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Port Charles Recaps: The week of December 18, 2000 on PC
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Monday, December 18, 2000

Things begin to get hot and heavy for Joe and Gabriela during their evening at her place. Kevin asks Lucy to keep him company as he waits for the DNA report on the remains found in the charred car following the explosion. Harris drags Eve away from the ailing Ian and suggests that they strike a deal which will make them both happy. Jamal turns a deaf ear when Frank advises him not to keep secret from Alison the facts about his new job. As Gaby takes out a condom, Joe suddenly pulls back and puts a halt to the proceedings. Desperate to get back to her feverish friend, Eve promises Harris she'll give herself to him as soon as Ian gets well. Taking advantage of a timely interruption by Victor and his crew of carolers, Lucy alters the DNA results to make it appear that Ian and Eve died in the car bombing. Alison decides to take a second job to help pay for a Christmas make-over of Jamal's apartment. Though Gaby insists she's ready to take the risk, Joe declares that he couldn't live with himself if he ever infected the woman he loves. After reading the report, Kevin resigns himself to the "fact" that his wife is gone forever. Harris informs Eve that the time has come for her to keep up her end of their bargain.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Stalling for time, Eve promises Harris she'll let him have his way with her as long as she's allowed to nurse her friend back to health first--and as long as Ian never learns of the unholy bargain they've struck. Trying to discern a message about her future, Lucy reads the Tarot cards and comes to the conclusion that her treachery surrounding the DNA report was necessary for her to have another chance with the man she loves. Meanwhile, at the lighthouse, Livvie attempts to cheer up her disconsolate father with a Christmas gift. Later, Livvie is cut by a shard of flying glass when she returns to find Kevin in another rage and trashing the place once again. Sitting by Ian's bedside, a weeping Eve begs him to recover and is thrilled when he finally opens his eyes. Kevin warns Livvie and Lucy to keep their distance from him because he'll only wind up hurting them again if they stay. Eve sadly prepares for her "appointment" with Harris. Livvie told Jack she doesn't want to spend the night alone. Though Lucy offers to help him fight his demons, Kevin insists he must leave Port Charles forever.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Chris is pleased to learn that his private eye has already dug up some juicy dirt on his kid brother. Meanwhile, Livvie makes it clear to Jack how much she wants him to make love to her. A flustered Lucy asks Kevin how he can possibly think of leaving Port Charles now that he knows he has a daughter. Eve steps out of her bath to find Ian staring at her. When Harris returns to claim his "prize", Eve covers by assuring a worried Ian that she's only going out to explain the next medical procedure to their captor. Kevin is forced to bodily remove Lucy from the lighthouse but she stubbornly refuses to let go of his arm. Chris interrupts a moment of passion between Jack and Livvie. Kevin admits to Lucy how tempted he is to lose himself in her but must resist before he ruins her life as well. Chris informs a surprised Livvie that there is a warrant out for Jack's arrest because he broke probation following a conviction for grand larceny. As Harris begins pawing Eve, Ian barges in and claims he needs his lab partner back at once because he's close to locating a cure. Lucy manages to talk Kevin into sticking around long enough to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Chris warns Jack he won't let him exploit Livvie for his own twisted devices. Eve lets it slip to Ian how she made a deal with the devil.

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Thursday, December 21, 2000

Kevin began to pack all his stuff when Victor came into his office, Kevin told him that he would not be able to talk him out of leaving Port Charles, Victor told him that he understood and that he just came to give him a photo album that he put together so he could carry his friends and family with him when he leaves. Victor asked why Kevin wanted to leave Port Charles and he replied that he hurts to many people. They got into a heated argument, and after Victor left, Kevin left the Photo Album on a shelf in the office.

Lucy wanted to have a party for Kevin, but all the people she invited had plans, but in the end everyone showed up even Serena.

Jamal wanted to take the day off of his mystery job, to spend some time with Alison but his boss said no, while Jamal was talking to his boss Alison was in her room talking to her boss. After Jamal left Alison took off her robe and she had on an elf costume, and headed for work.

Friday, December 22, 2000

Ian and Eve continued their passionate kiss, but as things got to far, Ian told Eve that they couldn't make love. After things calmed down, Harris had sent Ian and Eve a special dinner for Christmas, then they began to make their own Christmas by using socks as stockings, and Ian gave Eve a special gift.

Alison went to work, and when she got there she found out that Jamal had the same job. After work they both ended up locked in the building.

At Kevin's party, the partygoers tried to convince Kevin to stay. Neil told him that he would be lost without him, even Scott came and said a few words. The one who convinced him to stay was Livvie, she said she wanted a father all her life, and now that she found him she didn't want to let him go.

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