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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 29, 1998 on PC
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Monday, June 29, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite

Eve is panicking, trying to get into the smashed and fiery car. Serena is unconscious inside with blood on her face. She can't get the door open. (I have a similar car and I don't understand why she doesn't rip at the top - they are amazingly simple to break into!) She finally gets the door open and carries her away. Frank arrives in the paramedic truck as the car explodes.

Kevin tries to talk sense into Lucy, she resists. She claims she's protecting Serena, Kevin knows better. He tries to assure her by saying nothing can take her place in Serena's life. Lucy softens. They discuss honeymoons. Kevin wants a trip around the world on the QEII - Lucy is very enthusiastic.

Scott is home with presents - daisies for Eve, new ballet slippers and a stuffed tiger for Serena. Eve calls him from the ambulance and told him about the accident. Scott drops the phone and runs out. On the way there, he flashes back to yesterday when he left Serena in Eve's care.

Karen talks to Chris about Jake's state of mind pre-death. Chris says nothing seemed amiss. Chris is unconcerned about why Jake murdered, and tells Karen she has to let it go. Joe comes and told them Serena was hurt and they are needed in the ER. They rush there - Serena is bleeding internally and has damage to both corneas. Scott comes in and the situation is explained. Dr. May comes in told them they first have to stop the internal bleeding. Scott wants to go with into the OR - they stop him. Eve says she'll scrub to go in to observe for him. May told everyone in the OR that they have to give the operation their full attention and do things right the first time.

Scott calls Lucy to tell her about the accident - she and Kevin run out. Scott is feeling guilty about leaving Serena, Karen tries unsuccessfully to calm him. Gail comes in and is only slightly more successful. Lee arrives. Eve comes out and tells them that they stopping the bleeding and Serena is holding her own. She starts to go back in, but Scott wants to know exactly what happened. Eve tries to avoid telling him. Scott notes that Serena is severely injured, yet Eve doesn't have a scratch. She starts to tell him and is interrupted by the arrival of Lucy and Kevin. Eve starts the tale, while Lucy flashes back to siphoning the tank. Eve continues the story and breaks down. Lee asks her how she could leave a child unattended in a car - she told them she was only a few feet away. Scott loses it and starts yelling at her then walks away. Karen tries to get Scott to focus on Serena and sort out what happened later. Eve wants to go back in the OR, but Scott told her she is to never to go near Serena again. Eve looks devastated, Lucy looks stunned.

Tuesday, June 30, 1998

Scott, Karen, Lee, Gail, Lucy and Kevin all wait anxiously for Serena to come out of surgery. Joe and Dr. May arrive and tell them that she's suffered multiple injuries and that Serena is in a coma. Everyone starts asking questions, but Dr. May says it is too soon to tell anything. Eve comes in and asks Scott what the prognosis is and he walks away without answering.

Lucy keeps ranting to Kevin that Eve couldn't be trusted, that she should've never been allowed to take care of Serena. Kevin gently reminds her that accidents happen, and that placing blame on anyone isn't going to make the situation better.

Scott visits with Serena in ICU, telling her how much he loves her and that he's still wearing her special-powered ring. Lucy watches from the window in tears. When Scott comes out, the two of them embrace. Scott starts beating himself up for leaving Serena, even if only for a little while. Lucy told him that they had the strength to bring this child into the world and they still have that strength to keep her here. I've already lost one of our children, she says. I'm not going to let it happen again.

Eve watches Lucy and Scott inside Serena's room. She turns to find Kevin sitting quietly behind her. He stands up and she falls into his arms, hysterically crying. He reminds her that it wasn't her fault, that accidents happen. I may have killed her, Eve says. I'll never forgive myself.

Scott went up on the roof to talk to Dominique's spirit. He asks her to help Serena and not let anything happen to her. She belongs down here with all of us, he says.

Matt told Ellen that he's on to Chris. It seems that the clerk at the one-hour photo place by Alice's house remembers seeing Chris and thought he was a private detective after seeing the pictures of Ellen and Matt developed. Ellen asks what he plans to do, reminding him that all their careers are on the line. Matt promises to get revenge.

Ellen finds Scott after he returns from the roof. It doesn't look good, she told him. The swelling in Serena's corneas hasn't gone down. If she does pull out of this, there's a good chance she'll be blind.

 WednesdayJuly 1

Lucy visits Serena's bedside in tears, telling her how much she loves her and that she knows that Serena can hear her, just like she could when she was in Lucy's belly. She starts to break down, and confesses to Serena that she siphoned the gas out of Eve's car, but the accident was still Eve's fault and that she had to keep blaming Eve or she would go crazy. A door closes, and Lucy turns around to see Scott standing there. He asks to speak with her outside. Lucy panics, thinking Scott overheard her confession. While they're outside, Scott told her that he's starting to give up hope, that there's a good chance Serena will be blind and that he doesn't think he can handle all the pain. Lucy promises to be strong enough for both of them.

Neil asks Karen if he can visit Serena. Joe and Karen try to discourage him, but he assures them that he's seen enough sick kids and that he'll be fine. He brought her the model that Karen and Joe made for him and told Scott that it's magic. Serena will wake up soon, he promises.

Frank asks Julie about some of his stuff that he left in her apartment. Don't worry, Julie says. I already packed it up and put it upstairs. When Joe asks Frank what's going on with the two of them, Frank told him that he was getting tired of Julie and that he dumped her. Later on, Frank starts hitting on Courtney in front of Joe and Julie. Courtney told him to leave her alone and that the only reason he's even talking to her is to make Julie jealous. He asks her to lunch but she refuses.

Eve visits Serena when Scott and Lucy are gone. She apologizes over and over for leaving her in the car. Scott comes in and starts ranting about how he can't trust her. Serena's hand moves, unseen by Eve and Scott. Scott continues to yell at Eve when he finally notices that Serena is waking up. Karen and Eve rush to check her vital signs and Serena wants to know why she can't see anything. Your eyes are resting, Scott told her. She asks if it is day or night and makes Scott hold her hand so she won't be scared. She asks about the accident and how Eve is doing. Before Eve can answer, Scott told her that Eve is fine. Lucy rushes in after hearing the news and everyone starts crying, laughing and hugging each other. When Eve went to hug Scott, he grabs her arms and takes her outside.

Scott starts yelling at Eve again and told her that he doesn't want to see her ever again. You don't mean that, Eve says tearfully. "Don't ever come near me or my daughter again or you'll regret it," Scott replies. After Scott went back inside, Lucy comes out and rails on Eve for being so "irresponsible" for not checking her gas gauge and leaving Serena alone. Lucy warns her to stay away from both Scott and Serena.

Thursday, July 2, 1998


Tired of being in the dark, Serena repeatedly asks Scott to have the doctors remove the bandages from her eyes. Afterwards, when Scotty wonders how to break some bad news to Serena, Kevin advises him to be honest but to remain optimistic about the possibility that Serena's vision won't be permanently impaired. Watching Boardman point Chris out to the newest crop of interns as a doctor they should emulate, Matt grimly redoubles his effort to prove that Chris is nothing but a liar and a fraud. When Serena hopes for a visit from Eve, Scotty claims that she is too busy with her patients to get to the ICU. Later, out in the hall, Kevin pleads Eve's case but Scott remains stubbornly convinced that the woman shouldn't be allowed anywhere near his daughter. Matt tells a skeptical Boardman he has concrete evidence that Chris posted the photos of him and Ellen. Scotty reluctantly decides to allow Eve a visit with Serena. Chris learns that he's being called before the review board. Eve apologizes to Serena for the accident, then cries Serena assures her she wasn't to blame.

Friday, July 3, 1998


Though Mac offers to postpone the double wedding until Serena is well enough to participate in the ceremony, Lucy suggests to her friend that he and Felicia go ahead with their nuptials while she and Kevin put their own celebration on hold. Chris continues to vehemently deny that he had anything to do with shooting or posting the photos of Matt and Ellen. In the ICU, Karen told her father that Dr. May will be removing the bandages from Serena's eyes later that day. As Lark begins her community service work at General Hospital, Julie bitterly told Eve that the girl is welcome to Frank now that she's seen him for what he really is. During the board hearing, the photo shop owner who developed the pictures positively identifies Chris as the person who brought in the roll. Desperate to hang on to the Quartermaine residency, Chris insists a vindictive colleague is framing him. Certain she'll be better soon, Serena begs Lucy not to postpone the wedding. After reviewing the evidence, Drs. May and Boardman revoke Chris' award and order him to return the money by the end of the next business day. Later, Chris vows to take revenge on Matt. Scotty comforts Serena after she realizes her vision is gone. Mac warns Kevin an autopsy has revealed that Jake was not a suicide but actually the latest victim of the serial killer. Lark shows Matt a threatening note she found in her backpack.

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