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Monday, August 2, 2004

Belle cries over the death of her relationship with Shawn as Philip chats with his nosy mother Kate. Kate finally convinces her son to take Belle out to cheer her up. Philip gets Belle to agree and runs back to the base to get his uniform. While she waits for Philip to return, a mopey Belle takes off her purity ring and runs out of the loft crying.

Still furious over Lucas's proposal, Sami goes to his apartment to tell him to shove it. An earnest Lucas explains that his proposal was spur of the moment but that he intended for it to make her think about the seriousness of a long term commitment. When Sami demands romance, Lucas promises that if her answer is yes, she should meet him for dinner where he will sweep her off her feet. Sami goes home to dress up in her shabbiest bathrobe for Lucas but when Kate stops by, begins to contemplate accepting the proposal and wounding Kate. Just as Sami is about to confront Lucas, a teary eyed Belle shows up to cry on her sister's shoulder.

Kate goes over to Lucas's after verbally sparring with Sami in order to wish him a Happy Birthday. She loses her cheer when she learns that Lucas proposed already and falls to the floor, unconscious.

At Alice's restaurant, a boozing and crying Bonnie toasts her son Patrick. Mickey enters with a bunch of yellow roses to cheer her up but Julie who continues to play the blame game with Bonnie interrupts them. Bonnie tries to get Julie's goat by telling Mickey that she loves him. Fearing another flare up, Mickey tries to broker a peace by taking them both out to dinner.

On Salem Island, Jack frets on the opposite side of the ravine as he watches Hope try to repel down the side of the cliff to get to Jennifer. When the vine slips, Patrick pulls her back up. After Hope catches her breath, she tries to go down again but Patrick won't have it. Unable to talk her out of repelling, Patrick punches her and knocks her out. When Patrick ties the vine around his self and begins to lower himself down, Jack freaks out. Since Patrick may be to blame for Jennifer getting to the island, Jack swears to get to the other side and runs off into the jungle. Hope begins to awaken just as the vine snaps sending Patrick plummeting down the side of the cliff.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Sami opens the door to her apartment, expecting Lucas to be there, but finds Belle crying instead. Belle tells her that it is over between her and Shawn and goes on to tell Sami everything that Jan told her. Sami tries to convince her that Jan is lying to her, but Belle says that Philip had the ring box checked and Shawn's fingerprints were on it. Sami tells Belle that there must be a full moon because Shawn broke up with her and Lucas made a pathetic marriage proposal. Belle is shocked by the news. Sami tells her that she wanted to be proposed to properly so Lucas was going to take her to the Penthouse Grill to do it right. Belle says that she doesn't look dressed to go out and Sami tells her she's not going to go. They go back and forth for a while with Belle telling Sami that Lucas is her soul mate and that's why things didn't work out with Austin or Brandon. Sami thinks she is wrong, that the reason things didn't work out with them was because she lied to them and Lucas had said some terrible things to her. Belle tells her that if she loves Lucas, she shouldn't blow her chance with him and that she should go. Belle leaves and Sami tells herself that she's not going to accept Lucas's proposal.

Kate comes to after having fainted and asks Lucas what happened; she remembers and asks him why he is punishing her. Lucas tells her that it's not punishment, he's just trying to marry the woman he loves - so much for the truce between her and Sami. Kate tells him that she wishes she could change his mind about it. He tells her she can't and that he'll know soon whether Sami was going to accept. Kate tells him that she saw Sami and she didn't look ready to go out. Lucas said we'll see and Kate leaves.

Kate and Belle run into each other in the hall and Kate tells her she's sorry to hear about her and Shawn. She asks Belle if she's going to go out with Philip tonight and Belle says she is; that she's on her way to get changed. Belle leaves and Kate checks in on Sami, seeing her on the couch with a book. She's pleased and says Lucas will be upset but he'll be happy in the long run. She leaves and Lucas arrives to pick up Sami. Sami comes to the door and Lucas is shocked by what he sees.

At the loft, Philip is in his dress blues. Rex and Mimi are outside, about to go in. Mimi is still mourning Patrick's death and wants to spend some time with Belle. They enter the loft and see Philip there, dressed up. Mimi asks him why he's so dressed up and Philip tells him that he's taking Belle out to dinner. Rex accuses him of trying to steal Belle away from Shawn and hits him! Philip tells him he'll be sorry for that. Mimi tells them both to stop and Philip explains about Shawn's purity ring. Rex tells Philip that Mimi wants to be there for Belle and suggests the four of them go out together. Belle shows up at the loft and she and Mimi comfort each other. Belle asks what she can do for her and Philip tells her they were all talking about going out to dinner. Belle thinks that sounds like a good idea and goes to get ready. Rex is still convinced that Philip wants to steal Belle from Shawn, and Mimi said that a man like Philip is just what Belle needs now.

At the police station, John and Tek are trying to hack into the DiMera computer network to find out if Stefano is still alive, but lose their connection before being able to find anything. Tek tells John that if Stefano is behind everything he's already killed off half of Salem and done who knows what with Marlena. He then questions whom Stefano will go after next. John tells Tek that he'll go after him! Tek wonders why and John tells him it's because of his connection with Lexie. Tek is confused and John says that Stefano isn't the only one who will have a problem with it, he does too. He tells Tek that he wanted to slap him in the head when he saw him kissing Lexie. Tek tells John that he wouldn't have gone near Lexie if it weren't for the letter from Abe. John doesn't know about the letter so Tek explains to him and tells him he thinks he and Lexie can have a relationship when she's ready. John apologizes and says that he's just being protective of Abe, but that it was time for Lexie to move on. Tek tells John that he and Kate also have to move on. A bit later Kate shows up and asks John if there's any news about Marlena. John says there isn't and she tells him how sorry she is. A police officer comes to Tek, telling him he's picking up a strange signal on the emergency band. Tek says it's a weak S.O.S, but he can't pinpoint where it's coming from.

On the island, Roman and Marlena are at the penthouse running the transmitter. Marlena has fallen asleep and is having a dream about being in bed with John. As they are making love in her dream John changes into Roman. In her dream Marlena wakes up to a pounding sound, then she wakes up for real on the couch with Roman. She wants him to hold her, but unbeknownst to either of them they are being watched from the balcony! Marlena asks Roman if he thinks that their signal will reach anybody, he says he hopes so because they need to find a way off of the island. A bit later Marlena wonders if the mastermind behind the island might pick up on their S.O.S. signal. Roman tells her that he and Abe had thought about that but they had to try anyway. Suddenly, Roman catches the person spying on them only to find out that it's Cassie! Cassie tells them that she came to see the machine and that she hopes that it works because she misses Rex so much. Cassie leaves to get some lemonade and Marlena tells Roman that something is wrong, that Cassie is a manipulator, and wonders if she might be working for their captor or Tony. Roman and Marlena argue a bit about whether or not Cassie is spying on them for other reasons, etc., and Marlena apologizes for being suspicious. Marlena then starts to worry that nobody will hear their signal. Roman tells her that they will at least have each other. Meanwhile, Cassie is still in the background listening in on their conversation.

Elsewhere on the island, Jennifer remains trapped on the ledge. She calls out to Hope who hears her, but she doesn't know what's happened to Patrick. Meanwhile Patrick is hanging to the side of the cliff by a vine. Suddenly he loses his grasp on the vine! Hope calls out to Jennifer, Patrick, and Jack but doesn't get any response. Jen is still on the ledge crying and saying her baby is coming. All of a sudden Patrick pulls himself up onto the ledge with Jennifer! Patrick assures her that neither she nor her baby is going to die, but she has to be careful so that she doesn't go into labor. Hope calls down again and Patrick hears her this time. He tells her that she needs to go get help, that sudden movements could cause Jennifer to go into labor. Hope asks him how she's going to get through the force field and he holds up the coin and says with this. He explains that she has to jam the keypad and then throw the coin into the force field. He throws the coin up to her and she misses it! He tries again and the second time she catches it. Hope heads back into the jungle unaware that somebody is following her!

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Mimi and Rex are standing outside of their loft, ready to go out for dinner. Mimi is worried that the Penthouse Grill is too expensive but Rex assures her that it's fine - he has some bartending money saved up. Mimi asks Rex to please not get into it with Philip again and goes on to tell him how mad she is at Shawn for hurting Belle. She reiterates that maybe Belle does need someone like Philip in her life.

At their loft, Philip looks at a picture of Shawn and Belle and says that Shawn doesn't deserve her. He goes on to say that when Belle is ready, he's going to tell her that he loves her. Jan calls the loft and Belle picks up. Jan asks her how she's doing and Belle tells her that she's about to go out to dinner at the Penthouse Grill with Philip, Rex, and Mimi. Jan tells her that that's a coincidence because she and her fiancÚ' are also having dinner there. Belle tells her she has to go and hangs up. She tells the others about the call from Jan and says it looks like they'll get to meet her mystery man after all.

At Jan's, Jan tells Shawn that she's going to let him see Belle. He can't believe it, and Jan says that she's going to let him watch her on her computer. Shawn asks her if she has cameras hidden all over Salem. Jan says that she's going to prove to him that he's lost Belle to Philip and she leaves.

At the Titan offices, Nicole and Brady are working together. Nicole goes to her office to get a report that she's forgotten and John and Kate show up, dressed to go out to dinner. John goes in to talk to Brady and tells him that he wants him to quit working at Titan and come work at Basic Black. Brady tells him that he and Nicole work well together, and that Titan is also a family business and he isn't going to turn his back on it. John says that it all comes down to Nicole, Brady has chosen her over his father. Meanwhile, Kate is looking at a picture of Lucas she's taken out of her purse. She has a vision in her head of Lucas going over to Sami's and Sami refusing to marry him, slamming the door in his face. Nicole runs into Kate in the hall and asks her if she's confused because she doesn't work there anymore. She goes on to tell her that she's going to bring Kate down now that Victor isn't around to protect her. Kate tells her that Bo is still around and he thinks she's a murderer and he's going to put her away. Later, Nicole tells Brady that she assumes that John asked him to quit his job there and wonders what his decision was. Brady tells her that he's still there, isn't he? Nicole is happy that he told John off and tells him that she ran into Kate in the hall, that she and John were heading to dinner. Brady says that doesn't sound like a bad idea and he and Nicole decide to go out to dinner as well.

Lucas shows up at Sami's and she answers the door in her bathrobe. He thinks that that answers his question but Sami tells him not to go. She opens her robe and she's ready to go out. Lucas asks her if that means she's going to go to dinner with him and she says yes and they kiss.

At Mickey's house, Mickey is telling Julie that he's glad she agreed to come out to dinner with he and Bonnie because he thinks they can learn to be friends. Bonnie shows up dressed up in baby blue, rhinestones and poofed up blonde hair. Julie is shocked at her appearance but Mickey tells her that she's impressive. Bonnie says that she wants heads to turn and Julie assures her that they will. Julie then visualizes telling the manager of the Penthouse Grill that a working girl is going to show up with Mickey, and then having Bonnie kicked out of the restaurant. She smiles at the thought and they head out for dinner.

At the Penthouse Grill, Philip, Belle, Mimi, and Rex arrive. Shortly after they arrive Jan shows up and starts talking to herself. Soon we discover that her ring is a camera and microphone, and that her earrings let her hear Shawn's voice. She focuses on Philip and Belle so Shawn can see how happy they are together. Mimi confronts her and calls Jan an evil bitch, thinking she's up to something since her fiancÚ' isn't with her. Jan says that he hasn't arrived yet and Mimi tells her she's a liar. Shawn hears Mimi's voice and tries to get her attention by yelling. The hostess shows up and tells Mimi that her fiancÚ' has called, he's running late and she should order without him. Jan tells Mimi she told her so and leaves her.

At their table, Philip tells Belle that he hasn't told her how he feels about her. Belle thinks he's talking about the girl in his life. He says he is and that he's practicing on her. Belle tells him that he's going to end up happy and not to worry.

John and Kate show up for dinner and Mimi and Rex go over to talk to them. Kate tells Mimi that she's sorry to hear about Patrick. A bit later, Kate and John are talking and Kate tells John that she appreciated saving her from Nicole at Titan. John tells her that he has to protect the people he cares about. Kate goes on to reflect about the mistakes her kids have made in their lives and tells him that Lucas is planning on proposing to Sami if she comes to dinner with him. Lucas shows up and Kate is relieved to see that he is alone. Kate's relief is short lived when Sami comes in behind him.

Belle sees Lucas and Sami enter and tells Philip that she hopes that means Sami accepted his proposal. She is thrilled and hugs Philip. Meanwhile, Jan is focusing in on their hug for Shawn to see. Rex approaches her and makes a remark about her earrings and how interesting they are.

Meanwhile, Mickey, Bonnie, and Julie show up. The manager sees Bonnie and says that he can't seat her. Julie thinks her vision is coming true until the manager says that the table that is reserved for them isn't good enough - they deserve the best table in the restaurant. Bonnie proclaims herself royalty and Mimi confronts her about her behavior saying her son just died. Bonnie tells Mimi that Patrick would want her to keep living her life.

On the island, Kate and Victor are at the Brady Pub enjoying their time together. Victor tells her that he's so happy he doesn't care if they ever get off the island. Roman arrives and he doesn't look pleased at all, then he notices envelops on a table that appear to be invitations. Roman sorts through the envelopes and sees that there is one for each of them. Maggie shows up and says that she received one as well but hasn't opened it yet. Roman opens one and it is inviting them for dinner and a slice of life at the penthouse.

At the penthouse the mystery man/woman shows up holding a gold box and opens the door. After opening the door they back away from it and leave. Inside, Marlena gets sleepy and a snake is let loose through the open door! Roman and Maggie show up and hear Marlena screaming inside. Roman sees the snake on the floor and telling Marlena not to move, grabs it and throws it off the balcony. Meanwhile, Maggie has found an invitation for Marlena in the kitchen, along with a buffet full of food. Marlena wonders how that could happen without her knowledge. Maggie suggests that perhaps she fell asleep. They leave to get ready for their dinner, and later as everyone arrives, Roman asks to speak to Caroline alone. They discuss her relationship with Victor and she tells him that she's not being any more unfaithful to Shawn than he's being to Kate by living with Marlena. He tells her that he has to stay there because of the machine. She disagrees saying that the situations aren't any different. Marlena suddenly drops her wine glass, clearly shocked, and asks if that's who she thinks it is?!

Thursday, August 5, 2004

by Joan

On Salem Island, the captives wondered how their "host" got into Marlena's without being heard. They were teased by a live video feed of Salem couples gathered at the Penthouse grill. Roman offered support as Marlena dropped her glass watching John and Kate together. Victor was furious that Brady seemed oblivious to Nicole's wiles. In her wisdom, Alice saw the feed as showing them life was going on for loved ones without them. Not seeing Bonnie, Maggie insisted Mickey was putting on a brave front. But the entire group tried convincing themselves of eventually returning to Salem.

At the Penthouse Grill, Mimi was critical of her mother's dress in light of Patrick's presumed death. But Bonnie said she believed Patrick was not dead. Rex picked up Jan's earring noticing it was similar to transmitters used. Shawn could hear as well as see the Penthouse Grill from his cage, and began calling out for help. Although he recognized the voice as familiar, Rex believed Jan's explanation that it was something her father had made for the ISA before his death. Shawn cursed Philip as he saw him with Belle.

On the terrace, Sami refused Lucas as he rushed to propose. Expecting to be won over by more than a candlelight dinner, Sami pointed out the missing flowers and candy. Saying Cinderella has until midnight - she suggested Lucas------leaving him alone to think he had made a mistake. Seeing Sami pass through the restaurant Philip hurried to congratulate his brother. Although John suggested giving her blessing, Kate went to the terrace worried she'd lose her son forever if Sami married him. Lucas insisted that Kate not make her choose between them.

John spoke with Sami suggesting her marriage to Lucas would please Marlena. Reminded of Marlena's missing body, Sami was consoled by John but asked they keep it from Belle. But when Belle overheard and questioned it, Sami created a story. Saying they were talking about Marlena paying for her wedding, Sami now got John to agree that he would pay for her wedding instead. Once Belle had gone, Sami held John to his promise, leaving him to chuckle, "That's what fathers are for."

Stopping by Julie's table, Lucas asked for help in making his proposal more romantic. After making arrangements for Lucas, Julie was stunned as slow music abruptly turned into swing. As couples applauded at the Penthouse Grill, the Captives on Salem Island watched as well. Mickey and Bonnie were jitterbugging as Maggie emotionally asked "my maid? Why is he dancing with her?" To which Alice replied, "If I didn't know better, I'd say it looks like they're having a date." Later watching Kate with her head on John's shoulder, left Marlena speechless.

With proposal plans now in place, Lucas escorted Sami to the center of the room just when she thought he had ditched her. Lucas took a microphone asking everyone to share in an "incredible moment as I ask the most beautiful woman in the world to be my wife." Saying it would come as a surprise, Lucas said, "We've dedicated most of our lives to making each other miserable. But we've managed to call a truce for the sake of our son...It's been a very, very difficult year for us ....somehow these former enemies turned to each other and relied on each other and in the process they fell in love. Maybe we saw a side to each other that we never saw before. I know I saw a person who hurt and loved more deeply than anyone I have seen in my life. And yet she is reluctant to marry me. Reluctant to trust me. And I'm hoping this will change her mind." As the lights dimmed, Lucas began singing, "When a Man Loves a Woman." With tears streaming down her face Sami recalled good memories together from their teen years to the present. Except for Kate, the room broke into applause as Lucas completed the song. Sami wept uncontrollably as two waiters came out with her requested candy and flowers. On one knee, Lucas presented a ring, asking, "Samantha Jean Brady, mother of my son, and the true love of my life, will you make me the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me?"

Friday, August 6, 2004

by Joan

At the Salem PD, Tek believed the mysterious signal to be the caused by radio waves or sunspots. Bo insisted they continue monitoring the pattern and thought the signal sounded familiar. A visit from Lexie surprised Tek when she hugged him for support. Concerned that her connection to the victims' at their time of death, Lexie feared accusations. Worried that Stefano might be alive and involved, Lexie lost faith in her father after the murder of his son and son-in-law. Tek called it a "far-reaching conspiracy", involving Mortician Milbauer and perhaps others. But Tek reminded Lexie that the plot went beyond Marlena's missing body. The bullet used in shooting Marlena was never recovered from the funeral parlor, and the rifle was missing from Salem PD.

On Salem Island, Maggie had to leave after seeing Mickey with Bonnie. Doug and Abe arrived late for the video feed from the Penthouse Grill. Doug was interested in hearing about Julie. Seemingly unaware of the TV feed, Tony made an appearance saying it would be impossible for Hope, Patrick, Jack or Jen to survive in the jungle. Confident that Tony was behind the Island Plot, the group became uneasy when he questioned the signal being sent, not recognizing it as Morse code. Tony looked pensive at hearing that Roman changed the signal to an audible alphanumeric code he and Bo had devised as youngsters.

At the Penthouse Grill, patrons watched and waited for Sami's response to Lucas's proposal but Sami remained silent. While Nicole criticized the couple, Philip called the delay "typical Sami." Belle pictured herself in Sami's place, with Shawn proposing. But Jan tortured Shawn by letting him see and hear Belle's comments that she would never take Shawn back. Kate watched and prayed, "Please, God, let her say, let her say no!" Holding the ring Lucas asked Sami, "So, will you accept my proposal or are you going to leave me down here all night?" The silence finally turned to applause when Sami answered, "Lucas, of course, "I'll marry you."

Both Nicole and Kate chose a drink over congratulating the couple. In congratulating Lucas, John warned that Sami could be "unpredictable. Adding to his father's comment, Brady called Sami "high maintenance." Resenting Brady's input, Lucas insinuated about Nicole, "you should have the highest gold digger of all time." John was pleased hearing Brady reply that he wasn't in love or planning a life with Nicole. Philip was angry at the responsibility being placed on him when Kate called him her only hope for happiness and grandchildren. Rex resented being left out reminding Kate he was her son, too. Recalling his childhood without a family, Rex scolded Kate saying Lucas and Sami's marriage would make a complete family for Will.

On Salem Island, the intermittent video feed suddenly returned. Unaware of their engagement, Marlena was surprised seeing Sami and Lucas so happy. Victor had to turn away from watching Brady with Nicole. The Count taunted Abe and the others saying it was to be expected their loved ones would move on. After seeing Kate with John, Marlena and Roman speculated their loved ones moving on. Marlena's upset turned to tearful desperation that they would never escape the Island. Unable to watch her cry, Roman kissed Marlena who returned the passionate embrace. Hearing a noise, they found Tony fallen onto the transmission device. Apologizing for breaking it, Tony smiled saying, "It's alright, though. I'm fine." And at the Salem PD, Bo prepared to meet John at the Grill regarding the mysterious signal. But while copying it, the signal disappeared, leading Bo to believe that "Tek was right. It's radio waves or sunspots or something."

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