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Greenlee, Kendall, and Ryan found themselves trapped in an elevator together. Bianca decided not to tell Lena about her pregnancy. David refused to tell Jack what he and Erica had done on the night that Michael had disappeared. Aidan questioned Maggie about Michael's disappearance.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 6, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, October 6, 2003

At the Valley Inn, Juan Pablo spotted Ryan and called him over. He reminded Ryan that his ownership of Enchantment, Fusion, and Chandler Enterprises depends on the timeframe in which Michael died. Ryan seemed confident that the murderer killed Cambias shortly after the rape hearing. Juan Pablo told Ryan he would lose money on Fusion if he lost Greenlee, and he informed him he was working with Greenlee on a new venture. Ryan told him she had not mentioned it the night before in his room. After Ryan was gone, Edmund arrived and sat down across from Juan Pablo. He introduced himself as a reporter from Tempo, and Juan Pablo refused to comment on the Michael Cambias case. Edmund said he was there on other business. He said he'd heard that a man had killed a member of an Argentinean crime family that had just landed in Miami. He warned Juan Pablo that the Feds don't know why this family is in the country, or where they will go from Miami. Juan Pablo did not seem concerned.

At Fusion, Kendall, Mia, and Simone wondered what they could do to get the company back from Ryan. Greenlee entered and told them that Ryan does not give up, and she thought Kendall should accept his offer to buy her out. Kendall refused, but Greenlee reminded her she would at least have money, and they could pool their money to form a new company. Kendall asked her about her meeting with Ryan the night before. Greenlee replied that she was only trying to make a deal with him. The women all began to argue. Ryan came in and asked how he could help them. Kendall asked him to clarify what he and Greenlee talked about the night before. She wondered if he'd put Greenlee up to convincing her to accept his buyout offer, and said she'd die first. Ryan mused that his side deal with Greenlee was off, and Greenlee told the others to ignore his lies. Ryan told them that Greenlee had agreed that if Kendall would accept the buyout offer, Ryan would sell his Fusion stock back to Greenlee. Greenlee explained that she only wanted Fusion to be back to the way it had been before, and that Ryan was trying to divide and conquer. Kendall didn't buy her story. The women all left, leaving Greenlee and Ryan alone. She accused him of stabbing her in the back. He left, and she followed him into the elevator, soon followed by Kendall. As they argued, they pushed various buttons and jammed up the elevator, trapping them inside.

Aidan took a gun to Derek for analysis, confident it was used in the Cambias murder. When asked where he got the gun, David burst in and accused Aidan of stealing it from him. Aidan admitted to it, and David insisted Aidan wanted revenge for Anna. Jack said that without probably cause, they could not test the gun. Aidan told him he'd seen David at Michael's condo after Michael disappeared pouring liquor into a potted plant. When Derek questioned why he hadn't reported this before, Aidan told him Anna had known, and he had assumed she had passed it along before she left. David said that Anna had decided it wasn't relevant information, and the gun would not be tested without his consent. He urged Derek to arrest Aidan for theft. Aidan reminded David that he'd wanted Michael dead, and David replied that many people in town felt the same way. David showed Derek the bug Aidan had planted at his home. Jack told Aidan he was going to damage the investigation, and Derek suggested they press charges. Jack attempted to talk him out of it, but Derek had an officer book him for theft and burglary. David asked for his gun back, but Derek said it was now evidence in a crime and would be tested. Despite his arrest, Aidan was pleased. Once Jack and David were alone, David told Jack he needed to stop the gun from being tested or someone close to Bianca would be in trouble. Jack became angry and told him to come out and say it if he meant Erica. David told him Erica had come to him for help because Jack had been too busy with Greenlee. Before he could tell Jack what Erica had wanted him to do, Derek entered with test results on the bullet.

At PVU, Bianca and Maggie looked for a new place for Bianca to live on the bulletin board. Lena arrived and told Bianca she was there to speak to a faculty member and went to meet with him. Maggie told Bianca there were fireworks between her and Lena. Bianca admitted she still had feelings for Lena, but she thought too much had happened for them to be happy together, especially now that she was pregnant. Maggie encouraged her to tell Lena the truth. When Lena's business was done, she told Bianca they should have coffee sometime. Bianca suggested they go now, and Maggie bowed out, offering her room. In Maggie's room, Lena told Bianca she still loved her as much as ever, but apologized upon seeing Bianca's reaction. Bianca told her it felt strange to hear it, but that she liked being with Lena. Lena assured Bianca she could tell her anything, and seeing Bianca's discomfort, she pressed for more information.

At the Chandler residence, Adam told Mary she had to move out. He had packed her bags and gave her some money to tide her over until her studio was ready. He explained the JR was moving back in, so she couldn't stay. She told him he couldn't throw her out, because she knew too much about his connection with Palmer on the night Cambias disappeared. Tad arrived and asked Adam about Mary. Adam asked Mary if this was a blackmail attempt. She backed down, saying she'd heard some things from Opal. Adam warned her not to try blackmail again, and asked Tad why he was there. Tad said he was invited by JR for breakfast, and told him about the night he found Mary in his bedroom. As Marian, Liza, Brooke and Jamie arrived, Mary told Adam she couldn't bear another humiliation, so Adam agreed to set her up in a loft. Adam tells the newly-arrived Ruth and Joe that they will eat when Mary left. JR arrived, insisting there was room for Mary. Adam agreed to allow it, and she went to get ready. The phone rang, and JR rushed to answer it, sure it was for him. After a few words, he decided to take the call upstairs. Adam attempted to eavesdrop, but everyone noticed and Brooke scolded him for it. When JR returned, Adam told him he wanted to show him off at the club, but JR said he already had plans to hang out with Jamie. When everyone left the room for breakfast, Adam tried to *69 the call, but the number was not available.

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Juan Pablo went to the park, looking anxious as he waited for Carlos to show up. They discussed the arrival of their Argentinean enemies in Miami. As Carlos assured Juan Pablo that he could take care of himself, he showed him a .38 caliber pistol he now carries. Juan was very concerned and Carlos got defensive and again swore that he did not kill Michael. Carlos reminded Juan Pablo that if their enemies find them, everyone close to them will be in danger also.

Kendall, Greenlee and Ryan were stuck in the Fusion elevator, arguing over secret deals and who would take over Fusion. Ryan let Greenlee know that Kendall told him she still loved him. As the women continued to argue over Fusion, Ryan began to undress.

Mia and Simone listened with interest and Simone was atwitter when she heard that Ryan was getting naked. Then they discussed the possibility of going on Ryan's side or else taking over the company themselves. Mia accused Simone of behaving selfishly, just like she did when she slept with Tad without considering Liza's feelings. Simone just said that it was every Fusion woman for herself from now on. Ryan kept fanning the flames of the argument over Fusion and men between Greenlee and Kendall. They finally caught on that Ryan was trying to get them to fight so they'd both lose. They immediately bonded and warned Ryan he was in for a fight and that Mia and Simone would be on their side. The elevator started moving again and just as the doors opened, Greenlee shouted to Ryan that Fusion means more to her than anything else in her life and she's going to fight for it. Ryan was tickled to notice that Juan Pablo was standing right behind her. He couldn't wait to let it slip that Greenlee had been in his hotel room the night before. Greenlee was surprised to also hear the Juan Pablo had told Ryan about his offer to help her start her own company. She tried to explain, but Juan Pablo understood that Greenlee had made her decision. Greenlee got indignant and said that she needs to make it on her own and he can't buy her. Juan Pablo suggested she was the only one who thought she couldn't and he walked out.

At the police station, David muttered that Jack had better do something as Derek arrived with the ballistic results of David's gun. Derek suggested David either talk or lawyer up because his gun was a match for the gun used to kill Michael. Derek pushed for a confession in return for a lighter sentence. Jack wouldn't agree to anything without reading the full report and Derek said there were more tests to run to match the two sets of fingerprints found on the weapon. David let the others think the other set may belong to Anna, as Jack nearly swallowed his tongue afraid David was going to implicate Erica. Jack read the report and discovered the only thing known for sure was that the bullet was a .38 caliber, same as David's gun, but it was too damaged to match it exactly to David's gun. They had to let David go and he dropped the charges against Aidan, but not without some testosterone flinging between them as David left the police station. Derek yelled at Jack for letting David know the gun was not an exact match, feeling sure that David would have admitted his involvement if they'd kept after him. Aidan came in to wonder who Jack was covering for and why he wants the murderer to go free. Derek and Jack continued their argument and Jack demanded that Derek leave it alone. Derek finally guessed Jack must be protecting Erica. Derek picked up the phone to get a message to Miss Kane, saying the police have some questions for her. Later, Ryan came to see Derek and offered to help with the investigation and tell him what he knows if he can find out the exact time of Michael's death. Ryan suggested there had been foul play inside Michael's apartment and Derek guessed Kendall was involved. Ryan said Kendall wasn't the only one found in strange places and that a doctor had been making strange house calls. He refused to name names and promised Derek that he was not wasting his time; he had information that could lead to the killer.

In the park, Jack grabbed David from behind and demanded to know what he and Erica had done that night. David told Jack he didn't want to know. After some lapel grabbing, David said he'd tell, but Jack wouldn't like it.

In Maggie's dorm room, Lena and Bianca were bonding and getting close again, saying they both wanted a future together. Bianca said she had to tell Lena everything and told her about the pregnancy. Lena admitted she'd overheard the news and was afraid Bianca blamed her for everything. Bianca insisted she does not blame her. Bianca was trying to tell Lena about her decision to not go through with the abortion, but Lena assumed she'd kept the appointment and gushed that she was sure, with every fiber of her being, that Bianca had done the right thing in terminating the pregnancy. Lena was very enthusiastic about their future, but Bianca wanted to be alone.

Aidan surprised Maggie in the student lounge and wanted her views of the murder. Bianca came to the lounge and felt that people were staring and talking about her. She approached some women to ask what they were looking at. One of them snidely commented that they'd heard what had allegedly happened to her. Bianca promised to tell them all and then shouted to the whole room to ask who wanted to know all about Michael Cambias. She stood up and told everyone about the rape, the support of her family and friends afterwards and surviving all the snickering behind her back. She said other women can't deny a rape happened just to feel safer themselves. She also said she was happy Michael was dead and opened the floor to questions and comments. Maggie started clapping and everyone else joined in. Bianca quietly walked out and Maggie rushed to catch her. Bianca told Maggie what Lena had said and that she hadn't told Lena she's still pregnant. Bianca assured Maggie she wouldn't change her mind about the baby or Lena. Maggie promised her support.

At the office, Kendall asked Lena for help in doing something sinister and nasty to Ryan to stop him from claiming Michael's estate. Lena was reluctant to play dirty tricks, but Kendall reminded her she'd saved her life and she owes her. Kendall pressed for an idea and Lena said she had a risky suggestion.

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Jack and David continued their argument in the park. Jack demanded the truth and David told him that his gun was fired the night of Michael's disappearance. Jack wanted to know whose fingerprints were on the gun besides David's and asked if they were Erica's. David said he wasn't going to help Jack go after Erica. Jack accused him of trying to hide behind Erica's skirts. David laughed and said Jackson didn't give a damn whether he was the one who killed Michael, he was just worried that he was going to lose Erica to David. Jack said someone killed Michael Cambias and he was going to string them up. David said maybe it was Jack who was the murderer and if so it was the first right decision he'd made since the trial. Jack punched David in the face and they began a fist fight. Tad walked in and broke it up. David told Jack that the next time he wanted to go at it to give him some notice and walked away. Jack and Tad sat down on a bench and Jack said he didn't know what he was doing anymore. Tad told him he was just human and snapped. Jack said it was happening all the time. Tad said to put everything into perspective, "look at the month you've had. First your wedding is destroyed because your fiancÚ lied, then you find out you have a grown daughter, then your niece is raped....." Jack stopped him and Tad said his point was not how Jack's life got this way but what he was going to do with it. Jack sadly said he let this happen. Meanwhile Reggie sat on the couch and watched a tv interview Jack made earlier regarding the investigation. In it Jack was saying how he would find the killer and put them away. Tad told Jack that mistakes happen, but Jack said he didn't just make a mistake, he crossed the line, "and it was so easy." On the TV Jack answered a reporter's question on whether Jack could keep the investigation on the level and Jack replied of course he could. Tad told Jack maybe he should recuse himself from the investigation. Jack said that Michael Cambias got what he deserved and because he feels that way it could jeopardize everything. Reggie watched the reporter ask Jack if the investigation got too close to someone he cared about would he go forward with it anyway. Jack angrily told the reporter he thought he had already made himself clear on that. Jack turned to Tad and said there were too many mistakes and walked away. Jack went home and found Reggie watching tv. Reggie said he'd seen Jack all over the news and that it seemed as if Jack didn't really want to find out who killed Michael. Jack said he couldn't leave it unsolved.

Aidan took Maggie and Bianca to SOS. He offered to get them a pitcher of margaritas but Bianca quickly said no thank you. Aidan sat down and asked if Bianca had any idea who might've done harm to Michael Cambias. Bianca got flustered and told him to back off and let Jack worry about Michael's killer. Aidan said he cared about her and he cared about Kendall and he didn't want to see her wrongly accused. Aidan said it might've been David and Bianca said no way, he was her friend. She got up and went to another table. Maggie told Aidan to back off of Bianca. Aidan noted that Maggie was in this pretty deep and Maggie said yes, Bianca was her best friend and she'd do anything for her. Aidan told Maggie to trust him and then asked what she knew about the night Michael disappeared. Maggie became nervous and denied knowing anything about the murder. She said if she had seen something she would've gone to the police. Aidan begged her to talk to him and Maggie said she couldn't. Aidan pushed on, asking her if she saw the person who killed Michael. Maggie refused to tell him anything. Bianca returned and Aidan said it had to leave. He walked out and Bianca sat back down with Maggie. Maggie told her she needed to tell her something. Maggie told Bianca that after the rape case was thrown out she decided that Michael had to die. So she got a gun and went to his condo. Bianca sat in horror, thinking Maggie was telling her she was the murderer. Maggie said Michael had to pay for what he did but when she got to the condo she couldn't do it. But she said she did see something that night, "I think I saw who killed Michael Cambias." Bianca stopped her and said she loved her but she didn't want to know and then ran out of SOS. Maggie sat there and remembered that night. She remembered hearing a noise and crouching behind some shrubs. She saw 2 dark figures pulling a body out of Michael's condo. During her flashback we saw pictures of Jack and Reggie picking up things around their apartment. Then Boyd and Lena moving boxes in Kendall's office. Then we saw David returning to the park to look for something. He found his cell phone and he called Erica, saying "We need to talk!"

Lena and Kendall discussed tactics to bring Ryan down. Lena said she had a plan but it wouldn't win her any friends and the only person it would really hurt was Ryan. "You do want Ryan out of your life don't you?" she asked Kendall. Kendall got defensive and said of course she did. Lena said she wanted to get started but Kendall stopped her. She said she didn't care about what happened to Erica or Adam but she didn't want Fusion hurt. She said she cares about the women in Fusion and Lena said she didn't want to double cross her friends. Lena also said that Kendall was a good person but Kendall got huffy and told her to find another way to ruin Ryan. Boyd walked in and Lena left them alone. Kendall shut the door then hugged Boyd and asked "How did it go?" Boyd said "Smooth, and no one missed me." Kendall said she did. Aidan walked in and Boyd said he'd wait outside. Aidan told Kendall that Maggie knows something about the murder. He said he wants to tell Derek and have her subpoenaed but Kendall refused. She said "If you make her talk you may be the person who puts me in jail!" Aidan asked who she was protecting and then listed people who had good cause to kill Michael, like David, Jack and Erica. Kendall asked why he even cared and Aidan replied "Because I love you." Kendall was surprised and asked "You mean love me like a friend right?" Aidan said he hadn't figured it out yet and asked if she was willing to go down to protect someone she thinks killed Michael. Kendall said she had to do this and begged him to understand. Aidan took her in his arms and kissed her, then walked out of the office.

Greenlee went to see Ryan. When he opened the door she tried to punch him in the chest, but just ended up hurting her fist on his "six-pack." She whimpered in pain and Ryan pulled her into his room. He tried to examine her hand and noticed the huge ring on her wedding finger. He got ice to put on her hand and Greenlee said he was being nice so she would try to forget what a jerk he was. She told him that Juan Pablo left her because of Ryan. Ryan pretended he was shocked. Greenlee ranted about Juan Pablo's positive qualities and told Ryan he'd come back when he realizes what Ryan pulled. Ryan said Juan Pablo left because she'd rather fight for Fusion than be with him. Greenlee got angry and said Ryan told Juan Pablo about their deal before she got a chance to explain. Ryan smiled and said she wasn't really mad at him. Greenlee said no, she was mostly mad at herself. Ryan said "Want to know the real reason he left? You're still wearing Leo's ring. You can't belong to someone if you're still wearing Leo's ring." Greenlee said he didn't understand and then wanted to know why he was putting them all through this. Ryan said he didn't come back to mess with her or Kendall. He said he was sorry for the way he had treated her in the past. Greenlee said "Prove it! Leave and give me back Fusion!." Ryan said he couldn't do that and explained that he wasn't going to let Alexander Cambias down. Greenlee said Alexander was just trying to stick it to his son by naming Ryan his heir. Ryan said he wasn't going to blow it and that anyone that gets in his way is asking for trouble. Greenlee asked "So Kendall and I are going to be road kill?" Ryan said he wasn't out to crush her and asked if they could just get along. He said they were both so close to getting what they wanted and that they should work together. Greenlee snarled "Thanks for the heads up!" and stomped out the door.

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Greenlee was on the phone talking about tomorrow's Fusion Sexy Man Contest Winner announcement and how big the event would be while looking at a picture of herself with Juan Pablo that had "would you vote for me?" written on it and an article of Ryan inheriting millions from Alexander Cambias. Greenlee called Juan Pablo only getting voice mail, left a message saying that she was sorry that they had argued and to please call.

Kendall was on the phone with a radio station also discussing the contest. She asked the person on the phone why they wanted the men to have their shirts off when they were a radio station, then replied oh, I see, realizing that it was a joke. Then she asked "you want a personal interview with just me? Why?" Then she yelled that she didn't murder her husband and slammed the phone down.

Simone was moaning to herself about not being able to concentrate on the contest, saying to herself that she needs a man of her own. She started eating ice cream still complaining about how she needed a man, she laid back against her pillows and said "whipcream" sat up, picked up the phone and was about to dial when her phone rang. "Mia" answered Simone disappointed. Mia started stressing about the health club closing down because of busted pipes and the first photo shoot was scheduled and she didn't know what to do. Simone told her that it wasn't her problem and couldn't talk so she hung up on Mia. Simone dialed Tad's phone number but only got the answering machine. She hung up without leaving a message, down on herself for calling Tad so late saying that only desperate people would call someone so late. She fell back against her pillows, rolled over and turned off the light.

Greenlee's phone rang, when she answered hoping it would be Juan Pablo but to her disappointment it was Mia. Mia said that she was sorry for calling so late but they had a problem with the health club, before Mia could finish Greenlee told her they could worry about it in the morning and hung up on her.

Mia attempted to call Kendall as well. Kendall asked Mia what was wrong. Mia thanked her for asking and then went in on what was going on with the health club. But again Kendall told her that they would have to deal with it the next day and hung up on her. Mia couldn't believe no one wanted to listen leaving her to have an anxiety attack over the situation. Frustrated Mia got under the covers, tossing and turning.

With the song "Dream, Dream, Dream" playing in the background all four girls fell into dreamland.....

Mia's dream: In a boxing ring Mia opened her eyes to see Greenlee dressed up and playing the role of ring announcer. Kendall was "Mad Dog Mia's" coach while Simone was the girl in the bikini holding up the card to show what round they were in...first up to box, Ryan "Six-pack" Lavery. Greenlee made some announcement about Ryan sleeping with Liza and the bell rang. Mia didn't want to fight but Ryan egged her on so Mia asked why Ryan chose a ghost over her, then went in to punch him but she missed. Mia asked why Ryan was there and he had Simone pull off his glove, he said because I have all this now, holding a wad of money. She told Ryan she wasn't interested, he winked and then disappeared. Greenlee announced they next contestant, who was Edmund. She definitely didn't want to fight him, telling Greenlee that he shouldn't be there because he was married. Edmund asked Mia "then why are you still dreaming of me?" Mia went to take a swing at him and he disappeared. Next up was supposed to be Jake Martin but in his place was Carolyn, his wife. Mia asked why she was there. Carolyn said for her approval. That Jake didn't mean to hurt her and they would like her blessing. Mia went to swing at her and she disappeared. Next up Tad "the cad" Martin. Smiling his come hither smile Mia wondered why he was there. Tad said that the kiss on the beach was nothing and went in to kiss her but she belted him. Tad made some comment about being the only one getting hit in her dream. She hit him again and said she didn't want him. He finally disappeared and she screamed she didn't want any man. Juan Pablo appeared and told Mia that she needed to quit being so hard on herself. He told her she could have any man she wanted. Juan Pablo vanished and she said she gives up. A hand reached out for her, she looked up and said "Aidan." She jolted awake not believing the end of her dream.

Simone's dream: Simone woke up in Oz, dressed like Dorothy. On the yellow brick sidewalk was a two signs saying Fusion pointing in different direction. Simone saw a man, went up to ask him for directions, to her surprise it was Tad. She asked what he was doing there. He told her that it was her lucky day; not everyone got to see the Wizard. Simone said that she needed to find her way to Fusion. Tad started kissing Simone on the back of the neck, the lips. She told him that she needed to get to SOS for the contest but he kept on kissing her. Wicked Witch Liza appeared and told Simone to admit that she wanted something more than casual with Tad. Tad told Liza to get lost and Simone tried denying she wanted something more serious. Tad told Liza to go back to where she came from before a bucket of water falls on her. Liza looked above her, smirked then vanished. Tad sat Simone on his lap and they were kissing when Dr. Joe, Ruth and Jamie appeared. Ruth told Joe to take a picture of Simone and Tad. They doted on Simone welcoming her to the family. Joe said that they brought a pic nic and asked Simone if she could cook. Simone said no but they just went on doting on her. Ruth went to Simone and said she knew that Simone was lying when she said that she wanted something casual and asked when the wedding was. Jamie asked if would have to call her mom then walked up to kiss her, Tad pulled Jamie off Simone and Ruth went on about a wedding. Simone said she was trying to find SOS and then asked where Tad was. Jamie said when they started talking about a wedding Tad took off. Simone woke up and said to herself "keep it casual Simone or you'll lose Tad for sure."

Greenlee's dream: Greenlee was at SOS making a big announcement, welcoming everyone to her romantic event, she asked why she would say that, and then tried to correct herself, she told the dj to play the music but it was romantic music. She told them to stop playing the music so it abruptly stopped. Then she was wondering why she was wearing a the fancy "derby" hat, took it off then saw Juan Pablo on a horse. He jumped off walked over to her. She apologized for their argument and he told her she didn't need to apologize. He picked her up and put her on the horse. Then she flashed into a castle setting, dressed like Cinderella, when Juan Pablo came walking out to her. They started dancing and Juan Pablo said he wanted to make love to her. She agreed so he swept her up in his arms. As they were about to go inside Ryan called out to Greenlee so she yelled wait! Juan Pablo asked why she said to wait, when she looked around she didn't see anyone and she told him that she wanted to make love to him. She looked up at Juan Pablo then they kissed, when she opened her eyes it was Ryan holding her in his arms, she smiled then they kissed. She was smiling in her dream and said that was nice. She jerked awake not remembering her dream.

Kendall's dream: Kendall was at SOS making an announcement that she who was in charge of Fusion, Enchantment, and Chandler Enterprise, was pleased to announce the winner of the contest. Next thing Kendall sees is her Fusion sign being covered by "The White Knight Contest." She demanded to know what was going one. Simone and Mia dressed up like prudes in matching brown wool dress skirt outfits with their hair in a tight bun, said that the contest was for Kendall to choose her white knight. Kendall said they couldn't change the contest on her. They said they could. Next thing she appears in the Chandler boardroom where Greenlee was waiting for them. Kendall asked how she got there. The women told her that she had to chose her white knight that she did need saving because she was up on murder charges not to mention Ryan could take everything away from her. First up was Boyd who was loaded with charts on why she should choose him to be her white knight. Ryan came in saying he wasn't there for the white knight role but to get her to say he wins. She refused and he walked across the conference table to her sat down in front of her and said " you know you still love me." Aidan walked in and told Kendall that she had to choose him, he'd keep her from going to jail. An explosion happened behind a door, the door opens, a frozen Michael said that Kendall was already spoken for. She looked at him in horror, then where Aidan stood there was Michael holding on to her shoulder telling her that she was going straight to hell with him. She sat upright quickly looking around the room in horror.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Adam wondered to Mary about J.R.'s mysterious phone calls and Mary revealed that she had heard a female voice on the other end. Adam began a tirade about fortune hunting women and decided that he needed to protect his son. Just then he noticed Tad standing nearby listening and demanded that he leave or he would call security. Instead of exiting, Tad handed Adam the phone to follow through on his threat and then proceeded to tie him up in a chair. While he imprisoned Adam, Tad reminded him that he had promised to stay out of J.R.'s love life and to back off. J.R. appeared in the doorway next to an amused Mary and Adam stood to bombard him with requests for bonding time. Instead, J.R. headed out the door to Adam's disbelief with Jamie and Tad en route for the Fusion party. Mary tried to warn Adam to be subtler and allow her to try her hand at getting J.R. to talk, but Adam told her that he knew of her methods and to stay away from his son. Behind Adam, Opal entered the room and asked why Mary was there. Adam informed her that Mary was his guest and that Opal could see herself out. Instead, Mary and Opal exchanged insults and Opal warned her that if she were attempting to use Adam to hurt Erica she would not allow it to happen. Mary smiled smugly and the women continued to argue until they were entwined together in a traditional catfight. Suddenly Adam returned and angrily threw Opal out. He turned on Mary and decided that it was time she worked off some of the damages. He demanded she find out everything she could about the girl J.R. was talking to on the phone.

Aidan passed by Erica and stopped to ask her how she felt about all that Kendall had done. Erica admitted that she thought Kendall had done everything in order to hurt her, but Aidan interrupted her and said that on the contrary, Kendall had done everything for her out of a need for affection. He upset Erica by telling her that Kendall thought she hated her, but Erica adamantly stated that she didn't hate Kendall. Just then, Jackson showed up and made Erica stop talking so that she didn't falsely implicate herself. Aidan was dissatisfied with the answers he had received and left stating that he was only protecting Kendall and wouldn't let her take the wrap for something she didn't do. After he was gone, Jack stopped Erica from going to Kendall to explain that she didn't hate her after all. He told her that she needed to stay hostile and away from Kendall so that people didn't begin to question her for answers she didn't have. She angrily insisted that Jack only wanted to meet with her so that he could question her, but he explained that he simply missed her and wanted to spend time with her. He towed her off to the boathouse, which was decorated for a "Man of the Year" contest he had won. Jack turned on the music and he and Erica danced and then he pulled out all the stops and kissed her.

Ryan arrived at his apartment and heard a noise inside. He hurried to open the door, only to find cops searching everything he owned. He asked if they had a warrant and they provided their proof. They asked him for the evidence he claimed to have regarding the Cambias murder case, but Ryan told them that the only way he would tell what he knew was if they disclosed Michael's time of death. The cop yelled no deal, so Ryan stood to change his clothes. He told them they were welcome to stay, but that he was expected at the Fusion bash.

At the party, there was paparazzi everywhere as the ladies of Fusion excitedly entered the room. They posed for photos and worked their way toward the stage. Greenlee stormed into a side room and vented that Juan Pablo wasn't there and that she couldn't reach him by phone. Kendall told her to calm down, but Greenlee ranted that it was Kendall's fault that he wasn't there. As they began to argue more heatedly, Mia and Simone jumped in to break up the ensuing argument. Mia told them that it wasn't fair for them to fight over men that night because Fusion was about all of them, not just two of them. Kendall announced that she hated Ryan because he was trying to steal away everything that was hers. Simone reminded them that they needed to concentrate on the night and the celebration of their success and Greenlee and Kendall quickly made up. They all headed out to face the press, but Ryan broke in on their party. Greenlee angrily insisted that he wasn't getting the glory that night and Ryan told them that it was their night and he would watch from the floor. The girls stepped on stage to announce the winner of the "Face of Fusion" contest: Timothy! Outside, J.R. and Jamie arrived with Tad and headed into the party. Inside the club, Aidan pulled Ryan aside to talk. He asked Ryan to help him protect Kendall since she was covering for someone else. Ryan figured out that Kendall was protecting Erica and told Aidan that he was doing a great job watching out for Kendall all by himself. At the party, Jamie told J.R. that the girl he was with really liked him. J.R. seemed reluctant to talk about the girl and then his phone rang. Tad listened from behind while J.R. seemingly set up a date for the following night. Tad then went back outside to talk to Juan Pablo who informed him that the people who were after Carlos had just reentered the United States. Tad told him that he had to get out of town and that Carlos could not pick now to end his flight from these killers because it would endanger those close to him. Just then Greenlee came outside and apologized and hugged Juan Pablo.



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