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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 2, 2004 on GH
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Monday, August 2, 2004

At Sam's trial, Ric accuses Sonny of buying a confession from a death row inmate to save Sam from going to jail.

Alexis, however, gives a killer argument and gets Sam's conviction overturned. She later overhears a Sonny admitting that Ric was right on the money with his theory.

Dillon, dressed as a woman, is hit on by Simon, who later admits that he knew all along who he really was. Brook Lynn is more determined than ever to keep Lorenzo away from her mother. Lois is upset to learn that Lorenzo does, indeed, have ties to organized crime.

Tracy takes a picture of Edward as he kisses a conniving Heather. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Quartermaines, they are being watched by hidden cameras in the mansion. Later, Alan is eliminated from the competition for Lila's estate.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Ric and Alexis decide to prove that Sonny lied under oath at Sam's trial. Ric learns of Sam's brother, Danny, and goes to the bike shop to confront him for himself. When Jason walks in on Sam as she is packing up her bags, he asks her not to leave.

Feeling responsible for his injury, Courtney insists that Jax stay with her at the loft while he recuperates. Lorenzo decides it's time to dispose of Faith and Jason and set a plan in motion to do just that. Meanwhile, Monica is the next to be eliminated from the competition for Lila's inheritance.

Simon thinks it's a great idea for Dillon to dress as a woman for the all-girl band and encourage him to continue with the ruse. Dillon's views on how he thinks women want to be treated leaves Georgie more than a little angry. She decides to teach Dillon lesson by enlisting Lucas to hit on him while he's dressed as "Astrid."

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Alexis and Ric agree to team up to destroy Sonny and send him to prison. Sam assures Sonny that she's staying in Port Charles but isn't going to try to win him back.

Courtney admits to Jax that she will always love Jason even though she knows they can't be together.

At the Cellar, Nikolas sees Emily and Lucky's closeness and gets jealous. He drowns his sorrows in liquor and lashes out at his brother. After Nikolas throws a punch, Lucky has Nikolas arrested for assault.

Brook Lynn learns of Georgie and Lucas's practical jokes and heads off to L&B. Once there, she rescues "Astrid" from Lucas's amorous pursuit. Georgie hopes that Dillon learned his lesson about what women do and don't want from a man

Thursday, August 5, 2004

Edward sits at the boathouse. Heather finds him there. He tells her about his first wedding anniversary with Lila and how they danced at the boathouse under the moonlight. Edward tells her that today is his wedding anniversary. Heather offers to dance with him. He gets upset with her for suggesting the dance. She tries to apologize for any misunderstanding but Edward won't listen and tells her that she could never replace Lila even if she tried and accuses her of being in cahoots with Tracy to make him lose Lila's inheritance. Heather walks off. Later she returns to apologize for suggesting in any way that she could replace Lila and tells him she was only trying to comfort him. Edward sits there silently and doesn't respond. Emily finds him still sitting at the boathouse and tells him she knows it was his and Lila's wedding anniversary and how they use to dance there under the moonlight. Edward finds great comfort knowing that Emily remembered what the day meant.

Liz shows up at Kelly's to meet with Bobbie. She tells Bobbie that she really respects and likes Bobbie and that she wants her honest opinion. Bobbie asks her what she wants to ask her. Liz asks her if she thinks she would make a good nurse. Bobbie tells her that nursing is a great profession that can be hard at times been very rewarding at the same time and encourages Liz to pursue a nursing degree. Liz calls Audrey over. Liz tells her about her plans to be a nurse and realizes that Audrey found out some other way and was waiting for Liz to tell her. Audrey assures her that she is very happy about the news.

Emily shows up at the police station to see Nikolas. She tells him she is planning to pay for his bail. Nikolas rejects her help and tells her that he doesn't want to owe her anything and that the problem is that she expects too much from him and asks her to leave him alone. Lucky turns on the intercom from outside the holding room so he can hear their conversation. When Nikolas starts yelling at Emily to leave him alone, Lucky walks in and tells Nikolas to stop blaming his problems on her and that he got himself into his own mess. Emily points out to Nikolas that he is acting jealous even after he keeps telling her he doesn't feel anything for her. Nikolas' head starts to hurt from being hung-over from the night before and asks them to leave after telling them they are his big problem right now. They leave him alone. Mac tells them that someone else posted bail for Nikolas. Mac goes into the holding room and informs Nikolas that he has been released on bail. Nikolas thinks Emily tried to post his bail and tells Mac that he doesn't want to be released on bail by anyone and to let him stay in jail. Mac tells him that he doesn't have that choice any longer and that the decision has been taken out of his hands. Suddenly two men in blue attendant coats come in and grab Nikolas by each arm and haul him out of the holding room. Helena shows up at the police station to see Nikolas after posting his bail. Nikolas is shocked and asks her if she is having him committed and claims repeatedly that he isn't crazy. Helena tells him that he is going to be having a psychiatric evaluation first and that he needs his rest right now. Nikolas fights with the two attendants and breaks free momentarily from them. Lucky grabs Nikolas by the arm and pins it behind his back and while the other attendant lets go, Lucky whispers in Nikolas' ear that he is going to let him go and tells him to run out of there as fast as he can. Lucky lets him go and Nikolas runs out of the police station and eludes the two attendants. Emily realizes that Lucky helped Nikolas escape and is grateful to him. Helena tells the cops that since Nikolas had assaulted Lucky and took off the situation is now a police matter again. Mac tells Lucky that she is correct and has to put out an APB out on Nikolas but doesn't look too happy with that fact. Lucky suggests to Emily that she get home and he will call her later. Lucky is left alone with Helena. Helena tells him she knows he helped Nikolas escape and that he better be careful since he isn't as good an opponent as his father. Lucky tells her not to bet on that and realizes that she is only interested in Nikolas because he has ownership to the Cassadine estate and that she is actually broke and that is why she is trying to make Nikolas look crazy. Lucky gives her some money and tells her it is to pay a cab with. While Emily is sitting at the boathouse alone, suddenly someone puts his arm around her neck and puts his hand on her mouth to muffle a scream. It turns out to be Nikolas.

Jason brings Danny to a halfway house to hide him out. Danny worries when he doesn't see Sam there and wonders when he will see her again. Jason tells him that he needs to hide out there for awhile. He gets Danny interested in staying put when he tells him that the room has a satellite dish and he can get tons of sports channels to watch. Jason gets a call and tells Danny to stay there and he will be back soon. Meanwhile, Carly pays Sam a visit across the hall at Jason's. She accuses Sam of living with Jason just so she can get close to Sonny again. Sam tells her that she can live on her own and raise a baby as a single mom if she needed to and that she planned on leaving town but Jason stopped her. Carly accuses her of setting up that scenario, knowing how generous and selfless Jason is and how he would want to help her. Sam denies using anyone and asks Carly if she is so insecure that she thinks that Sam could get between her and Sonny again. Carly warns her not to use Jason or she will regret it. Sam kicks Carly out of the apartment. Ric shows up soon after and demands to see her. Max stands by the door to protect Sam. Sam tells Max that she will be fine to talk to Ric alone. Ric tells her that he is re-opening her case again and that he will get proof that the death-row inmate lied and who's family was paid off by Jason and Sonny in return. Ric surprises Sam when he tells her he has met her brother Danny and that he gets the impression that Danny always tells the truth and that he plans on finding out where Jason is hiding him and will bring him in to testify. Meanwhile, someone shoots through the window in Courtney's bedroom while she is talking to Jax, who is recovering there. Jax and Courtney manage to dodge the bullet and fall to the floor. Courtney crawls on the floor to the window and looks out but finds no one there. Jason slams through her room with a gun pointed at them. He asks her if she is alright. Courtney asks him how he knew what happened. He tells her that he has had one of his men watch her apartment for a few days. Jax tells him that Faith probably shot at them and that she was the one who shot him the first time when she tried to get him to help her escape and he refused. Jason tells them he will handle Faith. After Jason leaves Jax grabs the phone and is ready to dial the police. Courtney grabs the phone from him and tells him not to call the cops on Jason. Jax isn't too pleased with how she is willing to protect Jason still. Courtney tells him she doesn't want Jason to get hurt and to let Jason handle things. Jax tells her that Jason will probably kill Faith and that he isn't happy about that even if Faith did shoot him. Courtney doesn't think Jason will kill Faith. A uniformed cop shows up and tells them that shots were reported being heard from this address. The cop knows who Courtney is and asks her who she thinks shot at them. Courtney tells him she doesn't know and Jax doesn't tell the cop anything either. The cop asks her if she is covering for her brother or ex-husband. She tells him she doesn't know anything. After the cop leaves, Jax informs her he is leaving too. He gets dressed and packs his bags. Courtney tries to persuade him to stay so she can help take care of him. He tells her he will be fine at his own place. He tells her that she has a decision to make about where her loyalties belong to and walks off. Jason goes to Alcazar's. Alcazar hired the shooter to shoot at Courtney's apartment and miss on purpose so Jason would think there is a threat against her. Jason insists on seeing Alcazar. Jason asks Alcazar where he is hiding Faith. Alcazar denies knowing where Faith is hiding out. Suddenly a rain of bullets start flying through the window at Alcazar and Jason. Alcazar thinks Faith is behind the attempted hit on them. He tells Jason he knows where Faith is hiding and shows him on his computer where he has been tracking her movements. Jason tells him he doesn't trust Alcazar and will take care of Faith. Alcazar tells him she should be landing in Port Charles by that night. Jason leaves, with Alcazar pleased that his set-up of Jason is working. He calls Ric on his cell-phone and informs him that Faith will be returning to Port Charles and that she will be on the pier at 10 p.m. and that Sonny and Jason will probably be there waiting for her. When Ric gets off the phone he finds Sam there. Sam walks up to him and tells him she set the fire with the intention of killing her mother just as Jason walks in moments later and hears her false confession.

Friday, August 6, 2004

On the grounds of the Quartermaine estate, Nikolas found Emily. She warned him of his grandmother's intentions and how Helena had always been obsessed with control over him. Lucky shouted for Emily from afar; even though Emily swore that Lucky could be trusted, Nik hid. Emily lied to Lucky and said she had not seen Nikolas. Overhearing Lucky speak about wanting to help, Nikolas revealed himself. They heard someone coming, so Nikolas hid again, just before Tracy arrived on the scene. Tracy accused Emily of fooling around with Lucky, grounds for elimination from Lila's challenge. Tracy exited, and Lucky did, too, when he received a page, leaving Nik and Emily alone. The two appeared to grow closer.

Ned overheard Lois leaving Alcazar a phone message. Lois insisted that nothing romantic was going on between her and Alcazar, but Ned was concerned and knew that their daughter was concerned as well. Lois tried to explain that Brook Lynn's issues with Alcazar had more to do with wanting her parents back together than anything that was truly happening with the reputed gangster. Alcazar showed up, and Ned told him to stay away from Lois and from L&B. Lois asked Ned to leave, and then she questioned Lorenzo about the mysterious phone call she had overheard the night before, about a shipment set to arrive. She wanted to know if he was smuggling something, and he denied that. Lois said that she wanted to believe him and that she was scared of that. When asked why, she answered that things that seem too good to be true usually are.

Jax invited Courtney to Kelly's to discuss a compromise. He offered to take her on an extended vacation to avoid any danger from Faith or a possible mob war. Courtney believed Jax's motives were about getting her away from Jason. Jax considered going to the police regarding the shootings.

Sam confessed to Ric that she had set the fire, and Jason arrived at the police station to stop her from saying anything more. Alexis arrived, and she advised Jason to leave and not obstruct the investigation. Worried that her brother would be forced to testify as a witness, Sam continued her false confession. She also claimed not to know the man on death row who had also confessed to setting the fire and swore that Sonny had nothing to do with it, either.

At the penthouse, Sonny and Carly received a visit from Sam's brother Danny, who was looking for Sam. Jason arrived, so Carly took Danny into the kitchen for cookies. Jason let Sonny know that Sam was at the police station, confessing to the fire. Sonny left for the police station, leaving time for Carly and Jason to talk. She said that she understood why Sam was protecting Danny. After Jason left with Max, Courtney arrived, looking for her ex. Carly said she thought Jason and Max were going to Pier 52 to intercept a shipment, and Courtney wanted to know if they could be waiting to ambush Faith. Carly did not know anything about that, and Courtney was worried that Jax might alert the police that Jason was after Faith. Courtney raced to the docks, found Jason and warned him. Jason stated he knew what he was doing and told her to leave.

Jax found Mac at the police station and told him that Faith had been the one who shot him and that he believed she had shot at him and Courtney earlier in the day. Later, Courtney and Jax met again at Kelly's, and she admitted he had been right for going to the police for their protection.

Sonny arrived at the police station. When Sam noticed him, Alexis informed her that it was too late. Ric let his brother know that Sam's confession was on tape, and Sonny asked, in the name of their mother, for Ric to leave with him. Ric agreed but first went to Mac regarding what he knew about the plans against Faith. Assuming Sonny wanted Ric with him as an alibi, Ric played along while Mac got the police ready. Sonny took Ric to the safe house to speak to Danny. They learned that Danny had knocked over lit candles at his mother's house, starting the fire. Knowing Sam had not committed the crime, Ric handed Sam's taped confession over to Sonny, who destroyed it. For once, it seemed as though the brothers were working together.

Aboard Alcazar's yacht, Faith was feeling caged, not allowed on deck or able to see out the portholes. She believed she was on her way to the Caribbean, unaware that Alcazar was planning on the yacht docking back in Port Charles with her enemies waiting. On Mac's orders, Lucky went to the docks, where he witnessed an explosion in the harbor. Spotting Jason and Max, he told them they were under arrest. At the safe house, Ric received a phone call from Mac who informed him that Sonny had blown up the yacht that was carrying Faith back to Port Charles. Carly showed up at the police station and told Sam that Sonny had taken Ric to Danny. Sam was quite upset, but Carly let her know that she wasn't going to let her husband get charged for perjury. Carly later ordered Alexis to keep Ric from filing perjury charges or the truth about Kristina's parentage would be revealed.

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