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Nick learned that Michael had almost bribed Lauren. Lily sneaked out to visit Kevin. Kevin locked Colleen in the refrigerator at Gina's and began to light the place on fire. Ashley pretended that her baby was still alive.
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Monday, October 6, 2003

Victor and Nikki met in the living room before going off to work. Nikki asked Victor what Sharon had wanted to discuss at such a late hour the night before, and he told her he really didn't know. He said she had told him she'd had something urgent to discuss with him, but she'd ended up being vague and then just talking about the upcoming gala. Nikki told him she didn't think it was appropriate for Sharon to stop by so late just for that, and he agreed and said there was obviously something more on her mind.

After having their family breakfast, Nick asked Sharon why she'd tossed and turned much of the night and seemed so distracted. Before she could answer, he asked if it was because of the gala or because of Nikki. Sharon admitted that Nikki had been a handful, but she felt it was all under control. He questioned her about why she felt that way, but she was vague in her answer, citing luck as the reason.

After Nick left for the office, there was a knock on Sharon's door. It was Nikki. She asked Sharon what kind of games she was playing, but Sharon didn't answer. Sharon was only interested in antagonizing Nikki by giving her a list of responsibilities for the gala, which infuriated Nikki all the more. Sharon informed her it wouldn't be wise to be difficult, and when Nikki asked her what that meant, Sharon said Nikki already knew what it meant.

Nikki finally said that she knew Sharon had overheard something that should never be repeated. Sharon agreed and asked why she shouldn't repeat it. Nikki told her it would destroy her marriage. Sharon agreed again and told Nikki she wouldn't blame Victor if he dumped Nikki after finding out her secret. Hearing that, Nikki began to panic and cry.

Dru and Neil talked over coffee about Lily and how worried they were about her. As they were talking, she rushed out and told them she had to leave and didn't have time to talk with them. They agreed to pick Lily up from school early so they could all spend some family time together, hoping to open the lines of communication. Dru took a moment to look at Lily's school schedule and realized she wasn't due to school until the afternoon, and they wondered where she was rushing off to. They were both worried and could only speculate what was going on.

Sierra and Colleen were surprised to see Lily walk in and sit down with a smile on her face. She told them she was tired because the previous night, she had sneaked out and gone to Kevin's until 3:00 a.m. She went on to say that she was on her way back over to Kevin's for the entire day. She asked them cover for her if anyone asked. Her friends were appalled at her behavior. She got upset and left.

When Lily arrived at Kevin's, he was happy to see her and handed her a present. She opened the gift bag and found a sexy tiger-striped nightie. She looked very uncomfortable. Kevin told her what they had done before was just a preview of things to come. She told him the nightie wasn't her style and that it made her feel uncomfortable. He snapped at her to give it back and told her not to worry; he would never give her another present again.

Lily apologized and told Kevin she had a robe with her, and she could put it on. He sarcastically told her the robe wasn't exactly "hot." She explained that it would help not to have his aftershave on her clothes, so her mother wouldn't get suspicious. She also told him she had shampoo and a toothbrush so she wouldn't have to constantly take them with her.

Kevin immediately got mad and asked if Lily was trying to move in or something. He sarcastically asked if she wanted some closet space, as well. He told her he wasn't ready for her to leave her things over there, and she told him that fact was obvious. He suggested they just break up, since they were so off base with each other. She begged him not to leave her, saying it would never happen again.

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Dru saw Phyllis enjoying a coffee at Crimson Lights and decided to join her -- forcibly. They chatted about the gala, and Dru wondered who was taking Phyllis. Phyllis boasted that she and Jack would be going, as they had reunited completely. Dru didn't want the details but revealed that Jack had specifically mentioned that he would not be going to the gala. Dru couldn't believe Phyllis thought Jack would go to the ranch, considering how his family felt about Victor. Phyllis promised that he would be there, and Jack would accompany her.

Colleen and Sierra worried, since Lily had never returned to school. They figured she had spent the day at Kevin's and worried about their friend. Neil showed up looking for Lily. He was hoping to pick her up and had been waiting for over half an hour. He wondered if the girls knew where Lily might be. They claimed not to know. Later, they felt that it might be time to tell Neil and Dru what Lily had been up to. Lily was in way over her head, and her parents needed to step in.

Dru returned home, surprised that Lily wasn't back yet. Neil was worried about her, too. They once again thought that Lily was spending too much time on the Internet. Rather than take it away, which they knew was fruitless, Neil suggested a program that would allow them to monitor any and all things Lily did on her computer. They knew it was an invasion of her privacy and that she might never forgive them, but they couldn't take a chance that something awful might happen to her.

Before Dru and Neil decided what to do, the doorbell rang. It was Colleen and Sierra. They had something to tell Dru and Neil about Lily.

Lily and Kevin were hanging out in Kevin's apartment. He was still moody and manipulative of Lily, who wanted to spend time with him in public. She wanted him to meet her parents, but he was adamant about not wanting to. She eventually suggested going to the Newman Gala. That way, there would be no one-on-one pressure with her parents, and they wouldn't have to stay long. He said he would think about it.

At the ranch, Nikki was stunned that Sharon knew about Abby's paternity. Sharon admitted that it was true. She couldn't believe Nikki would keep that from her husband. Sharon said Nikki had to believe that Victor loved her. She accused Nikki of being selfish for keeping the secret.

Nikki desperately tried to keep Sharon quiet. Many lives would be destroyed by the secret if it got out. Sharon didn't think they would ever agree on it. Nikki begged her to keep quiet until after the gala. To ensure that, Sharon suggested Nikki do the tasks Sharon had earlier assigned her. Nikki stoically took the list and headed out.

Michael, waiting for Victor in Victor's office, got a call from one of the department stores he had bribed to make Safra a success. The man wanted more "incentive" to keep Safra up front. Michael refused. Nick walked in, overhearing the conversation. When Michael hung up, Nick demanded answers, but Michael stayed mum, as per Victor's orders.

Michael and Nick sparred until Michael told Nick to tell Victor that he had waited as long as possible but had needed to leave. When Victor arrived, he and Nick argued over Michael. Nick couldn't understand how Victor expected him to take over if he was kept in the dark about things. Victor told Nick to mind his business and leave. Later, Victor angrily placed a call, looking for Michael.

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Victor had some choice words for Michael about Nick overhearing Michael on the phone with one of the buyers who had been bribed for Safra shelf space. Michael assured him that Nick hadn't really heard anything; he was just guessing. Victor wanted an update on Victoria and "that chemist," and Michael assured him that nothing was going on between Victoria and Damon. However, if Victor wanted to be sure that Victoria didn't show up at the Arts Council gala on Damon's arm, he could give Michael permission to ask her. Victor told Michael it was a one-time deal, and he wasn't to start getting close to Victoria.

Damon called Victoria and told her that he'd been considering her invitation to escort her to the gala. As much as Victoria wanted to annoy her father, Damon couldn't, in good conscience, defy Victor's wishes in Victor's own home. Therefore, he was declining. Disgusted, Victoria hung up the phone then jumped in alarm when Nick walked into the tack house. Nick told her Michael's side of the conversation he'd overheard, insisting it was proof that Victor had done something underhanded in regard to the Safra and Tuvia launches.

Victoria finally agreed with Nick and told him to go ahead and look into it. Nick wanted her promise that she wouldn't get all sentimental about their father and leave Nick high and dry. He was determined to figure out what Michael was up to. At that moment, Michael arrived. Nick gave Victoria a meaningful look and left them alone.

Michael then extended his invitation to take Victoria to the gala. After a bit of verbal sparring and flirting, in which Michael declared that he was always going out on a limb for her, Victoria agreed to be his date. However, he wasn't to expect another kiss from her. Michael said that he realized she'd only kissed him in an attempt to extract information from him, but at least he'd gotten the kiss. He then left a smiling Victoria so they could both get ready for the big night.

Diane went to the lab to see what kind of architectural and design updating it could use. At first, Damon resisted her suggestion that the lab needed any improvements, but he finally agreed that it was a little outdated. Diane then asked him how he was getting along as a newcomer to Genoa City. She said sometimes people could be a little snobby, and she enjoyed annoying them. Damon said social climbing wasn't his thing.

When Diane mentioned the gala, Damon admitted that Victoria had asked him, but he'd turned her down. Diane decided it would be great for the two of them to go together. She was only going to get on the Newmans' nerves, and she'd love for him to be her escort. Damon agreed to be her date for the occasion.

At Gina's, Phyllis was trying to get Gina to help her with a plan for getting them both to the gala. Although Gina was the last person to want to help Phyllis, she did agree that she wanted to go. When Jack and John arrived after a summons from Gina, the two women sat down with them and had them test desserts. Both men finally demanded to know what was going on, and Phyllis began making her pitch. Jack adamantly refused, saying that if Phyllis wanted to attend, she could go alone. John agreed, saying he had no intention of going to Victor Newman's house. He'd be glad to write the Arts Council a big check.

Phyllis then changed tactics, saying she couldn't believe Jack was intimidated by Victor and was going to sit licking his wounds. Jack commented that she knew how to push all the right buttons, and he gave in. John was still holding strong until Phyllis reminded him that he was one of the few men who'd ever taken a swing at Victor and gotten away with it. Phyllis argued that they needed to prove to the business people of Genoa City that Jabot was not cowering from Victor. John finally agreed to escort Gina, and the two women high-fived each other.

Kevin went to work on Lily so that she'd stop asking him to meet her parents and go with her to the gala. He reminded her that her parents would never allow her to date anyone so much older than she was. He said if she brought their relationship into the open, her parents would forbid her to see him. Furthermore, he asked if she had forgotten all the ways her parents had hurt her. He was the only one she could count on, and he'd take her away from all the turmoil at home. Lily gave in, assuring Kevin that no one was more important to her than he was.

Neil and Dru were horrified to hear Sierra and Colleen's account of where, how, and with whom Lily had been spending her time. Not only had she ditched school, but she was lying to them about Kevin, who was actually much older than Lily -- in his twenties, in fact! Sierra told them what a creepy guy he was. Neil finally got Kevin's address from the two girls and stormed out of the apartment to get Lily. When he arrived there, Lily went down the fire escape so he wouldn't catch her there.

Neil confronted Kevin, who cowered from him, especially when Neil told him that if Kevin touched Neil's daughter, Neil would get him for statutory rape. Unfortunately, in telling Kevin that he knew about his secret relationship with Lily, Neil revealed that Lily's friends had told him. After Neil threatened him again and left, Kevin began furiously throwing things around his apartment.

Lily arrived home and found Sierra and Colleen with Dru. When she questioned why they were there, both girls apologized and said they'd only been looking out for her. They left, and Dru hit the roof, demanding to know the truth about Kevin. Lily continued to lie, saying that she'd ditched school to work on a school project at the library. Dru wasn't buying it, suspecting that Lily already knew Neil was confronting Kevin, and she sent Lily to her room to think things over.

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Drucilla was sick to death, waiting for Neil to return home. When he finally arrived, he told her that he had threatened Kevin to never lay a hand on his daughter again. Dru said she wished she could believe Lily's story that she had been at the library all day because the idea that Lily was having sex was too much for her. Neil said that their idea about tracking her instant messages on the Internet was a good plan. Suddenly, Neil remembered the Arts Council Gala. Although Dru didn't want to go because of the crisis with Lily, Neil convinced her to go alone to represent herself as a spokeswoman for Tuvia. Neil said he would stay at home and talk to Lily.

Nikki told Victor that she was afraid the gala would end up being a disaster. When Victor asked her what was bothering her, Nikki said she couldn't put her finger on it -- it was just everything they had been going through lately, including business and Victor being blamed for Ashley's accident. She said it was enough to drive anyone insane. Victor suggested they get away on vacation for a little peace. Nikki was ecstatic about the idea.

Kevin sat alone at Gina's, drinking and thinking about things that Colleen had said to him. "You're a scared little boy," he remembered, as her words cut into his angry head. He scrawled the word "bitch" on a napkin on the table.

When Brad arrived home with dinner, Ashley told him that she thought they were going to the gala. Brad was surprised that Ashley wanted to go, and she told him she had been looking forward to showing off her baby boy for weeks. Brad didn't understand that Ashley was actually delusional; in order to cope with her feelings, Ashley really believed that Robert was alive. When Ashley told Brad what a perfect and beautiful baby she had, he agreed that yes, Abby was a beautiful baby. But that was not who Ashley was talking about.

Raul was working at the boutique when Lauren showed up. Raul said he had been feeling weird about Brittany. He didn't know what to do with himself anymore. Lauren told him that if he wanted some excitement, maybe he should go with her to the gala. Raul wondered if people would think she was robbing the cradle, but then he decided that if they did, it would be the people's problem. Lauren said she would meet him back at the boutique in an hour so she could go and get ready.

Bobby showed up at the loft and asked Brittany how she was doing. Brittany told him that she was not feeling all that great. Bobby suggested that Brittany go to the gala with him. Brittany said she was not up to it, but Bobby told her that if she really wanted to be famous one day, she was going to have to learn to grin and bear it. Finally, Brittany agreed to go.

Sharon told Nick that she was very excited because the gala was going to be on television. Nick asked if there was anything else bothering her, because his dad had hinted to him that there was. Sharon denied there being anything besides the pressure of making sure the gala ran smoothly. Nick confided in Sharon, telling her that he thought he had found out some crucial evidence that Victor was guilty of manipulating sales.

Sharon told Nick to lay off because Nick was becoming bitter. She said that Victor was really a good man that everyone had been treating badly. Nick said he could only go by Victor's track record. Nick said that when Nick had been a boy, Victor had never there for him; he had sent Nick away to a boarding school, and his parents had been divorced when Nick had been born. Nick mentioned Victor Jr., whom Victor hardly ever mentioned. Sharon seemed to consider some of Nick's words.

Colleen told J.T. that she and Sierra had told Lily's parents about Kevin. J.T. said he was happy that Kevin would finally be out of their lives. When J.T. asked Colleen what she wanted to do that night, she said she had two tickets to the gala. J.T. didn't seem too enthused to go, but Colleen persuaded him in the end. They agreed to meet at the boutique in an hour.

John showed up at Gina's, and Gina told him she was going to close up early to get ready for the gala. When Gina asked John if Colleen would be going, Kevin overheard the information. When Gina and John left, they told the bartender to close up. Kevin hid and waited for everyone to leave. When he was alone at Gina's, he stole more alcohol from the bar and called over to the coffeehouse to ask if Colleen was there. Kevin told Cody that her grandfather wanted Colleen to meet him at Gina's.

When Colleen showed up at Gina's, looking for her grandfather, she called out in the dark, but nobody answered. A door opened slowly, and as she opened it and went inside, Kevin grabbed her and pushed her all the way in. He locked her in as she screamed for help.

Friday, October 10, 2003

by Citrine and Nel

J.T. couldn't understand why Colleen wasn't at the boutique, where they had arranged to meet. He called Cody to see whether she might be at Crimson Lights, but Cody told him that Colleen had left earlier. Cody suggested that Colleen might be at Gina's. J.T. asked why Colleen would go to Gina's. Cody believed it had been John's assistant that had called and told Colleen that her grandfather wanted to meet her at the restaurant.

At Gina's, Kevin was in a rage. He'd locked Colleen in the cooler in Gina's kitchen, and in an agitated mood, he paced. He accused Colleen of telling Lily lies about him. In anger, Kevin began smashing everything in the kitchen. His anger bought him into the dining room, where he found a box of liquor. He started dousing the dining room and the kitchen areas with alcohol, and he drank some of the alcohol in the process. He cursed Colleen because she'd told Neil where he was. It had resulted in Neil gunning for him and accusing him of being some sort of pervert who'd been messing with Neil's little girl.

A little drunk on power and booze, Kevin poured alcohol over the cooler door and vowed that it was time to make Colleen pay. He muttered that Colleen was probably getting cold, but things would get a lot warmer momentarily. Inside the cooler, Colleen sank to the floor in tears, unaware of what Kevin had done in the dining room and kitchen.

At home, Lily disapproved of Neil's decision to allow Dru to attend the gala without him. Neil said he'd done that because he wanted the truth about her and Kevin. He asked if Lily had spent the day with Kevin in his apartment. When Lily didn't reply, Neil admitted he knew that she'd spent the day at the library.

Lily was convinced that she'd never be allowed to be left alone again after what Colleen had done. Neil informed Lily that Colleen and Sierra had told him about Lily's involvement with Kevin because they had been worried about her. He said that Kevin was dangerously close to being prosecuted for statutory rape. Lily became alarmed and begged Neil not to call the police.

Lily suddenly realized that she'd revealed too much, and she assured Neil that she and Kevin hadn't done anything. Lily claimed that Neil had judged Kevin without getting to know him. Neil wanted to know why Kevin had been in a teen chat room. He said that a man in his twenties had no business hitting on girls in a teen chat room. Lily retorted that Kevin was the only one who cared about her or understood how she felt. Again, Neil reiterated that Lily's friends cared, and so did he and Dru.

Neil said that Kevin was very dangerous, and she'd better wake up and smell the coffee. Lily retorted that Neil was wrong. Neil said that Kevin wanted her to believe that he was the only one who cared about her, and he had Lily distancing herself from her friends and family. Neil stated that Kevin had lied to her.

Neil told Lily that he and Dru loved her and wanted to protect her from predators like Kevin. Neil asked if Lily couldn't see that Kevin had been separating her from everyone who cared about her and making her feel like he was all she had. Neil said that was Kevin's way of taking advantage of her. He asked if Lily knew how old Kevin was.

Neil reminded Lily that there were laws in their country to protect her and people like her from the likes of Kevin, but Lily insisted that Kevin hadn't done anything to her. Neil stated that he would ensure that Kevin wouldn't be able to get anywhere near her. Lily yelled that Neil didn't care about her, and she stormed off to her room in tears.

At the Arts Counsel Gala venue, Sharon and Nikki argued whether Victor had a right to know about Abby's paternity just as Victor walked in. Victor demanded that Sharon and Nikki stop arguing. He stated that the evening would be tense enough, especially if the Abbotts arrived. He stated that he wouldn't tolerate any more of their bickering.

Cassie introduced Adam to Nick and Sharon. After the introduction, Cassie and Adam left for the stables to listen to cooler music. Nick said he'd check on them later, but Cassie protested and said there was no need to do that.

Jack and Phyllis were the first to arrive, and Sharon complimented Phyllis on her beautiful dress. Nick told Jack that they needed to talk about Victor and Michael. Jack told Nick to name the time and place, and he would be there.

Michael arrived with Victoria as his date. Nick could barely be civil to Michael. Sharon warned Nick not to start anything. Victoria looked at Sharon with distaste, calling her the matron of the manor. Sharon corrected her and stated that she was certain that Victoria meant mistress of the manor. Victoria said "whatever," and she walked away with Michael.

Dru arrived alone. Sharon saw that Dru was wearing the same dress as Phyllis. Sharon giggled and told Nick that things would get interesting when Phyllis and Dru saw each other.

Damon arrived with Diane Jenkins as his date.

Michael was aware that Victoria wasn't having a very good time and tried to flirt with her, but her mood was sour.

A short time later, Sharon saw Nikki and Victor being interviewed for the television show called Extra. Dayna had just asked Nikki how she had been able to organize such an event, especially with Nikki's busy schedule, when Sharon stepped in front of the camera, introduced herself as the gala organizer, and said she'd be happy to answer any questions. Nikki glared at Sharon. Victor thanked Dayna for the interview, and he and a chagrinned Nikki walked away.

Fredrick and Anita Hodges had been admiring the decorations when Brittany arrived with Bobby. Anita wondered who the handsome man was with their daughter. Frederick informed her that it was Bobby Marsino, the owner of the club where their daughter was a stripper. Brittany introduced Bobby to her parents. Bobby received a less than warm welcome. Brittany told her parents that it would be better if they went their separate ways for the evening.

Brittany and Bobby walked into another room, and they found themselves face to face with Raul and Lauren. Raul couldn't believe Brittany had taken Bobby as her date. Brittany was equally outraged that Raul had brought Lauren as his date. Bobby said that Brittany and Raul obviously needed to talk, but it wasn't the time or place. He led Brittany away. Lauren looked at Raul sympathetically as he watched Brittany and Bobby leave.

Nick joined Lauren, who apologized for being unable to give Safra better shelf space in her stores. She explained that she had an existing relationship with Tuvia. She hoped Nick understood. Lauren stated that she'd been surprised to discover that Michael had been promoting cosmetics for women of color and that he'd stopped short of bribing her while attempting to pressure her for better shelf space for the Newman line. Nick realized that Michael had been bribing retailers for better shelf space. Nick finally had the answer he'd been looking for.

When Dru and Phyllis ran into each other, they were both appalled to see they were wearing the same Forrester Original design. Several people including Jack, Nick, Gina, and Sharon watched in amusement as Phyllis and Dru threw their wineglasses in a potted plant. Moments later, Dru complained to Damon about Phyllis wearing the same dress, and she wondered where Phyllis had managed to get the knock-off of the Forrester design. Dru stated that her dress had been very expensive, implying that Phyllis couldn't afford the real thing. Dru asked Damon to get her a glass of water and some aspirin.

Phyllis watched Diane in distaste, and Phyllis warned Diane that she'd better be nice to Phyllis, because when Victor destroyed Jabot, Diane would need to know someone with a job. Diane claimed she wasn't worried because she had faith in Jack.

Phyllis cattily asked if Diane had hired someone from an escort service to take her to the gala. At that moment, Damon joined them, and Diane asked him if he'd ever worked for an escort service. Damon laughed and said not that he could recall. He asked Diane to give him a moment alone with Phyllis, but before the two of them could talk, Victoria joined them and asked Phyllis for a private moment with Damon. Alone with Damon, Victoria said she was surprised to see him with Diane. Damon tried to be civil, but Victoria had started to walked away.

Jack and John were disgruntled when Jack, John, Phyllis, and Gina walked into a room and saw Victor. Victor thanked them for putting their differences aside for a worthy cause. John bitterly reminded him that the Arts Council Gala had always been one of Ashley's favorite events. John said that Victor had known that Ashley couldn't be there because of everything she'd been put through, thanks to Victor. Victor ignored the barb and said that he hoped they could all be civil for the evening. As Victor walked away, Jack had to restrain John from going after Victor.

Meanwhile, after Sharon's victorious moment with Dayna Devon of Extra, Sharon was surprised when Agnes told her about the lack of food. Agnes pointed out that everyone had been drinking for a while, and there was no food. Sharon was thrown into a panic. She found Laird Worthington, who assured her that everything was going smoothly.

After Nikki had made a couple of snide comments to Sharon, she watched from a distance as Laird told Sharon that they had a crisis. The caterer's truck had been in an accident, but no one had been hurt. Sharon suggested that they transfer the food onto another truck, but Laird said the accident had been severe, and the food was road kill. They had nothing to serve their guests. He walked away, and Sharon looked stricken as Nikki watched.

At home, Brad had warmed up some leftover Chinese takeout in an attempt to cheer up Ashley. As Brad and Ashley talked, Ashley daydreamed about cradling little Robert in her arms. Brad told Ashley how worried he was about her, and he said she might need professional help. Ashley firmly assured him she didn't need any help because little Robert was perfect and beautiful. She had wanted to give Brad a son.

Brad was aghast when he discovered that, while in hospital, Ashley had gone down to the morgue to see Robert after Brad had dozed off. Ashley said Robert was a beautiful baby, and Brad agreed. He said that any child of Ashley's would be beautiful, but he'd been thinking that perhaps when Ashley felt better, they could discuss adoption. Ashley told him they didn't need to adopt a child because their family was perfect as it was.

Brad missed Ashley's implication. He didn't realize that, in Ashley's mind, Robert was still very much alive. When he went to the kitchen, Ashley picked up the blanket she'd made for Robert and walked out the front door in her robe, cradling the blanket as if it were an infant.

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