Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 30, 2004 on DAYS

Bo convinced John and Tek that their family and friends that they presumed were dead might still be alive. Philip and Belle worked on their relationship, which angered Rex. Shawn escaped from Jan and headed back to Salem to find Belle. Nancy told Brady that Chloe had died in a car accident.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 30, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, August 30, 2004

In his ungilded cage, Shawn hid the metal piece of the cage he had been using to break out just as Jan entered, full of sunshine. Jan taunted Shawn with the Belle/Philip make out session from the night before. Hoping to buy some time to work on his escape, Shawn told her to get video proof that Belle slept with Philip and he would submit to Jan.

At the loft, Belle and Philip were all apologies about the night before. Belle blamed the alcohol and hearing Rex and Mimi making love for getting her worked up with Philip. Outside on the fire escape, Jan held her video camera at the open window to provide a live video feed for Shawn back in his cage. Philip finally confessed his longtime love of Belle and sealed his big moment with a reciprocated kiss.

Back in his cage, a furious Shawn bloodied up his ankle, but broke free of his shackles. Once he broke the lock off his cage, he stopped long enough to watch Philip kiss Belle before heading to the door.

At the Basic Black headquarters, Kate thought about her almost tryst with John on the rooftop the night before. In mid daydream, John entered her office to apologize. Kate cautioned that they both needed to move on since Marlena and Roman were very much dead. Uncomfortable, John skittered out of the office to see Brady.

Sami awoke to find Lucas had made her a breakfast. Thrilled beyond belief, Sami proclaimed nothing could spoil her perfect day. Right on cue, Kate knocked on the front door. Sami sulked out of the room as Kate and Lucas talked about Kate's love life. Lucas recommended that Kate move on with John Black and Kate agreed. After Kate left, Lucas asked Sami to get along with Kate. Sami promised that for Lucas's love, she'd do anything. Unnerved by her happiness, Sami worried her world was jinxed. Lucas comforted her but was uneasy himself when Brandon called on the phone looking for Sami.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole was horrified to find Brady packing for Vienna. Brady was still worried about Chloe's phone call getting cut off and said he needed to see if their relationship was over. Nicole went for broke and told Brady she was afraid to lose him and to her surprise, Brady told her he was developing feelings for her. To Brady's surprise, John was right behind him. John cautioned his son to make sure things were over with Chloe before jumping into bed with Nicole. And since they were already on disturbingly personal topics, Brady told John to go for it with Kate. After John left, Nicole begged Brady to stay but he told her that they had no future until he had closure with Chloe.

In Austria, the doctors worked on a bandaged and dying Chloe at a hospital. Chloe moaned Brady's name until the doctors grabbed her PDA from her personal effects and looked up Brady's phone number. The Austrian Doc called up a stunned Brady who wailed when told Chloe probably wasn't going to make it.

Back at Basic Black, John entered Kate's office to find her waiting for him. Kate purred that she had made a decision to let Roman go and that she needed John's help to do it. John agreed to help if he could, as a friend. But Kate wanted more than that to help say goodbye so she and John started kissing passionately again.

In the jungle of the Island, Roman woke up to find Marlena at his side. He sensed that Marlena knew he was dying and decided to come clean. Roman confessed that Marlena was the love of his life. Marlena agreed that she loved him too and if not for the DiMeras, that they might still be together. Feeling like this was his last chance, Roman asked Marlena to let him make love to her. They kissed and lay down on the jungle floor.

Nearby in the jungle, Abe and Hope were running around in circles as a man with a bandanna over his mouth followed them. Abe heard the spy and circled around, pouncing on him. As Abe held him, Hope leaned in to uncover the spy's face.

Bo continued to listen to the mystery signal being broadcast from the island. Finally, Bo remembered his secret code with Roman from when they were kids. Bo frantically translated the code to learn that both Marlena and Roman were alive.

In the island cave, Patrick fretted over a still feverish Jennifer who would not wake up. His panic rising, Patrick kept yelling until Jennifer opened her eyes. When she finally did, she wondered what happened to Jack and was stunned to learn that she was hallucinating. Jennifer was at first embarrassed that she kissed Patrick but forgot soon enough when the labor began to get more painful. Jennifer asked Patrick to promise to let her die.

Tuesday, September 31, 2004

Jennifer, in heavy labor, asks Patrick to perform a Cesarean. Patrick refuses to hurt Jennifer.

Hope and Abe are about to unmask the mystery guy, but he gets away. Still looking for Jennifer, Abe and Hope are back where they started.

Marlena tends to injured Roman. His foot infection has entered his blood stream- Marlena is afraid he's going to die and Roman professes his great love for her. Tearful Marlena admits she loves him, too. If Roman is going to die, he wants to make love to her one last time. Marlena is stunned as Roman kisses her deeply.

Bo keeps trying to decipher the faint signal he picks up on the police frequency. The message is in a code Roman made up when they were kids. Bo deciphers the beginning of the message. It says: Marlena is alive- Roman is alive.

Kate tries to convince John that they need to move on with their lives because Roman and Marlena are dead. John resists but Kate pulls hesitant John into a searing kiss. Bo bursts in on Kate and John as Kate is peeling off her blouse. Bo gives them the shocking news- Roman and Marlena are alive!

Chloe is in a remote Austrian hospital after a near fatal car crash. She whispers Brady's name. Brady wants to go see Chloe in Austria. Nicole panics, privately afraid her scheming will be exposed, especially after Brady has admitted he has feelings for her. She tries to talk Brady out of going but Brady insists. Brady gets bad news about Chloe.

Philip finally confides in Belle that she is his mystery woman. Belle is stunned and as they kiss, Shawn is trying to break out of the cage. Jan is videotaping Philip and Belle. Shawn realizes he doesn't have much time and after accidentally hurting himself and stemming the blood, Shawn breaks out!

Sami and Lucas are blissfully happy until Brandon calls and wants to talk to Sami. Sami is shaken and Lucas is stricken.

At Salem Place, Mimi covers with Rex over why she feels she can't go to Hawaii with him; she can't tell him she thinks she has cancer. Rex looks forward to a bright future together but Mimi fears she's dying and makes an appointment to see Lexie right away.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Bo bursts into Kate's office as it seems John and Kate are about to make love. Kate tries to explain that Marlena and Roman are dead. Bo drops the bomb that they are alive! John and Kate are shocked and don't believe it. Bo tells them about the secret code Roman made up when they were kids and that the clicking message he has been receiving has to be from Roman! Kate and John resist but Bo wonders if maybe they want Roman and Marlena to be dead so they can get together. In a fury, Kate slaps Bo! John is also incensed and says he'd give his soul to have Marlena back; he believes she's gone and that Bo is grasping at straws. Bo wants to convince John and back at Bo's office they hear the coded message. John listens, still unconvinced, but decides to trace the source of the strange signal.

On the island, Roman is near death and tells Marlena she was his greatest love. He wants to make love to her once more before he dies and Marlena gives in, kissing him deeply. Abe and Hope interrupt (distressed to see Roman and Marlena in a clinch). They react to the news that Roman is dying. Roman loses consciousness- In private, Abe expresses his disapproval of Marlena and Roman's intimacy. Marlena defends herself. After her crimes as the Salem Stalker, she is not sure John can love her anymore. Marlena, alone at dying Roman's side, can't bear to lose him!

Philip and Belle almost make love as Jan secretly videotapes them from the fire escape. Shawn sees Belle and Philip on the computer and using all his strength, breaks out of the cage. Shawn is on his motorcycle about to get away.

Belle stops Philip because she is still conflicted about her feelings for Shawn. Mimi calls and needs Belle to meet her at the hospital. At the hospital, Mimi confides in Belle about her fear that she has cancer. Belle comforts her and tells her not to overreact and that she should wait to hear what the doctor says. Mimi thinks Belle should fall in love with Philip.

Philip runs into Rex and tells him he's told Belle his true feelings for her. Rex is angry and sticks up for Shawn. Philip and Rex argue and decide to take it outside- it looks like they will settle this dispute with their fists once again.

Sami talks to Brandon on the phone, she is very happy to hear his voice. Lucas listens and grows increasingly angry. Sami laughs and jokes on the phone with Brandon and Lucas can't take it anymore, he storms out. Lucas goes to Kate and confides in her. Kate thinks Lucas should dump Sami before she can break his heart. Meanwhile, Sami asks Brandon why he called, she listens and answers that she will think about what Brandon has said.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

by Joan

At University Hospital, Lexie reassured Mimi when she asked for Belle to accompany her for tests. Waiting for Lexie, Celeste suddenly had a vision of Abe in tropical attire cutting with a machete. A moment later he appeared again saying, "Don't let Lexie break her marriage vows." When Celeste answered, "But, Abraham, you're dead," Abe's vision shook his head, "no." Lexie accepted an invitation for a date after getting flowers from Tek with an invitation to go out that evening. But Celeste warned her that Abe was still alive.

At the Salem PD, Tek and John insisted the victims couldn't be alive while Bo was confident Roman's signal meant otherwise. Tracing the signal to its origin, John surmised the specific location was the Caribbean, the area where Bo last saw Hope.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Brady was desperate to reach Chloe in Austria but due to terrorism alerts, even the Titan jet had to register its flight plan 48 hours in advance. Unexpectedly, Nancy arrived to give Brady the news, "She's gone. My baby's gone. Chloe's dead." Nicole was delighted as Nancy and Brady recalled their earlier days with Chloe. Recalling the daughter who spent years in foster care, Nancy called her a troubled child who blossomed beautifully. Brady recalled Chloe's airport departure when neither one could say the word, "goodbye." But Nancy refused to let Brady accompany her to Vienna. Saying Chloe would want to be remembered the way she was, Nancy asked him to go to Church and light a candle for her.

Rex and Philip went for a little one-on-one basketball, but the competition was more personal than sport. As a Brady, Rex defended Shawn's right to win Belle in the end while Philip taunted him into a fight. Nearly revealing her concerns about being ill, Mimi arrived upset seeing Rex bleeding. Belle told Philip she needed some time but agreed to a trip together to convince her about their future together.

In the Salem Island Jungle, Abe worried they wouldn't be rescued before their loved ones moved on. Hope worried as Abe suggested Bo moving on without her but believed Bo would come since her body was never found. Finally reaching the ravine, they found the ledge gone, sure that Patrick and Jen couldn't have survived.

At Marlena's faux Penthouse a gloved hand pressed a button triggering the doorbell as Doug watched the transmitter. Finding no one there Doug thought someone was trapped in the elevator. Inside, a hooded figure in black picked up a photograph of Roman and Marlena. Pulling off the black hood, Tony mused, "Roman and Marlena, will your loved ones rescue you in time? Oh, please don't hold your breath." Calling it a boy scout's science project, Tony destroyed the transmitter. "It's done. Now, there's no need to worry. There's no way anyone back in Salem will be able to locate us. The Plan proceeds."

As the signal stopped transmitting to the Salem PD, Doug found himself locked out of the Salem Island Penthouse. One touch of the remote button by Tony, and Doug found the door unlocked and the remains of the transmitter inside. And at the Salem PD, Lexie accompanied her mother as Celeste announced she was getting stronger vibrations. "I'm telling God is my Witness, every single one of them is still alive!"

Friday, September 3, 2004

by Joan

Jan finally found Shawn at her shed. Shawn reminded Jan of her advice to beat the hell out of her when he had the chance. With one blow to her chin, Shawn remarked, "Well, I'm glad we finally agree on something." With Jan out cold, Shawn finally started up his motorcycle and escaped.

At the Loft, Mimi tried to convince Rex that Belle and Philip's trip would be platonic, but Rex took Shawn's part. But a phone call from Brady changed things with the news about Chloe. Distraught over the death of the outcast she had befriended, Belle consoled Philip who remembered Chloe as his first love. As Philip regretted his treatment of Chloe compared to Brady's patience and kindness, Belle noted that Philip was all those things to her.

At Sami's, Lucas angrily questioned Sami after her call from Brandon. Asking why she told Brandon she loved him, Sami said she was returning sentiments, just putting the past behind her and moving on. But when Lucas demanded, "What if said he wanted to get back together," Sami was saved the phone with news about Chloe. She agreed to attend a memorial service planned by Brady.

At the Salem PD, Lexie questioned the possibility of Abe being alive, while Tek called the signal a vicious hoax. Speculating that the signal's code might have been obtained by Stefano during Roman's captivity, John believed Marlena's missing body was a set-up. Bo's only solution was to exhume the rest of the victims' bodies while John argued not to put other families through his torment if the bodies would be missing. As next of kin, Lexie gave her permission to exhume Abe. And while Bo was quick to O.K. Roman's exhumation, John reminded him Kate was Roman's wife. After seeing John and Kate embracing, earlier, Bo sarcastically agreed, saying, "I'm sure she'll agree if you ask her. I got a feeling she'll go along with your advice."

At the Faux Brady's Pub on Salem Island, Maggie shared her concerns with Alice about Jack and Jen. Doug told the others about the shattered transmitter and missing batteries. Victor's concern was that those in the jungle were captured as punishment for escaping. The victims began to wonder about a missing Cassie and any possible implication with Tony. In the jungle, Patrick helped in Jen's delivery of a baby boy, reviving it when it was born not breathing. But he couldn't stop Jen's bleeding.

Outside St. Luke's, Nicole denied Sami's accusation that she would be making a play for Brady with Chloe gone. As the other couples gathered inside Mimi had a call from Jan searching for clues. But Mimi innocently gave away who was there and why, giving Jan an idea where Shawn might be heading. Inside Philip spoke about putting up a good fight if Shawn did return, while Sami tried to convince Belle to forego platonic relationships. Discussing Brandon's call, Lucas overheard Sami say she was thrilled at putting the past behind and, 'we could start over.' When Belle asked about Lucas, he asked, "Yeah, that's what I'd like to know, Sami. What about us?"

An injured Shawn limped into Belle's empty loft. Finding her cell phone was turned off, he went to the Brady house, left a message for Bo about Belle and left. Delighted his son was home Bo was puzzled when Zack's babysitter found no one. Shawn was bleeding and weak. And at St. Luke's, a nun was waiting for Shawn's arrival, and the nun's name was Jan.

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