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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 25, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, December 25, 2000

Due to the Christmas holiday, As the World Turns did not air.

Tuesday, December 26, 2000

Lucinda is completely surprised when Rose and Lily appear at her place to help celebrate her birthday. Holden then arrives with a present and is followed by Sierra and Lucy. Tom, Craig and Margo explain to a concerned Lyla why they must confront Katie about the terrible mistake she's making with Simon. Lyla doesn't like surprising her with a confrontation but Margo and Craig insist that they must take the "hard line" in order to help Katie. Their efforts fail as Katie and Simon defend their marriage before taking Craig's money and leaving. Nancy, Lisa, Bob and Kim are thrilled when Penny arrives for the holidays. When Emily stops by with her son, Lisa's disturbed but Chris explains and Penny confirms how Emily was responsible for her getting a flight to Oakdale on this busy travel day. Isaac returns to the club in time to find Bryant searching for the marker he left behind about the fifteen hundred dollars. When Isaac threatens to call the police, Bryant convinces him to give him until tomorrow to get the money back to him. After a breathless Bryant runs out, Hal arrives and pleads with Isaac for some sort of "hook" to put Craig behind bars and out of his life. Hal chases down Bryant and in front of Jennifer, arrests Bryant for stealing. Denise approaches Curtis about taking dance classes at the club. Curtis convinces her to stay for dinner with Ben. She calls Isaac who accepts the invitation to dine with his brother.

Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Isaac tells Ben he needs his help. Margo blames Craig for Bryant being arrested--he pushed Hal too far. Hal denies to Margo that he had Bryant arrested because of Craig's relationship with Barbara. Tom threatens to file a lawsuit unless Bryant is allowed to speak to his family.

Ben learns that Craig is Isaac's silent partner at Java Underground. Isaac worries that Craig will call in his loan if Isaac doesn't drop the charges against Bryant. Ben is surprised when he realizes Isaac wants him to be an investor. Adam catches Jennifer trying to sneak out of the house to see Bryant and reluctantly agrees to cover for her. Margo stops Bryant when he starts to confess, enraging Hal.

Isaac catches Ben referring to Curtis as his son and Ben confirms that he wants to adopt the boy--that's why he can't be an investor, as he doesn't want any of the problems Denise had with Social Services. Isaac understands and drops his plea.

Lucinda urges Hal to punish Craig, not Bryant. A bitter Hal assures Lucinda he's going after Craig next. Bryant is touched when Sierra gives him his Christmas present, a watch. Alone with his client, Tom asks Bryant to tell him the truth.

Sierra confides to Lucinda that she blames herself for Bryant getting into trouble--she sent him away. Craig learns from Margo that Isaac was the one who filed charges against Bryant. Ben suggests Isaac ask Lisa to be his investor--she was the one who suggested he buy Java Underground in the first place. Bryant is angered when Margo reveals his dad is Isaac's partner--he thought he got the bartending job on his own. Jennifer arrives just as Hal is taking Bryant to be arraigned. Lyla and Sierra are bemused to realize Hal's daughter is Bryant's girlfriend.

Ruby gives Isaac an envelope for Bryant and runs off when Isaac asks her if she was there the night a bracelet was found. Hal refuses to let Jen accompany Bryant. Craig tells Isaac they need to settle things.

Thursday, December 28, 2000

Craig tried to get Isaac to drop the charges against Bryant for stealing the $1500.00 from the club. Craig was very surprised when Isaac refused and then turned around and offered to buy Craig's shares of the club. The two hit an impasse with neither wanting to back down.

Tom and Bryant told everyone he pleaded guilty and that he would go to trial in 2 months. Bryant then decided to go see Jen against everyone's advice. When Craig returned home and found out that Bryant went out, he got mad. Tom told him that he was just trying to get attention in any form --- even if it is bad. He also said he has learned from his mistakes; sometimes you need to pay more attention to your kids or they lash out.

Jack decided to listen to Hal and get Carly on their side. After seeing Carly, they remembered that it was one year ago that Jack proposed to her. They reflected on the past and how much they loved each other. They feel Julia made a mistake and then he decides to pop the wear a wire to nail Montgomery. Carly gets angry and defends Craig.

Simon goes to see the INS guy without Katie seeing as they barely know anything about each other. The INS said they need to both attend the meeting after their Honeymoon and then they added threats about deporting Simon if it isn't a true marriage and then he will never be aloud back in the country.

Friday, December 29, 2000

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, As the World Turns will not air. Additionally, CBS will air a classic episode of As the World Turns on Monday, January 1st. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, January 2nd where Thursday's show ended.



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