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Monday, February 5

Flustered to find Kevin installed in her private compartment, Lucy orders him to leave the train. Meanwhile, in the baggage car, Livvie icily informs Jack that she has no intention of spending another moment locked in with him. At the cabin, Ian admits to a stunned Eve that he and Arianna have just tied the knot. When Livvie demands to know if anything he told her was true, Jack reveals another piece of his dysfunctional family's history. After the conductor explains that there are no other seats available, Kevin and Lucy grimly settle in for a long trip side by side. When Ben regains consciousness, Arianna informs her outraged brother she has a husband now who will protect her. As an anguished Eve looks on, Ian claims he married because he fell deeply in love with an incredible woman. Lucy hits a nerve when she guesses why Kevin is taking a break from his wife so soon after their reunion. Finally finding her voice, Eve shakily congratulates the newlyweds but elects to keep mum about the finale of her own "wedding" ceremony. Later, Ben is taken into custody by a pair of sheriff's deputies. History repeats itself as bickering turns to passion for Lucy and Kevin.

Tuesday, February 6

Karen eagerly anticipates her date with Frank but receives a jolt when her mother unexpectedly turns up in Port Charles. At the Recovery Room, Alison grouses about Jamal being forced to take a job which is so beneath him. Lucy and Kevin wake up in each other's arms and immediately begin bickering again before falling prey once more to simmering passions. Rhonda and Scott accompany Frank and Karen to the auction. Pulling her father aside for a private chat, Karen confides to Scott how having Rhonda back in town has dredged up a lot of bad memories. Kevin told Lucy he's going to disembark at the train's next stop and go home to think things over. Jamal is tempted by an unsavory offer from some old running buddies. Karen apologizes to an amused Frank for the way yet another "first date" got screwed up. As he packs to leave the compartment, Kevin reminds Lucy that they must never give in to temptation again.

Wednesday, February 7

Kevin came home and was surprised to find Eve sleeping on the couch. Kevin admitted that they needed to talk some things through and Eve said that they should begin with why he was surprised to see his wife at home.

Frank and Karen struggled to move the ugly old computer that he had bought for her into the apartment. When they plugged it in, a swarm of noises came from it so they unplugged it immediately. Frank said that he would do what he could to get it fixed, but Karen wasn't very enthusiastic. She asked sweetly if he would move it again so that she wouldn't have to look at it and Frank hurt his knee in the process.

Joe and Gabriela came down to welcome Ian and Arianna home. They were shocked to find out that the couple had been married the night before. Separately, Arianna and Gabriela and Joe and Ian discussed the reasons behind the sudden marriage. Joe was focused on the idea that Ian was still in love with Eve and surprised Ian by revealing that Eve never renewed her vows with Kevin. Arianna told Gabriela that the marriage may have been for convenience, but she did have feelings for Ian. She said that she knew that Ian didn't feel the same, but she was convinced that she could make him happy.

Eve was very apologetic while she admitted to Kevin that she had remembered falling in love with Ian while they were kidnapped. Kevin admitted that she wasn't the only one who had broken their wedding vows. Everything made sense to Eve when she heard that Kevin had reconnected with Lucy while he thought that Eve was dead.

Tension was high while Karen examined Frank's knee. They began to reminisce about when they were younger and admitted that both thought the other to be cute even back then. They also discussed Karen's mother being back in town and the memories that that was bringing back for her. Frank knew that Karen was still slightly fragile after getting out of rehab and promised that if he was causing any problems for her, he would leave her alone. Karen said that he wasn't a problem, but she was having second thoughts about the computer. Frank agreed to take it back to his house and Karen said that she would come over to visit it as often as possible.

When Kevin asked Eve why she wasn't with Ian, she informed him of Ian's new bride. Eve made Kevin promise that he wouldn't tell anyone that she had regained her memory, she especially didn't want Ian to know. Kevin sympathized with Eve and agreed. Eve asked if Kevin's affair with Lucy was still going on and he said that it wasn't, but that there were still a lot of feelings there to deal with.

Thursday, February 8

Livvie surprised Lucy during her massage at the spa. Livvie explained that she could probably use some pampering after being stuck in the baggage car with Jack. Immediately, Lucy became paranoid that Jack had told Livvie what had happened between them. Instead, Livvie told Lucy how she discovered that Jack really did care about her.

Reluctantly, Ian and Arianna allowed themselves to be questioned by the immigration agents. Arianna used her new found feelings to answer the questions as sincerely as possible. She even answered questions about the color of his eyes and what he likes to eat. Ian called on his feelings about Eve to answer his questions. However, when it came to more specific questions, Ian got frustrated and said that he didn't know absolutely everything about her, but he intended to find out. After the sessions, the agents conferred about the reality of the marriage. It seemed that they believed Arianna, but the agent that interviewed Ian said that he didn't believe a word out of his mouth. Nonetheless, the agents left the newlyweds alone and said that they would be back for unannounced periodic visits. Kevin told Eve that he thought there was still a chance that they could get over all of the hurt that they have caused each other. Eve was distraught thinking that their problems were all her fault and pleaded with Kevin not to hate her for falling in love with someone else. Kevin explained again that the situation wasn't entirely her fault. Eve wondered if they really could go back to how things were before she met Ian.

Lucy jumped to conclusions when Livvie got mushy about Jack. She rose suspicion when she asked if Livvie had slept with Jack too. Livvie wanted to know who else Jack had slept with, but Lucy covered her tracks by saying that guys like Jack have probably been with several women. Livvie didn't believe that Jack was like that and again began to wonder if she was wrong about him.

Kevin and Eve agreed that they had no regrets from their relationship. Both of them said that they were really glad that they found each other when they did because it was a time when they didn't think that they would ever find love. After realizing what they really did mean to each other, they declared their devotion by reciting makeshift vows together.

Livvie and Lucy discussed what Lucy would do if Kevin came to her and apologized. They ended up concluding that Jack should be able to forgive Livvie if she went to him and apologized. Lucy gave in and agreed that Livvie should go for it so Livvie went to find out where Jack was. In the meantime, Jack walked in and told Lucy that he needed to ask for a favor. Lucy was frantic about him being there, but Jack was in dire need of help. Just as he was telling Lucy that he didn't deserve anything from her since she kept her mouth shut about them almost sleeping together....Livvie walked in.

Friday, February 9

Ian is surprised that Arianna wants to share a bed with him. She explained that for the INS agents to believe them, they would have to sleep in the same bed like a real married couple. Ian was still shocked, but agreed when he realized that it was necessary. Arianna was disappointed at Ian's shock and wondered if maybe they shouldn't just call the whole thing off. Ian was not going to let her fall into the hands of her brother. Ian left Arianna alone and told her that he was going to the hospital to get his job back.

Livvie demanded to know what had happened between Lucy and Jack. Lucy tried once again to cover her tracks and told Livvie that Jack was just apologizing for falling asleep at her house that night he showed up uninvited. Jack played along, but Livvie wasn't buying it. She started to go through all of the details of that night and realized that they must have slept together.

Chris caught Ben watching Eve from outside the on call room at the hospital and asked him to leave. Eve was sitting inside with tears in her eyes. When Chris asked why she was there instead of with her husband, Eve started to take her anger out on Chris. Eventually, she broke down and told him that she and Kevin had not renewed their vows and would be splitting up. Chris took the opportunity to tell Eve that he had never thought that Kevin was good enough for her. Eve got more angry and said that Kevin's love was the best she ever had. Chris asked if he was the best...why wasn't she with him? Just then, Ian walked in looking for Eve.

Livvie told Lucy and Jack that not only did she not believe them, but she thought that Jack had come to be with Lucy just to do it all over again. Jack told them that he was there because he had told the cops that he was working for Lucy so he wouldn't go to jail and wanted to see if Lucy would support him. Eventually, Lucy and Jack cracked and admitted that they had fooled around, but didn't actually sleep together. Livvie wasn't soothed by the technicality. Then, they tried to excuse themselves by telling her that they really didn't know who the other was and they had both been so upset because of Livvie and Kevin. Livvie still didn't feel sorry for them.

Ben paid another visit to Arianna and presented her with a baby gift. Arianna was furious because Ben knew that she had lost her child. Ben explained that this gift wasn't for that child, but for a future child. A confused Arianna was shocked when Ben told her that he would only respect her marriage when she was carrying Ian's child.

Ian made sure that Chris wasn't bothering Eve and Chris left the room. Then, Ian asked Eve about her and Kevin splitting up. Eve made excuses, none of which included Ian, for why her marriage wasn't working out. Ian pressed her for more details because he could tell that she was hiding something.

As Lucy and Jack were trying to apologize to Livvie, it became apparent to her that Kevin must have known about this and kept if from her also. Once again, all the people that Livvie had cared about had lied to her - she was furious. Much to Lucy and Jack's disappointment, Livvie stormed out of the spa and told them both that she never wanted to see them again. Afterwards, Jack's reaction made Lucy realize that he really did care about Livvie. That was just enough to get plans hatching in Lucy's head, she promised that she would get Livvie back for Jack.

When Ian pushed her for answers, Eve reacted by saying that she didn't have to tell him anything, after all, he was the one who ran off and got married and didn't tell anyone. Eve continued to try to concentrate on Ian's marriage, but he didn't want to discuss it. Eve tried to leave the room instead of responding to Ian, but he grabbed her to prevent it and Eve gave in. She told him that during her vows, she had remembered everything about falling in love with him.

Chris was in for a surprise when he arrived home from the hospital. There on his couch was a naked Livvie only covered by a sheet and then not at all.

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