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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 2, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, August 2, 2004

Lucy is caring for an injured Dusty at a motel room in Reno when Sierra appears at the door. Dusty sends Lucy out on to get some ice so that he can talk alone with Sierra. Sierra convinces him that he must break Lucy's heart so that she will return to Montega with Sierra and Alan, because this is the only way they all can make sure that Lucy will be safe. When Lucy returns with the ice, Sierra leaves and goes back to Oakdale. Dusty kisses Lucy, then tells her, "I can't get involved with you." Angry, Lucy abruptly says, "Go to hell," and storms out of the room. Dusty runs after her and calls her name.

Carly searches in the Snyder Pond for Parker, who had heard that Jack was in the water and had mistakenly gone to the pond to search for Jack, instead of the river. Carly and Hal jump into the pond to search for Parker, but Parker is floating face down with one arm over his inflated ring. Parker wakes to find himself in a place full of bright light with his dead half-sister, Nora, beckoning him toward a doorway. Jack appears and tells Parker that neither of them belong there, and convinces Parker that he must go home to take care of Carly and Sage. Jack takes Parker's hand and says, "Let's go home." Very soon Carly finds Parker in the water and takes him to the paramedics waiting on the bank. The paramedics assure Hal that Parker will be fine, but that he should go to the hospital to be checked. When Hal and Carly tell Parker that Jack is gone, Parker insists that he saw Jack and that Jack told him to come back. He tells all about his near-death experience, including Nora, the light, and the door, and he relates how he and Jack both walked away from the door. As the paramedics put Parker into the ambulance, Carly tells Hal that she knows that Jack is gone, but that she believes that Jack saved Parker.

On the bridge, Molly finally pulls herself together and insists to Holden that she must put her life back together on her own. As Holden holds her and assures her that he will always be there for her, it is obvious that both of them are fighting strong feelings for each other. However, Molly insists that Holden go back home and that she will move back to her apartment.

Craig is poised with his suitcase for a quick getaway when Lily interrupts him and persuades him to come up to the main house with her. He leaves his suitcase behind and has a conversation with Lily, convincing her that there must be some evidence that will incriminate Alan, if only someone would search Sierra and Alan's room. As they talk, Craig receives a call on his cell phone from Wade, telling him that if he is not back at the carriage house in 5 minutes, his suitcase will be set on fire. Craig rushes home and puts the fire out, then Wade tells him that he must have more money, since the original money Craig paid him disappeared when his partner was killed. When Craig insists that he has no more money, Wade pulls a gun on him. Lily, acting on her talk with Craig, goes to Alan and Sierra's room to search for clues. She finds statements from Lucy's trust fund in Alan's suitcase. Alan walks in and demands an explanation for her presence, and Lily lamely lies that she wants to borrow some sandals from Sierra. Alan receives a call from Sierra as she returns from Reno, and tells Lily that all three of them will be on their way to Montega soon. Lily blurts out, "You can't do that!" Sierra arrives and Lily leaves. As soon as she is out the door, Lily calls Craig, but Craig is immobilized by Wade's gun to his chest. As Wade leaves, he promises Craig, "If they get me, I'm bringing you down with me....they're going to know what a miserable rat you are."

Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Lucy is returning home and Nikki is bringing her. Alan and Sierra have decided to leave for Montego that night and are intent on bringing Lucy with them. Lily and Craig talk and Lily wants Lucy to stay but Craig is trying to send her off to Montego with Alan and Sierra. When Lucy talks with her Dad and he tells her he wants her to be safe, so she should go with her Mom and Alan, she tells him that the only reason he wants this, is to keep her away from Dusty. Alan comes up with the idea that if Dusty were to come with, Lucy would not have any reason for staying. Craig thinks that Dusty won't go, and that will leave Lucy free.

Lily has gone to Craig to tell him that she doesn't trust Alan. Craig indicates that there isn't enough proof that Alan could be guilty of anything (knowing that he has planted evidence himself to incriminate Alan.) Lily confides to Craig that she looked around and found things in his suitcase that indicated Lucy was at risk with him. Lily indicates that she knows enough not to want her niece to be in another country with Alan. Craig goes to Alan, and tells him that he wants him to take Lucy to Montego and keep her safe. While talking with Craig, Lily realizes that she has something she can use to keep them here.

Dusty is having a dream about Lucy. He imagines that she has come back. She tells him that it is too late. He is telling her that he loves her, but it too late. She has died. Dusty wakes up from his dream on the plane, but is incoherent. A flight attendant comes to aid him but he tells her that he doesn't need help. He wants to know when they will land, and she says shortly. She leaves his side and tells another attendant to please call ahead and have someone waiting for him. She thinks he is going to need help. Dusty wakes up in the hospital with Nikki standing by him. She tells Dusty that Lucy is fine. She just took her home and Lucy wasn't very happy. Outside, sits Wade behind a newspaper, watching and waiting for the chance to do something. Dusty is told that his past is expunged because of Starziak's death and lack of evidence. He asks again if Lucy is fine. Nikki says to Dusty, you love her, don't you? He has however, fallen off to sleep. She takes leave. Outside, Wade makes a phone call to Lucy telling her that he is a friend of Dusty's. He is making this call because Dusty doesn't have a phone in his room and he wanted Lucy to know what was going on. The "friend" says that Dusty lost a lot of blood and has been asking for her. Wade says Dusty flew in from Reno and asked him to call. She tells him that she is on the way. Inside, Lucy calls the hospital to see if Dusty is really there. A nurse comes in to see Dusty and tells him that his friend Lucy called, and is on her way over. When Dusty thinks about it, he realizes that Lucy didn't know he was there. He asks the nurse how Lucy found out and the nurse tells him that a friend called her to let her know. The nurse checks his room phone and says it's working now and leaves. Lucy is getting out of her car downstairs in the parking area when her cell phone rings. It's Dusty. Dusty asks her where she is, and she tells him that she is downstairs and will be up in a second. He tells her to get back in her car right now and drive out of there, but, Wade grabs her from behind and covers her mouth leaving Dusty calling for her on the phone and Lucy struggling and yelling to get away.

Kim and Doc are having breakfast. He is telling her he still has to work on his sports report. Kim says not to worry because his replacement will do it for him. She fires him on the spot. While waiting for the bill, a fan of Doc's comes up and introduces himself. He tells him if there is ever anything that he can do, to let him know. On the way out, Doc tells him that he and WOAK management didn't agree on certain things and so they decided to part ways. The man inquires, that perhaps this is Doc's lucky day.

Casey comes downstairs and sees his parents. He comments that it is unusual to have them both there at the same time. He notices that his Dad has a packed suitcase. He says why is it that they always can find time to call him nicknames before the bottom falls out of a kid's life. Tom tells him that, that won't happen. He explains that his work has caused a big strain on the marriage and they need to be apart for awhile. There is no third party involved. Margo leaves with Casey to take him for his golf lessons. Tom looks around the house when Kim comes to the door. She tells Tom that she feels guilty because she was the one who brought Doc to Oakdale, but, she is also finding a moment of happiness because she fired him. She tells Tom that Doc is probably on his way out of town. As Margo sits and waits, Casey finally returns after filling out his paper work. They wonder who his new golf instructor will be. They turn around and there stands Doc Reese!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Wade Carlson contains Lucy in the trunk of his car. Dusty rushes downstairs to get to Lucy but she is gone. He is able to get a partial license plate number and a description of the car. He makes a call from Lucy's found cell phone, to the police, to come to the hospital garage as a kidnapping has just occurred. In the trunk of the car Lucy tries to free herself. She finds a tire iron, and as Wade opens the trunk, she asks for his help, and clobbers him with the tire iron, but he subdues her, and eventually she is knocked out. When Lucy comes to, she discovers that she is being buried alive. Wade, in the meantime, takes a picture of her.

Emily comes to see Carly and discovers that Parker will be fine, even though the experience left him exhausted. He needs to get a lot of rest. Carly thanks Emily for being there. Emily tells her that the two of them have been through a lot together, and they are the last two musketeers. Carly notices a sadness within Emily. She wants Emily to tell her what the matter is. Emily indicates that it is Hal. She says that Hal has been pushing her away again and all she wants to do is help him and console him during this time. Carly tells her that Hal can be a very private person. Emily just wants to hold him and love him again. Parker later comes down the stairs and tries to tell Carly that Jack is not dead, but alive. Jack told him it was not his time to die. Parker wants to know why no one will believe him. Carly says that they will hang on to every thread of hope until Jack is found. Carly breaks down in Emily's arms. Hal comes in and says that he will find a way to help Parker cope with his loss.

Sierra comes in to find Craig and Lily. They are all discovering that Lucy is gone. Sierra says that if they find Dusty, they will find Lucy. Craig leaves for the main house because his phone is there, and, he says that Lucy might call. While there he and Wade talk. He wants to know if Wade has Lucy. Back at the house Dusty bursts in on everyone. Nikki comes in and tells them all that Lucy has been kidnapped. They found signs of a struggle. They have found evidence that proves it. Dusty is berated by Lily and Sierra. Dusty tells Sierra that he doesn't care if Craig has to pay with his life, he will bring Lucy back safely. On the phone Wade is telling Craig that first he will take care of Lucy and then he is coming to get his money.

Casey tells his Mom at the country club that he wants to go home. Doc says that it evidently is not going to work out with his being Casey's golf instructor so, he will re-schedule him with another instructor. At home, Margo comes downstairs and questions Casey as to what he would like to do. Casey looks at her and says that he is just not interested in games, he knows what is going on. Casey tells her that she was having an affair with Doc Reese and Dad found out. Margo tells him that there was no affair. Casey walks out saying that he's going to live with his Dad.

Ben, Jessica and Curtis are celebrating at the restaurant. Curtis has guessed that they are going to have a baby. Tom happens to come in and Ben asks him to join them. Tom explains to Ben and Jessica that he is waiting for his suite to become ready. He and Margo are separated. He doesn't know if they will ever get back the trust for each other they once had. He tells them congratulations on the new baby and leaves. Ben says they will pray for Margo and Tom's reconciliation.

Thursday, August 5, 2004

Chris and Alison met up with Susan at the country club for a food tasting. Alison was trying to decide what to serve at the reception but Chris was in his own little world. He had a flashback of himself and Emily. They looked pretty cozy. Alison was upset that Chris didn't appear to be interested in their wedding. Chris said that he didn't care about the wedding - it was the marriage that is important. They argued and Chris left in a huff. Emily arrived at the country club soon after and Ali begged her sister to talk to Chris about what was bothering him. Emily said "no" but Susan and Alison pressured her into it. Emily found Chris looking at a wedding cake. He seemed very unhappy. Emily asked him what was wrong and he said he wondered if he was making a big mistake by marrying Alison.

Across town, Dusty and Nikki were at the police station questioning a woman who worked at Yo's about Wade's whereabouts. She said all that she knew was that he had mentioned something about Paris. Dusty told Nikki they needed to look for Lucy in every town called Paris in the U.S.A.

Meanwhile, Lily came bursting into Lucinda's place with a video tape she had found on the hood of her car. Lily, Sierra, Craig and Alan watched in horror as Lucy was buried alive, screaming in terror. Just then Sierra's phone rang and she answered it. It was Wade. He said that if she sent Alan with $2 million dollars to the bell tower at Luther's Corner he would tell where Lucy was. He added that if she sent Dusty or the cops, he would never tell where Lucy was and she would die. Sierra sent Craig away and told Alan and Lily what Wade had said. Craig called Lily and she told him that Alan was meeting Wade at the bell tower.

Dusty arrived at the mansion after everyone else had left and confronted Sierra. He demanded that she tell him where Lucy was being kept. She said she didn't know and confessed that Alan was meeting Wade with ransom money. Sierra mentioned the tape and Dusty and Nikki watched it. Dusty realized that Lucy was at some kind of construction site where they used sand. He looked up construction companies in the phone book and found one called Paris Construction. He told Nikki he was sure that was where Wade had buried Lucy. They raced to the place and searched for Lucy. They dug through the dirt and Dusty pulled Lucy out of the ground. Dusty yelled at Nikki to call an ambulance. Dusty told an unconscious Lucy that she needed to hold on until help arrived.

Alan arrived at the bell tower and handed Wade the money. While Wade was counting it, Alan pulled a gun on the criminal. Alan demanded that Wade tell him where Lucy was. Craig came up the stairs and Wade told Alan that it was Craig who arranged the first kidnapping. Alan turned the gun on Craig and demanded that he stand by Wade. Craig insisted he was innocent. Craig wrestled Alan for the gun. It went off and Craig collapsed to the floor just as Lily arrived. Craig was shot in the arm. Alan accidentally knocked down Lily. When he went to check on her, Wade shot him and he fell to the floor. Wade pulled Lily to her feet with the intention of taking her as a hostage. Craig said that Wade should take him instead but Wade refused. Craig fought with Wade and was knocked onto the floor. Lily and Wade struggled and they fell out the open window. Lily held on for dear life while Craig tried to pull her up.

Barbara told Paul and Jennifer that her doctor was coming over with the test results. Walker showed up at the door, wondering why a perfectly healthy woman such as Babs would be seeing a specialist. Babs said she resented that he followed her and Walker said if she was sick why didn't she tell him? Barbara wanted them to leave before the doctor arrived. A man arrived at the door, claiming to be the illustrious Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones was surprised to see a room full of people. He wasn't expecting that they would be there. Walker and Paul grilled Dr. Jones for answers and he said the tests were inconclusive and quickly exited the suite. Paul asked Babs how much she had paid the fraud pretending to be her doctor. Babs said she hadn't paid him. Paul pressured her into admitting that she lied about her symptoms. Jennifer was very upset because she had been so worried about her mother. Paul demanded to know if James was behind this ruse. Barbara denied it saying that Rosanna had set the whole thing up because she wanted to be alone with Jordan. Paul left angry and Jennifer followed soon after. Walker called Babs on the carpet and left her too. She was devastated.

Back in Oakdale, Jordan told Rosanna that he had stayed up all night trying to think of a way to get out of consummating their marriage. Ro worried that Cabot would be stolen if they didn't comply with James's wishes. Jordan said that they would never please James and besides, they had a lot of money they could hire extra security. Ro said that wouldn't work. Jordan suggested that they walk into James's cell hand in hand and tell him they had slept together. Ro said James would know they were lying. Ro begged Jordan to put Cabot's needs first. Jordan agreed to consummate their marriage and they began kissing just as Paul walked into the room.

Friday, August 6, 2004

Paul walks in and finds Rosanna and Jordan in an embrace. He asks what is going on. Rosanna tells Paul that she is sorry he had to find out this way but she and Jordan have decided to resume their marriage. Rosanna, steps aside to speak to Jordan, she says that Paul does not believe what she is saying and they will have to tell him the truth. She tells Paul that they have to do this, they have no choice. It is the only thing they can do for Cabot. Paul tells her that she has to stop all of this. Paul is told that his Father is making her choose between him and her son and she chooses her son. Paul tells Rosanna that love is either there or not there. He thinks that she all ready feels it for him and he for her. He kisses her and she pulls away but is drawn back to him because of her love for him and carries her off to the bedroom.

Aaron goes to Alison's. She is trying to decide what to have to eat at her wedding. Aaron samples everything and Alison says that picking out what to eat should be fun not the catastrophe it was with Chris there. She tells him they had another fight. Aaron suggests she wait a little while before calling him. Alison tells her that Emily is on the way to find Chris and explain everything. Aaron tells her about the new clue coming out and the fact that they still have to beat the guy that has the most keys all ready. The attendant at the place where Lucy is trying to decide her pick, tells her that she must have her order that day. She says she will choose what to have and will meet Aaron at the loading dock. Alison simply cannot choose about the meal, and says she will decide later. She calls Emily and gets her answering machine. She leaves a message to tell Chris that she loves him and they can get past anything.

Emily, in the meantime, is trying to explain to Chris about Alison. Emily asks Chris, if it's that he doesn't want a big wedding or any wedding at all. He says there is nothing wrong with Alison, she's funny, she makes him feel good, she's there for him. She tells him that marriage is never a lot of fun. The path to true love is never straight or smooth. He tells her again that Alison makes him happy, but......... Emily reassures him once again. She tells Chris that he has grown into an extraordinary man. He gives her a kiss on the cheek. They look at each other and are drawn into each other's arms. They kiss, not once, but several times.

Carly brings Parker down to the Police Station. At the station, Margo gives Parker a picture of Jack, and tells him that another one just like it will hang in the station, so that everyone remembers the name of Jack Snyder. Jack's badge is handed to Parker for safe keeping, but, Parker says that he can't take it, because Jack will need it when he comes back. When they are alone, Carly tells Margo that she can't get Parker to accept Jack's death and it's no wonder, because she can't either. Later, Carly stands alone on the bridge. She is calling out to Jack. She speaks of the time he promised her forever. She tells him that Parker saw him, when he was in the pond, and that it was not their time to die. In a place, faraway, lies Jack. He opens up his eyes, and sees the name Julia on some kind of a nurse's badge.

Dusty tries to revive Lucy. He finally brings her around and tells Nikki to call Sierra. He tells Lucy that he is never going to leave her again.

Craig pulls Lily up back inside and to safety. He calls for help, and wants to know what the news is on Lucy, and informs them that both kidnappers are dead. He is told that Lucy was rescued and is safe.

The police arrive at Sierra's place. They want her to accompany them down to the police station. Lily and Craig arrive. Craig embraces Lucy as she and Dusty enter. She asks him what happened to his arm that it is in a sling. He extends his hand to Dusty for rescuing his little girl. Lucinda is told by Lily that Alan was responsible for the kidnapping. Craig is telling Lucinda that Alan shot him, and Dusty comes in and says, that no, you are responsible. Lucy overhears this, and comes in to say, "What is it you said, Dad, Dusty?"

Lucinda wants to know what Sierra was thinking when she let Alan take the money to Wade by himself.

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