One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 9, 2004 on OLTL

Paul helped Rex in an insurance scam and robbery involving Lindsay's gallery. Dorian was worried about Kelly. Nora and Bo were trapped in a meat locker. Carlotta and Angelina were missing. Riley and Jen kissed. Blair and Todd plotted against Asa. The guys at the Love Shack practice for a strip show.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 9, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, August 9, 2004

Nora is going away with Daniel, but Daniel tells Riley that he is not sure how Nora feels about him. Natalie reads a letter from Viki in which Viki tells Natalie that no matter what, she will always love her and Natalie will always have a home. Paul calls Roxy to let her know about Natalie's new plans to transfer all her money into a fund for her children. Roxy ropes in Paul to help her change Natalie's mind. Natalie accidentally sees Evangeline and John in the hallway laughing and kissing.

Jen may know something about the bones that the Love Crew found. Jen discovers Julie's secret eating habits. Jen hears crying, but can't find the source. She runs into Riley. Riley and Jen kiss.

John tells Antonio that Sonia knows more than she is telling and she may have formed a new alliance with R.J. Antonio is not surprised and guesses that R.J may have done business with the Santi family in the past. John learns that some kids may have seen a body in the water at the quarry. R.J reminds Sonia that he just did her a major favor and he is calling in his marker. R.J asks Sonia to have the gallery robbed so that he may claim the insurance money. Sonia is impressed by R.J's devious nature.

Anotonio fills in Jessica on his conversation with Tico. He tell her that Tico had lied about meeting his father. Jessica tells him that she has an interview with Sonia scheduled, so she will try to get some information. Antonio warns Jessica to be careful around Sonia because he doesn't trust her.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

A body is found at the quarry. Evangeline and John make a date to see Casablanca. John and has Capricorn's alley searched again. John teases R.J. with information on the body that washed up. John also mentions to R.J. that they found fabric fibers in the alley and forensic will find a match. R.J looks worried. R.J. ropes in Rex to hijack the truck carrying the insured paintings to Philly.

Kevin let Kelly know that he moved up the divorce trial date. Dorian and David try to get a psychologist for Kelly but they couldn't without Kelly's consent. Evangeline finds a distraught Kelly sewing up one of Ace's plush toys. Evangeline suggests to Kelly that she see a psychologist but Kelly said she saw a doctor and he prescribed her some pills that are really working. Kelly talks to Ace and tells him how much she loved him since she first laid eyes on him when she brought him into the world.

Todd and Blair try to get in good with high society by applying to the country club. Todd gives a big check and Blair promises one member that his car can make the cover of Craze. As they were accepted, Kevin comes along and tell the members about Todd and Blair's past. They were no longer accepted. To get back at Kevin, Todd let it drop that he is the new owner of Craze.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

At the Love Shack, the girls egg on the guys as they practice their uncoordinated dance steps for the upcoming strip show. Mark shows up and suggests a change in music might help, which leads to the usual taunts from Nick. Later, Mark thanks Jen for sticking by him with Marcie. Marcie receives an upsetting letter and dashes out, dropping the letter on her way. Nick has a new target to taunt when he reads her latest rejection notice on the publication of her novel. Mark has a connection though, and states that he's willing to pass it on, after he delivers a mean right hook to a more than surprised Nick.

Dorian runs into Evangeline at the diner and they express concern over Kelly's mental state; she also shares anxiety with Carlotta regarding Adriana and River. They fret over the fact that the Santis have moved to Llanview, bringing possible harm to the family with them.

Praying that she's not pregnant but convinced that she is, Adriana calls to speak to River, but learns he's in New York City, auditioning for Julliard. Tico shows up and convinces his reluctant sister to go out with him. When she goes upstairs to get ready, he places a call and asks a favor of the called party; he wants River accepted to Julliard, as he has someone more suitable for Adriana in mind.

Jess visits Lion's Gate to interview Sonia but when Sonia receives a phone call from John telling her to come to the station to talk, she's put off once again. At first Sonia will not allow her to remain in the house alone with Angelina, but after pouring the older woman a glass of sherry to "relax her" and whispering to her to keep quiet, Jess is allowed to stay and wait. Once Sonia is gone, Angelina expresses her fear. She gives Jess a quick history of the Santis; of how Tico's mother and older brother were killed by a car bomb which turned Manuel forever evil and how a disrespectful Sonia came to stay, never knowing her rightful place, which was actually beneath the Santi clan. She wonders how Dorian could have married such an evil man. She asks Jess to get her out of the house to see Carlotta, which Jess is only too happy to agree to.

Divulging that he had a connection to view the victim's body, Michael informs John that the man had a very current and new type of surgery which will narrow down the search for his identity. John suggests that his brother might want to go into forensics but refuses to disclose any information on the case. Evangeline works overtime on getting any dirt she can on Kevin. Sonia shows up, denies recognizing the victim's photo and plays elusive overall, especially when John suggests they work together. She also takes offense to his asking about her relationship with R.J., who may possibly be working to avenge Jaime Padilla's death (according to John). In fact, she piques John's curiosity when she quickly comes to R.J.'s defense. John warns Evangeline that R.J. has been called in and will complain about being harassed, along with blaming it on their own new relationship. They also expect a problem due to Sonia's new friendship with R.J.

Michael learns of Marcie's rejection letter and tries to comfort her but by this time the Love Shack gang is to her rescue. Mark discloses his novelist acquaintance while everyone consoles Marcie and gives her positive reinforcement. The group also votes to keep Shannon away from the project as she is the most likely suspect in destroying on-site property. They want her to stay back at the house and do whatever is needed there. She learns that Marcie is the only one who believes she's innocent. Marcie considers heading to her father's house, when she learns that her brother Eric is headed there to admit his upcoming marriage to his partner. Michael offers to go with her.

Arrivals: A surprised Dorian welcomes home a revived Adriana who goes upstairs to rest. When River calls, Tico grabs the phone and reprimands the young man that he was warned not to call. Perturbed, Dorian reminds Tico that River is her grandson and furthermore, it's her house. A frantic Sonia arrives home and learns that Angelina has left the house, thanks to Jessica. She rushes back out to look for her. A just returned Tico apologizes for her behavior and the ruined interview but an undaunted Jess has questions for him instead. She wants to know about El Tiburon, The Shark.

Dorian breaks the news to Adriana, that River has been accepted to Julliard.

Carlotta wants Sonia to stay away from Antonio, but Angelina cannot promise this. She admits that she's unable to control Sonia.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

After being trapped in a meat locker during an armed robbery, Nora and Bo realize that they have been in this predicament before. Daniel is confused as to Nora's disappearance since they had been looking forward to spending time together. Matthew informs Daniel that Nora and Bo made plans to spend the weekend with each other.

Spying Carlotta and Angelina in a suspicious conversation, Antonio believes the two are keeping secrets from him. Tico warns Sonia to keep Angelina in line. Later, when Jessica gives him information she found, the two share a dance.

Betting away all the money that Natalie had deposited into their savings account, Paul tries to convince Kevin to give him an advance on his paycheck. When Kevin refuses, Paul reconsiders assisting Rex with the gallery heist.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Antonio and Jessica are puzzled as to why he was sent a letter tied into the deaths of Isabella and Manuel Santi II. When he later goes in search of Carlotta, thinking she'd have answers, he's surprised to learn that she abruptly left town. He confronts Tico, who says he hasn't a clue as where neither Carlotta nor Angelina went.

Bo has a MacGyver moment and gets he and Nora freed from the meat locker. Nora gets a message from Daniel, saying he left for the weekend without her. Hoping to clarify the misunderstanding, Nora hurries off to find him.

Tico continues to tell Kevin only what he absolutely needs to know and nothing more. When he gets a folder filled with info about Kevin, Tico confronts him. At the same time, Blair and Todd set their scheme in motion to make Asa think he's going batty so they can steal his mansion from under him.

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