The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 2, 2004 on Y&R

John was smitten with Gloria. Katherine accepted Arthur's proposal. Jack received his divorce papers from Phyllis. Nikki agreed to go into business with Bobby. Victor offered Phyllis and Daniel a place to call home. Jill questioned Elliot's ethics.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 2, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, August 2, 2004

At Christine's apartment, Daniel packs up his belongings and starts to leave. Chris stops him and warns him to be careful when dealing with Phyllis. Daniel refuses to listen to her badmouth his mother and reveals he's moving in with her. Meanwhile, Damon arrives home to find Phyllis looking in the newspaper for apartments. He wonders if she's heard form Daniel, but she admits she hasn't. Damon believes Daniel is manipulating Phyllis, but she denies it and defends him. Things get tense and Phyllis leaves. Shortly, Daniel arrives looking for his mom.

At the coffeehouse, Neil, Dru, Lily, and Devon are enjoying ice cream sundaes when Kevin walks in. Neil confronts him and asks if he's pursuing therapy. Kevin claims he is, but Neil knows he's lying and warns him to get help or else. Later, Daniel contrives a plan for Kevin to redeem himself with Neil. Kevin loves the idea and wants to act on it immediately, but Daniel tells him to wait. Meanwhile, Michael is furious when he discovers Kevin has been in his liquor cabinet. Gloria tries to cover for him and Michael tells her that she needs to move out. She redirects the conversation and brings up the new man in her life, but is careful not to reveal his name. Shortly, Lauren arrives and meets Gloria. Lauren mentions to Michael that Kevin had mentioned seeking therapy. Michael is surprised since Kevin has never mentioned it and wonders what he's up to.

At the Newman ranch, Victor and Abby enjoy their day together. Victor is mildly frustrated when she requests to go home to Brad. Shortly, Victor brings Abby home and Brad angrily accuses him of kidnapping. Victor denies it and warns Brad that he will be in Abby's life.

Kay is stunned by Arthur's marriage proposal and happily accepts.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Daniel and Damon argue over Phyllis and where she truly wants to be. When Daniel mouths off to him Damon sits him down just as Phyllis walks in. Daniel claims D was about to hit him.

Olivia stops by Brad and Ashley's house with presents for the girls but finds a sullen Brad. He's still furious over Victor taking Abby from her camp and to the Ranch. Olivia too thinks Vic went too far. Brad wonders if Vic is right that he's taking his hatred of Vic to the point where it is affecting Abby.

Nikki remembers making a deal with Bobby to help him with his club and that she isn't going to bother telling Vic for now. Later, Victor tells Nikki about his visit with Abby and how it happened. She is appalled he would just take the girl, list or no list, without telling Brad first. Victor is annoyed she's not on his side and blames Brad for the whole mess.

Bobby and Britt return to the loft after seeing a movie. They are both surprised to find that Raul has a girl over. Britt makes snide remarks but the girl isn't bothered by Britt's attitude. She and Raul return to the bedroom where he thanks her for a great performance. Britt really bought that they are a couple.

Nick tells Michael that they plan to get Cameron's confidence through Sharon and then use a tape recorder to trap him. Michael is worried that it's too risky.

Sharon meets with Cameron and probes him about his family life. He had a bad relationship with his father and his mother. He finally tells Sharon that he can get her out of this mess under one condition: that she be with him for the rest of their lives.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Jack was served his final papers dissolving his marriage to Phyllis. When John came home, they had a drink together. John admitted that Gloria was a breath of fresh air who was really making him enjoy his life. He noticed Jack's mood, and Jack told him that his marriage was over. Jack took off his ring and left it on top of the papers, telling his father that he knew there was a big ocean out there; he was going fishing.

At Yves, Christine made her proposition to Michael; why not let Paul office with them and be their in-house private investigator? Michael said she was just doing it so she and Paul could make eyes at each other. Christine reminded him that she was with Danny now. She was curious when Michael asked about Paul's relationship with Lauren, but Michael explained it away by saying his little brother was still hung up on Lauren. He promised to consider Christine's proposition.

Raul told J.T. about his fake date with Donna. Brittany had been upset, but not because she wanted Raul back. She just didn't want anyone else to have him. Although Bobby had witnessed the whole interchange between Raul, Donna, and Brit, he knew he had nothing to worry about. When J.T. found out that Donna and Raul's pretense had turned into a real encounter, he said Raul should stay in Genoa City and get to know her better. Raul insisted it was time to move on. Boston was his future. He told J.T. to pay for his coffee and he'd see him at the loft later.

After Raul left, Mac came in and J.T. brought her up to date on Brittany's plans. Mac wondered if J.T. was upset on his own behalf; he and Brit had always had a strange bond. J.T. said he wasn't interested in Brittany. Mac wondered why he wasn't dating anyone; that wasn't like him. J.T. said he was still getting over Colleen. But since Mac was so curious about it, he'd have a date before the end of the week. In fact, why didn't Mac go out with him? She laughingly agreed to go on a date with him.

Phyllis and Daniel had a little talk. She said she knew he'd pushed her buttons by mentioning Christine's offer to let him stay with her. The only thing Christine wanted was to come between Phyllis and Daniel. Daniel said that was what Damon wanted, too--Phyllis all to himself. Phyllis disagreed, even though Daniel had suggested that Damon was just a rebound from the breakup of her marriage to Jack. They both agreed not to let anyone come between them and their plan to live together and get to know each other as mother and son. Later, Phyllis tracked Christine down at Yves and warned her to stop trying to take her son from her. Christine insisted that the only thing she was concerned about was Daniel's welfare. Phyllis said that if Christine kept it up, it was her own welfare she should worry about. Christine told her how "smart" her comment was and left.

As Phyllis was leaving, she ran into Jack. He told her about getting the papers, and they had a tearful conversation. Jack was glad to hear that she was forming a bond with Daniel. She'd been a good mother to his son and would have been a good mother to the child they lost. He had no doubt that Daniel was lucky, and he didn't blame him for wanting Phyllis to himself. Phyllis said they should have no regrets. They then gave each other a final kiss goodbye.

Cameron outlined his plan for Sharon to avoid imprisonment. He owned a couple of islands and a place in El Salvador, which had no extradition treaty with the U.S. All she had to do was get on his private plane with him, and she'd be a free woman. Sharon asked how she could leave her children behind, and he said she had to make a choice. She said that Nick would never let her go, and Cameron said he wouldn't try to bring her back if it meant she'd end up in prison. Cameron noted that Sharon hadn't mentioned Nick when she talked about leaving her life behind. Sharon cleverly avoided discussing Nick, and pointed out that she wasn't in love with Cameron. He assured her that she'd learn to love him. When she asked how he'd managed to set her up, Cameron said he wasn't telling her anything until they were on that plane together. He needed her answer soon.

When Sharon got home, Nick was trying to track down Grace. He explained that Grace had called, but she was in hiding. It was even more important to track her down now that Glen Richards was going after Sharon full-force. Sharon told him that she'd been to see Cameron, and he was more insane than they'd realized. She told him what Cameron wanted, but pointed out that this time, he hadn't checked her for a wire. He was being very clever with what he said, but he was starting to trust her now. Nick said they had to figure out a way to trap him.

Thursday, August 5, 2004

Daniel griped at Phyllis because she not only hadn't found an apartment for them, but she wasn't even looking for one. Phyllis explained that her night of apartment hunting had been interrupted by a run-in with Christine and a chance meeting with Jack telling her their divorce was final. She hadn't exactly been in the mood to make nice with realtors. Daniel told her either she'd find a place or get a hotel suite by that night, or she could reach him at Christine's number.

Victor was rude to Bobby when he intercepted his call to Nikki. Nikki was furious that he hadn't told her she had a call. The two sparred about the way Victor was making her feel because of Abby, and Victor thought she was just challenging him. Nikki said that she was involved in a business venture with Bobby. It wasn't Victor's place to run her life. Furthermore, while he was distracted with his new family, she was feeling anxious and ungrounded. When Victor told her he wouldn't have her associating with someone like Marsino, Nikki said she couldn't cause any more harm to the family's name than Victor had over the past few months. She then walked out on him.

When Phyllis came to deliver some business papers to Victor, he was happy for the interruption. Phyllis told him the predicament she was in with Daniel, and Victor offered her a solution. She said she couldn't afford to sublease his penthouse, but Victor told her that she and Daniel could move into the renovated tack house since Victoria wouldn't be home for a while. Phyllis was thrilled but wondered if he shouldn't consult Nikki and his family first. Victor said he and Nikki had agreed not to interfere with each other's decisions. Phyllis gave him a grateful hug.

Nikki went to Marsino's to rebuke Bobby for calling her at the house. Bobby wondered if Victor had forbidden Nikki to associate with him. Without admitting it, Nikki said she would do what she wanted, just as Victor did. Bobby suggested that she be the Gypsy Rose Lee of the Midwest and get back up on stage. Nikki was horrified and reminded him that she was a lot older than she'd been back then. Bobby said she still probably knew all the moves. Nikki told him to put the idea right out of his head. She then urged him to go back to his paperwork; she had other things to do.

Brittany was full of questions when she found out from Mac that J.T. and Mac were going on a date later that night. Mac was amused by Brittany's curiosity and kept chiding her for it, annoying Brittany. When Mac left for the rec center, J.T. stumbled groggily from his bedroom. Brittany started in on him, telling him that Mac wasn't going to sleep with him; he was wasting his time. J.T. was annoyed with her and said he wasn't trying to get Mac in bed. In any case, it was none of her business. Their yelling disturbed Raul, who came from his bedroom to find out what was going on. Brittany left the room in a huff, and J.T. again urged Raul to stay and fight for Brit. Marsino was all wrong for her. Raul said no. He was spending his day packing, because he was leaving for Boston the next day.

Cassie and Noah were a little surprised by their father's philosophical mood, when he talked about how lucky they all were and how much Sharon and his children meant to him. After Noah left for day camp and Cassie left for the rec center, Sharon told Nick he was freaking her out. He was acting like it was their last time together as a family. Nick said that he wanted Sharon to tell Cameron that she'd leave with him the next day. In the meantime, he'd set everything up with Detective Weber. Sharon was afraid Weber wouldn't believe him, or that she'd screw it up, but Nick insisted this was their only chance to entrap Cameron.

Sharon went to Cameron's hotel room to tell him that she'd decided to take him up on his offer. She wasn't going to pretend that she was suddenly in love with him. She was doing this because she had no other choice. Cameron said that she'd learn to love him. But they weren't waiting until the next day to leave. If Sharon was serious, she'd walk out of the hotel with him right now.

Friday, August 6, 2004

Nick talks to Michael about his plan with Sharon. Weber comes in and wonders what they have called him about. When Nick tells Weber their plan, Weber warns Nick that if Sharon leaves town she will be the one jumping bail. Nick can't believe Weber would let Cameron get away with murder. Weber says he has to do what is according to the law. Nick says if Sharon gets on that plane and gets hurt, he will come after Weber.

Sharon begs for Cameron to let her see her children one last time before she leaves with him. Cameron says he can't let her do that. He lets her make a phone call to them, but he insists on being in the room. Shaking and holding back tears, Sharon leaves a message for Noah and Cassie, apologizing to them because the plans have changed and she will be unable to make their special dinner together. Cameron smiles at Sharon when she hangs up. He doesn't think that it was so bad for her, and hugs Sharon.

Brad looks at a picture of Abby and wonders if Victor will end up hurting her. Ashley returns home and is really happy to see Brad. He wonders why she has returned home early, and she says that all she could think about on the trip was seeing him again. She praises Brad for being so understanding. They go upstairs together.

Raul tells J.T. that he is going to Boston tomorrow. J.T. says that he needs to tell Brittany right away. Brittany overhears them and asks Raul what's going on. When Raul tells her he is leaving, she offers to give him a ride to the airport. He says his parents have already offered. She wonders if he will go to her wedding. He says he will try. When he turns away, Brittany fights back tears. She tells J.T. that she knows she is being selfish, but she doesn't want Raul to leave. J.T. says she will be okay someday, and that Raul will never forget her.

Jill asks Elliot what he's been doing splurging all of the Chancellor Estate money. Elliot laughs it off as business, but Jill wants proof that a legitimate corporation is operating. Jill says she owes it to her mother. Elliot says he will bring proof, but when he walks out the door, he curses Jill.

Nikki is pleased to see Katherine well again. When she offers to pour her more tea, Nikki spills it. Katherine wonders what is going on with Nikki. Nikki says that she has decided to help Bobby Marsino with his club and that Victor doesn't approve. She is also extremely worried about Abby and Ashley. Nikki says Ashley has haunted her life ever since Victoria was a little girl. Katherine says Nikki will always be the one for Victor. Nikki can't be sure. All she knows is she has to do what she feels is right.

Victor goes to see Bobby to find out what Nikki is up to. Victor tells Bobby that he is looking out for his wife, and he would prefer that his wife doesn't get involved. Bobby tells Victor he should let Nikki make her own decisions.

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