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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 2, 2004 on GL
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Monday, August 2, 2004

Gus has found Harley, unaware she's just viewed the tape that proves he covered for Alex, and he's ready to tell all to her. But he gets a shock when she lashes out, rejects his explanation and tells him it's too little too late. Gus tries to tell her how horrible he's felt lying to her and how he wanted to put things right between them before getting married. But Harley says that all the suffering Frank has had to endure as a result of Gus's actions is too much. She tells him she can't go through with the wedding and she walks out, leaving him devastated.

Frank has gotten a note from Darci telling him she's left town, too embarrassed about her past to marry him. Frank then spots Alan making his way across the courtyard, apologizing to the wedding guests for the delay. Frank sees red, attacks Alan and pulls a gun on him that he's not supposed to have because of the suspension. Ross, who'd been ready to focus his attention towards Alex, is there to witness the altercation, and Frank's back in the same hot water he'd just managed to escape from.

Buzz tries to give Alex the opportunity to come clean about what she's done but remains stoic to the end. So, Buzz does what he knows he must and gives the evidence proving Alex's guilt to Ross. By the end of the day, Alex is arrested as Gus, Alan and Buzz look on.

Jeffrey fears Dinah has returned to the States and more specifically, to the Spaulding mansion where Cassie is waiting for the wedding to begin. Meanwhile, Dinah runs into Edmund at the Beacon and starts a conversation.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Alan informs Alex the judge has denied her bail. Alex begs Alan to help her out. Buzz arrives to see her. Alan reminds Buzz of the importance of forgiveness, remembering the Carrie disaster. Buzz asks Alex to tell him the truth. He forgives her. Buzz tells Alex he cannot forgive her for hurting his kids. He asks Alexandra to confess in order to save Frank. Alex fears if she confesses, she will go to prison for a long time. Buzz leaves. She shouts and yells about being treated like a criminal, and wanting to see Ross. When Ross arrives, Alex tells him that she wants to make a deal. She tells Ross she wants to help Frank. He informs Alexandra that no one can help Frank.

Friends and family offer support via answering machine to Harley, who is not taking any calls. Gus calls and speaks to the answering machine, begging Harley to reconsider. She refuses to answer the phone. Harley arrives to see Blake. She consoles Harley. As Blake is helping a customer who suspects his wife is having an affair, Harley lashes out at the man for being with his wife if he cannot trust her. She scares the man away with her hurtful hysterics. Gus calls again and speaks to the answering machine. No answer. Harley asks Blake if she would ever get involved with a Spaulding again if for some reason there was no Ross. Blake replies with an honest 'no'. Harley fears she has failed the kids. She turns Gus' picture over. Marina arrives with ice cream to see Harley. She also brings a dart board full of pictures of Alexandra and other Spauldings.

Frank begs Ross for help in finding Darci, who has run off and left town. Alan arrives, and insists he wants justice. Ross tells him to go home. Frank arrives at the Beacon looking for clues to where Darci might have gone. No success. Ross tells Harley about Darci leaving Frank. Blake and Harley fear Alan will pressure Ross to fire Frank. Blake and Ross share a welcome embrace. Frank knocks down Gus' apology. He tells Frank how he tried to get Vinnie Salerno to confess. Frank says he will never forget the look on Harley's face when she saw the tape.

Olivia notices Emma is gone. Beth tells Gus to break through Harley's tough exterior. Olivia storms in and accuses Beth of stealing Emma. Beth informs her there's nothing to worry about, and for her to check her email. Olivia checks her email, and finds a live web cam of Phillip and Emma on a vacation together. Phillip tells Olivia to read the fine print in the divorce - and tells her he doesn't know how long he and Emma will be gone. He tells her he is at the place where Gus and Harley had been due to honeymoon. Olivia tells Alan about the divorce. Alan asks Olivia when she will be leaving. Via live video webcam, Alan and Phillip discuss the big plans for Olivia.

Ross lets it slip to Blake that he is worried about Dinah. She asks Ross if he as heard from Dinah. Ross' answer is interrupted by a call regarding Alexandra. Blake asks Ross if "Dragon Lady" is asking to see him. Ross replies "Dragon Lady" is demanding to see him.

Frank and Buzz arrive to see Harley. They all share the ice cream. The Coopers play darts with the board containing pictures of the Spauldings. Harley offers to help Frank find Darci. Blake and the kids arrive. Harley tells the kids Gus is not here, and they are not getting married. Gus arrives to see Harley.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Bill finds Dinah is not in his room where she is supposed to be. She arrives and announces she visited the cemetery and put flowers on Hart's grave. Dinah tells Bill she also saw Eden's grave. She asks what happened to Eden. Dinah promises Bill that since she is here, everything will be all right. She questions his involvement with Olivia. Bill advises Dinah to go before Blake arrives and sees her. Dinah expresses her old anger for Cassie, but tells Bill she has let it all go. She swears she is telling the truth. Instead of going home as she promised Bill, Dinah sneaks out to the farm! She has not been there since the day she shot at Cassie. Hart jumped in front of her just in time so he, not Cassie, took the bullet. And now, years later, Dinah returns to the scene of her crime. Upon seeing the living room's new decor, Dinah feels Cassie never loved Hart, and also tried to erase her, too. She reaffirms her love for Hart. In her mind, Dinah hears the old gun shot which led to Hart's death. Searching the living room floor, Dinah notices there are no blood stains left; Cassie got rid of those, too. Dinah browses the photos on the mantle and runs a letter opener sharply along a framed photo of Cassie. Just then, RJ walks inside. Dinah sees Hart's eyes in the child. She introduces herself as an imaginary friend. RJ tells Dinah a nanny is watching him, but she is outside. Dinah tells him they can have some fun together. RJ asks her to play dinosaurs. She tells him their friendship has to be kept a secret. Suddenly, Cassie calls RJ from outside, as Dinah looks for a way out so she won't be seen.

As Tony lies shirtless on the beach, along comes Michelle in a bikini. Suddenly, it is not Michelle; it is Sheryl. Tony realizes he has had another dream about Michelle. At the Beacon, Danny and Michelle run into Reva. She asks Michelle to report to the studio to check out the television show. At the beach, when Sheryl goes to the car to get her sunscreen, Michelle really arrives. Tony asks her to stay away from him. He tells her to also stay out of his dreams. Michelle lights up at the suggestion, and Danny overhears Tony's statement. Tony says it was more like a nightmare and goes on to explain a phony version of the dream. Danny asks to talk to Tony alone. Michelle leaves to discuss Fifth Street business. Danny asks Tony if he has a thing for Michelle. He counters Danny, and says he has dreams about Vinnie, too, but it does not mean he wants to sleep with him. Danny points out Tony's fondness for a challenge. Michelle returns. Danny puts lotion on her. Tony and Sheryl prepare to leave the beach. Michelle warms up to Danny's affection. The linen closet at the hospital was the craziest place they ever made love. Amnesia stricken Michelle kisses Danny. Danny leaves for a meeting, while Michelle prepares to head to Reva's studio.

Olivia shares news of the divorce with Bill. She says she is going to bury Phillip and asks for Bill's help to do so. He asks if it is really worth it. Olivia begs some more, and Bill tells her he will think about helping. Meanwhile, Reva advises Bill not to buy what Olivia is selling. He questions her biased opinion of Olivia. Reva lands an interview with Vinnie Salerno. Upset, Olivia informs Bill she has just found out the divorce papers were filed.

Gus arrives to see Harley. Buzz tells him to turn around and go as Frank looks on with the same feeling. Marina closes the door on Gus. Harley wants to hear what he has to say and opens the door. Gus wants to see the kids, Harley says no. Gus gives Frank a lead on where Darci may be. Harley begs to talk to Gus alone. He tells her he wishes he could go back and start things over. Gus asks Harley how he can earn her trust again. She compares him to the Spauldings. Gus points out Harley used to like it when he lied before. Harley says this time is different and blasts Gus for trying to send Frank up the river. Gus asks Harley if she would send Buzz to prison. He reminds her he is the same guy he was before. Harley rejects Gus' pleas. She asks Buzz to see him out. Harley informs Gus she will pack his things. Buzz says Harley should have come first. She cries alone, as the ice cream from yesterday is still on the table with the spoons in it. Gus moves into the Spaulding mansion.

Cassie flips when Tammy sports her car washing gear: a bikini top and shorts. She proclaims the outfit is good for business. Cassie tries to blame Alan for putting such scandalous business ideas in Tammy's head. Reva arrives at that moment and confesses to Cassie. Cassie sits Tammy down, and tells her it is not about the clothes, it is about being happy with who you are. She asks Tammy why lose herself just to get Joey. Cassie asks Reva why she gave bad advice to Tammy. Reva counters by asking Cassie from where all this anger is coming. Cassie explains her anger is due to the imposter.

Thursday, August 5, 2004

Cassie almost catches Dinah with RJ. While clutching the letter opener, Dinah tells RJ that they must remember the secret - Cassie cannot know about her. Just before Cassie discovers them, she receives a visit from Jeffrey O'Neill. Cassie wonders if it is more than a social call when she asks about the imposter. Jeffrey informs Cassie that they have lost track of the imposter. Jeffrey then tells Cassie he wants to talk to her about the Vinnie Salerno trial. Cassie asks if Jeffrey is concerned that the imposter may show up here. When Jeffrey and Cassie go inside the farm house, RJ tells them about his imaginary friend. RJ insists that she is real. When RJ goes outside to the nanny, Jeffrey tells Cassie that the imposter could come here. Cassie begs Jeffrey to find her. When Cassie leaves to go back to the Beacon, Jeffrey mumbles that the imposter wouldn't dare show her face here. Later, Jeffrey hangs out with RJ. After showing him how to dip cookies, he asks RJ about his imaginary friend. Blonde, pretty, did she speak of Cassie? Jeffrey suddenly leaves. Does he know Dinah is in Springfield?

At the Beacon, Edmund receives a message from Dinah. Edmund flashes back to his initial meeting with Dinah, and how she told him about knowing Jeffrey O'Neill. Tammy passes Edmund on her way to the beach. Edmund asks a store worker about Dinah. When Dinah shows up to meet Edmund, he expresses his doubt in her information. Dinah tells Edmund that they will do things on her terms. And stresses not to tell anyone. Dinah informs Edmund she can help him answer the question as to why a man who looks exactly like his dead brother, would suddenly show up and move into Cassie's hotel.

Joey and Lizzie return to the beach, to re-attempt the selling of Joey's CDs. Joey questions Lizzie's feelings for him. Lizzie insists she wants to help him. Just then, Tammy arrives in beach attire. And Joey takes notice. Tammy says hello during the moment. Tammy announces that Lizzie used Spaulding power to shut the car wash down. Lizzie apologizes. In private, Lizzie makes a call on her cell phone saying "we're on." Joey gives Tammy a copy of his new CD, and tells her that most of the songs are about her. Lizzie interrupts another moment between Tammy and Joey. Lizzie promises to make Joey a star. Later, Lizzie brings a record producer along who is really impressed with Joey's singing . Though a small label, the record producer says he cannot sign him - but buys all of his CDs to promote. A look crossed Lizzie's face, as if she had something to do with this. Joey leaves to tell everyone the good news. Lizzie meets up with the PHONY record producer, who was playing Joey after all. Off in the distance, Tammy records the meeting on her cell phone camera. Lizzie gives the phony producer some money, and tells him to destroy the CDs.

Josh, Shayne, Marina, and Danny all arrive at the beach. Josh and Danny talk a little bit about Michelle. Then, Danny asks Josh when he can expect a first check. Josh informs that it will be soon. Shayne and Marina meet a boy from Bosnia who likes baseball. Shayne gives the little boy some scholarship money to buy a new mitt. Danny picks up on Marina's anxiety. And Marina picks up on his regarding Michelle. Shayne tells Josh that baseball and his recovery are very important to him. Josh asks Shayne what he really wants. Shayne asks Josh for his help on that issue. Danny and Marina establish that they are in the same boat.

Cassie apologizes to Tammy about the car wash. Tammy points out the reasons why Cassie should be happy. Tammy calls herself a loser when she feels that Lizzie has won. Later, a hotel clerk tells Cassie that Edmund had a very important meeting.

Reva informs Michelle that she is going to interview Vinnie Salerno. Michelle says she wouldn't miss it. When Reva suggests that it's not a good idea, Michelle insists to be there when the interview takes place. Reva then tells Michelle that her accident wasn't one. Reva continues and says Vinnie Salerno was behind it, but Michelle was not the target. Wrong place, wrong time. Michelle asks Reva to include her on the interview. Reva tells Michelle that she must stay in the background, and to ask Danny first. Michelle patiently waits while Reva and Vinnie Salerno get "re-introduced" before the interview. When the guard opens the door, Vinnie sees Michelle. He asks her in, and wants to know about her miraculous recovery. Despite Reva's disapproval, Michelle comes in. Michelle declares that she does not recall Vinnie. Vinnie says that he remembers her, and runs down the times that they were in each other's company. Vinnie reminds Michelle of how she and Danny put him in jail. Michelle says she still does not remember anything. Danny calls the studio looking for Michelle. He turns on the TV set. Meanwhile, a riot breaks out at the prison where the interview is taking place. The place goes under lock down. No one gets out, not even Reva and Michelle.

Friday, August 6, 2004

During the interview, Salerno guiles Michelle into asking him questions about his past involvement with Danny while Reva does her best to change the topic of conversation.

During all this, Danny learns of the interview and races to the prison, arriving just as Salerno reveals that it was Danny who set the bomb that nearly killed Michelle.

Dinah offers Edmund a deal to work together and ensure that Jeffrey O'Neill never sets his sights on Cassie. Dinah admits she has her sights set on Jeffrey and against his better judgment, Edmund agrees to work with her. Later, Dinah secretly calls Jeffrey to convince him she is still safe and sound in Europe. Meanwhile, Cassie is leaving the Storefront when she hears someone approaching from behind. She quickly whirls around and comes face to face with her follower.

Gus can't get through to Harley, and he can't stand being cooped up at the Spauldings, so he goes to drink his troubles away. But, he winds up in a confrontation with some barflies and is soon tossed out into the street. Lying on the ground, he looks up to see a hazy female figure standing above him.

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