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Adriana Cramer
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Actor History
Amanda Cortinas


Had her 15th birthday on May 27, 2003

Was stated to be 16 in February 2004

Other Names

Adriana Colón (former name; by adoption)


Fashion designer and owner of Exposed underwear line

Formerly a model


Paris, France

Formerly shared an apartment with Layla Williamson in Llanview, Pennsylvania

Previously at La Boulaie, located on Lincoln Street in Llanview, Pennsylvania

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Rex Balsom [Married: May 20, 2008; Divorced: Nov 4, 2008]


César Colón (adoptive father)

Ramona Colón (adoptive mother)

Manuel (Espinoza) Santi I (biological father)

Dorian Cramer (biological mother)

Lou Cramer (biological maternal grandfather; deceased)

Sonya Roskova (biological maternal grandmother; deceased)

Augustico Santi (biological paternal half-brother; deceased)

Sonia Toledo (biological paternal half-sister; via adoption)

Cassie Callison (biological maternal half-sister)

Langston Wilde (maternal half-sister, via adoption)

Carlotta Espinoza (biological paternal aunt)

Melinda Cramer (biological maternal aunt)

Addie Cramer (biological maternal aunt)

Antonio Vega (biological paternal half-brother)

Cristian Vega (biological paternal cousin)

Kelly Cramer (biological maternal cousin)

Paul Cramer (biological maternal cousin; deceased)

Blair Cramer (biological maternal cousin)

Jamie Vega (biological paternal half-niece)

William Sloan Carpenter (biological maternal half-nephew; deceased)

William Sloan "River" Carpenter (biological maternal half-nephew; via adoption)

Kevin Buchanan Jr. (biological maternal first cousin once removed; deceased)

Zane Buchanan (biological maternal first cousin once removed)

Starr Manning (biological maternal first cousin once removed)

Brendan Thornhart (biological maternal first cousin once removed; deceased)

Jack Cramer Manning (biological maternal first cousin once removed)

Hope Manning Thornhart (biological maternal second cousin; deceased)



Flings & Affairs

William Sloan "River" Carpenter (lovers)

Duke Buchanan (lovers; deceased)

Rex Balsom (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Was a passenger in the car when River hit Claire Baxter's body, not realizing she was already dead [2003]

Lied to the police that everyone was home on Halloween night when Paul was shot [2004]

Brief Character History

Adriana was raised in Puerto Rico by her adoptive parents, the Colóns, until her godmother, Carlotta, brought her to Llanview to stay for the summer and celebrate Adriana's Quinceañera (a special ceremony to welcome Hispanic girls to womanhood when they turn fifteen). Carlotta soon began introducing Adriana to the citizens of Llanview, beginning with a tour of the art gallery, courtesy of Cristian, whom Adriana had a huge crush on. Adriana then met Sheyne and he sparked her interest, but when she met River Carpenter it was love at first sight. Carlotta disapproved of Adriana's relationship with River and did everything she could to stop them from being together. She became more convinced than ever that he was unsuitable when River and Adriana hit Claire Baxter's body with River's car after he had been drinking. The two snuck away together for many secret meetings, often with the help of River's boss, Roxy, but after Carlotta found River and Adriana in her room about to make love, she shipped Adriana back to Puerto Rico.

River sought Adriana out in Puerto Rico, determined to start a future with her. The two came back to Llanview secretly and began planning their elopement with an unusual ally: Paul Cramer. Neither realized that Paul's goal was to get Adriana married off because Dorian's wealthy Aunt Betsy had promised to leave $30 million to whichever relative was unmarried. Dorian finally realized Adriana was back in town and made a confession to her: she was Adriana's mother. Adriana was shocked to learn that her boyfriend's adoptive grandmother was her biological mother, but the two soon began forming a relationship. That relationship was almost deep-sixed when Dorian and David stopped River and Adriana's elopement. Adriana was dealt a double blow when she learned that her father was Manuel Santi, an infamous criminal. She met her newfound brother, Tico, and formed a friendship with him while her personal life started falling apart.

River was very interested in sleeping with Adriana, but she just wasn't ready to make that kind of commitment. When she started catching River in compromising positions with newcomer Shannon McBain, she began to feel very insecure about her relationship with him. They broke up after River confessed to having kissed Shannon, but their breakup didn't last long. Shortly after reuniting, River and Adriana finally slept together for the first time, but when Adriana was kidnapped River was drawn back to Shannon again. When Adriana returned, she found them making out by the quarry. She broke things off with River permanently, only to realize a short time later that she might be pregnant. By this time, though, River had already left for Juilliard, and Adriana was forced to wait it out alone until David and Dorian realized what was up. With Dorian by her side, Adriana was relieved to learn she was not pregnant.

Shortly after River left, Adriana met Duke Buchanan, her cousin Kelly's stepson. She initially rebuffed his interest, but the two slowly became friends,. A tentative romance soon began, each one determined to go slowly. Neither Kevin nor Dorian was happy about the romance, each going out of their way to stop it, although as Dorian got to know Duke better, she didn't object as much. Duke was also there for Adriana when her half-brother, Tico, died, and Adriana learned he wasn't the good person he pretended to be. Slowly but surely, Duke and Adriana grew closer, although Adriana made it clear to him that they were going to take things very slowly because she didn't want to mess up again like she had with River.

Duke and Adriana tried their hardest to make their relationship work, but eventually the two broke up, in part due to the time that Duke was spending working. Adriana soon found herself spending a lot of time with Rex Balsom, and after a few false starts, the two began a tentative relationship. Adriana broke things off after learning that Rex had known where Todd was after he escaped from prison and had kept it quiet. But when a stalker was after her, Adriana soon began to lean on Rex again. Rex and Adriana became lovers, but the threat of her stalker still loomed over their heads. Adriana became convinced that Rex was the stalker after finding information on his computer and took off. Bruce Bartlett picked her up as she was hitchhiking. Bruce held her captive, and then Adriana learned that Dorian had set up Rex to look like the stalker to drive them apart.

After being rescued, Adriana was furious with Dorian, and was determined to destroy her mother. She got her relationship with Rex back on track, but it was strained by her obsession with destroying Dorian. Viki and Adriana had a heart-to-heart talk one day about her mother's behavior and Adriana's feelings about her; eventually, Adriana agreed to forgive Dorian as long as Dorian left all criticism about Rex to herself. An agreement was made and mother and daughter began to rebuild their relationship.

Recognizing that her modeling career was over, Adriana teamed up with Layla Williamson and started a new business. "Exposed", their new lingerie line, quickly became a success when Adriana and Layla hired former superstar baseball player, Tate Harmon, to be their spokesperson. He took over quickly and made their company famous... especially after going on The View and claiming his love for Adriana. Unfortunately, this work relationship put a strain on Adriana and Rex's relationship, as Rex grew more and more jealous of Tate. He was so suspicious that he began to investigate him. Adriana, convinced that nothing was suspicious and upset that Rex didn't trust Tate, gave Rex an ultimatum: stop investigating Tate or lose Adriana forever. Rex couldn't get rid of his suspicions regarding Tate and couldn't give up his investigation, which led to Adriana leaving him. When Tate's father was arrested as the One Pure People arsonist, Adriana stuck by his side and supported him completely. However, she became suspicious when she found an OPP medallion in Tate's backpack, which ultimately set Tate off in a rage. Tate then held Vincent, Layla, Adriana, and Rex hostage on the Palace roof and coerced Adriana into getting on the ledge and agreeing to jump off to save her friends' lives. At just the right moment, Talia shot Tate, and Adriana and the three others were safe.

Realizing that Rex was right about his suspicions, Adriana went back to him for forgiveness. She didn't know if they could get past what they had put each other through over the years, but Rex gladly forgave her and they became a couple once again.

Rex and Adriana grew even closer when Rex told Adriana a huge secret: that Marcie and Michael's adopted son Tommy was in fact Todd's biological son. Rex and Adriana conspired to keep the truth from coming out, but Todd ultimately learned the truth. Marcie McBain then absconded with Todd's son, and Rex went searching for her. His search led him to Paris, Texas, where he came face to face with his high school fling, Gigi Morasco. Rex had walked out on Gigi when he left Michigan to move to Llanview, and seeing her again brought back romantic feelings he once had for her. Little did Rex realize that Gigi had become pregnant by Rex and had given birth to their son, Shane. Gigi kept this information from Rex, however, since she had long told her son that his father was a Navy SEAL and war hero who had died in battle. Gigi felt sympathy for Marcie, who she believed was running away from an abusive husband, and sold Marcie's wedding ring to Rex, who then used it to propose to Adriana. When Michael McBain saw the ring, he recognized it as Marcie's, which led them to find Marcie in Paris, Texas. Todd's son was returned to him and Marcie was arrested, and Gigi was brought back to Llanview for questioning. Adriana felt threatened by Gigi and began taking on a darker personality due to her insecurity about Gigi and Rex. Gigi's son Shane, noticing Adriana's personality, created a comic book supervillian in Adriana's likeness and named her "Evelyn Evil."

Adriana overheard Gigi admit to Rex that Shane was his son, but Rex didn't hear Gigi. Adriana and Dorian then conspired to locate the man Gigi had told Shane was his father, Brody Lovett, who it turned out had not died at all. They brought Brody to town and he appeared at Rex and Adriana's wedding, just as Gigi declared her love for Rex and was preparing to reveal that Rex was Shane's father. Stunned to learn that Brody was alive, Gigi did not tell Rex that Shane was his son and Rex resumed marrying Adriana.

Rex and Adriana's marriage quickly fell apart, however, after Rex learned about her part in bringing Brody to town. The final straw was when Rex discovered that Adriana had stole his toothbrush. Adriana claimed it was to conduct DNA tests on Charlie Banks, who had claimed to be Rex's father, but she really stole it so she could learn for certain whether Rex was Shane's son. Adrinna and Rex separated, and Adriana left for Paris, France. While in Paris, Adriana mailed Rex's toothbrush to Gigi. Brody intercepted the package and used it to have a DNA test performed showing that Brody was Shane's biological father.

After Gigi informed Rex that Shane was his son, Rex told Adriana over the phone that he wanted a divorce. Adriana was devastated, but Rex refused any attempt at reconciliation. Adriana soon returned to Llanview when Rex was shot by Brody, who was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, and was standing over Rex when he awoke from surgery. Adriana refused to let Gigi see Rex, even though Rex had lost consciousness again and was unresponsive. She secretly moved him to Dorian's home, La Boulaie, where she had a hospital room set up in the living room so Rex could be treated. With Marcie's help, Gigi snuck into La Boulaie to see Rex, who woke up. Adriana overheard Gigi and Rex's conversation and realized she had no chance of being with Rex again. She agreed to grant Rex a divorce and, after a brief and heartfelt conversation with Dorian, set off for Paris. Adriana refused to let Gigi see Rex, even though Rex had lost consciousness again and was unresponsive. She secretly moved him to Dorian's home, La Boulaie, where she had a hospital room set up in the living room so Rex could be treated. With Marcie's help, Gigi snuck into La Boulaie to see Rex, who woke up. Adriana overheard Gigi and Rex's conversation and realized she had no chance of being with Rex again. She agreed to grant Rex a divorce and, after a brief and heartfelt conversation with Dorian, set off for Paris.

In February 2010, Adriana was dining in a Paris restaurant when her cousin Kelly Cramer Buchanan ran into her. The two caught up about goings-on in Llanview and caught the attention of an attractive Frechman who bought them champagne. Kelly encouraged Adriana to get to know the man, since she hadn't been with anyone since Rex, and convinced her to let the man take her home. Kelly then got a frantic call from cousin Cassie Carpenter, warning her that the Cramer girls were in danger from Mitch Laurence, and Kelly worried that she had just sent Adriana off with a killer. Kelly and David Vickers tracked down Adriana at a hotel, where it turned out she was engaging in kinky sex with the harmless Frenchman, Emil.

In November 2010, Adriana was delighted when her cousin Cristian came to Paris to visit Layla, who had moved there to work with a famous fashion designer. Adriana was less pleased that Gigi Morasco had tagged along. Adriana boasted to Gigi that she was still having hot sex with Emil, the Frenchman she had met earlier that year. Then she told Gigi that she had learned from Rex that they hadn't had sex since reuniting months earlier. A humiliated Gigi punched Adriana in the face. Adriana then told Layla that they had to go to Milan at once to deal with a crisis, cutting short Layla's visit with Cristian.

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