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Maggie Wurth
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Actor History


Died on May 11, 2012 after being poisoned by Heather Webber (Time of death 3:25 pm)


Physician specializing in pediatric medicine


Formerly Memphis, Tennessee

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages






Flings & Affairs

Steven Webber (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Schemed with Luke Spencer to create a diversion at the hospital so she could sneak into the lab [Nov 18, 2011]

Helped Steven Webber cover up the murder of a patient in Memphis [prior to Nov 2011, revealed Jan 12, 2012]

Health and Vitals

None known

Brief Character History

Dr. Maggie Wurth made her initial appearance in Port Charles on Halloween when she donned a clown costume and lurked around the hospital. She listened to conversations around the hospital and paid close attention to the topic of Lisa Niles. Maggie did not reveal herself until a few weeks later when she entered the hospital and ran into her former colleague and lover Steve Webber. Steve asked Maggie why she had sneaked around the hospital on Halloween and Maggie revealed that she collected enough information on that day to realize that the hospital needed her on staff. She reminded Steve that he had asked her to come to Port Charles when he had been Chief of Staff at the hospital and talked briefly about their time in Memphis. Steve warned Maggie their time in Memphis was over and they did not need to discuss it. He had moved on personally and professionally and he introduced Maggie to his girlfriend Olivia Falconeri.

Steve remembered Maggie's unconventional ways in Memphis and he asked her not to make waves since he had recommended her for the position. Maggie ignored Steve's request and instead jumped in to treat Steve's nephew Aiden after he was brought into the hospital covered in bruises. The current Chief of Staff, Robin Scorpio Drake, banned Maggie from treating Aiden because she had not filled out the necessary paperwork to be considered on staff at the hospital. Maggie argued with Robin and insisted the child's life was at stake. Robin agreed to work with Maggie and they examined Aiden together.

Maggie had a hunch that she knew what was wrong with Aiden but she needed test results to confirm her diagnosis. She enlisted the help of Aiden's grandfather Luke Spencer. She asked Luke to create a diversion so she could sneak into the lab. She returned with a diagnosis and made arrangements for Aiden's care and he made a full recovery.

In the weeks that followed, Maggie continued to allude to a secret she and Steve shared and she accused Steve of only bringing her to Port Charles to ensure her silence and made it clear she wished they could be more than friends. Steve made it clear he was committed to Olivia and asked Maggie to leave Port Charles. He shared that a local mobster Johnny Zacchara had discovered they shared a past in Memphis and planned to blackmail him over it. She responded by kissing him and reminded him that she could give him redemption for what had happened in Memphis and they discussed that Steve had killed someone there.

Steve's girlfriend Olivia remained suspicious of Maggie's intentions toward Steve. Maggie called Steve away from Olivia often so he could consult with her on various patients. Olivia confronted Maggie and accused her of trying to break up what she had with Steve. Maggie admitted that she had wanted to know if she and Steve still shared a connection but he had turned her down because of his feelings for Olivia. Maggie later explained to Steve that it was better for Olivia to think their association was romantic instead of the truth.

Maggie and Steve were concerned when they learned the case involving the death of their patient was being reopened. They reminded one another to stick to their version of the real story and they discussed this at a charity event at the Metro Court. Olivia was jealous to see Maggie with Steve and Maggie admitted they were having an affair. Steve later confessed to Olivia that he and Maggie were not involved romantically but were connected instead through a crime that involved the death of a patient.

Once Olivia knew the truth about the secret Maggie and Steve shared Maggie felt as though Steve shut her out while he focused on his relationship with Olivia. When Maggie confronted Steve about his distance from her Steve explained that he had been busy dealing with his mother Heather Webber. She had recently been released from a psychiatric care facility into Steve's care.

Maggie met Steve's mother at the hospital when she caught her looking at confidential hospital records. Heather fought Maggie for the papers and Maggie incurred Heather's wrath after she made a comment about Heather being crazy. Heather issued Maggie a warning but both women were soon distracted when they learned that Steve was in the custody of the Memphis police after he was accused of murdering a patient.

Heather remembered that Maggie had worked with Steve in Memphis and she asked Maggie to write a letter of recommendation on Steve's behalf and then she asked Maggie to take her back to Steve's apartment where she had been staying. Unbeknownst to Maggie, Heather had stolen a lethal dose of medication from the hospital and she mixed the medication in a glass of iced tea. Maggie ingested the poison and died. Heather cleaned up the evidence and forged a suicide note in which Maggie confessed that she, not Steve, had killed the patient in Memphis.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

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