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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 30, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, August 30, 2004

Barbara jumps out of the courtroom window saying, "So long, you miserable hypocrites. It's been fun!" Jennifer bursts into hysterics at her mother's apparent plunge to her death, but Hal and Nikki investigate and report that Barbara landed in a bush and escaped. Jordan tries to console Jennifer, but Jennifer tells him that both their families are cursed, and that they both should accept this and move on with their lives. While pandemonium is engulfing the courthouse, Chris delivers leftovers which Susan sent from the aborted wedding shower, to Emily. Sparks once again fly between Chris and Emily, but Hal bursts in the door, worried about Emily's safety because of Barbara's escape. Hal conveniently asks Chris to stay with Emily all night to protect her from a potential attack from Barbara. Barbara takes time out in her escape to call Will at the mental institution to tell him that they will be together again, and that she will "take care of everything." Emily, terrified of Barbara, insists that she and Chris go to the garage to get Hal's gun for protection. When they enter the garage, they find Barbara there, holding Hal's gun on them.

Lucinda come to the door of Dusty's room, and the door is answered by her granddaughter, Lucy, who is wrapped in a towel (the door-answering attire of choice for ATWT). Lucy announces to Lucinda that she has decided to move in with Dusty and to defer her college enrollment for at least one semester. Disappointed in Lucy, Lucinda leaves. At this time, Dusty meets Craig at metro, where he informs Craig that he will be staying with Lucy from now on. Craig makes a dramatic exit, telling Dusty that, in time, Dusty will just be an embarrassing memory to Lucy, whereas Craig will always be her father. Craig gets into his car, where he is chloroformed by Dusty's hired thug. The thug takes Craig to an abandoned post office building, where Dusty joins them. Dusty takes the gun and dismisses the thug, then threatens to kill Craig. Craig bursts out laughing, and reminds Dusty that Lucy would never forgive him for killing her daddy. Dusty backs down and returns to Lucy, where he receives a loving welcome. Craig goes back to metro, where he meets Dominic Ramsey, who is an old friend of Dusty's from Chicago. He tells Craig that he is looking to make money in the fight game, which piques Craig's interest.

At the water park, Jack gets a glimpse of Carly and Sage, but they move out of sight before he can approach them. Jack begins to have flashes of memories of Carly, leading to his approaching another blonde wearing pink. A few feet away, Carly asks nurse Julia to watch Parker while she changes Sage's diaper. After Julia and J. J. leave to look for Jack, Parker goes to find his new friend, J. J. Parker glimpses Jack, but the crowd keeps him from getting to Jack.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Alison comes in looking for Emily. She hears a strange noise and drops the gifts from her shower given by Aaron and her friends. In the basement, Barbara is holding Emily and Chris at gunpoint. She orders them out the basement door, and a shot is fired. Upstairs, Alison hears the shot. She goes searching around and finally down to the basement where she finds a piece of Chris' shirt. Alison calls and Hal arrives to find out what is going on. Alison tells Hal, that she came home and the door was open, she was calling out to see who was there and she heard a gun go off. Hal had told Chris to stay with Emily after finding out about Barbara's escape. Hal calls Emily's cell phone, but, gets Barbara instead. Hal asks her about the gun going off and was anyone hurt? She says that no one was hurt yet. Barbara just wants Will. Hal says, "So you want to exchange Will for Emily and Chris?" She knows that he can't do that. Aaron arrives at the house. Barbara has now tied up Emily and Chris. They are at the boathouse. Barbara says that she will see Emily in hell. She leaves. Meanwhile, it causes Emily and Chris to get even closer together -- vertically and horizontally. Aaron and Alison hear Hal say where they are, and they take off for the boathouse. In the meantime, Chris and Emily find yet another time to make their moves on each other. Hal has now figured out where he needs to be. He is at the hospital, where he hopes to keep Will safe. He tells the head nurse that they have an emergency and Will needs to be put where he will be safe. The nurse tells him that they just can't disrupt everything. Hal tells her that she will now. It's a matter of high priority and an extreme emergency. While saying this, Hal receives another call. It is from Barbara, once again. She tells him that she is far, far away and will be leaving the country. Hal asks her if it is a farewell call. She tells him that Chris and Emily are at the boathouse and there's a device that will blow them up in 20 minutes if he ever wants to see his wife again. She says then he can feel what it is like to lose someone, since he won't let her have Will. He questions her about explosives and where she got them. He tells her that he doesn't believe what she has to say, and is only saying the things she is to get Hal out to the boathouse so he will not go to the hospital. He says that he is at the hospital now and she will not get within 100 feet of Will. A guard rushes up to tell Hal that his wife just crashed through the hospital gates and is headed straight for the building. Hal realizes how out of control she is when her car comes barreling through the window as she tries to get to Will.

Curtis is at Metro. He is telling Dusty that it was a slow day since it was all over the news that Molly was kidnapped from there. Dusty finds a business card from an old acquaintance. He meets with "Dominick" and he tells Dusty that he has a sure fire way to make money. Dusty tells him that a year ago he was looking; now he's not. Lucy enters Metro and Dusty leaves the table for a few minutes to spend some time with Lucy. She tells him that she has been looking for a job. If she is not going to school, then she has to do something. When she leaves, Dusty returns to the table he was sitting at with his acquaintance. He has listened to Dominick give him the scoop on what he has planned, but, Dusty says no to it. He does tell Dominick that he should go ahead and do it but not include him.

Jack is feeling somewhat weird and dizzy. He is vaguely remembering a blonde. He tells Julia that there was a brief connection, but it is gone now. A babysitter is supposed to be coming over that evening so that Julia and Jack can work on the computer and help Jack to discover who he really is. JJ plays cars with Jack. Julia comes in and wants to know who's hungry and what they want. They both raise their hands but JJ wants some cotton candy and a foot long hotdog. JJ talks about wanting to go back to the water park again. Julia says that she is tired of the water park, but says that she can come up with some action for him. She pulls out a water pistol and begins blasting JJ and Jack. They retaliate with lots of water fun that leaves Jack being drenched in a bowl full of water by Julia. JJ goes upstairs to change his clothes and Julia takes Jack's shirt to help him dry off. He ends up giving her a kiss.

Carly walks out of the cafe after Parker says that he saw Jack and begins to look for anyone that looks like him. She spots the back of a man and runs up to him. When he turns around, it isn't Jack. Mike, Sage and Parker approach her. They leave the park and arrive back home. Parker goes upstairs. This gives Mike and Carly a chance to talk. Mike tells Carly that he thought he was helping Parker, by offering to take him to the water park. He thought that if he looked for Jack and didn't find him, that it might make a difference. Carly says that she understands. Parker comes downstairs and Mike leaves to attend to Sage upstairs. Carly has told him that they never will find Jack in the way that Parker wants to again. This talk about finding Jack has to stop. Carly tells him that sometimes you see someone from the back, and you think it is someone you know, and then it turns out to be someone else. Parker insists that he did indeed see Jack. Parker tells Carly, that he understands what "pretending" means, but tonight he really did see Jack. Carly tells him, that even if Jack were mad, he would still come home if he could. Parker says that something is wrong then, because Jack isn't back yet. They have to find him. Parker tells his Mom, that he doesn't lie, and he did see Jack. Carly says, "Yes, I know you don't lie?" Parker leaves for his room to wait for the sitter. Carly tells Mike, that they have to go back to the water park.

In the meantime, at the water park, the photographer that took Jack's picture, tells his assistant not to take down the pictures that are up on the board, because they have some time left before the park closes, and the people just might come back.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Dusty walks up to Lucy and kisses her. He is being completely distracted by her. He really doesn't like the idea of her being somewhere where she could easily be harassed. He has a few things to do and he has Lucy come back later. When she does come back, she discovers that the club is closed, and the party is just for the two of them, so that they can be alone.

Carly tells Parker, that she is going back to the water park. She sends him up to bed and tells him to be good for the sitter. She will be back as soon as she can. Meanwhile, Carly speaks with Mike. Mike tells her that he cannot let her go alone, and accompanies her. While at the park, they come across a souvenir picture taker and ask him whether or not they might have remembered someone of Jack's description. The park is close to closing for the night, and they say they need just a few more minutes. The photographer tells them that he has thrown away some of the pictures of the people who did not claim them, if they would like to look. They pull some of the pictures out of the trash, and Carly goes through them. She spots one and claims that it is Jack. Mike comes over to take a look, but the picture is distorted from the rain. He just doesn't see Jack in the picture at all. Carly tells him that he is wearing the same color clothes that Parker described. She pays the photographer for the picture and they leave the park. Carly and Mike talk when they arrive back at Carly's place. He asks if she will be all right. She says yes and will call him if she needs anything. Mike leaves. Parker comes downstairs and sees Carly. She tells him that they did not find Jack. Parker tells her that when Jack finds the bottle with the picture and the note, he will come home then. Parker is upstairs, asleep. He wakes up for a moment and smiles. Downstairs, Carly holds onto the picture of Jack.

Barbara is at the hospital holding a gun that is pointed directly at Hal. She tells him that she wants Will and she wants him now. When she gets no help from Hal as to where Will is, in the hospital, she shoots at a nurse's foot and is immediately given the answer to the question. Hal tries to reason with her, but she tells him that she has gone too far, hasn't she? Hal says that he will help her, if she gives him the gun. She thinks about it, and then knocks him out with the butt of the gun. She now begins to search for Will. She opens up the little windows in the doors of some of the patients. They are there for obvious reasons. In the main hall, Hal is beginning to come to again. Barbara keeps on looking, and, after telling a guard to get out of her way, she finally finds Will. She tells him that she is going to get him out of there and they will be together. She asks him to say something. She hears nothing back. Now she is beginning to wonder what they have done to her little boy. She tells him to stand back. She tries to shoot the lock open so that she can reach Will. As she does so, Hal and some armed guards come up from behind. They grab a hold of Barbara and Hal handcuffs her, and tells the guards to take her away.

Margo walks into the boathouse and sees Chris and Emily locked into a kiss. She frees them but tells Emily that she is not going to forget what she saw. Chris is telling Aaron and Alison what is happening outside. Alison notices that there is a smear mark on Chris' face. Inside, Margo tells Emily that she is going to say something to her, whether or not she wants to hear it. She tells her to please not do to her family, what she did to hers. It's not worth it. Outside, Margo tells Chris and Emily that they were actually being used as decoys to distract everyone away from the hospital, where Hal is now, because Barbara was trying to get to Will. Emily says that she has something to tell Alison and she wants to do it now. She tells her that she is marrying a good guy. Emily thanks Margo for everything. Aaron offers to take Emily on home, so that Chris and Alison can be together.

Jack apologizes to Julia for kissing her. She tells him that there was no need to apologize. He tells her that "right here" is the only life he has right now. He tells her that he is going to take a walk. Jack walks into the neighborhood pub and has a beer. He listens to the piano player. Afterwards, he walks up to the piano and asks if it is okay for him to play it. He sits down and plays and then accompanies himself with a song. At home, the babysitter gets JJ and they go out to walk the dog. JJ and the sitter walk along the shore and find a strange looking bottle. Julia walks into the place where Jack is singing and playing the piano. She stops and listens and when the song is over, she along with the rest of the crowd breaks into applause.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Having found a picture that she believes to be of Jack, combined with Parker's constant insistence that Jack is still alive, Carly decides to consult with a psychic.

Alone with Carly, the psychic doesn't feel any connection to Jack, but when Parker enters the room her interest is peaked. Parker feels the connection too and has hope that the psychic will confirm his belief that Jack is alive. Meanwhile, Jack and Julia grow closer as Jack revels in his previous night's singing success, having been offered a job singing at Costello's. Later, JJ presents him the bottle with Parker's note, and asks Jack to retrieve the message inside. Before he can do so, Julia interrupts and orders the dirty bottle to be thrown out. However, unbeknownst to Julia and Jack, JJ removes the bottle from the trash and hides it in his bedroom.

Much to Hal's chagrin, Dr. Michaels evaluates Barbara and due to her insane ramblings, suggests that she be admitted to the State Mental Hospital for 30 days. A very in control Barbara smiles at the news that she will be committed to the same hospital that Will is in.

Emily warns Chris that she will tell Hal everything if Chris doesn't leave her alone. Meanwhile, Margo fills Tom in about finding Chris and Emily together, and laments that Tom's brother is making the same mistakes she did. With Tom's approval, Margo has a heart-to-heart with Chris, and warns him to choose whether or not to be with Alison before anyone gets hurt.

Molly informs Holden and Lily that she's leaving town. Later, Lily questions Holden as to where they stand now that Molly isn't in the picture. Holden warns that Molly was never the problem in their marriage - they are.

Friday, September 3, 2004

Lily is talking with Holden about Molly. She can't get over the fact that he kissed Molly. Holden says, "you were always so busy with Craig. He was always around. " She went to Craig with everything, instead of him. Holden makes it clear that he wants Craig to leave. He says, "you do it, and we may still crash and burn, but, without it, there is no hope at all." He tells her that he was missing things in his marriage. He always used to be the strong one. He was always the rock for her to lean on. He was able to do that, and then Jack died, and he couldn't hold on any longer and he lost control. Holden tells her that he was drowned out by Craig Montgomery. Lily tries to explain what happened to Holden. She just knows that Craig is broke and has no one. He tells her that he is trying to make this marriage his priority. Lily admits to loving Holden. Holden reminds Lily that Craig always lands on his feet.

Jennifer and Nikki are at Metro. Jennifer is in a state over Jordan. They are discussing what they should do. Nikki tells her that maybe they should focus on something else for a change. She used to be involved with the "Rock the Vote" cause, and maybe they should do that now. Henry comes into Metro and spots Nikki. He becomes all nervous and immediately calls Mike. He tells him to come over, as he is having another emergency. He wants Mike to do something in a hurry so Nikki won't leave. He promises Mike that he won't ever bother him again, if he does. Mike suggests that he just go on over and say hello. With Mike tagging along, the two men approach the table. After having a drink, Henry suggests that they all do something. They all get up making one excuse after another. Henry pushes on and finally they all end up at Mike's place. Somehow they end up playing strip poker!! Mike is seen removing his shirt.

The therapist tells Hal, that even though she tried, she couldn't do anything. Barbara will be sent to the same facility that Will is in. Hal says there will be no stopping her if she is sent there. At the state facility, Barbara is in her "room", when someone introduces Dr. Kittridge to Barbara. Another staff member brings Barbara her food, and as she tries to manipulate him into finding out where Will is, he tells her that the staff has been warned to keep the two of them apart. He leaves the room and Barbara in a tizzy, throws her meal against the wall. The door opens again, and, in walks Will. Barbara is surprised by how much he has grown. Will says that he has learned a lot being here. He tells Barbara that she doesn't know about the system yet, but she will. Barbara says that she has no plan as to how to get them out of there, but she hasn't let him down yet and she won't now. He tells her that he has an idea also, but she has to do everything he says.

Jack tells Julia that when she and JJ came into his life, it brought him all the luck he needs. Julia has outfitted Jack with clothes for his new "gig", and together she and JJ give Jack the watch that belonged to her Dad. Jack asks Julia if she is going to come to his opening and she tells him that she has to work. He understands but hopes that somehow she can make it. Later, Julia makes an appearance at the place where Jack is singing. She is all dressed up. Frank, the owner of the bar, tells Jack, that business is doing really well with him there. They are both making money. Julia and Jack share a few kisses and Julia says that she just can't do this and leaves.

Carly asks Toby, the psychic, if she and Parker are able to help with the memories of Jack. Carly admits that if they had found Jack's body, it would be much easier. Toby says that she should let Parker guide her, because, Jack and Parker are connected. Hal passes Toby on the way in and asks Carly what she was doing there. Carly tells Hal that Parker refuses to believe that Jack is dead and she is starting to believe it too. Hal is very upset, and tells her, that she will not do to Parker, what Barbara has done to Will. It will stop now. "If Parker needs help, you take him to a doctor or a therapist," he snaps. "You don't take him to a psychic!" Hal came over with the intention of telling Carly that he wouldn't be able to see Parker for awhile, but, now after hearing her, he has decided to take him home that evening. He tells Carly that if the nonsense about Jack doesn't stop, Parker won't be coming back. He tells her that if she says one more word, she will be talking to a judge instead of a psychic. He will take Parker away from her.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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