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Passions Recaps: The week of August 30, 2004 on PS
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Monday, August 30, 2004

TC lashes out at Eve after Liz tells him his wife was driving the car that hit him the night of his accident.

Julian worries how he will tell Eve that Chad is their son, meaning that Whitney has been sleeping with her own half-brother. Meanwhile, Chad dreams of a future with Whitney, as she imagines a less rosy picture of their life.

After learning she's pregnant with twins, Theresa speculates whether they are hers or Gwen's. She tells Pilar she will keep both babies regardless, but Gwen and Ethan overhear her plans.

Sheridan, Katherine and Martin frantically search for Luis after he is caught in the explosion at the temple. While they dig through the rubble, a loose boulder tumbles towards Sheridan.

Tuesday, September 31, 2004

TC can't decide who is telling the truth concerning the night of the accident. Confused about what really happened, Eve insists she wasn't the driver.

Fox and Julian wonder how they will tell the women they love about Chad's true identity. Whitney attempts to inform Chad about her pregnancy, but Chad reveals he wants to wait to start a family.

As an excited Ethan and Gwen make preparations for "their" twins, Theresa discovers she could be the mother of one twin, and Gwen could be the mother of the other. Theresa also realizes she could be the mother of both.

Martin and Katherine comfort Sheridan, who refuses to believe Luis is dead.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Whitney tries to tell Theresa she's pregnant, but is sidetracked when Theresa lets her in on her plans for the twins. Knowing Whitney and Chad are committing incest, Fox encourages an oblivious Chad to delay the wedding and to stop having sex with Whitney until they are married.

Julian covers for Eve, insisting he caused TC's accident. TC tries to kill him.

Martin and Katherine convince a distraught Sheridan to resume looking for Paloma. The guide, who's secretly working for Alistair, leads the trio deep into the jungle.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

by J

At the Harmony Hospital, Kay and Simone complain about their problems. Kay tells Simone that she has a plan for Simone to get Chad back! They begin to carry out the plan: to sneak into the hospital computer records room and switch Chad's DNA test results to be the child of Eve and Julian! While in the computer room, Kay makes a mistake and presses the wrong button. Kay tells Simone that she doesn't know what that mistake she made did to Chad's test results.

At the Crane Mansion, Fox tries again to tell Whitney that Chad is their half-brother and they need to call of the engagement, but Whitney refuses to talk to him. Gwen and Ethan make sure that Theresa is comfortable at the pool party. Gwen serves a round of Champagne to everyone and gives Theresa a glass of sparkling cider. Theresa asks Whitney why she isn't drinking. Whitney, not wanting to reveal that she is pregnant with her half-brother Chad, tells Theresa that she doesn't want to get too tired. Whitney blasts Fox for telling Chad not to make love to her anymore, accusing him of thinking that she'll leave Chad if they don't have a sex life. Ethan warns Fox to stay away from Whiney and Chad.

Outside the Russell House, TC and Liz overhear Eve telling Julian that she remembers driving the car the fateful night of TC's accident that ruined his tennis career and forced his father to die of a broken heart. TC is furious with Eve for not telling him the truth. Liz tells TC that Alistair financed Eve's medical education so she'd keep quiet about the hit and run! Eve denies the accusations and explains to TC that she never accepted money from Alistair. She says that she thought the money was from Julian because he felt bad that Alistair made him leave her when she was pregnant. TC becomes angry and kicks Eve and Julian out of the house. As they leave, TC recalls his tennis victories as Liz comforts him. As Julian walks Eve to the Crane Mansion, she confesses to Julian that her marriage to TC is really over.

FRIRDAYSeptember 3, 2004

At the Russell House, Liz comforts T.C. Liz suggests that they take a day trip to the beach for a picnic, but T.C. rejects the offer. T.C. tells her that she cannot live in his house anymore, so she leaves to go pack. While she's gone, T.C. looks at a picture of him and Eve. Looking at the picture, he tells Eve she is a Godless whore! Upstairs as Liz is packing her bags, T.C. comes in tells her that he changed his mind and does not want her to leave. T.C. lays Liz on the bed and begins kissing her.

In the jungle of Puerto Arena, Mexico, Alistair tells his henchman Nick to keep Paloma alive until the stranded threesome Sheridan, Martin and Katherine are dead. Nick lets Alistair know that he has painful surprises in store for Sheridan, Martin and Katherine. Alistair gives Nick permission to rape Paloma! She attempts to escape from the henchman, but he catches her and throws her to the ground.

Further in the jungle, Sheridan tells the stranded Martin and Katherine, "My father had Luis killed. I might as well be, too." Martin comforts Sheridan about Luis' "death." Martin tells Sheridan that once they get out of the jungle they'll have a search party come back and find Luis' body. Sheridan tells Martin that she wants Luis buried in Harmony. She tells Martin and Katherine that she wants to go back to Egypt to undo the curse that Alistair put on her and Luis. Martin, thinking Sheridan is hallucinating, tells Katherine to let Sheridan rest and he leaves to find water. While Martin is gone, Sheridan explains to Katherine about her past lives with Luis. Sheridan says that she wants to kill Alistair! She gets so worked up and emotional that she starts pacing back and forth and falls through a pit full of snakes in the jungle! Martin comes rushing when he hears Katherine's screams. Katherine calls out for Sheridan to wake up as a snake lunges toward Sheridan! Katherine jumps in the pit to save Sheridan.

At the Crane Mansion, Eve is delighted to see Whitney so happy with Chad. She tells Julian, "I've managed to destroy everything in her life, but she's still got Chad." Julian tells Eve in his mind, "Not for long." Eve tells Julian that she wants to tell Whitney that she was the one driving the car the night of T.C.'s injury. Julian is unsuccessful at talking her out of telling her daughter the truth. Fox tells Julian that he can't manage to tell Whitney that Chad is her half-brother because she is so upset about her mother's lies. Julian replies, "It seems neither of us can bring ourselves to hurt the women we love." Fox is disgusted at the 'hypothetical' thought of Whitney getting pregnant with Chad's baby. Eve overhears Whitney's excitement about Theresa being pregnant with twins. Eve tells Theresa that it's impossible because at her last sonogram she only had one baby. She told Fox, Julian, Theresa, Whitney, Ethan and Gwen that it would only be possible for Theresa to now be pregnant with twins if she had intercourse after the last sonogram. Outraged at the thought, Gwen attacks Theresa! Ethan, Whitney and Fox pull Gwen off of her. Fox tells Theresa that she has guilt all over her face and blasts her for her shocking schemes. Ethan and Eve assure Gwen that they'll sort out the situation. Gwen fears that when they get it all sorted out that "Theresa will wind up with two babies and all I'm going to have is a room full of furniture and baby clothes that are never going to be used." Eve tells Whitney that she needs to tell her another secret from her past. Whitney says, "Let me guess. You had an affair with Father Lonigan, too?" Eve tells her the story of the car accident all those years ago. Angry, Whitney tells Eve that she wishes anyone else was her mother but her and runs off as Fox follows. Eve tells Chad that, despite their past, she thinks he's a good man for her daughter. Chad tells Eve, "It kills me to see Whitney pushing you away when I would do anything to find my birth parents." Ethan pushes Theresa to tell him the truth right before he remembers making love to her, thinking she was Gwen, after the Founder's Day Dance! Whitney tells Fox, "I'm not going to marry you. I'm going to marry Chad. I'm going to be his wife." Fox replies, "You can't. He's your brother!"

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