assured her that he was in good hands. Abby instructed Sharon to go put on something cute and less revealing, and Summer squealed that it was Sharon's bachelorette party. Sharon ran upstairs to change, while Phyllis peered in through the window.

Once the house was empty, Phyllis discovered the extra key outside and let herself in. She stared at the family photos on the mantel, and she sat down at the desk and started to write a letter to Nick. The pen ran out of ink, and she opened the wooden box on the desk and found Sharon's traffic violation notice. Phyllis noticed the document's date, and she clasped her hand over her mouth. She replaced the traffic ticket and stared at a photo of Nick, Sharon, and Faith.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley suggested that she and Stitch try some compounds that had been rejected earlier in development, since the initial concepts had been tweaked. She noticed he was distracted, and she called the desired scent a combination of wet dog and old gym socks. Stitch apologized for not listening, and Ashley reiterated that they might have to work late to get the product to market, especially if there was a threat of corporate espionage. He promised to figure out the formula, but he thought it was distracting to work there, since he never knew who would walk in. Ashley offered to go to the office, but Stitch replied that he knew of someplace inspirational.

Lily ran to the bar and exclaimed to Cane that he'd never believe something, and he amorously guessed that she was about to tell him how attracted she was to him. She informed him that housekeeping had mentioned that Devon had claimed a room, and it hadn't been for a business meeting. Cane asserted that it didn't mean anything, but Lily wished she knew who the girl involved was. Cane reported that the nanny had said the kids were almost ready for bed, and Lily planned to be done early enough to tuck them in.

Nick found himself in the back of a van, surrounded by his friends, and Noah teased him for being scared, but Nick defended that he'd heard Noah calling him "Dad." Nick added that he'd recognized Devon's voice, and from the front seat, Neil called it a friendly get-together. Nick wondered why it smelled like perfume, and Neil explained that Jack had borrowed a Jabot delivery van for the evening. Jack welcomed Nick to his bachelor party, and the men cheered.

The men exited the van and set up chairs and a cooler at the Genoa City High School football field. Noah declared that the epic love story of Sharon and Nick had started there, and Neil remarked that the outdoor smell reminded him of his own wedding day and how beautiful Hilary had looked, while Devon squirmed uncomfortably. Noah passed around drinks and explained that he'd raided the Underground's stash, and Nick jokingly complained that he was paying for the drinks at his own bachelor party. Noah said that he'd heard that his parents had been dating other people when they'd met, but they'd shared a powerful connection. Michael declared that there was nothing wrong with true love, and Nick boasted that he had been a "slice of beefcake" when he'd met the gorgeous new blonde girl in town.

Cane arrived and asked if he'd missed anything, and Austin said that he'd missed the story about how Nick and Sharon had met. Nick said that Sharon had inspired him, just like Summer had inspired Austin to have drive. Jack said that he could find a place at Jabot behind the camera for Austin, but Austin maintained that he wanted to earn it. Devon praised Austin's attitude, since Neil had tried to give Devon jobs, and Neil ribbed Devon for inheriting Katherine's billions instead. Nick said that Austin had smarts, and Austin asserted that his wife deserved a husband who wasn't an idiot.

Michael pressed Nick to talk more about the past, and Nick recounted that he and Sharon had owned the coffeehouse and had just gotten engaged there. Neil remembered that Victor had done his best to get Nick to work at Newman, and Austin wondered if everyone had worked there at one time or another. Jack declared that some of them had even owned the company, and he mentioned Restless Style, which he and Nick had started with their wives. Austin asked if Jack had run the magazine with Phyllis, and Nick said it had been complicated. Thunder rumbled overhead.

Austin understood that relationships could be complicated, and he recounted that he and Summer had been fugitives at first. Kevin said that he'd had two wives whose "cheese fell off the cracker," and he didn't know Nick very well, but he knew that it wasn't Nick's first trip to the altar. Kevin continued that Nick wasn't young and stupid enough to expect love to be perfect, since life happened, and there were numerous ways for love to die, but it hadn't for Nick and Sharon. Kevin added that despite constantly being around chaos and upheaval, Nick and Sharon were in love and solid together, and he toasted to the happy couple. The men boisterously clinked their beer bottles together.

Sharon and her companions arrived at the Dive Bar, where Lily, Nikki, and Kelly joined them. Sharon was surprised by Nikki's presence, and Victoria revealed that the party had been Nikki's idea. Sharon was touched, and Nikki credited the other girls for putting everything together. Lily proclaimed that Sharon was a V.I.P. guest, and the party was intended to be elegant but fun. Sharon called it lovely, and Abby and Mariah rolled their eyes. Nikki observed the cloudy sky and asked if anyone had checked the forecast.

Mariah sarcastically stated that it would be tragic if the party got rained out, and Lily presented the group with appetizers and virgin and non-virgin cosmopolitans. There was a clap of thunder, and Nikki suggested that they get inside quickly. Lily mentioned that the private dining rooms had all been booked, and Sharon said that the party was a nice thought. Summer insisted that they couldn't give up, and Sharon said that she knew of another place they could go.

The bachelorette party arrived at the bar where Nikki had first met Maureen, and Nikki looked clearly unnerved as she walked in. Lily griped that they'd left her beautiful roof deck to go there, and Kelly reasoned that it was better than getting rained on. Abby suggested to Victoria that they hover over the jukebox to avoid talking to Sharon, and Victoria implored Abby to put on a smile for one night. Victoria spotted Stitch with Ashley at the bar, and Abby noticed Tyler across the room. Kelly saw Victoria's expression and questioned whether she was over Stitch, and Victoria and Abby insisted they were done with their exes.

Kelly went to order drinks, and Stitch approached Victoria and informed her he was there on business, but she snidely inquired whether he was hoping for a bonus. Mariah hovered near Tyler, who thought she had enough people to hang out with. She acknowledged that she was almost a Newman by marriage, and she compared her new family to the homeowners she and Tyler had ripped off in the old days. Mariah wondered how ticked off Abby was that Tyler was talking to Mariah, and Tyler spotted Abby glaring at them. Tyler said that he wasn't part of Mariah's games anymore, and Mariah contended that some people changed, but he replied that some people didn't.

Mariah greeted Richie, the bartender, who complained that he wouldn't make anything on tips with lightweights who ordered cosmos and chardonnay, and Mariah took it as a challenge to get the party started. Sharon said the place had ambiance, and she recalled that she and Nick had frequented the place at one time. Sharon called it the sort of place where she could let her hair down and pretend to be someone she wasn't, and Richie recognized Nikki and asked if there would be vodka tonics all around. Nikki ordered a club soda, and Richie smirked when the other women requested cosmos and chardonnay.

Stitch maintained that he and Ashley had just been talking about work, but Victoria said it was none of her business. Stitch offered to tell Ashley he was done for the night, while Mariah begged Summer for 50 bucks. Moments later, Richie announced that he was taking requests, and the first one was in honor of Sharon. The bouncer asked to see Sharon's identification, and she seemed startled, but he began to strip and pulled Sharon to her feet to dance.

Sharon and the half-naked bouncer shared a sexy dance as the crowd cheered and laughed, and he kissed her cheek as the music faded. Richie delivered a round of drinks from Tyler, and Mariah called Tyler a hero. Richie started to hand Summer a drink, but Nikki stopped him and told him to wait until Summer was legal. Nikki haughtily told Summer that it wasn't a good idea for either of them to be there, but they had to support Sharon, and she walked away to dispose of the alcohol. Nikki hid next to the washrooms and downed the drink.

Kelly put music on the jukebox, and Stitch told Ashley that the environment wasn't conducive to creative problem-solving, but Ashley thought it was good to reset their brains with a distraction. Ashley asked how Victoria was doing, and Victoria coldly replied that she hadn't been eavesdropping to steal their product. Ashley conceded that Abby had been protective of the new idea, and Stitch invited Victoria to join him for a quick dance. Victoria reminded him that she'd twisted her ankle, and she suggested that Stitch and Ashley hit the dance floor. Ashley said that they were there for a business meeting, and Victoria flounced off.

Lily pulled Sharon out to dance, and Abby drunkenly bellowed that Sharon should drink, dance, and leave. Kelly tried to pull Abby aside, and Abby rambled that Jack should marry Kelly so they could throw another party. Ashley attempted to intervene, but Abby slurred that she was of age and that she was entitled to have fun. Abby proclaimed that it had taken more than one drink for her to pretend that the night wasn't a disaster of epic proportions, but Kelly countered that the evening had been fun. Abby rattled off the names of all of Sharon's ex-husbands, and Ashley ordered her to knock it off. Nikki defended that at least Abby wasn't being a hypocrite, and she implied that Ashley was in denial.

Victoria asked if Nikki was okay, and Nikki claimed that she was a little emotional because her son was getting married. Abby chortled that Nick would soon get divorced again, and Mariah commanded her to shut up. Mariah accused Abby of throwing a tantrum because she'd been dumped, and she told Abby to take her pity party home and let Sharon celebrate. Abby retorted that Mariah had spewed venom about Sharon every chance she'd had, and Mariah gave Abby the choice to shut up or go home. The bachelor party walked in, and Sharon smiled broadly when she saw Nick.

Nick asked if Sharon had planned the night's events, and Sharon queried whether he had followed the women there. Noah called it a deep, psychic love connection, and Kevin grumbled that the beer selection had been better in the van. Summer rushed into Austin's arms and asked why he smelled like perfume, and he explained that they'd driven in the Jabot van. Kelly put on more music, and the guests encouraged one another to dance. Mariah asked if it bothered Tyler that Abby was dancing with the stripper, and Devon explained to Neil that it had turned into a dance party.

Neil enjoyed listening to everyone having fun, and Jack sat down next to Nikki and remarked that it was bizarre to watch people get loopy, knowing they'd never drink again. Nick challenged Jack to a game of darts, and he asked if Jack hoped that Kelly caught the bouquet. Jack noted that Summer had gained a father and lost a mother in the past year, and he didn't think it was in her best interests. Nick said that he was impressed with how Summer had handled Mariah, who had been lied to her whole life, and Jack pointed out that Summer and Mariah had that in common. Nick became defensive and asked if there was something Jack wanted to say to him, but Jack simply stated that it was Nick's turn.

A man asked if Michael was Michael Baldwin, and Michael replied that he was and wondered if they'd met. The man slugged Michael for putting him in jail during Michael's days as D.A., and Neil blasted the man for being rude to his friends. The man taunted that Michael's wingman was a stupid blind guy, and Neil laughed and said he might be blind, but he decked the man with perfect aim. Nick held the man back from attacking anyone else, but an irate Lily began hitting the man with her purse, and a full-on brawl broke out. Abby and Mariah got into a hair-pulling catfight, and Nick and Sharon laughed as they gazed at one another across the bar.

In the holding cell, Nick told Noah that despite the chaos and turmoil that was life, he and Sharon were still together, and Noah remarked that even jail couldn't snap them out of being crazy in love. Courtney approached the cell, and Noah insisted that it wasn't what it looked like. She informed the group that the half-naked bouncer had refused to rat out anyone, but Richie was pressing charges, and bail hadn't been set. Michael called it the best bachelor party he'd ever been to, and Neil said that it was no small thing to get different people into one place.

Jack called Sharon the love of Nick's life along with his kids, including Summer, and he wished their family joy. Kelly added that she was new to the group, but she'd seen the adorable and powerful way that Nick and Sharon loved one another, and it was reassuring to know love like that still existed. Summer agreed that their love was real and beautiful, and she declared that they were all happy for the couple. Noah started to clap, and the group gradually broke into applause. Nick and Sharon gazed lovingly at one another.

Courtney announced that everyone was free to go, since Billy had woken up the judge and had paid everybody's bail. Summer anticipated that the next day would be fun, but Mariah imagined it would be like the Black Plague. Stitch suggested that he get a cab to drop Victoria off, but she wanted to make sure Nikki was okay. Stitch offered to drop them both off, but Victoria insisted that she would be fine on her own. After everyone else shuffled out, Nick and Sharon remained in their cells with the bars between them, and they smiled and shook their heads.

Nick and Sharon walked up to their house together, and they agreed that the night had been amazing. He realized that he still reeked of perfume, and she suggested that they try to get some sleep. He announced that he was going to the tack house, since he didn't want to jinx anything, and it would make the wedding night that much hotter. They kissed, and Sharon wished him a good night as she opened the door. Nick joined her on the porch for one more kiss before his walk home, and the letter Phyllis had started to write blew across the room.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

At Crimson Lights, Mariah stared at an extremely good-looking, well-dressed gentleman who was enjoying a cup of coffee. Kevin walked in from the patio and asked Mariah what she was looking at. She told Kevin that she was looking at the gentleman who was "kind of gorgeous." Mariah noticed that Kevin was still in pretty bad shape from the previous night's party.

On the patio, the handsome man made a phone call and told someone that he was at the location, and if they could just get rid of the businesses, it would be a perfect site for their project. Before the handsome man hung up, he told the person to whom he was speaking that he had a personal matter to take care of.

Kevin asked Mariah when she wanted him to pick her up so they could ride to Nick and Sharon's wedding together. Mariah explained that as a bridesmaid, she had to arrive at the church early. Kevin said that he could still give her a ride and hang out at the church so that Mariah wouldn't be unaccompanied. Mariah told him that she didn't want him to get the wrong idea about her asking him to be her date for the wedding. She emphasized that it was not a "date" date.

Kevin asked Mariah to explain what the "not-date" date was supposed to be. She said that she just wanted a friend to accompany her to the wedding, since she assumed she was not going to enjoy the ceremony. The handsome man walked in from the patio, and Mariah stared after him again. Kevin wondered why Mariah didn't just take the man to the wedding, but she insisted that she would never do anything like that to Kevin.

Mariah admitted to having done some awful things, but she was trying to turn over a new leaf -- for the most part. She told Kevin that she planned to honor her commitments so that people didn't treat her like "slime." Kevin said he knew that Mariah really liked him. They began joking around, with Mariah telling Kevin that she had asked him to the wedding because he probably owned a suit.

In the Athletic Club dining room, a bruised Michael was hung over from his overindulgence at Nick's bachelor party. Lauren joined him, and he suggested that they get a suite at the club so that they could spend the entire day in bed. Lauren reminded him that he had a physical exam scheduled later that day. Michael smiled and told Lauren how much he liked their "empty-nester" lifestyle just as Fen walked in and overheard his father's remark. Fen jokingly said, "Thanks a lot." Michael and Lauren were thrilled to see their son.

Lauren wondered how Fen was able to take time off from school. Michael asked Fen if he were in trouble. Fen told his parents that he had not flunked out of school, and he was not using drugs. He explained that there was a statewide conference at his school, and classes had been cancelled. Fen said that he had been wondering whether or not he should be worried about Michael -- Fen pulled out his tablet and showed his parents a full-page gossip spread headlined, "Bachelor Bash Busted," complete with a picture of a drunk and bruised Michael. Michael grimaced and told Fen to put the tablet away.

Lauren was about to explain about the party when Kevin showed up to greet his nephew. Fen asked Kevin how he had been doing since his separation from Chloe. Kevin insisted that he had moved on. The Baldwins couldn't believe that it had taken a visit from Fen to get Kevin to admit that. Michael had to leave for his appointment, and Fen left, as well, telling his parents that there was someone he had to see.

After Michael and Fen were gone, Kevin began speaking to Lauren but realized that she was staring at the same handsome man who had been at Crimson Lights. Kevin exclaimed, "He's not that good-looking!" He told Lauren that she was the second woman that day who had swooned over the handsome man. Lauren said that the man was very "swoon-worthy."

Lauren said that in spite of Kevin's claim that he was in a "good place," she still worried about him. He insisted that he was so busy that he didn't have time to think about anything -- including Chloe. Lauren wondered why Kevin was still wearing his wedding band. He said that it was just a ring -- not a symbol. When Lauren asked him to take it off, he refused, but Lauren admitted that Kevin seemed happier than he had been in a long time.

At the entrance to the club, Kevin silently debated whether or not to remove his wedding band. He finally took it off and left the club.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Michael kept his appointment with Dr. Botnik. The doctor said that he wouldn't write Michael another prescription for his erectile dysfunction medication without first giving him a full physical examination.

At Nick and Sharon's, Nick looked at his tablet and saw the "Bachelor Bash Busted" story, which included pictures of many of the previous night's partygoers locked up in jail. Sharon handed Nick some black coffee and aspirin, and they shared a good laugh about the party. Summer, Austin, and Noah arrived bearing gifts for Faith's birthday party.

Faith joined the crowd in the living room, jumped on Nick's lap and said that it was going to be her happiest birthday ever.

Later, Faith gave Austin the third degree about what he liked -- he admitted to liking puppies and playing games but was at a loss for words when Faith asked him if he liked dolls. Summer saved the day by telling Faith that Austin loved dolls.

Noah suggested that Faith begin opening her presents, but she wanted to wait until Mariah arrived. Summer was surprised to hear that Mariah would be joining the party. Sharon said that she had mentioned the party to Mariah but didn't know if she would attend -- and it was getting late. Noah remarked that one thing Mariah was good at was hurting people.

Sharon told Faith that it was sweet of her to wait for Mariah but added that Mariah might not show up. Faith seemed disappointed, but Nick and Noah cheered her up by suggesting that she start opening her birthday presents. As Noah led her around the room, Austin picked up the piece of paper that Phyllis had written Nick's name on and handed it to Summer.

Sharon took a look at the piece of paper and told Nick that it had his name written on it -- but nothing else. The paper was put aside as Faith shrieked about the bicycle that Nikki had gotten the little girl for her birthday. Nick took Faith outside so she could try her bicycle. Austin said that it had to have been cool to grow up and receive "Newman-sized" gifts every birthday. Noah said that initially it had been, but as they'd grown up, there had always been strings attached -- particularly if the gift was from Victor.

After her bike ride, Faith returned to open more presents. Noah told Summer that it was good that Faith hadn't waited for Mariah to show up. Mariah quietly entered the house. When Faith saw Mariah, she screamed with happiness. Mariah told Faith that she would never have missed Faith's party -- in fact, she had arrived with a cupcake for Faith

Sharon told Mariah how happy she was that Mariah made it to the party. Mariah joked that she wouldn't miss the chance to hang out with her favorite cellmates. Faith innocently said, "What's a cellmate?" The group tried to avoid the question and diverted Faith's attention to the still-wrapped presents. Noah told Mariah that she should never have mentioned the word "cellmate" in front of Faith.

Summer told Noah not to get on Mariah's case. Noah was surprised that Summer was defending Mariah. Summer said that Mariah had done a good deed for Sharon the previous night, which showed that Mariah might be capable of caring for other people. Mariah did not take the backhanded compliment well and left the room.

Later, Mariah and Austin went to work at the Underground. Summer tagged along and gave Austin a present. He told his wife that she didn't have to give him anything -- that she had just bought him a $300 tie. Mariah heard that and said that it was a waste for Summer to have paid that much for "a piece of fabric." Austin told Mariah to calm down, reminding her that he hadn't married Summer for her money. Before walking off, Mariah said that she didn't understand how Austin could be with someone who didn't understand what he really cared about.

Summer was upset about Mariah's remarks, but Austin calmed her down. Summer told Austin that the present she had for him was a children's book about living out one's dreams. Austin told Summer that he loved it and kissed her as a seemingly jealous Mariah looked on.

Mariah approached Summer and Austin and taunted Summer about the book. Summer wondered what had happened to Mariah, particularly since the women had worked together peacefully on Sharon's party. Mariah said that nothing had happened -- but that Summer should never claim to know Mariah. Mariah turned to Austin and ominously warned him, "Just like you don't know that much about her." Fen showed up, and an obviously thrilled Summer hugged him while a seething Austin looked on.

Besides Nick and Sharon, Noah was the only guest remaining at Faith's birthday party. Noah suggested that he and Faith take her presents up to her room. Faith said that the best present was going to be "mommy and daddy's wedding." Nick promised that would be happening the following day. After Noah and Faith went upstairs, Nick and Sharon practiced their dance moves -- and noticed the paper with Nick's name written on it. Sharon wondered who would write Nick's name on a piece of paper without a message. Nick examined the handwriting and said that it looked familiar.

Sharon said that it looked like a woman's handwriting but that whoever had written it hadn't thought it was important enough to finish. She took the paper from Nick, crumpled it up, and put it in the fireplace.

In Stockholm, Victor was at the DNA Diagnostics Center with Dr. Jorgensen. Victor pressed Dr. Jorgensen to expedite testing Nick's and Faith's DNA samples so Victor could learn whether or not Nick was truly Faith's father.

Jorgensen said that the only thing he could tell Victor was that the two samples were the same blood type -- which did not prove paternity. The doctor said that if Victor wanted to test the samples for "ultimate accuracy," that would take another day or two. Victor said that he would wait -- he needed definitive answers. Dr. Jorgensen said that he would get the answers to Victor the instant the results became available. After the doctor left, Victor phoned Dr. Cutler and asked him how Phyllis was doing. Victor was stunned when Cutler told him that Phyllis had left the clinic.

In his office at the police station, Paul heard some commotion. He left his office and saw Harding escorting a handcuffed Dylan, with Avery not far behind. Avery told Paul that Dylan's arrest was ridiculous and that Paul had to let Dylan go. Harding chimed in, saying that, depending on how Dylan's questioning went, Dylan might not be able to make bail. Avery reminded Paul that Dylan was his son, but Paul responded that Dylan was also a prisoner "with cause."

Paul told Avery not to underestimate the police department's case against Dylan and suggested that she prepare herself for Dylan's arraignment -- Chris was charging Dylan with first-degree murder. Avery and Dylan were stunned. Paul said that they could no longer ignore the evidence. Avery wondered what evidence the police had. Dylan reminded the group that they hadn't even found Ian's body. Avery said that the police didn't even know if Ian was dead.

Harding announced that he was going to question Dylan, and Avery insisted that she sit in on the interrogation. Dylan pleaded with Paul, telling his father that he hadn't done anything wrong. Harding said that, according to the evidence, Dylan had done plenty. Harding escorted Dylan into the interrogation room.

In the interrogation room, Harding asked Dylan how Ian's blood had ended up in the Newmans' driveway. Dylan said that he didn't know. Harding moved on, asking Dylan how he had injured his hand. Avery told Harding that Dylan had already given a statement about that. Harding obviously didn't believe Dylan's story about putting his hand through a window. Avery stopped the questioning, saying that Harding was not taking the interrogation seriously.

Harding then asked Dylan to explain what he had been doing around Ian's car and near the dumpster where Ian's wallet had been found. Avery said that the person who had allegedly seen Dylan, Jeffrey Bardwell, was unreliable. She told Harding that Bardwell had spent that day at the track, where he undoubtedly had consumed several drinks. She added that Bardwell had a criminal record and that a jury would be unlikely to believe him.

An officer opened the door and handed Harding a folder. Avery was about to end the interview when Harding asked Dylan to explain why the mud on Dylan's boots matched the mud in the quarry where Ian's jacket had been found.

Avery asked for Paul to join the interrogation. When Paul entered the interrogation room, Avery insisted that she was entitled to the forensics report about the mud -- and anything else that Paul might have been hiding. Paul replied that he wasn't hiding anything. Avery wondered where the search warrant to confiscate and test Dylan's shoes was. Paul showed the warrant to Avery. She said that she should have been present for the search, as the police might have falsified evidence. Dylan said that Paul wouldn't do something like that.

After Paul left, Harding told Avery and Dylan that initially Paul hadn't even told Christine, the district attorney, about the muddy boots. Harding said that Paul had put his reputation on the line for Dylan -- and that it was "killing" Paul to arrest his own son. Harding felt that the media would challenge Paul's integrity. He pressed Dylan to confess, saying that any good son would do that.

Avery told Dylan that Harding was trying to manipulate him. Dylan began speaking to Harding about Paul and how Dylan's actions had affected him. Unbeknownst to Dylan, Paul was listening at the door. Dylan told Harding that he didn't want to do anything to hurt Paul. Harding urged Dylan to plead guilty. Avery said that Dylan was innocent -- and the case would never even make it to trial. Harding said that Avery couldn't make evidence disappear. Dylan said that Harding was right -- but so was Avery. He proclaimed his innocence as Paul continued to listen.

After the interrogation, Harding joined Paul in his office and told the chief that he hadn't managed to get Dylan to confess. Paul said that the press was beginning to hear rumors about Dylan's arrest and that Paul needed to make a statement.

In the interrogation room, Avery told Dylan she was scared that things could go badly for him. Dylan tried to reassure her that everything was going to be all right -- especially since he and Avery were working together. Avery said that she wouldn't have it any other way.

After Avery left, Harding escorted Dylan to a holding cell. Paul watched through the bars as his son was locked up.

Back at home, Avery answered a knock at the door -- it was the handsome man from Crimson Lights and the Athletic Club. Avery said, "Joe!" Joe replied, "You look more beautiful now than on the day I married you."

Thursday, October 2, 2014

At the Abbott mansion, Kelly searched for something between the couch cushions, and she told Jack that she thought she'd left Nick and Sharon's wedding invitation there. Jack was sure she'd planned a lovely event, and Kelly informed him that she had to work during the reception, but they'd be able to go to the ceremony together. He replied that he might not go to the wedding at all, since he couldn't forgive and forget being robbed of the chance to raise his daughter. Jack continued that he could be civil for Summer's sake, but his and Nick's negative history had surfaced at the party the night before.

Jack conceded that he'd always had some sort of affection for Nick, but the anger inside of him made him unsure of whether he should show up at the church. Kelly warned that he might regret it if he didn't go, since there were other people whose feelings mattered to him, like Sharon and Summer. Kelly speculated that Phyllis would have wanted him to attend, but Jack bellowed that Phyllis wouldn't have wanted anything to do with the wedding. Kelly turned away, and Jack asked what was wrong. Kelly revealed that she'd found a photo of Phyllis in the cabinet, and she wondered if he'd been looking at it because the situation with Nick had stirred up Jack's feelings about Phyllis.

Jack informed Kelly that he'd found the picture on the mantel, and he didn't know how it had gotten there, but he'd put it in the cabinet to avoid making Kelly feel uncomfortable. Jack assured Kelly that Phyllis had nothing to do with his reservations about going to the wedding, and Kelly contended that his presence would be a wonderful gesture to many people, including her. Jack realized that it meant a lot to her, and Kelly said that he'd shown her how good it felt to accept the things that she couldn't change and to build a better future. He agreed to go on the condition that she made time for a long, slow dance with him, and they kissed.

Jack and Kelly tumbled onto the bed, and she grappled with tending to her to-do list, but they kissed and professed their love. After they made love, Kelly wished that she didn't have to move for the rest of the day, and Jack said that they had to create memories in the old bed before she made the place her own by redecorating. Kelly thanked him for making her feel at home, and Jack replied that he'd do anything for her.

In a room at an undisclosed location, Phyllis stared at Nick and Sharon's wedding invitation, and she flashed back to telling Jack that there was nothing better than having a man she admired and respected say that he was falling in love with her. In another memory, Phyllis remembered Jack kissing her and welcoming her home to the Abbott mansion. He had offered to move her things in right away and to tell Mrs. Martinez to make Phyllis' favorite foods, since Phyllis had become the lady of the house. Later, Jack and Phyllis had cuddled in bed, and she had told him that she was glad he'd convinced her to move in. Jack had replied that he was happy to have her back in his life.

Phyllis looked down at her engagement ring, and she remembered when Jack had put it on her finger, even though she'd been in a coma at the time. He'd said that she would be the most beautiful bride, and he'd envisioned her in a lovely dress, walking down the aisle. Jack had said that the ring was his pledge that he'd wait as long as it took for her, and Phyllis' hands shook as she whispered to herself that she'd heard him. Later, Phyllis entered a pawn shop, and she pulled the ring off her finger and asked how much she could get for it.

Avery was shocked to find her ex-husband, Joe, on her doorstep, and she invited him in and asked what he was doing there. Avery noted that Joe hadn't said anything about wanting to see her when they'd talked the night before, and he explained that he was in town on business. Joe explained that he'd gotten into commercial real estate after his old firm had gone under, and he hadn't expected her to be living in one of his territories. Avery said that she'd arrived in town to work on a case, but she'd stayed when she'd learned Phyllis had lived there.

Joe mentioned that the sisters hadn't been close when he and Avery had been married, and Avery recounted that she and Phyllis had gotten to a better place before the accident that had put Phyllis into a coma. Joe wished that the women had had more time, and Avery hoped to have more. Joe remarked that it looked like Avery had made a life for herself, with a new firm and a solid relationship, and she confirmed that things were good. Joe admitted that he'd been thrown when he'd heard Dylan was alive and that Avery and Dylan were back together, but it was important to him that she was happy, and he wanted to meet Dylan.

Avery said that Dylan was tied up, and she didn't think it was a good idea for the men to meet. Joe swore that he wasn't looking to pick a fight, and he asked if she didn't feel comfortable with it because she'd had an affair with Dylan while she'd been married to Joe. Joe recognized that he'd been hurt by it, but he had been the one to blame for not being the husband she'd deserved. Joe admitted that he'd been married to his job, and she'd turned to another man because Joe hadn't been there, so he wasn't pointing fingers at anyone but himself.

Joe asserted that he wouldn't be there if he wasn't over it, and Avery asked him to tell her about his life. He said that he'd been busy working and that he hadn't had time for a serious relationship, and she hoped he found someone special someday. Joe said that he had to catch the first flight out, but it had been lovely to see her, and he asked her to keep in touch. He kissed her cheek, and she was clearly unnerved as she watched him leave.

At the police station, Paul joined Nikki and Dylan in the interrogation room, and Paul explained that Dylan had been arrested for murder. Dylan revealed that it was a hoax, and Paul said that they needed Nikki's help to pull it off. Dylan explained that the evidence pointed to him, but Paul believed he was innocent. Paul added that he was the only one on the force who believed it, and Nikki thanked Paul for standing by their son. She wondered where she fit in, and Paul theorized that someone had set up Dylan for murder by planting the incriminating evidence, so the men had devised a plan to prove Dylan had been framed.

Dylan said that they intended to lure Ian back and capture him, and Ian's obsession with Nikki had enticed Ian to return to town before. Paul explained that they wanted to place a personal ad from her in the newspaper to get Ian to meet her, but she'd never be in danger because she wouldn't go to the meeting. Paul said that her health was a bigger concern if the idea caused her additional stress, but Nikki insisted she could handle it. Paul demanded that the plan be kept confidential, since only the three of them, as well as Avery and Christine, were in on it, although he gave permission for Nikki to tell Victor.

Paul prepared to release the information that Ian was presumed dead and that Dylan had been charged, and once the news circulated, they could place the advertisement. Paul offered to give Nikki and Dylan a moment alone while he made a statement to the media, but he listened from outside the door as Nikki vowed to do whatever it took to make sure Ian suffered for what he had done. Paul informed the press that Dylan had been arrested without incident that morning, and the arraignment would be held that afternoon. He added that Dylan had been charged with first-degree homicide, and a reporter asked how it had felt for Paul to arrest his own son. Paul replied that he'd done what he'd had to do.

Paul returned and reported that he hadn't needed to fake being upset in front of the press. Avery arrived, and Paul informed her that Nikki was on board. Nikki was relieved that Dylan wouldn't be able to take matters into his own hands by going after Ian himself, and Paul suggested that Avery and Dylan have a moment in private before Dylan needed to be taken back to his cell. Nikki said that she hated leaving Dylan, and Dylan remarked that he would rather be at the wedding.

Dylan told Avery to attend the ceremony without him, but she was unsure of her plans, and Nikki assured Avery she was welcome to join them. Nikki and Paul exited, and Dylan stared at Avery and asked what was up, since he could tell that something was going on with her. Avery stated that she was worried because the man she loved was in jail, and Dylan promised that everything would be all right and that they would get back to their lives soon.

Paul led Nikki to his office, and she asked if there was a problem. He wanted to make sure they were on the same page, and he reiterated that she wouldn't be involved beyond having her name used in the newspaper. Paul opposed her being anywhere near Ian when he was apprehended, and he stressed that she needed to do exactly as they'd planned. Nikki assured him that she understood, and but she looked preoccupied as Paul answered a phone call.

At the Athletic Club, Joe read an online article about Dylan's arrest, and he exited through the revolving door as Nikki entered. Nikki left a message for Victor, saying that she'd expected him to be home by then, but she didn't know when that would be or where he was. She asked him to call her, and she said that she needed her husband. She stopped a passing waiter and ordered some lemonade, and she covertly pulled out a miniature liquor bottle from her purse.

At the Underground, Summer excitedly greeted Fen, and she pulled him over to introduce him to Mariah and Austin. Summer declared that she'd known Fen her whole life, and Mariah politely shook his hand. Fen started to say that Mariah looked just like Cassie, but Summer cut him off and said that she'd fill him in later. Summer proudly presented Austin as her husband, and Fen coolly stated that it was good to finally meet the guy who'd stolen Summer's heart. As Summer and Fen caught up, Mariah remarked to Austin that Summer and Fen looked like two peas in a pod.

Summer finished telling Fen about Mariah, and she said that it felt like a long time since she'd heard from him. He explained that he'd been busy taking classes he liked, dating a little, and pledging a fraternity. He suggested that Summer visit him, and she replied that she'd love to, but he glanced at Austin and commented that it was wild that she had gotten married and settled down. Summer crowed that marriage was the greatest thing ever and that Austin treated her like a queen, and she was sure that Fen would love him once Fen got to know him.

Fen mentioned that he was only in town overnight, and Summer realized he'd miss Nick and Sharon's wedding. Fen asked what she thought about it, and she replied that she was fine with it, although it was weird for her to see Jack moving on from her mom with another woman. Summer conceded that Kelly made Jack happy and that Kelly had been supportive of Summer and Austin's marriage, so Summer was trying to accept it. Fen imagined that it had to be rough, since it hadn't been that long since Phyllis' accident, and Summer wished Jack shared her belief that Phyllis would return to them one day. Fen doubted that anything could keep Phyllis away from the people she loved.

Austin noticed that Mariah seemed upset, and she relayed the breaking news that Dylan had been arrested for murdering Ian. Austin asked if she was okay, and she insisted that she was fine, since it meant she wouldn't have to get an annulment, but she was angry that she wouldn't get to tell Ian off for what he'd done. Austin acknowledged that Ian had been a creep, but he also knew that Ian had been like a father to her. Mariah recalled that Ian had been the only real family she'd had, and he'd never treated her badly until the end. She imagined that everyone would be happy that Ian was dead and gone, and Austin expressed his condolences.

Fen recalled that Phyllis had always looked out for Summer and had wanted to see her happy. Summer fondly remembered that Phyllis had sweated out every little detail over the holidays, and she recalled how proud Phyllis had been when Summer had appeared in a Christmas pageant. Fen vowed that he and Summer would always be friends, even if he was thousands of miles away, but he had to get going because his folks were waiting. Summer announced that Fen was taking off, and Austin invited Fen over to see their place and hang out the next time. Fen said that it sounded good, but he privately warned Austin not to hurt Summer.

Summer set some used glasses on the bar, and Mariah barked that working was an alien concept to Summer. Summer asked why Mariah was in a bad mood, and Mariah snapped that Ian was dead and Dylan was in jail. Summer worried about Avery, and Mariah dared Summer to admit that she was glad that the only person who had ever cared about Mariah was dead. Summer conceded that she'd wanted Ian out of their lives, but she hadn't wished anyone dead. Austin urged them to keep things peaceful, and Mariah stormed off.

Austin assured Summer that she hadn't said anything wrong, but Mariah was in a sensitive place, and both he and Summer knew what it was like to lose someone they cared about. Summer complained that Mariah hadn't needed to be that nasty, and Austin turned the topic to Summer's visit with Fen. Summer mentioned that their moms had been best friends, and Austin remarked that it sounded like Summer and Fen had a history. Summer said that she and Austin would have their own one day, and Mariah glowered in the shadows as they hugged.

Michael asked his stern-faced doctor for the verdict, and the doctor reported that everything looked good, pending Michael's lab results. The doctor offered to write a prescription for more performance-enhancing medication, but Michael changed his mind, since he believed his problems had been stress-related, and he no longer needed any help in the bedroom.

At the Athletic Club, Gloria gushed that Fen was back in town, and Lauren said that he'd gone to visit a friend. Gloria called his visit a fun surprise, and she wondered why Michael wasn't there to celebrate. Lauren reasoned that lawyers were always busy, and Michael would join them when he could break away. Lauren asked where Jeffrey was, and Gloria grumbled that he'd had to see man about a dog, but she would manage just fine without him. Lauren mentioned that Michael was looking forward to some family time, and Gloria teased that Michael and Lauren would have to take it easy that night.

Gloria observed that Lauren had the wonderful glow of a satisfied woman, and she apologized for making smart remarks about Michael's relationship with Avery, but he'd always had a thing for blonde attorneys. Lauren was confident that he'd long been over it and that he was very satisfied with what was going on at home. Gloria babbled on about how men had needs, and Lauren hugged Michael when he arrived. He mentioned that his doctor's appointment had taken longer than he'd expected, and Gloria demanded to know what was wrong. Michael claimed that it had just been a regular checkup that hadn't been a big deal, and there was nothing of interest to report.

Fen returned to the club, and Gloria marveled that he was a grown college man. She bet that the ladies loved him in New Mexico, and he corrected that he was going to school in Arizona, but she bragged that he was charming enough to take over the entire southwest. Meanwhile, Lauren told Michael that she was glad he'd finally gone to the doctor, since she had been concerned, but Michael assured her that he was in great shape. Michael mentioned that the doctor had been a urologist, but the tests hadn't been any worse than what women had to go through. Lauren amorously offered to check for herself, and they kissed. Fen jokingly suggested that his parents get a room.

Michael gave his phone to Gloria to take a family photo of him with Lauren and Fen. He proclaimed that he'd never forget what their family had been through, and he'd hoped that one day, everything would be fine. He declared that day had arrived, and Gloria said that she loved them all as she snapped the photo. Meanwhile, the doctor put a rush on Michael's remaining lab results, since he didn't like some of the levels he'd seen.

Friday, October 3, 2014

An alarm clock went off at 7:30 a.m., and Faith yelled for everyone to wake up and get downstairs. Sharon and Mariah rushed in and asked what was wrong, and Faith proclaimed that she didn't want them to miss the biggest day ever. Sharon assured Faith that nothing could make her miss her wedding day, and Mariah watched them hug.

Jack reached over Kelly to shut off the alarm, and he recognized that they had a wedding to get ready for, but he leaned in to kiss her first. After Kelly and Jack made love, she relayed that she'd promised Lily that she'd check in before the ceremony, but she would be all his once the wedding started. Jack reminded Kelly that she'd promised him a dance at the reception, and she replied that dancing was her favorite part of weddings, along with the cake and the toasts. She marveled that weddings were magical, and he remarked that the idea of two people committing to one another forever inspired him. Jack held Kelly close, but she looked uncomfortable and got up to take a shower.

In her motel room, Phyllis was already out of bed and dressed when her alarm went off. She stared at the wedding invitation, and she ripped it up and crumpled it in her hands. Phyllis pulled out a garment bag and set out her jewelry on the desk.

At the ranch, a bathrobe-clad Nikki shuffled over to her purse and pulled out a miniature liquor bottle, but she quickly replaced it when Victoria entered and called out for her. Victoria noted that Nikki wasn't dressed, and Nikki explained that she'd overslept and that she needed some aspirin for a headache. Victoria offered to help her finish getting ready, and she wondered if Nikki had forgotten what day it was. Nikki questioned how she could forget her son's wedding day.

After Nikki got dressed, she eyed the bottles of liquor on the table, and Victoria observed that Nikki looked better. Nikki said that her headache was gone, and Victoria asked if Nikki had heard from Victor, but Nikki complained that he hadn't been in touch since he'd left on his trip. Victoria recalled that Nikki had also seemed upset at the bachelorette party, and she surmised that her mother was worried about Dylan. Nikki said that she hated that her involvement with Ian had gotten Dylan into trouble. Victoria noted that the day wouldn't be easy, and Nikki said that she'd tried to accept the marriage for Nick's sake, but the thought of Sharon joining their family again was almost more than she could take.

Nick greeted Avery at Crimson Lights, and she imagined he was excited for his big day. He asked how Dylan was holding up, and Avery replied that Dylan was doing okay for a person who'd been wrongly accused. She mentioned that Dylan had wanted her to go to the wedding, but she thought it was best that she stay away, given her history with Nick. Nick said that he'd invited her because he wanted her there, and he insisted that she attend.

Michael and Lauren passed by, and Michael remarked that Nick had survived the bachelor party. Nick said that he had his suit and his coffee, so he was good to go, and Lauren commented that most grooms would be a nervous wreck, but Nick confidently stated that it felt like the right thing after all he and Sharon had been through. Lauren gushed that it was wonderful to see two people who loved one another overcome their problems, and the Baldwins said they'd see Nick at the wedding.

Avery prepared to leave, but Nick reiterated that it would mean a lot to him if she went to the wedding, and she agreed. Avery confided that Joe had shown up in town the day before on business, and they'd made peace with how their marriage had ended. Nick asked if Dylan was cool with it, and Avery admitted that she hadn't mentioned Joe's visit to Dylan, since he had more important things to think about. Avery apologized for talking about her ex on Nick's wedding day, and Nick suddenly realized that he hadn't picked up his tie at Fenmore's. Nick fretted that he didn't have time to go across town to fetch it, and Avery offered to pick up the tie and drop it off at the church.

At the Athletic Club, Lily tended to last-minute arrangements before Nick and Sharon's reception, and Cane was surprised that Kelly wasn't taking care of things. Lily explained that Kelly had worked late the night before, so she'd told Kelly to sleep in, and she asked if Cane had found out who Devon had shared a suite with. Cane said that it was none of their business, and he advised her to drop it. Devon and Neil approached, and Lily asked if Devon was taking a date to the wedding, but he replied that he was going solo, since there wasn't a special lady in his life.

Later, Lily unpacked the bouquets, and Kelly lamented that they should have been delivered to the church. Kelly added that she didn't want anything to ruin Sharon's day, and Lily realized that Kelly had put her heart into planning the wedding. Lily asked where Kelly and Jack stood, and Kelly replied that she'd thought she'd known, but their discussion about weddings that morning had turned serious. Kelly declared that they were nowhere near ready to get married, but Lily said that it could happen in the future. Kelly nervously giggled and said she'd see Lily at the church, and Lily threw her the bouquet as practice for later.

At the church, Austin reflected back on his and Summer's own wedding, and he said that he'd hoped not to pass out and embarrass her in front of her whole family. Summer forlornly added that almost everyone had been there, and he apologized for reminding her of Phyllis' absence. Summer admitted that she missed her mom, and Austin urged her to call the clinic to find out if there was any news. She phoned Phyllis' room, and posing as "Dr. Penn," Dr. Cutler said that he was glad she'd taken his advice not to visit her mother.

Summer worried that Phyllis had gotten worse, but Dr. Cutler reported that Phyllis was the same. Summer requested to talk to Dr. Burnett or Nurse Hathaway, but Dr. Cutler claimed they weren't there. Summer huffed that Victor had donated a lot of money to the facility, and her grandfather wouldn't be happy to learn the doctor was giving her the runaround. She asked to talk to someone else, and Victor arrived at the clinic and demanded to know where Phyllis was. Dr. Cutler told Summer he had an emergency, and he hung up.

Victor asked again where Phyllis was, and the doctor replied that he didn't know. Dr. Cutler explained that Phyllis hadn't appeared strong enough to leave and that his security team was looking for her, but Victor declared that his investigators would handle it. Victor inquired whether Phyllis had said anything that might give them a clue about her whereabouts, but Dr. Cutler reported that almost everything she'd said had been unintelligible. Dr. Cutler reminded Victor that he'd warned about the treatment being experimental, so he had no idea how the therapy had affected her brain.

In the bride's room at the church, Sharon started to get ready, and Faith asked if Sharon thought Nick was excited. Sharon pointed out that she knew he didn't like wearing a suit, but Faith declared that he looked handsome in one. Sharon said that Faith was lucky to have the best daddy in the whole world, and Mariah scowled. Faith asked Mariah what was wrong, and Mariah griped that her own parents had lied to her for her entire life. Faith countered that her parents hadn't lied to her, but Mariah mumbled that she'd heard it before, and she walked out.

Abby ran into Nick in the vestibule, and she remarked that he looked dashing even without a tie, but she found it odd that he was calm. She apologized for her offensive comments to Sharon at the bachelorette party, and as Mariah entered, Abby refused to take back any of the bad things she'd said about Mariah. Abby flounced off to talk to more civilized guests, and Nick thanked Mariah for not causing trouble. Mariah pointed out that there was still time, but Nick ordered her not to ruin the day for her mother. Mariah replied that Nick didn't know Sharon as well as he thought he did.

Mariah called Victor and asked if he'd gotten any proof about Faith's paternity, and he said that he was dealing with another emergency. She told him that the wedding was about to start, and she refused to let Nick marry a lying hypocrite. Mariah threatened that if Victor didn't get there in time to tell Nick the truth, she would. Victor growled that Mariah didn't know anything, since she'd only heard Sharon mumbling in her sleep, and he needed to confirm exactly what Sharon was hiding from Nick. Victor warned Mariah to keep her mouth shut, and Mariah told him to remember that when things went south. Victor barked that he didn't need her help, and he hung up.

Victor lectured that Dr. Cutler should have alerted him immediately, and he accused the doctor of protecting himself. Dr. Cutler suggested that they focus on finding Phyllis, and Victor started to threaten the doctor if anything had happened to her, but he answered a call and asked where Phyllis was. Victor reported that she'd been involved in an altercation, and he blasted the doctor for being wrong about her condition, since she'd been able to leave on her own and to assault someone. Dr. Cutler warned that they had no idea what she was capable of doing, and Victor said that the doctor had better hope that she wasn't hurting herself or someone else.

Kevin entered and said that Mariah looked nice, and she grumbled that the dress hadn't been her choice. He admired the different look, and she declared that she wasn't an uptight debutante and that she'd find a way to make the outfit hotter. Michael and Lauren arrived, and Kevin introduced them to Mariah. Lauren said it was nice to meet her, but Mariah doubted it, and she hoped that Kevin intended to take her to the reception on his Harley. After Mariah sauntered off, Kevin told Michael not to read too much into the date, since Mariah just needed a friend. Michael thought it sounded familiar, but Kevin insisted that he wasn't having a real relationship in the real world, since living in a fantasy world was much better.

Summer hugged Nick and asked about his tie, and he informed her that Avery was getting it. Summer questioned whether he was nervous, and he couldn't imagine what could possibly go wrong. Jack greeted Nick and requested a private word, and he said that he wanted to clear up what had happened at the party. Nick conceded that Jack had a right to feel like Nick had cheated him, and Jack acknowledged that Nick had also lost something. Nick admitted that he'd hurt a lot of people by not getting a second paternity test, and Jack said that Nick could rectify some of the pain that day by reuniting his family. Jack urged Nick not to let his past mistakes keep him from being happy, and Nick said that Phyllis would want Jack to be happy, too.

Courtney commented that Summer looked much better than she had at the police station the other night, but she sensed that something was wrong. Summer confided that she was freaking out about her mom, since she'd called the clinic, and something weird was going on. Courtney reasoned that the doctor Summer had spoken with probably hadn't known much about Phyllis' case, and Summer decided to head to Georgia after the wedding to see for herself that Phyllis was okay. Summer went to check on Sharon, and Noah appeared behind Courtney, who peered into the church and fretted that she'd arrested almost everyone there.

Noah assured Courtney that she'd just been doing her job, and they approached Neil and Devon. Neil asked if Courtney had been given a medal for arresting all the millionaires of Genoa City at the same time, and he applauded her for not giving him special treatment because of his blindness. Courtney was glad that there were no hard feelings, and Noah led her away to check out the decorations in the church. Lauren remarked that weddings put everyone in a romantic mood, and Devon excused himself. Lily wondered what was wrong with Devon, since he seemed secretive, and Neil theorized that Devon was waiting for the right time to introduce his new lady friend. Cane looked concerned.

Nikki and Victoria arrived, and Victoria remarked that Nick didn't look nervous. He declared that he was very happy, and Victoria said that he'd waited a long time for that day. Nick replied that it almost hadn't happened, thanks to the man who had punched Michael at the bar, and Nikki gasped in surprise. Nick and Victoria were alarmed that she didn't remember the fight, but Nikki claimed that she was just teasing. Abby joined them and asked where Victor was, and Nikki said that he was away on business and probably wouldn't make it. Abby couldn't believe that Victor wasn't there to see his son get married, and Nick suspected that Victor's urgent business had been to find a way to stop the wedding, but he guessed that Victor hadn't been able to.

Sharon was relieved when Summer delivered the bouquets, and Summer reported that everyone was there but Victor. Mariah entered in an altered version of her dress, and Summer asked what had happened to the gown. Mariah stated that she'd turned it into something that someone under 80 would wear, and Sharon asked Summer to take Faith to find the basket of rose petals. Mariah told Sharon to save her the lecture, and Sharon said that she cared, but Mariah snapped that she didn't want or need Sharon to do so. Sharon pointed out that everyone needed someone who cared, and she vowed to be there when Mariah eventually needed someone.

Sharon referred to her own tricky relationship with her mother, and she asserted that Mariah couldn't get her to walk away by changing her dress or throwing around nasty barbs. Sharon declared that Mariah was her daughter, and she'd messed up when Mariah had been born, but she wouldn't let Mariah slip out of her life again. Nikki and Victoria entered, followed by Summer and Faith, and Nikki announced that they had gifts for the bride.

Nikki presented Sharon with Nick's great-grandmother's brooch as something old, and she remarked that it had been in the family a long time, just like Sharon would be. Sharon called it beautiful, and Faith handed her a shiny new penny for good luck. Summer apologetically said that she hadn't found anything personal that would work, but she provided a pair of Phyllis' earrings as something borrowed. Sharon assured Summer that Phyllis would wear them again one day.

Summer said that they were missing something blue, and she glared at Mariah, who incredulously asked if Summer had been serious with the request. Summer pointed out that Mariah was a bridesmaid, and Mariah ranted that she had shown up and had agreed to wear the dress, but she wasn't about to be part of a dumb tradition. Summer reprimanded Mariah, but Sharon said that the only gift she needed was her girls there with her. Victoria and Nikki departed, and Summer led Faith away to get Sharon's dress.

Mariah reluctantly gave Sharon something blue -- an anklet with angelite stones that she'd purchased at a flea market. Sharon said it was beautiful, and Mariah explained that angelite was supposed to provide balance. Mariah added that Sharon could easily hide the anklet, and Sharon said she loved it. Faith reentered and exclaimed that Mariah hadn't forgotten something blue, and Mariah urged Sharon to get dressed, or there would be no wedding to celebrate. Sharon and Phyllis separately got ready by putting on their makeup and jewelry. Sharon turned around and asked how she looked, while Phyllis looked at herself in mirror and declared, "Perfect."

In the church, Victoria asked if there had been word from Victor, and Nikki said no. Noah approached Nick in the vestibule, and Nick prepared to get married without a tie. Noah offered his, and Nick surmised that Noah had done so because the tie was killing him. Avery rushed in with Nick's tie, and Noah said that he'd meet his dad at the altar. Nick commented that he hadn't thought Avery would make it, but she pointedly replied that she had that time. He put on the tie and asked how he looked, and she said perfect. He kissed her cheek, and she entered the church as he happily took a deep breath.

Faith walked down the aisle, scattering flowers and beaming at Nick. Austin smiled at Summer as she made her way down the aisle, while Jack and Nick proudly looked on. Mariah looked stone-faced as she appeared in the back of the church, but she grinned at Kevin. Sharon appeared in a strapless white gown, while Phyllis exited her room and found a cop standing at her door.

Nick couldn't take his eyes off Sharon as she walked down the aisle. "Let's do this," he said, and they stood together before the minister.

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