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Lily was discharged from the hospital. Alex threatened Daniel, and Phyllis slapped Alex. Lauren kissed Michael. John clued his family in on his new houseguest, and Gloria told her sons of her plans. Damon opened up to Phyllis about the fact that he'd had a child who had been murdered.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 30, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, August 30, 2004

Victor is in bed early when Nikki comes in. When he asks her what she is doing, she is startled. She tells Victor that she thought he was sleeping. Victor says he is tired. In addition to being stressed out with everything going on with Abby, Lily Winters is in the hospital because of the incident at the Rec center. When Nikki lies down by him, she tells him that she must tell him something. Victor rolls away from her and says that she will have to talk with him later, he is too tired. Nikki shudders as she lays by him, replaying the shooting incident in her mind.

Ashley comes home and tells Brad that she has good news. She and Victor have reached a compromise. Brad is worried that he won't be as chipper about the compromise as Ashley is. As Ashley tells Brad about the Rec center and how it would be an ideal location for Victor and Abby to spend time together, Abby sits on the stairs and listens. When Brad is about to speak, Abby runs in and asks Brad if she can go. She tells Ashley and Brad that she thinks hanging out at the Rec center sounds fun. Abby tells Brad not to worry about her spending time with Victor, she likes him, but Brad will always be her number one dad.

Jill apologizes for being late meeting Elliot for dinner. She tells him that she may have been a little harsh with him, but it was only in her mother's best interest. Elliot says that he understands, and apologizes for being forthcoming about the paperwork. Jill feels comfortable enough to admit that she is being threatened and thinks Elliot has set it up. Elliot denies any fault and says that if anything is going on, he will take care of it.

Olivia comes out of Lily's hospital room and tells Dru and Neil that they guessed right; someone had put GHB in her orange juice. Neil and Dru swear that when they find out who did this, the person will pay. Drucilla still finds it hard to believe that Kevin saved Lily from harm. Neil says there is good in everyone. Devon, Cassie and Sierra ask if they can see Lily. Dru agrees, saying that it would be good for Lily to have friends around her. In Lily's room, Sierra says Lily looks like a sleeping beauty. She cries and begs her to wake up. When Devon looks over Lily, his eyes fill with tears. He grabs her hand and kisses her on the cheek. Lily's eyes flutter, and she looks up at Devon and smiles. The friends jump for joy, and Dru and Neil run in, ecstatic that their daughter has awoke.

Phyllis and Michael are working out at the Athletic Club and Marvin from Big Brother 5 shows up to give them water. Phyllis jokes that if Marvin doesn't bring Michael what he wants he will file a lawsuit on him. Phyllis talks to Michael about Gloria and Michael tells her that he kicked his mom out and now she's living with some rich guy. Phyllis tells Michael she has to leave to go see what her son is up to.

Daniel gives Alex the address to the tack room and he shows up asking Daniel for money. Alex starts threatening Daniel and says that he will tell the Winters family that Daniel set everything up if he doesn't pay him off. When Phyllis returns home, she asks Daniel who his friend is. Alex isn't being cool, so Phyllis tells him to leave. When he won't leave, Phyllis slaps him. She tells him that if he doesn't leave she will call the guards. She practically has to push Alex out of their home, and he threatens her. Daniel is upset that Phyllis kicked Alex out. Phyllis can't believe Daniel would be friends with someone like him.

Jack visits Michael and the athletic club and Michael wonders how Jack is surviving without a job. Jack says that his life is wonderful now that he doesn't have to think about Newman anymore. Michael asks Jack questions about John's new girlfriend. When Jack wonders why Michael cares, he tries to blow it off.

At the Boutique, Kevin talks to Lauren about saving Lily. Kevin says the Winters are good people for forgiving him. Lauren appears to believe him, thinking that maybe Kevin has turned over a new leaf. Kevin asks Lauren about dinner again, but she refuses. He wonders if her no is standing, but she says she is free to do what she wants. Kevin thinks that he still has hope.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Michael advises his mother that moving in with the Abbotts would be a huge mistake. John Abbott cannot be her man. When he finds out who she is he will flip out. He tells her about Kevin's sorted past with Lily and John's grand-daughter Colleen and his close friend Gina. Gloria is stunned by the truth about Kevin's past. Michael wonders how Gloria could have been so blind especially when K didn't want her to tell John about him. She blames herself for how troubled Kevin is. She should have taken them and run at the first sign of abuse. She loves them both so much and hates herself for screwing up so badly. Michael warns her that John would find out and until then the stress would eat away at her. Her only choice is to turn down John's offer.

John tells Jack, Mamie and Ashley that he invited Gloria to live with them. Ash, who doesn't like Gloria, already knew but kept quiet. He explains that Gloria was on her way out of town because of tension with her sons. They won't be living together romantically. She'll have her own suite. Jack is all for it as his dad deserves some fun. Mamie is willing to keep her mind open but Ashley has reservations.

Olivia tells Dru and Neil that Lily slept through the night just fine. Devon stops by to see Lily. Neil reminds her that she promised Devon would be gone as soon as they found a foster home. Devon meets with Lily and they talk about going back to school and she hopes he'll transfer to Walnut Grove. Lily tells him that she knows he's a sweet guy deep down. He playfully tells her to keep it under wraps. Neil happens to bump into Miss Davis who is there to check on Lily. She tells him about Devon and the signed papers. Both realize Dru's been keeping it a secret.

Phyllis insists on talking with Daniel about what happened with Alex last night. Phyllis is furious that D brought that scum into their house. She thinks he's trouble and to stay away from him. Daniel resents being bossed around like that. Phyllis rails at him not to disrespect her. When she lays down the law, he threatens to move in with Christine. Later Kevin stops by, high on the good rep he has now with GC. Daniel tells him about Alex's return. Alex wants them to keep their end of the bargain. Kevin is unaware they promised anything until Daniel tells him Alex and his gang wants a place to run their 'business'. They've decided on the Rec Center.

Phyllis meets with a pageant director to pitch the online Newman contest. Later Jack joins her for breakfast. Jack noticed who she was meeting with and knows him by his reputation. Phyllis is evasive as to the nature of the meeting. She expresses her frustration with raising a teenager. Jack's tennis date shows up and they end up joining her for an uncomfortable drink of coffee. The two women trade barbs until Phyllis plants a big kiss on Jack.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Paul came to see J.T. about another job. Merchandise was being stolen from Fenmore's Department Store, and the current security system wasn't catching it. He asked J.T. to go undercover at the store and see what he could find out. After Paul left, Brittany teased him about being a private eye and said it sounded exciting. J.T. was glad to hear that, since he intended to take Brittany with him on the job. The area they needed to watch was lingerie, and she could pose as his girlfriend to give him an excuse for being there. Brittany used his request as leverage to get him to agree to stand up for her at her wedding to Bobby.

Neil was shocked to hear that Dru had been keeping the information about fostering Devon from him. Olivia showed up to tell Neil he could take Lily home just as Lorena Davis left. Olivia understood how annoyed Neil was with Dru, but she also pointed out how much Devon had improved since coming to live with the Winters family. She agreed to take Lily home while Neil went to talk to Dru.

Phyllis was surprised to see Dru working at Newman after her night in the hospital with her daughter. Dru said her family came first, but she was still up to the challenge of beating Phyllis on their competing projects. When she found out that Phyllis had been meeting with a renowned pageant coordinator, she revealed that she, too, was going to be working with someone. She then ushered Diane into the office, prompting Phyllis into a fit of outrage. As the three women were fighting, Neil came in and asked Diane and Phyllis to leave. He told Dru he didn't care if she hired Diane for her expertise as a former model; there was something else he wanted to discuss with her. He said he'd just had a surprising visit from Lorena Davis while Dru looked worried.

Jack was dismayed to see that Jill had been affected by Elliot Hampton's charm. He reminded her that she'd gotten this ball rolling and involved him in finding out if Elliot was guilty of malfeasance at Chancellor Industries. She needed to stay on course and not fall for Elliot's game if he was dangerous. Jill assured him that she wasn't some schoolgirl and could handle the situation. But when Elliott arrived later with a bouquet of roses and an offer of lunch, she was tempted. She finally agreed to meet him the next day at Yves. After he left her office, she expressed her exasperation with Jack's warnings.

Brad met Nikki for lunch at Yves because he was worried about her. Nikki was touched, but said she couldn't talk to him about what was wrong. He told her there should be less pressure in the Abby situation now, because he and Victor had reached an agreement. Nikki was distressed that Victor hadn't bothered to tell her what was going on, but it was just par for the course. Not only wasn't he interested in what was going on with her, but he was shutting her out of his life as well. Brad told if she was that upset, she needed to talk to Victor or someone. Nikki agreed and left the restaurant.

Ashley went by the rec center with Abby to talk to Victor. While Jamal took Abby on a tour of the center, Victor assumed she was there to tell him that Brad had refused his offer. She said that was incorrect; Brad was willing to agree because Abby had told him that she wanted to do it. She then asked Victor to please let some of the tensions subside and not push Brad for a while. They needed to do whatever it took to surround Abby with love and stay out of court. Victor was touched when Abby gave him a clay horse she'd made. After Abby said she wanted to come back to the ranch someday to ride her horse again, Victor and Ashley agreed that it might be fun for all three of them.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Nikki told Paul she wanted him to do everything he could to find the younger brother of Joshua Casein, whose name was Charles Robert Casein. Paul told her that J.T. was helping him, and she could get in touch with him at his new office. After Nikki left, Lynne told Paul that she'd coordinate the move, but then she needed to visit family in Kansas. Paul worried about sharing an office with Michael, and Lynne pointed out that he'd also be sharing space with Christine. If he and Michael didn't get along, however, they could just move Williams Investigations again.

Michael expressed his concerns about his mother and brother to Lauren. She said that John Abbott was able to take care of himself, and if Gloria was using him, he'd figure it out. As for Kevin, Michael needed to have more faith in his brother. Michael said that what happened at the rec center was too coincidental to be real, and Victor was suspicious about it, too.

Gloria told Kevin that Michael had shared all of Kevin's wrongdoings with her. When Kevin said that no one should mess with him, she said that he was scaring her. He was starting to sound like his stepfather, Tom. Kevin said for her never to compare him to Tom again. Gloria said that she believed he was really trying to turn over a new leaf. She was doing the same thing with John. She had high hopes for both of them.

When Michael came home, he made it clear to Kevin that he knew how things had gone down at the rec center. Maybe Kevin hadn't meant for that punk to drug Lily and things had gotten out of hand, but Kevin and Daniel had set the whole thing up in the first place. The Winters were not stupid. Sooner or later they'd figure it out for themselves. Kevin was angry that Michael didn't seem to be on his side. Michael said that he'd always been on his side, but if Kevin pulled one more stupid stunt, he was kicking him out just as he had Gloria.

At Crimson Lights, Lily and Devon talked about their new relationship. Lily felt like Devon was a brother to her, and she hoped that soon they'd both be going to the same school. Devon wasn't sure he could cut the harder classes at Walnut Grove, but Lily believed in him. While they were talking, Kevin came in and the press expressed their desire to interview Genoa City's newest hero. Lily looked uncomfortable as she watched the reporters talk to Kevin.

Dru defended her desire to foster Devon. He needed more attention and guidance than he could get in a lockdown facility, and she didn't understand what Neil had against the boy. He was obviously a good person and had done a lot to turn things around in his life. Neil said that Dru didn't have to lose touch with him. She could still mentor him. But she was over-identifying with him, and he wasn't sure it was a good idea to have a boy his age under the same roof as Lily. Besides, he wasn't sure Dru was such a good role model for Devon when Neil himself couldn't even trust her.

J.T. and Brittany went undercover at Fenmore's to try to figure out how merchandise was leaving the lingerie department. As Brittany pretended to shop, one of the sales associates approached her. When Brittany said she didn't think she could afford all the things she was picking out for her honeymoon, the woman offered to take $250 for nearly a thousand dollars worth of merchandise and let Brit walk out the door. Brittany alerted J.T., who got the saleswoman to repeat her offer to him while he taped it. He then showed her Paul's business card, letting her know that she'd been busted.

When Phyllis told Damon about her concerns regarding the relationship between Daniel and Alex, Damon told her that if she was worried, she shouldn't back off. She needed to make sure that Daniel had nothing to do with such a bad influence. Phyllis said it was hard for her to know how to handle things because she was new at motherhood. But she realized that Damon couldn't understand either, since he'd never been a father. Damon broke down, confessing that he'd once had a son, a beautiful young boy like Daniel. He was supposed to be looking after him, but his son had died in his arms. Phyllis embraced Damon while he cried.

Friday, September 3, 2004

Neil is upset with Dru because she did not tell him about her intention to foster Devon without his consent. Neil says that Drucilla has dangled a carrot in front of Devon's face and now they have to take it away. Neil says that they don't have time to deal with raising another child, they have Lily to think about. Drucilla says that if Neil doesn't want to be a foster parent to Devon, he can deal with the situation. She has a business trip to go on. She wants no part of this tragedy.

Jill wonders why Jack is roaming around Jabot. Jack says that he was just stopping in to warn her about getting too close to Elliot on a personal level. Jill assures Jack that she will be fine. She believes in keeping her friends close and her enemies closer. Just then, Brad, Ashley and John come in the office for a meeting. Ashley tells Jill that they have decided to cut Jill's men's line. Jill believes it is a personal attack. John tries to convince her that it was a mutual decision to put the money for the line into products that were selling better. Jill says that she has to go talk to all her clients, and she's sure they will be thanking them for cutting the line.

Paul is shocked to hear that J.T. and Brittany have already caught an employee stealing for the company and that they have it on tape. Paul tells J.T. that his check is in the mail, and although he knows that J.T. is in school right now, he is sure that he will have more jobs for J.T. shortly. After Paul thanks Brittany and J.T. and leaves, Brittany begs J.T. to stand up at her wedding. She asks him to help her plan the wedding. J.T. wants to know why Bobby doesn't help. Brittany says that Bobby is too busy with the club to help make wedding plans. J.T. finally agrees and tells Brittany that he never believed things would be this way someday. He remembers when he used to let her borrow his crayons when they were kids. J.T. says it's a lot harder being her friend now. They flirt a little, and Brittany tells J.T. to stop. J.T. jokes that they go to the video store to rent the Godfather movie to get some ideas for her wedding.

The media talks to Kevin about saving Lily. He's a hero. Although Lily feels uncomfortable about it, she agrees to stand by Kevin in a picture. Kevin talks about his life in Detroit, and the media reporter leaves telling Kevin he has a great human interest piece to write. Lily tells Devon she feels strange thinking that she owes Kevin something. Devon suggests they leave, and Lily says they don't have to do that for her. Devon says that's what family does for each other.

Daniel sees Alex walk by the window at the coffeehouse. When Devon asks Daniel where he's going, Daniel says he has to go see a man about a dog. Alex tells Daniel that Kevin's a hero now, but he won't be for long. When Daniel tells Alex that he needs to leave before somebody sees him and that he also needs to lay off, Alex threatens that he will be back soon.

Phyllis apologizes to Damon for assuming he didn't know anything about being a parent. Damon tells Phyllis that his son would have been 16 now too, and he hates himself, and sometimes he even hates Phyllis for having a son when his is dead. The boy's name was Elias, and he loved riding horses. Damon says that one day they left him alone, and some boys were teasing Elias. Damon thought they were just kids, but when they got a little mean with Elias he tried to put them in their place. The boys followed Damon, his wife Adrian, and their son Elias. In the car, they drove by and shot his son. Damon says the bullet was meant for him. As his child lay in his arms, Damon tried to be strong, but Elias knew Damon was just as vulnerable as him. Elias told Damon he was proud to have gotten right back on that horse when she knocked him down, and then died in his arms. Damon says he will never be the same since that happened. He turned into someone else, someone bent on revenge. If he ever saw that boy again, he would turn into someone evil, someone he never wanted Phyllis to see. Although the killer had been convicted and was in jail, that wasn't enough for Damon. Meanwhile, a cop calls a deputy from jail and talks about a killer being set free -- Elias's killer.

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