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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 25, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, December 25, 2000

Due to the Christmas holiday, Days of our Lives did not air.

Tuesday, December 26, 2000

Heading to Bo and Hope's wedding, Abe and Lexie get a flat tire. The Horton family arrives at Alice's house to finish putting the family ornaments on the tree and for Bo and Hope's wedding. Alice imagines talking with Tom as the family members place their special ornaments on the tree. Jennifer okays Abby hanging Jack's ornament on the tree. Rushing to the limo for the ride to the church, Jennifer and Julie help Hope get ready for the wedding. During the ride, the three women run through an assortment of troubles, a stop at the Burger Barn for a bite to eat and eventually picking up a stranded Abe and Lexie to get them to the church on time. Bo and Shawn play some one-on-one basketball at Alice's place to relax before the big event. They finally arrive at the church where Abe enters and urges the gathered crowd to give the wedding party a bit of time to compose themselves before starting the wedding.

Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Marlena arrives outside the church with the rest of the guests. Sami takes great pleasure in threatening Kate and Victor in front of Philip and Chloe. John urges Marlena to move back home to help Brady but she refuses. She asks him again to allow Bo and Hope to have J.T. and keep his paternity a secret. Inside the church, Roman and Abe realize they can't find the ring and start a big search while a nervous Bo waits. Father Jansen insists that the wedding begin because of the crowd waiting for midnight mass. When it does start, Bo emerges, holding J.T. Doug escorts Hope down the aisle and jokingly asks them to make sure this is the last time they tie the knot. The two exchange their vows and are married. During his rehab session, Belle tries to convince Brady to go to the reception with her. When he refuses, she surprises him with an electric wheelchair and suggests they go out together if not to the reception. He happily agrees and is amused when she reveals a scooter for herself to "keep up with him." At the mall the two are thrilled when Belle accidentally bumps her scooter into his leg and he feels some pain.

Thursday, December 28, 2000

The reception gets underway in Bo and Hope's back yard. Marlena advises John that she'd rather not attend but he reminds her how difficult it is for him too. Belle and Brady return home with Brady announcing that all the feeling in his legs and feet have returned. He tries to stand but can't causing Belle to urge him to take his time. He then convinces her to go to the reception especially after hearing a message from Shawn asking for her presence. Roman offers the first toast to Bo and Hope and encourages them to dwell in the love that they share, as do others at the reception. Marlena refuses when John asks her to dance. Philip and Chloe dance as well. When Marlena asks Jennifer if Jack will be returning to Salem too, Jennifer mentions that she and Jack are not together anymore. Marlena presses her for a reason Jack wouldn't want to be near Abby until Jennifer, with tears in her eyes, asks her to stop talking about something she doesn't want to discuss. Hope takes John aside and thanks him for her son. As she kisses him on the cheek, Marlena spots them. Later, Bo asks Marlena why she told Hope that he isn't J.T.'s father. He starts to blame her for past troubles but is curious when she hints that J.T.'s caused her own grief. She quickly covers and doesn't let on that John is the boy's father. Maggie drives Marlena back to the Salem Inn where she cries because of her hopelessness. Belle announces to crowd at the reception that Brady has regained feeling in his legs. John rushes to be with his son and congratulates him. Lexie, Abe and others decide to go ice-skating.

Friday, December 29, 2000

As Austin prepares to do battle with a host of enemies, Greta is offered the chance to end this nightmare by giving up her quest for the money. Austin convinces her to have courage and the battle begins. Nancy helps Mimi pack her things. When Mimi complains about Chloe, she wonders what the girl's father was like. Nancy becomes upset and won't answer. Nancy pleads with Mimi not to hurt Chloe and urges her to call a truce. Mimi meets with Jan later and is pressured to retaliate against Chloe. Jan offers to set up their latest plan for their rival. Chloe and Philip enjoy skating together and discuss their feelings for each other. After they kiss, Philip confesses that he loves her. Sami confronts Abe about Brandon and reveals that she knows all about Fay. Abe states that Brandon's imagined everything he's accused him of doing but Sami defends her friend. Abe warns Sami that Brandon can become violent but she insists that Brandon would never hurt her. Brandon and Benny agree that Abe's shooting of Brady will help their case. Fayeoverhears Brandon vow to make Abe a "dead man." She demands an explanation from her son and boasts that she has told Abe everything about his anger. Fayeinsists that there was nothing going on between her and Abe and claims that he saved their lives. Angela upsets Sami when she hands the videotape to her father. Angela overhears Brandon arguing with his mother and announces that she can't marry a man who treats his mother this way.

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