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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 18, 2000 on GH
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Monday, December 18, 2000

As he shows his daughter around the church, Ned tries to coax a smile out of a gloomy Brook Lynn. Though Laura looks forward to a splendid Christmas, Leslie cautions her daughter to tread lightly with Scott during the holiday season. Lila gives Alexis half a sixpence to put in her shoe for luck when she walks down the aisle. Ned promises Brook Lynn that nothing will change between them even if he and his new wife have a baby. Elton becomes frazzled when Chloe fails to materialize with the replacement wedding gown. Scott brings Serena to Laura's place for a tree-trimming party. Bobbie advises her brother not to break Lulu's heart by vanishing again without a word just before Christmas. Lucky continues to push Liz to accept his mother's job offer. Stefan drops in on the serene bride-to-be and presents his delighted sister with an heirloom gift for her "something old." Luke goes to see Lulu and is annoyed to find Scott on the premises. Helena crashes Alexis and Ned's nuptials just as the blushing bride has a last minute attack of cold feet.

Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Suddenly overwhelmed with fears about joining the wacky Quartermaine clan, Alexis slows her march down the aisle to a crawl. As they share a cup of coffee at Kelly's, Felicia tearfully confides to Tony how miserable she feels about Luke leaving town and how sorry she is that she keeps hurting Mac and her girls. As Scott helps her top off her Christmas tree with the traditional angel, Laura recalls a similar scene from years ago. Reporting that he hasn't placed a bet in several weeks, Mike asks a beaming Tammy to join him for dinner that night. Laura tries to entice Scott into coming aboard at Deception as corporate counsel. Alexis finally makes it to the altar but panics and quickly retreats from the church at top speed, leaving behind a gloating Helena and a stunned group of guests. While Alan thanks everyone for coming, Emily tries to console a heartbroken Ned. Egged on by Amy, Laura and Scott demonstrate for Lesley Lu and Serena how mistletoe works. Stefan accuses his mother of engineering the break-in at Wyndemere. Emily breaks bad news to Zander about his attorney's abrupt exit from Port Charles. Lucky talks Liz into doing a test shoot for Deception. Alexis lands at Jake's.

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

AJ and Hannah were sitting at the counter at Kelly's when AJ started to harass Carly. Of course Carly retaliated, but to everyone's surprise Hannah jumped to AJ's defense. Bobbie came out of the kitchen and through AJ out of Kelly's and Hannah followed him out. Outside AJ asked Hannah why she came to his defense because he did not need any help when it comes to Carly. Hannah said that she was upset because Carly was the reason he drinks. AJ corrected her and said he drinks because he wants to not because of Carly. He told Hannah that she does not want to admit her real feelings for him. Then AJ plants a big huge kiss on Hannah. At first she resisted, but then she started to caress him and return the kiss. After AJ pulled away, he told Hannah that he was done and through chasing after her because now she knew what she would be missing. AJ walked away. Hannah stood speechless and then raised her hand to her head and covered her eyes as she realized her dilemma.

Emily went to the prison to pay a visit to Zander. She informed him about the wedding blues and how Alexis bolted from the church. Zander was quite concerned that Alexis had fled in this fashion. He began to wonder if he could trust her to represent him. Emily tried her best to reassure him. Zander was more confident in Sonny actually and the fact that Sonny made more sense to him than even Alexis. Zander asked Emily if he would ever see her outside of prison. She told him yes and that he was not just a project, he really meant something to her. She asked him not to pressure her because too many things were going on and she need to keep her wits about her. Zander said he understood and gave examples of a few times when they were on the road together. He commented on how Emily was sleeping like an angel in the car next to him and if she could do that then she must not be afraid of him. The guard came and put a close on their visit. Later at home, Emily dreamt of a time when she and Zander were dancing in a large ballroom and they kissed. It was beautiful and she smiled at the thought.

Lucky, Liz, Nikolas, and Gia end up at Kelly's after the wedding disaster. They go to sit down at the bar when Gia started to comment on their day. Then she told Liz to share her good news with Bobbie and Carly. Liz told them that she was going to do a test shoot to be the face of Deception. Carly was shocked and said that she could not believe that her partner would do this without her. Carly and Liz go at it for a while, but then Liz stopped and went upstairs. Lucky then asked Carly to ease up on Liz because he will be looking out for her. Carly then gets an idea. She grabbed Gia's attention and then offers her the chance to be the new face of Deception. She wants to do a test shoot tomorrow. Gia agreed and said she would see her first thing in the morning. Gia was ecstatic as she and Nikolas left Kelly's. Carly's cell phone started to ring. She grabbed it and said Sonny. It was him. He was brief but told her that he missed her and would be home for Christmas. Carly was glad to hear from Sonny, but extremely worried that she had heard something wrong in his voice.

Alexis was still at Jake's crying and trying to figure out what made her jump and bolt from her own wedding to the person she loved the most in the world. Jake tried to cheer her up, but it was to no avail. She tried to get a ride but no one wanted to lend a hand. Roy arrived at Jake's just in time to save Alexis. She hugged him so tight and was so thankful to see him that the other people at Jake's thought that Roy was the groom. Roy and Alexis talked briefly, but Alexis still could not understand why she ran from the church. Roy offered to give her a lift home and she accepted. When she arrived at the penthouse Johnny informed her that Ned was waiting inside. Roy asked if she needed him to stay but she said no and thanked him for his help. Once inside Ned told her that he did not expect her back so soon. The real question on his mind was why did you do it? Why did you continue to run when I was chasing you? Alexis tried to explain that she did not have a reason exactly. She did not know if was too much family pressure or to high expectations. Ned was still furious and told he that they had made plans and promises, but then she ran away. He had never had a fiancée before that did not make it to the altar; she was the first. Ned even gave her a chance to redeem herself. He asked that if they skipped town gone anywhere, would she have the nerve to marry him? Alexis could not reply. Ned asked why Alexis did not tell him how scared she really was because they could have worked the problem out together. Alexis then asked Ned to trust in her love for him. Ned told her that he was a threat to her independence and he understood. We just need to let go because we gave it our best shot. As he walked to the door, Ned turned around and told Alexis that it's over, it's over and then he walked out.

Thursday, December 21, 2000

At L&B, Ned instructs Nikolas to book "Eddie Maine" on a long tour of Australia. Zander receives another anonymous note warning him not to testify against Sorel. As Laura preps Liz for her first photo shoot, Carly arrives with her own hand-picked candidate for the new face of Deception. Alexis encounters Chloe in the park and sadly informs her friend that Ned broke things off with her following the debacle at the wedding that wasn't. Roy fills Marcus in on how Larkin has been systematically stalking Bobbie ever since his release from prison. After asking Liz and Gia to wait outside in the reception room, Laura blasts her business partner for trying to show her up. Unaware that Stefan arranged for a clever forgery, Chloe is devastated to receive a "Dear Jane" letter in Jax's handwriting. Zander shows Alexis the latest death threat. Concerned to hear Roy's news, Marcus insists on keeping Hannah in the dark about Larkin being on the loose once again. Stefan comforts Chloe as she bemoans the official end of her romance with Jax. Panicked to learn that Sonny is out of town, Emily begs Carly to get an urgent message to her husband. Sorel issues a direct threat to Alexis. Laura softens towards Carly after learning why the young woman is so out of sorts.

Friday, December 22, 2000

As Liz looks forward to a wonderful Christmas with Lucky, Emily hopes that Zander will be sprung from jail in time for the holiday. Roy cautions Bobbie not to go anywhere alone until Larkin is safely behind bars again. Laura explains to Gia why she's so sold on her original concept of using Liz as the new face of Deception, then assures the disappointed girl she's still willing to let her test for the job anyway. Rattled by Sorel's threats, Alexis pressures Carly to get an urgent message to Sonny. Laura is pleased when Scott remembers her birthday with a special gift. Emily confides to Liz why she can't give up on Zander even if everyone else has already written him off. Meanwhile, Sorel's inside man at the precinct house spies on Roy's meeting with Zander. Laura's family and friends surprise her with a birthday party at her office. Bobbie questions Roy after finding an upsetting letter in his apartment. Emily and Zander celebrate when Alexis brings word to her client that the murder charge has been dropped in exchange for his testimony against Sorel. Carly is thrilled when Sonny returns home ahead of schedule.

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