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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 22, 1998 on PC
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Monday, June 22, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite

Kevin meets Luke at the door to Lucy's room. They joke about her going to the kitchen and getting lost while she gasps for breath inside. As they start walking away - she throws a shoe at the door and the duo break in and rip off the incredibly shrinking dress. They get her to the couch and she blames Eve. Just then Eve comes in and is stunned to see Lucy in disarray.

Courtney is with Karen and Scott being surprised that Scott is old enough to be Karen's dad. He refuses to deny it even for a compliment. She goes to check on Neil.

Courtney told Neil that if he gets tired, he should go sit by Dr. Joe. Neil and Serena go backstage to watch the goings on.

Victor walks up to Mary and Mike. Mary introduces them and Victors lures her off.

Matt and Angie coo to each other. Chris sees them and brags to Joe that he will get the Q award. Dr. May and Dr. Boardman come up and they chat. Boardman puts down Matt and Ellen and Joe leaps to their defense. Chris and May agree with Boardman, but not as nastily.

Julie, with Frank, asks Lee to defend her. Lee wants to talk to Scott about it first. He does - Scott told Lee he withheld evidence. Lee is somewhat dismayed. Jake comes and gets Scott - Eve needs him. Backstage, Luke mildly threatens Eve and Scott comes to her defense. Luke and Scott spat a bit (for non-GHer's, Scott was married to Luke's wife Laura when Luke and Laura first got involved). Kevin wants Lucy to go home but she refuses. Alex comes up and they fill him in - and Kevin told him that the murderer in his book used a chemical to make the dress shrink. Garcia agrees to check for the chemical. He asks Eve where she was while the tightening was going on. Scott says she was with him - Lucy is skeptical. Lucy goes off on a rant about Eve. All leave except Kevin. Kevin tries to get Lucy to leave, again with no success.

Later, Eve, dressed as a sailor, told Scott she was alone during Lucy's attack. Julie comes up , also in a sailor outfit and insults Eve. Lucy comes out and tells them to stop it - they have a show to do. Lucy introduces them - Julie as a brave person who's overcome many difficulties, and Eve as someone of many talents, some of them medical.

Their skit is cute - they are in a rowboat with waves around them and people with fish puppets on their hands "swimming" around. They sing "You've got a Friend in Me" while they threaten each other with oars and buckets of "water" behind each others backs.

Luke and Mike talk about not knowing that Sonny was going to show. They commiserate about having sons that don't seem to care about them.

Jake notices Chris talking to the guy from the pharmaceutical company and realizes Chris stole his research. He confronts him and Chris just brushes him off. Lucy comes on stage with Monica Quartermaine and introduces her. Monica talks about how tough it was to chose an intern and then announces "Dr. Christopher Ramsey". None of the other interns look happy. Chris gets up and thanks the other interns for their support and Dr. Burgess "without her hands-on guidance, I couldn't have walked away with this tonight". Chris offers to buy champagne - Jake is furious and told him he will expose him for the cheat and liar he is.

Backstage, Lucy is walking along when the lights go out. The camera pans up to a noose hanging from the rigging!!

Tuesday, June 23

Eve and Scott try to figure out who's body is hanging from the rafters. Everyone freaks out when they realize it's Jake Marshak. Mac told everyone to stay put until they've all been questioned. Eve suggests calling Jake's parents, but Scott told her to stay out of it.

Everyone starts reacting to the murder. Kevin told Lucy it's all his fault, because he wrote General Homicide. Chris approaches Eve about concocting an alibi for their whereabouts. Julie wonders if she's going to get blamed. Victor says that the killer made a mistake, and that he or she was supposed go after Lucy. Scott told Karen that he wants her to come back to the firehouse with him. She agrees. Lucy continues flipping out about Eve being the killer. Scott, Lucy, Eve and Kevin all get into a screaming argument.

Garcia appears with Lark by his side. Guess who I found lurking behind the curtain, he says. Frank stands up for Lark when Julie accuses her of being the killer. Garcia says everyone is a suspect.

Mac questions Kevin, Scott, Victor, Mary, Joe, Lucy, Frank and Eve about Lark. When Julie is questioned, Garcia and Mac ask if she knows of a chemical compound that shrinks fabric when exposed to heat. Lark told Garcia that she's been living on the street and comes into the hotel to shower. When she saw the signs for the Nurse's Ball, she planned to run into Frank and ask if she could come home. Garcia takes Lark to the juvenile detention center. Julie warns her to stay away from her and that she'll never live in the Scanlon house again.

Victor told Lucy and Kevin that he may be in some trouble. It seems that while he was being questioned, a gun fell out of his pocket--and he doesn't have a permit to carry a gun. Kevin takes off with Mac to examine some possible evidence.

At Jake's apartment, the police have found a copy of General Homicide, clippings of the killings, a set of keys to a car that is identical to Kevin's and a suicide note. Jake's death wasn't a murder, Mac says. It was suicide. Kevin realizes that Jake was the General Homicide killer.

Wednesday, June 24, 1998

As news of Jake's posthumous confession spreads throughout Port Charles, Lark begs Frank to let her come home. Relieved to be out from under the dark cloud of suspicion, Kevin and Victor apologize to one another for their earlier accusations. Eve fears her medical career is over now that the word is out about her former profession as a call girl. Meanwhile, after Serena catches a newscast, Scotty is forced to give his puzzled daughter a G-rated explanation of how Eve used to make her living. Kevin orders Lucy to put things right with Eve. Lark threatens to spill Frank's dirty secret if he doesn't sign her out of Juvenile Hall and take her back into his foster care. Garcia gives Karen a letter Jake left for her in his apartment. Recalling the samples that went missing from their lab, Karen wonders if Jake had been injecting himself with the drug and became homicidal as a result. Eve bitterly rejects Lucy's halfhearted apology. Julie celebrates when the D.A. officially drops all the charges pending. Scotty warns a stunned Lucy that he'll never let her see Serena again if she doesn't drop her vendetta against Eve.

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Thursday, June 25, 1998


An enraged Lucy told Kevin that Eve did not accept her apology. Kevin tells Lucy that maybe she wasn't as sincere as she believes she was. Julie told Karen how she hopes Jake rots in hell for the murders, and for what he put her through. Karen understands what Julie is getting at, but she can't bring herself to despise Jake as much as Julie does. Matt vows to prove that Chris was the one who posted the pictures of him and Ellen. Scott finds out that he needs to leave town for a day, and he agrees to leave Serena with Eve. When Lucy comes by to see Scott, she finds Eve and Serena together, and becomes infuriated. Later, she comes up with a plan to siphon gas out of Eve's car so that Eve can't pick up Serena from ballet class.

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Friday, June 26, 1998


Scott phones from Canada to check on things at the firehouse and is pleased to hear how well Eve and Serena are getting along. Meanwhile, Lucy plots to siphon the gas out of Eve's car to render the intern unable to pick Serena up at ballet class. Frank sets up a romantic evening at home to recreate his first date with Julie. After dropping Serena off at her dance rehearsal, Eve returns to the firehouse and receives another call from Scotty, who cautions her not to be late picking up his daughter. Happy to have the house all to themselves for a change, Julie and Frank take advantage of the rare privacy by making love on the living room floor. Lucy went to the dance academy to "rescue" Serena but is dismayed to learn that Eve has already picked Serena up. After the car runs out of gas, Eve tries to call for help but discovers that her cell phone battery is dead. As they bask in the afterglow, Frank completely ruins the mood for Julie by revealing that he's going to adopt Lark. As Eve gets out of the stalled car to look for help, Serena accidentally sets the vehicle in motion. Sick of his bizarre attachment to Lark, Julie angrily informs Frank that they're through.

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