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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 29, 2003 on DAYS
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Monday, September 29, 2003

Shawn and Belle sat at Salem Place and discussed the shooting of Abe Carver. Shawn told her that Rex was still his number one suspect and Belle told him that he should let it go and that they should be concentrating on Abe. Belle was sad for Abe's son, Theo. She told Shawn that she couldn't imagine living her life without him and then asked him why he wasn't saying anything. Shawn told her that he couldn't promise her that nothing would ever happen to him while Rex was still out on the streets.

At the loft, Rex slept soundly while Mimi got up to get dressed. She wondered to herself how she could be so in love with him, but so scared at the same time. She quietly left and headed to Salem Place where she ran into her mom, Bonnie. Her mom asked her if she was going to meet Rex, but Mimi told her no and that there was something wrong with him. Bonnie reminded her that nobody was perfect and that she should quit trying to find fault in Rex all the time. She then proceeded to ask Mimi about her sex life with Rex and Mimi became embarrassed. Her mom then dropped the idea that Mimi should become pregnant in order to hold onto Rex. After the initial shock set in of what her mom was telling her to do, Mimi couldn't believe that her mom didn't believe in her enough to think that she was capable of holding onto Rex. She yelled that she didn't want to be pregnant. Just then, Belle and Shawn walked up and Mimi's mom began to behave sweetly before leaving. Belle and Shawn invited Mimi to go to the hospital with them to check on Abe, but Mimi refused and then left to chase her mom down. She told Bonnie that she didn't appreciate her advice and that she would handle her situation with Rex on her own.

Back at the loft, Rex tossed and turned as he dreamt about Bo and Hope's attack and then pointing a gun at someone. At this he sat straight up and realized that his hands were bloody. He headed into the shower and scrubbed his hands in an effort to make himself feel better, but he couldn't shake the feelings of guilt that came over him.

At the hospital, a roomful of people was asked to leave as Abe writhed in pain on the bed. Lexie sat with Abe while he struggled to tell John, Roman, Bo and Hope who his shooter was. Outside the room Maggie and Mickey arrived and asked how Abe was doing, while inside Abe whispered out Maggie and pointed at her in the window. No one could understand why Abe would have called out Maggie's name, and Bo left the room to have one of the cops download all the data from Abe's PDA. Meanwhile, Lexie tried to probe more clues out of Abe, but then Abe went into cardiac arrest and the monitors flat lined. Doctors and nurses rushed into the room while Lexie watched in horror. They tried to revive Abe several times, but finally said that they had done all they could do. Lexie became hysterical and Hope and Bo tried to pull her away from Abe. Roman and John looked on silently as the nurse covered Abe with a sheet. Hope stayed with Lexie while the men went to the waiting room to tell the others the bad news. When Lexie was left alone, she pulled back the sheet and told him that he couldn't leave her now. She started shaking Abe and trying to wake him, but Roman stopped her and had Celeste and the nurse take her to rest. Roman stayed in the room and told Abe that the shooting didn't make any sense and that he'd find who was responsible and destroy them.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole and Victor watched the news coverage on television regarding Abe's shooting. Nicole grabbed a drink, but Victor told her that she'd had enough and that they had to keep their wits about them. Nicole told him that it didn't matter anyway, because they were doomed.

In the waiting room, Lucas asked Tony if he was worried, and Tony reciprocated the question. Lucas told him that maybe Abe had made some bad choices in his life and that now he was paying for them. Tony then asked Lucas if he had a grudge against Abe and then realized that it had something to do with his mother, Kate.

Sami worried to herself that everyone would accuse her of shooting Abe because of her careless remarks about wanting him dead. When Bo told everyone the news about Abe's death, Sami disappeared and went to the basement to worry and grieve. John overheard her babbling and asked her if she was guilty to which she replied, "Yes, now cart me off to jail right now!" John told her that if she was innocent then she had nothing to worry about and that she was only putting on a show to throw him off. She sobbed and told him that he wouldn't believe her anyway and that she was all alone since he had turned her mother against her. When John left her there she stopped crying and said, "Well, I guess I'm going to have to work on my performance."

Victor and Nicole arrived at the hospital and asked about Abe's condition. Brady told Nicole that he was worried about her, but she asked him if he was worried or suspicious? Nicole turned away only to be confronted by Kate. She warded Kate off by telling her, "I'm praying for Abe to survive, are you?" When Bo brought the news that Abe was gone, Nicole immediately turned to Brady for comfort while Victor watched them.

Belle and Shawn arrived at the hospital at the same time Rex did and Belle avoided a probable spat between the two. John informed them of Abe's death and Belle clung to Shawn for comfort. John turned then to Maggie and told her that he was sorry to inform her that Abe's last word was her name. Maggie couldn't imagine why Abe had implicated her and said that she was as surprised by all this as everyone else was. Bo turned to the crowd of onlookers and told them that he had checked the information from Abe's PDA and that they had exactly what they needed. They now knew the name of Abe's killer.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

by Joan

At the Trauma Center, Lexie refused a sedative - wanting her pain over Abe's death to strengthen her determination to find his killer. Meanwhile, Bo announced to those gathered that Abe's palm pilot could hold the name of the killer - most likely one of those present. Addressing them individually, Bo noted Abe's observations:

Victor hiding something about the Murphy Murder, as well as mention of Nicole. When questioned about the Kiriakis household, Brady defended his family, despite his suspicions.

Tony came to Rex's defense regarding the destroyed evidence in the garbage can.

Kate's discussion with Abe about a wedding. But Mickey mentioned hearing a tearful Kate speaking with Lucas about Abe. Roman had to stop an argument when Kate referred to Maggie. At that time Roman mentioned his appointment to Abe's post and that Bo, Hope and John would work to solve this case.

While Sami, was delighted to blame Kate and Lucas she found herself accused and physically attacked by Lexie for the crime. Roman unnerved everyone as he asserted his desire at seeing the killer receive the death penalty.

Bonnie intruded at Rex's apartment - with plans for Mimi to snag Rex as a rich husband - getting pregnant before marriage if necessary. Embarrassed by her mother in front of Rex, Mimi was later forced by Rex to make love. At the Loft, Belle's memories of Abe and a life cut short disillusioned her about the future. Wanting to live for the moment, she asked Shawn to disregard the chastity rings and make love to her.

At Tuscany, several of the suspects arrived for dinner. Brady grew impatient with Victor and Nicole still withholding answers to his questions - and he briefly left. Returning to the table he found them gone - as well as Kate and Lucas - who had been at another table. Outside, as they wondered about Abe's pointing, Mickey warned Maggie she could be in danger if someone thought she had information. At that moment, they heard someone, leaving Mickey to believe it have must been Abe's killer. As Sami arrived, Brady noticed Victor and Nicole return from outside the restaurant about the same time as Kate & Lucas. Noticing on Tony's arrival, that he had mud on his shoes, Kate warned Lucas that people might be wondering about them. Tony confidently announced his "hunch" to Kate that Abe's killer would never be found.

Jennifer made an emotional appeal to Jack, fearful for his involvement in the murder investigation. Threatening to leave him, Jen got Jack's promise to stop his investigation. But to make sure, Jen deleted all pertinent files on Jack's computer.

Preparing to begin their investigation, Roman, Bo and John arrived at the Carver house smelling something burning. When they found Abe's files had been destroyed Roman decided to follow their only clue - a matchbook from Tuscany.

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Bo, John and Roman continue to try to solve Abe's murder. Roman invites Tek to join the Salem PD and he agrees. All are chagrined to find out John has planted a quote in the paper saying he knows who the killer is, purposefully making himself a target. Later, Tek and Roman find out that the matchbook found with Abe's burnt computer/evidence files was a new matchbook. That means only those suspects who had been at Tuscany the night before would have had access to that matchbook. That still leaves Kate, Lucas, Victor, Nicole, Sami, and Tony, as well as Rex, who could have gotten the matchbook from Cassie. They find a print on the matchbook, but it turns out to be Maggie's.

Maggie and Mickey are still trying to figure out why Abe's last word was Maggie's name, but they can't come up with any viable reason. Mickey is worried that Maggie could be in danger once word gets out about her involvement.

Belle is still upset by Abe's death. She takes her purity ring off again and almost gets Shawn to make love to her. At the last second he is able to pull away. He knows she's acting in a moment of emotional instability and she would regret it later. He takes off, leaving Belle alone. At Salem Place, Shawn tells his dad about what's going on with him and Belle. Shawn wants to quit school and get a job so he can marry Belle right away! Bo talks him out of it, telling him he's acting as prematurely as Belle is. Bo lets Shawn know that John, Belle's father, has made himself a target of the murderer.

Mimi notices that Rex has a matchbook from Tuscany. Mimi, still concerned about his odd behavior, wants to know where Rex was during the murder. Rex says he can't remember! He covers, saying the migraines make it hard to make sense of anything. Rex gives Mimi an out, saying perhaps it would be better for her to get out of his life. She considers, but says no. She loves him. Mimi runs into Bonnie, who wants to know if she's knocked up yet. Mimi talks to Belle, crying, who wants to have sex with the man she loves. Mimi talks about how she has sex, but is afraid that Rex doesn't even really love her. She regrets making love to him.

Lexie goes home and finds out about the killer breaking into the house and burning the computer and the files. Against Celeste's advice, she moves back into the DiMera mansion with Tony to be safe. She and Celeste have a fight with Rex whom she considers a suspect along with Sami. When Rex offers to take a polygraph, Tony adamantly refuses to allow it. Lexie apologizes for accusing Rex, who understands.

Thursday, October 2, 2003

Marlena returns from Colorado and learns about Abe's death. Marlena is not happy that John is involved in the investigation but they both agree that Abe's killer must be brought to justice. Roman has Tek run a high tech computer profile on the killer.

Tony is extremely worried about his son's health and wants Rex to get the headaches checked out. Tony consults with Marlena about an anonymous "employee's" headaches and inquires if they could possibly lead this "employee" to be dangerous.

Mimi and Belle talk about love vs sex. Mimi surprises Belle when she says she wishes she and Rex had waited and isn't sure Rex really loves her. A headache crazed Rex overhears Belle advising Mimi and he becomes angry. Belle writes an email to Chloe looking for advice about the situation with Shawn.

Shawn talks over his Belle situation with Caroline and she offers some good advice. Cassie shows up and tries to distract Shawn; Mimi interrupts and successfully chases Cassie off.

Friday, October 3, 2003

by Joan

Together with the ISA, the Salem PD compiled a profile of Abe's attacker - indicating all the characteristics of a serial killer. Glancing at Kate's picture on a Board of Suspects, Roman believed some but not all had serial killer tendencies. At their request, Maggie stopped by the PD and was shocked to see her picture on the Board. Realizing that she wasn't being accused Maggie was fearful of the killer following her. But she refused Roman's offer of police protection. Further profiling showed Maggie might be the next victim.

Rex frightened Belle at the loft, coming in without her knowing, and stood holding a wrench. Mesmerized looking at it, Rex heard Belle's words - but in another person's voice. A suspicious Belle watched as he recklessly swallowed a large quantity of aspirins for his headache. Belle tried to explain that Mimi didn't feel that Rex loved her. Rex returned to his apartment, mumbling he'd show Mimi the "real Rex" by giving her something "she could take to her grave." And as a desperately concerned Tony phoned in a voice message, Rex listened in the dark without responding.

At the DiMera Mansion, Marlena realized Tony's questions about an employee's headaches were really about Rex. Recalling Rex had headaches at the time of Bo and Hope's attack, Marlena wondered if he could be the attacker. Tony appealed to Marlena, as Rex's mother, not to tell John, but first help Rex. Although she agreed, Marlena also noted Rex would have to pay if he was guilty.

At Salem Square, Mimi and Shawn discussed Belle's new attitude. Admiring Shawn's views on love, Mimi realized her relationship with Rex was wrong. Considering Shawn's supportive advice, Mimi left Rex a voice message that she was breaking up. Again, Rex sat in the dark listening to the voice message, promising that Mimi would get what she deserved.

At the Loft, Shawn was disappointed to learn that Belle had decided to discard her chastity ring, while he wanted to wait. Changing his mind about going to his own apartment, Shawn missed Mimi arriving. As she walked into the apartment, Mimi called out to her boyfriend, who replied, "Don't call me Rex." And outside Tuscany, Maggie heard children's voices similar to those Alice had heard. But instead of the Lizzie Borden rhyme, Maggie screamed hearing them chant:

Salem Stalker took a gun

And gave Abe Carver a deadly one.

When they saw what they had done

They gave Maggie Horton another one.

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