The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 6, 2014 on B&B

Quinn threatened Hope not to get between Quinn and Wyatt, and Quinn appealed to Deacon for help. Caroline confessed to Rick about Ridge's design issues, and when Eric learned about it, he decided to step down as CEO. Caroline and Ridge's passion for designing veered outside of professional lines.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 6, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, October 6, 2014

At the beach house, Quinn chuckled, finding it crazy for Hope to think that Quinn would ever hurt her grandchild. Showing Quinn to the door, Hope said that she and Wyatt couldn't trust Quinn, who was no longer welcome in their home. "Like hell I'm not," Quinn retorted.

Quinn warned Hope to change her tune before things got ugly. Hope leaned back as Quinn leaned forward, pointing her finger, and commanding Hope to take back her filthy words. Quinn raged that Hope didn't want to know what would happen if she tried to ostracize Quinn from the family.

"Hey! What the hell is going on here?" Wyatt asked as he strode up to the porch. Quinn smiled and claimed to be congratulating Hope on the baby. Quinn claimed not to blame them for still being upset with her. As Quinn spoke, Hope interrupted to tell Wyatt that Quinn had threatened her.

Quinn denied it, but Hope insisted that it had happened. Quinn claimed that she'd been trying to say that the understood Hope's feelings and would give the couple some space. "What? She's lying!" Hope yelled. Wyatt said he was glad that his mother understood that Hope and the baby needed a calm and peaceful environment "right about now."

Flabbergasted, Hope stuttered as she asked if Quinn was pretending that she hadn't warned Hope that things were going to get ugly or that Hope would regret keeping Quinn away.

"Are you kidding me right now?" Wyatt asked. Quinn claimed that Wyatt was the most important person in the world to her, and her grandchild would become that important, too. She said they were everything she had, and it had been extremely painful to hear that Wyatt didn't want her around. She claimed to have been begging Hope, but Hope denied that Quinn had done any begging.

Wyatt agreed to hear Quinn out, but he said that she had to respect Hope no matter what. Quinn began talking, but handing her purse to her, Wyatt said they'd discuss it later. Quinn told him and Hope to have a nice evening, and Wyatt closed the door practically in Quinn's face.

Wyatt hugged the speechless Hope and said he was sorry. It seemed to him as if he was always apologizing for his mother. Hope said it wasn't his fault; however, her pregnancy had changed things, and Quinn terrified her. He vowed not to let anything happen to Hope and the baby, but Hope felt that he could only protect them so much. "Your mother is unhinged," Hope explained.

Hope appreciated all Wyatt had gone through to put up with his mother, but after what Quinn had done that evening, she couldn't be involved in Hope and Wyatt's lives. He knew that his mother could go to extremes, but he believed she'd always supported them. He asked if Hope really thought Quinn could hurt her, and Hope admitted that she did believe that it could happen.

Hope thought she'd feel safer if Quinn wasn't in the city, but Wyatt doubted Quinn would leave. Hope refused to back down, and he decided to tell his mother to stay away from them for a while. Hope didn't like cutting Wyatt off from his mother, but Hope couldn't have Quinn anywhere near the baby.

At the loft, Deacon lit candles and set some wine and a rose on a table set for two. Quinn stormed in, slammed her purse down, and rasped that she wasn't in the mood. Deacon asked what was wrong, and she claimed that his daughter was trying to kick Quinn out of Quinn's family.

Deacon asked Quinn to relax, but blowing out the candles, Quinn complained that Hope was trying to get between Quinn and her family without bothering to acknowledge how hard Quinn had fought to give Hope everything Hope wanted. Deacon told Quinn that she needed to chill.

Quinn looked around at the romantic setting and said she didn't know what was going on there. Deacon told her that living for her son and an unborn child was beyond obsessive, and he'd set up the evening because Quinn needed to shift her focus and let things work themselves out.

Quinn scoffed at the idea of letting her son slip away. "In case you haven't noticed, there's another guy here, trying to get your attention," Deacon replied. He said Quinn needed to get out of psycho-mommy mode and into dating mode. Quinn suppressed a laugh. She asked if he was saying that the right man was the answer to her troubles. "Sometimes two wrongs make a right," he told her.

Quinn figured that Deacon's words could be true -- if he agreed to help her. Deacon exclaimed that he was staying out of it. She reminded him that he knew how it felt to be denied seeing his child, but he replied that her situation wasn't like his had been. Quinn told him that he could keep things from getting worse by talking sense into Hope. Deacon asked if Quinn would actually harm Hope.

Quinn claimed that she'd never lay a hand on Hope. Deacon agreed to try with Hope but made no promises about the outcome. She thanked him, and they kissed. He insisted that whatever they had between them had to stay secret because Hope wouldn't forgive him if she found out. Quinn replied that it would be their secret, and he kissed her more deeply.

At the Forrester mansion, Liam was worried about Hope's "monster-in-law," but Ivy doubted Quinn would hurt Hope and the baby. Liam said the pregnancy meant that Hope was stuck with Quinn forever, and he hoped that getting her way thus far would make Quinn see no point in hurting Hope.

Aly watched Ivy and Liam on the terrace, and Oliver called Aly's matchmaking cute. John asked Pam, Eric, Oliver, and Aly how serious things were with "Prince William" and Ivy. Eric said the pair was just beginning, and Oliver added that it seemed to be going well.

Everyone sat in the living room, and John urged "Ricky boy" to let the kids handle Forrester Creations while he traveled with John. Eric said he couldn't to do that. John insisted that Eric make it Down Under for a visit, and Eric said he'd like to do that.

As Liam listened to the men, he smiled. Ivy said it was nice to see a smile on his face. Liam stated that he was having a good time, and he loved meeting her father. "Never a dull moment," Ivy replied.

John flirted with Pam. Eric warned his brother to cool it. Charlie was steamed as John said he couldn't help it, and it had taken several marriages for him to learn that he could look but not touch. "John, you're touching," Charlie said. John laughed naughtily and moved his hand off Pam's hand. Charlie rolled his eyes.

Later, John noted that the eyes on Stephanie's portrait seemed to follow him. Handing a martini to John, Eric said he'd been drinking two of them a night, but he'd decided to give Stephanie's to John. John asked if she'd mind, and Eric replied that she'd let them know if she did. John doubted the portrait helped Eric in the ladies department. Eric said each time he'd kissed a woman in front of "her," the portrait had crashed to the floor. John thought it was a good joke, but Eric said he was serious.

John moved on to talk to Liam. Handing Liam some Russian vodka, John began to describe the kind of man he wanted for his daughter. Liam assumed John would want a man like himself, but John disagreed and said that she should not have a rogue like he was.

Across the room, Ivy was worried about Liam and her father's conversation. Aly prodded Ivy to listen in, and she did so as Liam was relaying that he'd just gotten out of a serious relationship that had ended with his love marrying his brother. John slapped Liam's arm and called it a tough break.

Liam said Ivy was helping him through it, and there was something about Ivy that put people at ease. He felt that Ivy had been supportive of him, but he'd only been able to offer her a friendship. Things were changing for Liam, and he believed that he'd be lucky if Ivy was still interested in him.

Liam recalled Ivy kissing him on the cheek when they'd been on the bank of the Seine, and since then, he'd had a feeling about her. Liam turned to thank John for raising one of the finest women Liam had ever met, but Liam stopped talking when he saw John slumbering on the sofa. Ivy, who'd heard Liam's words, smiled to herself.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, Katie entered Ridge's office, and he appeared to be trying to draw. Katie asked if she had interrupted. "Of course not," Ridge said, and he kissed her. They embraced, and Ridge asked about Will.

Katie said he had been fine, and she was glad that Bill had been there to save Will. "Even better," Ridge mocked. Katie changed the subject to Brooke's departure from Los Angeles for Milan. She wondered what was behind it. Ridge replied that Forrester had lost two trusted employees and a lot of money. Forrester needed someone hands-on in Milan.

Katie said that she was worried there might be something more behind it. Ridge suggested that Brooke had finally figured out that Bill was all wrong for her, and she wanted to get as far away from him as she could. Katie thought it was more than that.

Ridge worried that he couldn't find Caroline. "I've got a lot of work to do," he said. Katie took that as her cue to exit, but she looked suspicious. In Rick's office, Rick quizzed Caroline about the amount of time she had been spending with Ridge. "Ridge and I are turning out fabulous designs, and you know that," Caroline said. Rick worried that Caroline had spent a lot of time with Ridge, and in the evenings, she had been a combination of exhaustion and exhilaration. Rick wanted to know why.

Caroline said she had been honored to work with Ridge. Rick was unhappy, but Caroline reminded him that the designs were some of the best Forrester had ever had. Caroline left, and Rick looked unhappy.

Later, Katie entered Rick's office. Rick figured she would be with Ridge. Katie noted that Caroline was in Ridge's office. Rick wondered why Ridge and Caroline had spent so much time together recently. Katie justified their actions because their work had been outstanding. "The results speak for themselves," she said. Rick agreed that it had been some of the best designs that Ridge had put out in a long time. Rick insisted that something was off. "And I don't like it," he said.

Rick maintained that Ridge had always been a loner and never needed anyone. Suddenly, he and Caroline were working together. Rick was suspicious, but Katie disagreed that anything was wrong. She left.

In Ridge's office, Caroline entered, and Ridge wanted to get to work. He wondered if she had told anyone about their arrangement. She said she had not told anyone. "Not even my husband," she said.

"Use me, she said. Ridge smiled. They worked on a design, and they discussed the neckline and waistline. Caroline corrected the neckline with Ridge's advice, but he didn't help her draw it. She asked Ridge to help her with the waist. "Show me. Take my hand," Caroline said.

Ridge took her hand to redraw and move the waistline, and Rick entered and watched from the doorway. Rick asked if everything was all right. Ridge said it had been, but he insinuated it had been until Rick had arrived. Ridge got a call he had to take, and he walked toward the door, but he advised Caroline not to disappear.

Rick looked angry. "Tell me what's really going on here," he said to Caroline. Caroline tried to cover, but Rick grilled her. He insisted that she was keeping a secret. "I need you to be honest," he demanded.

"Ridge needs me, really needs me. It's terrible. Ridge can't draw," Caroline blurted out. She explained that it had all resulted from his fall out of the helicopter. He had lost his ability to draw. "But he found it again through me," she said.

She explained to Rick that when Ridge guided her hand, they had created brilliant designs. Rick angrily said that Ridge had been using Caroline, but Caroline disagreed. "He's teaching me," she said. Rick said that Ridge had no right to put Caroline in such a position. Rick admitted that he was angry but not with Caroline. Caroline left.

Ridge returned and asked where Caroline had gone. Rick said he had asked Caroline to leave because Rick had wanted to talk to Ridge alone. Rick held a design that Ridge and Caroline had worked on. "You've been spending a lot of time with my wife," Rick said.

"What's the issue, Ricky," Ridge snarked. Rick remarked that Ridge had always been such a loner and had taken pride in working alone. He wondered why Ridge had suddenly decided to share his expertise with Caroline. Ridge replied that Rick couldn't argue with the results, and Ridge said that Caroline got credit for the designs. Rick scoffed that Ridge had been generous.

Rick asked Ridge to correct a waistline on a design. Ridge said the design had been a work in progress, but Rick wanted Ridge to redraw the lines immediately. Ridge said he would consider it. Rick insisted that it would only take a couple pencil strokes and a few seconds. Rick asked if something was wrong.

Ridge tried to cover, but Rick accused Ridge of lying to everyone. "You can't draw anymore. You're using my wife to hide this dirty little secret," Rick said. Rick shouted that as president, he wanted Ridge's resignation and wanted Ridge out of the company effective immediately.

On the Forrester rooftop, Carter sat working. Maya interrupted and said she had been concerned about Ridge and Caroline. Carter told Maya to stop gossiping about Ridge and Caroline. Maya was fishing for information, and Carter told her he hoped she got fired.

Othello joined them and said he had a gig in Hollywood. Maya shared that she believed Caroline and Ridge were involved because she had caught them embracing in his office. Othello was surprised. Carter asked Maya if she had shared her concerns with Katie, and Maya agreed she had. Carter asked what Katie had said. Maya sputtered that Katie had not been grateful, but she would be.

Carter insisted that there was nothing going on. Maya droned on that there was a sexual attraction between Ridge and Caroline. Othello said that Maya still loved Rick, and Maya admitted it. She, Carter, and Othello discussed that Maya had visited Rick in the steam room.

Carter reminded Maya that she had hurt him with her embarrassing behavior. He left. Othello said that he remembered when Rick had loved Maya. Othello encouraged Maya to go after Rick. "He really liked you. He dumped Caroline for you once. Maybe he'll do it again," Othello said. Maya was glad to have someone in her corner for a change.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, Rick had threatened to fire Ridge, but Ridge maintained that Rick couldn't fire him. Rick disagreed and ranted that Ridge had lied and been a fraud. Rick shouted that if Ridge had told their dad about his problem, everyone would have understood.

Ridge maintained that it had been unnecessary to worry Eric. "The designs are fine," Ridge said. Rick countered that Ridge had passed Caroline's designs off as his own. Rick wanted to see the genius draw something on his own. Rick taunted Ridge to pick up a pencil and draw something.

Caroline entered. She'd overheard Rick and ordered him to stop. "What are you doing? Leave him alone," she shouted.

Rick said that Ridge had lied, and Caroline maintained that Rick had been attacking Ridge. Ridge noted that Rick had asked him to resign. Caroline turned on Rick. "I love you, and you are overreacting," she said.

"You have put the company in jeopardy," Rick told Ridge. Caroline paused and reminded Rick that the collection was good. "Rick, please, you know how much this means to me," she said. Caroline defended Ridge and said that Ridge had suffered a terrible loss, but Rick said that Ridge had conned her into feeling sorry for him.

Caroline defended what she had done. She said that Ridge had shown her things no one else had ever taught her. "I couldn't do this without him. We're a team," she said. Rick wondered aloud if Ridge would have thanked Caroline on stage in front of everyone. "Your ego can't handle that, and it's not going any farther," Rick snarked.

Rick badgered Ridge and accused him of being selfish, but Caroline interrupted that Ridge had been incredibly generous in sharing his talent with her. "This line -- you can feel the precision of every stroke," she said. Ridge admitted that he shouldn't have asked her to lie to her husband. Rick received a phone call and advised Ridge to get a jumpstart on his resignation. Rick said that he would see Caroline at home, and he left.

Caroline promised she would talk to Rick and change his mind. "He doesn't understand we're creating. We're plugged into something bigger than both of us. I am not ready to give that up," Caroline said. Ridge didn't think Rick would change his mind because Rick had always wanted Ridge out of the company. Caroline told Ridge not to worry.

At Katie's, Donna and Katie talked, and Will played. Donna wondered if Katie and Ridge had set a wedding date. Katie said that Ridge had been very focused on work. Donna asked if they would plan the wedding soon. Katie wondered why Donna had been asking so many questions.

Donna reminded Katie that she worked at Forrester, and everyone had noticed that Caroline and Ridge had spent a lot of time together. People at Forrester had been talking. Katie explained that Caroline and Ridge had a collaboration. Donna countered that Ridge had always worked alone. Katie replied that it had been good for Ridge to branch out. There was nothing going on between Ridge and Caroline.

Katie added that Rick and Caroline were happily married, and soon Katie and Ridge would be married. Donna apologized. "Here I am, making you uncomfortable," Donna said. "Believe me that's all I want, too," Katie said.

Donna left, and Ridge walked in. Katie wondered why he had returned home early. Ridge admitted that Rick had been on him about the new designs. Ridge shared that Rick had discovered that Ridge and Caroline had been working together. "He stuck a pencil in my face," Ridge said. Katie accused Caroline of telling Rick. Ridge said that Rick wanted him to resign, but Caroline had promised to talk to him.

Katie blamed Caroline, but Ridge defended her. She had appreciated working with him, but Rick's temper and jealousy had gotten the best of him. Katie wondered what would happen. She told Ridge to go to Eric.

"He's a businessman. He's not going to start a scandal before the line comes out," Ridge said. Ridge thanked Katie for understanding. Katie said she had just begun to understand how important the designs were to Ridge. They embraced.

At Rick and Caroline's home, Caroline apologized to Rick, and she suggested that he also owed her an apology. She reminded Rick that he had accused Ridge of using Caroline, and that wasn't true.

"You humiliated him," Caroline said.

"I can't believe you're still defending him," Rick countered. Caroline explained that she and Ridge were artists. She added that she knew how he felt. "Not being able to draw is like not being able to breathe. No one makes me do anything," Caroline said. She reminded Rick that she always made her own decisions, right or wrong.

She begged Rick to stop making it such a big deal. "Baby, you go so intense. Just come give your wifey a kiss," she said. Rick did not respond. Caroline looked confused. "I have to clear my head," he said, and he walked out the door. "Rick," Caroline called to him.

Caroline looked hurt. Later Caroline got into bed and looked at the empty side of the bed where Rick should have been. She pulled up the covers, turned out the lights, and closed her eyes. She heard the door open, and Ridge entered. He sat on the bed, and she caressed his arm. He pulled her into a kiss. She had been dreaming. She heard Rick calling her name.

Rick sat on the bed. "Caroline, I'm sorry," he said. Rick emotionally poured out his heart. He told Caroline that it hurt him that Caroline was emotionally fulfilled by being with Ridge. "I want to be that person. Maybe I'm a little bit jealous," he said. Caroline apologized. "I didn't mean to make you feel that way. I'm sorry," she said. They embraced.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

In Rick's office, Caroline stared at a collaborated design and flashed back to her dream about Ridge. With a disturbed look, she shook off her musing. Rick entered and remarked that Caroline had done most of the work on it. "No, we did this. Ridge and I," she replied, staring at the sketch.

Rick said it was obviously not Ridge's work. Caroline asked Rick to keep quiet about it because Ridge wasn't ready to reveal his issue. "Neither were you. Even to your own husband," Rick responded.

Caroline left, and Eric arrived to say that they were two weeks behind in production. Eric thought it was great of Ridge to mentor Caroline, but Ridge needed to concentrate on his own work. Eric asked to see what Ridge had turned in so far, and upon reviewing the boards Rick presented, Eric commented that Ridge continued to grow and change.

Eric remarked that the lines on the gowns were beautiful, and with pride, Rick agreed. Eric wanted more designs, but Rick said it might be a problem because the designs were Caroline's, not Ridge's. Eric rendered a quizzical stare at Rick, who said Ridge hadn't produced a thing since Abu Dhabi. Rick felt that Ridge's loss was tragic, but there was no place for Ridge there.

Eric was visibly affected by the news about Ridge. Rick claimed that Ridge, who had Marone blood in him, had always pushed the envelope and had even tried to take the company from Eric. Rick didn't want to pay Ridge to do nothing. Instead, Rick wanted Ridge go to Paris while Caroline and Rick ran the company. "We're the future, Dad, and the future's already begun," Rick asserted.

In the CEO's office, Ridge froze while working on a rudimentary sketch of a gown. After thinking of guiding Caroline's hand, he slowly continued. Katie entered and was surprised to hear that he'd been working on his own sketch. She said it was good, but Ridge bashfully replied that it was just a start.

Katie believed that Ridge's talent was returning to him. Ridge said he didn't know how to repay Caroline for the help. Katie hoped that the development would improve things between Rick and Ridge. Ridge said the issue wasn't the designs; it was Rick being president.

Katie replied that it was merely a title, but Ridge stated that the title allowed Rick to make notes on Ridge's designs when Rick didn't know the first thing about designing. She suggested that Ridge talk to his father about it, but Ridge decided that his father was the root of the problem.

Katie assumed Ridge was alluding to the fact that Massimo, not Eric, was his biological father. Ridge said Eric had made Rick president because Rick was Eric's blood. Katie thought that the notion was ridiculous. Katie voiced Rick's concern about not spending enough time with his wife, and she felt that Rick and Ridge's issues would subside if Ridge stopped working with Caroline.

Later, Katie had gone, and Caroline was apologizing to Ridge for revealing the secret. Ridge wasn't concerned about it and said they should get to work. Caroline readily hopped on a stool at the drafting table and began to describe and draw out her ideas. Ridge liked what she was drawing. He placed his hand over hers, and the fine hairs on Caroline's arms rose.

Ridge noticed that Caroline's hand was shaking. Caroline acted as if nothing was wrong, but to her, it was getting hot in there. He didn't feel hot and wondered if she might be sick. Caroline stammered as she revealed that she was feeling something. She declared that she loved her husband, but "this" was so different. Ridge knew she loved Rick and agreed that it was different.

Caroline asked if Ridge felt it, too. Ridge asked how he could not feel it and remarked that two artists were working together. Caroline realized that he'd probably felt it thousands of times before with other artists. Ridge remarked that he'd always worked alone, so it was new for him, too. She relayed that when he drew with her hand, it was as if she felt what he felt.

Ridge explained that they were designing and creating things together. Caroline asserted that she wanted to keep working with him, and she thought about it all the time. She added that she dreamed about it. Touching her arm, Ridge said there was no reason to stop. She conveyed that they had to stop because it was blowing her mind. "These feelings are taking over me," Caroline confessed.

"Listen to me," Ridge responded. He believed that becoming emotionally caught up meant that they were designing something remarkable, and that was the way it should be. Caroline stated that she was discussing something more, something physical and intimate, and it was freaking her out.

Just then, Eric entered with Rick, and Caroline and Ridge peeled away from their close conversation. Eric said he knew that Ridge couldn't draw. Eric hugged Ridge, who responded that he hadn't wanted anyone to know. "Anyone? I'm your father," Eric replied. Ridge guessed that Rick had told Eric, and Eric replied that it should have been Ridge.

Rick asked about the production schedule, and Ridge replied that they were behind. Rick handed Ridge a folder with notes on the designs and requested the rest of the collection by week's end. Ridge questioned Rick's right to notate the designs, and Rick replied that he was the president.

Ridge asked if Eric had seen the notes. Rick suggested that Ridge show the notes to Caroline, who was doing the heavy lifting. Caroline said she and Ridge were a team. Rick contended that if Ridge and Caroline were an official design team, then Forrester should change the label or rebrand the line.

Claiming not to want to be heavy-handed, Rick said they needed a collection, and Caroline could deliver it. Caroline added that it would be with Ridge's help, and Eric asked how Ridge was helping. She said that Ridge just was. Rick challenged Ridge to draw something, and Ridge asked if it had really gotten down to that. Rick said he needed to know if Ridge could perform his duties as head designer.

Caroline called it unfair. Rick insisted that he had to do what was best for Forrester. She declared that Ridge was best for Forrester. Rick said it had been that way when Ridge had been healthy. Rick asserted to Eric that they needed to make a decision, and it was time for a change.

Eric stated that Ridge hadn't confided in him. Ridge replied that he'd thought it would pass. Eric said he would have helped Ridge, but Ridge exclaimed that he hadn't needed help. "No, you don't need anything from me anymore," Eric replied. Eric decided that it was indeed time for a change.

Standing behind his chair, Eric announced that he was stepping down as CEO. Ridge and Rick grew upset, but Eric said it was going to happen. Eric proclaimed that either Ridge or Rick would succeed Eric as the CEO of Forrester Creations.

In Bill's office, Bill carried Will around as he barked out orders to Justin. Alison noted that Bill had been a grouch since Brooke's departure. Alison left with Will, and Justin suggested that Bill get away for a while. Bill said he'd been thinking about it, and Justin warned Bill not to follow Brooke to Milan.

Katie arrived, and she and Justin curtly acknowledged each other as Justin exited. Katie and Bill discussed Will's choking incident, and she remarked that he'd saved their son. She noted that Bill didn't look so good. Katie was sorry about Brooke leaving for Italy and understood his pain.

Bill claimed that Brooke had blindsided him, and he'd only wanted to help her with her pain. Katie asked if Bill would have asked for help.

Instead of answering, Bill changed the subject to how Ridge was doing. Katie remarked that Ridge was struggling, but Bill said he'd heard that Ridge had improved and was working with Caroline. Katie replied that Ridge was relying on Caroline too much, and Rick was uncomfortable with the time the pair spent designing together. "And you?" Bill asked.

Katie shrugged, looking away, and Bill asked if Katie was jealous of Caroline. Bill decided that it was true, but Katie denied it. She added that, even if she was, Ridge would never cross the line. Bill concluded that Rick was jealous of Ridge. Katie declared that no one was jealous of anyone, but Rick wasn't okay with the time Ridge and Caroline were spending together.

Bill asked how Katie felt, and Katie admitted that she'd like more time with her fiancÚ. Bill asserted that Ridge was a well-documented playboy, and Bill's niece was smoking hot. "Need I say more?" Bill asked.

Friday, October 10, 2014

At Spencer, Katie was weirded out by the way Bill talked about his niece. Bill claimed he could smell jealousy on a woman, and Katie reeked of it. Katie asked if he was planning to finish puberty any time soon. She quipped that she knew him too well to assume he wasn't purposely being offensive.

Bill claimed to know Katie, too. In his view, she cared about time and attention, and she was worried about all the time that "Mr. Upstanding" was spending with Caroline. Bill theorized that the time was probably innocent, but nonetheless, Katie couldn't help but wonder.

Katie asked Bill not to peg her as insecure. Bill noted that Ridge was a cold fish, and it was hard to tell where one stood with Ridge. Katie disagreed, but Bill advised her to ask Brooke. Empathizing with Katie, Bill said that an engagement to Ridge would leave Bill unable to sleep at night, too.

Deciding not to touch that statement, Katie claimed not to lose sleep over Ridge working with Caroline or to be talking herself into thinking something was brewing between the two. Katie said Caroline was helping Ridge and giving him something Katie couldn't at the time; however, it might not be for much longer, and Katie trusted Ridge.

"No, you don't, and that's my fault," Bill said. He recalled that Katie had been loving and trusting when they'd married; however, he'd hurt her more than once, and he'd never forgive himself for it.

At the sky lounge, Maya nagged Carter into spotting her while she bench-pressed five-pound weights on a bar. He ditched her the moment he saw Ivy and claimed that his date was there. Maya became shocked, but Carter admitted to joking so he could watch Maya salivate over new gossip.

Ivy was curious about what was going on in Eric's office and figured that Carter, an executive, would know why Eric, Ridge, Rick, and Caroline had decided to meet behind closed doors. Maya quipped that she might be a low-level employee, but it was no mystery to her.

Maya conveyed her theory about Ridge and Caroline, but Ivy didn't buy it. Maya called Caroline unbalanced; however, Carter contended that Maya, not Caroline, had gone loopy after Rick's marriage.

Ivy doubted Eric had called a meeting about Maya's assertions. Maya agreed but explained that allegiances were shifting. She reasoned that Ridge had become a god to Caroline, and he held the key to Caroline's dreams. "And Caroline doesn't want to be merely someone's wife," Maya concluded.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Ridge noted that Eric always said he was retiring but never did. Eric stated that he hadn't said he was retiring; he'd said he was stepping down.

Eric hadn't minded being chained to his desk while he'd coped with Stephanie's death, but upon hearing about John's carefree lifestyle, Eric had pondered having a life like that for himself. With that in mind, he'd decided to leave Forrester to one of his sons to run. Caroline cited that Eric hadn't said which son would take over, and Eric asked her who he thought he should choose.

Rick wondered if Eric was sure about his choice. Eric said it had been brewing for a long time, and he wouldn't favor or punish anyone by his choice. Eric felt that Ridge, Rick, Caroline, Brooke, and Hope were integral to the company's success. Eric needed strong designs and leadership in his stead. Eric said that he'd talk to some people, but he wouldn't keep everyone awaiting his answer for long.

Eric left, but Rick soon found him in Rick's office. Rick wanted to know if someone was forcing Eric into the decision. Assuming Rick was referring to Ridge, Eric indicated that no one had, and Ridge had been focused on designing. Rick replied that Caroline had been designing for Ridge, who had to feel as if his chance at the CEO position was slipping away.

Rick said that Eric knew how Ridge could get, and Eric responded that he knew how they each could get. Rick, who was older and wiser than he'd been the last time that Eric had contemplated leaving, didn't look at Eric's departure as an opportunity. Instead, it was a great loss.

Rick felt that he'd been born and groomed to fill Eric's shoes, and "I look at it as coming into myself." Rick vowed that he and Caroline would be right there, maintaining the Forrester tradition.

Later, Eric arrived at the sky lounge to meet with Ivy, who wanted his approval on some jewelry designs. Eric asked if Rick had seen them. She said Rick had, and Eric decided that he didn't need to see them, because second-guessing Rick's work would be insulting. Ivy asked if there was a situation, and Eric replied that the situation was him.

Eric had never been jealous of his brother, but he'd started to wonder what life would be like if he didn't have to be at the office every day, and instead, he could be at the pool or travel. Ivy assumed that Eric wanted to retire. He quickly banned the use of the word. He said he'd be the CEO Emeritus and finally have his own office that he didn't have to share with everyone else in the building.

Ivy asked who'd take over. Eric stated that Thorne had lost the ambition, and for all of Felicia's assets, she wasn't a good manager. Eric figured that it would be Rick or Ridge. To Eric, Rick was more settled and had Caroline, who was invaluable. Ivy questioned if Caroline was as indispensible as Eric's sons. Eric doubted Ivy remembered Rick in his youth. Rick had been a completely different person back then, but Caroline's love and support had made all the difference.

Ivy noticed that Eric carried his heavy burden of leadership lightly. Eric admitted that it was an isolating position. He hadn't known what he would have done without Stephanie, who'd made his ambitions hers and had stood by him. Eric believed Rick had that same type of partner in Caroline.

Back in Rick's office, Maya arrived to hear how Rick had swooped in to save the day, regarding the crisis she'd heard about. Rick didn't see the day's events that way but revealed that an opportunity had arisen. He confided in her that his father was considering stepping down, and Rick was second in command. Maya asked about Ridge, and Rick figured Ridge would have reduced responsibilities.

Maya wondered what Caroline, who'd been working closely with Ridge, would think about it. Rick dismissively said Caroline and Ridge's collaboration was a temporary experiment. "Caroline and I are the team, not Caroline and Ridge," Rick declared. Maya asked if he was sure about it.

Maya tried to broach the topic of there being something between Caroline and Ridge. Rick stopped Maya from talking. He said he and Maya had been building a friendship, but badmouthing and planting doubtful seeds about his wife wasn't the friendly thing to do. Maya agreed and apologized.

Back in the CEO's office, Ridge questioned Caroline about her and Rick's knowledge of Eric's plans. Caroline claimed that it was the first she and Rick had heard of it. Ridge found it suspicious that it would happen at a time Ridge couldn't draw. "About earlier..." Ridge said, shifting topics.

Caroline exclaimed that she and Ridge would not talk about it, and she'd already made a fool of herself with a schoolgirl crush. Ridge asked if he could say something, and he revealed that he'd developed a little crush on her, too.

Caroline jumped with a start and asserted that she and Ridge shouldn't be talking that way. Ridge didn't think they should ignore it, and he said he needed her. "Well, that need will go away," Caroline declared. He asked her about the rest of it, but she said it had been her being stupid. Ridge revealed that she instilled confidence in him that he hadn't felt before.

Caroline tried to rationalize what was happening, but Ridge said they were creating things, which was what the business was about. Ridge claimed that the last time the business had been run by someone who hadn't been a designer, it had been a disaster. Caroline defended her husband's leadership. Ridge agreed that Rick was good at numbers and facts, but not art, design, and fashion.

Ridge had found it strange before when Eric has asked Caroline's opinion of who should lead the company, but Ridge discovered that it had actually been a pertinent question. Ridge felt that Eric was asking if Caroline wanted to be a great designer or an ornamental wife.

Ridge said he wanted Caroline to thrive. "And my husband doesn't?" Caroline defensively asked. He asked her to answer her own question, but she refused to participate. She admitted feelings and thoughts, but when the sun rose, they evaporated, leaving her with the life she'd built with Rick.

Ridge said that Rick wasn't worthy of Caroline, but she replied that it was the other way around. Ridge didn't want to see Caroline's greatness disappear behind a good administrator who couldn't discern original ideas. Caroline loved her husband and wanted him to have what made him happy. Ridge asked why she'd push Rick into a job that would make him miserable.

Caroline accused Ridge of asking her to turn her back on every promise she'd made to Rick. Ridge asserted that he was asking her to be true to herself. He brushed her hair aside and said he was asking her to be true to what was inside her. He recalled that their first time drawing hand-to-hand had been incredible. She asked if he was saying he'd leave Katie for her.

"I'm saying -- " Ridge started to say, and he swept Caroline into a kiss.

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