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Phyllis took Nick to the Abbott cabin to help him grieve. Ryder and Daisy secretly discussed the fact that they knew each other. Sharon and Adam spent Thanksgiving together. Jack was shocked to see Sharon and Adam kissing.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

As Jack walked past the main stairway at the Genoa City Athletic Club lounge, he listened to a message from Nick. Nick told Jack that he should forget about them joining forces to invest in the Chancellor IPO. Jack was visibly perturbed. Katherine, standing on the landing, noticed Jack's reaction to Nick's disappointing message. Katherine phoned Nick and summoned him to the dining room at the club. After Nick arrived, Katherine told him that one-quarter percent of Chancellor's stock would be offered publicly. Nick thanked Katherine heartily after she explained that the Newman family was at the top of her list of families offered first choice of the IPO.

Nick told Katherine that he was concerned about the SEC's reaction if the Newman family invested in the Chancellor IPO. Katherine seemed unconcerned, and she praised Nick for his public goodwill gesture to reimburse investors after the Cayman bank failure. Nick explained that his efforts were costly, but Katherine maintained that his actions had paved the way for additional opportunities. Nick promised to deliver his decision after consulting his family. After Katherine left, Nick noticed Adam alone at the club bar. Nick approached Adam and teased him about not having any friends. Nick admitted he'd been conducting business, but when Adam asked if it was something he should know about, Nick replied flatly, "No."

Jack stopped by the tack house to see Nick, who wasn't home. Phyllis invited Jack in to discuss Patty, but Jack demanded to know why Nick had changed his mind about their plan to invest in Chancellor Industries. Phyllis claimed that she was to blame for Nick's change of heart, because she had confessed that she slept and Jack had slept together. Jack was obviously displeased. Phyllis explained that the day she and Jack made love on the sofa, Patty had watched through the window. Phyllis added that Patty believed that Jack was her husband and that Phyllis was a woman named Diane. Phyllis said that Patty had attacked Summer as revenge for "Diane's" actions. Jack supposed that Nick must hate his guts. Phyllis maintained that no one could claim moral high ground because Nick was sleeping with Sharon at the time.

Jack worried that Nick wanted to nail his "ass to the wall." When Nick returned, Jack said, "I guess we'll find out now." Phyllis quickly explained to Nick that she'd just told Jack what she'd learned from Patty. Jack cried that Summer shouldn't have been victimized for his mistakes. Nick seemed calm and insisted that they all should move forward. Nick added that he no longer intended to conduct business with Jack. Phyllis observed that Nick was Jack's last resort regarding the Chancellor IPO deal. Nick said that he wished he and Jack could salvage the bond they had forged years before , but that it was irreparable.

After Jack left, Phyllis massaged Nick's shoulders to help him relax. Phyllis mentioned how sad it was that Nick had shut the door on his friendship with Jack and their proposed business deal. Nick explained that Katherine had offered him personal shares in her IPO at lowered prices. Nick mentioned that he'd also run into Adam, who was likely hiding something because he'd been so cautious. Nick mentioned Thanksgiving, and Phyllis gleefully announced that she planned to cook. Nick was amusingly alarmed, but he kissed his wife and assured her that her turkey dinner would be good.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance was jealous when Chloe announced that Billy and Mac had broken up. Exasperated, Chance said, "Don't sit there and tell me that you don't care because I know you do." Chloe responded that she certainly cared, because Billy and Mac had steamrolled her with their perfect, historic love affair, then expected her to step aside. Chloe added that she was happy that Billy and Mac's love affair had crashed and burned. Chance reminded Chloe that she seemed visibly distraught when she overheard talk of Mac carrying Billy's baby. Chloe insisted that she reacted out of concern for Delia, but Chance didn't believe Chloe and abruptly ended their date.

Murphy returned from his fishing trip early after he heard that Phillip was returning to Australia. After Murphy went upstairs to shower, Chloe told Katherine that Mac had dumped Billy again. Chloe added that she and Chance had witnessed the lovers' fray, and that Chance had accused her of overreacting. Chloe claimed that she'd wooed Chance all week, so she couldn't understand why he refused to believe she was no longer attached to Billy. Katherine insisted that Chance deserved honesty from Chloe, who Katherine claimed had had ducked behind sarcasm and smart remarks while hiding from the very thing she truly wanted. Chloe rolled her eyes in frustration.

Chloe visited Chance in his bedroom. Brooding, Chance claimed that Chloe could have handled her break from Billy better than she did. Chloe admitted that she loved Billy, and that it hurt when he walked away. Teary-eyed, Chloe apologized for having implied that what she and Chance had wasn't real. Chance held Chloe's face in his hands and kissed her. The couple sank into a sofa, so they could kiss and grope each other. Chloe put the brakes on their lovemaking and claimed that Chance wasn't fully healed from his knife injury. After Chloe left, Chance remained aroused but discouraged.

After Murphy rejoined Katherine in the sitting room, he said that while he understood Phillip's desire to return to Australia on Cane's behalf, he had chosen an inopportune time to leave because Phillip had just begun to reconnect with Chance. Murphy added that he didn't think that Chloe was right for Chance because she was drawn to bad boys like Billy. Katherine claimed that she had also been drawn to bad men in the past, but that she'd become comfortable with herself over the years. Katherine said that she supposed the painful experiences in her past had prepared her to recognize a good man when she saw him, and she kissed Murphy.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley's pep talk about love didn't ease Billy's pain over his break-up with Mac. Ashley explained, "When you can reveal your darkest secrets and not be afraid of the reaction you're going to get, that's when you've found your soul mate." Ashley invited Billy to Thanksgiving, but he declined the offer and said he'd work on his next magazine issue instead.

At Indigo, Billy lingered at the bar and overheard a striking blonde woman talking on the phone with her date. After Billy overheard that the woman's date had bailed, Billy approached the woman and introduced himself as "Liam." The woman said that her name was Kelly. She smiled and welcomed Billy's offer to buy her a drink. Kelly claimed she hailed from Manhattan and was a kindergarten teacher. Billy lied and said that he was a teacher, as well. Kelly flirted with Billy, and the couple retreated to the back alley to make love.

After Billy and Kelly returned to their table, Kelly admitted that she had used a fake name and had recognized Billy from his wild day in New York City. Admitting that she worked in publishing, the blonde-haired woman declared, "I always wondered if those stories were true, and now I know." After Billy's mysterious date left, Jack phoned and invited Billy to Thanksgiving.

At the Newman ranch, Adam was distressed when Sharon took over caring for baby Faith after the nanny left unexpectedly to attend to an ill relative. Faith rested peacefully in Sharon's arms, but Adam seemed uneasy and insisted that he shouldn't have put Sharon into such a position. Sharon assured Adam that she didn't mind looking after Faith. Adam insisted that they call off their date, so Sharon could go home. As Sharon ascended the stairs to the nursery, Adam, feeling gut-wrenchingly ill, exhaled deeply as he supported himself on the back of a chair.

After Ashley returned and learned about the absent nanny, she encouraged Adam to reconnect with his date. Adam worried that perhaps he'd begun dating too soon, but Ashley insisted that Adam give himself a chance and move forward. After Adam left, Ashley tried to soothe Faith, who fussed and squirmed in Ashley's arms. Jack stopped by later and remarked that Faith was sleeping like an angel. Ashley claimed that the baby was exhausted because she'd been very fussy earlier in the evening.

Ashley was reluctant to discuss her investment in the Chancellor IPO. Jack explained that he wouldn't be buying Chancellor stock because his deal with a business partner fell through. Jack rerouted the conversation to their family and Thanksgiving. Jack told Ashley that their relationship wasn't what it should be.

Sharon returned home, and Fisher, Noah's golden retriever, kept her company while Noah was out with friends. Fisher sniffed Sharon's clothing, and Sharon supposed that the dog smelled the scent of baby Faith. Sharon said, "That's the most wonderful smell in the world." Adam stopped by to apologize, and he explained that he hadn't been honest about why he'd canceled their date. Adam stammered as he claimed that he needed to divulge a secret. Sharon assured Adam that he could tell her anything because she was his friend. Adam claimed that they were more than friends as he grabbed Sharon and began kissing her.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adam looked sadly out the window. Ashley asked him if he had gone out on a date. Adam said he wasn't sure it was actually a date. He thought about his kiss with Sharon. He wondered if he had messed everything up.

Noah told Sharon he felt uncomfortable leaving her home while he went to Nick's for Thanksgiving. Sharon said she would be fine.

Nick told Phyllis that the turkey smelled delicious. Phyllis said she had been up since dawn cooking it. Phyllis showed Nick the new couch she had ordered. Nick was impressed that the couch had arrived on Thanksgiving. Phyllis said she had pulled a few strings using the Newman name. Noah arrived and was worried when he heard that Phyllis was making dinner.

Victoria, J.T., and Reed went to Nick's for Thanksgiving dinner. Nick asked when J.T. had to go back to New York. J.T. said he might not go back, after all. J.T. received a call from his boss and excused himself. Nick asked Victoria if she was happy. Victoria changed the subject and asked how things were at Newman. Nick said there was nothing he couldn't handle. When Victoria asked about Nick's family, Nick said that things couldn't have been better. Summer asked Nick to feed her baby doll. When Nick put a bottle to the doll's mouth, he thought about Sharon telling him that Faith did not make it. Victoria and Phyllis asked Nick if things were okay.

When Phyllis took out the turkey, she realized that the stuffing was full of colors. Phyllis realized that Summer had been coloring when Phyllis was making stuffing. Nick said he would take care of everything.

Nick decided to call Ashley to invite her over for Thanksgiving dinner. Ashley said she was going to Jack's. Adam wondered if Nick had extended the invitation to him. Ashley insisted that Adam go with her to Jack's. Adam refused.

Sharon looked at Faith's locket. She decided to call Adam and ask if he had any plans. She told him that she wanted to see him. Adam smiled. Adam arrived at Sharon's with a bottle of wine. He told her wouldn't put the moves on her again. Sharon didn't say anything. Sharon hoped that Adam didn't mind that she wanted pasta primavera instead of turkey. Adam said he was relieved. Adam saw the picture that Cassie drew of her family. Adam decided to hide Nick's picture.

When Sharon sat down with Adam, they talked about holiday dinners with their families. Sharon said she missed the big family dinners, but it was nice sharing it with someone special, as well. Adam said that Sharon brought out the good in him. Sharon said she was thankful for Adam for being there. Adam said he was thankful for meeting her.

Jack saw Emily sitting alone and insisted that she join him for Thanksgiving dinner. Jack was thrilled when she said yes. Emily insisted that they watch football.

When Ashley and Abby arrived at Jack's, Jack wished them a h appy Thanksgiving. Abby said that she wasn't celebrating that year. Her father and Colleen were gone. Ashley apologized to Jack for Abby's behavior. She said that Abby had been taking the holidays very hard. When Emily walked in, Ashley was shocked at Emily's resemblance to Patty. Jack said he knew that she looked like Patty, but it was his guest, Emily. Abby walked in and didn't even look up. When Abby did look up, she commented that Emily looked just like the woman who killed her sister.

Abby told Jack that she didn't want any turkey because she was a vegan. Jack decided to make a toast to their family. When Abby started texting at the table, Ashley said that she shouldn't do that. Abby got up and left. Ashley went after her. Then Emily got a phone call and excused herself. Billy said that Emily was a dead ringer for Patty. He told Jack that his family was crashing and burning and no turkey dinner would save that. Jack looked sadly at a picture of his father. He was sad that everything had changed since John had passed. Emily apologized and said she had to go. Jack thanked her for being there.

Ashley told Abby that she was incredibly rude for leaving Jack's dinner. Ashley begged Abby to talk to her, but Abby turned her back on her mother.

Jill told Esther that pigs in a blanket were unacceptable for Thanksgiving. Esther said that was what Murphy liked. Murphy made a happy toast to meeting Katherine. Nina made a toast to Chance for returning home. Chance said he was grateful for meeting Chloe and Delia. Mac said she was grateful for everyone being there as a family. Chloe told Billy he should support Mac when she brought a beautiful baby into the world. Jill was shocked. Mac excused herself. Jill asked Billy what had happened. Billy said that he didn't want to talk about it any longer.

Mac talked to Katherine about the surrogacy. She said that every time she was sure she was doing the right thing, something happened to make her change her mind.

Nina asked Chance if he had heard from his father. Chance said Philip had received an email when he arrived in Sy dney. When Nina asked if that was all, Chance said it was good enough.

Billy arrived at the Chancellor Estate and ran into Mac. Everyone excused themselves and Mac told Billy she would not be there for Thanksgiving. AThey were interrupted by a phone call from Philip interrupted them. Chance was happy to hear from his father. The doorbell rang and Jill answered the door. It was Paul. He told Jill that someone had gone to great lengths to make sure Katherine's daughter could not be found. When Katherine asked why Paul was there, Jill said he was her date.

Paul tried to quickly escape from the Chancellor dinner. Nina tried to stop him, but Paul ran out the door. Nina insisted and Paul ended up admitting that he and Jill went not dating. He said that he had a surprise for Katherine. Nina figured out that Paul was looking for Katherine's daughter. When Jill ran off, Paul asked Nina if she only wanted to be friends. Nina laughed it off until Paul kissed her.

Jill went to Mac and told her that what she was doing was very brave and wonderful.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

At the tack house, Daniel and Amber returned from their honeymoon just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Daniel told Phyllis that there hadn't been any news about his case, and that no news was good news. Victoria and Noah congratulated the Romalottis on their marriage. Nick and J.T. arrived with turkey sandwiches from Wilkinson's Deli to replace the turkey that Summer had stuffed with crayons.

Nick, Phyllis, Daniel, Amber, Victoria, J.T., and Noah called Victor and Nikki in Belgium to wish them a happy Thanksgiving. After the phone call, Phyllis made a toast. She said that it had been a rough year, but Victor and Summer were getting stronger. Phyllis added that she was thankful for everyone in the room.

In the kitchen, Victoria and Phyllis did the dishes. Victoria said that it looked like things were going well between Phyllis and Nick. Phyllis told Victoria that Nick was having a hard time dealing with the death of Nick and Sharon's baby. Phyllis said that she never discussed the baby's death with Nick, as she was afraid of where the conversation might lead. Victoria told Phyllis that if she didn't talk with Nick about the baby, Nick might turn to someone else.

At the Baldwins', Lauren was preparing the Thanksgiving feast. Jeffrey and Gloria sat on the couch, eating caviar. Gloria offered Fen some caviar, but Michael thought he was a bit young to enjoy the delicacy. Eden wondered how the Bardwells could spend so much money on "fish eggs" when there were people starving around the world. As Gloria ignored Eden and drank some champagne, a depressed Jana showed up and told the group that Kevin wouldn't be attending the dinner unless Ryder was invited.

At Crimson Lights, Ryder urged Kevin to go to the Baldwins' Thanksgiving celebration. Kevin refused, saying that he wouldn't go without Ryder. Mac arrived to pick up some pies. Kevin asked Mac if Billy was with her. Mac told Kevin that she and Billy had broken up. Mac was not amused when Kevin said that she should be thankful for that.

Michael and Lauren showed up at Crimson Lights to invite Ryder to Thanksgiving dinner. Michael was vehemently against Ryder "darkening" their door, but Lauren insisted that they invite Ryder. Kevin approached Michael and Lauren and told them not to criticize Ryder. Lauren said that it was Thanksgiving, and that "all the world was welcome." Ryder declined the Baldwins' invitation, saying that he didn't want to impose.

Daisy was sitting at a table at Crimson Lights and Lauren asked her why she wasn't joining her family for Thanksgiving. Daisy said that she couldn't afford the airfare to fly home. Lauren invited Daisy for Thanksgiving dinner, and told both Daisy and Ryder that she wouldn't take "no" for an answer. Daisy agreed to go the Baldwins', and Ryder changed his mind, also agreeing to go.

Later, Kevin and Ryder showed up at the Baldwins'. Ryder went to the kitchen for a drink. Daisy arrived, followed by Daniel and Amber. Gloria told Daisy that she loved Daisy's outfit, and that perhaps Daisy should give Eden some fashion tips. Jana told Eden to ignore Gloria's insensitive remark. When Ryder returned from the kitchen, Daniel asked what Ryder was doing there. Kevin said that Ryder was family, and that was why Lauren had invited Ryder. Lauren made a toast about all the family had to be thankful for then warned the family to "play nice." Daniel winked at Ryder.

After dinner, Michael and Lauren relaxed on the sofa. Lauren asked where Fen was. Michael joked that Jeffrey was probably showing Fen an Internet gambling site. On the other side of the room, Ryder thanked Kevin for convincing him to attend the dinner. He told Kevin that he wanted to get to know the family better.

Daniel asked Michael how long Daniel would have to worry that charges might be refiled against him in the Ray Elkins murder case. Michael said that he was working on it and that, with any luck, no charges would be filed against Daniel. Daniel said that he didn't like the idea of relying on luck.

Noah and Eden decided to see a movie. At Noah's urging, Eden invited Daisy to join them. Daisy declined the offer, which relieved Eden. Noah and Eden left. A few moments later, there was a knock at the Baldwins' door. Kevin answered it to find a man holding a box, who said that he had a cake for Daniel Romalotti. When Daniel took the box, the man told Daniel that he was a process server, and that Daniel had been served. Inside the box was a subpoena for Daniel to appear before the grand jury.

Amber was angry that Daniel had been served with the subpoena on Thanksgiving. Daniel asked Michael exactly what the subpoena meant. Michael said that the red light photo showing Ryder in Chicago had exonerated Ryder of the murder, and that Daniel was once again the prime suspect in the Elkins murder. Daniel asked Michael why Ryder had confessed to a murder that Ryder hadn't committed. Michael said that a lot of things about Ryder didn't add up. Daniel asked if the woman in the car with Ryder in the red light photo had been identified. Michael said that she hadn't. Daniel wondered what Ryder was hiding. Michael said that he didn't know.

Across the room, Daisy and Ryder spoke to each other in whispers. Ryder asked Daisy what would happen if Michael found out that Daisy was the person with Ryder in Ryder's red light alibi photo. Daisy said that she and Ryder needed to be careful.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley talked to Faith in the solarium. She told the child that they would have a better Thanksgiving the following year, and that perhaps Abby would no longer be angry with Ashley by then. Ashley told Faith about a Thanksgiving when John was still alive. Ashley said that she was going to take Faith to a special place, but that they needed to make a stop first.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack was all alone in the dining room. He told himself that if John were there, he would tell Jack to stop feeling sorry for himself. Jack remembered that one Thanksgiving, when Colleen was in a rebellious phase, John had told her to go out and volunteer. Jack suddenly grabbed his coat and left.

At Indigo, Neil, Devon, Lily, and Cane were preparing meals for the homeless. Billy showed up, watched them for a while, and then told Lily that he was there to help. Ashley, with Faith in tow, went to Indigo to volunteer, and was surprised to see Billy there. Mac arrived with the pies, and she and Billy's eyes locked.

Jack went to Indigo to volunteer his services. Ashley, Jack, and Billy assembled meals, and Jack said how happy he was that the Abbott family would be able to spend some time together on Thanksgiving without bickering.

Lily apologized to Mac for "freaking" Mac out during their previous conversation, when Lily had said that perhaps Mac could raise Lily's baby if Lily died. Lily told Mac that if Lily died, Olivia and Devon could take care of the baby. Mac assured Lily that she wasn't going to die, and reassured Lily that she was still going to be Lily's surrogate. Mac said that she had already started receiving hormone shots, and that it wouldn't be long until the doctor could implant an embryo in her uterus. Lily and Cane were thrilled.

As Jack and Ashley were leaving, Devon entered the bar from the kitchen and told Neil that they were running out of dinner rolls. Neil looked at his list of donors and saw that Phyllis was responsible for the rolls. Jack called Phyllis. Phyllis told Jack that there were more rolls in the trunk of her car. J.T. volunteered to drive the rolls over to Indigo. Still on the phone with Jack, Phyllis asked him if he could do something for Nick.

After J.T. left to deliver the rolls, Nick and Victoria had a chance to talk. Victoria said that she was happy that J.T. was going to run the Genoa City office of the company that J.T. was working for. Nick wondered if Victoria would be happy being a stay-at-home mom. Their conversation was interrupted when Reed starting crying. Victoria told Nick that she had to get Reed home. Victoria left.

Phyllis told Nick that they need to go somewhere. When Nick asked what was going on, Phyllis said that there was something that Nick needed to do.

J.T. arrived at Indigo. Mac was thrilled to learn that J.T. had been transferred back to Genoa City. Victoria called J.T., and he told her that he was going to stay at Indigo to help out. Mac told J.T. that she was going to be the surrogate mother for Lily and Cane's child. J.T. thought that was a great idea.

Neil told all the volunteers that the kitchen was finally closed. He thanked his generous supporters the Chancellors, the Abbotts, and the Newmans. Taking a bag of food for a "friend," Jack left. Neil led his family and the remaining volunteers in a Thanksgiving prayer.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria and Reed ran into Billy and Delia on the patio. Victoria was not happy to see Billy, but Reed wanted to play with Delia. Reed and Delia played peek-a-boo while Victoria and Billy proudly looked on.

At Sharon's, Adam and Sharon finished dinner and were enjoying some ice cream for dessert. Adam said that he would do the dishes unless Sharon was afraid that he might break them. Sharon laughed and said that since she had cooked, she was fine with Adam washing the dishes.

Adam mentioned that although his mother Hope had been completely blind, he had never seen her break a dish. Sharon said that Hope had been a remarkable woman. Adam was surprised to learn that Sharon had known his mother. Referring to Adam, Sharon said that Hope had raised a remarkable son.

After finishing the dishes, Adam told Sharon that it was nice to have had a stress-free day. Sharon empathized, telling Adam that her life had been stressful as well. Adam apologized to Sharon for kissing her, and told her that he didn't want to lose her as a friend. Sharon said that Adam didn't have to apologize, and that the kiss was nice. She told Adam that they should take things slowly and see where they led.

As Adam was about to leave, Sharon kissed him goodbye. Jack, who was on his way to deliver a Thanksgiving meal to Sharon, was shocked when he looked through Sharon's front door and saw the kiss.

Nick, Summer, and Phyllis went to the Abbott cabin. Nick seemed uncomfortable. Phyllis sent Summer out of the room. Phyllis told Nick that it was okay for him to grieve the loss of his daughter, and that Nick shouldn't feel that he had to hide anything from Phyllis. Phyllis said that she knew that Nick and Sharon had scattered their baby's ashes near the cabin, and that Nick should remember the baby at the cabin. Phyllis told her husband that she no longer felt threatened by Sharon.

Phyllis went outside with Summer to give Nick some time alone. Nick remembered the day when he and Sharon had scattered their baby's ashes by the stream near the cabin. Ashley walked in with Faith, and Nick stared at them.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS did not air any original episodes in today's daytime line-up. This programming change was planned for and there will be no lost episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 30 and pick up where the November 25 episode left off.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Central, I'd like to let you know that your support of over the years means so much to us. Without you, our loyal readers and fellow soap fans, we wouldn't be marking the close of our 14th year online. I hope that you and your loved ones have a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving.

Dan J Kroll
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 30 and pick up where Wednesday, November 25's episode concluded.

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