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With a copy of Forrester's client list in hand, Thorne, the acting president of Spectra, vowed to ruin his family's business. Nick and Felicia became intimate, and he convinced her to tell her family about her health problems.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 30, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, August 30, 2004

Ridge and Brooke are making out on the sofa. She notices that Ridge is happy that Hector told Rick what he did. Brooke says that Rick really cares about Caitlin, and Ridge says, that if that if true, he can wait until she turns 18. Brooke says and by that time, you hope that she is with Thomas. They try to put this subject aside and go back to what they were doing. Who should come in? None other than Stephanie, who tells them that she certainly doesn't miss seeing this. She is there because she wants to know about the conversation with Thorne. Ridge tells her that Thorne is hell bent on bringing Forrester's down. Ridge tells Stephanie to leave Thorne alone and let him figure out on his own that this vendetta is pointless.

Brooke fidgets around after Stephanie leaves and tells Ridge that Thorne could pose a threat to the company. Brooke, once again, warns Ridge, that he should not underestimate Thorne.

Deacon has set a lovely dinner for Jackie. He is looking at her picture and saying that all he needs now is her.

Jackie tells Massimo that the last time she saw him, he threw divorce papers in her face, and now he wants her back. He says that the movers are getting ready to transport her belongings in the morning, as they speak. Massimo tells her that they can talk more about it at dinner. Jackie tries to tell Massimo that she can't go back partly because of what happened with Nick. She tells Massimo that he is still not returning her calls. She just can't sit down to dinner like nothing has happened. Jackie is trying to tell Massimo that she can't believe what is happening. It is all so unreal. She feels that what she did, caused her to lose her son Nick and she can't bear the thought of not having him in her life. "Not even if I cut the fish?" inquires Nick, who walks in carrying a tray of appetizers, "welcome home, Mother." He tells her that he has a friend who made him see that life is too short to hang on to hurt, and how important family is and he tells her that he wants her back in his life again. Jackie just can't believe that this is really happening. Nick tells her that he and Massimo have talked a lot about it. Massimo is urged by Nick to tell Jackie that he loves her, and he does just that. Nick says that dinner is ready and he and Massimo head for the table. He asks, "are you coming, Mother?"

She does, but, hesitates somewhat. When they are all seated, Massimo ends up telling her that he did not file the divorce papers, so they are still legally married. She asks, "Why?" Nick comments, "Because he digs you." Jackie returns home to Deacon's place. She enters and finds the table set for the evening. She doesn't know where to begin. Deacon asks her, "Where have you been?" She tells him that she spent the afternoon with Nick. He wants her back in his life and he made this afternoon all happen, and he has forgiven her. Deacon is happy for her. She still looks dismayed. He thinks it is because Nick may not understand the relationship between his Mother and himself. Jackie tells him that she was also with Massimo. He too, has forgiven her, and wants her back also. Deacon tells her that he loves her. He knows that he is what she wants also. Deacon asks her, if she thought he would just say that it was ok? Are you just going to do what they want, are you just going to walk away from all this? She turns to him, and says, "I'm sorry." She walks away from him and back to Massimo and Nick. Deacon sits down looking forlorn and devastated.

Stephanie goes to see Thorne at his office at Spectra's. She asks him, "What is going on?" Stephanie asks Thorne if he would deny his own daughter a place in his family. She says that if he is mad at her that's ok, but it has left his Father, devastated. Is this really about you feeling we didn't give you enough love and attention? Stephanie and Thorne talk some more. "Where would Alexandria come?" asked Thorne. "In the shadows of your second-best son and the dingbat?"

Thorne says "that Alexandria will have a legacy of her own, that no one can ever take away from her. No one will ever tell her that she doesn't measure up. So, go on home Mother, and tell my Father and your son, they better watch their backs."

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

At Forrester Creations, the tailor discreetly stole Eric and Ridge's new designs in order to give them to Thorne. Ridge and Eric were too preoccupied by Thorne's employment at Spectra Fashions to take notice to anything else around them. Ridge predicted to Eric that Stephanie would have no luck in convincing Thorne to return to Forrester Creations. Eric admitted that he felt guilty of how he didn't treat Thorne. Ridge advised that Thorne should appreciate that he grew up in a wealthy family with a prosperous company. Ridge felt no sympathy or remorse of how he had been treating Thorne.

At Spectra Fashions, Thorne fumed at Stephanie for her asking him to return to Forrester Creations to be Vice President. Stephanie offered for her, Eric and Ridge to attend family counseling to work out their problems so Thorne could return to work with them as a family. Thorne was adamant that he would remain at Spectra Fashions. He advised Stephanie that he is no longer the nice one that will finish last. He vowed not to be a doormat for Ridge any longer. When Stephanie left, Felipe the tailor arrived and gave Thorne the diskette with Ridge and Eric's new designs. Felipe told Thorne that he would continue to help him because he appreciated everything Thorne had done for him including paying his wife's medical bills and funeral expenses.

On the Shady Marlin, Nick and Felicia shared a romantic date. Felicia shared with Nick that she was trying to get used to the fact that the doctor told her that she was cancer free. Nick showed off his musical talent to Felicia. He sang her a song that he had written about her in regards to her recovery. Felicia was moved by the song. Felicia admitted to Nick that he is the reason that she wants to live. She admitted that she was otherwise resigned to die.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004


Ridge wants to take Brooke and RJ on a mini-vacation. He brings in delicacies from all exotic locations for Brooke to taste. The two talk about their life together.

At home, Stephanie and Eric discuss Felicia. Stephanie is sure that there is something going on with Felicia, but she doesn't know what it is. When Eric mentions Nick, Stephanie worries that Nick wouldn't be good for Felicia because Nick is on the rebound from Brooke.

On the boat, Felicia tells Nick that she hasn't had any serious relationships since she got sick. Nick wants to help her live again. The two make love. Afterward, Nick admits that she has helped him to start living again, too.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

After a night of passion, Nick and Felicia awaken together. Felicia tells Nick their night together meant a lot to her. The couple start kissing again and as it begins to look like a replay of the previous evening's activities, Felicia's cell phone rings. It's Stephanie calling to invite her to lunch. When Nick detects her hesitation to see Stephanie, he encourages her to visit her mom, reminding Felicia she got a second chance, maybe she should give her mother one.

After arriving at Stephanie's home, Felicia and Stephanie eventually agree to leave the past in in the past. Stephanie tells Felicia her family wants to help her. Felicia tells her mother that she has been lying to the family. She goes on to say the "jet-setter" glamorous life had been over for some time and had nothing to do with the reason she didn't come home for so long. Felicia admits she had been preparing herself to die. Stephanie assures Felicia now that she's home Eric and she will do everything possible to help her. Felicia tearfully admits during her times of illness and stay in the hospital she needed her mother but felt she couldn't call. As Stephanie holds her daughter in her arms she realizes things are more serious than she first thought and reassures Felicia, promising her Dad and she will be with her every step of the way. When Stephanie says they will find her the very best rehab available, Felicia informs Stephanie she isn't an addict, but instead has cancer.

Thomas stops by to see Rick , who has just been released from the hospital. After a bit of small talk, Rick asks if he came to apologize. When Thomas asked what should he apologize for, Rick reminds him of going to Hector, knowing how angry he'd be when he learned Caitlin was seeing Rick behind his back. Thomas tells Rick if he wants someone to blame for his accident, to" Look in the mirror." Rick continues, "I am in love with Caitlin, and Hector or no one else is going to keep us apart." Rick then tells Thomas he isn't trying to hurt him. Thomas assures Rick he's moved on, and that he told Hector about Rick's relationship with Caitlin because it was no different than himself and Amber. He just wanted Rick to see what a hypocrite he is being.

Hector tells Caitlin he never intended to hurt Rick and she admits she believes him. Father and daughter decide they no longer want to fight and agree to discuss their differences calmly and rationally and try to leave Rick out of the conversation. When he asks Caitlin to talk to him about her goals and future, she states, "Then we are talking about Rick because he is going to be part of that future."

Caitlin tells her father she knew he was just looking out for her best interest. They apologized to each other and Caitlin asks her dad if they can put everything behind them and he agrees nothing would please him more. Caitlin then suggests they should have Rick over for dinner one night soon so he can get to know him. Hector tells Caitlin he has no desire to get to know Rick. Confused, Caitlin reminds Hector of their truce. Hector then tells Caitlin her relationship with a man Rick's age is completely inappropriate for her and what they are going to put behind them is Rick and her job at Forrester. Frustrated and angry Caitlin tells her father she'll leave home first.

Friday, September 3, 2004

Rick daydreams about Caitlin. Brooke enters his room bringing a basket of goodies. She is there to find out how he is feeling. She asks him if that was Thomas she saw leaving. He tells her yes, but, he is still upset over losing Caitlin, even though he won't admit it. Rick feels that if Thomas moves on, it will give Amber more reason to take advantage of the situation. Brooke tells Rick that Hector is the kind of man who needs to be able to trust the people around his daughter. They had assured Hector that they would take it slowly. Then they almost ended up in bed with each other. They need to give him time to realize that Caitlin is growing up.

Samantha comes in to find Caitlin and Hector arguing. Hector is telling Caitlin that he is afraid that she will get hurt and it scares him. Samantha says that she just got her family back and she will not let this destroy them. Hector relents some, and tells Caitlin that he will vow to work something out for everyone. She leaves to go and see Rick. Samantha tells him that he did the right thing.

Caitlin goes into the house to find Rick. He tells her that his lungs are fine but that it will a while for his ribs to heal. She tells Rick that her Father, has relented, a little, but, for her Dad, it was a big thing.

Felicia finally admits to her Mother that she had cancer. Stephanie is shocked. Felicia tells her what kind of an ordeal she has had to go through. Her six months of chemotherapy and how painful it was. She was just tested and the result was that she is now considered to be cancer free. Upon hearing this, the two of them rush into each other's arms, and finally find a way back to each other. She tells Stephanie that Nick came with her to the Doctor's to get the results. She asks her Mother to please not tell her brothers and sister at this time. She can tell her Dad though. Stephanie agrees. She says that she will never have to face anything like this alone, ever again. Felicia says that everyday she could hear her Mother telling her, that no daughter of mine is going to just lay there and prepare to die. You get up and fight. She all of a sudden realizes that her Mother actually was there, even if just in thought. Felicia says, "You would have been so proud of me."

Stephanie tells her that she is proud of her now.

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