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Will's choking incident led to Brooke's decision to move to Milan to give Will's parents another chance at a family. Quinn was ecstatic to hear that Wyatt's marriage had survived and she'd be a grandmother; however, Hope declared that Quinn wouldn't go anywhere near the baby.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 29, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, September 29, 2014

At Brooke's house, Bill urged Brooke to marry him, but Deacon contended that he'd loved her for longer than Bill. Deacon believed that she could forgive him, just as she'd forgiven Bill, and implored her to give him a chance. The men bickered more with each other until Brooke stopped them.

Brooke lauded Deacon for being in Hope's life and being a help to her and to Hope. Deacon wanted to be more if Brooke would let him, but she asserted that Bill was the man in her life. Deacon was sure Bill would disappoint her again but figured that she had to learn it for herself. "I can wait," Deacon said. As Deacon left, Bill murmured that Deacon would be waiting a long time.

Once alone with Brooke, Bill asked if he could take what she'd told Deacon as a yes. Brooke claimed not to want to rush into anything, but she promised to answer Bill soon.

Later, Bill was in his office when Katie arrived with Will for a visit. Katie called Bill evil for a squeaky toy that he'd gotten for Will. When Bill remarked that she was saying that to make him feel better, Katie asked what was wrong. She assumed it had to be Brooke, but Bill claimed that he and Brooke were fine and happy to hear that Ridge was designing again.

Bill sensed that Katie had been surprised that he knew. Katie asked if the news had made a difference to Brooke. He replied that Brooke could agree to marry him soon, and Katie noted that her sister wasn't being impulsive, which was good for Brooke.

Bill asked if Katie was happy about Ridge's improvement. Katie said she was glad about the progression, and when a person loved someone, that person signed up for whatever happened. "Until you don't," Bill concluded, and in answer, Katie repeated him.

Katie assumed that Bill thought she hated him, but she didn't. Bill asked if she was saying that there were times when she missed him. She said that she might be saying it, and he admitted that he missed her, too, at times. Katie asserted that he just missed that only meal she knew how to make, but she could teach Brooke to make it. Katie said Brooke could learn if he gave her time. "I'm going to give her a lifetime," Bill declared and turned his attention to Will. Katie seemed to become sad.

As Bill played with the child, Katie took a call from Dani and apologized for being unable to meet up. Katie promised to meet the next time Dani was in town. Katie ended the call and looked reticently at Bill and Will.

At the loft, Wyatt arrived in a joking mood, and Quinn guessed that things were good for him. Quinn claimed that she'd been trying to take Wyatt's advice about concentrating on herself, but she didn't feel that she was as interesting as her son. Wyatt announced that Hope had decided to remain with her husband. Quinn squealed and hugged him.

Quinn assumed that Hope disliked her. Wyatt said he was the one in a relationship with Hope, not Quinn. Quinn contended that she was Hope's mother-in-law, and she had a relationship with Hope. Wyatt stated that he was there to tell Quinn that her fixation with Hope had to end.

Quinn said Wyatt didn't have to protect Hope from her, but upon Quinn accomplishing her goal, Hope had reminded Quinn of how starchy and self-righteous Hope could be. Wyatt warned Quinn not to talk about his wife that way, but Quinn questioned his right to treat her like a naughty child.

Quinn believed she'd gotten Wyatt a wife and had spared him any blame for her actions. She said it was good to have big shoulders, and he'd learn that "now that" he was on his own. She offered to let Hope have her space, as long as Wyatt visited Quinn from time to time. "Because I'm not going to let anyone forbid me from seeing my son," Quinn asserted.

Later, Deacon arrived and saw Quinn putting away dishes. He asked if she planned on having VIP company. The only VIP Quinn claimed to care about was herself, and she said it was why Deacon needed to stop treating her place like a suitcase. Deacon guessed that meant Wyatt and Hope hadn't invited Quinn to live with them. Quinn sniped that her relationship with Wyatt was fine at the time.

Quinn also relayed that Hope and Wyatt were remaining together, and Deacon said that Brooke had told him the news. Asking why Quinn had summoned him, Deacon reminded her that he wasn't a psychiatrist and didn't vacuum. Quinn asked what more Brooke had told him.

"She's marrying the man of your dreams -- or your nightmares," Deacon responded. Quinn gasped incredulously. Deacon said Brooke hadn't answered Bill, but Bill had proposed to Brooke -- again.

Deacon noticed that something was wrong with the sink. Quinn said she'd broken it, like everything else. She asked why every man wanted to marry Brooke. He concluded that Quinn was a witch, but Brooke wasn't.

Deacon asked if Quinn had thought Bill would do an about-face and get serious about her. Quinn questioned if Deacon had thought Brooke would suddenly become gaga over him. He contended that he and Brooke had a child together, but Quinn replied that she had the same with Bill. Deacon added that Bill had another child that Quinn had tried to kill.

Lowering her chin to her hands, Quinn revealed that she'd thought Hope would leave Wyatt, and he'd return to his mother. Quinn had cooked Wyatt an entire meal, including his favorite dessert. Deacon offered to eat the meal but realized that she'd put the whole thing down the garbage disposal. She replied that she had, and it was why the sink was clogged.

Deacon deduced that the sink had been the reason Quinn had contacted him. "Figured you could earn your keep," she responded. He asked if she wanted to cry or lean on his shoulder. Quinn shrank back with a displeased glare and said she didn't go for that kind of thing.

Deacon asked if Quinn wanted to hear that he was lonely, too. Giving him a little constructive criticism, Quinn advised him to talk less. He stared into her eyes, and touching her arm, he uttered that he'd heard that before.

In the CEO's office, Donna told Eric about Luca's death. Eric wanted the contact information for Luca's fiancée. Eric also asked Donna to call Thorne, so that Eric could get an update on International.

Later, Brooke arrived at the office as Eric was concluding a phone call with Thorne and ordering Donna to get the financials for their Milan office. After Donna had left, Eric revealed to Brooke that Luca Comino was dead. "What?" Brooke exclaimed. Eric corrected himself and said "presumed" dead after Luca's boat had washed up on shore without him.

Brooke asked if Eric had called the second in command in Milan. Eric replied that she was missing, too, and there were rumors of financial improprieties. Brooke gleaned that Eric believed the two had embezzled from Forrester and had taken off together.

Eric changed the subject to ask why Brooke had wanted to see him. She didn't think it was the right time to talk, and he joked that she wanted to block off honeymoon time. Giggling, Brooke revealed that she'd gotten two proposals that morning. Eric didn't think even that was a record for her, but he reminded her that she didn't have to marry anyone.

Brooke claimed that the next natural step was for her to marry Bill. Eric asked what was stopping her. He noted that one didn't fall in love with another's good qualities, but one found the other's qualities good because one had fallen in love with the other. He figured that, in time, one wised up, and because of the love for the other, hoped the other would change.

Eric asked if Brooke wanted to marry Bill. Brooke did want to, but she asked if Eric always did what he wanted to do. "No," Eric knowingly responded. Brooke remarked that other things factored in. He asked if it had to do with Ridge, who was the love of her life. "Which life was that?" she asked.

Eric remarked that people lived their lives in the same place and with the same people but would occasionally awaken and wonder who they were and how they'd gotten there. He assumed that Bill was what Brooke wanted. "And you have him, right?" Eric asked.

Brooke mirthlessly smiled and said that Bill had a child with her sister. She asked if she'd be Will's aunt or stepmother. "This isn't appalling to you, Eric? It is to everyone else," Brooke remarked. Eric responded that it wasn't.

Eric stated that even though he and Brooke dressed well, paid their taxes, and did everything the right way, they were unconventional people. Love and lust mattered to them, and they had little voices inside that said they wouldn't live forever. "And every time you deny an experience that draws you so powerfully, you die a little inside," he stated.

Brooke felt that Eric understood her well. Eric said he'd studied her for a long time. She'd been one of those experiences that he hadn't been able to deny himself. Brooke said he'd been that for her, too, and she kept going to him whenever she'd lost her way. He was glad for it; however, he felt that she hadn't lost her way, and she knew what she wanted.

Brooke admitted that she had a different yearning that was at odds with her desire. Eric asked if she really worried about what people thought, and she said she feared that the people might be right. Each time she thought of having a life with Bill, she felt that it might be a mistake. "Because of this person that I just can't -- I can't forget about," she said.

Eric asked if Brooke meant Ridge or Deacon, but Brooke dismissed the guesses. Eric asked who it could be. "Well, haven't we been talking about it?" she asked.

"You don't mean me?" Eric responded.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke dished to Eric that she was concerned about marrying Bill. Eric wondered what she meant. She said that it might be a terrible mistake to marry Bill. Eric hoped that she wouldn't marry Deacon.

Brooke said she worried that if she married Bill, she would hurt Katie. "Can I really do this to Katie?" Brooke asked. Brooke flashed back to when Katie had been sick. She told Eric that Katie had orchestrated the hot air balloon ride that Brooke and Bill had taken because Katie had been trying to match Bill and Brooke up.

Brooke flashed back to the ride with Bill. Eric reminded Brooke that Bill had not been the first man to take Brooke on a hot air balloon ride. Eric and Brooke flashed back to the desert wedding they'd had with a hot air balloon ride and horseback riding. Eric said he had known back then that Brooke and Ridge had been destined to be together.

"And now here you are about to marry Bill," Eric said. Brooke worried that she continued to question the idea of marrying Bill. "I don't know why I keep questioning it," she said. She added that Katie was with Ridge. Brooke worried that she had hurt a lot of people when she'd followed her heart. She worried that she would hurt Katie.

Eric told her that he was not a fan of Bill, but if Brooke wanted to marry Bill then she should do it because Eric had realized how much Bill meant to her. "Be with Bill," he said. Brooke said there were a lot reasons for her to rethink her decision. The kids and Katie had made her realize that they were more important than just following her heart.

"That's what Stephanie was trying to tell me," she said. Brooke admitted that she felt Stephanie had wanted her to do much more than "figure out the next man I'm going to be with." Brooke said she needed to figure out who she wanted to be. "You're the one person who really truly understands me," Brooke said.

Eric agreed. "We've been in each other's lives for a long time," he said. Eric added that Brooke was about to become the matriarch of the family just as Stephanie had wanted. "I never felt worthy, but I want to be," Brooke said.

Brooke added that she would have married Bill in Abu Dhabi. She flashed back to the wedding and romantic tours she had taken with Bill. She said that she had always been a person who craved attention and had to be the center of attention. "I fed off of that, and it didn't matter who I hurt. I don't want to be that person anymore," she said.

Brooke planned to take step away from Bill for a while and let Katie decide who she wanted to be with. Brooke said she wanted to change who she had been. "I want to be somebody different," she said.

At Spencer, Bill teased Katie that he had wanted to take Will to a restaurant where the waitresses were barely dressed. Will played with the toddler basketball hoop, and Bill stopped to tickle him. Katie responded that she would take Will to a feminist poetry reading just to balance out what Bill had done.

Katie prepared to leave, but Bill asked her to stay to watch Will while he made a few phone calls. Katie suggested that Bill wouldn't have that problem if he hadn't eliminated the day care that Katie had started when she had been the Spencer CEO.

Katie picked up Will, and she noted that Will had coins in his hand. "Mine, mine," Will said. Katie said that Bill was raising another Dollar Bill Spencer. "It has a nice ring to it," Bill said.

Katie figured that Bill was happy because Ridge could draw again. Katie anticipated that Bill and Brooke would be getting married, but she told Bill that she wasn't crazy about seeing Bill with her sister.

While Bill and Katie talked, Will grabbed some coins. Bill promised that things would get better, and they would work it out. Katie turned and noticed that Will was lying on the ground. She picked him up, but he was not breathing. Bill grabbed him, and Katie cried.

At Quinn's, Quinn encouraged Deacon to cheer up even thought he had probably lost Brooke, and Quinn had lost Bill. Quinn insisted that no one could keep two "badasses" like Deacon and Quinn down. Deacon said that Brooke could go ahead and marry Bill because she was clearly determined to ruin her life. Quinn said she hoped that Bill and Brooke had a very long marriage full of boredom and mind-numbing regret. She said they would be stuck in a domestic routine. Deacon and Quinn laughed and toasted with beers.

Deacon said that Quinn had made him feel better. He wondered why Quinn had been so nice. He figured Quinn would be done with him because Hope and Wyatt were together. Quinn teased that she had really big plans for Deacon. She needed him to fix her sink.

Deacon brought up Ricardo, the original owner of the Hope for the Future Diamond. Quinn wondered why Deacon had brought that up. "The past is in the past," she said. She said she hadn't done anything to Ricardo. Deacon said Quinn was too obsessed with Wyatt, and she had a real problem because Hope hated Quinn. "I can't be excluded from my son's life forever," Quinn said. Quinn promised to find an opportunity to prove herself to everyone again.

Deacon and Quinn kissed. Afterward, Quinn asked if Deacon had been drunk because it had been a long time "since a man has kissed me like that sober," she said. She added that most people considered her crazy and were afraid of her. "You aren't gonna stab me, are you?" Deacon asked.

Deacon suggested she should find another obsession other than Wyatt. Quinn suggested that could be dangerous, but she added, "It could be very rewarding." She warned that she was not a fan of people touching her, but she said, "That kiss wasn't bad. I liked it." They kissed again. "I've made a lot of dangerous choices in my life. I'm about to make another one," Deacon said.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

by Pam

At Spencer, Bill and Katie grabbed Will, who had choked and was not breathing. Katie cried and begged Bill to help Will. Brooke entered, and Katie shouted at her to call 9-1-1. Brooke pulled out her phone. Bill used the Heimlich maneuver on Will to dislodge what had clogged his airway. A coin popped out of Will's mouth, and Katie and Bill embraced Will.

Later at Katie's home, a doctor stopped by and told Katie, Bill, and Brooke that Will was fine. After the doctor had left, they discussed how lucky they had been. Katie blamed herself for not watching Will closely enough, but Bill said it had been his fault because he had left the coins on his desk. They agreed it had been an accident.

Brooke watched Bill and Katie interact, and she said that an accident had put things in perspective. Brooke noted that they'd had some long, complicated years, and divorce had been hard on all of them. Katie said that she hadn't always agreed with Bill's choices, but she didn't know what she would have done without him when Will had started choking.

Bill was grateful that Katie believed in him as a father. He added that it was his greatest role in life. Katie teasingly asked if it was better than being CEO. Bill laughed and agreed it had been by a long shot. Katie smiled, and Brooke looked pensive.

Later, Bill left, and Brooke advised Katie that she planned to accept a position at Forrester in Milan. Katie was stunned and asked if Bill knew. Brooke said that she had not yet told Bill. Brooke apologized for hurting Katie. Katie noted that they had all moved on.

Brooke maintained that Katie and Bill still had a powerful bond over Will. Brooke said she had witnessed it. Brooke urged Katie to reconsider her relationship with Bill. Brooke said she was leaving town so that Katie and Bill could have time without her in the picture. Katie looked skeptical.

At Forrester, Ivy flashed back to her passionate kiss with Liam. Aly entered and asked if Ivy had heard from Liam. Ivy had not heard from him, and Aly and Ivy agreed that it was a shock that Hope hadn't returned to Liam. Aly suggested that Liam needed support. Ivy wondered why Hope had stayed with Wyatt.

Liam entered for an appointment to write a story on some jewelry pieces. Aly and Ivy asked how Liam had been doing. Liam said the reality that he would never get Hope back had set in. Aly left. Liam said Hope and Wyatt would be attached forever. Ivy didn't understand why Liam seemed so certain that Hope would never leave Wyatt. "Is there something more to this story?" Ivy asked.

Ivy wondered if Quinn had threatened Hope, but Liam said Quinn had not bothered Hope. Eric texted and requested a meeting with Ivy, and Ivy left some pieces of jewelry for Liam to review. Liam sat down and flashed back to when Hope had told him she would love him forever, and no one would ever take their memories.

At Wyatt's beach house, Hope flashed back to her conversation with Liam about her pregnancy. Wyatt entered, and Hope thanked him for returning home when she had asked. She said someone else was moving in. Wyatt seemed surprised and added that they did not have room for Deacon. Hope said it was a little person who would arrive in about nine months.

Wyatt was thrilled, and they embraced. Hope said she was excited. Wyatt was excited that they had created a life. Wyatt thanked Hope for the best news he'd ever heard. They kissed.

Wyatt said the baby created a deeper connection for them. Wyatt reminded her that they had been worried days earlier that his mother could have torn them apart. They kissed, and Hope cried.

Wyatt left the room, and Hope received a call from Liam. Hope said that she'd told Wyatt she was pregnant. She added that she planned to stay with Wyatt. Liam said he couldn't stop loving her.

Wyatt called out to Hope from another room, and Hope told Liam that she had to let him go. Hope hung up, and Wyatt returned. Wyatt reveled in the fact that they would be a family. He wanted to turn a small office into a nursery. "Full steam ahead," he said.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

At Katie's house, Katie was surprised by Brooke's decision to move to Italy and wondered why Thorne couldn't take care of things internationally. Brooke said that after what had happened with Will earlier, she believed more than ever that Will deserved for his parents to give it another shot.

Katie didn't know why Brooke wanted to play matchmaker, because Katie and Bill had moved on. It wasn't matchmaking for Brooke, who'd finally made a decision that she could be proud of for a change. Katie said running away never solved anything. Brooke claimed she was starting over. Brooke didn't fully understand it; however, she was changing, and she was finally growing up.

Katie asked how long Brooke would be gone. "For a while," Brooke quietly replied. Brooke claimed she'd never forgive herself for hurting Katie and had to remove herself from the equation to give Bill and Katie a new chance. Katie insisted that she loved Ridge, and Bill loved Brooke. "Well, he can't have me!" Brooke replied and implored Katie to take the chance Brooke had set before her.

Will called for Katie, and she went upstairs to check on him. Brooke called Eric to say that she'd decided to take the job in Milan. Eric asked if she was sure. Brooke said she had to give Katie and Bill another shot. "And if Bill doesn't like it, so be it. I am going to Italy," Brooke declared.

Alone with Will later, Katie reflected upon Brooke's words and flashed back to times with Bill.

In Bill's office, Liam flashed back to Hope telling him about the pregnancy. Bill stomped in and planted the cursed coins into Liam's hand. Bill ordered his son to get rid of them.

Liam asked why, and Bill revealed that Will had "damned-near" choked on one of them earlier. Bill explained it had been quite an experience for Brooke, Katie, and himself, and almost losing the child he and Katie had worked hard to bring into the world had changed things.

Later, Bill was on his way to see Brooke, but to his surprise, she showed up at his office. They talked about the incident earlier, and he said he'd learned that he needed to childproof his office. Brooke claimed she'd learned something, too -- about their relationship -- and she was leaving the city.

Brooke relayed that she was going to work in Forrester's Milan office. Bill asked how long she'd be gone, but she was ambiguous about the time period. Bill figured it was perfect because they could still get married overseas and honeymoon on the yacht. "No, Bill. I'm going alone," she replied.

At Forrester, Eric reviewed a black gown on a model, and Ivy matched it with jewelry. Eric said Pam would make dinner that night. Ivy asked if Liam could attend. Eric was fine with it, but he'd thought Ivy had lunch plans with Liam that day. She affirmed that she did, and Eric joked that she and Liam should have had breakfast together, too."Maybe tomorrow," she said, and Eric smiled at her tenacity.

Ivy left, and as Eric examined the detail on the gown, a man put his hands over Eric's eyes and asked who loved Eric. Eric exclaimed John's name and told Celeste, the model, that John was his brother. As Celeste looked at him, John openly admired her, and Eric quipped that John needed to stay focused.

Eric noted that John had just missed Ivy then asked about how Claire was. John called his wife a saint for putting up with his globetrotting. He presented Eric with some expensive champagne from a monastery, and Eric said his brother hadn't needed to do that. John felt that Eric had given Ivy a new life, and to him, that was priceless.

As Eric looked at pictures of John's travels, Pam and Charlie entered. Eric introduced them to his brother, and Pam said she hadn't seen John since Eric and Stephanie's first wedding. John flirted with Pam, saying that she was as yummy as ever.

Charlie stiffened and asked how long John would be there. John told "Chuck" that he wasn't sure and was still making plans. "It's Charlie," Charlie corrected. Pam insisted that John attend her dinner party at Eric's. Charlie gave a placating smile but grimaced when John looked away.

The subject changed to the dinner's guest list, and when John heard that Thorne's little girl was no longer living in Paris, he asked how Aly could leave Paris for a God-forsaken city like Los Angeles.

John anticipated seeing his daughter at dinner, and Eric remarked that Liam would be there. John had heard about "this Spencer lad" from Ivy's letters and intended to take Liam to task. Eric said it wasn't needed because Liam was a good kid. Insisting that fathers did that sort of thing, John declared that he'd give Liam his blessing or his condemnation.

At Il Giardino later, Liam and Ivy met for lunch. After some lighthearted chatting with Ivy, Liam said he thought she should know that Hope was pregnant with Wyatt's baby. He suspected that no one else knew about it yet, and Ivy guessed it was the only reason Hope had decided to remain with Wyatt.

Liam replied that he had no right to be surprised by it. Ivy joked that Liam had bad luck, and she needed to be careful around him. Liam doubted that it was contagious, and she touched his hand.

At the beach house, Wyatt hugged Hope, ecstatic that they'd be a family. Hope wistfully smiled through her tears. He asked if she was as excited as he was, and she replied that she was still getting used to it. He assured her that they'd make it work, and she agreed that they would.

Hope strolled into the bedroom to take a call, and Wyatt phoned Quinn to say that he had news. She asked if it was good or bad, and he hinted that it depended upon if she liked being called grandma. Quinn exclaimed that it was the best phone call she'd ever gotten in her life.

Quinn asked how the newlyweds felt. Wyatt said that it had taken him and Hope by surprise. Quinn knew that she had fences to mend with Hope, but Quinn was sure Hope would get over it because of the baby. Quinn advised him to pamper his wife, and as the call ended, Wyatt agreed to do so.

Hope returned to the room and asked Wyatt what he was smiling about. Wyatt relayed that he'd told his mother about the pregnancy, and Quinn had almost passed out with excitement. Hope frowned, and he asked what was wrong. "I don't want her anywhere near our baby," Hope replied.

Hope insisted that she didn't want Quinn to be an influence in Hope and Wyatt's home or around their child. Nodding, Wyatt said he understood. Hope felt that Quinn's actions in the past had been scary, and she couldn't let Quinn do it to the baby. Wyatt said that Hope and the baby were first, and he left to talk to Quinn in person about it.

Later, Hope heard the front door open. "That was quick," she said. Hope rose from the sofa, and her expression flattened as Quinn rushed to hug her. "Congratulations!" Quinn beamed. Hope said that Wyatt had gone to see Quinn. Quinn replied that they'd wait together for him to return.

Hope pressed her lips together as Quinn set her bags down. Quinn had bought Hope some decaffeinated tea and prattled on about putting a pot of it on for Hope. Hope declined, but Quinn insisted that Hope watch her diet. Quinn remarked that she'd also ordered Hope some baby books.

"Please don't take this the wrong way -- " Hope began to say. Quinn interjected that she knew Hope was an independent woman; however, Quinn had been through it, and experience helped. Grinning and bouncing, Quinn exclaimed that she was very excited about being a grandmother.

"I don't want you in our lives," Hope asserted. Quinn's smile disappeared. "What?" Quinn asked. Hope stated that she'd raise the child with Quinn's son, but "you will not be a part of this."

"Sweetheart -- " Quinn began to say.

"Do you understand what I am saying? I want you out of our lives," Hope declared.

Friday, October 3, 2014

While having lunch together, Ivy and Liam discussed Hope's pregnancy. Hope's pregnancy caused Hope's choice to make sense to Ivy. Ivy urged Liam to join her at Pam's dinner party, where anything was liable to happen, and Liam agreed to accompany Ivy.

At the mansion, Oliver and Aly prepared for the dinner party. Eric arrived with John, who hadn't seen Aly since she'd been "a little ankle biter." Pam and Charlie entered with bags of groceries, and Ivy and Liam arrived. Ivy was surprised to see her father and readily ran into his arms to greet him.

While having appetizers, Aly and Oliver were excited to taste a dish that Charlie and Pam had replicated from one of their meals at the castle. John claimed he'd been a fan of the medieval shows, too -- once upon a time when he'd been between marriages.

Next, John tried the lemon bars and guessed that Meyer lemons were the secret ingredient. Charlie looked surprised that John had guessed the secret Charlie had given Pam. John claimed that he could build a business around Pam. Pam couldn't imagine her face on a pastry box, but he said her face could sell anything. Charlie grimaced.

Later, Eric asked how long John would stay. John didn't know, and he didn't like to stay away from Claire for too long. Eric was glad that John had found a wife that he could stick with. John asked if Eric's foxy sister-in-law, who'd been flirting with John, knew that John was married. Eric chuckled.

Ivy approached, and John asked Eric how his daughter was doing at work. Eric raved about Ivy and was also glad that Ivy and Aly were living with him. Looking at Stephanie's portrait, Eric said that the house felt like home again with new generation of Forresters living there with him.

On the balcony with Ivy, Liam thanked her for inviting him. He'd enjoyed meeting her father. Ivy noted that Liam was still worrying about Hope. Liam revealed that he was worried that Hope would be tied to Quinn, who turned on people. "And if she turns on Hope, what then?" Liam wondered.

In Bill's office, Bill was prepared to work remotely in Milan, so that he could be with Brooke. Brooke said he was needed in Los Angeles, but she was leaving that day. "Not without me, you're not," he asserted. He told Brooke to pack a white dress because they wouldn't return until they were married. Brooke insisted that she was going alone.

Brooke relayed that she saw the importance of marriage and family differently. Bill agreed that those things were important and asked why they were putting off having them. Brooke said Hope's situation had changed Brooke's perspective, and Brooke revealed that Hope was pregnant. "You've got to be kidding me!" Bill exclaimed.

Brooke said it wasn't common knowledge. Bill agreed not to spread the news, but he was more confused that Brooke would leave town at that time. She claimed that she and her daughter would keep in constant contact, but the pregnancy had highlighted the importance of doing things right and caring for those she was responsible for. She wondered what Will was supposed to do if Bill was in Milan.

Bill reasoned that Brooke had babies on the brain because of Hope's pregnancy and Will's choking incident. Brooke relayed that she'd seen Katie and Bill together as a family. Bill believed that he and Katie would always be there for Will, just not as a couple.

Brooke said she'd realized that she and Bill were the same in loving to live life to the fullest, but sometimes, they needed to slow down, think, and take a deep breath. Her purpose for going to Italy was to gain some perspective. She said she had one shot in life, and she had to get it right.

Brooke conveyed that Bill also needed time to decide what was right for him. "I'm looking at what's right for me," Bill replied. Brooke mentioned Will and Katie, but Bill stated that he and Katie could never return to what they had once been. "Yeah, not with me in the picture," Brooke agreed.

Bill suddenly understood the real issue. "Do you love me?" Bill demanded to know. Brooke replied that she'd always love him, but she'd stolen him from her sister. He replied that Brooke hadn't done that, and Katie was happy with Ridge. Brooke responded that she didn't know that, and the couple in question hadn't gotten married yet. She believed that, deep down, Katie wanted a family again with Bill. Bill said that, even if it were true, he'd have to want it, too.

Brooke figured Bill might not know it yet because she was in the way. Frustrated, Bill asked how Brooke could say such an untruth. To him, Brooke wasn't in the way, and he and Katie had ended. He insisted that he and Brooke didn't have to fight their feelings anymore, and she didn't have to feel guilty.

Bill believed that Brooke had been right about them having only one shot in life, and he asked her not to run away from it. Bill understood that she wanted Will to have his parents, but Bill wondered what good that would do if Bill was always thinking of Brooke.

Bill reasoned that Will needed to see a true, loving relationship, which was more important than parents sticking it out and faking it. Brooke countered that Bill cared about Katie. He said he cared for Katie as the mother of his child and former wife, but he didn't want to set an example like that for Will.

Bill said that when it was time for Will to pick a wife, he wanted Will to remember that his father had pursued the woman of his father's dreams and hadn't given up until his father had found her. Bill bade Brooke permission to run away to Italy but said it wouldn't make him turn to Katie.

Bill knew that Brooke had spent her life making things right for Katie; however, he felt that Katie was an adult who made her own decisions, and Brooke didn't have to give up her happiness for her sister. Brooke claimed she wasn't giving up anything; she was gaining insight and self-respect.

Brooke didn't want Bill and Katie to force things, but if they naturally reunited, Brooke wanted Will's example to be his parents loving him and embracing each other. She said there might be a small chance for it, but Bill asserted that there wasn't. "There's always a chance," Brooke said.

Brooke decided to leave, but Bill pulled her back to him and said that she wasn't leaving him. He kissed her passionately, but she pulled back and walked out of the office. In the corridor, she shed tears.

At the beach house, Hope declared that Quinn wouldn't be involved in the life of Hope and Wyatt's child. Hope couldn't control DNA, but she could control the mental influence Quinn could have upon the child. Quinn believed that Hope was still upset and wanted to punish Quinn; however, Quinn felt that "this" wasn't the way to do it.

Quinn owned up to manipulating things for Hope's own good, and Quinn believed the child would thank her for it because her actions had resulted in the child's existence. Hope stated that the child wouldn't thank Quinn because it would never be around Quinn.

Quinn figured that Hope's hormones were working overtime and making Hope talk to Quinn in such a way. To Quinn, the baby reinforced their family bond, and Wyatt wouldn't allow Hope to exclude his mother. Hope contended that Wyatt had a wife and a baby, who Quinn had carefully orchestrated for him, and Quinn couldn't be shocked or upset that Hope and the baby were the priority, not Quinn.

Hope said Wyatt had gone to tell Quinn that very thing. "You need to stay away," Hope warned. Quinn asserted that Hope had joined Quinn's family, and Quinn, not Hope, would set relationship boundaries. "Oh, wow. We are so done with this conversation," Hope decided as she walked over to retrieve her ringing phone. Quinn said the talk would be done once Hope apologized.

Hope announced that Wyatt was calling her, and Quinn told Hope to let him hear how Hope was speaking to his mother. On the phone, Wyatt informed Hope that he was waiting around the warehouse for his mother. Hope told him not to do that because Quinn was at the beach house.

Hope told Wyatt that she'd made "our" position very clear. Quinn seethed, bitterly repeating "our." Hope informed him that it wasn't going very well, but she could handle it.

After the call, Quinn said she didn't believe Wyatt would cut her out of his life. "This is all you, and I am not letting you get away with this," Quinn warned. Quinn proclaimed that she'd been the most important person to Wyatt since day one, and he'd never cut her out of his life -- especially with a child on the way. Hope contended that Wyatt had to cut Quinn out to protect the child.

"From me?" the offended Quinn responded. Hope exclaimed that Quinn had tried to kill Wyatt's brother and shouldn't be surprised that Hope and Wyatt didn't want Quinn around the baby. Quinn claimed it had happened before she'd gotten help. Hope responded that pushing Ivy had happened after the little stint in therapy, "if you ever actually checked yourself in," Hope added.

"You're questioning my therapy now?" Quinn asked. Hope said it could easily be a lie like everything else, and Quinn had been manipulating Hope's life since the beginning. Quinn asked if Hope regretted being with Wyatt, and Hope asked when she'd ever said that.

"Of course you don't, because you have a wonderful husband and a beautiful baby on the way," Quinn decided. Hope yelled that she had a responsibility to protect the baby, and Quinn yelled back that she was a grandmother with rights. Hope froze, noting a subtle change in Quinn.

Quinn held onto a thin shred of calm as she said, "Hope, I love you. You're my daughter-in-law, but when you speak to me this way, it makes me so angry." Hope backed up a little as if she wanted to deescalate things or retreat. Quinn continued "So don't you try and cut me out of his life or my grandchild's life -- because that would be a mistake, missy. A very big mistake."

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