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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 30, 2004 on GL
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Monday, August 30, 2004

At the Springfield Inn, Edmund accuses Jeffrey of having feelings for Cassie. Jeffrey admits that he does. Edmund says he will never let Cassie go and suggests Jeffrey 'pack his bags, throw in the towel and get the hell out of Springfield!' Jeffrey tells Edmund he made a mistake by allowing himself to get close to Cassie. He agrees to leave for Washington D.C. to interrogate Cassie's imposter. Edmund leaves. Jeffrey's phone rings; it's Dinah. He again warns her to stay away from Springfield. While standing in front of Company, Dinah assures him she is thousands of miles away.

At Reva's house for Sandy's birthday party, Tammy and Joey discuss their relationship. He says she complicates things. Why can't she just accept things the way they are and have a good time? Tammy wants to know what he could possibly see in Lizzie. Joey says Lizzie accepts him for who he is. On the phone with a bank official who thinks he is talking to Josh, Sandy discusses the possibility that Sandy Foster is an imposter impersonating Reva's son. As Josh, he tells the bank manager the family has just found out Sandy is not Reva's son but a close friend of the real Jonathan Randall, who unfortunately is dead. He asks the man at the bank to be discreet about this news as it is a difficult time for the family.

At the hospital Frank, Cassie, Marina and Harley are waiting for word about Buzz. Harley asks if anyone has seen Gus. Frank thinks he left with big brother Phillip. Harley says all Buzz wanted was to have Gus at his side and now he's disappeared; he's just like the rest of the Spauldings! Cassie advises her to listen to her heart where it concerns Gus and to give him another chance.

Outside at Company, Gus is being pelted with tomatoes and eggs as protesters rail against the demolition of the restaurant. The foreman in charge of the wrecking crew tells Gus he takes his orders from Phillip. Gus reminds the man he is also a Spaulding and head of the legal department at Spaulding as well. The foreman abandons his plans to demolish Company for the time being. Frank arrives and sees what Gus has just done.

Gus and Frank return to the hospital. Frank tries to tell Harley what Gus did, but Gus interrupts saying only that he had a family emergency to see to. Rick announces the procedure for Buzz was successful.

Edmund arrives at the hospital to tell Cassie they can finally get on with their lives since the imposter is in jail. Cassie leaves the room to answer her phone. It's Dinah who taunts her about the cape, saying she hopes it looks as good on Cassie as it did on her. She promises (threatens) she has very good lawyers and won't be behind bars for long. 'See you soon, Princess,' she says before hanging up. Edmund shows up and asks to whom she was talking. Cassie lies and says it was someone from the National Hotel Convention. She was supposed to make an appearance and must leave for Baltimore right away.

Finding it handy that her brother knows a judge, Alexandra is on temporary leave from detention. She shows up to check on Buzz. The Coopers attempt to keep her away, but he wants to see her. At his bedside, she tells Buzz she loves him and will do whatever she can to prevent Phillip from destroying Company. Buzz returns the sentiment and tells Alexandra that Gus and Harley need their help. 'They belong together.'

On the airplane, Cassie is seated next to Jeffrey who claimed he was on his way to see justice put to her imposter. He tries to convince Cassie she is interfering with a federal investigation and will only complicating things. Cassie won't back down, saying she has a right to see who was trying to steal her life.

Back at the Springfield Inn, Edmund is brooding when Dinah enters. Exasperated, he demands to know if she is following him. She drops more hints about a supposed relationship between Cassie and Jeffrey. Edmund rushes for the door telling her to stay the hell out of his life. Dinah, thinking he has gone, goes into the bathroom. Edmund returns and begins rifling through her purse where he finds pictures of Cassie and Richard in San Cristobel. Dinah slinks back into the room and Edmund asks where she got the pictures of Cassie and his dead brother. She insinuates that not all of the pictures are of Prince Richard. Edmund is mortified when he realizes Dinah is saying perhaps some are of Jeffrey!

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

In Reva's Living Room
Sandy, on the phone pretending to be Josh, persuades the bank not to pursue charges regarding Jonathan's trust fund issue. He later tells Tammy he doesn't feel comfortable taking the trust money. Tammy welcomes Sandy to the family. Sandy tells her perhaps he is not the guy everyone thinks he is. They decide to have some fun. Sandy, pretending to be from Harley's Angels, seeks information on accidents and John Doe reports.

At Company
Josh surprises Reva with plane tickets to Tulsa. They would be going to Cross Creek to add Jonathan's name to the stone bridge there. The second surprise is a visit from her father, Hawk Shayne! Before he sees Reva, he runs back out the door. Josh follows him. Hawk tells him news which Reva will not want to hear. Someone came to Cross Creek asking all kinds of questions. Hawk announces this person claims to be writing a book on the place, and that he saw this man get into a car with Phillip Spaulding. Suddenly, Reva sees Hawk. She is so happy to see Pop. Hawk says he wants to see his new grandson.

In Washington, D.C.
Jeffrey hires a stand in to play Cassie's imposter. Cassie, thinking she is meeting the real thing, confronts her. The imposter's imposter feeds Cassie everything she wants and needs to hear. Jeffrey imagines Cassie actually confronting Dinah, and freaks out. He sends the "imposter" away. Cassie blasts Jeffrey for not allowing her more time to confront this woman. She is sure he is hiding something. Jeffrey finds out all flights are canceled due to an electrical storm; they have to stay put. Jeffrey takes the couch, while Cassie takes the bed. Jeffrey makes a comment to Cassie about which only Richard would have known.

At The Light House
With Robbie, Michelle recalls a childhood memory of being with Ed at the light house. When Tony overhears, she says she did not actually remember it, but that Rick told her about it. Michelle wanted Robbie to share some of her memories. Tony asks if she wants to remember. Michelle says she does not know. Rick and Mel interrupt a potential moment between Michelle and Tony. Tony asks Rick about Michelle getting back her memory. Rick implies Tony wants her for himself. Later, Michelle gets flowers from Danny.

At The Springfield Inn
Dinah tells Edmund the tale of Richard and Jeffrey trading places. Drugs running through San Cristobel was apparently the reason why, as she explains. Dinah tells Edmund that Jeffrey enjoyed playing Richard just a little bit too much. Edmund wonders how Jeffrey "became" Richard. He demands to know if Jeffrey slept with Cassie. Then he wonders if Dinah herself is lying! Edmund asks to know who she really is. He accuses Dinah of being the imposter. She admits everything to Edmund, except about being Dinah. When Edmund calls to see if Cassie has checked out of the hotel in D.C., Jeffrey answers the phone.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

At Company
Josh questions Phillip about his presence at Cross Creek and warns him to stay away from the Lewises. Phillip denies wanting anything to do with Cross Creek, but says Spaulding has interests out west. He tells Josh to lighten up about this. When Bill and Olivia walk in with Emma, Josh claims Phillip is going after the Lewises for taking away Olivia. Bill informs Olivia of his hot date. Josh asks Phillip why he is going after Harley and Buzz. Phillip replies that they will get used to it, and suggests Josh get used to it, too. Josh threatens war. Olivia wonders why Josh was meeting with Phillip. Bill's date arrives; it's Sheryl from the hospital. Olivia shows a bit of jealousy when Bill and Sheryl leave together. Phillip questions her jealousy over Bill's date. Later, Phillip informs Alan that Josh took the bait.

In Reva's Living Room
Hawk meets Sandy. He is surprised to hear Hawk referring to Reva as "Sister." When Hawk announces he is only staying for one day, Reva asks to know the real reason for his sudden visit. He says he came to meet Sandy. Alone with Sandy, Hawk questions if he is really family. Josh returns home, and tells Hawk that Phillip is definitely up to something. Josh says he must go to Cross Creek now, to find out what is going on. He lies to Reva, and tells her he must go out of town for a few days on business.

In Washington, D.C.
Cassie and Jeffrey awaken in D.C. She is in the bed, while he is on the couch. Jeffrey receives a call from Dinah. She lies and tells him she is all settled in Venice. Cassie walks in and wants to know to whom he is talking. Jeffrey hangs up on Dinah, and tells Cassie he was merely confirming their reservations with the airlines.

At the Jessup Farm
Edmund dreams that Jeffrey and Cassie have made love. He receives a visit from Dinah right afterwards. He blasts her again for being Cassie's stalker. When Tammy wakes up, Edmund throws Dinah out. When Tammy attempts to taste some muffins which just mysteriously arrived, Edmund quickly snatches them from her. He fears they may have been tampered with by Dinah, who is now looking in the window. Tammy tells Edmund she is giving up on Joey and her tenure with Spaulding Enterprises. He tells her to fight for what she wants. Cassie phones Edmund and tells him she will meet him at home. He pretends to believe she was in the hotel room by herself last night.

At the Airport
Edmund takes Tammy to meet Steve Shirripa from The Sopranos. Joey arrives as the limo driver to take him to the hotel. Tammy insists on taking him there herself. They fight over who is going to take him. Edmund sees a couple kissing, and assuming it is Jeffrey and Cassie, confronts them. He apologizes when he sees it's not them. When Cassie and Jeffrey do arrive, Edmund spies them together. Joey and Tammy confess to Steve Shirripa that they need a celebrity for the Spaulding Enterprises party. He agrees to make an appearance. Edmund pretends to surprise Cassie at the airport. He says they must return home to celebrate Cassie's imposter being arrested - and to invite Jeffrey.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Roars of thunder and flashes of lightning indicate an intense storm brewing during today's exciting happenings in Springfield!

At Company
Jeffrey questions Danny's decision to sell his house to Tony. Danny tells Michelle that he does not need the house as long as he has her. Lizzie and Alan meet Buzz's son, Coop, who has just arrived from England. Lizzie begs Alan to tell her who the finalists are in the intern contest. She learns Joey is in second place with Tammy in the lead. Lizzie refuses to accept this; Joey must win! Alan assures Lizzie that no matter what happens, she will get what she wants. A hot new boy fixates on Lizzie. Danny informs Michelle that he has sold the rest of 5th Street, and is now debt free. Tony arrives, and interrupts their moment. Later, Lizzie approaches Tony with a little business. She asks for something to open up Joey from his shyness. Assuming she is asking for drugs, Tony sends her away. The lights go out due to the storm. The hot new boy says "Boo" to Lizzie. He says he knows she's looking for some party snacks. Lizzie buys $300 worth. With Tony, Michelle savors the darkness of Springfield. Michelle asks him for a dance. Michelle asks what he would risk. Danny catches them, and then offers to dance with Michelle.

In the Limo
In the ride to the Spaulding dinner, Tammy and Joey battle each other to see who can best pamper Steve Shirripa from The Sopranos. He can see how much they really care about each other, but the conversation shifts to Lizzie. Joey phones her and informs her they are stranded. A car arrives to pick up Mr. Shirripa, who announces he is not going to the dinner after all. He advises Joey and Tammy to work to be together. Now alone, they count back from 100. Joey tells Tammy he cares about her, and that they are meant for each other. They share a kiss. Tammy begs Joey not to stop. When he agrees to take it further, Lizzie suddenly interrupts them! Alone and away from Lizzie, Joey makes plans to get a room for Tammy and him later that night after the dinner. Lizzie spies them kissing. She holds the vial of party drugs tightly.

At Cedars
While Buzz shows his first signs of getting back to normal, Gus arrives to visit. When Harley and Marina attempt to throw Gus out, Buzz asks him to stay. Outside Buzz's room, Gus and Harley greet Coop. The family reunion turns sour when Coop slugs Gus. Alan arrives to see Buzz. Alan says he could intervene and stop Phillip from taking Company, but because he has been preparing him all of his life for Spaulding, he cannot stand in his way. Buzz thinks he must be dying when he lays eyes on Coop. Glad to see his son, Buzz asks about Rocky. When he learns Coop hit Gus, Buzz points out Jenna's temper.

At the Farm
At Edmund's request, Cassie insists Jeffrey come to dinner. Later, when he arrives and detects that he won't be able to make it back to Springfield with the upcoming storm brewing, Edmund extends a chilly welcome for Jeffrey to stay the night at the farm. During supper, Edmund strangely sings Jeffrey's praises. While Jeffrey and Cassie clear the dishes, Edmund thinks back to what Dinah said. The lights go out. When Jeffrey offers to guide Cassie to locate a flash light, Edmund sees red. Cassie does wonder, however, how Jeffrey would know where to find a flash light at the farm. Jeffrey plays cards with RJ and Cassie. When Cassie mentions the generator out in the barn, Jeffrey goes out to see if he can get it to work. Edmund follows with a candle. RJ sees Dinah standing outside the window. In the barn, Edmund sneaks up behind Jeffrey. Paranoid, he hallucinates that Jeffrey is telling him about loving Cassie. Having lost control, Edmund whacks the back of Jeffrey's head with a shovel! Edmund sees Jeffrey has been knocked out, and a fire is beginning with plenty of hay to burn.

Friday, September 3, 2004

Reva's looking after Company for the Coopers. It's just her, Hawk and Sandy for now. hawk was supposed to leave tonight since he has an important meeting tomorrow, but his flight was cancelled because of the storm. At a table with Sandy, Hawk says he wants to know all about him. Sandy's tight-lipped but starts to remember being high on a ledge with another young man during a storm. He was clearly afraid, the other teen was not. When Hawk wonders what exactly Sandy inherited from Reva, since he can't see anything, Reva mentioned that Sandy got her eyes and pool skills. When Reva walks off, Hawk mentions to Sandy about honesty always winning out. That line of conversation makes Sandy defensive, but Hawk tells him not to be skittish; he was talking about Josh not telling Reva about Cross Creek. Hawk then seems to really look at Sandy and starts talking the beauty of Cross Creek and how when you're there you can almost look through a man's soul. Later, Hawk asks Reva about Sandy, about his story since he seems preoccupied and anxious. Reva dismisses it. Then Sandy comes with a surprise--a ticket for Hawk on the next train to Tulsa tonight. As he's leaving, Hawk tells Sandy to take care of Reva. He doesn't know why Sandy is skittish but he tells him not to hurt Reva or Hawk will come back, very unhappy.

Afterwards, Reva thanks Sandy. She tells him that he's made a difference in his life. She starts talking about how much of his life that she missed; Sandy tells her she didn't miss much. She starts talking about the day he was born and the hole in her heart that was created from the day she gave him up. He tells her she doesn't have to keep apologizing for that,, but she thinks she does. Meanwhile, Sandy again remembers his night on the ledge with the other young man. The other young man is standing on the ledge, mocking Sandy's fear. Sandy starts to get angry, telling the other teen that he's tired of this, that he's tried with him. Suddenly, the other teen slips off the ledge, Sandy grabs his arm. The memory upsets Sandy and Reva notices. She apologizes for being sentimental. She realizes that something about the storm is upsetting him and offers to let him talk about it with her.

Tammy, Joey, and Lizzie are right outside Company. Alan meets up with them and tells them that the dinner was cancelled because of the blackout. He does announce the winner though--Joey. He wins a full scholarship and a job at Spaulding. He tells Joey that the board will want to meet with him sometime very soon. Lizzie excitedly hugs Joey. Tammy, happy also, is near and she and Joey go inside Company so Joey can call his mom and tell her the good news. Alan wonders to Lizzie, shouldn't she be the one on Joey's arm and asks if she's happy with the outcome of Joey winning? Lizzie assures him that she is. Alone she wonders if she should drug Joey. At first she says she can't, but quickly reconsiders. Inside Company, Joey and Tammy are excited. Joey tells Tammy he should probably thank Lizzie.

Joey tells Tammy that he's glad the contest is finally over and he can focus on other things in his life, like her. Later, Lizzie asks Joey if he wants to go and celebrate, but he tells her he already has plans with Tammy. Clearly embarrassed, Lizzie quickly shakes it off and tells him it's no big deal and leaves. Joey tells Tammy he feels kind of bad, but not that bad. He tells her he wants to be with her and she reminds him that she has a room at the Beacon. Just then, Joey receives a document from Spaulding, the board wants to meet with him tonight at the Beacon. Joey's disappointed that he has to go but promises Tammy that he'll meet up with her later. Joey then goes to the appointed room at the Beacon, only to find Lizzie there. With the drug vial hidden behind her back, she tells him he's the guest of honor.

Bill goes to Olivia's room at the Beacon, to check up on her because of the blackout. She's surprised he's there, she thought he had a hot date and teasingly bungles his date's (Cheryl) name. Bill says again that he was wondering if Olivia needed any help and offers his services. Olivia invites him into her room. Inside, Bill talks about the last time Springfield had a citywide blackout. He was just a kid; he was with Ben and their fathers. Olivia notes that he must miss Ben. Bill says he does, and Michelle since her memory is gone now. They then go to Company to discuss how to get to the shareholders at Spaulding. Suddenly, Olivia spots Alan. She goes to Alan's table and asks if she can use his laptop so she can check her email. He allows her since he says he likes to watch her work. After Alan discusses the rumors Olivia's been spreading about Phillip's mental health, he suddenly turns his computer around. He's not surprised at what she accessed, index files, and reiterates that he likes to watch her work. Olivia goes back to her table and tells Bill that she thinks she may have gotten into the stockholders' database. Bill's not surprised that her obvious ploy didn't work, but he (holding up a palm pilot) has technology on his side. He's able to hack into database, thus getting information on every one of Spaulding's shareholders. The pair go back to Olivia's, excited about their first win. Wanting to celebrate, they kiss and start to make love.

Edmund has just knocked Jeffrey out with a shovel and is looking at his unconscious body. Meanwhile, the barn is beginning to burn down because of the fallen lantern. Edmund goes to leave Jeffrey to die, but turns around and bemoans to Jeffrey how Cassie always needed him (Jeffrey) but never him. He plans to let O'Neill die in the barn since Cassie is his life. However, he quickly changes his mind and drags Jeffrey to safety. Meanwhile, Cassie is inside the house reassuring R.J. about the storm When she leaves the room, R.J. goes to the window and apparently sees something. When Cassie comes back in the room, R.J. is gone. Soon, she herself sees the fire in the barn. She rushes there, only to find R.J. at the top level of the barn, too scared to come down. By this point, Edmund has dragged Jeffrey to the house and is frantic because he can't find Cassie. He calls 911 to report the fire and Jeffrey starts to regain consciousness. By now, the barn is all ablaze and Cassie goes up the stairs to get R.J. but the staircase collapses. With the fire all around her, Cassie comes to, to find a large piece of wood on top of her leg. She sees someone enter the barn and thinks it's Edmund. She looks up and stares in shock at who's standing above her. It's Dinah!

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