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Passions Recaps: The week of October 6, 2003 on PS
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Monday, October 6, 2003

Tabitha tells Kay she can't help her get Miguel with black magic. Tabitha shows Kay Sheridan drowning in the ocean. Kay tries to leave and go tell Luis, but the doors are lock and the phone is dead. Tabitha tells Kay to eliminate the competition like Beth did Sheridan to get Miguel. Tabitha tells Kay she should kill Charity. Endora pours milk on Kay while she is holding her.

Latoya attacks Whitney. Latoya hits Fox when he tries to get her off of Whitney. Puff Dogg comes in to stop Chad from breaking up the fight. Puff Dogg knocks-out Fox. Fox wakes up and takes the knife from Latoya. Chad struggles to get away from Puff Dogg. Latoya tells Whit Chad is her husband.

Ethan goes to the Chapel to make a decision. Theresa calls Pilar to talk Little Ethan, and then Theresa tells Pilar everything. Pilar tells Theresa that this is all her fault. Ethan asks God for forgiveness. He wants Gwen and their baby to live and wants himself to die instead. Ethan reminisces about his past and future with Gwen. Pilar warns Theresa that she will have live with guilt for the rest of her life. Theresa tells Gwen she will help raise her and Ethan's baby while she is unconscious. Ethan has made his decision.

Charlie goes in the room to kill Luis when Mrs. Wallace trips her. Beth gets nervous when Luis tells her that he found a piece of Sheridan clothing. Beth goes into pain to stop Luis from leaving. Luis tells Beth he has to return to the search. She tells Luis she needs him with her, so he calls Pilar to stay with her until he returns. Pilar arrives at Mrs. Wallace's house. Luis gets a phone call about the search. The coast guard has call off the search. Pilar tells Luis to take with his baby and let Hank and Antonio will handle it. He says Sheridan needs him, too.

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Ethan tells Dr. A to save Gwen. Gwen and the baby condition have worsened. Theresa tells Ethan she will help him raise the baby, if he chooses the baby instead. Ethan calls Theresa a monster because she will find a way to rejoice over this tragic situation.

Pilar tells Luis to take care of Beth and their son. Beth apologizes for asking him to stay. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth and Charlie to run because Luis is going to find Sheridan. Luis dives in the water. Mrs. Wallace warns Beth and Charlie they should worry about Luis finding Sheridan. Luis finds Sheridan floating in the water. Death comes for Sheridan.

Charity figures out that her premonition is about Sheridan. Charity and Miguel goes to try to find Luis to tell him about Sheridan. Charlie and Beth get scared when Charity tells Luis everything about Sheridan being in the water.

Whitney refuses to believe Chad is married to Latoya. Chad tells Whitney that Latoya is his wife. Latoya tells Whitney they are still legally married. Fox gets happy about the news. Latoya says she didn't go through with the divorce. Whitney runs out and Fox follows her. Fox tells Whitney he is there for her.

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Despite interference from nature and man, Luis is able to pull an unconscious Sheridan out of the water and onto the boat. However, Charity must plead with Death to leave Sheridan alone.

Ethan deals with a horrible loss. Theresa fends off evil stares from a disgusted hospital staff.

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Gwen begins to recover and asks to see Ethan. The doctors don't tell Gwen that she lost the baby and this terrible task is left to Ethan. When Gwen begins to ask about their baby, Ethan has to deliver devastating news. He chose to save her over their baby.

Latoya corners Chad and pulls him into a steamy kiss. Chad is so upset that he angrily pushes her away. Latoya thinks Chad is kidding himself. There is still passion between them even if he can't bring himself to admit it, yet. Whitney leans on Fox while dealing with the news about Chad and Latoya's affair. Later, we see that Latoya has no intention of letting Chad get away from her again. While Fox tells Chad about the baby's death, Whitney tells Theresa to leave the hospital so that Ethan and Gwen can have their space.

Luis finds out that Sheridan has already given birth, and once he's assured that Sheridan is fine, he sets out to find his and Sheridan's missing baby. He waits for a chance to speak with Sheridan, without arousing Antonio's suspicions about their true relationship. Antonio is speechless when Sheridan calls out for Luis. Meanwhile, Charity encounters Death again. Death tells her that Sheridan's baby is alive; it's another baby who's died.

At home, a deranged Beth holds on tight to Sheridan's baby telling herself that the baby belongs to her. Charlie is set on skipping town. Beth fantasizes about killing Charlie so that she's free to pursue a fairy-tale ending with Luis.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Ivy is still working to split up Sam and Grace so she can have Sam all to herself. She pressures David to carry out his end of their bargain by seducing Grace, threatening to tell John the truth about his father if David doesn't comply. However, Sam realizes he has to make a big move to get Grace's attention. He professes his love and desire to make things right between them. This puts a damper on David's seduction moves.

Antonio is taken aback when a semi-conscious Sheridan calls out for Luis, instead of for him. Beth goes into a frenzy as the police close in on her and begin a wild search for Sheridan's baby. She starts to panic as the officers ask for a DNA sample from "her" baby. Charity is concerned that Death will take the lives of those she cares about. While Eve works to save Sheridan, Charity reports Death's presence to Luis, who calls for Death to take him instead of Sheridan. Death decides to take them both.

Ethan tries to tell Gwen it's all for the best and that he couldn't let her die. He does his best to be a source of comfort to Gwen, but she seems to be pulling away from him. Gwen has trouble remembering the details of what's happened. The doctor advises Ethan to keep Gwen calm. Whitney does her best to keep Theresa away and to stop her from making a bad situation worse, but Theresa wants to explain her side of the story. When Whitney is elsewhere, Theresa goes to check out what's happening with Ethan and Gwen. Gwen sees Theresa and tells Ethan that she now remembers everything.

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