One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 5, 2013 on OLTL

Blair and Todd were secretly married. Jeffrey was revealed to have a tattoo that was identical to the one that Victor had. Michelle was shocked to learn that Matthew was Drew's father.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 5, 2013 on OLTL
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Monday, August 5, 2013

Episode 48

Jack and Dorian were out for some early morning exercising in order to take Dorian's mind off of her problems. They stopped outside of the coffee shop in order for Jack to get an exhausted Dorian some water. As Jack started into the establishment, he ran into Kate, who was walking out. "It's funny seeing you outside of class," Jack said awkwardly.

Jack explained that Kate was his teacher, and Dorian introduced herself. She noted how impressed she was with Jack's work in English class. Kate and Jack tripped over their words until Kate finally made her speedy exit. "That was her, wasn't it?" Dorian asked. Jack denied that Kate was the woman he'd been seeing.

"I can always tell when a man is lying," Dorian informed her great-nephew. Jack insisted that Kate wasn't the one and in fact was too old for him. "She's old?" Dorian asked. Jack pointed out that age was important to a 17-year-old. Dorian replied that she had always been attracted to younger men, and they had always been attracted to her.

Suddenly, Dorian was distracted when she spotted the police blotter in a nearby newspaper. Clint had been arrested overnight.

Dani was grossed out to find clothes on the floor in the living room and to see that Michelle had spent the night with Matthew. Michelle emerged from Matthew's room, and Dani suggested that Michelle clean up, since she was a maid. Michelle replied that Matthew was "such a dirty boy," and she only wore her maid's outfit at work or in private with Matthew.

Cutter and Natalie were in a great mood after spending the night together at Natalie's place. As they slowly dressed, the phone rang. It was Bo, and he advised Natalie to get to his office to pick up Clint, who had spent the night at the station.

Natalie was angry and began to throw Cutter's clothes at him. She informed him that Diego had had her father arrested.

In Bo's office, Clint accused Bo of humiliating him, but Bo informed Clint that Clint had done it to himself. "You really are a pompous ass," Clint told his brother. To him, it looked as though Bo were enjoying the situation. Clint believed that Bo merely could have kept Clint at the loft instead of having him spend the night in jail.

Clint called Bo a worm who was hiding behind his badge. Bo had heard enough and suggested that Clint hit him. "Take your best shot," Bo ordered. Clint figured he'd just be arrested again, and he was glad that Asa wasn't around to see what was happening.

Natalie reached Bo's office. Clint disclosed that there were no charges against him, and Bo was to blame for having him locked up. Bo thought that his brother was a "sad old drunk" and did not resemble the Man of the Year at all.

Bo summoned Bruce to his office once his family members were gone. He wanted Bruce to check around Shelter for information on the other man that Briana had been with. She had met Arturo at Shelter, and Bo wondered if she had met the unknown man there as well. He suspected a call girl ring.

Téa found Todd and Blair in Todd's hotel room. Blair informed her that their plan would not go further. Todd handed Téa the imprinted note that had been slid under the hotel room door. "Oh, my God, they have Victor," Téa sobbed.

Téa wanted to call Bo immediately, but the others disagreed. They believed that Victor would be able to escape as he had in the past. Téa was shaken as she headed for the door. She ordered Blair and Todd to find Victor and get him home.

Todd arrived at Llanfair and found his brooding sister sitting on the sofa. "Clint and I are finished," Viki told him. She added that it was final. Todd informed Viki that he was leaving, and he wanted to say goodbye. He advised her that it was a business trip, but not to Port Charles. He was heading overseas.

Viki looked at Todd and declared that she could tell he was hiding something. She began to cry and told him she'd miss him "all over again." Todd replied that he felt the same way.

Todd's next stop was to visit Dani. He explained that he wanted to say goodbye, since he was leaving town for an extended time. He wondered if she were okay, and Dani assured him that she was fine. He asked her to look after Téa because Téa missed Victor.

Dani admitted that she was sad to hear that Todd was leaving again, and she thanked him for everything. She added that mostly she owed him thanks for saving her life. He urged her to take care of herself, and they hugged. He promised to return as soon as he could.

After Todd left Llanfair, Jeffrey arrived to see Viki about a business matter. Viki revealed that Clint had been arrested due to a fight. She acknowledged that it really shouldn't have been her problem. Furthermore, the engagement was off, and she was concerned about the Veterans' Gala and Clint's Man of the Year award.

Jeffrey was surprised to hear about Clint. He disclosed that his benefactor, Carl Peterson, was due to speak at the gala at Clint's request. Viki was impressed to hear the news.

Dorian stormed in, angry that Clint's arrest had been printed in the paper. Jeffrey informed her that they had no control over the police blotter. Dorian felt that their gala had been threatened, and she thought they had no choice but to let Clint go and notify the organization.

Viki retorted that Clint was really a good man, and the organization loved him. She suggested that Dorian was finding some enjoyment in the fiasco. Dorian only thought that Clint had grown into a liability.

Matthew stopped at the coffee shop and spotted Destiny and Drew. She was having difficulty getting their son to eat and thought Drew might be sick, but Matthew succeeded in getting Drew to take a bite. Destiny thought that Matthew was good with Drew.

Just then Michelle walked in on her way to work, and Destiny invited her to join them. Michele wondered how long Destiny had been a babysitter. "Drew's my son, and Matthew is his father," Destiny hotly informed the maid. Michelle gasped, and Matthew gulped and admitted it was true.

Matthew declared that he had planned to tell Michelle, and he was sorry. Michelle jumped up, and Matthew ran after her. He had been afraid to say anything; he didn't want to lose her. He cared about Michelle more than anything, Matthew said.

Suddenly, Destiny screamed. Drew appeared to be having some kind of seizure. Matthew grabbed his son, called out for someone to call emergency, and he headed out the door.

At Shelter, Bruce warned Cutter of Bo's plans for investigating the club.

Todd arrived at La Boulaie as Blair was playing with Sam. Todd told the little boy he had to leave and said goodbye. Jack arrived and heard about Todd's plan for a long-term business trip. "Bummer," Jack retorted. Jack stated that he didn't want to see his mother hurt. Todd vowed to win Jack's trust, and the two men shook hands.

"So this is it," Blair said sadly. Todd reminded her that he had his own plane and could leave whenever he wanted. "We still have some time to..." he began. "And there's nothing that would make me happier in the whole world," Blair replied.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

At the hospital, Destiny blamed herself for Drew's seizure, but Matthew insisted that it hadn't been her fault. The doctor entered the waiting room to update Destiny and Matthew. She informed them that the seizure had been caused by Drew's fever. She continued that the seizure wouldn't do any harm to the child and that the first time was always the scariest. Destiny was shocked that another seizure could happen.

The doctor assured Destiny and Matthew that Drew would probably outgrow the seizures around age five or six. She explained that Drew's fever had spiked to 105, so the fever would have to be lowered before he could go home. The doctor promised that Destiny could see Drew soon and left.

Destiny called Shaun, who warned her that he couldn't talk because he was working. She blurted out what had happened to Drew. Shaun couldn't leave until a replacement got there, but he assured her that he would call Nora so that "real family" could be there.

Michelle returned with coffee for Matthew and Destiny. "Not now," Destiny snapped as Michelle tried to apologize for the morning's events. She told Matthew that he seemed like a good father, but he informed that he hadn't really been around. He insisted that he was trying to be better.

Michelle questioned Matthew about Drew and Destiny. Clarifying, she mentioned that Drew had been a mistake. "I love him and worry about him. Leave it alone," he snapped at her.

Bo and Nora entered, and Destiny gave them all the details she knew. Michelle introduced herself to a surprised Bo and Nora as Matthew's girlfriend. After a lukewarm "nice to meet you," Matthew assured her that she could leave, because it was family time. Clearly angry, Michelle left. The doctor entered and said that everyone could see Drew one at a time. Matthew asked Destiny to tell Drew that he loved his son, and Destiny left.

Dorian opened her front door and found Jo, who invited herself into the house. They talked about the Veterans' Gala. She introduced herself as the network executive that had picked up David's reality show and said that she would be David's date for the gala. "You may now leave my house," Dorian stated calmly.

Instead of leaving, Jo told Dorian about David's new reality show, Anatomy of a Divorce. Dorian refused to let David air their "dirty laundry" and wondered why Jo was there. Jo explained that every breakup had two sides, and she wanted Dorian's side of it as well as David's. She continued that women needed to see a successful, powerful woman go through the real-life struggles of "having it all." Dorian agreed that she owed it to "the women of your generation" to let them know that they needed to keep fighting on.

Clint entered the coffee shop to taunts from David, who was reading the Sun. He showed Clint the cover: "Man of the Year" was the headline, complete with Clint's mug shot. Clint called Matthew and demanded that he gather Clint's public relations staff. As David continued to taunt Clint, Clint called Nigel and instructed him to go to Clint's office to help him get cleaned up. David laughed as Clint walked away.

Rama entered the coffee shop. She went right up to David and accused him of avoiding her. He tried to get out of talking to her, but she wouldn't have it. She demanded to know what was going on. He ushered her to a table and explained about Anatomy of a Divorce. He admitted that there was no part for her.

Rama disagreed with David, explaining that she was the catalyst that had set the divorce in motion. She thought the love triangle would work for the show. David reminded Rama that the addition of Vimal would make it a love square. She insisted that Vimal was very understanding. David stated that Rama could no longer be his sidekick.

Jeffrey wondered how Viki wanted to handle Clint's arrest in the Banner. She insisted that they wouldn't touch the story, until Jeffrey showed her the cover of the Sun. She cursed Clint for being so stupid. Jeffrey insisted that they only needed to cover the basic facts, since the story was really only tabloid-worthy. Suddenly, Viki told Jeffrey that, after all his hard work, she was going to make him the Director of Online Content. He was so ecstatic that he kissed her on the cheek.

Clint entered, and Jeffrey immediately asked for a quote. Clint just pushed Jeffrey out the door and slammed it. Clint threw a copy of the Sun on her desk and asked what Todd had been thinking. She assured him that Clint wasn't even on Todd's radar. She promised that they would only write a small piece that downplayed the incident at Shelter. Clint blamed Bo, but Viki supported Bo's decision to arrest Clint. Viki implored Clint to tell his side of the story to Jeffrey. Clint insisted that he and his publicist would handle it and stormed out.

Later, a disgusted Viki read out loud on her tablet that Clint had apologized to the Veterans' Organization for the ill timing of his "brotherly prank." Just then, a man entered and handed Viki a pile of programs for the gala. She had a feeling that the programs were a waste of print, ink, and money.

Later, Jeffrey informed Viki that he'd found someone who'd witnessed Clint's altercation outside of Shelter. The source had emailed Jeffrey a video, and he showed it to Viki. The video showed Clint trying to get into Shelter and punching Diego when he wouldn't let Clint in. She hoped the video wouldn't get out but agreed with Jeffrey when he said that there was a very slim chance of it staying quiet. He instructed her to call him when she decided what to do, and he left.

While Nigel straightened Clint's suit out, Clint was on the phone with someone from the veterans' organization. He apologized again for his actions and assured the person that he would never cancel his donations no matter what. He expressed his appreciation for the organization standing by him and hung up. Nigel wondered if everything had been "smoothed over." "And they say money can't buy love," Clint said haughtily.

Blair and Todd lay on the couch, under a blanket, having just made love. "We're doomed," Todd told her. She promised that everything would turn out all right. "I hope that fate had another ending for us," she said and kissed him. The two grabbed hands, showing their brand new wedding bands.

Later, Todd and Blair were dressed, and Todd got ready to leave. "We'll always have our secret," Blair said, gesturing to her wedding ring. "I love you, Blair Manning," Todd said, grabbing her hands. "I love you, Todd Manning," she replied, adding, "I always have, I always will." She cried as he walked out the door and closed it. Sobbing, she leaned on the door and kissed her ring.

On the other side of the door, Todd lingered. He took the latest note out of his pocket and read it. "5316 West Gladys St. Don't fail us again," it said. He took a deep breath and walked away.

Jeffrey arrived in his empty apartment. He sat down and put his feet up, revealing a tattoo like Victor's on the bottom of his foot.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Friday, August 9, 2013

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