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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 22, 1998 on PC
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Monday, June 15, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite

Kevin is on the phone to his publisher, refusing to do the talk show circuit promoting his book. Lucy comes home with an arm full of posters. He tells her that he talked to Eve and she's willing to call a truce. Lucy told him that Eve claimed to have had an affair with Kevin. Lucy knows that Kevin and Eve are friends and nothing more. And nothing less, adds Kevin. Kevin suggests Lucy is jealous of Eve, she denies it. She wants to borrow his car, it's bigger and she has a lot of stuff to tote. They start searching for his keys, and Lucy admits that she told the police about the bracelet. She neglected to mention Scott's part as she thinks it's irrelevant. Lucy finds the keys. Kevin points out all the things that point away from Eve as the murderer, Lucy is not convinced. Kevin takes her car to go warn Eve. Lucy went to his car, the trunk is full of stuff. While removing it, she sees something that makes her recoil in horror!

Eve is working on the clasp on her bracelet, when Alex arrives with a cop and a search warrant. He asks about the bracelet, she says she lost it. They confiscate all her jewelry, including what she is wearing. She asks who told him about the bracelet - he doesn't tell and leaves. Scott comes over and Eve fills him in. Scott assures her that he didn't tell - he's crazy about her and besides, it would mean he'd be disbarred. Eve realizes it was Lucy as Kevin rings the bell. They fill him in. Eve told them that Lucy can't stand to see another woman with Scott and will do anything to bring her down.

Jake and Karen spat about the research notes. He's worried about losing funding, she thinks the world has a right to know about the dangers. I doze off until they're voices get loud and wake me up. Joe is leading a trio of new interns and is distracted by the argument. The trio are looking at the pix of Ellen and Matt on the bulletin board and giggling. Joe takes down the photos, Chris comes over and acts shocked at the content of the pix. Later, Karen gripes to Joe about Jake's attitude over the research. Chris later offers to be Jake's research partner - Jake declines.

Ellen and Matt arrive at Alice's. Alice is complaining about the placement of the couch. Ellen says "Dammit, Mom, I'm a doctor, not an interior decorator!" and leaves the room. Matt offers to move furniture, but Alice says she's only complaining because otherwise Ellen would treat her like an invalid. Alice notices that Matt seems very much at home, she obviously approves and goes off to rest. The phone rings - it's Amy telling Ellen that Alan wants to talk to her. Ellen hangs up and told Matt about the pictures put up all over the hospital. They go to the hospital together, where Ellen worries about her career, but doesn't regret anything. She leaves to see Dr. Q. Joe and Karen come over and sympathize. Chris and Jake come over, Jake gives Matt a copy of the photo. Chris wonders if Matt's family is behind this (I think sneak photography is one of the most used tools of the big crime families!), and says at least Matt has good taste - Ellen is a babe! No one else appreciates his assessment. Later, Ellen told Matt that she is being brought up on disciplinary charges and the board will review her Q award recommendation for bias. He vows that someone will pay.

In a stupid move, Scott and Eve stand on the dock with the bracelet, discussing its significance. The count to three, drop the bracelet, and Garcia steps out of the bushes.

Kevin arrives home - Lucy wants to talk. She shows him a noose and some- thing else and told him Karen's character was killed with a noose in his book. Kevin looks stunned. (Cliffhanger)

Tuesday, June 16

Garcia finds Eve and Scott on the docks and asks what they're doing. When they don't answer, Garcia asks them to come down to the station for questioning about the bracelet. When they protest, Garcia mentions that he is going to have his men drudge the lake for any type of jewelry. At the station, Garcia grills Eve about her past as a hooker and Scott's reaction to the news. They refuse to answer any of his questions except to say that neither one of them killed Devlin or Grace. Garcia finally lets them go.

Lucy doesn't want Kevin to tell Garcia about finding the rope and gloves in the trunk of his car. They call the hospital and have Karen paged to find out if she's okay, but she doesn't answer.

Joe is also looking for Karen. It turns out that she had Julie cover for her while she was rehearsing for the Nurse's Ball. They discuss the revelations of Matt and Ellen's compromising photos and the possibility that Chris could have taken them to hurt Matt's chances for the Quartermaine fellowship. Karen told Joe about calling Courtney's ex-husband and how he hung up on her. She also told Joe about Neil's conversation with her that he overheard his "dad" telling Courtney that Neil wasn't his son. She asks him how long it's been since he and Courtney have broken up--he says seven years ago. They discuss the possibility that Neil could be Joe's son.

Joe finds Courtney in Neil's room later on. He asks about Neil's birthday and the circumstances surrounding his birth. She told him that those are odd questions for a doctor to be asking. He asks her if he could be Neil's father. She told him that they broke up before Neil was conceived.

Later, Joe told Karen about his conversation with Courtney. He realizes how disappointed he is that he isn't Neil's father. In Neil's room, Courtney gives Neil the Nurse's Ball t-shirt from Joe. Neil told her that Joe is the kind of guy he wants for a father.

Lucy and Kevin go to the hospital to find Karen. When they see her, they tell her about finding the rope and gloves in Kevin's car--and that she could be the next victim. Eve and Scott show up and rip into Lucy for going to the police about the bracelet. Lucy told them about finding the things in Kevin's car. Scott realizes that his daughter could be the next victim and asks Karen to move into the firehouse with he and Serena. She refuses, saying she won't put Serena in danger. Joe asks her to come back to the Scanlon house, but she reminds all of them that her character dies in the hospital, not at home. Scott makes her agree to extra security both at the hospital and at home.

Scott checks his messages--Garcia has found the bracelet in the lake and wants to talk.

Kevin calls Garcia and told him about the items in his car. Garcia agrees to come over in the morning to take them as evidence. Lucy offers to help Kevin relax upstairs, but he says declines. After Lucy leaves, Kevin has another vision of Ryan in the mirror. When Kevin threatens to break the mirror, Ryan warns him of grave consequences if that were to happen.

Wednesday, June 17

Eve asks Chris if he's got any type of conscience left after posting the photos of Matt and Ellen. Chris responds by asking why it's okay for Eve to terrorize Lucy, but not okay for him to get what he wants. Eve told Chris about the bracelet and the fact that Lucy went to Garcia with the information. She also told him how she wrangled her way into being Lucy's "dresser" for the Nurse's Ball.

Ellen told Matt that she put both their careers in jeopardy and that she's very angry at herself. Matt told her not to be angry at the fact that they're together, but that she should direct her anger at the person who took the photos. Dr. May arrives and told Ellen that the board is waiting for her. Outside the meeting room, Monica Quartermaine told Ellen that the board is going to come down hard on her--and she should know. Scott appears as Ellen's advisor. Ellen appeals to the board, saying that she never intended for her private life to become public and that she didn't start her affair with Matt until after she had left her post at GH. Lee Baldwin, Alan and Monica Quartermaine and Dr. May all remind her of the possible liabilities she could incur, both legal and professional. She apologizes for her mistake and Scott makes a plea on her behalf. Monica informs Ellen that there will be a written reprimand in her file and that she is being removed from her duties as chief resident. Ellen accepts her sanctions and makes a heartfelt plea for the board not to reconsider their decision about Matt's position or status in the hospital. She leaves and finds Matt waiting outside for her. She informs him of the decision and he takes the opportunity to ask her to the Nurse's Ball. She regretfully declines, saying that it would be like thumbing her nose at the board.

Courtney asks Joe about the Nurse's Ball. He told her that it's a huge party taking place on this Friday. Courtney finds Karen later on and asks her to accompany her to the movies on Friday. Karen declines because of her responsibilities in the Nurse's Ball but asks Courtney to join her. Courtney says she doesn't have anything to wear. Karen offers to loan her a dress. In Neil's room later, Joe visits with Karen and Neil. Courtney appears from the bathroom in one of Karen's dresses. Looks like we'll all be going to the ball, she says.

Kevin calls Gail in a panic. She comes over for a therapy session at the lighthouse. He told her about the clown suit, rope and gloves found in his possession. She asks him if he's doubting himself. He says that he's been keeping a journal and knows that he hasn't had any blackouts but that he is constantly being haunted by visions of Ryan. She asks him if he's told Victor about the visions. No, he says. He already thinks I killed his mistress on Jasmine Island. If you think that, why haven't you told the police? Gail asks. Because I need to know if I did kill her first, Kevin says. Gail suggests hypnosis. While hypnotized, Kevin hears carousel music and flashes back to two boys running around, one taunting the other. You've got to do it Kevin, says Ryan. Mom hates her. There is a flash of a knife and then a boy's face splattered with blood. Kevin wakes up screaming. What do you remember? Gail asks. I'm just like Ryan, Kevin responds. I killed that woman.

Thursday, June 18, 1998


Although Lucy urges him to believe he would never hurt a fly, Kevin continues to insist that he must have been responsible for the string of unsolved murders. After Victor offers to shadow his son and help him through any blackouts which might occur, Lucy also volunteers to keep an eye on Kevin just in case. Later, Victor secretly loads a gun. Scotty orders Garcia to stop bullying his client in a misguided effort to coerce a confession. Forced to admit he's been bluffing, Garcia told Eve the blood on her bracelet was too degraded for the lab to match the sample to Bennett Devlin's. Karen promises Joe she won't walk to rehearsal alone. Victor asks Mary to be his date for the Nurses' Ball. Lucy pleads with Scotty to open his eyes to the truth about Eve. Outraged to hear the story about the bracelet, Julie fires Scotty on the spot and vows to have Eve put behind bars for the rest of her life. Lark slips back into town. Karen finds a doll hanging from a noose inside her locker.

Friday, June 19, 1998


Kevin awakens from a nightmare about Ryan attacking Lucy. Certain the killer will make his move during the Nurses' Ball, Kevin takes one last stab (no pun intended) at convincing Lucy to step down as emcee but she refuses to bow out. Later, however, Lucy entertains some serious doubts of her own about her chances for surviving past the final curtain call. Karen thanks Joe for giving her the happiest year of her life. Frank reminds Julie that she won't be the only resident of Port Charles who arrives at the Ball under a cloud of suspicion. Matt convinces Ellen to be his date for the gala event of the year. At the Baldwin lab, Jake is appalled to discover that all of his research files have been wiped out and the back-up disks stolen. Eve taunts Lucy with a straight razor as she reports for work backstage. As the partygoers begin filing into the ballroom, Serena invites Courtney and Neil to sit with her at her family's table. Jake accuses Karen of sabotaging his work. Meanwhile, Chris shows the research he stole to Porter. A frightened Lucy phones Luke from her dressing room.

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