One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 6, 2003 on OLTL

Gabrielle broke off her engagement to Bo. Kevin encouraged Viki to move on with her life. Kelly's half-brother Paul arrived in town. Jen discovered that she was pregnant. Jessica found a suicide letter that Keri had written.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 6, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, October 6

Blair agrees to marry Walker immediately, but Joey refuses to perform the ceremony so hastily. Blair decides to wait two weeks to marry Walker and Joey agrees to perform the ceremony then.

Kevin tells Elyssa that her services are no longer needed. Kevin gives Elyssa's file on Walker to Blair. Antonio and Jessica take Bernie to speak with Daniel, who doesn't believe their story.

Daniel revokes Antonio's bail and orders him jailed for leaving the jurisdiction when he went to Atlantic City to find Bernie.

Jen discovers she's a pregnant. Rex realizes that Jen is pregnant and claims that a baby will ruin her life. Rex gives Jen the name of a doctor who performs abortions, but Jen can't bring herself to make the phone call.

David charms Lindsay into going into partnership with him. Rex is suspicious of David.

Nigel and Roxy agree that they are good friends.

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

While Walker tells Luna's statue that Blair is going to marry him, Viki walks up and interrupts. Walker gleefully hugs a surprised Viki, saying, "She said yes." He explains that Blair has agreed to marry him. She tells him that she misses Todd and Ben as well. He suggests that she might want to get on with her life, as she encouraged Blair to do.

River confronts Carlotta about Adriana's whereabouts. She won't tell him anything. He vows to find Adriana on his own.

Kevin tries to give Blair the file on Walker, but she angrily refuses. He leaves it on the table and leaves the house. After a while, Blair cannot resist and begins reading the file. In it, she finds a photo of Flynn (who she believes is Walker) taken just a few days before. Walker arrives, and in tears, she tells him he will either explain the file and why he is lying to her, or he will get out of her life.

Natalie meets John at the Palace for dinner, without Cris. She tells John she'll go along with the plans his company has for her, but he needs to be straight with her. She is not romantically interested in him. He agrees. When she's gone, he speaks to Flynn, who asks whether John has Natalie "in his pocket." He replies that soon he will have her under control, and she'll do whatever they tell her to.

At the police station, Nora offers Marcie comfort and friendship. Marcie receives a prank call from someone claiming to be the Voice of the Night. It sounds like Al. The person laughs, calls her "Fatso," and hangs up. Bo puts a trace on the call, just as Gabrielle arrives and overhears what happened. Later it turns out the call came from Indiana, where Madison lives. Bo vows to find the person who made the call.

Gabrielle gives Marcie some photos of Al as a little boy. She asks if Marcie will help her clean out Al's room in a couple of days, and Marcie agrees.

Alone with Gabrielle in his office, Bo attempts to comfort Gabrielle. She breaks off their engagement, despite Bo's protests that he can help her through the loss of Al. She tearfully returns his ring. Nora sees Gabrielle leave, and then watches an obviously upset Bo leave a few minutes later. Later she takes him a hamburger in Angel Square.

Marcie runs into Ron at Luna's statue. She tells him about the phone call. The two of them yell about how unfair Al's death is, asking Luna's statue why such a thing is allowed to happen. Ron is apartment hunting and asks Marcie to go with him. They end up at Foxy Roxy's, where Nigel and Roxy have given each other makeovers. Nigel looks like a 1979 Sex Pistols fan, and Roxy looks like a glamorous 1940's actress. Ron agrees to rent the apartment, to the delight of a very smitten Roxy.

Kevin overhears Viki on the phone with Ben's doctor. When she hangs up, he asks about Ben's prospects for recvovery. She replies that he will never wake up. Kevin encourages her to move on with her life.

Natalie admits to Viki that she fears her wedding with Cris will never happen. Viki encourages Natalie to love Cris and get on with their lives, even if they can't get married right away. Viki later agrees to go to the gala with the governor as her escort.

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Blair demands that Walker tell her the truth about his life or she'll have to take drastic measures. He tries to dodge the bullet by placing the entire fault at Kevin's feet and they begin to argue over Buchanan. Agreeing that he's not really the point, Walker goes over a few select items in the file and tells her that lots of it is made up. He wonders if she's willing to throw everything away and successfully bluffs by offering to go over every single page. Suggesting that they throw the file into the fireplace, Blair grabs it and does just that. Asking her to marry him again, Walker states that he'll wait at the Palace for her answer. He hopes she won't make a mistake and let Kevin ruin their future.

Hanging out with his mother, Kevin tells her he's pleased that she's decided to accept the governor's offer to escort her to the benefit. Viki wonders why he's avoiding going home but Kevin tells her that he and Kelly are just very busy. He also takes offense to her suggestion that he's trying to prove something to Joey with their pursuit of adoption or that he has something going with Blair. He just wants to have a family and he and Blair are merely attracted to each other. He'd never cheat on Kelly, he assures Viki, as he knows how it feels. Quickly, he covers up but expresses anger over Walker giving Viki such false information. He invites Viki to dinner but she declines. She's decided that she has to visit with Ben.

Kelly receives a message from Kevin that he'll be late. Disappointed again, she heads out to walk and clear her head.

R.J. has an envelope addressed to him from Keri. Just as he is about to read it, he receives a visit from Max. The men share sympathies with each other and talk about their children. R.J. tells him that Carlotta is trying to see their grandchild and if Antonio is set free, he will run away with Jamie. Max tries to reason with him.

At the police station, an anticipated lie detector test for Antonio is postponed. He manages to get Nora to agree to let him call Jessica, since he hasn't heard from her and he's concerned. As Antonio attempts to reach her, she is meeting with a stranger in Angel Square. She pays him for a set of lock picks but as he shows her how to use them, Joey spots them. The man takes off after thanking Jess for directions. When the call comes through from Antonio, she feigns a bad connection and hangs up, leaving him to reach her voice mail when he tries again. She departs quickly when her brother tries to have a conversation with her. When he sees Kelly, he does manage to engage her in a chat. She's having difficulty because of all the stress she's been under lately and she's also worried about being crazy like her mother, she admits. Joey tries to lighten the moment by telling her she was crazy when she left him. She retorts back that it was the best thing she did for him. They reminisce about the "old" Kelly and when she receives a call from Kevin, she turns off the phone.

Attempting to stall Daniel when she's allowing Antonio use of the phone in Bo's office, proves to be a difficult task for Nora. Antonio though, manages to conceal the truth by saying that he was on the phone with his lawyer regarding the lie detector test. The men have it out with Antonio accusing Daniel of just wanting to win the election. When Antonio is taken back to his cell, Nora heads to Angel Square to speak to Bernie. She tells him she wants to talk about Keri and tells the homeless man how close she was to the young woman. Finally, Bernie admits to lying. He only wanted to sleep in a bed, he whines to her. The girl fell and the dark man came and took a letter and the gold chain out of her pocket. He took the chain and placed it in the dead girl's hand.

Jess successfully picks the lock to R.J.'s apartment and begins to take a look around. She finds the letter that he started to read earlier when he was interrupted. Returning from the store, R.J. is quickly able to determine that someone has been in the apartment while Jess continues to hide. Suddenly, she stands and confronts the man. An angered R.J. tosses her out and when Nora appears, she runs. Nora is there to tell R.J. that she knows how Keri died; that R.J. will be guilty of perjury at the least if he continues on his path to destroy Antonio, and he will end up losing Jamie if he goes to jail.

While Walker waits at the bar in the Palace, he spots Elyssa, the private eye. Grabbing her and pulling her to a table, he gives her an ultimatum; she must tell him everything that she told Kevin and stop following him or he'll kill her. She knows that the real Walker is in Las Vegas but she claims to have never spotted him. Furthermore, she has proof that he's a fraud. Later, noticing Kevin's entrance, Walker shoves him roughly into the bar as Kelly looks on unseen.

Max pays a visit to Blair where he talks about Al and she consoles him. He puts himself down but Blair informs him that he was Al's hero. Max believes the opposite to be true; Al was his hero. Blair tries to impart the fact that Max is a good man and she will always be there to remind him. When Max leaves, she calls the Palace and learns that Walker is there.

Viki looks in on Ben and "tells him" that she would give anything to get him back. He once showed her how to get her life back and it's again time.

Jess has Keri's letter with her and as she reads it, everything becomes apparent. It appears to be a suicide note.

Thursday, October 9, 2003

After winning another tournament, Natalie discusses her future with Cristian. Realizing how much her relationship with John bothers him, Natalie tries to back out of her contract, but John threatens her.

Renee breaks up a confrontation between Kevin and Walker. After watching the fight between Walker and her husband, Kelly goes home and takes some of the sleeping pills prescribed to her. When Kevin gets home later, she tells him that she witnessed the altercation and blames his attraction to Blair for their problems.

Later, Blair informs Kevin that she still intends to marry Walker, despite his investigation. At the penthouse, Blair questions Walker about his scars, which he attributes to a car accident.

At the hospital, Viki says goodbye to Ben, insisting that if it were her in the coma, she would want him to get on with his life. When leaving, she runs into the governor, who convinces her to have dinner with him. While at the Palace, Dorian asks Viki what Ben would think if her dating another man.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Joey sees Jennifer at the hospital. After a brief conversation, Jen realizes that she's making a mistake and changes her mind about the abortion. At the park, Rex again taunts Jen about the changes her life is going to take with the baby. Jen tries to blow him off, but she decides to go with him for one last motorcycle ride when she can't get Joey to agree to see her. Later, Jen starts having abdominal cramps and Rex rushes her to the hospital.

Dorian questions Kelly's happiness. When she insists that she is happy, Kelly wonders if Dorian is suffering from Empty Nest Syndrome as Blair prepares to move in with Walker. To prove to her niece that she is fine, Dorian assists Blair in packing, becoming enraged when she spots a picture of Viki and the governor on the front page of the society section of the Banner. When Kelly spots the picture of Flynn, she apologizes to Blair for Kevin prying into Walker's life. As Blair looks at the picture she begins to doubt Walker's story and places a call to Vegas. When Kelly's half-brother shows up looking for her, she leaves without giving him a chance.

Nora and Bo give the evidence to Daniel to prove that R.J. set up Antonio, but he refuses to drop the charges. Antonio realizes that Jessica stole the letter out of R.J.'s apartment and informs her that Nora won't be able to use it to help him without getting Jess in trouble. At Nora's, R.J. demands that Nora give him the letter back, but Nora states that she is going to use it to put him in prison if he doesn't confess. At the police station, as Antonio is getting ready to be shipped to lockup, R.J. shows up to make a statement.

Lindsay and David make plans for the gallery and she warns him not to deceive her. To get the money, he tells Dorian to write him a check or he will turn her in for insurance fraud.

Flash wonders if Reilly is still drug free.

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