All My Children Recaps: The week of December 25, 2000 on AMC

Liza, Adam, and Mateo tried to dissuade Hayley from turning herself in. Erica walked out on Bianca after accusing Sarah of turning Bianca into a lesbian. Greenlee was arrested after Bianca revealed that Greenlee had pushed Laura off of the yacht. Leslie's obsession with Tad continued to grow.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 25, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, December 25, 2000

Due to the Christmas holiday, All My Children did not air.

Tuesday, December 26, 2000

Special thanks to Susan Richmond for helping with today's recap.

"Arlene is not dead," Hayley chattered in disbelief. She recalled that she'd received a note and a Christmas present from her mother. She then looked at her father and reminded him that he'd met with Arlene in Europe and gotten her to sign the divorce papers. Mateo flashed an angry glare at his father-in-law. "Sweetheart, it's true," Adam replied. Adam recounted how he'd stumbled across Arlene's lifeless body and subsequently dumped her overboard. Hearing the truth, Hayley fainted into her husband's arms. Hayley came to rather quickly, but Adam wanted to call a doctor. Hayley, however, insisted that she'd be fine. Hayley wanted to know why everyone had lied to her. Liza countered that they were not lying, but rather trying to "take care" of her. Hayley stumbled to admit that she had killed her mother. When she was able to say the words, Hayley decided that she had to find Derek and confess. As she walked away, Mateo grabbed her arm and prevented her from leaving. Mateo tried to convince Hayley that she could not turn herself in to Derek. He explained that she'd be put in jail and that she might even be sentenced to death. Hayley, however, remained convinced that she had to come clean. Liza took over for Mateo, noting that she, Mateo, Arlene and Adam would all go to jail with Hayley because they were accessories in the crime. Mateo asked to speak to Hayley in private. There, he asked Hayley to forget about the darkness of the past and think about their bright future together and their plans for a family. "How can I think about that when I killed my mother?" Hayley sobbed. Mateo stepped out of the room to get Hayley some tea, but when he returned she was gone. Mateo grabbed his jacket and raced towards the door... which was left wife open.

Dixie and Tad puttered about The Valley Inn. Leslie strolled in and quickly wandered over to the couple. Dixie had to step away and Tad immediately took Leslie to task for her repeated interruptions and unwanted appearances. As they talked, the hotel concierge walked over and informed Tad that his suite was ready. Tad looked at the man and said that he had no idea what he was talking about; he had not booked a room. By the time Dixie returned, Leslie was gone. At the front desk, Leslie flashed a wad of cash at the concierge. At the same time, she lectured him for being indiscrete. Tad had ordered the suite, she explained, but it was not for him and his wife. The man behind the desk nodded understandingly.

Over at the Martin home, the family gathered together and toasted the holiday with some eggnog. A group of carolers showed up on the doorstep to serenade the family with holiday tunes. When one of the carolers asked the Martin clan if they'd like to join them, Brooke, Opal, Petey, Laura and Jamie all agreed and headed out to do some caroling. When offered some hot chocolate by one of the carolers, Laura mused that she hoped it wasn't spiked.

Gillian arrived at the turret on the Wildwind estate and found it bedecked for the holidays. Gillian was amazed that Ryan had somehow transformed their makeshift home. Ryan smiled warmly and told Gillian that he'd realized that he had his own incredible dream that he was ignoring. Ryan presented Gillian with a gift, one that he'd found in a store window. Gillian is shocked to see that Ryan's gift is the very same cameo that she had pawned. Ryan offers a toast to Gillian, "To the love of my life." Gillian adds, "To the Christmas we both got everything we ever wanted."

Erica turned her back to her daughter and started to fuss with the ornaments on the Christmas tree. Bianca called out to her mother and asked her to turn around and face her. Erica didn't budge. Instead, she reminded Bianca that they were running "terribly late" for their press conference. Again Bianca asked her mother to turn around. This time, Erica obliged her. Bianca apologized to her mother for blurting out the news that she's gay. Erica bowed her head slightly and said that she now realized that sending Bianca to rehab was a horrible mistake because of what "that horrible girl" did to her. Bianca defended Sarah, saying that she still loved Sarah very much. Bianca told Erica how Sarah was marrying Ian to appease her mother. Erica appeared indifferent and told Bianca that she should not involve herself in Sarah's troubles. Erica said that she hoped that after Bianca had some time to cool off she might... Bianca stopped her mid-sentence. "What? That I won't be gay?" she snapped. Erica turned nervously and demanded that Bianca never utter those words again. Bianca defended her sexuality, saying that she knows that her feelings are not part of a phase. She also insisted that Sarah had not "converted" her. Erica wondered aloud if Bianca was somehow rebelling against her because of her numerous failed relationships. Perhaps, she suggested, Bianca had not yet met the right man. Erica noted that she had not yet found the right man for her and that she was not "that way." Bianca again rallied against her mother's remarks, saying that she and Sarah were lovers. Erica's voice became faint. She recalled that she had once told Mona that she would rather die than be like her. At that time, Mona warned her daughter that one day her daughter would say something equally as hateful to her. "I never imagined you could be that cruel," Erica said to Bianca. Erica walked towards the door, but when she opened it she learned that she could not make a hasty exit. A group of carolers lingered outside and sang "Joy To The World." Erica thanked the singers and tried to dismiss them, but Opal asked her gal pal to bundle up and join them. Laura, meanwhile, wished Bianca a Merry Christmas. Bianca returned the sentiment before quickly returning inside. Jackson arrived just seconds later and Opal told him that something was "going on" with Erica. Jack approached Erica and reminded her that she had a gaggle of media folks at The Valley Inn waiting for her. Jack asked Erica if there was a problem, but Erica assured him that everything was fine. Erica insisted that she had to leave and rushed out of the house ignoring Bianca's cries for her mother to stay. "Mom, this is important to me," she cried. Jack comforted his niece with a hug. Jack and Bianca sat down for a heart-to-heart talk. Jackson explained to Bianca that Erica had spent most of her adult life looking for a man to take her father's place. "And now I think she's afraid that maybe you're looking for a woman to replace her," he said softly. Bianca thought the idea of wanting to replace Erica was crazy. Jack urged Bianca to give her mother some time to understand everything that's taken place. Eventually, he said optimistically, everything would work itself out. Bianca asked her how he felt knowing that she's gay. Jack assured Bianca that he loves her and that there's nothing that could ever change that. "I wish mom felt the way you do," Bianca whispered.

Erica showed up at The Valley Inn and informed the reporters that there has been a change in her plans. Bianca, she said glowingly, had decided that her boyfriend was more important than a modeling career. Still smiling for the cameras, Erica announced that she would be the sole model for the new campaign. Erica excused herself and headed to the ladies' room. There, she reflected on the day that Bianca was born and sobbed openly.

Now at the Martin house, Dixie told Tad that she sort of liked Leslie and asked if there was anyone special in her life. Tad nervously shrugged and said that he didn't really keep tabs on Leslie's personal life. Dixie mulled the idea of fixing Leslie up with Jake, but Tad ordered Dixie not to play matchmaker. Joe and Jake took turns apologizing to Dixie for their insinuations that she and David were up to something. Later, Tad and Dixie headed outside to find their Christmas wishing star. This year, Tad did the honors, wishing for "another year with my family, my wonderful family, filled with love, hope, and forgiveness. If life ever comes crashing through our front door, I hope we hang onto each other tight and remember what brought us back together will keep us that way forever." As Tad finished the wish, a deliveryman arrived with a package for him. Inside the package was one crystal champagne glass. Oddly, there was no card, no return address and no other way to find out who had sent the package.

At The Valley Inn, Leslie holds a matching glass in her hands. In a private toast, she says, "To [Tad] and me, and New Year's Eve, when we'll be toasting the future together."

Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Leo and Greenlee were snuggling outside the boathouse. Leo complained about the cold weather and asked to go back to their nice warm loft, but Greenlee insisted on staying because this was their "special place". She told Leo she knew this would be the best Christmas ever. They went into the boat house and were kissing passionately when some kid yelled to them "Go some place else if you're going to suck your wife's lungs out!". Leo didn't tell the kid that Greenlee wasn't his wife, instead, Leo just said "If you had a wife as luscious as mine you'd be kissing her too!". The kid left and Greenlee is thrilled that Leo didn't deny that she was his wife. He told her it was because she felt like it, they went to bed together, woke up together, lived their lives for each other. He told her that he is the man he is today because of her. Greenlee told him she had another gift for him and pulled out a toboggan she'd hidden in the boathouse. Leo wasn't sure about sledding but Greenlee was very enthusiastic so out they went.

As Leo and Greenlee went running off with the new toboggan Brooke and Laura walked up. Laura stopped when she saw Greenlee and Brooke asked what was wrong. Laura said Greenlee gave her the creeps. Her mother asked why she didn't like Greenlee and Laura replied "It's like she has more than one face." Brooke said Greenlee did Laura a favor by telling her who pushed her off the yacht. Laura said she doesn't believe it was really Bianca, that they had a sister thing going on.

Jack came downstairs at Erica's house to find Bianca on the couch. She'd been waiting all night for Erica to come home. Jack said Erica wouldn't answer her cell phone but that she had called Enchantment and told them she wouldn't be in. Bianca said this was just what she was afraid would happen, that her mother would be embarrassed to have a gay daughter. Jack said Erica was many things but would never hate her daughter. The doorbell rang and in came Myrtle with her arms piled with gifts. She looked around the room and noticed that no gifts had been opened, Erica wasn't there and Bianca had been crying. She asked "What Grinch stole your Christmas?" and Bianca looked away guiltily. Myrtle asked what was going on and Jack told her something unexpected had come up. Bianca told her that her mother was very upset with her and may never want to see her again. Myrtle said no Erica would never do that. But Bianca said she told Erica something about herself. She said "I told my mother I'm gay". Myrtle looked stunned but not at all upset and gave her a big hug saying "That's it? You gave me a big scare!" Myrtle told Bianca to give her mother some time to get used to this news. Bianca said "But you didn't need any time!" and Myrtle said she'd seen it all, nothing could surprise her anymore. She told Bianca that being gay was just part of who she was. Bianca said she was afraid that Erica would kick her out of the house. Both Jack and Myrtle told Bianca that Erica loved her and would never kick her out. But Bianca told them they hadn't seen the way she reacted when Bianca told her she was gay, that her mother accused her of turning gay just to hurt her. They were both upset by this and Myrtle said she'd have something to say to Erica about that and they need to find her now. The phone rang and Jack answered it but it was Rae, Myrtle's daughter in Llanview. She asked Myrtle to come right away so Jack offered to drive Myrtle to the train station. He told Bianca to stay at the house and wait for her mom to come back. After they left Bianca wandered around the house and then sat down at the piano. She played a bit of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and got up, put her coat on and went out the door.

Dimitri was walking through the park and found Erica sitting on a swing without a coat. He wrapped her up in his coat and asked what she was doing out in the cold. She told him she had been driving around all night, "trying to make sense of this". She told Dimitri that Bianca had lost her, and that she'd lost her little girl. Erica explained that Bianca had convinced herself that she's gay. Dimitri could only say "Wow. That's alot for you to take in." He did tell her to thank God that Bianca was not sick; she didn't have a relapse. Erica said she has gay friends and knows how tough that lifestyle is. She said she can see Bianca suffering but that she's suffering too. Erica said that if Bianca keeps insisting that this is how she is her whole life will be so difficult. She also couldn't believe that Bianca knew what she wanted to be at 16. Dimitri told Erica that she ought to be able to understand, since she had known from the cradle that she wanted to be a star. But Erica told Dimitri that this wasn't about career choices and then asked how Bianca got so confused. Erica went on to blame "that horrible girl from rehab" and Bianca's awful stepmother, Barbara. She heaped the blame squarely on Barbara's shoulders, saying she'd treated Bianca as an unwanted stepchild, that Bianca had even told her mother that several times. Dimitri wondered if this was just a cry for help then, maybe a temporary thing. Erica grabbed on to that thought and brightened considerably. She cuddled up to Dimitri saying he was always there when she needed him. He looked rather uncomfortable and pulled back from her. He told her he had heard from Alex and Erica asked if she told him why she ran off. Dimitri overlooked this cutting remark and explained that their call had been cut off and he had the feeling Alex was being held against her will. Erica asked him to have breakfast with her but he declined saying he had to meet with someone who might have news about Alex. He told Erica to go home to Bianca and to be there for her. He walked her to her car, telling her to keep his coat and he'd pick it up later. She said that would give her something to look forward to.

Mateo and Adam went to Wildwind looking for Hayley. They told Ryan and Gillian that Hayley took off last night and they thought she'd come there but no one had seen her at the house. Ryan, Gillian and Edmund asked why Hayley would run off but Adam and Mateo wouldn't give any information. Edmund told them that if she showed up he'd call them immediately. Mat and Adam left and Mateo lit into Adam, blaming him for Hayley's disappearance. Mat felt that Hayley was probably at the police station but Adam disagreed. Finally Adam agreed to go to the Pine Valley Police Station to look for Hayley.

Hayley arrived at the police station with her friend and AA buddy Axel. Axel asked Hayley if she was sure she wanted to do this and she said she was. He offered to call her father and her husband but she refused, saying they'd just try to talk her out of doing this. Axel asked "What did you do Hayley, rob a bank?" and Hayley replied "I wish!". After a hug from Axel, she asked to speak with Derek Frye. Derek took Hayley into an interrogation room. Axel waited outside and Adam and Mateo came rushing in. They asked if Axel had seen Hayley and he pointed them to the room she had just entered with Derek Frye. They barged into the room before Hayley had a chance to say anything. Adam told Derek he had some new information he had to give Hayley so Derek gave them 5 minutes to talk. Mateo asked Hayley why she didn't call him and she told him she needed to find an AA meeting before she found a bottle. Adam told her that if she comes forward and confesses, he'd confess to being an accomplice. Mateo said he would too and so would Liza and Marian. Adam said that Hayley had a good defense, that she was drugged (Libidozone) and had found her mother accosting her husband. He told Hayley that she'd get off but that the rest of them would end up in prison for covering up the crime. This convinced Hayley not to confess when Derek came back into the room. She told him that she had definitely seen Arlene on the boat that night, they had gotten into a fight and then she'd gotten on a shuttle back to shore. Hayley claimed that that was the last time she'd seen her mother. Derek asked why she didn't tell him that before and Hayley blamed the Libidozone. He also asked her why they got into a fight and Hayley told him her mother was jealous of her relationship with Mateo and had asked Hayley to run away with her. Derek asked Hayley if she knew where her mother was now and Hayley replied "Amsterdam, I think" Still suspicious, Derek asked Hayley if there was anything else she hadn't told him. She said no, she'd told him everything. The subject of the missing necklace was brought up and Adam said if Arlene had stolen the necklace she wouldn't have been dumb enough to wear it on the yacht. Derek let Hayley, Adam and Mateo leave, and then told another officer to call immigration to see if Arlene had entered Amsterdam.

While Brooke and Laura were by the pond Greenlee and Leo ran back into the boathouse. Leo had fallen through the ice and was soaking wet. Greenlee wrapped a blanket around Leo and said when he fell in the water her life flashed before her eyes. He said "Your life? What about my life?" and she told him he was her life. He told Greenlee he had seen a stand outside selling hot cider and to go get him some. She left and Laura came in to check on him. He told her what happened and insisted he was fine. He ran out to find Greenlee and the hot cider.

Laura stepped back outside the boathouse and Bianca walked up. She asked to speak to Laura alone and Brooke said she didn't think it was a good idea. Laura said she'd be fine and the two girls walked over to the boathouse together. Bianca apologized for not telling her who pushed her into the water. Bianca told Laura she'd been holding back for personal reasons and those reasons didn't exist anymore so she could tell Laura who really pushed her.

Brooke walked over to Laura as Bianca walked away. Greenlee and Leo came back to the boathouse and Laura grabbed Greenlee's arm saying very loudly "You wicked bitch! Bianca didn't push me off the yacht! You did!"

Edmund was on the phone Dixie and told her he couldn't host the Crystal Ball this year. Gillian and Ryan overheard him and said they'd do it. Edmund asked if they were sure and they were both thrilled to do it so Edmund told Dixie to come over later for a planning session. Edmund thanked Gillian and Ryan, telling them that it means a lot to him to have the Crystal Ball happen. Gillian picked up a candle and said that its flame could be the theme for the ball. A light in memory of Maria and a light for hope for the future.

Bianca arrived home to an empty house. After she took her coat off Erica came home. They stood apart, just looking at each other sadly.

Thursday, December 28, 2000

"Did your brain freeze? I didn't push you off the yacht," Greenlee blasts, as Laura blames her at the park for pushing her overboard. Greenlee asserts that she is "just as much a victim" as Laura is and demands to know who hates her so much to spread such an evil lie about her. Laura only says that it is someone that she trusts and Greenlee lets her know that she "trusts the wrong people." Laura asks her why she did it and wonders what she ever did to her. Before Greenlee can respond, Leo steps in and tells Laura and Brooke that Greenlee could never do something that malicious. Greenlee agrees and says that someone "obviously has a vendetta" against her and she demands to know who's "trashing" her behind her back. Leo looks stunned when Laura finally admits that Bianca was the one who revealed the truth to her and Greenlee remarks that Bianca was the one who pushed Laura in and is now putting the blame on her to save her own skin. Leo asks when Bianca told her this and Laura confides that it was when they were off getting apple cider. Greenlee laughs and wonders how "Bianca just happens by and fesses up that I'm the big bad sea wolf." Brooke interjects with the fact that Bianca looked shaken up and that she wasn't putting on an act. Leo asks why, if this is actually what happened, would it take so long to tell the truth and Greenlee agrees that this is further proof that Bianca is guilty of the crime. Laura asks how she figures that and Greenlee tells her that "Bianca enjoys being (her) little buddy" and theorizes that she misses Laura's friendship and has fabricated the lie to place the blame on someone else so they could be friends again. Brooke is doubtful and asks why she would choose Greenlee as they hardly know each other. Greenlee declares that Bianca hates her, thereby making her the easiest choice. Laura stands behind Bianca's allegations Greenlee presses her to tell her what else Bianca said. Laura divulges that Bianca couldn't tell her before because of a "personal reason" and that it doesn't matter anymore. Shocked, Greenlee tells Laura that Bianca can't be taken seriously because she's "unstable" and is just "acting out." Leo admits that "something doesn't add up" because "even though she's been through a lot, she's always been well adjusted with (him)" and Greenlee states this is due to the fact that she wants him to love her. Holding Laura, Brooke declares that it's time to bring in the police and Greenlee loudly disagrees, stating that Bianca can't be held responsible for something that was either an accident or triggered by the Libidozone. She says that Bianca is suffering through a lot of problems and by introducing the police into the situation, things could get much worse. Brooke argues that both Greenlee and Bianca blame one another yet neither have any incriminating proof. Greenlee nonchalantly asks what the "dilemma" is and states they can either believe her, "a member of one of Pine Valley's most respected families or Bianca, the poster child for troubled teens." Confused, Leo confesses that he's never believed that Bianca pushed Laura over and asks Laura if she didn't misunderstand something Bianca said. Laura insists that she hasn't and Leo refuses to believe that Greenlee pushed her overboard. Frustrated, Laura runs over to Leo, puts her hands on his chest and begs for him to listen to her side of the story. Suddenly, Greenlee grabs Laura's shoulder and pulls her away from Leo demanding her to "get away from him. Leo's mine." Laura suddenly flashes back to when she was in the water and she looked up to see Greenlee laughing uproariously and yelling, "Leo's mine! There are other fish in the sea!" Laura shakily tells everyone what she has just remembered and says that she is positive that Greenlee pushed her in. Nervous, Greenlee asks how she can be sure it was her as there were many people on deck when she fell in. Laura counters that no one else would tell her to stay away from Leo. Brooke pulls Laura towards her and tells her that she is not finished with the situation or with Greenlee and the pair leave. Alone, Greenlee thanks Leo for defending her and wonders aloud if anyone would believe that she would ever do something so "déclassé" as to push someone overboard. A silent Leo sits down and tries to take in everything that has just happened. Greenlee laughs at how pathetic the "porno princess" and the "tortured Lesbianca" are and Leo half-heartedly smiles along with her. Greenlee suggests the pair order and pizza and goes to her bag to get her cell phone. When she turns around, Leo has disappeared. Greenlee returns to the boathouse and is gathering her things when Derek arrives and informs Greenlee of her rights as he arrests her for the attempted murder of Laura English.

An exhausted Erica arrives home and Bianca asks her where she has been. Erica confesses that she was driving around all night and visited the beach, the high school and the park that Bianca played in when she was a little girl. She tells Bianca that she has done a lot of thinking and crying and that she knows now what she must do. Erica tells Bianca to come to her and she envelops her in a warm hug. Still embracing, Erica tells her daughter that she has shocked her and that she had to clear her head. She has trouble admitting that she didn't know how to react when Bianca told her she was gay and so she reacted badly. Moving away from Bianca, Erica confesses that she wasn't considering her own daughter's suffering and pain and that she wants her to be able to tell her anything without fear of disapproval. Bianca admits that she knew she would be hurt and that she didn't want her to be disappointed. Erica tells her that Dimitri helped her acknowledge this and allowed her to realize that she was only adding on to Bianca's suffering. Erica adamantly states that this will never happen again, that she's with her every step of the way and that she's going to "fix everything." Bianca asks her what it is exactly that needs fixing because nothing is broken. Erica holds Bianca's hands and tells her that she's a "strong girl that has faced a lot of adversity in her life" starting with the custody battle when she "lost" her to Barbara and Travis. She denounces Barbara as an "evil stepmother" who loved her own children more that Bianca. Confused, Bianca asks if this is why she's gay and Erica tells her she only thinks she's gay. She reasons that Bianca has been "searching for a mother's love" and promises that she will now have it as they are going to build a strong mother-daughter relationship that won't require her to look for other women in her life. Bianca frustratingly tries to convince Erica that loving her won't cure her and when Erica compares her sexuality to her eating disorder, Bianca says this is not something that can be resolved through "rehabilitation or a 12 Step Program." Erica adamantly assures Bianca that she will now help her find her way and Bianca wonders if the way is to "a husband and kids behind a picket fence." She asks Erica if she remembers telling her about her first crush on Phil Brent. Erica recounts telling her about "the butterflies (she) felt and (their) first kiss and how nothing was more important in the world than (them)" and tells Bianca that she wants her to experience these feelings. "I have Mom," Bianca replies, "with Sarah." Erica insists that it wasn't love Bianca felt and that Sarah took advantage of a young girl when she was most vulnerable. Bianca counters that she loved Sarah and Erica asks her if she wants to be gay. Bianca tells her mother that she didn't choose to fall in love with Sarah, that it just happened and the times they spent together were the happiest of her life. She admits that even though she cherished the memories with Sarah, she still had a wish that she was straight and tells Erica that she asked Leo to make love to her. Shocked, Erica asks if he did and Bianca tells her that he didn't because he is too good a friend to her and one that she doesn't happen to be attracted to. Erica tries to convince her that she just hasn't found the right guy yet, but Bianca becomes angry and tells her that "it's not a whim and it's not a phase" and all she wants from her mother is acceptance. Erica covers her face as she asks what kind of a future there is for a lesbian, who won't have the "joy of experiencing motherhood" or marriage and tells her not to worry because they'll be "better off with the help of experts." Erica leaves and a few moments later, Leo storms in and asks Bianca to tell him if Greenlee pushed Laura overboard. Bianca hesitates and confirms the allegations. Angrily, Leo attacks Bianca and asks her why she didn't tell the truth earlier when "honesty and trust are so important to (her)." Bianca admits that Greenlee blackmailed her and that she was afraid to let her mother learn about her sexuality. Quietly, Erica perches on the stairs, listening to every word.

Gillian and Ryan are planning the Crystal Ball when Gillian tells him that he's "incredible" because a few days ago he wanted to blow off the holidays and now he's organizing Pine Valley's biggest party. As the two embrace, Ryan admits she's his inspiration and that they may be broke but that they have a lot to celebrate. Edmund and Dimitri interrupt with news that they have a plan to link David to Alex's disappearance and "possibly the whole issue with Libidozone." Gillian and Ryan asked to be filled in but Dimitri affirms that it's best that they are "left out of the loop" but that David "doesn't stand a chance." They are interrupted by Dixie who stops by with the list of invitations she has sent out. Dimitri and Edmund leave to sort out the details and Gillian asks Dixie if it will bother her to be working so closely with the two of them. Dixie admits that she loves Jake and hates to see him suffering but that she also loves Gillian and that she knows she followed her heart with Ryan so she is happy for them. Gillian declares that the love between Tad and Dixie gets "stronger and deeper" and admits that this is what she wants for her and Ryan. Dixie confesses that the secret to a happy marriage is to take it "one day at a time" and that they "can't ignore problems or become complacent or get distracted. Love isn't blind. It's easy to have temptation going on but if (they) focus on what's important to (them), then love will find a way." David suddenly walks in and asks Dixie what she is doing there. Gillian coldly informs him that they're planning the Crystal Ball together and the trio leave as Dimitri and Edmund enter and thank David for stopping by. Edmund admits that they asked him to come over because they're "concerned about the day to day operations of the Andressi foundation." Instantly insulted, David asks them if they don't think he can handle it. Dimitri tells him this is not why they have invited him over and asks him if there's anything they can do to make things run smoother. David remarks that there is and pulls out some forms. He explains that the banks won't release funds without a co-signer but Dimitri could change this by filling out the forms, thereby making only David's signature required. Dimitri agrees but Edmund interjects and states that the account was made that way for a reason. Angrily, David accuses Edmund of not trusting him with the funds but Edmund says that they should only hold off for a little while until Alex gets back. David counters that no one knows where Alex is, when she's returning or if she's even alive. Dimitri surprises David by telling him that she is alive because he has just spoken to her. David asks Dimitri what Alex said and Dimitri repeats that she said she was fine and not to worry. David hurriedly asks where she is, why she left and what happened but Dimitri has no answers. Instead, he asks if David can give them any clues as to where she may be but David confesses that she has never confided anything to him. Edmund declares that it's no secret that the two of them never got along and wonders aloud if Alex pushed David a little to far that night on the boat and David pushed back a little harder until "things went overboard." A dumbfounded and insulted David tells Dimitri that he can't believe he's being accused for Alex's disappearance and turns to leave. Dimitri stops him and tells him that they're just desperately trying to exhaust every possibility. David agrees with their strategy but admits that he doesn't appreciate being treated as a suspect and asks Dimitri if they hadn't established a basis of trust when he was ill. Dimitri agrees they had and David says that he will help them in any way that he can to find Alex. Dimitri assures him that if they find anything, he will be the first to know.

David goes to leave, but Dixie stops him at the doors and asks him what's going on. He asks her if she wants to be seen with him alone and Dixie closes the parlor doors. David tells her what has just occurred and Dixie tries to convince him that the pair are "worried sick about Alex" and that he shouldn't take it too personally. She tells him it's Christmas and David tells her that an elderly patient of his died on the table last night, even though he promised his grandchildren that he would be home in time for Christmas. David admits that he tried everything he could but he was helpless. David once again turns to leave and Dixie tells him not to go yet. She offers him her company but David tells her that it's not in her best interest to be seen with him. Dixie insists that she can befriend anyone she pleases.

In the parlor, Edmund and Dimitri revel in how their plan is taking shape. Edmund states that David is clearly guilty and now that he has access to the funds, it will be easier for them to catch him when he screws up. Dimitri pats Edmund on the arm and tells him, "You got that right brother."

Tad goes to meet Joe for lunch and is informed that he's with a patient and he settles with a magazine. In the office, Joe looks at a chart and tells his new patient that there is not physical reason for why she is feeling run down. He suggests that stress or depression could be the culprit and asks if there is any stress at the office or in her personal life. Joe tells the unknown woman that he understands that she may feel awkward answering his questions on the first visit but he hopes that she will be able to confide in him. A nervous Leslie nods her head in agreement. Leslie reaches for a Kleenex and Joe tells her that his family will always be grateful for the help that she gave Jake during his custody battle. Leslie declares that this means a lot to her and that his family is very special. Joe presses her to reveal what is bothering her and Leslie dramatically replies that "it's nothing really, just a personal problem that (she) should be able to deal with." Joe lets her know that "emotional problems take their toll just as physical ones do" and that she need not worry about anyone else finding out because he is a strong upholder of the doctor-patient confidentiality agreement. Leslie cries crocodile tears as she confesses that she's never done anything like this before and tells him that she's been having an affair with a married man.

Tad rises from his chair to return the magazine as Leslie and Joe exit the office. Tad inquires as to what she is doing there and Leslie informs him that she went to see Joe because she was feeling a "bit under the weather." She thanks Joe for his time and leaves. Tad and Joe enter the office and when Joe appears to be a little distracted, Tad asks if what Leslie told him disturbed him. When Joe reminds him of the doctor-patient confidentiality, Tad apologizes for prying and suggests that since Leslie is doing legal work for Chandler Enterprises, perhaps he could "help her" if she was having problems. Joe tells him that Leslie is capable of taking care of herself and hopes that she can resolve her situation before it gets too serious. Tad wishes aloud, "Don't we all?" Joe says that Leslie's appointment went long and asks if they can just go to the cafeteria for lunch instead. Tad rises to leave and offers to reschedule but Joe makes him stay. As he sits back down, Joe asks Tad "what's going on" and tells him that he knows something is on his mind. Tad confesses that he has a problem and has no idea what to do about it and Joe asks if it's about Dixie. Tad insists that it's not and that it's just that he hasn't been himself lately. He admits to losing both the monogrammed pen that Dixie gave him and his briefcase that he took to New York that contained all of his papers and a cherished wedding photo of him and Dixie. Aloud, Tad states that he feels like he's losing his mind and hopes it stops before he loses something "really important."

At the Valley Inn, Tad's clothing hangs in the closet and his papers litter the room. Leslie sits at the desk, rewriting "To my dearest Leslie, I live to be with you." Behind her, Tad and Dixie's smiling wedding photo sits on the night stand, but a cropped photo of Leslie's face covers Dixie's.

Friday, December 29, 2000

Derek escorts Greenlee to a jail cell. She is angry and indignant, saying, "What do you think you're getting away with here, Detective?" Derek corrects her, "Lieutenant." Greenlee retorts, "General, chief of flipping staff, whatever. Oh!, I am not in jail!" Derek says, "Well, yeah, you are, actually." Greenlee insists, "I don't belong in here." Derek says sarcastically, "Well, I'll work on an upgrade with the concierge." He offers to call her grandfather, but Greenlee adamantly demands that he not. As Derek leaves, she tells him, "You're going to be sorry for this. You are." Greenlee cringes as she looks around her cell. Later on, an officer takes her to make her phone call. He takes her arm but she flings his arm away. She calls Leo.

Meanwhile, Leo is over at Erica's house, talking to Bianca. Erica is on the stairs, listening. Leo is incredulous, saying, "Come on, Bianca. Blackmail? I know Greenlee, and -ok, she's awful. But even Greenlee wouldn't do something like this." Bianca says, "Greenlee threatened to tell my mom that I was gay if I told anyone she was the one that pushed Laura off the yacht that night. And it worked -because she knew that there was nothing worse that she could hold over me. Nothing." When she hears this, Erica leaves and goes upstairs. Leo asks Bianca to tell him everything. Bianca tells him she almost told the truth several times, but Greenlee would swoop in and threaten her again. Leo is shocked and angry, saying, "How could she do this? Who is she? What kind of person did I fall in love with?" Bianca says, "I know this really hurts, Leo. I'm so sorry." Leo says, "I can't believe she would torture you like this. Like you haven't had enough to deal with in the last few months." He reassures Bianca that he'll make sure Greenlee doesn't tell Erica. Bianca tells him that Erica knows she is gay. She tells him about Sarah coming over, and says, "I watched her throw away who she really was to keep something that she never had to begin with. And I decided right then and there that I couldn't live that way, not even for another minute." Bianca describes how Erica walked in on Sarah and her hugging and her mother throwing Sarah out. "Then I came out, right here, for Christmas," says Bianca. Leo asks Bianca how it was and she replies, "It's bad Leo, and I don't know how it's going to get better." Then Greenlee calls and asks Leo to come bail her out of jail. Leo leaves, telling Bianca he'll talk to her soon.

Over at the jail, Leo goes to see Greenlee in her cell. He is cool but Greenlee is jabbering happily, "Now I know what you went through when your mother had you thrown in here for something you didn't do. I mean, what could be worse than having to defend yourself against bogus charges?" She goes on about the Crystal Ball and what a great time they will have. Suddenly, Leo grabs her arms and pushes her away. "You pushed Laura off the yacht," he says angrily. Greenlee is shocked and denies it. Leo explodes, "Oh, for God's sakes, Greenlee, shut up! I know! Ok? I know.... Can you stop lying to me for three seconds?" Greenlee tries to smooth things over, "I can see how mad you are and I can accept that.... But I love you and you love me. That's all that matters," she says. Greenlee claims it was a drug-induced impulse and she didn't mean it. Leo says, "Oh, you didn't mean it? That's going to be a wonderful defense, Greenlee-'I didn't mean it, your honor." Greenlee insists, "I'm not going to trial." Leo says, "You can go to hell for all I care." Leo reminds her of when he asks her if she did it. "I wanted one honest moment from you, Greenlee, but you kept lying to me over and over," he says. Greenlee tries to defend herself, saying she was afraid of losing him. But Leo says, "Even if I could forgive you for lying to me and lying to Laura, do you really think I could forgive you for abusing an innocent and vulnerable girl like Bianca? Greenlee, you tried to ruin that kid's life by blackmailing her to keep quiet.... What kind of sick human being would go after somebody's biggest fear, Greenlee? How do you ever expect me to look you in the eyes again?" Greenlee is tearful and pleading, "Can't you see? I'd do anything to keep you loving me forever." Leo replies, "You got a pretty twisted idea about what love is, Greenlee. It's awfully mother could really relate to your idea of devotion." Greenlee says, "Don't compare me to Vanessa." Leo says, "Greenlee, you're just like her.... It's a pretty tight race on who's a bigger bitch." Greenlee pleads with him to get her out of there and let her make it up to him. "I'll die without you, Leo!" she says. Leo says, "I'll die if I stay." He throws the apartment key into the cell and says he will never set foot in that apartment again. He leaves and Greenlee cries.

Then Derek brings Greenlee's grandfather to see her. She says, "I told you not to call my grandfather. I never wanted you to see me like this, Granddaddy. I don't know what you heard." Her grandfather appears angry and exasperated. He is very brusque with her. He asks if she was drugged, and when she says yes, he tells her that will be her lawyer's defense and they'll get the charges dropped. She asks if he called her parents and he tells her they're in Switzerland. "They don't want anything to do with me, do they?" she says. Her grandfather coldly says, "Let me make sure your bail is in order." He leaves and Greenlee sinks to her knees, sobbing her heart out.

Meanwhile, back at Erica's house, Erica tries to comfort Bianca, "Honey, I heard what that horrible Greenlee did to you. I am so, so sorry." She hugs Bianca. Erica tells her she wishes Bianca could have come to her sooner and asks if Bianca was that afraid of her. Bianca says, "Mom, the only reason Greenlee blackmailed me is because I let her. I mean, if I didn't care if she told you about my being gay, then-." When Bianca mentions being gay, Erica becomes visibly upset and cuts her off, "No reason to rehash this. And about this -this gay thing." Bianca, looking troubled, repeats, "This gay thing?" Erica asks, "Who else knows? You're not telling people, are you?" Bianca tells her that Uncle Jack and Myrtle know. Erica says, "I know Myrtle won't tell anyone. No, I am confident that we can contain this whole thing." Bianca is disturbed, saying, "Contain this? Mom, you make it sound like an Ebola outbreak or something." Erica wants to know how Greenlee found out. Bianca tells Erica how Leo and Greenlee found her at a gay bar that Rain had taken her to. Erica says, "First, this Rain, she tries to turn you into a panhandler, and now she's trying to turn you into a--." Bianca finishes, "A lesbian?" Erica says, "Bianca, you are so impressionable. I don't think you should be putting labels on yourself. I don't think you should even be making a choice like this for yourself at this time." Bianca replies, "It isn't a choice. It's who I am." Erica wants Bianca to see a psychiatrist, Dr. McGrath, immediately. Bianca says, "Mom, I'm not going to get cured. So as much as you pay this psychiatrist of yours, please just drop it." Erica says, "I've already consulted with Dr. McGrath." "Why?" says Bianca, "What do you expect him to do, Mom, deprogram me? It doesn't work that way." Erica thinks Bianca is confused and says, "I know that's what you believe, but Bianca, what I'm hearing is a cry for help. And I'm here. I'm here to help you with that." Bianca insists, "Mom, I'm not going to start liking men, not the way you think I'm supposed to." Erica says, "This belief of yours that you can't have a great relationship with a man-it's all about not wanting to walk down the same path I have. You look at me-I've had one failed relationship with a man after another, and you say to yourself, 'uh-uh, I 'm not going to do that. I'm going to choose another way.' And you have, mistakenly. And Dr. McGrath can help you get back on track." Bianca says, "To happily ever after?" Erica says, "Yes, isn't that the goal, Bianca?" A man delivers Erica's dress for the Crystal Ball. Bianca says she hasn't thought about what she is going to wear. Erica looks disturbed and says Bianca isn't going. Bianca says, "You don't want me there?" Erica says she thought Bianca hates parties and it's an adult event. Then Erica leaves on an errand.

Erica goes to the jail to see Greenlee. Erica tells her, "You listen to me, you nasty, poor excuse for a woman. You say one word about my daughter-one word-and I will find you and I will ruin your life." She tells Greenlee that Leo is well rid of her. She leaves and Greenlee says, "You don't scare me. And I'm not losing Leo to anyone."

Back at Erica's house, Jack comes to see Bianca. She tells him her mother doesn't want her at the ball because she's ashamed of her. Jack says he will take her to the Crystal Ball, that he will save her from her mother's worst instincts and it's what Travis would do if he were here.

Leslie is at the Valley Inn. Tad comes in and confronts her about going to see his father. He tells her she is sick, (meaning obsessed) and he could get a rabbit and she could get busy making soup. Leslie starts to cry. Tad gets out a handkerchief and several plastic cards fall out of his pocket. Leslie helps pick them up. She whines, "Why are you being so awful to me, so dismissive?" Tad replies, "Because talking to you like an adult doesn't seem to work?" He tells her to back off and grabs her arms. Leslie sees Jake behind Tad and hugs Tad suddenly. Jake has his divorce papers for Leslie. She goes to check the papers and Jake asks Tad what is going on between him and Leslie. Tad says he took Leslie off retainer at Chandler Enterprises and that's why she hugged him. Jake doesn't buy it. Leslie returns with the papers and tells Jake she'll see him at the Crystal Ball. Jake leaves. Tad tells Leslie not to talk to him or anyone in his family and it would be better if she didn't go to the ball. Leslie plays innocent and says she's not trying to ruin his marriage. Tad says she's being deliberately dense and he leaves. Leslie picks up a phone and orders a necklace for the Crystal Ball. She pretends to be Tad's wife and charges it to his credit card, which she picked up before.

David and Dixie are eating together. He wants her to come back to work for him, but she refuses. She asks him if he had any happy childhood memories. They end up swiping serving trays at the restaurant and going sledding on them. They are both laughing and having fun. They end up at the boathouse and Dixie complains her hands are cold. David rubs them and blows on them. There is a good deal of sexual tension between them. Dixie hears Junior and his friend coming so she and David hide. After the kids are gone, Dixie wonders why she hid. David says, "How much longer are you going to pretend that this isn't right in front of us?" Dixie gets flustered and leaves.



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