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Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on PC
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Monday, January 29

Ian hurried over to the hospital after learning about Ben's attempt to have Arianna deported. Ben ordered Ian to stay out of his family's business -- or else. Ben warned Ian that he would redeem his family's honor no matter what he had to do to accomplish it.

Jack and a woozy Lucy went back to her place, where they continued to drink heavily. Jack told Lucy he was determined to put the past behind him and move forward from then on. Meanwhile, Livvie confided to Alison that she couldn't stop thinking about Jack and wondering where he had gone.

At the lighthouse, Eve abruptly halted the wedding ceremony when it was time to repeat her vows. Eve tearfully admitted to Kevin that she could not go through with the renewal service after all. Unable to face her guests, the embarrassed "bride" scurried away, leaving Kevin to explain to everyone that they'd decided to postpone the ceremony.

Mac lent a sympathetic ear to Kevin, who decided he had to find Lucy and apologize for his earlier behavior. Later, Kevin walked into Lucy's place and was appalled to find her in bed with Jack.

Tuesday, January 30

Livvie decided to go have a heart-to-heart with Lucy about her troubled love life. Meanwhile, Kevin furiously demanded some answers from Lucy as a mortified Jack pulled on his clothes. Realizing that Lucy had no clue who she had just bedded, Kevin icily informed her that Jack was Livvie's boyfriend. Kevin ordered Jack never to go near his daughter again.

Disclosing that she and the boy hadn't actually made love, Lucy made both Kevin and Jack promise to never reveal what had almost happened that day. When Livvie suddenly appeared at the door, Jack ducked into hiding while Kevin was forced to admit to an astonished Lucy that he and Eve had not renewed their wedding vows after all.

At the hospital, Eve told Karen she was certain that her "dreams" about Ian were not just fantasies but were memories of real events. Eager to find Ian and declare her love, Eve tried to imagine where her friend would have taken Arianna for safekeeping. Ben appealed to Eve to help him find his missing sister. Clueless about Ben's true motives, Eve offered to show him the way to the cabin.

Alison called Jamal on the carpet for the major attitude he had been giving her all day. Explaining that it was the anniversary of his mother's death, a dejected Jamal told Alison how hard his mom had worked all her life to give him every opportunity to succeed.

Wednesday, January 31

Livvie could tell that Jack had been hiding from her and demanded an explanation. He made up with a story about how he had gone to Lucy's to find Livvie so that he could tell her that she had done the right thing by ditching him. Lucy played along, and Kevin encouraged Livvie to agree with Jack. Soon after Jack left, Livvie left Kevin and Lucy alone so they could discuss some things.

Arianna and Ian started to settle into the cabin in the woods. Ian was disturbed by memories he had from the last time he had been in the cabin. Arianna could tell by his face that he had been there with Eve. Ian dismissed Arianna's concern and tried to focus her interest on being safe. He was sure that no one knew about that cabin, except Eve, and she probably didn't remember being there anyway.

On the way to find his sister and Ian, Ben explained to Eve how dangerous his sister could be. Eve said that she had seen Arianna, and she didn't think Arianna could hurt anyone. Ben felt compelled to tell Eve that Arianna was the one who had hit her with her car. Eve knew that Arianna hadn't hit her on purpose, so she was confused about why that made her such a bad person. Ben seemed worried about Ian because Arianna was a "pathological liar."

Lucy and Kevin were left to hash out their problems. Kevin was furious with Lucy for playing around with Jack, and Lucy was upset with Kevin for not telling her that the wedding had not occurred. Lucy said that Kevin had no right to judge her activities, since she was single and unattached. She also said that she was sick and tired of Kevin running to her every time he had problems with Eve.

Kevin said that he hadn't been running to her but had just wanted to apologize for how he had treated to her at the wedding. When Lucy accepted his apology, Kevin said that it was no longer on the table after seeing her with Jack. More harsh words were exchanged before Kevin and Lucy decided that they didn't need or want each other in their lives.

Livvie went to find Jack. She wasn't convinced by his, Lucy's, and Kevin's performance earlier in the evening and wanted to know what was really going on, but Jack wasn't willing to give her answers. Instead, he went on and on about how everything had been a con. Livvie didn't believe Jack at first because she knew that he had had feelings for her, but Jack's harsh words hurt Livvie to the point that she had to believe. Livvie left with her and Jack both feeling crushed and full of hate.

When Ben and Eve arrived at the cabin, he convinced her to go to the door by herself because he feared that seeing him might startle Arianna. Eve went up to the door, knocked, and waited for a response.

Thursday, February 1

Jamal presented a touched Alison with his mother's favorite recipe book then apologized for his recent moodiness. As a movie company arrived at General Hospital to film a medical murder mystery, Karen tipped Jamal off to the fact that one of the motorcycle stunt people had broken his leg and needed to be replaced. Excited by the prospect of her boyfriend finding fame and fortune, Alison gave Jamal a pep talk as he headed off to interview with the casting director. Alison prepared a special meal to celebrate Jamal's new job, but he returned to the Recovery Room with a long face and some bad news.

Shoving Eve aside, Ben kicked in the door of the cabin and was angered to find that his sister and Ian had already flown the coop. Gazing around the cabin, Eve recalled the first time she had been there with Ian. Later, as Ben began to show his true colors, Eve realized her mistake and knocked her companion cold before stealing his car keys. Ben captured Eve before she could get the car started.

Frank and Karen had trouble connecting but finally got together long enough to plan another date.

Friday, February 2

A miserable Livvie admitted to Lucy how she was kicking herself for placing any trust in Jack. Lucy nervously suggested to Livvie that Jack's rejection of her might be the best thing that could have happened. Jack told Chris he was leaving Port Charles but not before he paid his brother back for all he had done. At the Recovery Room, Kevin asked Karen to tell him where his wife had gone. Karen balked at disclosing any information to Kevin, who guessed that his wife had run off to be with Ian.

A guilt-ridden Lucy encouraged Livvie to let her treat them both to a few days of pampering at the spa. Livvie became trapped in the baggage car of the train and was astonished to find Jack playing stowaway. Meanwhile, Kevin and Lucy inadvertently became traveling companions as well.

As Ben dragged a terrified Eve back into the cabin, Ian heard the commotion over his cell phone and realized that Arianna's brother was once again out of control. Ian rushed back to the cabin, where he found Ben holding Eve in a headlock. As Ben tightened his grip on Eve's neck, Ian went on the attack and pummeled the other man senseless. Arianna blurted out to Eve that she and Ian were married.

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