One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 30, 2004 on OLTL

Angelina took a bullet to save Antonio's life. After first trying to get Kelly to sign over custody, Kevin finally went to court and won sole custody of Ace, thanks to Tico's influence with the judge. John had Paul and Natalie followed and arrested before the art heist could take place. Dorian begged Todd to get Ace back for a deteriorating Kelly.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 30, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, August 30, 2004

Sonia worms her way out of being arrested by John for breaking and entering Antonio's apartment. Antonio grills Carlotta and Angelina about the reason why he had access to Manuel's money. They consistently deny keeping a secret. Angelina gets upset and runs off but Antonio follows her and continues to pressure her to tell him all she knows. Finally when it seems she was going to talk, the kidnapper from Puerto Rico tries to shoot Antonio but Angelina pushes him out of the way and gets shot. Antonio wants to know why she took a bullet for him. Sonia runs to get Tico and tell him the news. John tells Antonio that he found Sonia in Antonio's apartment. John puts Antonio on desk duty but Antonio has other plans.

Kevin tries to make a deal with Kelly to get custody of Ace but Kelly refuses. Dorian, Evangeline and Duke ask Kevin to leave the house. Blair offers Kevin back Asa's mansion if he gives custody of Ace to Kelly. Kevin refuses since he thinks he can get Ace and the mansion without making a deal. Kevin's lawyer asks Kevin if he knew Kelly was a drug addict.

Jessica breaks down in front of Tico. She admits to being emotionally exhausted.

Tuesday, September 31, 2004

Kelly disturbs the court by announcing that Kevin is not Ace's father therefore he should not get custody. Blair tells the judge that she had doubts that Todd is Ace's father. Evangeline succeeds in making Kevin look like an incompetent womanizing drunk. Paul is put on the stand. Instead of going in Kevin's favor he lies for Kelly. When Paul got off the stand Kevin fires him. Paul tells Kevin he was going to quit anyway. Kevin's lawyer confronts Kelly on the stand with her four refills of tranquilizer.

David hires a woman seeming to be a prostitute but cannot afford to pay her. David gives her a bracelet of Dorian's as payment instead. David asks this woman to role play.

John stops by the gallery to shake up R.J. instead Lindsay is the one who is suspicious. John has Natalie and Paul followed. John's snitch tells him more about the heist. John sees his snitch taking money from R.J. John arrests Natalie, Rex and Paul.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

John expresses his disappointment in Natalie who refuses to come clean on the planned art theft. Finding the allegedly disabled car working just fine, he accuses her of pushing him away but he also intends on not quitting. When he reminds her that she's a really nice person, she demands on knowing where it got her, which momentarily leaves him speechless. She refuses to confess or rat out Paul and Rex even though John is sure that Paul will turn on her in a minute. The guys will remain in jail overnight but John allows Nat to leave.

Grilling the shooting suspect, Antonio grabs the man in a fit of violence when he receives nothing but silence. As he bellows and pushes the handcuffed man around, Daniel finds it necessary to intercede and stop him. He and Antonio engage in a shouting match and Daniel warns him that he could lose his job again.

Tico promises an unconscious Angelina that he will take care of her but when Sonia arrives, she blames Tico for the shooting, since she knows the shots were meant for Antonio. Tico denies that he was behind it though he does call Antonio problematic. As they wonder where the Santi millions have gotten to, Tico recalls his own handling and stashing of the bonds. Antonio shows up to visit the woman who saved his life; he accuses Tico and Sonia of knowing why she did so. They deny knowing anything as usual, but Antonio overhears Sonia telling a sleeping Angelina that she must not talk.

The Buchanan custody hearing continues with the judge reprimanding Emerson, Kevin's lawyer, for being out of line. Duke is called to testify for Kelly and he comes through for her, telling the court that she was the one who stepped in as a parent and spent time with him in Texas. He has nothing but praise for her. As David waits anxiously, Paige Nelson finally enters and is called as the next witness. She describes her profession as an escort and how Kevin used her services until they eventually started an affair. Dorian recognizes her bracelet on the woman's arm and figures out what David has done. Kevin denies having ever seen the woman. Kelly is recalled to the stand after the break and taking a big step and pouring her remaining tranquilizers down the drain. Blair offers her support. Kelly talks about all of the children's charities that she has been involved with over the years, her difficulty in conceiving, her stress over the custody suit and how the psychiatrist has helped along with the mild tranquilizers to help her sleep. She mentions how someone else is always around to watch Ace if she has taken a pill and lastly how her life is now solely centered around Ace. Jess leaves the courtroom first and runs into Tico who purposely upsets her by observing the fact that Antonio hasn't shown up. She can't reach him on the phone and Tico is obviously pleased. Sadly, Duke confesses that Adriana has turned down his offer to take her to Tico's gala. Tico excuses himself to take a call from Braxton, a Llanview cop. It's done, he's told, and he got what he paid for. Everyone is called back inside as the judge has reached her decision.

Antonio reflects on all of his past run-ins with and observations of Sonia; he decides that she is El Tiburon. At the same time, Sonia snoops through Tico's things at home. She's interrupted by Antonio who has come to voice his suspicions and he once again demands the truth from her. She plays with him instead, at first, but suddenly, she pulls a gun on him when he pushes her away.

John learns that the suspect has escaped from the jail; the man turns up with Tico and thanks him for allowing him to escape. Tico holds a knife on him. Angelina awakens and worries about Antonio.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

The skinny, frail man who gave Tico the Santi money is found dead. Meanwhile, Antonio is just about to arrest Sonia when two men attack him. She then reveals to him that she is a Federal agent working undercover within the Santi crime organization.

Kelly is inconsolable when the judge awards custody of Ace to Kevin. Tico all but admits that he twisted the judge's arm to rule in Kevin's favor. After presenting the overwhelming testimony in favor of Kelly, Evangeline is certain something is off with the judge's ruling.

The Love Crew is given an extension on the deadline for completing their construction project. Jen's hopes for romance with Riley hits a bump when he gets a letter from Flash saying she wants to reconcile with him. At the same time, Mark hopes that he'll get a call from Justin.

Friday, September 3, 2004

David and Dorian worry about Kelly's sanity after she voices her hope that Kevin will bring Ace home to her.

Kevin tells David that the only way he'll let Kelly spend time with Ace is if David sells him back his shares of Craze. Kevin doesn't take Kelly seriously when she threatens to tell the authorities that Ace really isn't their baby.

Rex and Paul fume when Natalie confesses that she leaked their planned heist to the security company. R.J. warns Rex that unless he pays up $100,000 within the next two weeks, he's a dead man. Lindsay tries to make Shannon see that Rex is nothing but trouble.

Jen turns to Mark for a shoulder to cry on. She confides in him that she's not happy to hear that Flash wants to make up with Riley. Marcie, meanwhile, is unsuccessful in her attempt to play peacemaker in her family.

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