One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 23, 2004 on OLTL

Duke arrived in town and was enchanted with Adriana. Antonio and Carlotta were reunited in Puerto Rico. Marcie believed that Amy Dunham's ghost had been vandalizing the construction site. Sonia broke into R.J.'s apartment and learned that he was working with the Santi family. Evangeline offered to help Kelly with the custody hearing.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 23, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, August 23, 2004

Rex is not happy that Paul involved Natalie in their heist. Rex tries to fire them but Natalie wants in. Rex thinks Natalie will rat them out.

Viki walks in on the "Full Monty" act of the men from the Love Crew. Viki asks Jen for the video tape of the show in order to protect the guys reputation. Marcie thinks that it's the ghost of Amy Dunham that wrecked the construction site. Marcie fills in Viki on Amy Dunham's past and her connection to Viki's family. Viki informs the Love Crew that it would be impossible for them to finish the project in time. Viki calls for an extension on the project. Shannon suggests to Rex that they meet at the construction site in order to find the person vandalizing the construction site Rex had to leave Shannon. Shannon is being watched.

Todd, Blair and Starr have dinner in their new home (Asa's house). Renee calls the police to remove them. Evangeline arrives just in time before the police removed Blair and Todd for trespassing. Daniel also arrived to help Renee. After reading the divorce decree, Daniel tells Renee that Todd and Blair have a right to be on their land. Renee leaves the house to stay at the palace hotel. Blair and Todd fall asleep in the living room. The next morning Blair finds Duke standing over them. Duke wants to know what they are doing in his family's house.

John is uncomfortable at the country club with Evangeline, Nora and Daniel. Natalie asks John if he can arrest someone unofficially. John guesses that Natalie has problems with Paul. Natalie almost gave in but Evangeline shows up. Later on the roof John asks Natalie if she wanted to talk some more but she refused.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Dorian arranged for Addie to spend the day with Kelly and the family. Blair doesn't want to kiss and make up with Kelly. Addie meets Adriana for the first time. Kelly loses it when Blair tries to tell her that Kevin might pull some tricks in court and she should be prepared. Addie thinks there might be a curse on the Cramer family.

Todd tells Duke that everything Kevin has told him about about he and Blair is a lie. Duke admits that Kevin can be domineering and he feels for Kelly and Todd but he will not be used to hurt Kevin. Todd asks Duke whose side he will take, Kevin or Kelly's? Todd believes he can use Blair to get Duke on their side. Todd thinks Duke is already under Blair's spell. Kelly thinks Kevin sent Duke to spy on her. Viki visits Todd and Blair at the mansion. Viki berates Todd and Blair's behavior. Duke drops Kelly off at home and runs into Adriana wearing a bathing suit.

Tico asks Sonia if she was in trouble and if she was he will help her. Sonia denies being in trouble. Sonia breaks into R.J.'s apartment and his laptop. She discovers that R.J. has Santi contacts and wonders how involved is R.J. with the Santi organization. R.J. comes home early and almost catches Sonia. Sonia later returns pretending to be in the neighborhood. When R.J. goes to make her a drink she removes the disk she left in his laptop and puts it back in the hiding place. R.J. catches her and asks her what she is up to.

Natalie calls Jessica to ask her advice. Jessica guesses that Paul is the person who is going to get in trouble. Natalie won't divulge much more.

Antonio and Carlotta are held captive until Antonio picks up one hundred million dollars in bearer bonds. In order to access the money Antonio will have to have his palm scanned. Antonio realizes that he is the only one who can access the bonds and that it is the exact amount of the Santi fortune. Antonio tells Carlotta who wishes the nightmare was all over. The kidnappers are going to kill them both now that they have their money.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Duke is enchanted upon meeting Adriana but confesses he saw her earlier. While stuck in traffic en route to Asa's place, he saw her in Angel Square and took her picture with his digital camera. He asks her out but is quickly stopped dead in his tracks when Dorian comes upon them. Making light of it, she advises him that Adriana will be too busy. She shows him the door but not before remembering to ask him to defend Kelly at her upcoming hearing. She orders her daughter to stay away from him as a Buchanan will only bring her misery. David returns home and Dorian fills him in on the unsuccessful Cramer get-together as well as Duke hitting on Adriana. She apprises him of Kelly's upcoming trial that Duke may testify at when David offers to go after him and suggests they be nice to him until afterwards.

A snitch named Ravi visits John at the police station; for $20 he offers to give him a tip on the upcoming heist involving Paul Cramer. With that being the only information that he has, John gives him $5.

Carlotta begs for Antonio's life; a shot rings out but it's not Antonio who falls. A gunfight ensues as men enter and take off after the felons and Antonio is able to retrieve a gun as well. An hysterical Carlotta insists that she knows nothing about the sequence of events that led up to the present, only that she received a note that Antonio was in Puerto Rico. She was grabbed by some men when she arrived. One of the rescuers is Antonio's friend, Emilio, who is shocked to learn about Antonio's handprint obtaining the Santi millions. He regretfully advises Antonio that he will not be able to remain behind to investigate when Carlotta leaves; the FBI is insisting that he return to Llanview.

Sonia quickly attempts to replace the CD and other items out of place at R.J.'s but he returns to the room too soon. Making up a story and then changing the subject seems to work but after she leaves, it's obvious that R.J. is suspicious. Soon after, Ravi arrives with the news that he wasn't followed and he's clear on what has to be done. R.J. threatens him with death if things don't work out as planned. Sonia shows up at Tico's but as they await word, he receives a phone call and takes off angrily.

At Rodi's, Marcie unintentionally hears Rex filling Nat in on the latest heist details when she sits down at their table. The duo quickly covers up. When Marcie sees John later, she advises him that something is going to happen soon. He tries to get Nat to talk to him but they're promptly interrupted by Rex. The two have a verbal duel, sharing their mutual dislike of each other until John has to take a phone call. It's Antonio who familiarizes him with the situation in Puerto Rico. Mark meets up with Marcie and she introduces him to the bartender, Justin, who unmista.k.ably flirts with him. Marcie convinces Mark to ask him out; it's the first time and he's thrilled when Justin accepts. Rex reassures Nat. John returns to his pool game.

An angry Tico shows up at Dorian's, demanding to know about Adriana's supposed pregnancy and her obvious lack of supervision. An equally angry Dorian is incensed that Tico is aware of this privileged information and reminds him that she is the girl's mother and will handle everything herself. She orders Tico to provide her with his source, the person who divulged the information but he refuses. She does finally admit that Adriana is not pregnant. Interceding before the argument escalates even more, Adriana brings up Duke but Dorian would rather discuss the gala that Tico is throwing. Once he's gone, David and Dorian can't help wondering about all of the money that he's throwing around and wonder how he might have really obtained it.

Jessica is positive that something has happened to Antonio and takes off for Tico's residence. She expresses her fear about Antonio as Sonia denies knowing anything about what he has encountered or what may have happened to him. Jess doesn't believe her and informs her that she will hold the woman responsible if something has occurred. When Angelina shows after Sonia dashes off, Jess tries to get her to disclose some secret. She begins by talking about the peacefulness of Spain versus the busyness and intensity of America. Before she can continue Tico returns, adamantly stating that he has not heard from Antonio. When Antonio shows up suddenly, having returned from Puerto Rico, Tico is visibly annoyed. He remains so upon learning that Carlotta has been located as well. When Sonia returns, Antonio states that he wants to speak with the pair alone. He dismisses Jess abruptly and she takes off in tears. He informs his cousins that he saw and held 100 million dollars. Both Tico and Sonia appear perplexed as Antonio demands answers.

Duke slides his print of Adriana under the front door where she finds it. A crying Jess finds Nat at Rodi's.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Dorian and David are discussing not inviting Kevin Buchanan to Tico Santi's ball. David supposes that he found his uncle's money when Kelly screams. Ace is gone and she suspects that Kevin took him. Dorian is trying to calm Kelly down, saying that Ace was with the nanny. The door opens and the nanny comes in, carrying him. Dorian and David realize that if Kelly keeps acting crazy at the hearing, she will lose Ace. David then counsels Kelly to seek psychiatric help so that Kevin's can't bait her into losing custody of Ace. Dorian agrees and suggests that they hire a psychiatrist to state that Kelly is the best parent for Ace. Kelly then reluctantly agrees. Dorian secures the services of Dr. Marie Quintana to help Kelly at the hearing the next day.

Todd is researching Duke Buchanan, Kevin's son. Meanwhile, Duke is meeting with his aunts Natalie and Jessica at Roadie's. He encourages Blair to flirt with Duke in order to win him over to their side and she reluctantly agrees. Duke converses with Natalie about Blair and wonders what power she holds over the Buchanan men. Evangeline suggests that they make Asa an offer on the house to avoid an ugly court battle over the land, which Todd and Blair immediately turn down.

John is trying to make a date with Evangeline, but she blows him off, claiming a neurotic client. Natalie is completely ignoring Duke and Jessica and is staring at John and Evangeline at the bar. Jessica excuses herself and walks over to John. When Evangeline leaves, she asks about Antonio, but he refuses to tell her anything. Later, after her failed meeting with Todd and Blair, she surprises John on the rooftop of the Angel Square Hotel.

Antonio demands to know from Tico and Sonia Santi why they want him to go after the family's money and he angrily shouts at them, refusing to die to fill their pocketbooks. Tico denies any knowledge of why Antonio was made El Tiburon's heir. As the confrontation grows more heated, Antonio demands answers to protect his family. Antonio is demanding answers about his mother's disappearance, but Tico and Sonia are not forthcoming. While the pale man from Puerto Rico hands the Santi fortune over to Tico, Antonio overhears a conversation between Sonia and two shifty men. He looks frightened for his family when his name is mentioned in an ominous manner.

Friday, August 27, 2004

As the custody hearing approaches, Kelly is more on edge than ever. She confides the truth about Ace to Evangeline, who promises to help her. Kevin applies pressure to Kelly, hoping to manipulate her into signing over Ace to him.

An argument with Kevin provokes Duke into testifying on Kelly's behalf at the custody hearing. Antonio's determination to continue with the Santi investigation causes Jessica to walk out on him. Although upset by his encounter with Jessica, Antonio focuses on his job by confronting Carlotta and Angelina, demanding to know what they're not telling him.

John catches Sonia in the act of breaking into Antonio's loft. Adriana shoots down Duke's invitation to the upcoming gala, leaving his ego a bit bruised. Meanwhile, Mark and Justin have a good time on their date, evening though Nick tossed some rather inappropriate comments at them.

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