One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 2, 2004 on OLTL

Custody of Ace temporarily switched back to Kelly. Viki agreed to interview Travis' mother for a job. Mark divulged that he was gay. Michael, Marcie, and John learned that the bones they'd found possibly belonged to someone named Amy Dunham, who had been involved with a Charles McBain. Adriana purchased a pregnancy test. Antonio grew closer to Sonia.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 2, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, August 2, 2004

David stall tactics worked. The police and Kevin left La Boule without any information on Kelly's whereabouts. Kevin vows to get Ace even if it kills him. Kevin sends an employee over to entice David into giving up Kelly and Ace. David declines on the offer. Kelly takes Ace to visit Melinda. Melinda believes Ace to be her baby boy Paul. As Melinda tries to take Ace away, Dorian comes just in time to calm a confused Melinda. Kevin discovers Kelly was in Boston and waits for Dorian's plane to arrive at the airport then has her followed to La Boule. The police removes Ace from a distraught Kelly.

Jessica tells Viki she believes Paul is only after Natalie's money and he could get her hurt. Viki invites Paul to dinner so they can get to know each other. Nora asks Evangeline about her relationship with John McBain. Evangeline confesses that being with him excites her; he excites her.

Viki approves the stripping benefit. Marcie goes full speed ahead and tries to recruit Ron. Marcie gets news that her brother Eric and his boyfriend are getting married. Ron is livid at the idea. He wants Marcie to call Eric back and tell him to cancel the wedding. Marcie adamantly refuses. Their argument is witnessed by Mark. Though Mark tried to stay out of the fight even when Ron asked his opinion on same sex marriages, he decides to come clean with the group and announced he is gay.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Dorian is very concerned for Kelly. Adriana is two weeks late. Adriana is sure she is pregnant. Tico hosts a formal dinner at Lion's Gate. Tico gives each guest a sentimental gift. Jessica got his mother's wedding veil. Tico introduces his governess from Madrid, Angelina. Carlotta is shocked to see Angelina; this reaction was not missed by Antonio. Jessica tells Tico that she won't stop until she knows the whole story about the Santi family.

Natalie wants nothing to do with Jessica. Viki has dinner with Paul. Todd expresses his distrust of Paul to Viki. Natalie finds out about Paul and Viki's dinner. Natalie confronts Viki, who denies any underhanded tactics to get Paul out of her life. Natalie didn't buy it. Natalie makes a call to Kevin, she wants to give away her entire trust fund.

Blair slowly cons Asa into helping her destroy Todd. Todd and Blair have a good laugh and think of what to rename Asa's mansion when they move in.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Michael stops by the police station pick up Marcie for their date and to translate the forensics report on the newly found bones at the community center site. The girl died of a broken neck and other broken bones and either jumped, fell or was pushed. John claims to be having fun working the cold case while off duty though he admits to his brother that he's sort of seeing someone. Thinking it's Nat, Michael gives him some advice and is surprised to learn that it's someone else. Deciding to have their date consist of aiding John, Michael and Marcie help to dig up further information: a young girl named Amy Dunham disappeared around 1955, she was engaged to someone from the Lord family and was last seen going into the Angel Square Hotel. When the couple becomes too amorous, John heads out. After he leaves, Marcie locates an old report that mentions a possible arranged marriage with young Amy not being very happy. She was apparently having an affair with a gentleman who later became a suspect and he was named Charles McBain. Michael is unaware of any relative by that name. The arranged marriage bit leads to a discussion of Marcie's brother Eric and his upcoming marriage to his partner which then turns into an argument when Michael expresses his disapproval.

Rex is ready to take Natalie to the psych ward after she admits to putting all of her money into a trust fund for her possible future children. She insists that Paul is fine with it though Rex can hardly believe it, contending that Paul is only after her money, as any guy would be. The same as he is with Adriana, queries Nat? Money is only too much trouble, she continues. She tosses Rex out of Rodi's as John arrives and asks her what's wrong. She inquires after his relationship with Evangeline and John admits that it's complicated. She takes him up on his offer to play pool.

Dorian wants to leave Tico's party early due to her concern for "her girls" but before she goes, she confesses to searching for his father's fortune, claiming that it was only for Adriana, which Tico hardly believes. Dorian questions his own motives, especially with his half-sister. David invites him to visit the Craze office; Dorian urges him to visit Adriana. Carlotta admits that she likes Tico and Antonio shows his daughter's picture to Angelina, who says she's happy to be back with Tico and Sonia, though Jess and Antonio think she appears nervous and scared. Each time that Antonio gets close enough to question Angelina, Sonia intercedes and finally suggests the woman go to her room. Antonio becomes entranced with the locket the former governess is wearing and swears he's seen it previously. Tico goes out after his guests leave. Sonia orders Angelina to bed and tells her to stay away from Antonio.

On the way home, Antonio questions Carlotta about Angelina but she has nothing to say. He and Jess are confused and think that something strange is definitely going on. Later on in Angel Square, Sonia studies her tarot cards. Not liking what she sees, she demands that the statue tell her why this is happening. A sudden burst of thunder and lightening, followed by a downpour, send her scrambling inside, to Rodi's.

Antonio and Jess have fallen asleep but Antonio has a disturbing dream involving the locket and a particular tarot card, The Tower. He awakens and takes off.

Adriana takes a call from River who tells her he's leaving for NYC unless she gives him a reason to stay. He professes his love but she refuses to speak with him and hangs up. Acting on Dorian's suggestion, Tico arrives and offers to intercede with River on Adriana's behalf but Dorian firmly tells him she'll handle it. David manages to switch the subject to Craze again. Dorian attempts to give Tico a watch handed down from his grandfather but he refuses to accept it. Later in the evening, Dorian catches Adriana retrieving her date book, which she has perused several times already. Refusing the toast that Dorian offers for her upset stomach, she discloses that she's not sick but still upset over River and Shannon. Dorian tries to console her when she begins to cry.

Tico spots River and warns him to stay away from his sister, issuing a veiled threat. Jess discovers that Antonio is gone and goes out to look for him. Running into Tico, she tells him that Antonio has a lot on his mind. Tico suggests they find a place to eat and talk. They head for Rodi's where Antonio has already shown up and encountered Sonia. He asks for help in analyzing his dream and mentions that he's seen the locket. Jess and Tico spot them just as Sonia grabs Antonio's hand in a gesture of sympathy and support.

Dorian worries about Kelly and Adriana; Adriana prays. Dorian also suggests that David is jealous over her attention to Tico.

Antonio and Jess leave; John notices that Jess and Nat are not speaking to each other when Antonio stops by the pool table. Nat explains that it's over money; she tells him about her trust fund plan, which he thinks is great. There's nothing but misery over money, he tells an impressed Nat. Sonia informs Tico of Antonio's dream but they're interrupted by a phone call that Tico takes. They will have to move fast, he advises her upon ending the call.

Thursday, August 5, 2004

A preliminary hearing is held to determine temporary custody of Ace until the trial. Kevin's lawyer accuses Kelly of being a liar and trying to run away with her son. Kelly defends herself, saying that she just wanted her mother, Melinda, to meet her grandson, and then she returned to Llanview. The judge awards temporary custody to Kelly. Evangeline warns Kelly that the trial will be much tougher and they need to prove that Kevin is an unfit father. Evangeline privately tells Dorian she is concerned about Kelly's mental state and suggests some therapy sessions might be good for her. When Kelly is alone, she swears that she will kill Kevin before he can take her son away from her again.

Adriana buys a pregnancy test, but is interrupted before she can use it.

Upset that Travis will be going back to New York when camp is over in a week, Starr and Travis go to Llanfair to ask Viki for her help. Starr asks Viki to hire Travis' mother as her executive secretary at the university so they can move to Llanview. Viki agrees to interview Travis' mother, but can't promise anything else.

Dorian also comes to Llanfair to ask Viki for her help. Dorian wants Viki to convince Kevin to drop the custody battle for Ace. Viki says she would like to do that, but Kevin won't listen to her, they are not even speaking to each other at the moment.

Asa tells Kevin that he saw Blair and Todd fighting because Todd was Ace's father. Knowing that Todd isn't Ace's father, Kevin becomes suspicious about what they are really up to. Kevin goes to the penthouse to confront them, but they insist Asa had it all wrong, Blair just accidentally spilled a drink, she didn't throw it at Todd. They try to convince Kevin that Asa is getting senile to keep Kevin from learning about their plan. Todd realized that Asa had given Blair a small piece of property in the divorce settlement and they are trying to figure out how to use that to take possession of Asa's mansion.

After learning from Mark that he is gay, Nick heads to Llanfair to insist Viki let him out of completing the project. Viki refuses and suggests he speak to Roxy about his room assignment if he feels it is a problem. Back at the house, Roxy suggests that if Nick is unhappy with the current room arrangements, he can go and sleep in the garage.

Friday, August 6, 2004

When Antonio asks Tico about his financial state, Tico insists he wants nothing to do with Manuel's fortune.

Later at Capricorn, R.J. tells Sonia that he used to work for Manuel. With gun in hand, R.J. rushes to Sonia's rescue when a man named Octavio threatens her.

John learns of shots being fired at Capricorn. He hurries to the scene and confronts R.J. and Sonia. John later meets up with Evangeline, and they mutually agree to proceed with their relationship slowly.

Viki begs Kevin to end his vendetta against Kelly and to end his pursuit to take Ace from her. Todd discovers that Blair owns a whole lot more of Asa's land than he is aware of. In fact, it looks like Blair owns the land that Asa's mansion is on!

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