One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 16, 2004 on OLTL

Adriana discovered that she wasn't pregnant. Paul convinced Natalie to help with the art gallery robbery. Nora fought with Lindsay who had had too much to drink. Todd and Blair moved into Asa's mansion to stake their claim to the Buchanan land. The Love Center had a Full Monty benefit at Ultra Violet. Antonio was captured while searching for Carlotta.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 16, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, August 16, 2004

Evangeline suggests to John that she get close to R.J. in order to find out R.J.'s plans with Sonia. John doesn't like the idea. Evangeline calls R.J. to apologize. Evangeline seem to have convinced R.J. that her apology and supposed falling out with John is real. Sonia tells R.J. about her suspicions of Evangeline. R.J tells Sonia that he doesn't believe Evangeline for one second. Evangeline fills John in on her conversation with R.J. Evangeline believes that even if R.J. is suspicious of her at least he will keep her close to know what she is up to.

Tico proposes to Kevin that he return to politics. Kevin is not interested at first but Tico promises Kevin that in two years Kevin can be Governor and in ten years he can be president of the United States. Tico receives a report on Duke. The report reads that Duke met with Todd a few months ago. Tico is curious as to why Todd would need to meet with Duke. Tico hopes Todd won't be a problem.

Natalie confronts Paul about the missing money from their account. Paul fesses up to gambling the money away. Natalie wants nothing to do with Paul if he is leading a life of gambling and underhanded dealings with Rex. Paul promises her that he will change Paul and Rex go over the logistics of the robbery.

Blair and Todd are closer to making Asa and his family believe that Asa is crazy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Blair and Todd get a visit from Amanda, one of the members of the Country Club. Todd knows she wants a donation from them. He brings up her husband's insider trading scandal. Blair and Todd are new board members of the country club. Evangeline confirms that Blair does indeed own the land that Asa's mansion sits on. Evangeline gives them two options. Option A. Asa can pay them rent or Option B. Asa can sell them the mansion. Blair and Todd are sure that Asa won't sell the mansion.

R.J. checks on Sonia's past. Sonia stops by R.J.'s house. She brings up Antonio's name. R.J. tells her that unless she has a plan to ruin Antonio he is not interested. Sonia asks what if she does have a plan to destroy Antonio. R.J. is not sure what kind of games she is playing. Sonia implies that R.J. may betray her for Evangeline.

David guesses that Adriana is pregnant and confronts her.

Kelly and Evangeline has one week to prepare for trial. Evangeline shows Kelly pictures of all the women Kevin has been dating and one of the women left the next morning after her date with Kevin. Kelly asks for a copy of the file. Evangeline asks Kelly if she is holding anything back. Kelly denies withholding information. Dorian practices with Kelly by asking her all the questions that the prosecutor might ask. Kelly did not do very well. Dorian asks Kelly's permission to dig up dirt on Kevin and destroy him.

Jessica is upset with Tico for not telling her that Angelina had returned. Angelina tells Jessica that she does not know where Carlotta might be. Tico suggests that Carlotta returned to her home town in Puerto Rico to put the past to rest. Tico invites Jessica to dinner at his home.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

John reaches Antonio and confirms that the alley victim was one of Padilla's men. He learns that Carlotta has not been located yet.

R.J. is curious about Sonia not trusting him (as she replays in her mind John's warning that R.J. could be working for her adversaries) and they agree to have a mutual trust/distrust of each other. He grabs her and kisses her when she mentions she's unattached but angrily, she fights him off. He advises her to keep her distance from Antonio during their upcoming scam. When she indignantly leaves, she's tailed by a cop who makes a quick call to John. When Evangeline shows up at R.J.'s, claiming to be acting spontaneously, she spots Sonia's bracelet. R.J. uneasily says something about business but wonders if Evangeline has been filled in with John's investigation of him and the recent murder victim. Evangeline assures him she's not familiar and further discloses that she and John have broken up. When R.J. saw them together, they were only trying to talk, but things have not been settled between them, she confides.

David tries to get Adriana to talk; she finally admits that she's scared and possibly pregnant. He convinces her to talk to Dorian who shows up, pregnancy test in hand. The maid found it under Adriana's bed. She's upset that her daughter hasn't confided in her. David leaves the women alone as Dorian calmly reassures her daughter. She is actually extremely upset, David notices as he heads out. Later, Dorian arranges for Adriana to go to the doctor but urges her to take the home pregnancy test too. They sit and wait for the results.

Spending the evening at Rodi's with Daniel, Nora apologizes for being sick at the shore but marvels over his care of her. They share a kiss but are interrupted by an intoxicated Lindsay who rehashes Nora's history of going out with the same men as her. Reminding her that she was with a couple of the men first but not to worry as she'll leave the young boys to Lindsay, Nora finds a drink tossed in her face. As the women begin to fight, David arrives and pulls Lindsay away. Nora is impressed that Daniel feels sorry for Lindsay. The bartender tells Roxy that Paul is a con-man. Lindsay promptly gets into an argument with Roxy. John sees Sonia and questions her about the note found on Antonio's desk, about El Tiburon and about the bombing of Tico's family members. She denies having knowledge of any of the topics but he forewarns her that he will get to the truth. When she leaves, he lifts her glass for fingerprints.

Jess arrives for dinner with Tico and questions the romantic setting; she thought it was going to be casual. Claiming it to be casual for him, Tico offers her champagne but Jess turns it down. She's too concerned about Antonio and Carlotta to share the celebratory drink with him. After tossing the candles, flowers and champagne aside, Jess is more comfortable and agrees to sit. Tico receives a phone call and warns the caller that errors will be unacceptable; he asks if they are ready to make their move. He discloses that he wants to raise money at a benefit to research heart disease in women with Viki as the honoree. It's the least he can do to repay Jess for saving his life. She reluctantly agrees to share one dance with him. He is just about to kiss her when her cell rings; it's Antonio but it's a poor connection and she's unable to hear him. The mood is broken, even more so when Sonia dashes in looking for Angelina and Jess prepares to go back to the loft where she may be able to receive a phone call more easily. Sonia yells at Angelina and demands to know why she left the cryptic note with the date on Antonio's desk; she recognized the writing. Tico quickly quiets them down as Jess departs and hastily shows his anger once she is gone.

On her apartment rooftop, Natalie reads a letter from Viki that talks about their being able to talk and resolve their differences. When John surprisingly shows up, they have a long chat about it, with John giving her some advice. They agree that they're friends and wish each other luck with their respective partners. Evangeline is looking for John and finds him on the roof; she's headed for dinner and John decides to go with her. They ask Natalie to go with them but she declines. She sadly leaves a message for Viki. An amused John and Evangeline break up an overly romantic Daniel and Nora. John pulls Daniel aside, advising him that he's been blocked in getting information on Sonia's prints from the FBI.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Blair was gloating to Todd over taking the mansion from Asa, when he informed her that there would be a wrinkle in their plan to take it as part of her divorce settlement from Asa. Asa had squatter's rights from living at the mansion, even though Blair owned the land, so that would force her to endure an ugly court battle at the least. When Blair mentions wanting to give up on Asa's mansion, Todd angrily slams down a set of papers and says that it had to be Asa's. When Todd's assistant arrives, she tells them that they must establish a claim to the land as quickly as possible by literally pitching a tent or burning the place to the ground. When Blair suggests giving up, Todd suggests making Asa want to leave.

Jen and Marcie are at the club planning the strip show. Michael overhears Marcie's conversation about her brother's wedding to his gay lover. He seemed proud when Marcie said that she would, in defiance of her father, attend the wedding and not make any move to cancel it. When Michael asks her about it, she is angry, saying that you don't turn your back on your children. Michael is telling her that is asking a lot of her father, but she takes it the wrong way and they fight over the debate over gay marriage.

Rex and Lindsay are having lunch and discussing Shannon McBain's attempt to seduce him. He reassures Lindsay that Shannon meant nothing to him and Lindsay said that she didn't care because their affair was over since he didn't spend any time with her. Rex was swearing that he would find a way to get Ultra Violet back from R.J. When Paul comes in, they discuss the plan and Paul stresses the need for a diversion, Rex tells him that he is not getting paid to think. Paul asks who they are working for and Rex tells him that it is R.J. Gannon.

Natalie and Paul are on the roof of the Angel Square Hotel as Paul begs Natalie's forgiveness for gambling away their savings. When he mentions a side job, Natalie immediately suspects that he is working with Rex in something shady. When he leaves, Natalie calls Kevin and sells Paul out.

Friday, August 20, 2004

The recurring appearance of a highway sign in his dreams has Antonio asking his friend Emilio where it can be found.

At the same time, Sonia is caught off guard by an encounter with a super-creepy guy, who leaves her feeling on edge. Later, Antonio is waylaid by two men, who blindfold and lead him off.

Although Marcie talks most of the guys into doing the strip, an embarrassed Riley instead leaves in a huff. Jen follows after him and he later returns, to the delight of the awaiting audience. Shannon is touched and grateful when Hudson and Marcie defend her.

Dorian can't seem to wipe the smile off her face when it comes to Tico, who really knows how to charm her. Adriana takes the home pregnancy test and is relieved to find out that she isn't pregnant after all. Meanwhile, Rex is fit to be tied when he discovers that Paul has enlisted Natalie's help in the gallery heist.

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