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Passions Recaps: The week of August 2, 2004 on PS
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Monday, August 2, 2004

Gwen confronts Theresa after hearing her say she won't give Ethan and Gwen their baby. Pilar starts to get sick, so Ethan and Gwen leave, but warn Theresa they will fight her. Theresa calms her mother then goes out into the hall and fights with Gwen and Ethan. Gwen tells Theresa they came to see her and tell her they were going to give her little Ethan once she had their baby. Theresa back tracks and tries to lie her way out of it when Ethan offers to let her move into the mansion, but Gwen is disbelieving. Gwen and Ethan privately discuss a new tactic. They offer Theresa the deal that if she gives them the baby she's carrying she'll get little Ethan back and she can stay in the mansion for the rest of her pregnancy. Theresa gets released from the hospital

T.C. tells Eve she's ruined their family and she's caused their daughters so much pain. Sam pulls T.C. outside when his and Julian's shouting match escalates. Liz gloats to Eve. T.C. tells Eve he is moving out of their home. Simone blows the whistle that Whitney and Chad are getting married. No one is happy about Whitney's news, and Whitney blames her mother. Julian privately warns Fox not to make things worse for Whitney now. Simone and Whitney fight because Simone still believes that Whitney stole Chad away from her. Eve forbids Whitney from marrying Chad, but now that Eve's past is out in the open, Whitney won't listen to her. Eve asks T.C. to convince Whitney to wait for marriage, but T.C. rails at Eve instead. Liz prepares to drop another bombshell on the Russell family.

Luis looks for Paloma, who has run away. Sheridan urges Luis to let Paloma have some time to herself. Paloma has been grabbed by Alistair's hitman. The hitman tells Paloma he has information about her family. He tells Paloma that Luis is lying to her and that he is no longer a cop. As Luis and Sheridan grow closer, Paloma hides so she can hear the hitman's lies out. Paloma believes the hitman, who disappears when Luis and Sheridan show up. Luis tells Paloma he loves her, but the hitman has already convinced her otherwise, and says she is never going back to Harmony.

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Luis tries his best to convince Paloma to come back to Harmony, but she still believes the lies the hitman told her about her family not loving her. Luis, Sheridan, Martin, and Katherine try to convince Paloma how much her family loves her and how they never wanted to send her away, but they didn't have a choice. Paloma wonders why Sheridan's money couldn't have brought her home sooner. She hides in her room and yells for Luis to leave her alone. Martin and Katherine overhear Luis and Sheridan talking about their families and Martin hears Luis say he hates his father for leaving them. Katherine tries to reassure Martin that his family will forgive him, but Martin knows they never will.

Theresa promises Pilar she is only moving into the mansion to get her son back. Theresa then starts talking about revenge and hurting Gwen as much as Gwen and Rebecca have hurt their family. Ethan lets Theresa see little Ethan as soon as she gets to the mansion. Theresa promise little Ethan they will always be together. Gwen privately gets a bad feeling about Theresa. Gwen tells Ethan about her bad feeling and tells him once they are alone in their bedroom. Ethan reassures Gwen that Theresa is going to honor her promise, but Gwen still has doubts. Theresa tells little Ethan that she is keeping her baby.

Liz promises to expose more secrets from Eve's past, but Eve is left wondering what is left to tell. T.C. yells at Eve that he doesn't know her and he doesn't care about her anymore. Liz promises to spill all once the family has accepted the news. Chad asks Fox to look after Whitney, who tells him to leave her alone. Julian and Fox commiserate over their lost loves. Whitney and Simone fight again, and Eve tries to explain to her daughters, but T.C. yells at her. T.C. says he is leaving, but Eve asks him to stay and says she will go.

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Gwen and Ethan are waiting for Theresa at the hospital and Gwen is still convinced that Theresa will not give them the baby she is carrying. Ethan tells Gwen again that Theresa will not keep the baby as it is not hers and has his and Gwen's DNA. Also Theresa will use the baby to get little Ethan back. Theresa tells Pillar that she will not give up the baby and Pillar asks what the real reason is.

Katherine and Martin are following Luis and Sheridan but can't find them and wonder if Alistair has caused them harm. They agree that someone could have followed their children to Mexico. They feel guilt about the life they chose without their children. Luis and Sheridan find Paloma and are telling her she must return to Harmony. Paloma has a flashback to Alistair's hitman and remembers that he told her not to trust Luis. Katherine and Martin catch up to the children and Paloma tell them she is not doing anything her family wants her to do.

Theresa tells Pilar that she wants nothing but her son and the new baby and revenge on Gwen and Rebecca. She is ready to go to the mansion. Luis doesn't understand why Paloma doesn't want to come home when he tells her how much they loved her but the family knew she would have a better life with her aunt in Mexico. Luis tells her that their mother never stopped loving her. Paloma runs again not believing her brother.

Liz tells the group that maybe they should have coffee and digest everything that has happened. Ivy tells Liz that she pulled her punch and knew she was going to spill something else about Eve. Liz says she wants to savor it. Sam comes in while they are talking but says he didn't hear anything. Liz was reminding Ivy again that she will fall just like Eve. Sam is worried about Ivy. As Ivy and Sam leave he tells Ivy that he can't believe this has happened to Eve and TC. Sam tells Ivy that the guilty party's pay in the end. Eve wonders when her secrets of breaking up Sam and Grace's marriage will come out. Fox approaches Whitney but she tells him again that she doesn't love him. Julian and Fox have a heart to heart about the women they love. Eve tries to comfort Simone but Whitney tells them both that she will never love her mother again but Simone and Whitney start to fight. TC wants to leave the house but Sam tells the group to chill out and talks TC and Whitney into staying. Inside the house TC says he can never stay in the house of lies. Eve offers to leave.

Everyone is trying to convince Paloma that her mother does want her back and that they all love her very much. Paloma starts to soften to these words of love but again rejects Luis's plea to return home. She doesn't understand why they didn't come for her sooner. Luis bangs on Palomas door but she will not come out. Sheridan asks Luis to understand what Paloma may be thinking. Luis tells Sheridan that he hopes his dad is dead for leaving his family and if he is alive that he would kill him for being a coward. Martin over hears this.

Theresa is home at the mansion and little Ethan is there to greet his her. Theresa promises her son that they will never be apart again and as he falls to sleep she tells him that they will live together with the new baby. Gwen tells Ethan that she still has a bad feeling but she trusts Ethan. Ethan tells Gwen that they will have their baby. Gwen agrees that it will all work out.

Thursday, August 5, 2004

Eve leaves the Russell home with Julian. Liz tries to comfort T.C., but he is unresponsive. Liz vows to take Eve's place in T.C.'s life. T.C. and Liz bring Aunt Irma back to the home. Liz calls Fox and asks him to close the club, and Fox lays into her for destroying the Russell's. Liz fakes an apology to T.C. about bringing Aunt Irma in his home to tear apart his family. T.C. falls for it, and tells Liz it's not her fault. Liz gets a call saying she needs to come to the Blue Note and T.C. offers to drive her there. T.C. and Liz show up in the middle of Eve's number.

Julian offers to bring Eve to the Crane mansion, but she refuses. Eve has a panic attack in the car and Julian brings her to the Blue Note Club. Eve decides to sing. Fox shows up at the club and offers his sympathy to Julian. Julian tells Fox about his son with Eve and how they have been searching for him.

Chad is trying to comfort Whitney, who asks him to take her to the Blue Note so she can sing. Whitney and Chad show up in time to hear Eve sing.

Sheridan is excited to learn that Katherine knows Martin. Katherine back pedals and tells Sheridan she misunderstood. Sheridan talks about Martin running out on Luis' family and the influence it had on their lives. Sheridan then talks about her childhood, and Katherine apologizes. Sheridan talks about how much she's missed having a mother. Sheridan then tells Katherine about Julian and his marriages. When Katherine is too knowledgeable, Sheridan questions her. Katherine skirts around the issue, and Sheridan continues to speak of the people of Harmony. Sheridan tells Katherine she feels she should leave Luis so the Crane's won't destroy him.

Martin talks to Luis and tells him that he is his father. Martin is imagining the scenario, but Luis happens upon him for real. Luis talks about helping his father build a gazebo on the Crane grounds. Martin looks at a scar on his arm that he got from building it and remembers Alistair ordering him to keep his mouth shut over what he knows about the gazebo. Luis comments how odd it is he and Martin built the gazebo and how special it is to him and Sheridan. Luis notices Martin rubbing his arm and looks at it.

Friday, August 6, 2004

Whitney and T.C. are at the Blue Note listening to Eve sing. Chad compliments Eve which upsets Whitney. Chad asks Whitney to leave and Whitney says no. Julian tells Fox how Eve enchanted him years ago and how she's enchanted him now. Fox offers to help Julian find his and Eve's son. Chad asks Fox to watch Whitney while he goes and tries to keep T.C. from hurting Julian. T.C finds Eve, who is receiving a ton of praise for singing, and lays into her for deserting her family. Whitney and Fox walk outside and Whitney yells at him. Liz argues with Julian about Eve's past.

Martin tells Luis there comes a time when everyone has to stop running. Martin explains that sometimes a man has to make difficult decisions and hope for forgiveness later. Luis promises Martin that whomever he is seeking forgiveness from will grant it. Luis tells Martin that everyone deserves forgiveness, except his father who deserted his family. Pilar calls asking about Paloma and after hanging up the phone, Luis tells Martin Pilar is still praying for Martin to come home.

Katherine and Sheridan talk and Sheridan asks Katherine if she's her daughter. Katherine remembers being abused by Alistair when Sheridan accidentally pushes her. Sheridan talks about family, and Katherine admits that she and Sheridan are family. Katherine skirts the issue by saying that she feels they are like family because of Paloma. Sheridan then tells Katherine how she fantasizes about her mother really being alive. Katherine is elated, until Sheridan says she knows her mother would have never left her to deal with Alistair on her own.

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