General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 25, 2000 on GH

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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 25, 2000 on GH
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Monday, December 25, 2000

Due to the Christmas holiday, General Hospital did not air.

Tuesday, December 26, 2000

Roy tells Bobbie that Larkin must have planted Melissa's letter in his apartment. Laura gently explains to a hopeful Lulu why her daddy won't be home for Christmas. Though Zander is dismayed to learn that his bail has been set for two million dollars in cash, Alexis remains confident that she can still get her client out of jail in time for the holiday. Carly happily welcomes Sonny home in a big way. Audrey enlists Chloe to play an elf for the hospital's annual Christmas party. Though Bobbie urges him to report the break-in to the police, Roy refuses to let Larkin's terror tactics ruin his holiday. Alexis and Ned have an awkward encounter at the precinct house. Sorel is pleased to hear that his nemesis has returned to Port Charles just in time for the fireworks to begin. Sonny readily agrees to bail Zander out and tells Alexis he'll put the boy up in a safe house until he's ready to testify. Alan commends Ned for putting on such a brave face despite his personal pain. Sonny promises Carly and Michael he'll meet them at the hospital party following the conclusion of his business. After Alan reads the traditional story of the nativity, "Santa" Tony distributes toys to all the boys and girls in the children's ward. Zander embraces a tearful Emily as he's finally released from custody. Later, Zander, Emily, Alexis and Sonny walk out of the police station and straight into a hail of bullets.

Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Sonny, Alexis, Zander, and Emily were walking out of the Police Headquarters. When Zander was at the steps he let out a primal scream to acknowledge his freedom. He was so happy to be free that he ran down the stairs and began to play in the snow and then started throwing snowballs at Emily. Sonny and Alexis looked on them and were happy that they could finally share some fun times together. Zander picked Emily up and started to spin her around when he noticed two men, in police uniforms with machine guns. Then Sonny turned around and yelled get down. The men were already upon them and with machine guns. Zander covered Emily and Sonny did the same for Alexis. Both Zander and Sonny were shot. The gunmen went up to the four as they laid on the snow. One gunman was about to finish Sonny off, but the other one said let's go. Zander regained composure first and checked on Emily. Emily immediately started to scream. Sonny told Emily to be quiet and asked Alexis to go inside for help and an ambulance. Alexis noticed that Sonny was bleeding so she took off her scarf and used it to apply pressure to his wound. Sonny was unable to move. Finally Garcia and other officers from inside came out and started to take action. Garcia questioned the four and they all told them that the gunmen were police officers but the shooting happened too quickly they could not identify the shooters. Alexis kept asking where the ambulance was. Sonny was getting worst. Alexis kept reassuring him that he would be okay. Sonny asked Alexis to tell Carly that he loved her. Alexis promised that she would. After uttering those words, Sonny lost consciousness. Alexis again wondered where the ambulance was. The ambulance did seem to take a long time to arrive, but finally the EMT's started to work on Sonny and Zander.

At General Hospital, Carly, Michael, and Johnny were walking from the Christmas party as they ran into the Quartermaines (Lila, Edward, and Alan). Carly told them that Michael wanted to say good bye to them. They were thrilled to see Michael again and thanked Carly for her offering. After the Quartemaines left, Bobbie went over to her daughter and told her how proud she was of her. Carly thanked her and told her she owed it all to Sonny. He has made her aware of how important family is. Carly told her mom that even though Michael will never live in that house again, she wanted him to know his grandparents and great grandparents. Carly then said that she knew that Sonny and she were working out great, but what really made her realize this is when he left for Puerto Rico and she thought about him day and night. The man is controlling and stubborn, but he has a side that is so very warm, kind, loving, and loyal. We just fit. Bobbie confirmed that Carly and Sonny are a fit, but then asked Carly if she had told Sonny that she loved him. Carly said no. She had not told him because she is scared of uttering the words out loud. Bobbie told her she should not be scared and to let Sonny know her feelings.

Lucky and Liz were on their way to Lucky's place. Liz told him that she had a surprise for him, but was not going to give any hints. She asked him to close his eyes and then she walked him into his room. Liz had painted the room in a holiday scene. She had painted cardboard and then put it up on the walls to make a romantic holiday scene. Lucky was so surprised and pleasantly, I will add. He was in awe of how much work Liz put into his gift and how thoughtful she was. Every thing down to the fireplace looked real. Then Lucky commented that maybe he should not give his gift since it really pales in comparison. Liz insisted. He gave her a box to open and inside the box was a "Y" necklace (very shiny). Lucky told her she could take it back if she did not like it. Liz said she loved it and it was just her style. Then she asked Lucky to sing "their song." Lucky was a little hesitant because he had not played the guitar for so long and he was rusty. Liz looked at him with very pleading eyes and so he gave into her wish. They sat near the painted fireplace and held each other. They talked about how this year would be one of their best Christmases. Next the two began to kiss and caress on the floor.

Florence ran into Gia and Nikolas at the hospital and invited them to the house for dinner. Gia right away refused and cited that they already had plans. However Nikolas, being the gentleman he is, said that they would squeeze in time to stop by and have some dinner with Gia's mom. Florence was pleased and thanked Nikolas. Gia then asked Nikolas why he did not follow her lead? Why he agreed that they would stop by for dinner with her mom. He told her that it was because like Thanksgiving she would miss her family and then want to go anyway. Then Gia changed the subject and asked Nikolas why he had not informed his Uncle Stefan of their living arrangements. Nikolas told her that he was working up to that point. He wanted to slowly build up to telling his uncle. Gia asked him would she get the boot if his uncle did not approve. Nikolas reassured her that unless she did not pay the rent or something like that their living arrangements were set.

When the Quartermaines arrived home, they were puzzled as to why Emily was not home yet. Edward immediately started to give Alan and Monica a hard time, but they told him to put a sock in it. Then Ned called the police station and found out that their had been a shooting and Alexis and Emily were involved. Unfortunately Ned did not get much information, so they all went to the hospital only Chloe and Edward stayed behind. AJ came back home and was informed by Edward of the situation. Edward and AJ argued a little, but then AJ took charge and called the hospital himself. He found out the details that Emily and Alexis were unharmed and Sonny was critical and Zander was shot in the arm. Chloe and Edward were relieved. Edward went upstairs to inform Lila. Chloe complemented AJ on his handling of Edward. AJ denied doing anything really. Chloe told him not to sell himself short. She said he really does help out and is still a viable part of the family.

At police headquarters Taggert arrived and was filled in by Garcia as to the shooting. Needless to say Taggert was visibly upset that there was a shooting in front of police headquarters. Taggert told Garcia to go have Sorel picked up. After Taggert got all the information he concluded that this was an ambush; this shooting was professional, planned, and executed.

Zander and Emily arrived at the hospital first. Dr. Jones examined Zander briefly to determine the seriousness of his injury. Sonny arrived next and was in a critical state and unconscious too. Alexis walked in and overhead the nurses saying that Sonny may not make it. Alexis immediately went to look for Carly. Covered in blood Alexis walked off the elevator to meet Carly, Michael, and Johnny. When Carly saw her, she realized that something had happened. She ordered Johnny to take Michael home to Leticia and stay with them. Alexis told her that Sonny was critical and they needed to get down to ER right away. Once the elevator doors open, Carly flew down the hall to Sonny. Alexis ran into Ned and they embraced and hugged each other tightly. Carly was crying and trying to reassure Sonny. She said, baby I know you can hear me. You are going to be all right all you have to do is get through this. You can do this Sonny. Don't leave me Sonny. Please don't leave me!

Thursday, December 28, 2000

In the wake of the shooting at the precinct house, Edward decides to demand Mac Scorpio's resignation. Meanwhile, Mac cautions Marcus not to rush to judgment as Sorel is brought in for questioning. In the ER, Alan and Monica order their daughter to come home but a distraught Emily refuses to leave Zander's side. Relieved to find Alexis unharmed, Ned holds her close. A weeping Carly begs her husband to fight for his life as Sonny is wheeled into the operating room. Emily describes for Marcus how Zander saved her life by shielding her from the bullets with his own body. At the mansion, AJ confides to Chloe how he and his kid sister drifted apart after Emily began to draw closer to Jason. Alexis delivers to a tearful Carly the message Sonny sent his wife with his last breath before losing consciousness. Felicia leaps to her estranged husband's defense after Edward insists that the police commissioner be removed from his post. Juan issues an angry ultimatum to Zander. Relieved to learn that Sonny survived surgery, Carly dares to hope for the best.

Friday, December 29, 2000

. An exasperated Monica gets nowhere ordering her daughter to keep her distance from Zander. Meanwhile, Alan pays a menacing call on GH's least popular patient. Carly keeps a tearful vigil in the ICU throughout the night. When Bobbie arrives in the morning, Carly clings to her mother as she tries to convince herself that Sonny will soon be out of danger. Scott objects when Mac questions Laura about the hit on her business partner's husband. Reminding Zander that he's made Emily a target, Alan instructs the young man to remove himself from her life immediately. Alexis confides to Ned how surviving a brush with death has given her a new lease on life. Felicia pesters Mac to let her infiltrate the precinct house to ferret out the identity of the dirty cop on Sorel's payroll. Carly flies off the handle after overhearing Monica warning Bobbie to start preparing her daughter for the worst. Emily panics when Marcus threatens to put Zander back into a cell for safekeeping. Laura offers a grateful Carly some words of comfort. Chloe is in a mood to celebrate after receiving good news from Tony. Alexis decides to bring Zander home with her. Carly's hopes are revived when her husband seems to respond to the touch of little Michael's hand.

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