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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 31, 2007 on GL
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Monday, December 31, 2007

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, none of CBS's four daytime drama series aired new episodes. The holiday has been accounted for in the schedule and there will be no lost or "missed" episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008.

Tuesday, January 1, 2007

Due to CBS Sports coverage of The Gator Bowl, the entire CBS Daytime lineup of daytime dramas The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light was preempted today.

This preemption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this special sports coverage.

Regular broadcasting will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd and pick up where the action ended onFriday, December 28th.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2007


Buzz continues to anguish over the secret about his election. A bouquet of congratulatory flowers from Bill sends him into a panic to find Marina or Cyrus. He pounds down Harley's door looking for Cyrus. Inside Harley's, she and Cyrus awaken to the noise and discover that they have been asleep in Harley's bed-naked. They wonder what happened, but Harley doesn't care. She has to answer the door. She rushes down in her robe and answers the door. Frantically she tells him Cyrus isn't there and Marina isn't there. She tells him how proud she is of him and rushes him away from the house.

Meanwhile at the Beacon, Ava and Bill climb out of bed, excited that, once Buzz swears in as Mayor, they will have everything they want. Ava goes down to Company and wows Coop with her looks. At CO2, Bill tacitly threatens Buzz again about the Main Street project. Buzz swears that he did not fix the election. Bill knows that, but says that someone fixed it for him. Buzz wants to know what information Bill has. Bill doubts that, if he gave Buzz ironclad proof, he would go back to flipping burgers. Buzz thinks he just might if it will wipe that smile off Bill's face. Bill figures he'll just cut his deal with Mayor Doris and be on the first bulldozer that crushes Company.

Returning to Company, Buzz is bombarded by reporters asking him if his parents will be proud of him. Shaken, he enters the restaurant. His supporters cheer and Buzz gives Lillian a hard kiss. She wonders if he is okay. He asks everyone not to gloat about Doris's loss. They explain that they are happy the good guys won.

Meanwhile, Harley looks around her house for Cyrus but he snuck out. At the Beacon, Cyrus goes to his room to find Buzz outside. Buzz asks Cyrus to do a job for him. He wants Cyrus to keep Bill away from the ceremony today. Cyrus agrees. As he goes into his room, Mallet runs into Buzz. He wants to talk to him about some information he got about the election. He talks about his tip on Einstein. Mallet suspects that Doris wanted Einstein to fix the election. He thinks that this is the rumor that Buzz has been worried about. He assumes that the election was about to be fixed but never was. He pats Buzz on the back and says that the best man won.

Buzz wanders to the church. He finds Ashlee there in a pew. He thought she was going away to attend a wedding. Ashlee makes up an excuse that she's on her way. She tells him that he'll be the best mayor Springfield has ever had. She thanks him for giving her mother a job. As she leaves, he gets a call from Marina.

They discuss Einstein. He informs Marina that Mallet investigated and is dropping the case. Marina tells him that she found Einstein. He admitted to fixing the election so that Buzz could win. Buzz asks Marina to stop digging and just come home. Marina wants to come home because she seriously misses Cyrus.

Zack calls Buzz. He's very excited about the ceremony. He needs for Buzz to pick up his tie from Harley's. Buzz goes to Harley's, unlocks the door with the key under the flowerpot and goes into Harley's bedroom, where Zack said the tie would be. He finds the tie. He's about to leave, but Cyrus knocks on the bedroom door. Buzz hides and Harley comes out in her towel.

Cyrus tells Harley that he left something earlier. Harley chuckles that it was his underwear. No, he forgot his phone. Buzz's eyes widen as Harley says that she thinks they've seen enough of each other naked for one day. Cyrus leaves and Harley goes back into the bathroom.

At Company, Frank, Coop and Zack want to get Buzz ready. Frank is glad that Marina is on her way home. When Frank expresses his pride over Buzz, he says that the family is the one thing they can always count on. Outside, Buzz finds Doris on the steps. She is still working on his speech. She decided to edit his speech and make it sound more like the Buzz they know and love. She tells him that he has an honest genuine affection for people. She would kill for a moment that she can feel liked. Buzz asks her to write, "I like people and people like me." Bashfully, Doris doesn't want to do that. They're just words. Buzz says that a speech is just words until they are put into practice. He thinks that Doris is too hard on herself. She frowns a smile and writes the words. She says that she doesn't know how to be liked. Buzz says he doesn't know how to be mayor. Perhaps together, they can teach each other.

Lillian comes to collect Buzz. Once they are inside, Ashlee shows up at the door. Only Buzz and Ava have noticed her arrival. Ava hustles her outside, still in earshot of Buzz. Ava threatens to blow Ashlee's election secret out of the water if she doesn't leave. Buzz hears the whole thing. Ava goes back inside. Before Ashlee can leave, Buzz finds her outside to thank her for his victory.

Ashlee admits that she had leverage over Einstein to make him fix the election. She wants to take the fall for it, but Buzz cannot allow Ava to hold it over Ashlee's head or allow Bill to use it either. Ashlee thinks Buzz will have the power to do good, but Buzz shakes his head. She insists that Springfield needs him. He's a good man and she doesn't want him to forget it. Tearfully she leaves.

Coop comes to collect Buzz. Buzz asks him for a quote about a king who is going into battle the next day. "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown," Coop says. Buzz thinks that line is perfect. Buzz goes in to get ready for his speech. After he's ready, Zack and he are alone in Company. Zack wants to be with him. When he grows up, he wants to be mayor like Buzz.

On Main Street, Buzz goes to the patriotically decked out podium. He imagines that Cyrus and Harley are in the front row, kissing, saying that who cares about Marina if they have each other. When he shakes his head, Cyrus and Harley sit regularly amongst the people. He looks at Ava and Coop and daydreams that Coop tells Ava that he doesn't want Ashlee anymore because she cares more about going to her old roommate's wedding than being there with him. He envisions next a fight between Doris and Ashlee in which Doris tells Ashlee that she fixed the election and lost Coop anyway. She disowns her. He comes back to himself as Frank starts the ceremony.

Lillian holds the bible as Buzz swears in. In the middle of his speech about his forefathers and their journey to America, he starts to trip up. Buzz discards his speech. He tells the crowd that he is a regular man who has made many mistakes. He thought the election could atone for those mistakes and make his family proud of him. The crowd cheers when Harley yells that they are proud of him. Buzz says that he has two loves: family and Springfield. He believes both are in crisis right now. If he is to be the man everyone thinks he is, then he must be honest. He says that he didn't win the election. He announces Doris won it. It was fixed.

He tries to leave, but Frank grabs him. His family doesn't want to believe it's true, but Buzz insists he told the truth and leaves. Doris takes the podium and explains to everyone that if she is indeed mayor, she will punish whoever did this to the fullest extent of the law.

Alone inside Company, Buzz destroys campaign decorations as a song plays, "everyone's waiting to see what I'm gonna do. It's hard to stand under that weight, to be eight feet tall..." He shuts off the lights and settles down into a dark booth.

Thursday, January 3, 2007

Lizzie happens by Ava just outside Bill's room, and they trade quips about Bill and their relationship with him. Lizzie says how she is the one who turned him down, and advises Ava that he'll use her and hurt her. Ava tells her that she isn't needy like Lizzie is because she has Coop. Lizzie retorts by sarcastically asking "So it's just meaningless sex with Bill? Does Bill know that?" Ava snips right back, asking if Bill knows that Lizzie is hung up on him. Lizzie denies that she is, but Ava responds in a way that lets Lizzie know she may be fooling herself but not Ava, then walks away.

Lizzie gains entry into Bill's room and calls Dylan to report that she's in to get more info on Bill, but then gets distracted by seeing his shirt, picks it up, smells it, and smiles, then tries to convince herself to get some self-control! Then she goes to the Lewis Construction office, where she and Bill discuss their different styles of doing business. She makes him an offer: the Main Street project goes, and she stays. Things become more intense as each continues to try to get the upper hand on the other. Lizzie makes moves on Bill, and he tells her that he needs more - he needs to hear her say that she wants to be with him. Just then, Ava arrives. Bill quickly escorts her outside to separate the two women, and he talks to Ava in such a loud way for the purpose of making sure Lizzie hears him say that he and Ava have to stop seeing each other because he wants something more permanent. Ava enters the office again to confront Lizzie over Bill. After Ava leaves, Lizzie asks Bill how much of that was real and how much was fake, then she leaves, and Bill follows. At Bill's door, Lizzie flirts with Bill, and they enter his room and begin to take off their clothes. As they fall into bed together, Lizzie reminds him of what he said to Ava, that he wants the real relationship and no more meaningless sex, and asks if this is the real thing while in the throes of passion, and Bill agrees, also while in his throws of passion.

Doris marches into the police station demanding to see Chief Cooper. When she gets treated with disrespect at first, she announces that she was just sworn in as mayor of Springfield and is ordering a complete investigation. Bill arrives with flowers for her to congratulate her. He tells her that he is all ready to go ahead with the plans to bulldoze Main Street. Doris tells him there's been a change in the plans, the plans that leave Company standing, and she won't allow that now. As she's giving a press conference, Frank enters and tells the cameras to leave. She tells him she invited them, then loudly adds, for the benefit of the press, that she believes the people have a right to a fair vote. Frank tells her that she's on his turf and that this situation will wait. As Doris agrees to leave, she comments that she doesn't like the color of the station, and thinks aloud that she needs to send a memo to the new chief (meaning she'll replace Frank as chief) that the color of the station should be changed to royal blue.

Later, Doris is on Main Street with reporters explaining how Main Street will completely change. Ashlee walks past while she is working at CO2. While they put on their appropriate public faces, Doris tells Ashlee that she hopes she can see the Coopers for the cheaters that they are. Ashlee suggests that Doris just drop it now that she won, but Doris doesn't agree with that idea.

Marina warmly greets Cyrus when he comes home. Cyrus, however, seems to be distracted and sad. When he begins to tell her why, Marina says she knows about the election being fixed, and guessed that Buzz couldn't go through with the inauguration for that reason. She tells him it's the reason she was out of town, investigating who was behind fixing the election for her grandfather. He tells her that while she was away, he was working on a project himself. He then tells her that he got her detective badge back. Marina isn't happy about this, saying that now he and Harley get what they wanted - to run the agency without her, and she walks away, leaving a stunned Cyrus standing alone. Later, when Marina returns, he tells her that he expected a more positive response. Marina seems to be somewhat suspicious of Cyrus and Harley's close working conditions, especially when she finds out that they both worked to get her badge back. When he tells her that he might also leave the agency, and she asks why. He makes the excuse that he gets bored, but Marina sense it's something else, such as being concerned that he and Harley are getting a little too close. With a solemn look on her face, she leaves to go talk to her grandfather, and Cyrus goes with her.

Marina and Cyrus arrive at the diner, looking for her grandfather. They don't see him, and Marina goes to look for him upstairs. While she is doing that, Harley re-enters the room and sees Cyrus. As they talk, she tells him that Buzz can see what's going on with them, and that she now knows that she needs to be responsible and do the right thing, which means keeping a distance, and not turning to him every time she gets the shakes. He tells her that he is happy to help her, but she tells him that it doesn't help, because she's afraid it wouldn't strop there and she's not sure she wants it to. Cyrus can see her pushing him away and becomes upset about that, and as they are sharing an intense goodbye, Marina re-enters the room and sees this and looks as if she just caught them at an awkward moment. But Harley covers by showing her joy and relief at seeing Marina, saying they have to stick together as a family, to which Marina appears to see the irony in Harley saying that, while being close to Marina's boyfriend. When Harley tells them that she'll catch up with them at the police station later, Cyrus asks if she's ok, and Marina gives him a suspicious look. Harley makes an excuse that she is worried about Buzz, then says she won't go with them, saying she needs to call a lawyer for Buzz. As soon as Marina and Cyrus leave, Harley begins to have another panic attack, and fights her temptation to call Cyrus.

Ashlee finds Coop on Main Street and expresses her sadness over what happened to Buzz. Coop is touched by seeing how much she cares about him and the whole Cooper family, but Ashlee's tears and remorse come from somewhere else - her knowledge that she is the one that fixed the election, and her fear of the repercussions of that. Coop leaves Ashlee to go talk to Frank.

Later, Ava arrives and she and Ashlee argue. When Ava tells Ashlee to confess to rigging the election to see how Coop will react to her then, Ashlee retorts that Coop wouldn't appreciate the fact that Ava held this over her head. Ava tells her to tell Coop and see who believes.

As Buzz is alone sweeping the diner after announcing the election was fixed, Harley is outside, trying to get him to let her come in to help him through this situation. Buzz lets her in, and Harley asks if the election fixing is true. Buzz tells her that it is and that he knew about it and almost went along with it. He adds that eventually, one must take responsibility for one's own actions, and Harley accurately picks up on the fact that he is trying to tell her something. When she asks, he shouts at her: "What the hell are you doing? I was there. I saw you with Cyrus!" Harley tries to explain that there isn't anything going on, then tries to explain that she and Cyrus shared an experience that no one can understand, but Buzz, who is also relating to his own election experience and confession, tell her that sometimes it simply comes down to what is right and what is wrong, and that he made a tough choice because he wanted his family more than anything else, and in doing so he is subtly suggesting that Harley make that same choice, rather than pursue something with her niece's boyfriend. Harley goes to splash water on her face, and Buzz steps outside, where two police officers arrive to arrest him. Buzz says he was expecting them, and goes with them quietly.

At the police station, Frank tries to get Buzz to reveal who he is protecting by not saying what he knows about the election fixing, but buzz won't say a word. Coop enters. Frank knows Buzz doesn't have the skills to fix an election, but thinks Coop does, as the educated one in the family, and has a reason to go after Doris. Coop accuses Frank as also being capable of fixing an election, and the two of them get involved in a shoving match, when Doris appears to see the Coopers in such disharmony.

Buzz asks Frank to speak to Doris alone. Buzz, who has now seen another side to Doris, tells her that she's afraid that if she tried to be loved by the people of Springfield that it might not work, and that is why she puts her strong front on again now that she is in power. He adds that if she takes care of the people who dine at his place, they will not only like her, they will love her. At her core, this is what Doris really wants but is afraid of trying and failing to get it. She stands strong in her ways, determined to not let her guard down again, and still plans to follow through with her plans for the Main Street project.

Later, Coop argues with Frank, trying to get Frank to lighten up on Buzz, but Frank wants to handle this by the book. Coop tells him to go out and find whoever it is that fixed the election. Just then, Ashlee walks in and says to ask her who did it. Buzz orders her out of there, but Ashlee refuses to leave. Buzz shouts loudly at her to leave, but she doesn't, and then confesses that she was the one who fixed the election.

Friday, January 4, 2007


Harley, alone, is beginning to have an anxiety attack at Company. She calls Marina's but when Cyrus answers, she does not say anything and hangs up. She calls again. This time, Marina answers and Harley tells her she needs her. When Marina arrives, an upset Harley opens up about the panic attacks she has been having ever since the explosion. In a shaky voice, she states that she was trying to keep her problem to herself. When she admits that she feels weak for having the attacks, Marina consoles her that is not the case. Harley tells Marina that Cyrus has helped her but she just wished the problem would go away on its own. Harley states that she always wanted to be someone that Marina could look up to. Marina tells Harley about how much she admires her. She informs Harley that she has people to lean on.

Cyrus is now at the rehab center since Dinah asked to see him. Dinah tells Cyrus that she needs him to help her with a list. Part of her rehabilitation includes making amends to all the people she has wronged. Cyrus thinks that is a good idea. Dinah tells him her problem is she cannot remember the names of the people they scammed in Europe and needs him to help her. Cyrus cannot believe she wants him to list his crimes in print and refuses by saying that he is too busy today. Dinah asks if he is busy with Harley. The question startles Cyrus. Dinah tells him maybe he should make a list. Or doesn't Marina know how he feels about her aunt? When her question starts to make him upset, she apologizes but insists that she is on his side. He and Harley could have a good life together. She goes on to say that while Marina is nice and fun, Harley is complex---like one of those safes he used to love to crack. Cyrus insists again that there is no him and Harley and leaves.

Bill and Lizzie are his construction site office. Things are getting hot and steamy and they begin taking each other's shirts off. While he kisses her, Lizzie tells him she wants to hear that she is the only one for him; that he is committed. Bill tells her what she wants to hear and when he looks like they are about to make love, she gets up and excuses herself so she can make herself look extra special and tells him to have his pants off when she returns. When Lizzie returns, she tells Bill that she wants to do something really exciting. When he asks what she had in mind, she mentions doing it outside. When Bill (in his underwear) walks out) Lizzie suddenly locks him out. Bill begs her to let him in but Lizzie blasts him for being selfish and caring for no one but himself and for doing to her what he is doing to the Coopers. When it becomes apparent that Lizzie is not going to let him in, Bill runs off. While getting dressed, Lizzie sees a clipping in Bill's wallet. Curious, she takes it out and sees that it is a picture of her. Later, Lizzie goes to the rehab hospital (probably to visit Billy) and overhears Dinah speaking in her group therapy session. Dinah is talking about relationships. How she met a guy who was complicated and they wound up saving each other.

Ashlee admits to Frank and Coop that she rigged the election. In his cell behind her, Buzz tries to get her to stop but she presses on. Coop accuses her of lying but Ashlee insists that she is telling the truth. At this point, Doris barges to inform Frank that she told the press that whoever is responsible will be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law and she will not allow family connections to impede the process. Buzz tries to warn Doris to shut up during this speech to no avail and Doris learns that Ashlee confessed. Later, Doris is present when Ashlee makes her statement. Doris refuses to believe it and thinks the Coopers are responsible. She states that something like this takes a calculating mind, leading Ashlee to ask if she is not smart enough. Ashlee convinces her mother by stating that the man who helped set this all up she met through Doris. Ashlee talks about how Doris was going to demolish Main Street and the Cooper's restaurant. She states that she was trying to set things right. She did not count on Doris becoming human, at least for a little while. The Coopers plead with Doris to be lenient but Doris insists that nothing has changed. She needs to stand behind the statement she gave the press. While being led out, Ashlee states that she would do it again only (looking at Doris) better. Before Ashlee can be taken to a cell, Coop asks for a minute alone with her. Coop tells Ashlee how sorry he is and tells her he knows he only did this to help his family. Ashlee is then led away.

Still at the station, Coop asks Frank what he can do for Ashlee but Frank says nothing could be done. Frank warns Ashlee that things could go badly since Ashlee does have a criminal record. Coop insists that should not count since she was only in juvie. Frank reminds him that she shot a man-it does count. Frank starts to say that he is sorry for what happened which gets Coop upset and he storms out.

Doris arrives at the Beacon to find Bill outside his room in his underwear. Bill spies a suit that has been dry-cleaned outside his neighbor's door and steals it so he has something to wear. His predicament amuses her and she asks for details. As Bill is about to tell her his story, an angry Coop comes barreling down the hall to talk to Doris. Bill quickly intercepts him by slamming him against the wall. An upset Coop asks Doris if she cares that her daughter is in jail. He rants that the people in this town will not just stand by and let her bulldoze his father's restaurant. When Bill tries to get Coop to leave, Coop asks Bill what happened to him and stalks off.

As Marina continues to comfort Harley, Buzz calls. He wants them on Main Street where he will be making a public statement. Later, Harley spots Cyrus on Main Street and she tells him that she had a panic attack but Marina helped her. Cyrus wonders why she did not call. Harley says she did but she wanted to talk to Marina; not him. Suddenly a reporter comes to take a picture of Mr. Cooper's daughter and her boyfriend. Harley quickly corrects him. He is not her boyfriend. She pulls Marina into the photo and states that they (Cyrus and Marina) belong together. Afterwards, Harley asks Marina if she sent her a text in Cyrus's name the other day. Marina admits that she did and was glad that Harley set her straight. Harley assures Marina that nothing is going on. Cyrus is with her. She admits that she and Cyrus do have a connection because they almost died together. Marina chimes in that she understands that and is trying not to be paranoid about things. Marina warns Harley that Cyrus is a flirt. Harley assures Marina that she does not take flirting seriously. She tells Marina that she would never hurt her by taking her man from her. That would be beyond wrong. Their exchange is overheard by Cyrus.

Back at the police station, Ashlee is trying to get a message out to Coop but is informed that is not allowed. As Ashlee is being transferred to prison, Doris arrives and privately tells the officer to take very good care of her daughter. She warns him that some inmates might know that she is her daughter. After asking the officer again to take very good care of her daughter, Doris walks off with a distraught look on her face.

Later, Buzz asks Harley to introduce him before he makes his statement. He asked Frank but he refused. Harley tells her father that she would be honored. Buzz tells the press that he owes everyone not only an apology but also an explanation. He talks about how much he wanted this job. He wanted to be the mayor of this city that he loved. He explains that he should have respected the wishes of the people of this city but he wanted this so badly that he was willing to step on anyone's toes. He sees Doris on the side and tells everyone that now the duly appointed mayor can be sworn in. He is letting go and walking away.

Coop, now drinking heavily from a whiskey bottle, arrives at the Lewis Construction office and steals the Main St. plans. He exits the building and after drinking some more decides to burn the plans. After setting fire to the plans, he throws it in the building. Unbeknownst to him, Bill is now working inside. Bill sees the blaze and suddenly the blaze explodes before he can get out.

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