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J.J. felt guilty that he did not tell Paige that Jack had raped Kayla. Paige turned on Eve to support J.J. Kristen had it out with Susan. Marlena and John reunited. Brady confessed to John that he had caused John's accident. John had a flashback of Theresa hitting him. Hope told Maggie and Victor that she and Bo were through.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 29, 2014 on DAYS
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Monday, September 29, 2014

by Mike

Hope and Aiden met for lunch at a fancy restaurant in Chicago, where they would not have to worry about prying eyes. Hope appreciated the discretion with which Aiden had planned the date, since she had always been one half of a couple in Salem, and her decision to move on from that probably wasn't going to be easy for anyone to accept.

Aiden knew things wouldn't be easy for Hope, either, and he wondered if she was sure she was ready to start dating again. Hope assured Aiden that she wouldn't have agreed to their date if she hadn't been absolutely certain that she wanted to give their friendship a chance to blossom into something more than that. Hope added that she felt like her only choice was to try to make a life for herself without Bo.

Hope was pleasantly surprised when Aiden revealed that he planned to take her to see a matinee performance of Company after lunch, since he had figured out that she was a Stephen Sondheim fan. Aiden promised to have Hope back in Salem in time for dinner, and when she approvingly observed that it seemed like he had thought of everything, he shrugged and admitted that he wanted their first date to be perfect.

As if on cue, a waiter arrived with two plates of spaghetti -- and tripped, spilling both plates into Aiden's lap. Later, after the mess had been cleaned up, the waiter returned and apologized profusely for the accident -- and the fact that he only had coffee and mints to serve Hope and Aiden, since there had just been a small fire in the kitchen. Hope assured Aiden -- who had removed his ruined suit jacket and dress shirt but had luckily also been wearing an undershirt -- that it wasn't a big deal that their lunch hadn't gone as planned, since she was much more excited about the show than she had been about the spaghetti.

Aiden received a text message, and Hope encouraged him to check it, jokingly wondering if it was an alert that the show had just been canceled. Aiden confirmed the suspicion with a sigh of disappointment. "I wanted our first date to be memorable. Guess I got what I wished for, hmm? Just not quite the way I intended," Aiden mused.

Hope reasoned that it would be a great story to share with the kids someday, and she assured Aiden that she had enjoyed simply spending time with him. Aiden wondered if that meant Hope would be willing to go on another date with him at some point. Hope confirmed the suspicion and gave Aiden a kiss on the cheek to end their first date on a proper note.

Daniel introduced the hospital's newest intern, Paige, to Kayla, who had agreed to let Paige shadow her for the day. Kayla revealed that she was J.J.'s aunt, and she said she had heard a lot about Paige. After Daniel left, Paige started asking questions about Kayla's career. Paige enjoyed hearing about Kayla's work at a free clinic in Nigeria, since Eve had also spent time in Africa, and Paige had always wanted to work there.

After Paige left, Maxine arrived and wondered if Kayla could talk to a patient who had recently been admitted to the hospital. Daniel had requested a counselor for the woman, but no one had been able to meet with her yet because things had been busy, and Maxine didn't want to keep her waiting. "I have a feeling that you'll know just what to say," Maxine explained as she handed Kayla the patient's chart. Kayla quickly agreed to the meeting after examining the file.

Kayla invited the patient, Lucy, into her office, guessing that Lucy would be more comfortable there. Lucy didn't want to be closed in with anyone, so Kayla left the office door slightly ajar. Kayla offered to call one of Lucy's loved ones, but Lucy insisted that she didn't want anyone to know about what had happened to her, since she felt like it had all been her fault.

"Lucy, listen to me -- you were raped. You are not to be blamed in any way. An act of violence was committed against your will. Listen to me -- seriously, this is not your fault. It is not your fault. It isn't your fault," Kayla gently assured Lucy. Lucy argued that, while it was easy for Kayla to say such things, she couldn't possibly know how Lucy felt. "Yes, I can, Lucy -- and I do. I've been where you are. I was raped. I'm a survivor, too," Kayla revealed -- unaware that Paige was standing outside her office.

Eve went to the Horton house to lash out at J.J. for cheating on Paige. J.J. tried to explain that he had been drugged and set up, but Eve expressed skepticism, and after she got him to admit that he still had the incriminating picture that had been sent to Paige, she demanded to see it. When J.J. reluctantly handed over his cell phone, Eve gasped dramatically and declared that the picture was even more graphic and lurid than she had dared to imagine. J.J. tried to defend himself, but Eve said she wasn't interested in hearing his excuses, and she warned him to stay far away from Paige.

J.J. refused to do so, insisting that Eve needed to hear him out first. Eve snapped that J.J. needed to get out of her way, and she tried to sidestep him, but he grabbed her arms and told her to wait. J.J. quickly released Eve and apologized, explaining that he simply didn't want her to leave without giving him a chance to prove he was telling the truth. Eve wanted to know how J.J. planned to do that, so he contacted Daniel and asked for a favor.

J.J. took Eve over to Daniel's apartment, where Daniel reported that he had tested J.J.'s blood immediately after the party and could confirm that the only thing that had been in J.J.'s system had been a roofie. "So he was taking drugs," Eve concluded. J.J. argued that no one took roofies on purpose, but Eve disputed his assumption.

Daniel defended J.J., but Eve pointed out that she didn't exactly have a reason to trust Daniel, who had made it very clear that he didn't trust her. Eve asked J.J. to give her some time alone with Daniel, so J.J. stepped into the hallway, where he eavesdropped as Eve argued that Daniel would have been just as skeptical if something similar had happened to a guy Melanie had been dating.

Daniel conceded the point but stressed that he knew J.J. well enough to know that J.J. was telling the truth. Eve argued that Daniel wasn't omniscient and therefore couldn't be absolutely certain that J.J. -- who, according to Theresa, had lied to Daniel more than once in the past -- hadn't reverted back to his old ways. Eve guessed that Daniel had only taken J.J.'s side as a way of trying to score points with Jennifer.

"My opinion of J.J. has nothing to do with Jennifer, but I'm not so sure you could say the same. [...] You hate Jennifer, and it kills you that your daughter is dating her son. That's the real reason you disapprove," Daniel theorized. Eve denied the suspicion and insisted that she knew, in her heart, what kind of guy J.J. really was, since she had known his father.

In John's hospital room, Marlena updated Sami on John's condition, confirming that the doctors were optimistic that he would make a full recovery. Sami said that, despite her complicated history with John, she was really happy that Marlena had been given such a miracle. Sami hoped there would still be a way to make Kristen pay for raping Eric, though, since she wanted Kristen to suffer for that crime.

In Kristen's hotel room, Kristen contacted Stefano and happily informed him that all the charges against her had been dropped -- and that her unstylish ankle monitor had already been removed. Stefano wondered how Kristen planned to celebrate her victory. Kristen admitted that she wasn't sure, since she had woken up that morning with a feeling of dread that she couldn't really explain.

Stefano laughed and pointed out that Kristen was starting to sound like Celeste. Kristen blamed Stefano for her sudden state of unrest, reasoning that she had been fine until he had warned her the previous day that the best-laid plans could go awry -- and had sent her a picture of Susan to emphasize the point. Stefano said he had simply been trying to caution Kristen against letting down her guard.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. reluctantly accepted a hug from Susan, who marveled that he had gotten really big since the last time she had seen him. E.J. stammered that, while he was obviously delighted to see Susan, he was puzzled about the timing of her decision to travel from England to visit him. Susan shivered as she cautiously entered the mansion and roamed around the living room.

"I promised I was never gonna set foot in this creepy place ever again, but I had to, to rescue my boy. This place gives me the heebie-jeebies, Elvis. I couldn't step one foot in here if I thought Mr. Stefano DiMera was here, lurkin' around. [...] Look, Elvis, I was at home, mindin' my own business, and I just had a premonition -- you know, just like Celeste used to have. Do you remember her? [...] It struck me like a lightnin' bolt, right out of the blue, and I couldn't sit still with it, so I turned to your step-daddy, and I said, 'Edmund, Elvis is in danger -- terrible, terrible, terrible danger!'" Susan explained.

E.J. stifled a laugh as he pointed out that, while Susan had a rather active imagination, her poor luck at the lottery -- which she played every single week -- seemed to prove that she wasn't psychic. Susan countered that she couldn't control her gift, and she insisted that the bad feeling she had in the pit of her stomach couldn't be heartburn, since she knew that feeling well because she had often suffered it when she had been pregnant with E.J. "Evil is about to besot my firstborn baby -- that's you, Elvis," Susan maintained.

Susan said the feeling of imminent danger had frightened her badly enough to make her forget her motion sickness bands in her rush to board the first flight to Salem -- which had been unfortunate for the not-so-nice man she had been seated next to on the plane. E.J. assured Susan that he was fine and had, in fact, never been better, since he had just gotten married.

"Yes, I heard about that. I've been thinkin' that maybe, you know, this evil that I feel's gonna besot you might have somethin' to do with that spawn of Satan. Now, I'm sorry -- I don't want to hurt your feelings, but you know she kinda is. And Dr. Marlena Evans is my friend, but that Sami Brady's caused her a world of trouble. 'Course, I could probably say the same thing about you, now couldn't I, my sweet boy?" Susan mused as she affectionately petted E.J.'s leg.

E.J. said Sami was the love of his life and the mother of his children, but Susan couldn't understand why the couple kept splitting up if that was the case. E.J. vaguely explained that, while he and Sami had hit a rough patch earlier, things had since improved and couldn't be more perfect. Susan argued that things could always be more perfect. Conceding that the impending honeymoon might make things even better, E.J. dismissively offered to arrange for Susan to fly back to England right away, but she refused to go anywhere without him.

E.J. excused himself so he could answer a phone call, and after he left, Susan retrieved a stick of sage and a lighter from her purse, muttering that, despite Stefano's absence, she could still sense his evil presence. As Susan walked around the room with the burning sage, urging evil to go away, she bumped into Sami, who had just entered the mansion through the back entrance. The women screamed when they saw each other.

"Boy, how time flies, huh? Seems like just yesterday, you were strapped to an electric chair, just waitin' to fry for killin' someone, huh?" Susan mused after exchanging awkward pleasantries with Sami. Sami clarified that she had actually faced lethal injection, not electrocution, and she stressed that she had been completely innocent of the crime she had been accused of committing. "Mm-hmm. Imagine that," Susan dryly muttered.

Susan told Sami that they needed to put their heads together and think of a way to talk some sense into E.J., who was in danger -- the dangerous kind of danger -- and would only be safe if he agreed to accompany Susan back to England right away. Susan had only planned on housing E.J., Johnny, and Sydney on her convertible sofa, but she reluctantly conceded that, if necessary, she could probably find room for Sami, too.

E.J. returned and feigned ignorance when Susan acknowledged that her behavior often embarrassed him, but she wasn't fooled, and she said that was one of the reasons she had stayed away from him for such a long time, even though it had crushed her heart to know that doing so had left him susceptible to the corruption of his evil father. Susan wanted to say that other people had also corrupted E.J., but she bit her tongue -- literally -- and instead just glared at Sami for a moment before continuing that she had also stayed away because she had known that he had been living the life he had always wanted to live -- the life that she and Edmund had been unable to provide for him.

"But anyway, I had that premonition, and I knew that I just had to spring into action, like a mama bear protecting her baby bear cub," Susan concluded. E.J. said he loved Susan and wished he could spend more time with her, but he added that he simply couldn't leave Salem at that time because he and Sami were in the process of rebuilding their relationship and were also busy running DiMera Enterprises together. Susan dramatically declared that DiMera Enterprises was the work of the devil, and she begged E.J. to move to England and get a nice job working at the Sun -- which was just like the National Enquirer, only a whole lot classier.

E.J. firmly reiterated that Salem was his home and that he would be staying there. "Well, then, so am I," Susan declared. E.J. insisted that he wasn't in danger, but Susan argued that he couldn't be sure of that because he wasn't the one who had experienced the sick feeling of dread -- a feeling that had gotten much worse since arriving in Salem. "I can see it in your eyes, Elvis. You're up to something. Something's gonna cause you a world of trouble. I think you need to tell your momma about this. You just get it on out, [and you'll] feel a whole lot better," Susan advised E.J.

As E.J. tried to protest that Susan was being ridiculous, Marlena arrived and warmly greeted her. E.J. and Sami gratefully took the opportunity to excuse themselves so they could attend a business meeting, leaving Marlena to entertain Susan in their absence. Susan warned E.J. that the matter they had been talking about had not yet been settled, but he dismissed the warning and rushed off with Sami.

Susan and Marlena admired a card the kids had made for John, which prompted Susan to wonder how Marlena and John were doing. Marlena told Susan that John was recovering from an accident, and Susan was relieved to hear that the prognosis was good. Susan stressed that she was embarrassed about the things she had done to Marlena and John in the past, but Marlena insisted that there was no need for Susan to fret about any of that.

Susan concluded that everything had worked out the way it had been meant to, since she had ended up with Edmund, and Marlena had ended up with John. "Although the two of you must be gettin' bad whiplash by now -- I mean, you're on again, you're off again, you're on again, you're off again, you're on again, you're off again," Susan added, stopping only when Marlena stressed with a laugh that she had gotten the point. Marlena agreed that she and John had been through some rough patches in the past, but she mused that those experiences had given her perspective and had made her realize that she truly belonged with him.

Marlena received a text message and reluctantly reported that she had to get back to the hospital right away. Susan guessed that Marlena was still sacrificing herself for the kooks and crazies of Salem, and she pointed out that she and Marlena would be seeing a whole lot more of each other in the future because E.J.'s marriage to Sami had made them one big family.

Marlena hugged Susan and left after observing that, in the many years that had passed since they had last seen each other, Susan's appearance hadn't changed at all. "Well, that might be so, but I think you, Elvis -- you're givin' me gray hair. How the heck am I gonna get you out of here?" Susan wondered after Marlena left.

At the Brady Pub, E.J. assured Sami that, despite his mother's earlier rantings, everything was going to be fine. Meanwhile, back at the DiMera mansion, Susan decided to go to the hospital to visit John, but when she opened the front door, she found Kristen standing outside. Kristen gasped, her eyes widening in horror as she stared at Susan in disbelief.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

In the hallway outside Daniel's apartment, J.J. eavesdropped on Daniel and Eve's argument. Eve maintained that J.J. was exactly like his father, but when she began to disparage Jennifer, Daniel put a stop to Eve's ranting. Daniel insisted that J.J. was a good, honest, trustworthy kid who had learned from his mistakes. "Really?" Eve demanded, flinging open the door -- and causing J.J. to stumble into the apartment.

J.J. defensively asserted that he'd been eavesdropping because he'd wanted to hear what Eve wouldn't say to his face. Eve started haranguing J.J. about everything he'd done at the party. J.J. insisted that he had been drugged. Before Eve could accuse J.J. of making excuses and sounding exactly like his father, Daniel cut her off and ordered her to leave. Eve warned J.J. that he was no longer welcome in her home, and she intended to prove to Paige who he really was before he could do any more damage.

After Eve had gone, J.J. wondered how it would affect Paige to constantly hear her mom badmouth him. Daniel predicted that it would backfire. J.J. was worried that if Eve ever found out that Paige was with him at his house, Eve would show up and make a scene. Daniel got out a key that he'd gotten made for Paige to use when she babysat. He instructed J.J. to make a copy for himself and encouraged J.J. to use the apartment whenever he needed a break from the pressure. Daniel emphasized that J.J. had to use it responsibly, especially when he was there with Paige. J.J. promised not to let Daniel down.

In Kayla's office at the hospital, Kayla admitted to a patient that she had been raped, while outside the door, Paige overheard Kayla's words. Paige walked away as Kayla was promising to help Lucy, the patient. "I knew my attacker, too. You cannot blame yourself," Kayla told the young woman reassuringly.

When Paige arrived at the nurses' station, Jennifer greeted her warmly but quickly noticed that Paige seemed a bit upset. Paige insisted that she was all right. Before Jennifer could press Paige much further, Kayla emerged from her office. Kayla also observed that something seemed to be bothering Paige. Paige claimed that she was a little tired from being up late studying the night before. Kayla urged Paige to go home early and get some rest, and Paige agreed.

As Kayla and Jennifer moved to the coffee station to review some paperwork, they realized that Paige was still standing there, staring at Kayla. Paige covered, asserting that she was very grateful to Kayla and Jennifer for the opportunity to learn from such great women. Later, after Paige had gone, Kayla and Jennifer agreed that Paige was a "gem." Jennifer praised J.J. and Paige for the mature way they were handling something difficult they were going through, and for how honest they were with one another.

J.J. and Paige arrived at the Horton house together. He warned her that her mom was "on the warpath" about him. Paige maintained that she didn't care and vowed not to listen to anything her mom said. J.J. admitted that it felt really good to have Paige on his side. They began kissing, and J.J. suggested that they head upstairs for a little more privacy. Paige declined, but J.J. could tell that there was something else bothering her.

Paige admitted that she'd overheard something at the hospital that had shocked her, and she wasn't sure that she should tell J.J. about it, but she didn't want to keep it from him, since it was about his family. Paige was clearly conflicted about whether to reveal what she'd heard, but J.J. urged her to tell him what had upset her. Finally, Paige asked hesitantly, "J.J., did you know... that your Aunt Kayla was raped?"

Daniel entered Kayla's office to turn in his case files for the week. They discussed how J.J. was having a rough time dealing with Paige's mom, and Daniel said that he hoped J.J. caught a break soon.

Eve sat alone at the Brady Pub, sulking and mulling over her revised plan for J.J. When she spotted Jennifer through the window, Eve grabbed her purse and ran outside. Eve demanded that Jennifer help keep J.J. away from Paige, but Jennifer refused. When Eve mentioned the pictures that J.J. had sent to Paige, Jennifer guessed that Eve had seen the images. "What would you do if it were your daughter?" Eve asked. Jennifer asserted that Eve didn't want to listen to the truth, which was that J.J. had been set up.

Eve said that she wouldn't let her daughter follow in Jennifer's "pathetic footsteps." Eve explained, "I'm not about to let my daughter make excuses for J.J. the way that you always did with Jack." Disdainfully pointing out that Jennifer had taken Jack back countless times after he'd hurt and lied to her, Eve declared, "I'm not going to stand by and let my daughter grow into a version of you -- because J.J. is just Jack Deveraux waiting to happen."

As Abigail was walking through Horton Square, she got a text message that made the smile fade from her face. She took a deep breath and sent a text message to Ben, telling him that she couldn't wait to see him.

On the phone at Club TBD, Ben was trying to make plans for himself and Abigail, but he hung up when he heard the cost. Clyde overheard and offered to give Ben some money, but Ben refused. Clyde begged Ben to let him help. Ben ignored his father to read the message from Abigail.

At the Brady Pub, Mr. Miller shook hands with Sami and E.J., and Sami coolly promised to look over Mr. Miller's proposal. After Miller had gone, E.J. quipped that it was nice to see Sami use her "I'm not buying what you're peddling" face on someone else. Laughing, Sami pointed out that she merely didn't want Miller to raise his rates. Since both Sami and E.J. wanted to avoid Susan, E.J. suggested that they return to the house at a leisurely pace, but Sami reminded him that his mother was alone in their home. E.J. thought they needed to find out exactly what had set Susan off.

Reminding E.J. how Susan was worried that he was involved in something awful that was going to wreak horrible danger on his life, Sami asked, "She's not wrong, is she?" E.J. asserted that there was no danger, but Sami pointed out that Stefano hated that the two of them were back together. Returning the subject to Susan, Sami asked how they would hide E.J.'s mother before the kids got home. E.J. thought the children -- whom they had raised well -- would recognize Susan as a "kindred spirit." E.J.'s obvious love for and protectiveness of his mother touched Sami.

Ben found Abigail in Horton Square as she was exiting a store. She admitted that she hadn't gotten the job at the boutique PR firm where she'd gone for an interview and that she was puzzled about why the firm had hired someone more experienced when they'd said it was an entry-level position. Ben suggested that Abigail was sure to get a job very soon.

Before Ben could tell Abigail about his surprise, Sami and E.J. appeared, laughing boisterously. Sami abruptly stopped laughing when she saw Ben and Abigail. They all greeted one another awkwardly then Ben claimed that he and Abigail were late. After Abigail and Ben hurried away, Sami joked that they should have a homing beacon implanted so they would always know where Ben and Abigail were. E.J. got a text message that he had to deal with right away, but he promised to meet Sami at home very soon. As soon as Sami had kissed him and walked away, E.J. scowled at his phone.

When an annoyed E.J. met Clyde in the park a few minutes later, Clyde reiterated how much he hated seeing E.J. walk away from the piles of money that Clyde could make for him. After ordering Clyde to stick to his designated territory, E.J. firmly warned him, "It's my decision, and I do not need to explain it to you. Now, you will either abide by it, or you will regret your foolishness."

After E.J. left, E.J.'s henchman Miguel emerged from the bushes. "You heard it from the man himself," Clyde said. "He has his reasons," Miguel asserted. Noting that times were different, Clyde declared, "I wish I could make Mister DiMera see it my way."

Once Ben and Abigail were alone in the park outside the square, she praised him for the way he'd handled Sami and E.J. Abigail asked about the plans Ben had made for the two of them. "I'm not so sure about them anymore," Ben admitted. Abigail said that she was sure whatever he had planned would be perfect. They agreed that they wanted to be together, so Ben took her by the hand and led her away to show her the surprise. A few minutes later, Ben opened the door of a nice hotel room. Abigail eyed the bed nervously.

Just as Susan opened the front door of the DiMera mansion to leave, Kristen arrived. Kristen gasped in horror at the sight of Susan. As a cowering Susan backed away, Kristen demanded, "What the hell are you doing in Salem?" Susan explained that she had smelled evil in the air, and her premonition had been right. "Because, Kristen, you bring the evil. No! You are the evil! [...] I knew it: my son Elvis is in danger because of you!" Susan screeched.

Kristen irritably countered that Sami was the danger, but Susan contended that Kristen was the spawn of Satan. Kristen ordered Susan to leave. "Kristen, you are mean, mean, mean, but I'm not scared of you, and you know why? Because I was triumphant once before...and I can do it again," Susan declared, reminding Kristen of the times when Susan had locked Kristen in the secret room and turned the tables when Kristen had tried to sell Susan off to a harem.

Kristen admitted that she had no idea how an "idiot" like Susan had managed to outmaneuver her, even with Edmund's help. Susan vowed to stop Kristen again. When Susan refused to obey Kristen's repeated order to leave, Kristen dialed Stefano and put her phone on speaker. When she heard Stefano's voice emanating from the phone, Susan backed away and made the sign of the cross with her fingers. Stefano was taken aback and furious when Kristen told him that Susan had shown up at the mansion.

"Vampires walk amongst us during the daylight!" Susan shrieked, pawing in her purse and mumbling about garlic. "You miserable excuse for a woman! You-you-you half-witted piece of lint! Get out of my house!" Stefano bellowed. It took her a moment of fumbling with the lock, but Susan finally managed to open the door and flee the house, squawking a warning that Stefano and Kristen had not seen the last of her.

Stefano promised Kristen that he would have his people make sure that Susan left town immediately. Although it was obvious she believed that Stefano had been responsible for Susan's appearance in town, Kristen told Stefano that she would find his will and send it to him right away. Kristen hung up and headed straight into the living room, where she pressed the button on the desk that opened the secret panel next to the fireplace. As she removed a file folder from inside, Kristen spotted the portrait of Kate and Sami across the room and gasped, eyes agape.

When E.J. spoke to his father on the phone, Stefano demanded, "How could you get back into that woman's bed?" E.J. insisted that he and Samantha were in love. Stefano reminded his son that Sami had taken them both to the cleaners. E.J. promised that Stefano would end up with more money than he'd started with. "Samantha and I are going to be together. There is not anything you can do about that," E.J. declared.

"Is that a challenge?" Stefano countered. E.J. assured his father that he was in the process of restoring everything that Stefano had lost, so there was no need for retaliation. "If you or any of your associates feel differently, know that you will be met. I will protect my wife; I will protect my children. Samantha and I are going to be together, and there is no room for negotiation," E.J. declared before hanging up.

At the hospital, Susan got off the elevator on John's floor and wandered behind the nurses' station, where Maxine was working. Maxine asked if she could help Susan. Susan explained that she was looking for Dr. Marlena Evans. Clearly trying not to rush to judgment, Maxine asked if Susan were Dr. Evans' patient. Susan insisted that she was "one hundred percent fine," and that Dr. Evans was her friend. Gently escorting Susan out from behind the desk, Maxine explained that Dr. Evans was doing a consult at another hospital. Susan declined Maxine's offer to give Marlena a message.

Susan spotted a nurse exiting John's room, and as soon as the coast was clear, Susan sneaked inside. Pulling up a chair next to a sleeping John's bedside, Susan declared that he was just as handsome as the day they'd met. She apologized that she couldn't stay in Salem longer to help her son or perhaps even John, but evil was forcing her to leave. Susan told him quietly that even though she was with Edmund, where she belonged, she thought often about her beautiful wedding to John.

"I'll always be grateful to you, John, for showing me the glorious things about love," Susan declared. She added that she wanted to make sure he knew that she'd been there, so she started digging in her purse for her rabbit's foot, but then she gasped excitedly when she thought of a better idea, "the very, very, very, very, very most perfect reminder ever."

When Daniel arrived on John's floor a little later, an anxious Maxine stopped him and informed him that she feared John Black had gotten an unauthorized visitor. She explained that an "odd woman" had been there, asking for Marlena, and later, Maxine had seen the woman hovering around John's door. The woman had gotten away before Maxine had been able to stop her. Daniel headed into John's room to check things out. After checking all the monitors, Daniel noted that everything looked all right, but Maxine pointed to the nightstand -- where there lay a photograph of John and Susan, disguised as Kristen, from their Elvis-themed wedding.

Kristen was reading a magazine and mimicking the way Susan talked when Sami returned to the mansion. Thinking she'd just overheard her mother-in-law talking to herself while disguised as Susan, Sami exclaimed, "Whoa, Susan, how did you do that? You look just like that bitch." Kristen clarified, "Sorry, Sami. 'That bitch' is back." Worried that Kristen had hurt Susan in some way, Sami demanded to know what Kristen had done with Susan. Kristen explained that she'd gotten rid of Susan for Sami and E.J.

"Now you and 'Eej' have to answer for what you've done," Kristen added lightly. Sami argued that Kristen had to answer for what she'd done to Eric. Kristen countered that what Sami had done would cause much more damage because E.J. had turned his back on his family. Sami asserted that E.J. loathed the DiMeras as much as she did. Kristen maintained that E.J. had known exactly what she had done to Eric, but Sami revealed that E.J. had already confessed the whole story.

Kristen taunted Sami, "E.J. loved what I did to Eric that night. He laughed when I told him." Sami didn't buy it, so Kristen paraphrased E.J., "Let's see: 'knocked off his pedestal and forced to walk around with the rest of us mere mortals.' I think that's what E.J. said, more or less." Sami ordered Kristen to leave and added that she would instruct the staff that Kristen wasn't allowed on the property.

Kristen pointed out that E.J. had betrayed Sami's brother, which meant that E.J. had also betrayed Sami. As she scampered toward the door, Kristen took one last swipe at Sami: "E.J. was happy about what I did to your brother, so the next time that you're curled up with him at night, remember that, okay?"

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

After Paige had overheard Kayla inform a rape victim that she was also a rape survivor, Paige rushed over to J.J.'s house to talk to him. When Paige told J.J. what she had overheard, J.J. shifted his eyes away nervously. J.J. admitted that he already knew about Kayla's rape. When J.J. asked Paige how she had found out, Paige explained what had happened. J.J. pressed Paige for details. Paige said she was proud of Kayla but that she was ashamed that she had overheard the conversation. Paige explained that she had not heard the details about the rape but that she guessed that it had happened long ago.

When Paige asked J.J. what was wrong, J.J.'s phone rang. J.J. looked at the caller ID and saw that Kayla was calling. Paige urged J.J. to answer the call. When J.J. answered the phone, Kayla gushed about Paige and how Paige was an amazing person. After J.J. hung up, Paige told him that she felt awkward and that she needed to tell Kayla that she had overheard her conversation. Shocked, J.J. warned Paige not to tell Kayla.

J.J. explained that it was a sensitive topic and that it was best not to discuss it further. Paige nodded. With a smile, Paige told J.J. that she loved that he looked out for his aunt. J.J. told Paige that he loved her, and they kissed. As J.J. and Paige eased back on the couch, Paige suggested that they should go up to J.J.'s room. J.J. pulled away and said no.

In the DiMera living room, Sami stared at her tablet and waited for E.J. to return home. When E.J. arrived, Sami tersely informed E.J. that Susan had left. E.J. asked Sami why she had not called him, and Sami shrugged. Susan texted E.J.'s phone to tell him that she was leaving town. Sami smiled sadly when E.J. read the text aloud, ending with "evil still lurks."

Confused, E.J. asked Sami if she knew why Susan had left. Sami shook her head. Suspicious, E.J. asked Sami what was wrong, and he noted that it was obvious that something was bothering her. Sami said that she did not know what had upset Susan and that she guessed that Susan had run into Kristen, since Kristen had been in the living room when Sami had returned home. Alarmed, E.J. asked why Kristen had been in the house.

With a shrug, Sami said that Kristen had gloated about her freedom. E.J. commented that Kristen's behavior had been disgusting. Sami noted that Kristen would not serve any prison time for hurting Eric. Suspicious, E.J. said that he believed something else was bothering Sami. Sami explained that Kristen had also said that E.J. had known about the rape. When Sami asked if E.J. had told her the whole story, E.J. stressed that he had been completely honest. Sami asked how E.J. had felt about what Kristen had done to Eric, and E.J. said he had been appalled.

"That's not what she said. She said you liked it. Kristen said that you laughed when she told you. She said that it wouldn't hurt Eric to get knocked off his pedestal, that he'd have to walk around with the rest of us mere mortals," Sami said quietly. When Sami dared E.J. to lie to her, E.J. answered that he did not think he had laughed but that he had said those words. Furious, Sami turned her back on E.J.

E.J. reminded Sami that on the morning of Brady's wedding, E.J. and Sami had discussed that Eric was a better person than them and that E.J. had noticed that Sami was jealous of her brother. E.J. asked Sami if the conversation and situation had been about anyone other than Eric, whether she would have believed that anyone was that pure. Sami argued that Eric was truly a good person and that there was no flaw to bare.

"Every day after this happened, I saw a truly noble man who had the most horrific thing done to him. That's why it was so very difficult for me to talk about it. I may have made that crack, but I tore Kristen apart for what she did to your brother. I told her it was disgusting and appalling, and I'm betting she didn't tell you that, did she?" E.J. said. Sami nodded. When E.J. reminded her of their conversation before the wedding, Sami admitted that she remembered that E.J. had been furious with Kristen that day.

E.J. argued that Kristen was jealous of their happiness and furious with E.J. for denying her legal assistance. E.J. asked Sami not to let Kristen upset her. Sami nodded. E.J. slipped behind her and put his arms around her, kissing her cheek. Sami smiled weakly. Sami commented that the morning had been too eventful. Sami and E.J. joked that their families were both crazy. When Sami commented that they should elope and leave Salem, E.J. waggled an eyebrow and reminded Sami that he had aliases for Sami and the children.

With a guilty grin, Sami admitted that she had handed the fake passports over to the police when E.J. had been arrested. E.J. smiled and pulled Sami onto his lap on the chair. E.J. said he had multiple aliases ready in order to protect the family. Sami admitted she was unnerved by the revelation but that she was pleased that E.J. was willing to run away with her.

"All I need is you. You and the children. That's everything I need and I have it right here," E.J. said. Sami and E.J. agreed that they would not let anyone get between them. As Sami and E.J. kissed one another, the children returned home and giggled as they witnessed their parents making out. Overjoyed, Sami and E.J. rushed over to their children and hugged them. The kids told heir parents that they were going on a field trip to the zoo.

Johnny made a crack about Sydney being young, and E.J. directed Sydney toward Johnny and announced that the tickle monster was going to get Johnny. Johnny ran behind the couch while Sami, E.J., Sydney, and Allie laughed. After tickling Johnny, Sami announced that it was time to tickle daddy. The children jumped on top of E.J., and he howled with laughter.

In the town square, Clyde said hello to Rafe. Rafe started to walk away, and Clyde stopped Rafe to thank Rafe for introducing him to Kate. Clyde complimented Kate and talked about his date with her. With a grin, Clyde told Rafe that he would help him with Jordan as a thank you for introducing him to Kate. Rafe declined the offer.

At the Brady Pub, Kate met with Chad to talk about Stefano. Chad told Kate that Stefano had asked Chad to inform Kate that Stefano was traveling to Frankfurt. Kate grumbled. When Chad asked why Kate was upset, she explained that a board member would be in Frankfurt and that she believed Stefano wanted Kate to panic and cancel the deal that the board member was working on. When Chad asked Kate what she planned to do, Kate said that she would play into Stefano's plan so that he would underestimate her. Kate noted that canceling the deal would lose the company money but that it would buy her time.

"You need to watch out because overconfidence has been the undoing of every DiMera man," Kate said. "I'm going to learn a lot from you, Kate," Chad remarked. Kate smiled.

Jordan stopped by Club TBD to talk to Ben and Sonny told her that Ben had left with Abigail. Sonny and Jordan talked about Chad's argument with Ben, and Sonny explained that Chad was jealous of Ben's relationship with Abigail. Sonny added that Chad had apologized, and things were fine. When Sonny asked Jordan if she had met Chad, Jordan admitted that they had chatted but that she did not know if Chad knew that she was Ben's sister.

Chad arrived at the club, and Jordan told him that she was Ben's sister. Chad admitted that he had heard. Chad asked about Jordan's last name, and Jordan said things were complicated. Smiling, Chad said that he thought Jordan was a great sister, and he apologized for fighting with Ben. When Chad asked Jordan if she was upset with him, Jordan smiled and said that things were fine.

After Jordan left, Chad apologized to Sonny for not calling him when he had first returned to town. Chad explained that he had been obsessed with the article about E.J. and Abigail and that he had not been able to think about anything else. Sonny asked Chad if he would be able to stomach seeing Ben with Abigail every day. Chad smiled and joked that Sonny was a "badass" for being so direct. Chad assured Sonny that he had put Abigail behind him. With a grin, Chad said he wanted to talk to Sonny about some changes to the club.

Ben surprised Abigail with a hotel room. Ben immediately regretted his decision when he saw Abigail's stunned face, but Abigail assured Ben that she was pleased by the gesture. Unsure, Ben asked Abigail if she was uncomfortable after meeting with E.J. in the square. Abigail told Ben that the hotel situation was different than her experiences with E.J. and that she was excited that Ben had taken a chance on whisking her away for a romantic day. Overwhelmed, Abigail thanked Ben for creating a special day for her.

"You're everything I could want," Abigail whispered. Ben and Abigail sat down to eat room service. Both their phones rang, and they agreed to turn off their phones and ignore all calls for the day. When Abigail asked Ben if he had any job aspirations, he admitted that he wanted to go to school. Ben explained that he wanted to find a job that made him as happy as Jordan's profession made her. Ben and Abigail kissed.

In the town square, Kate met with Rafe. With a smirk, Rafe asked Kate if she had gone on a date with Clyde. When Kate said it was none of Rafe's business, he sighed at the statement, which confirmed Clyde's revelation. Rafe asked why, and Kate explained that Clyde had asked her out and that he was charming. Shaking her head, Kate asked Rafe if he was questioning her because of Jordan. Rafe argued that his instincts told him that there was something off about Clyde. When Kate asked Rafe if Jordan had overreacted with her father, Rafe shrugged.

Kate told Rafe that Clyde had been complimentary of Rafe and that Clyde had expressed the hope that Jordan and Rafe would get back together. Rafe said he could not let go of his gut instinct. With a smile, Kate asked Rafe if he was jealous. Chuckling, Rafe said he was not jealous but that he was worried that Kate would get involved with someone that was bad for her.

As Rafe argued that he was looking out for a friend, Jordan walked through the square and saw Rafe grab Kate's hand. Rafe asked Kate to take things slowly with Clyde. Kate thanked Rafe for caring about her, and he walked away. Kate noticed Jordan and called out to her. When Kate said that Jordan had missed Rafe, Jordan bristled. Kate explained that Rafe had been concerned that Kate had gone on a date with Clyde. Jordan's mouth dropped open in shock.

Clyde met with Jeremiah in the park to discuss business. Clyde ordered Jeremiah to obtain more product because Clyde intended to double their territory. When Jeremiah asked if Clyde intended to fight the whole DiMera family, Clyde explained that he only needed to fight E.J. because E.J. had split off from the family. Clyde added that there were rifts in the family and that E.J. was occupied with the troubles in his legitimate business.

"When you say we're going to deal with E.J. DiMera, we talking about an Arch Breslin-type solution? Because I don't care how much squabbling goes on in the family. Some things will pull them together right quick," Jeremiah counseled. Jeremiah reminded Clyde that his actions could unify the DiMera family, and they would tear Clyde apart. Clyde told Jeremiah that E.J. would see it his way, "One way or the other."

Thursday, October 2, 2014

by Mike

As E.J. was strolling through the town square, Nicole stopped him and wondered how he felt about the fact that Kristen had managed to get away with hurting Eric. E.J. refused to give Nicole a quote for her television show, but she clarified that she wasn't asking as a reporter -- she was asking as someone who cared about Eric. E.J. condemned Kristen's actions, but Nicole doubted his sincerity.

"It's ironic, though, isn't it? I mean, after all the hell that we put each other through -- and that was another life -- you get back with Sami, I fall in love with Eric all over again, and yet, here we are -- you're not with Sami, I'm not with Eric, because neither one of us could keep a houseplant alive, let alone maintain a relationship," Nicole mused. E.J. happily informed Nicole that she had her facts wrong -- he had actually reconciled with Sami.

"That is, um...not a surprise. Uh, quite predictable, actually, because everyone in Salem knows that Sami can't be without a guy for more than five minutes. Of course, Rafe and Lucas would never take her back, because she's shown them her true lunatic colors, but you seem to be insatiable for lunacy -- women who walk all over you -- so naturally, Sami had to settle for you. But it's sad, really, that you have such low standards. You're a good-looking guy -- okay, you lack a conscience and a soul, but you're quite witty. Cute smile, decent body," Nicole mused.

E.J. countered that he believed it was sad that Nicole would never understand the type of love he and Sami had. The statement -- and, more specifically, the conviction with which E.J. had uttered it -- caused Nicole to laugh hysterically, and when she finally managed to catch her breath and maintain her composure, she sarcastically agreed that E.J. and Sami had such a deep love for each other that E.J. would never cheat on Sami, nor would Sami ever try to do everything in her power to destroy E.J.

E.J. theorized that Nicole's bitterness and resentment stemmed from the fact that she had destroyed her relationship with Eric. Nicole angrily countered that E.J. wasn't worthy of even uttering Eric's name, since Eric possessed more integrity in his left earlobe than E.J. would possess in five lifetimes. Amused, E.J. observed that it seemed like Nicole was still in love with Eric, but she insisted that her feelings no longer mattered.

E.J. suddenly took the conversation in a different direction, suggesting that after everything he and Nicole had been through over the years, it might finally be time for them to put the past behind them and start wanting what was best for each other. "Uh, yeah, that -- that would be different," Nicole conceded. E.J. said he had never heard Nicole talk about anyone else with as much intensity as she had talked about Eric, but she reiterated that it didn't matter how she felt. "Who are you? Nicole, you're not really gonna throw in the towel that easily, are you?" E.J. incredulously asked.

Nicole stressed that it hadn't been easy at all. "As much as I love him, E.J., multiple that by a gazillion, and that is how much Eric hates me," Nicole matter-of-factly explained. E.J. pointed out that, in his experience, hate could be temporary, but Nicole remained certain that Eric's hate would be eternal.

Changing the subject, Nicole warned E.J. that Sami would eventually dump him again. E.J. didn't dispute the prediction, but when Nicole wondered if Sami was really the woman he wanted to spend his life with, he simply nodded and confirmed that Sami was the one. "Well, good luck with that," Nicole sincerely but doubtfully replied. E.J. gave Nicole a kiss on the cheek and told her to take care of herself.

Elsewhere, Kate observed that it seemed like Jordan was about to burst a blood vessel in response to the news that Kate had gone on a date with Clyde. Kate understood Jordan's reaction but curiously wondered why the news had upset Rafe just as much. Jordan assumed that Kate was playing some sort of sick game, but Kate innocently clarified that she didn't play games.

Kate reported that Clyde seemed like a charming man. Jordan protested that Kate didn't even know Clyde, but Kate countered that she knew he was eager -- if not desperate -- to make things right with both of his children. Kate guessed that Jordan was less upset about the fact that Kate had dined with Clyde than about the fact that the dinner date had bothered Rafe. Kate stressed that she had made it abundantly clear to Rafe that they didn't have a future together, and she encouraged Jordan to try to work things out with him so he could move on.

"You really are a colossal bitch," Jordan incredulously declared. Jordan suspected that Kate had made undermining Jordan a mission of sorts the moment Rafe had first shown an interest in the physical therapist, but Kate dismissively countered that it was quite egotistical of Jordan to assume that Kate had ever viewed Jordan as a threat. Jordan disgustedly encouraged Kate to continue to date Clyde, concluding that he was exactly the kind of man Kate deserved.

When E.J. returned to the DiMera mansion, Kate was sitting alone in the living room, sipping a martini. E.J. thought about ignoring Kate but instead decided to announce that it was time for her to pack up her things and move out of the mansion before she overstayed her welcome. After E.J. left the room, Kate placed a phone call to Chad and informed him that she wanted to talk to him the moment he returned home. "I have some information about your brother that I would encourage you to pass on to your father," Kate explained before ending the call.

At the Brady Pub, Sami cautiously informed Eric that she had gotten back together with E.J. Sami stressed that, despite the reconciliation, she would never be okay with the fact that E.J. had known -- and had kept quiet about -- what Kristen had done to Eric, but Eric knowingly pointed out that Sami hadn't broken up with E.J. in the first place because of that transgression.

Eric wondered how Sami had found a way to get past E.J.'s infidelity. "Well, it wasn't easy. But it was simple -- I forgave him. Certainly, with your experience with faith, you can understand that better than anyone, can't you? Which leads me to my next question -- can you forgive me for being with E.J.?" Sami wondered. Eric doubted that his opinion truly mattered, since Sami would likely stay with E.J. either way.

Sami confirmed the suspicion but explained that she still wanted Eric's love and understanding, since she had grown accustomed to it. Sami asked Eric to be honest with her and let her know if her reconciliation with her husband was something he wouldn't be able to get past. Eric dismissed Sami's concerns and assured her that he couldn't think of anything she could possibly do that would stop him from loving her with his whole heart. Sami gratefully hugged Eric.

After leaving the pub, Sami ran into Nicole in the town square. Sami happily greeted Nicole and revealed that she was in a good mood that not even Nicole could ruin. "Yeah, actually, I heard about the good news -- Sami and E.J., forever and ever, take two -- or is it a hundred and two? Eh, no matter. Actually, you know what? I hope both of you are every bit as happy as you were the last time," Nicole replied before walking away.

In Ben and Abigail's hotel room, the couple undressed and started to have sex. Afterward, they reminisced about the first time they had met each other, when Abigail had gone to the club to pick up something for Will and Sonny's wedding. Ben thought he had made a complete fool of himself because Abigail's beauty had blown him away, but she dismissed his concern. Abigail said she had been instantly attracted to Ben but had noticed that he had seemed a bit shy -- although he obviously no longer had that problem around her.

Abigail admitted that she never wanted to leave the hotel room, and Ben decided that, since they would eventually have to do so, they would just have to find another place where they could be alone together whenever they wanted to be. Ben wished he could afford to move into a different place, but Abigail assured him that she understood that it was important for him to save his money so he could go back to school in the near future.

At the Horton house, J.J. stammered out an excuse about how he and Paige couldn't fool around in the living room because Abigail or Jennifer could return home at any time. Paige suggested that she and J.J. could retreat to his bedroom, but he vetoed that idea, too, so she suggested going to her friend's dorm room, where they would have total privacy because her friend took night classes and didn't have a roommate. "Paige, are -- are -- are you -- are you not listening? I -- I said no!" J.J. snapped.

Paige assumed that her inexperience was a problem for J.J., but he assured her that wasn't the case, and he also dispelled her subsequent assumption that he was upset about what Eve had said to him earlier. "Okay, well...then the only other thing it could be about is what I overheard about what happened to your Aunt Kayla. Is that it? Is that the -- is that what's upsetting you?" Paige guessed. J.J. listened uncomfortably as Paige continued talking, and he soon found himself distracted with memories of what had happened the previous fall, when he had learned the truth about Jack's past.

Paige eventually realized that J.J. was no longer listening to her, which made her suspect that something was really wrong. J.J. hesitantly claimed that he hadn't been entirely truthful when he had assured Paige that he wasn't upset about what Eve had said to him earlier. Paige complained that Eve had treated J.J. unfairly, and she refused to let Eve have the last word on the subject.

J.J. received a text message while he was trying to talk Paige out of confronting Eve, and after reading it, he abruptly ushered his somewhat confused girlfriend out of the house, dismissively explaining that he had to take care of something and that he would see her the following day. "That's the last time Mom gets in the way of me and my boyfriend," Paige muttered after J.J. closed the door behind her.

Eve returned to her apartment after her encounter with Jennifer, unaware that Jennifer was close behind. "You do not just get to dump on me and turn on your heels and walk away," Jennifer snapped as she stormed into the apartment and slammed the door behind her. Eve said she had simply told the truth earlier, but Jennifer found that laughable.

"Oh, come on -- we all know what kind of man Jack was, all right? Now we're all gonna see what kind of man J.J. is turning out to be. Okay, now, you may have been willing to settle, but listen to me -- I'm not. Not for myself, and certainly not for my daughter. She deserves better than your son, and damn it, she's gonna have it," Eve insisted. Jennifer defended J.J. and argued that Eve, of all people, had no right to judge him. Jennifer also defended Jack, asserting that, while he had made some serious mistakes during his life, he had also been a wonderful, caring man, father, and husband.

Eve impatiently interrupted and told Jennifer to put a sock in it. Eve argued that, while it was usually noble for a person to defend their family, Jennifer's family wasn't worth defending, since Abigail had slept with E.J. DiMera, of all people, and J.J. had been all over some unknown girl at a party.

"Let's not forget about Jack. [...] As much as I really loathe speaking ill of the dead, the truth is, Jen, um -- well, your protestations to the contrary notwithstanding, the truth is he was a cheater, grifter, absent father, absent husband, but moreover, he was a pathological liar who used you as a human doormat over and over again. But you know what? You loved it, because you got to play victim, and you ate it up, because you also got to look like the all-forgiving saint that -- well, I gotta admit, Jen, you are not. But what you are is a masochist. You loved how Jack hurt you. You loved every single minute of it," Eve added, prompting Jennifer to slap her.

Jennifer stormed out of the apartment after angrily warning Eve to stay away from and cease all contact with J.J. "Sorry, bitch -- I'm just getting started," Eve muttered after the apartment door slammed shut. Later, Paige returned home and demanded to know why Eve had gone after J.J. earlier. "Well, someone had to, sweetheart," Eve unapologetically replied.

Paige insisted that Eve had been out of line, but Eve disagreed and dramatically stated that the incriminating picture of J.J. had been much more horrible than Paige's earlier description had made it seem. Paige tried to defend J.J., but Eve argued that he had known exactly what he had been doing with the unknown girl at the party. Eve demanded to know how J.J. had managed to blind the sweet, sensible, smart girl she had raised.

Paige insisted that J.J. hadn't done anything to her. "But my eyes are wide open now, and it's totally clear that this is all about you, Mom," Paige added, theorizing that Eve only had a problem with J.J. because of who his parents were. Eve scoffed indignantly and dismissed the theory as a ridiculous oversimplification. Paige countered that what was ridiculous was the fact that Eve had been pretending to give J.J. a chance while secretly thinking of ways to go after him.

"Well, I really didn't have to look too far on this one, did I? [...] J.J. Deveraux is a liar and a cheat. He's exactly like his father, sweetheart!" Eve maintained. Frustrated and sick of hearing Eve's negative comments about J.J., Paige stormed out of the apartment when Eve ignored her request to drop the subject. As the apartment door slammed shut, Eve shouted out that she just wanted Paige to see the truth about J.J. before it was too late. "All right, I'm gonna make you see it," Eve vowed in a quieter, wavering voice.

Jennifer was still fuming when she returned home, and when she saw her visibly despondent son, she guessed that Eve was responsible for his mood. Jennifer told J.J. about her earlier encounter with Eve, and she advised him to ignore Eve and simply live his life, assuring him that she wasn't going to let Eve get away with attacking his character. J.J. remained silent, but Jennifer noticed that his hands were shaking, so she urged him to tell her what was wrong. "Mom, uh...I -- I -- I'm in trouble, and I'm -- I'm just not sure what to do about it," J.J. admitted.

"I, uh -- I love Paige so much, Mom. It's like I can't even think about not being able to be with her. But I get afraid sometimes," J.J. vaguely explained, but when Jennifer urged him to continue, he claimed that he was just worried about what Eve might be saying about him to Paige when he wasn't around, since Eve always seemed to find a way to mess things up for the young couple. Jennifer reiterated that she would handle Eve, but J.J. insisted that he didn't want Jennifer to feel obligated to keep fighting his battles, since she had already had to worry about him enough in the past to last a lifetime.

After Jennifer left to take a phone call, J.J. picked up a framed photograph of Jack. "This is on me -- I know it is. I have to tell Paige the truth. But how can I explain it to her when I don't understand it myself?" J.J. wondered with a sigh.

Friday, October 3, 2014

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Kate asked E.J. to tell Sami to contact her as soon as Sami returned from taking the kids to school. Guessing that he knew why Kate wanted to talk to Sami, E.J. explained that he and Sami had already decided not to accept the European deal. Kate reminded E.J. that he didn't get to make such decisions. E.J. smugly replied that he would let Sami explain everything, but Kate wasn't satisfied with that answer.

E.J. wondered when Kate was planning on packing her bags and moving out of the mansion. "I'm co-CEO of DiMera Enterprises. This mansion is part of my package. I am here to stay -- unlike you," Kate firmly replied. Kate wondered how long E.J. expected his latest hookup with Sami to last. E.J. declared that he and Sami would be together for the rest of their lives, but Kate predicted that things would change soon after he went to prison for tax evasion. E.J. dismissively insisted that the charges against him wouldn't stick.

"Really? Even after Sami and I made sure that you did not have the funds to pay the taxes, much less the penalties? And if you think DiMera's going to cough it up, you can think again, because both CEOs need to sign off on that, and there is no way in hell I would save your sorry ass from going to jail," Kate warned E.J. E.J. wondered how Kate could take pleasure in tearing him away from Sami and the kids. Kate maintained that the kids would be better off without E.J. in the picture, and she predicted that even if he somehow managed to wiggle out of the tax evasion charges, he would still quickly find a way to drive Sami and the kids away again.

E.J. understood Kate's hatred toward Stefano but wondered why she also had animosity toward him. "Because you are your father," Kate matter-of-factly explained. E.J. denied the accusation, insisting that he was nothing like Stefano, but Kate disagreed, arguing that, while that had once been true, E.J. had evolved over the years. "You're not as ruthless as he is, but you are just as selfish, just as callous, just as egotistical. You think, as a DiMera, you're entitled," Kate observed.

E.J. warned that if Kate kept saying such things, he and Sami would call an emergency board meeting and have Kate removed from the company. "Ah, there it is -- there's that ego, right? But lest you forget, I am co-CEO of the company, and I have had access to all of the books, going back years and years. So when I tell the board members just how much money you and Stefano have been siphoning off into your personal accounts, do you really think I'm the one who's going to be out on their ass? But don't worry, E.J. -- I'll give you two weeks' notice so you'll find a new place to live," Kate countered before calmly walking away.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Hope, Maggie, and Victor briefly discussed John's condition before Hope changed the subject and hesitantly announced that she had decided to file for divorce from Bo. "I've reached out. I've written letters. I've prayed. I hoped. I prayed some more. I received a short letter, actually, um, last winter. No, it was more like a note. Bo said it could be years," Hope explained with a sigh.

Hope told Victor and Maggie about Aiden, as well as the letter she had written and sent to Bo's last known address. Before Maggie could say much about the matter, she received a phone call from someone she sponsored. Maggie apologetically excused herself, and Hope started to do the same, but Victor stopped Hope and said they needed to talk first.

"No one should have to live their life in limbo. [...] I met Jennings at the gala -- seemed intelligent. He handled J.J.'s hearing, so Maggie thinks he's one of the good guys. But what we think about him isn't important; what's important is that you're happy," Victor acknowledged. Relieved, Hope thanked Victor for his support, admitting that she had really needed him to be understanding.

Victor wondered if Caroline had been informed yet. Hope confirmed that she had already told Caroline, who had not been pleased with the news at all. Hope started to admit that Caroline's reaction had hurt, but she quickly stopped herself and explained that she needed to take care of something at the police station right away. "Damnation," Victor muttered with a sigh after Hope left.

Victor went to the Brady Pub to confront Caroline about the judgmental way she had responded to Hope's news. Caroline tearfully wondered why everyone seemed to be giving up on Bo. Victor assured Caroline that he and Hope thought about Bo every single day. "[Hope's] being very honest -- with Bo, with you, with Ciara, with herself. Look, like it or not, for whatever good reason...Bo essentially has abandoned her. [...] If Bo [comes back] -- or when -- we'll deal with it. In the meantime, Hope is doing what she should -- being honest, moving on," Victor reasoned.

Later, Victor met with E.J. in the park and handed him a check -- the payment for the tip about the companies Kate and Sami had gotten rid of a few months earlier, which Victor had subsequently acquired. "I understand you're gonna need that," Victor mused. E.J. smugly replied that Victor was behind the times, elaborating that he had gotten back together with Sami and that he wasn't the least bit worried about the tax evasion charges.

"That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about Stefano. You know, it's all over town that Stefano's royally pissed at you. [...] I think Stefano's unhappy about more than [just your reunion with Sami] -- he's put the word out that no one is to extend credit to you...for any reason. He's cutting off your air, E.J. Now, you know, normally I don't mix business with pleasure, but I sense a real royal showdown coming here, and I'd like to have a ringside seat," Victor clarified before walking away, leaving E.J. speechless and decidedly less smug.

Aiden ran into Nicole in the town square, and she observed that he looked awfully happy. Before Aiden could respond, Chase rushed over to greet him. "Whoa. Is she your date?" Chase wondered when he noticed Nicole. Aiden dispelled the assumption with an uncomfortable laugh, and Chase left to catch up with the friend he was walking to school with.

Nicole teased Aiden and suggested that he could fill her in on the details of the date over breakfast at the pub. Aiden declined the offer, vaguely explaining that he had been avoiding the pub lately, so Nicole shrugged and pointed out that he could fill her in on the details of the date just as easily from where they were already seated. Hope approached before Aiden could respond, and Nicole quickly excused herself, knowingly encouraging them to enjoy their date.

Hope reminded Aiden that she didn't want people to know about their developing relationship until she told them personally, and he explained what had happened and assured her that they were on the same page. Hope admitted that she wasn't looking forward to breaking the news to Ciara, although it obviously had to be done -- soon.

After throwing out a few other options, Aiden and Hope decided to keep their next date simple, opting to just have lunch together again. Aiden discreetly locked pinky fingers with Hope as he admitted that he didn't care what they did -- he was just content to be given the opportunity to spend more time with her. As Hope returned the sentiment, she received a phone call from Caroline, who tearfully asked to see Hope right away.

At the Brady Pub, Anne and Theresa discussed John's condition while eating breakfast. Anne had expected Theresa to be nervous about the rumors that John would be fully coherent later that day for the first time since emerging from his coma, but Theresa cheerfully clarified that she wasn't worried at all, since her last encounter with John had made it clear that he had suffered some memory loss as a result of the head injury. "Okay, well, you're awfully confident, sugarplum, [but] when it comes to memory, things can change in a heartbeat[...], so make like a Boy Scout -- be prepared," Anne advised Theresa.

Later, Hope arrived to see Caroline, who apologized for the way she had reacted to the news that Hope had agreed to go on a date with someone. "Bo has been gone for a very long time, doesn't go on forever, you know. I respect your decision. You've got to move on," Caroline conceded. Caroline stressed that she had always loved Hope and that nothing had changed there, and Hope returned the sentiment.

Caroline had trouble recalling the name of the man Hope had agreed to go on a date with, so Hope reminded her that his name was Aiden. "Well...please, tell him from me -- from a woman whose memory is not what it should be -- tell him that, you know, sometimes the best thing to do is just forget about it," Caroline joked. Hope laughed and breathed a sigh of relief as Caroline walked away.

When John opened his eyes, he was surprised to find Marlena and Brady sitting in his hospital room, since they had both been upset with him when he had visited them upon returning to Salem. Brady and Marlena clarified that they regretted their respective behaviors and that they had each been worried about John.

John revealed that he had overheard someone talking about how he had been in the hospital for months. John wanted to know what had happened to him, so Brady asked Marlena to give them some privacy. After Marlena left the room, Brady regretfully explained what had transpired at the Kiriakis mansion on the night of John's head injury. John refused to believe that Brady could have raised a weapon to -- let alone used it on -- his own father. Brady sadly insisted that the story was true, but John wasn't convinced.

Eric entered Daniel's office just as Daniel was ending a phone conversation in which John's name had been mentioned. Eric wondered who Daniel had been talking to, so Daniel explained that Kristen had called to get an update on John's condition. Daniel stressed that he hadn't given Kristen any information, since she wasn't a family member, but Eric thought it was inappropriate for Daniel to be having any contact whatsoever with her.

Daniel pointed out that contact with Kristen had been a necessary evil, since she had been responsible for supplying the experimental drug that had revived John. Eric wanted assurance that Daniel's contact with Kristen had ceased for good, but Daniel hesitated, silently recalling his earlier discussion with Kristen about her theory that Theresa had caused John's head injury.

Daniel diplomatically suggested that it would be best to focus on John's recovery instead of "the zombie who never dies," Kristen. Meanwhile, Marlena burst into the room and excitedly revealed that John was awake and alert, so Daniel left to check on him. Marlena sobbed with joy as she hugged Eric.

Daniel entered John's room and observed that things between John and Brady seemed pretty intense. Brady explained that he had just revealed the truth about John's head injury -- and that John hadn't believed a word of it. Brady started to leave so Daniel could examine John, but Daniel stopped Brady and quietly advised him not to overload John with information in the future.

After Brady left, John asked Daniel to tell him what had really happened. Daniel reported that, according to evidence, John had been struck with a fireplace poker, and he had subsequently slipped into a coma. Daniel assured John that it was normal to experience some memory loss after spending a few months in a coma.

Theresa greeted Brady in the waiting area, and he told her about his earlier conversation with John. Realizing that John still hadn't remembered what had really happened to him, Theresa hugged Brady and smiled as she assured him that everything was going to be all right. When Marlena and Eric arrived a short time later, Brady filled them in on what had happened when he had talked to John earlier.

Marlena advised Brady to stop worrying about John's memory loss and instead focus on the fact that John was going to be okay. Daniel emerged from John's room and watched suspiciously as Theresa reiterated Marlena's advice, reasoning that it was a miracle that John had recovered in the first place and that it would be unwise to expect much more from him than that.

Daniel informed John's loved ones that John's physical therapy would begin the following day. Daniel said there was no reason to expect anything less than a full physical recovery, although it was more difficult to predict whether John's lost memories would ever return. Theresa glared at Daniel as he headed back to his office, and she followed him there.

"You son of a bitch! I am so onto you!" Theresa shouted as she stormed into Daniel's office and slammed the door shut. Daniel ordered Theresa to leave, but she refused to do so. Theresa threatened to sue Daniel if he tried to sell others his theory that she had caused John's head injury. Daniel dismissively pointed out that Theresa had nothing to worry about unless his theory was correct.

Theresa said she was just worried about Daniel, since he hated her and seemed determined to turn everyone against her. Theresa reiterated that she would ruin Daniel if he tried to mess with her, but he didn't seem terribly concerned, so she added that she wouldn't just sue him -- she would blast him on social media and in the news, and she would make sure that even Parker heard about what a horrible bully Daniel was.

In the waiting area, Brady told Eric that John hadn't even flinched when he had learned that his own son had been responsible for his head injury and subsequent coma. Brady could tell that John still loved him regardless, and that made Brady feel even more guilty than he had before. Eric advised Brady to forgive himself for what had happened, but Brady didn't think he would ever be able to do that.

In John's room, Marlena confirmed John's suspicion that they hadn't patched things up before he had lapsed into a coma. "So, you're here now...because of what happened to me?" John wondered. Marlena smiled warmly as she admitted that she had barely left John's side since the injury had occurred -- and that the staff had started joking that his hospital room was her new home.

John mused that it was amazing that he had emerged from the coma after spending such a long time in it, and he jokingly wondered if a miracle drug had revived him. Marlena vaguely admitted that there was a lot of stuff that needed to be explained to John, but she reasoned that it could all be postponed until a later date. Marlena added that she had told Eric earlier that she was just grateful to have John back.

Hearing Eric's name prompted John to recall talking to him at the Brady Pub a few months earlier. At John's request, Marlena summoned Eric and left so the men could have some privacy. Eric confirmed that he had seen John at the pub on the day of John's head injury. John recalled that he had talked to Eric about Theresa, whom John had been really worked up about.

Marlena and Brady went to Club TBD, where they agreed that it would be best not to tell John right away about how his recovery had been made possible. Brady feared that it was too late to repair the damage he had done to his relationship with John, but Marlena insisted that wasn't true. Marlena added that she and Brady had been lucky enough to get John back, and that was all that really mattered. "It wasn't just luck -- we had help, and there is something I need to do. I'm gonna have to thank Kristen," Brady decided, to Marlena's dismay.

When Daniel returned to his apartment, he was still fuming from his earlier encounter with Theresa, and an unexpected visit from Kristen didn't improve his mood at all. Kristen apologetically explained that she had followed Daniel to his apartment because there was a restraining order preventing her from visiting him at the hospital. Kristen insisted that she and Daniel couldn't let Theresa get away with what Theresa had done to John, and Daniel agreed without hesitation, surprising Kristen.

Back at the hospital, Eric informed Theresa that John had started remembering more about the day of John's head injury. Meanwhile, as John slept, memories started flooding back to him about everything that had happened on the day of his head injury. "It was Theresa!" John blurted out when he suddenly woke up after recalling being struck with the fireplace poker.

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