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Monday, November 23, 2009

In Annie's hospital room, Scott urged Annie to wake up. He insisted that she was the strongest woman that he had known. David entered moments later to check on Annie. David explained that Annie's condition was dire. Scott didn't understand how she could be at death's door when most women survived miscarriages. David explained that Annie had lost a significant amount of blood, during which time her brain had been deprived of oxygen.

David warned Scott that Annie might never emerge from the coma. When Scott mentioned Adam, David realized that Scott had not heard that Adam had confessed. David noticed that Scott didn't seem surprised when David shared the news about Adam.

In the interrogation room, Erica told Adam that Annie might not survive. The news hit Adam hard, prompting Erica to urge Adam to lie down. Adam didn't appreciate Erica fussing over him. He pushed her away as he demanded that she leave him alone. Jesse agreed that it was time for Erica to leave. When Erica stepped out of the interrogation room, she found Ryan standing in the squad room.

Erica was thrilled because Adam's confession meant that Kendall could return home. Ryan was happy for Erica, but he decided to return to the hospital to check on Annie.

Later, Corrina arrived at the hospital with Emma in tow. Ryan took his daughter to visit Annie. Emma told Annie that she loved her and then kissed her mother's cheek. While a nurse kept an eye on Emma, Ryan begged Annie to wake up for the sake of their daughter.

Joe gave Adam a quick checkup in the interrogation room. Joe wanted call an ambulance to take Adam to the hospital, but Adam insisted that he was where he belonged. Joe was shocked by Adam's admission that he had killed Stuart. When Jesse escorted Joe out of the interrogation room, Joe confessed that despite everything, Adam had loved his twin deeply. Jesse agreed.

Scott entered the police station as Joe left. Scott realized that Adam didn't want to see him, but he asked Jesse to give Adam a DVD; Scott explained that it was from Annie. Initially Adam wanted nothing to do with the DVD because Scott had given it to Jesse. However, Jesse managed to persuade Adam to watch it. Adam viewed the DVD with growing remorse as Annie declared her undying love for Adam. When Adam saw Annie collapse in pain, he called out her name.

Scott entered the interrogation room moments later. He admitted that he had feelings for Annie and that he had kissed her, but Scott insisted that Annie had always loved Adam. Scott then handed Adam a piece of paper as he explained that the baby's blood type confirmed that Adam, not Scott, had been the baby's father. Adam demanded to know why Scott was telling him about the baby. Scott explained that Annie didn't have much longer to live.

Adam was horrified at the prospect of losing his wife. A short time later, Adam arrived at the hospital to see Annie. Annie remained unconscious as Adam sat down at her bedside. Adam wept as he told Annie how much he loved her and then called her his angel. Adam begged Annie not to leave him.

Zach lurked outside of the boardinghouse. As he peered through one of the windows, he saw what appeared to be Aidan and Kendall making love. For a moment, Zach's grip on the gun in his hand tightened, but then Zach walked away.

Inside, Aidan jumped up, prepared to shoot, when he heard someone enter the front door. It was Kat. Kat confirmed that Zach had seen exactly what Aidan had planned for Zach to witness. According to Kat, Zach had stormed off. Aidan smiled with satisfaction. Candy, the woman who had posed as Kendall in jail, demanded more money when Kat revealed that Zach had been armed. Aidan ignored Candy.

While Candy slipped into the bathroom to get dressed, Kat congratulated Aidan on finding such a convincing look-alike. Kat assured him that Zach was unlikely to return. Kat then decided to delete Zach's email, advising Kendall that he was on his way, in order to cover their tracks.

Kendall woke up, but she remained groggy from the effects of the drug that Aidan had slipped in her drink. When Kendall heard raised voices, she stumbled to the door. She was shocked to discover that the door had been locked. Moments later, Aidan entered the room. Kendall immediately demanded to know why the door had been locked. Aidan lied; he claimed that it must have been jammed.

Kendall revealed that she had heard people arguing, but Aidan easily covered by explaining that the volume had been cranked up on a movie that he had been watching. He apologized for waking Kendall. Kendall confided that she had been awakened by a nightmare. She had dreamed that Zach had been deeply hurt and had walked into the darkness. Kendall felt as if she had lost Zach forever.

While Aidan offered Kendall sympathy, Zach sped down the road in his car, while remembering all of the poignant moments in his relationship with Kendall.

Aidan urged Kendall to email Zach. He left the room to give her some privacy. Kendall poured her heart out in the email. She told Zach about her dream and then begged him to write back. After she sent the email, Kendall fell back asleep. Aidan was waiting when Kendall's email was received. Kat entered the boarding house moments later to announce that Candy was on her way back home. When Aidan showed Kendall the email, Kat wondered if Kendall was psychic.

To Kat's surprise, Aidan decided to send Kendall's email to Zach, unedited.

Kendall dreamed that Zach stood at the foot of her bed. Zach told her to be careful of the darkness; he warned her that if she didn't watch out, it would swallow her whole. Kendall demanded to know what Zach meant, but she woke up before Zach could answer. When Kendall checked the laptop for news, she was elated to read that Adam had confessed to Stuart's murder.

At the same moment, Aidan saw the same headline on Kat's laptop. He realized that Kendall would return home to her family as soon as she could. Later, Kendall entered the parlor looking for Aidan. As Kendall revealed her true identity to Kat, Aidan crept up behind Kendall. Before Kendall could react, Aidan covered Kendall's nose and mouth with a piece of cloth. Kendall struggled briefly and then collapsed.

Erica arrived at Zach and Kendall's house to find Opal babysitting Ian. Opal explained that Zach had called to ask her to relieve Rachel and then take Ian to spend the night with Spike. Erica revealed that Adam had confessed; she was curious why Zach would send Ian away if Kendall were on her way home.

Erica was waiting for Zach when he arrived home. She was disappointed when she realized that Kendall wasn't with him. Zach revealed that Kendall was with Aidan and that she would not be returning home. Erica demanded answers, but Zach refused to elaborate. After Erica left, determined to find her daughter, Zach went to his laptop. He read Kendall's message, closed the laptop, and then proceeded to trash his living room.

At the hospital, Amanda ordered David never to touch her again as she pulled away from his grasp. Jake witnessed the exchange when he entered the room. Fueled by rage, Jake punched David. Jake called David a bastard as he prepared to strike David again. Amanda intervened, pleading with Jake to leave David alone. When Jake accused David of raping Amanda, she denied it.

Angie entered moments later, demanding to know what was going on. As David staggered out of the room, Angie informed Jake that he had to go home. Jake stormed off without further comment. Angie was curious why Amanda didn't follow Jake. Amanda didn't see the point; she revealed that Jake suspected that David had raped her. Angie wondered if it was true. To Angie's surprise, Amanda confessed that she had willingly slept with David.

Amanda explained that she had panicked at the prospect of living another month with David, so she had agreed to have sex with him when they couldn't make the appointment for the artificial insemination. Amanda hated herself for sleeping with David, but she didn't think that she could tell Jake the truth. Angie urged Amanda to let Jake know what had happened, but Amanda argued that she would lose Jake if she confessed to sleeping with David.

Angie didn't think that Amanda was giving Jake enough credit. She warned Amanda that if Amanda weren't honest with Jake then she'd lose him. Amanda worried that Jake might think that everything she had told him was a lie; she insisted that Jake could never know. Amanda reminded Angie that as her doctor, Angie couldn't tell Jake what Amanda had told her. Angie assured Amanda that she never had any intention of telling Jake because she didn't think it was her place to do so.

Krystal was surprised when Jake arrived home. As she followed him to the living room, Jake asked for an ice pack for his hand. Krystal was alarmed when she realized that Jake had been in an altercation with David. Jake revealed that he suspected that David had raped Amanda, but Amanda had denied it. Krystal suggested that Jake should listen to his instincts; if he feared that David was hurting Amanda, then it was most likely true.

Amanda arrived at the Martin residence a short time later. Jake and Amanda immediately apologized to each other. As they hugged, Amanda confessed that she regretted that she had stopped Jake from beating up David.

David thanked Dr. Hines for her help when Jake had asked questions about Amanda's artificial insemination. To show his appreciation, David had helped Dr. Hines obtain a job at UCLA's hospital. Dr. Hines was thrilled. As she prepared to leave, she asked David if he had found another course of action for his "motility problem." David was taken aback by the comment, so he asked Dr. Hines to explain herself.

Dr. Hines showed David the lab reports that revealed that he was unlikely to father a child. David didn't understand; he and Amanda hadn't had any difficulty conceiving Trevor. Dr. Hines questioned if David was certain that he was Trevor's father.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

At the police station, D.A. Willis asked Jesse not to arrest anyone until the D.A. got back to him. Natalia suggested that she and Jesse celebrate the close of the Chandler case, but Jesse said it wasn't right to celebrate while others suffered from the fallout. Jesse considered Stuart's murder to be a terrible accident, and said that everyone needed to find a way to move on. Just then, an officer announced that the D.A. was on the phone for Jesse.

At the hospital, Adam sat at Annie's bedside, begging her to return to him. A hazy Annie roused, murmuring his name. In the corridor, Erica left a frantic message for Tad to help her find Kendall. Erica then asked David about Annie's condition. "I think it's time to say goodbye," David grimly replied. Just then, Adam rushed over, announcing that Annie had awakened.

David examined Annie, amazed that she'd survived. He left to schedule tests for her, and Adam slipped into the room. Adam apologized for doubting Annie, and said he'd seen her true feelings on the recording she'd made before the incident. He considered losing the baby to be part of his well-deserved punishment. Annie begged him to recant his confession, saying that Stuart wouldn't want Adam to suffer, because he'd been drugged the night of the killing. Adam accepted his fate, and expected that prison would give him solace for his guilt.

In the chapel, Scott entered as Emma prayed. Scott told Ryan that Annie had survived the night. Ryan figured that Scott was suffering, because he'd fallen for Annie. Scott said that his feelings didn't matter; Annie would go to her grave loving Adam. Just then, Erica arrived to say that Annie had regained consciousness.

Outside Annie's room, Erica explained to Ryan that something had happened to make Zach no longer care if Kendall returned home. Ryan offered to visit Zach, and Erica agreed to let Emma see Annie. Ryan left Emma in Erica's care until Corrina picked Emma up..

When Adam entered the waiting area, Erica gave her condolences about the baby, and said she was trying to locate Kendall. Adam accepted responsibility for the pain he'd caused everyone involved. Erica felt that Adam was doing the right thing; however, she implored him to get away from Annie before Annie convinced him to do the wrong thing. Adam refused to let anyone break what Annie and he had together. Jesse arrived, and led Adam away in handcuffs.

Emma visited Annie, ecstatic that her mother got her miracle. Annie said that Adam and Emma's love had kept Annie alive. Emma stated that she'd kept the secret. Annie thanked Emma for that. Annie said that because the secret was out, they had to protect Adam. Corrina and Erica entered to retrieve Emma. After Corrina and Emma left, Erica advised Annie to get out of town.

Annie refused to abandon Adam, who she believed would fight for their future with Emma. Just then, Jesse entered to arrest Annie as an accessory after-the-fact to the murder. Erica advised Annie to watch her back in prison, lest someone stab her in it. Erica left, and Jesse cuffed Annie to the bed. He went into the hallway to arrest Scott on the same charges.

Zach sat in his disheveled house, obsessing over Kendall and Aidan. Liza arrived with court papers, expecting to prepare for Kendall's homecoming. Zach stated that Kendall could never set foot in his house again. Liza glanced around the house, wondering what had happened to Kendall. Zach replied that Kendall was sick and damaged. "She's dead to me," Zach said.

Liza guessed that it had something to do with Aidan. Liza said that Kendall would return, because she was Zach's wife. Zach figured that Kendall would return, looking for her boys and forgiveness, but she wouldn't get either. Liza said that Zach couldn't keep Kendall from her kids. Zach asked Liza to leave, and take Kendall's court papers with her.

Ryan arrived as Liza exited, and Zach abruptly stated that he wasn't going after Kendall. Ryan wondered what happened, and Zach replied, "Different guy, different bed, same Kendall." Zach recalled how easily Kendall slipped into other men's beds, including Ryan's. Zach asked if Ryan and Erica were the real deal, or if Ryan was just bidding his time until Kendall was free. Ryan socked Zach in the face.

Zach quickly recovered from the hit, and assumed that Ryan was angry that Kendall had betrayed him, too. Zach advised Ryan to hold onto his anger, because he'd need it. Zach said he was barring Kendall from seeing Ian, and advised Ryan not to let her see Spike, either. Ryan stared incredulously at Zach, and then left.

Later, a deliveryman dropped off a Thanksgiving turkey that Kendall had preordered. Zach set it on the coffee table. He stared at his and Kendall's wedding picture, and sighed.

At JR's house, JR told Marissa that he didn't care about Adam. Marissa said that JR had no choice in caring about his father. JR suggested that they escape the ordeal of Adam's arrest by going away for the holidays. Marissa said that while she'd supported JR's decision to divest himself from his family, she felt that Adam's arrest had changed everything.

JR insisted that his only family was Marissa and Little Adam. Marissa said that JR couldn't have an honest relationship with his son as long as he'd lied to his father. JR stated that he'd tried to tell Adam about the cancer; however, Adam had always accused JR of drinking. JR said he was done with Adam. JR tried to end the discussion, but Marissa stated that JR wouldn't dismiss her or his father. She warned him that he'd regret turning his back on Adam.

Marissa said that Adam deserved a fair trial, but according to the news article she'd read, Adam seemed to be giving up without a fight. Marissa didn't believe that JR wanted his father die in a lonely prison cell. JR figured that no one could save Adam from prison, but Marissa suggested that they hire a lawyer to defend Adam, who'd been drugged the night of the murder.

JR and Marissa found Liza at the police station, and asked her to represent Adam. Liza thought that she was hardly the one for the job, considering her history with Adam. JR urged her to do it for Colby. Liza reasoned that she loved defending the underdog; however, she'd never believed that Adam would be one, and she doubted that he'd accept her help.

When Adam arrived at the police station in handcuffs, he wondered why Marissa, Liza, and JR were there. They offered their help, and Adam surprisingly accepted. A dubious Liza wondered if he wanted time to think about it, but Adam replied that he was ready to fight for his future with Annie. JR grimaced, and Adam said, "What? Not part of your plan?"

JR decided that Adam was as crazy as ever, but Adam refused to concede to JR's disparaging view of Annie. Adam said that what Annie and he had was real, and he planned to spend the rest of his life with her. Adam asked if Liza were still on board. At her silence, he said, "I didn't think so." Scott entered in handcuffs, saying that Annie and he had been arrested.

At the boardinghouse, Kat cocked a shotgun at Tad, asking who he was. Tad asked where Kendall was. Kat pretended not to know Kendall, but Tad claimed that Aidan had said that Kat was abetting the fugitives. Tad pressed for information, because he found it peculiar that Kendall had disappeared so close to her exoneration. Kat said that Kendall had begun to rely on Aidan for the things that she couldn't get at home.

Kat claimed that Kendall and Aidan had fought their attraction to each other in vain, and when Kendall had learned about the murderer's confession, she didn't want to go home. Kat said that after Kendall and Aidan had received the email warning that Zach might be on the way there, they'd taken off. Kat sarcastically suggested that Tad use his resources to find them.

Later, Tad located Erica at the hospital to say that he had information about Kendall, but he hadn't wanted to take it to Zach. Erica said that Zach was in a bad place. Tad explained that as incredible as it sounded, Kendall had fallen for Aidan, and she didn't wish to return home. Ryan rounded the corner, adding, "And Zach has chosen to scorch the earth."

Tad said he'd found maps on Aidan's laptop, indicating that Kendall and he might have headed for Los Angeles. Tad didn't recommend searching for them. He figured that Kendall would return home to her children once she was ready. Tad left, and Ryan agreed that Kendall would return in time. Figuring that Kendall would never abandon her kids, Erica insisted upon going to Los Angeles to find out what was going on.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Natalia and Jesse lugged a shackled Scott into the police station, and Scott announced that Annie and he had been arrested. Jesse stated that he had video footage of Annie confessing to covering up the murder. As they led Scott away, Adam told Marissa, JR, and Liza that they had to help. JR replied that Liza was there to help Adam, but Annie was on her own.

Adam said that life without Annie meant nothing to him. JR told Adam to have a nice life in prison, and left with Marissa trailing behind him. Adam turned to Liza, and thanked for her defending Annie, Scott, and him. "Whoa, I did not agree to that," Liza balked.

Liza said that while she might convince a judge that David had drugged Adam, she couldn't do anything about Annie's taped confession. Adam told Liza to just leave, because living a life without Annie was just the same as prison to him. Liza reluctantly agreed to talk to Annie and Scott to see if Liza could piece together some sort of defense for them.

Liza sat down with Scott, who assumed that Adam had made Annie and Scott a part of Adam's defense deal. Scott commented that Annie and Adam would do anything for each other. Liza questioned Scott's motives for the cover-up. Scott said that saving his uncle was the only way to hold onto a piece of his father.

At the hospital, Annie clanged her handcuffs against the bed. Colby entered, glad that Annie would be punished. Annie wondered if it was punishment enough that she'd lost her baby and nearly died herself. "Not even close," Colby retorted. Colby berated Annie for her misdeeds, figuring that she'd only wanted to get her hands on Adam's money. Annie responded that she'd kept the secret, even from Adam, because he couldn't handle the truth. Annie revealed that he'd tried to kill himself when he'd remembered what he'd done on his own. Colby blamed Annie for Adam's predicament, and ordered her to find a way to get Adam out of it.

Later, Liza arrived in Annie's hospital room, announcing that Adam had hired her for Annie's defense. Annie was certain that meant she'd be locked up for good. Liza promised to do her best for Adam's sake, but she needed a foundation for Annie's defense. Annie had no idea how to defend herself against the charges. "How about demonic possession?" Liza quipped.

Annie realized that she'd garner no sympathy from the court once they learned that she'd set Emma up as the prime suspect. Annie decided that she'd just plead guilty, and convince the court that she'd manipulated Scott and Adam to keep quiet until after the wedding. Liza was astonished that Annie would take the heat for the crime. "You really do love him, don't you?" Liza asked. Annie replied that she loved him more than her freedom.

Liza returned to the police station to tell Adam that Annie had made a convincing case for herself. Liza wondered how Adam would like to proceed. Adam replied that he needed to make a phone call. Liza left him in private, and he called Annie to announce that Liza had taken their cases. He was certain that with Liza would make the jury see that Annie had committed her actions for love. "For loving you, Adam. Don't ever forget that," Annie uttered.

In the hospital corridor, Colby encountered Marissa and JR as they rushed to locate Little Adam. The school had sent the boy there, because he'd complained of severe stomach pains. Joe give the child an ultrasound, and suggested that the problem was psychological, not physical. JR deduced that it had to do with Adam's arrest.

JR gently prodded Little Adam about what had happened at school, and the boy said that the teachers had been talking about his grandfather. JR stated that Adam hadn't meant to hurt Stuart. JR said that even though people would say mean things, the family had to remember that they loved Adam no matter what. JR said they'd make sure that Adam didn't forget it, either.

Later, JR told Colby and Marissa that he couldn't help Adam if Adam didn't help himself. Colby said that Annie had brainwashed Adam. Marissa reminded JR to uphold what he'd just said to Little Adam, because in the end, it was all about love. Marissa considered that Annie and Adam might really love each other, but JR replied that Annie was incapable love or sacrifice.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Amanda and Trevor met Angie. Amanda felt queasy, and Angie wondered if Amanda had been honest with Jake about the roadside sex with David. Amanda said she couldn't tell Jake the truth, and she wished the nightmare would go away. Angie wondered what Amanda would do when it didn't.

Walking down the corridor, they encountered Jake heading to the disciplinary hearing. Angie said that she'd questioned Amanda about the fight, and Jake stated that he'd hit David because David was a jerk. Angie said the hearing was about to start, and she led Jake away.

In Dr. Hines's office, David asked how long he'd had the motility problems. He said it couldn't have been long, because he'd fathered Trevor. Dr. Hines doubted that it was possible.

In the corridor, David saw a nauseous Amanda abruptly leave Trevor at the nurse's station. David told a nurse that he'd watch Trevor while Amanda was in the bathroom. David took Trevor aside, and swabbed his mouth for a DNA sample. When Amanda returned, she found David with Trevor. David said he was late for the hearing, but they'd discuss her nausea later.

David waltzed into the hearing, and immediately explained the situation between Jake and him to the hospital board. Angie interrupted, saying that the hearing wasn't about David's arrangement with Amanda. David responded that the arrangement had been the catalyst for the fight. David suggested that they ease tension by putting Jake and him on different shifts.

Angie liked the idea, and gave David the rest of the week off, while Jake worked. After the meeting, Jake questioned Angie's decision. She said she'd given David time off, so that Jake wouldn't lose his job. With his family in jeopardy, Jake didn't care about his job, and worried that Amanda was shutting down on him. Angie said that Jake needed to be Amanda's "port in the storm," and Amanda would talk when she was ready.

David returned to the waiting area to find Amanda and Trevor. Amanda seethed that David had probably gotten Jake suspended, but David replied that he was the one who'd been given time off. David offered to care for Trevor while Amanda battled morning sickness. Amanda retorted that just because he wanted her to be pregnant, didn't make it so.

David offered to give Amanda a pregnancy test. Amanda resisted, and David figured that Amanda didn't want to know if she were pregnant. Amanda prayed that she wasn't, because she didn't want a reminder of that night. David noted that she'd felt the same way about Trevor's conception. Amanda replied that it was because she hadn't known who Trevor's father was. David said she still treasured Trevor, and she'd treasure the new baby, regardless of conception.

Amanda left, and Dr. Hines called David. She said that she had the DNA results.

When Amanda arrived at Jake's house later, she found him lighting candles on the coffee table. Jake wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving, because he considered himself a lucky man. Amanda sobbed, and he hugged her, wondering what he could do. Amanda said that he could forget her. Jake said that he couldn't help her unless she talked to him. "I had sex with David," she muttered, and then repeated, "I had sex with David!"

Angie arrived at the police station to pick Jesse up for Thanksgiving dinner at Frankie's. Jesse remarked that everyone had pressured him to solve the murder case, but then complained about the outcome. Angie remarked that the North murder had ripped their family apart, just as Stuart's murder had done to other families. She was glad that Madison was out of their lives. Jesse sighed, and showed Angie the "help me" note from Madison.

Jesse explained how he'd gotten the note. Though Beardsley's story had checked out, Jesse worried about dismissing Madison's plea with prejudice. Angie said Madison was counting on Jesse's good-heartedness, but insisted that it was time to save something for their own family.

Brot arrived at Frankie's for Thanksgiving dinner. Frankie said that Natalia would be there soon, and Brot sensed a setup. Randi and Frankie said Natalia and Brot were made for each other. Brot disagreed, saying that Natalia didn't want to partner with him on, or off, the force.

Just then, Natalia arrived with Carlos from the police force. Natalia seemed pleased that Brot looked irritated about her date. Aside, Frankie told Natalia that she should be a better person than that, because she'd known that Brot would be there.

Later, Natalia scoffed to see Brot and Carlos enjoying a football game on television. Frankie quipped that Natalia and Carlos had to be "really serious" for Natalia to take him home to meet the family. Natalia berated Randi and Frankie for shoving Brot at her. Frankie said that Natalia should give Brot a chance. "Yeah, Carlos is," Randi added.

Brot invited Carlos to a "pickup" game, and a frustrated Natalia pulled Brot into the hallway to accuse him of moving in on her job and her date. Brot retorted that he wasn't "moving in" on anything. He accused her of being jealous, because she'd wanted alone time with Brot. Through the door, Frankie, Randi, and Carlos could hear Natalia and Brot arguing.

When Angie and Jesse arrived, Carlos said that he felt like a "seventh wheel." Brot grinned as Carlos left to visit his mother. Over dinner later, Jesse expressed his gratefulness to be surrounded by family, and he hoped that they'd have even more to be thankful for at the next Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC aired encore episodes of recent memorable show in today's daytime line-up. This programming change was planned for and there will be no lost episodes as a result. For your convenience, we've provided links to the full recaps that we posted when these episodes originally aired.

All My Children:
On an island in the Caribbean, Amanda goes into labor and plans to tell David that their baby died. Originally aired on June 12, 2009 (Click here for the complete recap)

One Life to Live:
Dorian announces that she and Amelia are going to get married - and then they kiss. Originally aired on November 9, 2009 (Click here for the complete recap)

General Hospital:
James Franco makes his first appearance as the mysterious Franco. Originally aired on November 20, 2009 (Click here for the complete recap)

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, All My Children did not air today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 30 and pick up where Wednesday, November 25's episode concluded.



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