The aftershock

by Nel
For the Week of November 21, 2022
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There has been quite a bit of fallout in our fair town. Chelsea is slowly recovering from her suicide attempt. Adam is regretting breaking things off with Sally, and he isn't taking it well seeing Nick and Sally together. Diane is trying to cover all her bases after the big reveal about Jeremy Stark, and two relationships have been destroyed after Devon and Abby cheated. Join our columnist for her views and opinions in Two Scoops for this week.

This past week, the focus had been on Chelsea's mental health crisis, but there have been a few other mini earthquakes around town. Let's start with Chelsea.

Chelsea was very lucky to have Billy and Sharon by her side immediately after her attempt to take her own life. They brought her to the mental health facility immediately, where she was kept for 72 hours to be assessed and receive some intensive therapy. Chelsea seems to have come out on the other side and in a better head space. She was adamant that Connor needed to know the truth about her immediately, but she got resistance from Adam. Well, there's a shocker. Adam disagrees with almost everyone, so I'm happy that Chelsea got to have it her way. I thought the way Adam and Chelsea explained things to Connor was well done. They didn't scare him in any way, they opened a door for healthy communication, and I thought it was adorable that all he wanted to do was protect his mom.

Billy's instincts were right on target about Chelsea, and thank goodness, he found her and stopped her before she did the unthinkable.

Adam gets my dander up. One minute, I'm cheering for him, but mostly, I just want to slap him silly. He always seems to come up with the wrong conclusion, and this situation wasn't any different. As usual, and in combative mode, he demanded that Billy and Sharon tell him what had happened to Chelsea. Clueless, Adam just assumed Chelsea had decided to leave the club. She sure did, but not via the front door. Adam never recognized how deep Chelsea's crisis had become.

After Sharon and Billy told Adam what had happened with Chelsea, Adam thanked Billy for saving Chelsea's life. Then, he had the nerve to tell Billy that Chelsea was in a vulnerable state, and Billy had a lot of influence on her, implying Billy would lead her down the wrong path. I guess Billy needed a refresher about the state of Chelsea's mental health from Dr. Newman. (Or is it Dr. Wilson? I don't recall if he actually changed his name to Wilson, and if he did, when did he change it back to Newman?)

Adam had no idea how critical Chelsea's situation was, yet he had the gall to tell Billy that Chelsea was in a vulnerable state. Billy had been very much aware of Chelsea's state of mind, and he got Chelsea the help she needed with Sharon's help. Where was Adam during Chelsea's rooftop crisis? He was having a drink at the Glam Bar, wondering (not looking for her) where she was, while Billy was saving her life.

After telling Billy he would be forever grateful that Billy had saved Chelsea's life, he accused Billy of telling Chelsea exactly what she'd wanted to hear, that she should tell Connor the truth with no forethought for how it would affect Connor. I was delighted that Billy responded very calmly that he wouldn't presume to know what was best because it was uncharted territory for him. He disclosed that he'd made Chelsea a promise on that ledge that he would be there for her, and he intended to make good on that promise. He also said it was none of his business how and when Adam and Chelsea told Connor. Nicely put, Billy.

Not taking kindly to the putdown, Adam asked Billy how Lily felt about Billy's dedication to Chelsea. Billy told him it was none of Adam's business and that his focus should be on helping Connor. Sometimes Adam boggles my mind. How many times does he have to be put down before he stops with his sarcastic comebacks?

Adam is pissed off that he lost Sally to Nick (Adam's own doing, since it was his idea to break up with Sally "for her own good"), yet now he wants her back because he loves her, and now he is questioning Billy's intentions toward Chelsea. What is with this guy, and why does he care? He didn't want to reconcile with Chelsea after her visit with her mother, so is he jealous that Billy might be interested romantically in Chelsea (which Billy -- so far -- clearly isn't)? Adam seems to be all over the place.

I'm not one for violence of any kind, but in this one instance, I wished Billy had thrown a right hook at Adam for his arrogance. I do understand Adam's reluctance to tell Connor for fear of how Connor would react, but on the other hand, I understand Chelsea's urgency for wanting Connor to know. She is afraid Connor will find out from another source, and that would create a bigger issue for Connor because he would be devastated that his parents hadn't told him. That had been Chelsea's issue about Johnny -- the fear that Connor would learn about Johnny from another source and create problems for him.

Hats off to Sharon. She stepped in to help Chelsea, despite Sharon and Chelsea's turbulent history. Sharon even offered to rent the upstairs apartment to Chelsea. This was a huge step for Sharon to take, and it shows just how big her heart is. It looks like this might be a budding friendship in the making. I would love that. Chelsea needs all the friends she can get for love and support.

Billy has been the unsung hero in this situation. He hasn't said a word to anyone that he pulled Chelsea off that ledge just as she took a step to jump. Billy did an amazing job in those scenes. He might be a screwup, but damn, he was there when it counted. Lily realized that Billy not only helped Chelsea, but he saved her life.

Despite Billy's explanation, why does Lily still seem annoyed with Billy? She knows he saved Chelsea from taking her own life and the critical state Chelsea had been in, which Billy helped her through. I'm not sure I understand why Lily seems peeved. I guess this will all come out in the wash down the road.

In the meantime, Jill has popped back into town, determined to get the IPO in place. However, she has hit a speed bump because Lily is on the fence, and Devon is dead set against it. Who will win? My corporate mind (with no experience in that area) says don't do it. Jill knows that Victoria was going to try to get the majority shares in the company with Nate's help, and Jill knows Tucker is back in town and what a shark he is. I think Jill is looking for trouble if she goes ahead with the IPO.

That was an amusing scene at Society with Sally. When she saw Jill enter, Sally pulled out her phone and pretended to be speaking to someone, expounding about how terrific she was and trying to be humble at the same time, all for Jill's benefit. Jill saw right through the act -- and good for Sally for admitting it had been for Jill's benefit. Jill wanted to have a chat with our gal Sal.

Here's a thought to ponder. What if Jill is planning to start a media division, and she hires Sally and Chloe, who would proceed to blow Newman Media and Nate out of the water? I would love to see that happen. Wouldn't that be a kick in the butt for Victoria, who'd been so sure that Nate was the right man for the job!

We also heard Tucker tell Audra that he wanted Chancellor-Winters and Jabot because he wanted to work with Ashley and Devon by his side. That's a pretty big and gutsy dream. Jabot might not see that coming, but Jill should be wary, since her company had already almost been snatched up by Newman. Tucker is really pissed off at Diane for not getting Jabot's financials for him because, without those, I'm not sure if he can go ahead with his plans of taking over Jabot. That's just my opinion since I really don't know how the corporate world works and if there are other ways of taking over a company.

Wow, has Diane ever shown her true colors with that explosive retort to the three witches of Genoa City, Ashley, Phyllis, and Nikki. I cheered these three witches because they pushed every one of Diane's buttons and then some.

It appears that Diane's house of cards is beginning to fall apart. With Tucker in town, something was triggered in Diane that made her believe she had to tell Jack about Jeremy Stark. We all know that was a very sterile version of what had happened. Nevertheless, it put that little chink of distrust in Jack and Kyle toward Diane, and Summer is barely speaking to her.

Tucker told Ashley about Jeremy Stark, and she shared that information with Phyllis and Nikki. They confronted Diane about Jeremy. Shockingly, Diane chose to portray herself as the victim, which the witches didn't buy. They all simply reminded Diane that Jeremy was about to be released from prison, and he would probably come hunting for Diane because she'd turned him in. I don't recall if Tucker told Ashley that Diane had turned Jeremy in or if this was just a guess on the ladies' part.

True to form, Diane ran to Tucker, and he just fueled the fire. Diane knows she's in deep doo-doo. She tried to appeal to Kyle, but Kyle said he has lost his trust in Diane and suggested if there were any more secrets to get them out. Diane claimed there weren't any more. We need to change Diane's name to Pinocchio because she continues to lie. Another colossal lie is Diane claiming she's changed.

Not winning too many points with Kyle, Diane pounced on Jack. Good grief, how dare she demand to know why Jack hadn't answered her calls and state she wasn't accepting any excuses. I guess business stops because Diane needs to have a little chat. Shame on Jack for ignoring her when she had an urgent matter to discuss with him. I laughed when Jack retorted that Diane always had something urgent, and he didn't have the time for her drama. He said he wasn't interested in what she had to say because there was always "some fresh hell." Diane blamed the fresh hell on Tucker's arrival in town and disclosed that part of her deal with Tucker had been to provide Tucker with Jabot's financial records.

Diane is really feeling her oats suddenly, because she threatened Tucker and Phyllis. She stated that Tucker and Phyllis could collude all they wanted because Kyle and Jack had her back, and she officially declared war. Really? I don't recall that conversation with either Jack or Kyle saying they had her back, but I might be mistaken. As far as I can see, Kyle isn't happy with her because of her lie by omission about Jeremy, and although Jack seems to be protecting her, we all know if push came to shove, he wouldn't back her. Well, maybe he would for Kyle's sake, but with so many against Diane, I can't see Kyle and Jack siding with her.

I can't wait for Jeremy to be released and open those gates of hell for Diane. Diane would look good in a red body suit and horns. Diane hasn't changed; she is still the manipulative and conniving person she'd been in the past. I can't wait to hear what else Diane got into while in Los Angeles and how many people she left hurting in her wake. What will Jeremy reveal about Diane's extracurricular activities in L.A.?

I love how Allie approached Noah calmly and simply mentioned she'd seen Audra in his arms. She is such a gem. After Noah told Allie the whole story, Allie showed compassion for Audra for having to go through a miscarriage alone. Noah told Allie his future was with her. Hmm... does that mean we'll be hearing wedding bells in the not-too-distant future? I love this couple.

Let's go back to Adam, Nick, and Sally. Adam is coming off as sour grapes once again. He chastised Sally in Society because she said she thought they were friends, but Adam retorted that she knew how he felt about her -- and it wasn't friends. Then he had to stick it to Nick and tell Sally that Nick would never love her because Sharon had always been the love of his life, and Sally was simply Nick's latest substitute. Hah, Nick told Adam to stop making a fool of himself. I wonder where Adam gets his information, or does he make it up as he goes with the hope it will pack a punch? Adam has no idea what Nick's relationship is with Sharon, and assuming something doesn't make it true.

Nick is such an opposite to Adam. He told Sally to take all the time she needed to sort through her feelings for Adam, and until she made that decision, they would call their relationship a situation. I really hate to admit it, but I am beginning to like the Nick and Sally coupling. Sally has changed so much -- and for the better. She and Nick seem to have such an easy rapport. He treats her well without all the scheming and manipulation.

I thought it was so cute, Nick offering Sally and Chloe a loan to start their own fashion business and brand. The old Sally would have jumped on that in a heartbeat, but this new Sally is cautious about the actions she takes and doesn't want to be beholden to anyone. We will have to wait and see if she will finally cave, if my scenario about being hired by Jill will become a reality, or if she will strike out on her own. Sally has had some ideas about what she wants to do, but she wants to do them on her own. She actually turned down Nick's generous offer.

Last but not least, Devon and Abby. Look what a little afternoon delight accomplished. No, not a pregnancy (yet...), but the destruction of two relationships that seemed to have been so solid: Devon and Amanda, and Abby and Chance. Both couples had been through so much with and for each other, but Devon and Abby couldn't keep their hands off each other or their clothes on.

Amanda had forgiven Devon for having slept with Elena in the past, but she couldn't forgive him again. She told Devon she couldn't compete with his and Abby's friendship bond. Chance had seen that bond after he'd returned from Spain. He'd also seen how much Abby depended on Devon rather than him, yet Abby expected so much from Chance. She turned to Devon because Chance was always working, and she couldn't have that perfect family unity. Abby, in my opinion, has always lived in a fantasy world where life should be according to that fantasy.

She wanted Chance to have a nine-to-five job, come home, and spend time as a family. She knew Chance had odd hours as a detective before they got married, but once their vows were said and they had a child, somehow, everything changed. Abby wanted the perfect fairytale happily ever after. That is an unreal expectation, and Abby really needs to grow up and face reality. Chance told Abby they were over and that she belonged with Devon. I disagree; they are great as friends, but not so much as a couple.

I hope you have enjoyed my views, and that's it for me for this week. Stay safe, and happy Thanksgiving to all my readers in the United States.

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