One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 29, 2003 on OLTL

Marcie saw a vision of Al. Carlotta sent Adriana back to Puerto Rico after catching her with River. R.J. and Antonio found each other at Keri's grave at the same time. Jessica found a witness to help Antonio. Max and Gabrielle took Al's body to Argentina.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 29, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, September 29

Joey leads Al's funeral service at St. James. Marcie sees a vision of Al and encourages the mourners to celebrate his life. Evangeline finds R.J. at his private burial for Keri. R.J. rejects Evangeline's sympathy. Evangeline encounters Antonio and suggests he try to find Keri's real killer in order to clear his name. Antonio cuts Evangeline off when she theorizes that R.J. may have accidentally been responsible for Keri's death. Antonio and R.J. later come face to face at Keri's grave. As they celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Matthew confesses to Nora that he tried to get her and Bo back together with Starr's help. River and Adriana spend time together when Carlotta plans a hasty trip out of town. River and Adriana are on the verge of making love when Carlotta changes her plans and heads back home. Flash and Riley are besieged by Midnight Logic fans.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Lindsay has no idea her luncheon companion is a John, and that's no reference to his Cristian name! Rex's snafu leaves him awkwardly stuck with Karen, the real hooker peeved over stolen business. Nearby, David Vickers observes discreetly over the crease of his newspaper. Doesn't take long for Linds to discover her "date" has inappropriate intentions. David races to her rescue with respectful compliments that leave her beaming. He makes a suave replacement to dine with and offers a business proposal: he wants to buy part of her gallery.

Just as River, prone over Adriana in her lacy underwear, rips open the condom rapper, Carlotta enters her bedroom and screams in Spanish. She kicks him out and orders the young girl, "Pack!" She's going home to Puerto Rico.

Kelly and Blair compare notes on the virtues of motherhood and the questionable ethics of David Vickers. Blair drops the bombshell of Walker's proposal, but cuts things short to go see Max. Kelly catches up with Kevin later in the day and is delighted that he's already made an appointment with an adoption lawyer.

Alone together at Keri's grave, R.J. and Antonio come face to face. Antonio maintains his innocence, but R.J. is looking forward to seeing a lethal needle stuck in his arm. Remarkably, their encounter does not come to fisticuffs. As restrained as possible, R.J. shreds the flowers Antonio has laid down in sympathy and storms off. Antonio leaves in search of Jessica. He finds her at the Banner where she has interrupted Kevin's Banner meeting to beg her brother not to endorse Colson for DA in the Banner. Antonio insists on no special treatment. Viki arrives in time to break up her kids squabble and console Gabrielle. Kevin generously gives the stylish grieving mother "all the time [she] wants" for Al's burial in Argentina. She collapses crying and Viki picks up the pieces with a supportive hug. As mothers who have both lost children, they now share a special bond. Viki drives her to Crossroads where many have gathered after Al's service. Bo and Marci commiserate at the bar with Natalie. In his own way, Asa attempts consolation to Max by searching for someone to blame: the doctor, the hospital, anyone. But Max has accepted the loss. So Asa orders up a whole bottle of bourbon. Bo introduces Marci to his dad. Asa recalls the peace sign incident at the university and applauds her for her "grit." Blair arrives and her rocky past with her ex is meaningless in the face of this tragedy. She and Max are still great friends. Of Walker's marriage proposal, Max advises, "Listen to your heart."

Walker wanders around Angel Square alone, snacking on a hot dog and talking to the statue of Luna. He smears her lips with a gloss of ketchup and tries to convince himself that Blair will marry him. Blair calls him, cell to cell. She's made a decision. They meet at Dorian's. She gently answers, "You're a wonderful man, but I'm in love with somebody else. I can't marry you, Walker. I'm still in love with Todd."

Antonio returns to Keri's grave where he finds his mother weeping on her knees. Antonio declares that he will "find the real killer." Carlotta somberly confesses, "You already have. Me. I killed Keri."


When Blair advises Walker that she can't marry him because she's still in love with Todd, he loses his temper and reminds her that Todd is dead. Maybe it's Kevin she really wants, he suggests. She can flirt with him and be safe. Todd ruined her life and that of her family, he yells, storming out. When Blair decides to go after him and opens the door, she encounters Asa, who's come to warn her to stop "bird-dogging his family." She'd better leave Kevin and his career alone or he'll make her life miserable, he continues. Blair doesn't take his threats seriously and turns the tables instead. She tells him he's just a lonely nobody, living his life vicariously through his grandson. Asa believes her to be in love with Kevin and to be a way sorrier person than him, but she retorts that if she wanted Kevin, she'd have him. She tosses him out and breaks the news of her marriage refusal to Starr who heard the ruckus. When Starr becomes upset, Blair becomes suspicious. The little girl tries to convince her mom to marry Walker as it's no problem that she still loves Todd. Walker has a secret and if she knew what it was, she'd love him, the girl says in hushed tones.

Viki runs into Jess at Angel Square where she's jotting down notes on her investigation into Keri's death. They catch up and Jess assures Viki that she's fine even though she's gone through so much in the past year. She acknowledges that she's aware of Antonio's anger problem and though he could have killed Keri, she's positive that he didn't. She's quite sure that he would have told her if he did, she confides to her mother.

Kelly and Kevin meet Governor Brooks for a dinner meeting while Lindsay has dinner at a nearby table with David. The men try to get Kelly to agree to move to Harrisburg but she tells them she's not ready. Viki arrives to join them and is introduced to the governor. They share their mutual admiration for each other. The married couple announces their plans to adopt. Lindsay states that she won't give up her gallery to David, as she needs the comfort of it right now. He identifies with her prison sentence and they learn that both of them managed to escape. He glorifies his experiences across the desert and mountains.

Cris and Nat get busy making phone calls notifying everyone of their marriage postponement. Walker shows up at Crossroads and begins to drink heavily. A stranger walks in looking for Natalie, about some pool business, he announces. He identifies himself as John McBain. When he spots Walker, he sits down with him, demanding to know why Mr. Flynn is there. Realizing it's the "other guy," he divulges that he's not with Flynn in Vegas because he has business there. Meeting Nat, he comes on to her, as a suspicious Cris looks on. Nat plays a round of pool but is quick to become indignant when John puts his hands on her to "change her angle." Cris tells them he's unable to go to Philadelphia with them for the tournament; he's got to stay behind for Antonio. McBain thinks she should go alone then as she needs the experience before she heads for Las Vegas. Cris agrees and Nat is off. He quickly places a call to the number on the card that McBain left behind. Is this Recreation Unlimited, he inquires. He wants to verify one of their employees. The man on the other end does so, saying that John has been working there for years. Once hanging up, a pleased Mr. Flynn on the other end utters, "Reel her in, Johnny."

Carlotta confesses to Antonio that she was the one who killed Keri but then admits that it's not true but right. Antonio won't allow her to go through with it but is concerned that she must think he's guilty. She quickly replies that she knows he's innocent but there's too much stacked up against him. He's hopeful that things will work out for him. He arrives home to find Jess busy in the kitchen. Later, they make love and go to sleep but Jess awakens from a disturbing nightmare. Antonio was being shot by a firing squad, with Daniel leading the way.

Kelly becomes annoyed over the talk about moving to Harrisburg and excuses herself from the table. When David spots her, he also excuses himself and meets up with her. Covering up her feelings, she tells David that she used him to make Kevin jealous and was very successful. David thinks she's miserable and can't understand where the old, used to be happy Kelly from the other night has been. She replies that she's different now and the carefree Kelly of old is gone. After he's gone and Kevin comes to find her, she tells him she wants to leave early. Once home, she continues to be upset about the possibility of moving to the state capitol. Viki stays behind to finish dinner with the governor. He offers to escort her to a hospital benefit if it's not inappropriate. Viki is pleased but declines; she's not ready to let go of Ben. He understands due to the death of his wife.

At the police station, Carlotta gives her confession to a skeptical Daniel. After her answers to some of his questions prove to be obviously incorrect, he knows that she wasn't really there. However, she's proven to him that Antonio is really guilty, he spits out.

Walker angrily and drunkenly views Victor's grave at the mausoleum. He asks to be let go, lamenting his fate after being roughed up by Mitch and his men. Even with all of the new blood that he needed, he still has Victor in him, he wails. Only Blair can help him but she doesn't want him as he is now. He hates his face and doesn't know who he is anymore. There's nothing left of his past, he rants, cursing his father. When the door opens, Viki shines a light inside.

Lindsay and David take a walk after dinner, discussing various works of art. She turns down his offer to accompany her home; she had a good time but prefers to be alone. Once she leaves, David places a call to Dorian, demanding to have a talk about his money.

Thursday, October 2, 2003

Carlotta gets Dorian to help her in getting Adriana out of town. Daniel considers charging Carlotta with making a false statement. When Nora and Bo object, he points out that she must think Antonio is guilty.

Blair tries to explain to Starr why she can't marry Walker. Later, Starr calls her dad and insists that they come up with a new plan. After much consideration, Todd tells Starr that they have to tell Blair the truth.

Walker tells Viki that he is in the Lord family mausoleum because Blair turned down his marriage proposal. After asking her about her brother, Walker seeks her help in getting Blair to change her mind. The next morning, Viki goes to see Blair, questioning if she is certain about her decision not to marry Walker.

Concerned about Antonio's trial, Jessica questions Renee. When Renee suggests she talk to the homeless man, Jessica asks Bernie if he saw Keri die. When Antonio threatens a witness, Bo reminds him that he could end up in prison, then tells him that Carlotta confessed to Keri's murder.

Rex again taunts Jen with her strip tease. Later, at the police station, Ron tells Marcie he plans to stay in Llanview.

Friday, October 3, 2003

Renee agrees to keep Bernie at the Palace until Jessica and Antonio can arrive to question him, despite R.J.'s objections. Before he can be questioned, Bernie receives a note from R.J. and disappears. Finding out that Bernie went to Atlantic City, Antonio takes the chance of breaking his terms of bail. After getting Bernie back to Llanview, Antonio tries to convince him to tell the police what he saw. Later, he tells them that he saw R.J. take a letter out of Keri's pocket after she threw herself from the balcony.

After informing Flynn that Natalie won the pool tournament, John tells him that he saw Todd. Later, he invites Natalie to another tournament and convinces her to let him manage her.

After an argument with Kelly, Kevin assures her that he really does want to adopt a baby, but that doesn't stop him from dreaming about Blair. At breakfast, Kelly meets with Rae about offering a reference for adopting a baby.

Blair accepts Walker's marriage proposal. When David sees the engagement ring, he questions how Walker got his hands on a diamond that size. Kevin meets with his private investigator, he is confused by the photographs she took of Flynn. When Kelly realizes that he is still investigating Walker, she becomes angry.

When Daniel sees Flash at the Palace, he accuses her of telling Nora he is a drunk. When she confronts him, Riley shows up and apologizes for her, causing an argument.

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