General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 6, 2003 on GH

"Lily" warned Sonny that Carly and her unborn baby are in danger -- and that it is all his fault. Jason discovered "Lily's" footprints, leading him to believe that she's not a ghost, after all. Zander learned that Nikolas filed for divorce. Ric forced Scott to name him Assistant District Attorney. In France, Courtney accepted Jason's marriage proposal.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 6, 2003 on GH
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Monday, October 6, 2003


Sonny freaks when "Lily" warns him that something is about to happen to Carly and their unborn baby and he is to blame. Marcella starts to feel badly for her part in Alcazar's scheme to manipulate Sonny into leaving Carly. Jason discovers "Lily's" footprints, causing him to believe that she's not the ghostly vision Sonny has made her out to be.

Luke hands Stefan over to Mac after he finds him guilty of murder at his "trial." Thanks to Ric's know-how, Stefan is released on bail, but is immediately told by Nikolas that he never wants to see him again. Cappelli goes to Wyndemere determined to kill Stefan, who escapes when a fire erupts.

Jax and Sam are shipwrecked on a deserted island. Stranded and with only each other to rely on, they agree to call a truce, albeit temporary. He knows he can't turn his back for one second around her when he catches her trying to steal the one playing card that he holds.

Tuesday, October 7, 2003


Jason tells Sonny about the footprints he found by Lily's grave, making Sonny lash out at him when he suggests that the ghost haunting him isn't real. Bobbie throws a party for Carly and Sonny, but her daughter arrives alone. At the same time, Sonny has another "Lily" spotting at the cemetery and he asks her what he can do to keep Carly and their baby safe.

On the island, Sam finds herself being harassed by two unruly surfers. As Jax listens unseen, he overhears the guys are also after Dead Man's Hand and, in particular, the Jack of diamonds that Jax holds. Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, AJ is revealed to be the mastermind behind the menacing dudes.

Zander admits to Emily that while she was in California, he and Carly came very close to having a close encounter of the intimate kind. Scared to death that Dillon is in danger, Georgie tells Ned that Dillon is now working for Alcazar. After Stefan is brought to GH and treated for burns to his face, Luke attempts to murder him, but is stopped by Bobbie.

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

On the deserted island, Samantha plays dumb when the two menacing surfers demand to have the Jack of Diamond from the Dead Man's Hand. Samantha spots Jax in the bushes, flashing the card, and sends the surfers after Jax! However, Samantha is shocked when she hears a shot and the surfers return to report that they just shot Sam's "boyfriend," and Jax plunged over a cliff, to his death! Samantha angrily blasts the two men because they managed to insure that they would NEVER get the card that Jax held! Samantha berates the surfers for gunning down an innocent man, all for one crummy card! Sam declares that she believes that Jax was a true hero, who only wanted the card to take back to a dying man and would probably have given the men whatever money they were expecting to get by stealing the card. But Samantha realizes that she might need to fight for her life when the surfers turn their attention to her. As Samantha fights the men off, Jax suddenly materializes from the bushes and knocks the two attackers out. Samantha becomes angry when Jax makes it clear that he was listening to her tirade as Samantha blasted the surfers for shooting 'a hero!' When the surfers regain consciousness, Jax quizzes them about the boss who was paying them to steal the card and learns that the two men were hired by someone calling from an area code near Port Charles! However, as Jax begins to untie the surfers so they can fend for themselves on the island after Jax and Sam leave, Sam grabs the surfers' gun and announces that she plans to leave Jax stranded on the island WITH the surfers, while Samantha takes the boat that the surfers used to get to the island! Jax protests that Samantha NEEDS Jax's help, but Sam flashes the card ~ showing that the Jack of Diamonds is now in Sam's possession ~ and insists that she no longer needs any help from Jax! After firing a warning shot at Jax, Samantha skips out into the bushes, in a hurry to board the surfers' boat!

At the Hospital, as Scott declares that he intends to arrest Luke for attempted murder after Luke mistakenly tries to strangle Scott while Scott is in Stefan's bed, Officer Andy Cappelli arrives and announces that Stefan has escaped from his police escort! Luke announces that it is open season on Stefan, now that Stefan is a fugitive ~ and Luke leaves the Hospital. Meanwhile, Stefan, wearing a mask to conceal his burned face, rifles through Nikolas's desk at Wyndemere. But, when Nikolas suddenly arrives, Stefan hides in the tunnels. When Nikolas realizes that his desk has been rifled, Nikolas begins to investigate, but is interrupted by Lydia. Lydia makes another plea for Nikolas to consummate their marriage and make it possible for them to claim Lydia's inheritance. But Nikolas coldly informs Lydia that he wants NO part of ANY of his uncle's plans for his life ~ and that includes Nikolas' marriage to Lydia! After Nikolas leaves, Stefan materializes from the shadows, grabs Lydia and hustles Lydia into the tunnels. Shortly afterward, Luke arrives in the library with a blazing torch and begins dousing everything with alcohol. When Nikolas surprises Luke before Luke can set fire to Wyndemere, Nikolas points out that a lot of innocent people, such as Lydia and the Cassadine family servants, COULD be hurt by Luke's fire. As Luke tries to defend his rationale for burning Wyndemere to the ground, Nikolas's guards suddenly show up and hustle Luke off the premises. In the meantime, in the tunnels, Stefan shocks Lydia by bluntly announcing that Nikolas is NOT the ONLY Cassadine capable of producing a Cassadine heir and suggests that Lydia hit the sheets with Stefan. As Stefan argues that Nikolas would NEVER abandon a child who was a blood relative, even Stefan's offspring, and that Lydia COULD have a child, her fortune AND respect and possibly even affection from Nikolas, Lydia angrily rejects Stefan's latest plan. Lydia hastily returns to the library and tries to tell Nikolas about her recent encounter with Stefan. But Nikolas refuses to listen to Lydia and walks away. Meanwhile, Stefan continues to watch from the shadows of the tunnels.

At Carly's shower at Luke's Place, Carly tries to apologize for Sonny's absence and Mike announces that Courtney and Jason have gone to the French countryside to be married and enjoy a romantic honeymoon. Emily becomes annoyed when Zander suddenly gets a cell-phone call and makes plans to leave. Meanwhile, at the cemetery, Sonny becomes alarmed when the "Lily" imposter hints that Carly is in danger from Sonny's enemies ~ just as Lily and her unborn baby had ALSO been in danger from Sonny's enemies! Sonny leaps to the conclusion that Carly is in mortal danger at Luke's Place and rushes out of the cemetery. In the meantime, Faith slips in to Luke's Place and keeps Alcazar informed via cell~phone. After Sonny leaves the cemetery, Fake Lily complains to Alcazar that their plan is NOT working! But, when Lorenzo learns that Sonny rushed out to 'rescue' Carly at Luke's Place, Lorenzo proclaims that his plan is working perfectly! Back at Carly's shower, Emily quizzes Lucky about Zander's relationship with Carly, but Lucky will only point out that it is all in the past and it all happened while Zander and Emily were broken up and Carly and Sonny were divorced! Carly is shocked when Sonny suddenly bursts into the Club and demands that Carly leave the party immediately. While Bobbie and the rest of the guests puzzle over Sonny's agitated appearance, Faith reports to Alcazar that their plan is working beautifully. At the same time, Zander meets with Cindy at Kelly's and is surprised when Cindy brags that she is STILL getting paid, even though Alexis (who had supposedly 'hired' Cindy to help frame Ned) has been arrested! When Zander digs for more information, Cindy clams up and claims that she merely has another job for a different client. Zander and Cindy are interrupted by Emily's arrival. After Cindy makes a hasty exit, Emily asks Zander WHY he was meeting with the woman who tried to frame Ned. Zander explains that he has had people watching Cindy because Alexis NEVER paid Cindy to try to frame Ned and Alexis had asked Zander to befriend Cindy and dig for information that would prove Alexis innocent. Although Emily reminds Zander that they had agreed NOT to take sides in the hostility between Alexis and Ned, Zander reminds Emily that Zander is a free man ONLY because Alexis defended Zander in court! When Zander goes to make a call to Alexis, Emily spots Liz, out, practicing walking with her white cane. As Emily and Liz talk, Emily starts to bring up Zander's brief fling with Carly, but Liz misunderstands and believes that Emily is referring to Zander's brief fling with Liz! Liz blurts out the details of her affair with Zander to an astonished Emily! Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly return to the Penthouse and, when Carly learns that the "tip" that Carly was in danger came from "Lily's Ghost", Carly implores Sonny to realize that they are dealing with NO ghost and that someone very REAL is setting Sonny up to believe that Sonny is seeing Lily's spirit! After Max reports that there was NOTHING wrong with any of the cars or in the parking lot, Sonny implores Carly to quit fighting Sonny's efforts to keep Carly and her baby safe! Although Carly assures Sonny that NOTHING is going to happen to her OR her baby, Sonny announces that he MUST move out of the Penthouse, in order to protect Carly's life and the life of their baby. At the same time, Scott arrives at Luke's Place and informs Bobbie and Lucky that Stefan escaped from the Hospital and that Luke went after Stefan with the intention of wiping Stefan out entirely. Scott assigns Lucky to track his father down and prevent Luke from killing Stefan ~ for Laura's sake! In the meantime, Zander returns to Kelly's and finds Liz and Emily talking to each other. After Liz leaves, Emily demands to know WHY Zander never told Emily that he had slept with her best friend! Zander reminds Emily that they were broken up when Zander had his affair with Liz. Zander also points out that Zander's relationship with Emily has been complicated since Emily's return by Emily's choice to deceive Zander into believing that Emily had been hooked on pain pills, that Emily was engaged to Nikolas and, later, by Emily's admission that she had developed genuine feelings for Nikolas! Zander suggests that Emily is just looking for an excuse to call it quits on their marriage! After Zander leaves, Liz returns and confesses that Liz overheard part of Zander's defense. Emily finally confides to Liz that Zander MIGHT be right about Emily's motives for feeling angry that Zander developed relationships with Carly and later, with Liz, while Emily was out of town! Meanwhile, Luke returns to his Blues Club and, finding Lucky there, Luke blasts his son for following orders from the police establishment and making plans to stop Luke from killing Stefan! At the same time, Carly tries to talk Sonny out of his plan to leave home, but Sonny refuses to listen!

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Dillon sits and watches an old movie on t.v. since Ned grounded him after Georgie told him that he has been working for Alcazar. Dillon imagines himself in the leading man role in the movie and Georgie in the leading lady role. Georgie shows up to see him. He isn't too happy to see her and is still upset that she told Ned on him. She takes out a concert DVD of the band they were going to see to cheer Dillon up. Dillon tells her that he feels betrayed by her for telling Ned about Alcazar. She tells him that she was worried about him taking money from Alcazar and just panicked. Dillon asks her to leave because he wants to be alone for awhile. Georgie runs off upset. Later, Edward is surprised to find Dillon moping around the house and wonders why he hasn't skipped out on them again. Edward notices that Dillon is watching an old favorite movie of his and Lila's and tells him a story about how he took Lila to see that movie and that she cried on his shoulder in the theatre. Dillon ends up opening up to Edward about how he feels betrayed by Georgie for telling Ned on him like she did. Edward tells him he is the right person to come to about heartache in relationships. Edward asks Dillon if he can move on with some other girl. Dillon tells him that there is no one else for him but Georgie. Edward advises him to give her another chance and not give up so quickly on his relationship. Georgie talks to Maxie at Kelly's and tells her about what happened with Dillon. Georgie feels bad about telling Ned on him but that she was worried about him. Maxie advises her to go after Dillon and fight for him. Georgie takes her advice and shows up at the Quartermaine mansion again to see him. Dillon is doing his homework when he hears a familiar song playing from out in on the patio. He goes to check it out and sees Georgie holding up a radio over her head and playing a song. Dillon realizes she is copying a key scene from the movie, "Say Anything." Dillon is impressed and touched. He takes the radio and puts it down and kisses her.

Jason and Courtney arrive in France. The bellboy, John, is enamored with Courtney and tries to ingratiate himself into their lives. He shows them to their room and lingers around to see Courtney. Jason is annoyed with him but doesn't say anything but pays him a tip to get rid of him. Later they have a romantic dinner on the terrace that John, ends up serving to them. He goes on about the wine and how they should properly savor the taste. Jason is getting more annoyed but is polite. Courtney gets a kick out the bellboy and server. Later, they go back to their room. They hear music coming from the balcony as they are kissing. They go to investigate and find John there playing the music. Jason shows him to the door and pushes him out the door in annoyance. Courtney laughs and they dance. Later, they lay in bed. Jason surprises Courtney by announcing they should get married there in France as soon as possible.

Lydia comes down the stairs at Kelly's and finds Zander sitting at the counter having coffee. She asks him if he knows where his wife is. She informs him that Nikolas filed for divorce from her and that he is probably with Emily right now. Zander tells her that she shouldn't be surprised that Nikolas filed from divorce since he never made it a secret that he wasn't happy being married to her. Emily comes in and overhears her. Emily grabs her by the arm and tells her to leave Zander alone. Lydia accuses Emily of enjoying having two men in love with her. Zander asks Lydia to go home and leave Emily alone. Lydia leaves but warns Zander to be careful about trusting Emily. Emily is surprised when Zander asks her if what Lydia said was true, is she waiting for Nikolas to try to take her away from him. Emily tries to reassure him that she is married to him and loves him. Zander doesn't really know whether to believe her and asks her if she wants to be with Nikolas now that he will be free soon. Zander accuses her of trying to sabotage their marriage by being upset about him hooking up with Liz and Carly when she was gone. He points out that she had dumped him and that he may have cared about Liz and Carly, he has only ever loved her. He tells her that she may have loved him once but she only cares about him now. She cries and tells him he was her first love. Zander tells her that he believed that at one time but he doesn't believe it and that she has been waiting for her prince, Nikolas, who was her real first love. He tells her he can't do this anymore and that their marriage is over. Emily sits at Kelly's. Nikolas finds her there. She tells him she knows about his divorce from Lydia and asks him if he plans for them to be together. He tells her that he filed for divorce when he realized he couldn't be married to Lydia when it was what his uncle wanted. Nikolas points out to her that she is the only one who is confused about what she wants. She tells him that she was planning to tell Zander that the doctor won't proceed with the chemotherapy until her immune system is stronger. Zander walks into Kelly's to find Emily being held by Nikolas. Meanwhile, earlier Luke showed up at Wyndemere to look for Stefan. Nikolas didn't know where Stefan was hiding. Luke doesn't trust Nikolas not to protect his uncle in some way. Nikolas tells Luke that even though he believes his uncle was responsible for Summer's death, he won't allow him to kill him. Luke tells him not to bother calling the cops because they are already here and calls out to Lucky to come into the room and that he knows he was following him all the way here. Lucky tells him that he can't allow him to kill Stefan and that he is watching him to protect him. Lucky calls another uniformed cop to come in to handcuff Luke. Luke tells Lucky to handcuff him himself. Lucky handcuffs him and tells him he is being arrested for trespassing. Luke tells him that if he arrests him he will no longer be his son. Lucky takes Luke right back to the police station where Scott is waiting for them. Scott has a field day seeing Lucky haul in Luke in handcuffs. Luke goes into the interrogation room. Scott tells him that he is going to make sure that he doesn't get bail this time and can't go after Stefan again. Luke doesn't trust the police to prosecute Stefan and put him behind bars. Lucky asks to speak to Luke alone for a minute. Scott allows him to and gets a kick out of the fact that Lucky is on his side. Lucky tells him that he hasn't changed sides. Luke is disgusted with Lucky for trying to stop him and being a cop. Lucky tells him he arrested him for his own good and that he became a cop to investigate and prosecute Stefan for her murder. Luke tells him that no jail is going to contain him for long and he will go after Stefan and make him pay. Nikolas finds out where Stefan is hiding on the island and tells him he has to leave by that evening. Stefan tries to get him to forgive him and maybe some day let part of his heart let him back in. Nikolas tells him that isn't going to happen. Stefan goes back to his hiding place where it is revealed that he has Lydia all tied up. He tells her that he won't hurt her and that he only wants to impregnate her and wants her to pass the child off as Nikolas' so that there will always be a part of him in Nikolas' life. Lydia tells him that he can't do this and that Nikolas doesn't want her and is paying off the debt himself now. Stefan tells her that paying money back to criminals is not acceptable for the Cassadines. Lydia cries and Stefan tries to sooth her and tell her that it will work out for everyone, including her. Luke is carried off to his cell. He sees the pay phone and tells the cop that he has the right to one phone call to call his lawyer. The cop agrees to it but Luke asks for some change to use for the phone. The cop takes out some coins but Luke waits until he isn't looking and hits him on the head with the phone hard enough to knock the cop out. Luke escapes.

Liz reads the headline about Stefan escaping from the hospital. Ric comes over to Kelly's and sits with her. She shows him the headline and asks him if he was aware of what his client was going to do and helped him escape. Ric tells her he was surprised by the news as she was. She tells him that she has a hard time with him defending the man who tried to have her best friend killed. She asks Ric if he can try to help people for a change. He tells her that even people like Stefan have a right to an attorney. Ric heads to the police station. He informs Scott that he took himself off as attorney to Stefan and that it was because of a conflict of interest. Scott doesn't care. Ric points out that Scott must need some help in his office and asks him for a job as assistant D.A. Scott laughs him off at first since Ric has a criminal record. Ric tells him almost everyone has one nowadays. Scott starts to warm up to the idea since he thinks Ric is a good attorney even if he is a sleaze. He gives him the assistant D.A. job and relishes the reaction he will get from Sonny when hears about it. Ric returns to Kelly's and tells Liz about his new job and how he stepped down as Stefan's attorney after talking to her. She tells him she is glad he will be helping others.

Friday, October 10, 2003

Ned and Skye have dinner at the Port Charles Grill. Ned shows her the newspaper which has printed a story about how Jax is missing and presumed dead from a boating accident. Skye tells Ned that Jax was the one man other than him that treated her well and that she hopes that she will see Jax again and worries about him. Ned assures her that Jax is a survivor and is probably fine. Jax shows up at the Grill moments later and surprises them. Skye is startled to see him looking all happy and well. She throws her glass of water at him and yells at him for scaring her to death. Skye and Ned fill him in on what is happening with them and that Alexis was behind Ned's false arrest for rape. Jax doesn't believe Alexis would go that far but Ned and Skye mention there is evidence that connects her to the girl. Jax tells them that people who are desperate sometimes cross the line. Sam shows up behind Jax and asks the waiter for a job application. She spies on Jax as he sits and talks to Ned and Skye. Jax explains what happened to him and that his father has given up the will to live because of some lucky cards he lost. He tells Ned and Skye that he intends to get them back and help his father get out of his depression. Ned listens to his story with apprehension. Skye inquires about John Jacks and sends her love to him. Ned is dismayed when Skye takes in Jax's every word as gospel and is awed by his heroics. AJ shows up and intrudes on their discussion. AJ listens to Jax's story and shows no sympathy. AJ questions whether Jax is using this story as a cover for some hidden agenda in trying to steal ELQ from them. Jax doesn't care what they think and leaves to attend business. Skye blasts Ned and AJ for their lack of sympathy for Jax's dilemma. AJ leaves and makes a mysterious phone call about Jax. Skye orders an inexpensive item on the menu. Ned resents it and picks a fight with her about her feelings for Jax. Skye fights back and leaves him alone at their table. Jax returns to his penthouse suite at the hotel and makes a phone call before heading for the shower. Moments later, Sam shows up, dressed in a maid's uniform and carrying a cart. She knocks on the door and says "housekeeping." When Jax doesn't answer, she lets herself in his room and starts to search his desk. She doesn't find what she is looking for and notices his briefcase laying on the coffee table and goes over to break into it. She takes out her hairpin and tries to unlock it. A hand reaches out and grabs her by the wrist. She swirls around to find Jax there. He asks her what took her so long to show up.

Zander isn't too pleased to find Emily in Nikolas' arms at Kelly's. He goes back out the door at Kelly's and they follow behind to explain. Nikolas tells him that Emily has something important to tell him. Nikolas leaves them alone to talk. Emily is about to tell him about her cancer treatment when he interrupts her to ask her who will be filing for divorce, her or him. Emily tries to reassure him she loves him and wants to be married to him. Zander doesn't believe her and confronts her about whether she told him the truth when she said she saw him in her dream. He asks her if it was really Nikolas or him. She doesn't answer him but tries to get him to give them the second chance he talked about before. He tells her that he believed they had a second chance because he was an idiot. He accuses her of wanting to be the center of attention and not caring which one of them got hurt by her indecision. He walks away without hearing about her news. Emily goes to the hospital to have her blood checked for a white blood cell count to see if she can start her chemotherapy. She is nervous about the outcome and worries that her white blood cell count won't be high enough for her to start her chemotherapy. Monica believes she is doing very well and that her blood cell count will be fine. Nikolas shows up to lend his support and is surprised Zander isn't by her side. She informs him that she never got a chance to tell Zander about her treatment and that he got upset with her when he found out he wasn't the one she dreamed about and that she married him because she thought she was dying. Nikolas thinks that Zander should have still came with her to the hospital. Emily understands and doesn't blame Zander for being hurt. Monica comes over to tell Emily that they are ready for her. Monica and Nikolas have a heart-to-heart talk about Emily. Nikolas tells her that he has filed for divorce and that Emily and Zander are having marriage problems too. Monica wonders why Nikolas isn't happier about that since he is in love with her. Nikolas worries about Emily's loyalty to Zander. Monica admits she wasn't happy about it when Emily first started seeing Zander a few years ago but now she thinks he has been good for her. She tells Nikolas that it is important more than ever that Emily gets the support she needs when she goes through chemotherapy again. Nikolas tells her not to worry about that. Emily returns all excited and announces her white blood cell count is good and she can start chemotherapy tomorrow. Monica urges her to go home and rest up for tomorrow. Emily promises she will go home later and rest but now she wants to have some fun. Nikolas and she get on the elevator to head out to celebrate. They end up kissing passionately while alone on the elevator.

Jason asks Courtney to marry him right away while they are in France. Courtney is surprised by this sudden change in his attitude about getting married right now. He explains that it just feels right to him that they get married right now. Courtney is concerned about whether they are just trying to escape from the problems at home and using the wedding as a way to forget about things. Jason disagrees about it and thinks it is the perfect time to get married. He grabs her hand and asks her to marry him. She accepts. It is late there in France and the next day they meet in some park in some French town. The minister greets them. Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, Carly brings Michael to Kelly's. She finds Bobbie there and tells her that Sonny moved out of the penthouse because he is afraid for her life and the baby's life if he stays close to them right now. She doesn't mention to Bobbie about how Sonny claims to see Lily's ghost and how Lily warned him about her safety but only tells her that Sonny has been thinking about how Lily died in the car bomb meant for him and feels scared for her. Bobbie doesn't understand why he would move out but could see how he would do that if he felt he was putting her in danger. Sonny is eating on the terrace at the Port Charles Grill. Alcazar comes over and sits at his table. He tells him he learned Sonny registered for a room at the hotel and questions his loyalty to Carly. Sonny tells him he has his reasons and that he will see him dead before he will allow him to have his wife. Alcazar leaves with a smug look on his face. He shows up at Kelly's and sits down at Carly's table. He tells her he knows Sonny moved out of their home to stay at the hotel and asks about the baby. Carly gives him the cold shoulder and tells him that it is only temporary and that they still love each other despite what it looks like. She gets a call and ignores him. She is surprised by the call. Sonny gets a call on his cellphone as well and tells the person on the other end of the line he will be right there. Jason and Courtney are pleased at seeing each other all dressed up. The priest is set to start the ceremony when Jason interrupts him and tells Courtney that he invited some guests and is waiting for them. Carly shows up at the park as well as Sonny moments later. Sonny gives Carly a bouquet to give Courtney. Courtney is ecstatic when she sees them and realizes how much she wanted them to be there for her special day. The priest starts the ceremony. Sonny and Carly look at each other from afar.

Stefan knocks Lucky out when he tries to interfere with his plans with Lydia. Lucky wakes up to find himself tied up in a chair at Wyndemere. Luke shows up looking for Stefan. He is pleased to see Lucky all tied up, so he can't stop him from his mission. Lucky tells him that Stefan has Lydia tied up and may try to rape her. Luke leaves him tied up and goes looking for Stefan. Stefan talks to Lydia and almost gets her close to agreeing with him about letting him have sex with her to get her pregnant. Luke interrupts his plans. Stefan grabs Lydia and pulls a knife on her and tells Luke to step away. Luke tries to get him to let go of Lydia. Lydia waits until Luke lunges for Stefan to step out of the way of danger. She takes off. Luke pulls a knife on Stefan and the two surround each other waiting for an opportunity to get the other first. A gunshot fires and the two stop circling each other to see where it came from. Lucky comes out of the shadows and pulls a gun on Luke and tells him to drop the knife. Luke dares Lucky to shoot him. Stefan manages to get away while Lucky holds the gun on Luke. Luke realizes he got away and gets upset with Lucky. He dares him to shoot him since it is the only way he can stop him from going after Stefan. Lucky can't shoot Luke and lets him get away. Lucky goes to check on Lydia to see if she is o.k. She tells him that she can't believe she almost considered sleeping with Stefan to get pregnant in order to save Nikolas. Lucky is glad she didn't. He thinks Stefan was going to rape her. She tells him she doesn't think he would have and that he wanted her to cooperate with him. He wants to stay with her to keep her safe but she tells him to go after his father to stop him from killing Stefan. Luke goes after Stefan. Stefan comes out of the shadows. He sees Luke approach him with a knife in his hand. He accuses him of being a coward for coming at a defenseless man with a knife. Luke doesn't care as long as he gets to kill him. They end up struggling for the knife and Luke accidentally pierces Stefan a little in the chest with the knife. Stefan grabs hold of the knife that is in him a little and uses his strength to drive the knife further into his chest. He leans into Luke's body and pushes the knife further into himself and tells Luke that his life is over as well as his and falls backward with the knife in him. Luke lets go and isn't sure if he likes the outcome after all.

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