All My Children Recaps: The week of August 2, 2004 on AMC

Ryan told Jonathan the truth about his marriage to Greenlee. Ryan and Greenlee fought their mutual attraction to each other. Babe continued to defend JR. Kendall conspired with JR to keep Ryan from winning a bidding war. Jamie went back to jail. Liza overheard JR and Adam plotting against Babe.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 2, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, August 2, 2004

A stunned Greenlee asked Bobby to explain his feelings and he could only say it was a combination of like, lust, and love. He said he was as surprised as she was by his feelings and can't stop thinking about her. She told him she loves Ryan and Bobby questioned Ryan's love for her. Bobby commented that Ryan doesn't look at Greenlee the same way he looks at Kendall. He urged her not to be a consolation prize and reminded her that Kendall will never give up on Ryan. He told her she deserved more than second place. She suggested he leave, and he apologized for speaking without thinking. He left, telling her he really does care about her and will be there whenever she needs someone to talk to.

At the Valley Inn bar, Jonathan tried hard to understand Ryan's confusion over his feelings for his wife and Ryan explained everything. Jonathan left and Ryan joined Zach, wanting to talk about mutual friends, like Maria Grey. Zach congratulated Ryan on his white knight attitude for the Kane women and now Maria too. Zach did confirm a past relationship with Maria and said he does not want to complicate her life or make her unhappy now. Ryan doubted his sincerity. After Zach left, Ryan told Jonathan he still doesn't trust Zach. Ryan refused Jonathan's offer to help. When Ryan complained about how hard it is to sleep with Greenlee without touching her, Jonathan again offered his help.

Bobby showed up to pay Zach back, apologizing for his mistake and asking for a loan because he can't afford what getting the money will cost him. Bobby also told him he hadn't told Edmund anything when he grilled him about Zach.

When Ryan and Jonathan got home, Ryan told Greenlee that he'd told Jonathan about their arrangement. Jonathan said he'd immediately start looking for his own place, to give Greenlee her own bed back. Alone, Ryan and Greenlee awkwardly discussed how nice it will be have their privacy back and sleep alone. She looked hurt when he left to go to bed, leaving her to choose between a book and a video.

Maria was surprised to hear Edmund say that he can tell Zach likes her and he knows she reacts to him. He insisted she tell him what is going on and she denied anything. He gently asked her to tell him if she was looking for anything outside the marriage. Maria was frustrated about them being smart but not able to figure out how to have a sex life and insisted that she was still utterly committed to their marriage. As she stormed out, furious over his accusations of an affair, she told him there was nothing between her and Zach now, or in the future. She swore to him that all she wants is to be married to him and watch their kids grow up. Edmund apologized and said he doesn't know how not to be angry over the changes in his life and now understands Zach means nothing to her. She said that wasn't exactly true...Zach is a reminder of how easy is it for them to hurt each other and Edmund should never forget she loves him. Edmund left to go home and Maria promised she'd be done soon. Alone, she remembered happier times with Zach. At the Valley Inn, Zach was having similar memories.

Bianca arrived at Jack's, happy to see Erica and welcomed her home. Erica was excited to learn about the Miranda Montgomery Center, until she heard about Zach Slater being involved. She calmed down when they explained how generous he's been. Erica was interested to hear about Lena being in Poland to stay with her sick mother. They started making plans for a family dinner, but Erica said she had to go home to meet her sponsor for her first meeting and asked for their patience. When she left, Jack and Bianca were happy about how well she was doing.

Anita excitedly told her mother about getting a permanent job at the hospital and getting back together with Bobby. They were both thrilled at how things were working out so well. Bobby went to the hospital to pick Anita up.

Tom went to Erica's to take her out and act as her sponsor.

Tuesday, August 3

Ryan wakes up and finds Greenlee still on the sofa. She's been too upset to sleep all night because of what happened yesterday. Ryan tries to get Greenlee to open up to him and tell him what's bothering her. Just as she is about to tell him what's on her mind, Maria pounds on the door demanding to see Ryan. She comes in the door yelling at him for going to Zach. Greenlee snaps for Maria to get out of her husband's face. Maria yells back that she has something to settle with Ryan in private. Ryan asks his wife to give them a moment alone. Greenlee goes into her bedroom, and Maria proceeds to come unglued on Ryan. She blames him for Zach canceling his meeting with her. Ryan thinks Zach has ulterior motives. Maria stands up for Zach saying he would never hurt her. She questions Ryan's motives wanting to know if he gets off on this hero act of his. Ryan insists he was just trying to help a friend. Maria doesn't want his help and says she can handle Zach. Maria leaves in a huff. Greenlee comes back in admitting she heard most of what was said. Ryan tells her Maria accused him of selfish motives and that she is right. Ryan says he was selfish for jumping in uninvited, breaking her confidence, and doing what he thought was best without first consulting Maria. He thinks back on all the women he's tried to help over the past few years and admits his hero complex. Greenlee lovingly tells him he's all wrong. She says he reaches out to try to help others because of all the pain no one saved him from as a child and that it's one of the things she loves best about him. Glad to hear Greenlee sees him this way, Ryan tells her she promised to always be his safe place and she is. He tells her all the thoughts running through his head are about her. "Tell me, Ryan. Tell me what you feel," Greenlee softly invites.

The aroma of coffee draws Tad to his living room where he finds Jamie on the couch sipping a mug of the brew. Tad thinks he knows what is causing Jamie's insomnia and why he is there. Jamie surprises Tad with the news that he's decided to go to jail to get the jump on JR. His idea is to wear a wire and get Seth to admit he lied when he fingered Jamie. That way, according to Livia, the entire case against Jamie gets tossed. Tad doubts Livia would approve of Jamie's methods and insists Jamie is crazy to try this. He refuses to go along with Jamie's plan. Tad offers Jamie a breakfast of his own invention guaranteed to put him in a sugar-induced coma - sugary sweet cereal topped with crumbled chocolate bars. Tad jokes that when Jamie wakes up from the coma he will have forgotten this whole insane idea. Jamie doesn't bite. All he can think of is Babe lying on the ground at his feet and that she would have died if he had not been there to save her. He's going to jail with or without Tad's support. If Derek won't go along with his plan, Jamie says he will skip bail to force them to throw him in jail. Jamie tries to leave to implement his plan. Tad offers a Plan B instead. Tad will go after a confession from Seth himself. Jamie tells him it's not the playground any more. He has to fight his own battles. Tad tells him he's starting to sound like a movie. Jamie reminds Tad that he's the man he made him. It's in the DNA. "I really lucked out having you as a dad," Jamie tells his father. He compares what he is doing for Babe to what Tad did for Dixie all those years ago. Seeing he can't stop him, Tad gives Jamie his blessing.

David hears JR awaken Babe with love and kisses. He's also brought her a breakfast tray. Before digging in, Babe goes to check on Bess. David watches JR wipe his lips where he kissed Babe and place a crushed pill in her orange juice. Babe returns ready to take Bess to the park and show her off. JR tells her she must take care of herself first if they're going to create a new baby brother or sister for Bess. He hands her the glass of doctored OJ "so she can get her vitamin C and calcium." As Babe raises the glass to her lips, David bursts through the wall and screams for her not to drink it. David tells Babe he saw JR slipping a pill into the juice. Babe asks if that's true. JR starts to call the cops but Babe wants to hear David out. David tells Babe that JR is definitely trying to drug her and, "Who knows? This time he might be trying to kill you!" David yells. JR sucks down the evidence then briefly fakes becoming ill before raising up and telling David he made the wrong house call. David swears he saw JR slip a pill in the drink. He wants to take the glass and test the residue. He wants Babe to leave with him. Babe believes JR instead. She tells David he is not her father any more. "Now just get out of here before I call the cops," Babe tells David. JR invites him to use the steps this time. Before leaving, David tells Babe he is still her father and he's going to prove to her it is JR she can't trust. With David gone, Babe steps out of the bedroom for a moment. While she is gone JR dissolves another birth control pill in a fresh glass of orange juice. Upon re-entering, Babe sees the refill and thanks her sweet husband for getting it for her before drinking it down.

Expecting her first appointment of the morning, Erica is shocked to find Zach standing at the door of her penthouse. Zach lays on a little flattery, and Erica invites him in. Erica is curious as to Zach's interest in Bianca and his reason for being in Pine Valley. Zach only heightens Erica's fears when he responds that Bianca, too, is suspicious of him and that he's bought Michael Cambias' condo. He says it would appear that he is Michael Cambias reincarnated. Erica recites Michael's sins and tells Zach he better watch his back if he's trying to reinvent Michael Cambias. Zach says he just meant he seemed to be introducing himself to the community in much the same way Cambias did. Erica apologizes for going off on Zach for buying the condo, but, she reminds him, Michael Cambias tried to rape her and her daughters and succeeded with Bianca. "He had to be stopped," Erica states referring to Cambias. Erica tells Zach she even allied herself with David Hayward to go after Michael. Zach asks about Hayward and admits he's heard of him. Erica doesn't tell Zach much about David then says she really does have appointments to get to. Before Zach goes, Erica thanks him for saving her life in Vegas.

Maria goes to Zach's office looking for him. Finding it empty, her eyes fall on a painting. It's a painting of them looking at a painting at their hacienda in the dessert. Tears roll down her face as she recalls having it painted for him to remember their time together by. Bobby enters and shocks Maria out of her reverie. She starts to run away. Bobby stops her saying she is too upset to go anywhere. He reminds her he is family and asks to help her. Maria grabs Bobby in a hug and accepts his offer of help. Shaking, Maria tells Bobby she fears she is about to make the biggest mistake of her life.

Back home at his cabin, David opens his front door and finds Zach on his doorstep.

Wednesday, August 4

JR and Babe were kissing in the bedroom when she pulled back and told him no. He looked puzzled as she went on "It's like the whole world is against you, I just want it all to end. Now." JR asked if she was talking about divorce. She said no, she meant David and his father routine. She said David wasn't the only person against them, there were Tad and Brooke too. JR pretended to be sympathetic and said they were just trying to stand by their son. "We'd do the same for Bess", JR told her. He said he'd take care of David and left.

Zach and David spoke on the doorstep in front of David's cabin. They exchanged unpleasant remarks and David wondered who he was. Zach stated "I'm the man you made Maureen Gorman leave." David sneered and told Zach to get over it and then get lost.

Rather than leaving, Zach followed David inside. He repeated the list of what he considered to be crimes against Maureen/Maria and said he had to meet the man who could do all those things. David said he didn't give a damn about him. Zach then commented that David has held beating hearts in his hand and that he had complete control over someone else's life. Zach said that was something they had in common. David laughed and asked if he was also a cardiologist. Zach said no but he was trying to save someone. David correctly assumed Zach was referring to Maria and told him that he and Maria had made peace with each other, especially since "I saved her husband's life, remember him, the man she couldn't get back to fast enough?" David refused to apologize for forcing Maria to leave Zach. Zach said he actually came to the cabin to invite David to a fundraiser. David laughed a very derisive laugh and said "Yeah, right.." As Zach walked out the door he said he was looking forward to playing host, especially to David. David shut the door and said "He makes a rotten new best friend." A little later David answered a knock on the door and found JR waiting. JR stepped in and said he was there to apologize but David just laughed at him. JR claimed that he was there on Babe's behalf and that they both want Babe to be safe and happy. He offered a cease fire, saying they were too evenly matched and couldn't hurt each other. But he said "We could hurt the people we love and it's not worth it to me." David glared at JR and said "You know something JR, your mother was a sweet loving woman. But she would slap you silly if she ever heard that load!" The two men hurled insults at each other and JR stomped out of the door. David went into the bathroom and moments later with the shower running he began singing. David didn't hear the front door open as an unseen intruder walked into the cabin. A gloved hand was seen taking a vial of some substance and pouring it into a decanter sitting on the table.

At the hospital Anita ran into Edmund who had just finished therapy. He commented on her glow and said he was happy to see her so happy. Anita asked if she could "talk tough" with him and Edmund agreed so long as she didn't give him the "hugging is as good as sex" speech. She agreed but told him not to narrow sex down to one specific thing. They spoke for a few moments about how much he loved Maria and then his cell phone rang. It was Aidan but the connection was bad so he hung up. Anita asked about Aidan and was told that he was doing some "top secret detective work." Anita had to go back to work so they hugged and she left. Aidan called back and Edmund asked about the research on Slater.

Bobby tried to comfort Maria in Zach's office. She asked how she could get Zach out of her head. Bobby advised her to get him out ASAP because Zach is not the man she thinks he is. He told his sister in law that "Whether you're single or married or somewhere in between, stay away from this guy!" Maria said it was too late, that she had spent 6 months with him in the desert, like they were married. Bobby was stunned and cried "You're the one! You're her!." Maria asked if Zach had mentioned her. Bobby said not by name but that sometimes he would get very quiet and look out the window at the landscape and say "She loved the desert so much." Bobby asked if she was thinking about going back to Zach. Maria said absolutely not, that Edmund was her heart. Bobby said he couldn't blame her for wondering. Maria said she and Edmund had been through much worse and he is the love of her life. She said that sex or the lack of it couldn't define what she and Edmund have together. The door opened and Zach walked in, not very pleased to see people in his office. He commented "I'd say I'm sorry but this is my office." He talked to Bobby about some business and sent him away. He exchanged pleasantries with Maria but she quickly turned on him and said he couldn't take her on, not now or ever. Zach said he wasn't there to complicate things for her. They argued and brought up their past. Maria said they have no future just as Edmund arrived at the not-quite-shut office door and heard her.

Babe held Bess and told the baby that JR loves them both no matter what all the people say. Babe said they wouldn't feel this safe and loved if it were all a lie. "I know your Daddy loves me. I kept you away from Bianca because it would kill JR to lose you. If I did that for someone who deep down hated me, how could I live with myself? How could I live?"

Greenlee told Ryan to tell her how he felt. Ryan said it was a little fuzzy but he knows he's grateful that she there right now. She said she was grateful for that also. In Ryan's head a voice was telling him to tell Greenlee how he really felt about her. He told Greenlee that sometimes words aren't as useful as they could be. She told him to keep it simple and short. Ryan blurted "Checkbook!." Greenlee was very confused and asked for a few more words. Ryan claimed that he needed to balance the checkbook. She offered to help so they sat together looking through checks and receipts. They joked a little and Ryan told her that their deal had made him the happiest man. She asked if maybe the 6 month clause wasn't the way to go. Ryan wondered if she found a guy to fall in love with. "Have you met Mr. Right?" he asked. The voice in Greenlee's head said "Mr. Right! Try Mr. Right In Front of Me!." But aloud she said no she hadn't found anyone. Ryan asked if she wanted out sooner and she said No!. Ryan said he didn't want to hold her back. Greenlee said "How 'bout just holding me?" and then realized she said it out loud. He wondered in his head if she really meant that but Greenlee said she meant that he could hold her back from making a mistake. They skirted their true feelings and finally Ryan hopped up and headed out the door, saying he needed a break. Greenlee was left standing alone, wondering what she said wrong. She talked to herself, wondering why she couldn't take the risk and say she loved him. Moments later Bobby knocked on the door and she let him in. He rushed in and Greenlee asked what was going on. Bobby said she had to hear this and that he was making a retraction of what he had said to her earlier. He said he couldn't get in the way of love and that they should hold on to the person they love. "If not, what else is there?." He left as quickly as he came and Greenlee shut the door behind him. She walked over to the sofa and picked up a notebook. After a second she wrote a note: "Dear Hubster, Went to help Mia with a crisis in California. Hugs, G."

Thursday, August 5

As Maria dispels any thoughts of a reunion in Zach's office, Edmund listens from the hall. She reiterates that they are over for good and storms out. A few moments later, Edmund joins a surprised Zach. Zach, clearly rattled, tries to play it cool and offers Edmund a drink. However, the only one Edmund is interested in is the truth - straight up.

Edmund purports that he is there representing Tempo, and he wants to know why, if Zach wants to keep a low profile, he has so many involvements in the community (i.e. the women and children's center). Zach assures Edmund that there is no story and that he is simply trying to do some good while in the area. Edmund thinks there is more to the story and tells Zach the readers of Tempo would be interested to learn all about the real Zach Slater - the one from 10 years ago, before he won his first casino and struck it big.

Zach tries to peddle his pre-fabricated bio and feed that to Edmund as gospel truth, but Edmund will have none of it. Zach tells Edmund that he has his facts wrong - and Edmund shoots back that Zach should take the opportunity to set the record straight. One way or another, Edmund promises that he will get at the truth. Zach tells him that if he keeps pushing, some people will be in danger. Edmund inquires as to whether that was a threat and Zach clears up his intentions by saying he doesn't believe in threats. Edmund, not believing in threats either, takes his leave.

Over at Wildwind, Maria enlists Anita's help in setting up a surprise romantic dinner for Edmund. Curious as to what inspired her, Maria tells Anita that she had a weak moment, but that she was more determined than ever to not let anything ruin her marriage. Anita, positive that nothing could affect the bond that Maria and Edmund share, tells her sister that she knows all she wants to do is love her husband.

Anita goes on to confess that she had the "bossy sister-in-law" talk with Edmund, in which she tried to convince him that his ego was the only thing getting in the way of regaining intimacy with his wife. Maria asks how he responded, and Anita says she thinks he is ready to forge ahead. Just as Maria comments that she is willing to do anything to save her marriage, Edmund comes into the courtyard behind them.

After Anita leaves, Maria puts on some romantic music in an attempt to set the mood. She makes her move by reminding him of a happier time when they first heard the current selection. Edmund takes in the scene, but seems unimpressed. He tells her that he has an assignment that he is working on for Tempo, and blows her off with the promise of a rain check.

Back at his office, Zach stares wistfully at the painting Maria had created for him, and hears her voice from those times telling him that he was all she needed.

At the Valley Inn, Bobby meets with Kendall one more time. He tells her that the deal is off - he will not be seducing Greenlee. Both Greenlee and his marriage are worthy of too much respect for that. He confesses that he lied so that he could get the money - but that as soon as his investment comes through, he will pay her back. Kendall, not one to back down so easily, hands him an envelope filled with pictures taken of his meeting with Greenlee. She threatens to send them to Anita because his rocky marriage is not her concern - revenge is.

At first, Kendall believes she is about to reel him back in as Bobby protests by saying the pictures don't show anything. Kendall's confidence and contentment is quickly shot down as Bobby tells her to go to hell. He says that he could show the pictures to Anita himself and then she would be alone and out of luck, which is the story of her life. He takes the photos and leaves Kendall steeped in defeat.

Krystal makes an attempt to fire Beverly (the nanny) but JR interrupts and just about pops an artery over her actions. He dismisses Beverly so that he can talk privately with Krystal. Once she has left the room, JR tells Krystal that neither she nor Babe has the authority to hire or fire staff in the Chandler mansion. Krystal informs him that she was acting on Babe's behalf, but JR insists that Babe should have run it by him.

Krystal assumed that as family, his approval or permission was not necessary. Further, she wants to know why JR seems so fond of a nanny who (to Krystal) doesn't seem to have any maternal instincts. She asks JR if his intention is to interfere with any natural mother/daughter bonding. JR realizes that if he doesn't backpedal soon, Krystal will get too close to the truth - and he apologizes. Krystal doesn't really believe him but JR tries to convince her that he really is sorry and that he overreacted. Krystal responds by saying that whenever something nasty pops out of someone's mouth, there is always a bit of truth in there. She wants to know JR's truth.

JR tells her that because the Chandlers are high profile, it's always good to have extra protection for his family. He points to Bianca's kidnapping of MiraBess, as well as the "abduction" in the park a few weeks ago as prime examples. Krystal, immediately in protective Mom mode, wants to know if he is blaming Babe for those incidents. JR assures her that he doesn't blame Babe - only that they merely illustrate the need.

He then tells her that David had been hiding in the tunnels and had revealed himself the other day in their bedroom. He tells her that he found blankets, pillows and Lucretia's leftovers in David's wake. He knows that "someone" had to help him. Krystal knows she is caught, and waits to see what comes next. JR just asks that she cut him a break - and Krystal tells him that as long as it's clear that Babe gives orders to the nanny and not the other way around, everything should be fine. She then leaves JR alone in the study.

Later, as JR consults with Beverly again, he doubles her pay and reinforces that she reports only to him. They are interrupted by Kendall storming into the room. Beverly is dismissed once again, and Kendall declares that she needs something to take the edge off because her plans to destroy Ryan hit a wall. JR attempts to help by laying a kiss on her. Kendall is appreciative, but says that while he is tempting - he is really more of a distraction. She pours them drinks as he dispenses advice she gave him a long time ago: If you want it, plow right through the wall. They both cackle and toast.

Up at David's cabin, Babe's arrival interrupts a mystery person putting something in David's decanter. She calls out to him, and from the bathroom David asks the visitor to identify him or herself. Babe calls back to him, and David emerges a few moments later in a robe. Babe immediately tries to get to the point. She says that she is there to make things right between them - but David doesn't believe her, since she said that he wasn't her father anymore.

Babe admits that she was angry, but she didn't mean it. She came over to see if JR's visit did any good in swaying David to their side. David calls her bluff and states that she really just fishing to see if she can get information about what happened between him and JR. David thinks that Babe is starting to believe that Jamie is innocent, while JR is not as innocent as he is trying to make her believe.

Babe tells David that she wants him to stop stirring up trouble, but David counters that he wouldn't be successful if JR's love is as solid as she'd like to believe. He tells her that incidents like him making her out to be a bad parent at the ER should also be shaking her faith, but Babe is still in complete denial. He tells her that she can believe he is lying if she wants, but that she could check with Maria. Maria was in the ER and present when JR came in and can back up his story. Maria has no reason to lie to Babe, so she can believe what Maria has to say.

Babe steps out on the deck for some fresh air. David goes to fix a drink and asks her if she wants one. She tells him that she doesn't drink when she's driving, and pride registers on David's face. He joins her and they continue to go back and forth about JR's true intentions. Exasperated at David's unrelenting suspicions of her husband, Babe stalks into the living room. Following, David listens and takes a drink.

He pauses before swallowing, and realizes there is something in his drink. He spits it out and Babe gets him some water. He tells her that someone poisoned his drink. He lucked out because they put too much in it and he can taste it. He looks on the desk, and realizes that it was the castration drug that he created for Michael Cambias that was used.

David immediately assumes that JR is the culprit because he was the last person there before her. Of course Babe tells David that he is crazy, and says that perhaps David staged the whole thing so he could use it as something else against JR. David admits that would make sense if he knew that she was coming (which he didn't). He also tells her that if he knew there was something in the decanter, he wouldn't have offered her a drink.

Trying once again to create doubt in her mind, David asks if Babe and JR have been fighting at all lately. He says that newlyweds always fight, and with the added pressure of parenthood - they should have had a few instances where they were at each other's throats. Babe admits that they haven't fought in a long time - that JR has been nothing but sweet and loving to her. He tells her that if JR is being sweet, that means she is in trouble.

He tells her to go home and ask JR if he was the one that poisoned David's drink. If he flips out and hits the roof, he's innocent. If, however, he plays the role of the wounded puppy dog, watch out. Babe still thinks he's crazy.

The mystery person is revealed as a woman on Zach's payroll. At his office, he asks her if David enjoyed his cocktail - but she reports that she failed because he caught on and spit the drink out.

Tad and Jamie break the news to Derek that Jamie wants to pretend to jump bail so that he will be put back in jail. Jamie tells him that he can deliver a solid case for the state but Derek worries that something will happen to Jamie before he is successful. He informs Jamie and Tad that while Seth may seem like a lazy rich boy, he has a violent record including an assault with a deadly weapon while in juvenile hall. This worries Tad but he sticks by his word to support Jamie's choice.

Jamie tells Derek that Lily overheard JR say to Adam that he would do whatever it takes to get Babe out of his life for good. Derek is skeptical because he doesn't believe the word of an autistic woman would be believable. Knowing that they couldn't get a more reliable witness, Jamie simply tells him that her words create enough of a reason to put him in jail with Seth to see what Seth will give up. He knows that if he is convicted of the drug charges, he will end up in prison anyway - so he wants to take his chances with Seth now. Derek isn't sure it will work but agrees to run it by the DA's office and makes a call.

A few minutes later, Derek comes back with the news that the DA's office will go along with the plan, but that Jamie will have to sign a number of waivers to keep them blameless should anything happen. Jamie agrees and goes to pack some things to make his violation seem real.

The doorbell rings and Tad finds Krystal on the other side. With the door blocking Derek, Tad tells her that if she is just there to sing JR's praises again, now is not the time. To the contrary, she tells him that she is scared that he is right about JR. He lets her in and, seeing Derek, wants to know what's going on. Tad fills her in on the plan, and Jamie and Derek go to leave. Krystal, now in the know, goes to leave as well. Before she does, Tad stops her and warns her not to let JR know anything about the plan.

At the study in the Chandler mansion, JR makes Kendall's day by showing her papers that will most certainly screw Ryan over.

Zach pulls something out of his coat pocket and says aloud, "Don't worry - I haven't forgotten why I'm here. I was wrong to abandon you but I will put it right."

Friday, August 6

Jamie is brought into the police station by Derek, with Tad following behind, acting as though he is shocked at Jamie's arrest and attempt to jump bail. When Derek sees Danielle lurking around, he tells her to go home and then takes Jamie and Tad in a private room. Derek gives Jamie one last chance to change his mind, but Jamie tells him he isn't going to. Brooke barges in, obviously upset at Jamie's arrest and demands to know what is going on. Tad tells her about Jamie's plan to get Seth to confess and that he will be wearing a wire. Brooke does not want Jamie to go through with his plan. She is scared that he will get hurt because he is just a boy, although Tad says Jamie is a man. Tad tells her that they can not change his mind and all they can do is keep an eye on Jamie.

Back at Fusion headquarters, Ryan is on the phone with Biotech, making a bid to buy the company. Kendall gets a phone call from JR and pretends she is talking to Bianca. JR tells her that soon Ryan will be out of the picture and Kendall tells "Bianca" to go ahead and sign the paperwork that Zack has brought over. When she hangs up the phone, Ryan immediately gets concerned that Kendall is going to get Bianca in trouble with Zack. Kendall still claims Zack won't hurt anyone, but Ryan thinks otherwise. He tries to call Bianca, but Kendall gives him her phone number instead and he only gets a constant ring. Unable to get in touch with Bianca, Ryan heads off to find her, leaving Jonathan in charge and at the hands of Kendall and Simone. Jonathan receives another call from Biotech and he isn't sure what to do without Ryan's help. Kendall urges him to stand his ground on the bid and Jonathan agrees.

Jackson, Lily, Reggie, Bianca, and Erica decide to have a picnic at the park. Erica gets startled when she hears thunder from a distance and when Jackson offers to move the picnic indoors, she tells him she will be fine. Danielle interrupts the picnic and tells Reggie about Jamie's arrest. Reggie immediately wants to head over to the station, but Jackson tells him to stay with the family. Reggie offers to walk Danielle to her car and then they sneak off to the station. Back at the picnic, Erica offers to take Lily shopping and then Lily begins asking questions about Miranda's father. She asks Bianca if she is married and Bianca tells her that she is gay. Lily understands what being gay is, but it confuses her because Bianca had a baby with a man. Jackson tries to get Lily to stop asking the questions because Bianca is getting upset, but Lily presses on. Bianca yells that the man is dead and tells her to shut up. She immediately apologizes to Lily for her behavior and rushes off, with Erica following behind. Lily tells Jackson that she has upset someone again because she asked too many questions. Jackson admits that Lily "did it again" but doesn't get upset with her at all. Instead, they try to figure out a way to work on Lily's curiosity and questions.

When Erica finds Bianca, Bianca says she is not upset at Lily and realizes that Lily was just curious. She also thinks that Lily was speaking the truth and refuses to discuss Miranda with Erica. Ryan interrupts them and tells Bianca not to sign the papers, but Bianca has no clue what he is talking about. When Ryan asks about the phone call, Bianca says she talked to Kendall yesterday and she said she could not make the picnic. Realizing he is caught in another one of Kendall's lies, he heads back to Fusion to set her straight. Erica brings up the center and tells Bianca it is a wonderful way to help others and help herself. Bianca still seems hesitant about discussing Miranda, but Erica insists that they have to talk about what happened.

At the police station, Reggie rushes over to Jamie as he is being booked and tells him that JR has set him up. Jamie tells him not to worry and that "it's ok." Seeing Jamie has everything under control and a plan, Reggie backs off. He confronts Derek and tells him not to let Jamie go ahead with his plan. He warns him that Seth is not just some street thug, that he deadly. When Derek asks him how he knows about Seth, Reggie explains that Seth used to sell drugs to his mother, using whatever force he had to to make a sale. He asks Derek to watch out for Jamie and Derek agrees. Danielle walks in, thinking her father is interrogating Reggie, and he tells them both to leave.

Adam and JR are in pure bliss as their plans to destroy Ryan and steal Bess from Babe takes full force. Unfortunately, their plans encounter a glitch when Liza walks in after overhearing their plans. JR doesn't deny her accusations and even says that his plan involves getting Krystal out of town and that means out of Tad's arms. Then Liza realizes that JR really did set Jamie up and drugged his own wife. She turns to Adam in disgust, tells him his son is turning out to be just like his father, and says she won't let them take Bess away from Babe. JR warns Liza that if she interferes he will connect her to Seth and the drugs. Adam also warns her that if she tells anyone what she heard, he will sue her for full custody of Colby, and he will win. Liza reminds JR of the person he used to be until he sold his soul to the devil and literally become Adam Chandler Jr. When Adam asks Liza who she is going to side with-them or Babe-she doesn't answer.

When Ryan gets back to Fusion, Jonathan tells him that they lost the bid to the biotech company. Instead of blaming Jonathan, he pulls Kendall aside for a talk instead. Little do they know that JR and Adam are the ones who bought the biotech company.



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