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Monday, November 23, 2009

Luke helped Noah pack his belongings at the hospital. Noah was appreciative that he had somewhere to stay, but he wanted to have his own place as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Lily waited in the hospital corridor, and she phoned Damian to ask for his help, but she had to leave a message. Noah was eager to leave, but he refused Luke's help in putting on his jacket. The boys and Lily finally left for home.

Damian listened to Lily's message while he was in bed with Meg at his room in the Lakeview. He told Meg that he had to go help take Noah home, but Meg said that while she understood his obligation, Damian had to tell Lily that everything had changed. Damian said he couldn't do that because of Noah, but he promised Meg that they could see one another often.

Meg didn't understand why Damian still insisted on living in Lily's house, but Damian stalled and said he would tell Lily as soon as he could. He began to get dressed over Meg's protests, and he shouted at her not to force him to make choices. Then Damian turned on the charm and asked Meg to be patient.

After Damian left, Meg began to think as she got dressed. She pulled out her phone and called Officer Grady in Kentucky. She asked him to get to Oakdale as soon as possible because she had disturbing information for him about Damian Grimaldi.

Lily and the boys arrived home, just as Damain also got there. Noah asked to go to his room, and it was obvious that he was still very angry with Damian. Luke took his boyfriend upstairs and related how he had struggled through not being able to walk, but through Noah's love and understanding, he had overcome the challenge. Noah wasn't listening, however, and he blamed Luke for involving Damian in Noah's problems.

Damian sensed Noah's anger, and he told Lily that perhaps it was not the best time for him to move into her house, but Lily talked him out of reneging. Luke led Noah downstairs, and Damian explained that he had the legal papers for Noah to sign; and after that, they would have a brief court date, and Damian would take care of Noah's hospital bills. Noah signed the papers, refusing to have anyone read them to him first. He and Luke went back upstairs, where Noah asked Luke to get him the disc of his unfinished movie from his backpack. Then he ordered Luke to trash the disc, but Luke refused.

Noah was frustrated that he could not even button his shirt correctly, much less see to finish and edit his film project. Luke helped him with the shirt and then attempted to kiss his boyfriend, but Noah pulled away. Luke walked out, and Noah sat on the bed, holding the disc. He finally realized that Luke was no longer in the room.

Luke walked through Old Town and ran into one of Noah's actors. The boy asked if there was anything the cast or crew could do for Noah, and suddenly Luke had an idea. He asked how the cast and crew would like to finish Noah's movie.

Damian took a call from Meg, who told him to get over to Java immediately because Officer Grady was there. Damian made excuses to Lily, and he left in a hurry. At Java, Meg and the state patrolman waited for Damian, who arrived shortly. Grady refused to shake hands with Damian, and he announced that he was following up on Mr. Snyder's kidnapping. Grady said that Damian had led him to believe that he was representing Mr. Snyder's wife and family, yet he did not tell them the true results of the DNA test on the body in the burned truck.

Grady accused Damian of interfering with a police investigation, but Damian asked to speak with the officer in private. The two walked outside, and Damian said that while he respected Grady's sense of duty, the cop could not prove that he had ever told Damian about the DNA. Grady called Damian "one lousy SOB," as Damian offered him $10,000 in cash. Grady looked at the money and declared it "a good start." The two of them shook hands then and declared that they had an "understanding." Damian went back inside, and Meg realized instantly that he had paid off the cop, but she still continued to threaten Damian.

Holden took Molly to Al's for lunch. A customer recognized Molly not because she had grown up in Oakdale but because she was "that news babe who slept with the c ongressman." Molly was disappointed that someone had recognized her, and then she saw Kim Hughes peering through the window at her. Kim walked in and welcomed Molly back. Then, to Molly's surprise, Kim offered her a job at WOAK.

Kim said the television business had changed, and it was all about ratings. She frankly said that "a loose cannon" was good for business. Kim asked Molly to give the job some thought and to give her a call. After Kim left, Molly told Holden that "no way in hell" would she accept her old job back. She said she wasn't up to facing all her Oakdale ghosts, plus there was the recent scandal in New York. Holden offered to let Molly stay at the farm, but Molly was sure that Lily would react unfavorably. Holden told her not to give that another thought.

Holden took Molly to the farm, and they walked into the kitchen. Molly thought it looked just the same, and they talked about their daughter, Abigail. Holden suggested that Molly visit the girl over Thanksgiving, but Molly was uncomfortable with that. Then Holden said that there was always room for Molly at the Snyder Thanksgiving table. Molly went upstairs, and Holden took out his phone to call his former house, but just then, Lily walked in.

Lily was surprised that Holden was home from his "mystery trip," and she told him that Noah was home, but he was depressed and lashing out at Luke. Then Lily noticed Molly's luggage in the kitchen and began asking questions. Before Holden had a chance to answer, Molly walked into the kitchen, and that infuriated Lily. Lily accused Holden of "running out in the middle of everything" to get "her." She also inferred that Holden was "shacking up" with Molly, and she warned him to keep Molly away from their kids.

At the art benefit in Pittsburgh, Simon Frasier shocked Jack and Carly by approaching them and speaking. He was going by the name "Simington," and was in the middle of concluding a lucrative sale to an eager couple. Carly asked Simon to accompany them back to Oakdale, but Simon scoffed at them. Jack became hostile, but Carly managed to keep the peace. The gallery worker, Ms. Vanderburg, then approached and introduced Simon to his buyers, the Dells. The Dells were eager to see their artwork, so Simon began to lead them towards some store rooms at the rear of the gallery. Jack walked right behind Simon and relieved him of a pistol stuck in the back of Simon's pants.

Jack turned to Carly and whispered to her to keep an eye on Simon, and then he separated from the party and went snooping in some of the other rooms. He found a carton marked "DELL," the name of the clients, and inside was an original painting by Campobello. Jack took it quickly, and switched it with a painting in another carton marked "DELL" in the second room.

Carly and the rest of the group gathered in the second room, and Carly quietly broke the news to Simon that Jack was married to someone else. The buyers asked to see their painting, and Simon took out a small canvas for their inspection. Simon looked nervous when Jack returned and mentioned having the painting authenticated, and even more so when the clients said that their expert was already in the gallery.

The expert spent some time examining the painting, and he discouraged small talk in the room so that he could better concentrate. Finally, he congratulated the Dells on owning a "genuine Campobello." The Dells handed Simon their check and took the painting and walked out. Jack then produced the copy, and Simon realized that he had been played. Simon had stolen the original and had it copied, and had intended to sell the copy. He was furious and said that Jack and Carly had better find someone else to do whatever they needed done in Oakdale.

Simon stalked out, and Jack and Carly followed. Simon was furious that the two of them had cost him "a huge payday." Jack pulled out the gun when Simon tried to run, and threatened him. Simon demanded to know why Jack wanted him back in Oakdale, so Jack said that the problem was Katie. He explained that Katie had lost her husband, had a newborn baby, and she was just not coping. Katie was in deep trouble, and Simon might well be the only one to help her. Simon said he would certainly help Katie.

Ms. Vanderburg arrived with Jack and Carly's coats, and she threw them and their coats out of the gallery. She distracted Jack and Carly and neither one kept an eye on Simon. When they turned to where Simon had been standing, he had disappeared. Jack screamed, "That bastard! He's gone!"

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brad watched Katie sleep, and he urged her to open her eyes and see him. The baby cried, and Katie woke up startled; she picked up her boy. She then called her doctor and made an appointment for later that day. She kept the appointment and asked the doctor for a prescription for a strong sleep aid. The doctor was hesitant, however, and he reminded Katie that she was the primary caregiver of a newborn, and he suggested that she read some literature on relaxation instead.

In the diner, Henry got a call from Margo, and he was elated to learn that Ralph Manzo was headed for prison with a maximum sentence. Suddenly Brad was sitting across from Henry, and Brad was worried that Katie was not acting at all like herself. He complained to Henry that all Katie wanted to do was sleep. Brad knew Katie was headed to the doctor, so he begged Henry to go to Memorial and find out why. He was fearful that Katie would try to hurt herself.

Brad and Henry went to the hospital, and Brad correctly predicted exactly when Katie would exit the exam room. She was not overjoyed to see Henry, and she refused to give him even a minute of her time. Henry asked how her appointment had gone and if the doctor had prescribed anything for her. Katie told Henry to mind his own business, but as he turned to leave, Katie stopped him. She asked him to watch Jacob again for her at the house so that she could get some much-needed sleep.

Brad whispered to Henry that Katie could only see him in her dreams, so she wanted to sleep all the time. Henry agreed to Katie's request and said he would meet her at the house, as Katie left to pick up her prescription at the pharmacy. Brad confided to Henry that he was scared.

At home, Katie gave Henry instructions for the baby, and then she went into her bedroom for a nap. Brad was very worried that his wife was sleeping too much, and he disappeared from the living room. Brad popped into the bedroom and watched Katie take sleeping pills from a bottle, and he saw that she had doubled the dosage. Brad yelled at Katie, but she could not hear him, and she prepared to take the pills. She swallowed one, and in desperation, Brad knocked the pill bottle out of Katie's hands.

Katie picked up the pills, as Brad continued to rant at her. She put down the pills and climbed into bed, where she appeared to sleep instantly. Brad went back to Henry and told him what had happened with the pills. The men continued to talk, and Henry's voice disturbed Katie, but she heard only his side of the conversation. Katie walked into the living room and saw Henry talking to no one. She asked him if he was talking to Brad, and Henry said yes.

Brad begged Katie to try really hard to see him, but Katie felt very tired, and she suddenly collapsed asleep. Henry put her in bed, and Brad stayed with her through the night. Jacob woke Henry in the morning, and Henry picked up the baby and wished him a happy Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Brad told Katie how beautiful she was when she slept and how thankful he was to be able to see her and the baby. He wished Katie a happy Thanksgiving and kissed her, and Katie smiled.

At the Snyder farm, Janet unsuccessfully willed her phone to ring as Teri arrived. Janet had been baking pies, but she was so distracted that she had allowed them to burn to a crisp in the oven. Janet got teary-eyed and began the baking process all over again, despite her sister's protests that she would gladly make all the desserts. Janet cried that the pies were all of Jack's favorites, and she had to make them herself. She was convinced that Jack would be home for Thanksgiving, but Teri had her doubts.

Janet would not accept any help from Teri, so Teri left. She went straight to Dusty's hotel room and asked for his help. She wanted Dusty to use his connections to locate Jack in Pittsburgh and to make sure that he would be home for the holiday. Dusty made his calls, and then the two of them returned to the farm. Teri told her sister to take a break or she would miss her flight to Pittsburgh. Dusty said he had located Jack at the Steel Town Inn, and he was still there. Dusty said he would go with Janet, who thanked Teri and ran upstairs to get ready.

Jack and Carly lost Simon in the art gallery, and Jack raged that he had been very dumb to believe a word out of the liar's mouth. He should have known that Simon wouldn't lift a finger to help Katie. Jack called him a "two-faced, double-crossing thief," but Carly reminded him that Jack had actually double-crossed Simon first by switching the paintings. They walked outside to the street, and a still furious Jack almost stepped in front of a speeding car, but Carly pulled him to safety.

Jack was obsessed with finding Simon, and Carly could not talk him out of it. Jack took off and went into a local bar and began some serious whiskey drinking. Eventually Carly found him, and when Jack refused to leave, Carly joined him at the bar and ordered two whiskey s. Jack was stunned that Carly might consider drinking liquor after her stint in rehab, but when his ex-wife lifted the glass and opened her lips, he knew she was not bluffing. Jack knocked the glass away and ordered Carly to go home.

When Carly refused to leave the bar without Jack, he agreed to go back to the hotel. Again Jack asked Carly to go home to be with their kids on Thanksgiving, and he began drinking from the minibar in the room. He refused to listen to Carly's pleas to him to go home, so finally Carly ripped Jack shirt open and promised him a fight. She hustled him into the shower to sober him up and told him it was his wake-up call.

A soaking wet Jack apologized for drinking in front of Carly, and Carly yelled at him to "Snap out of it!" Their special compass fell out of Carly's bag, and Jack picked it up. He showed her that it was broken and declared that it no longer worked. Carly said she didn't believe that, and she urged Jack to focus on their family waiting at the Snyder farm the next day. Jack said he had no idea how to fix the mess he had made, so Carly suggested that he "fight like hell" to get his life back on track.

A short while later, Dusty and Janet quietly approached the hotel room, and Janet found the door not latched. She pushed it open and looked inside to see a bare-chested Jack asleep next to Carly on the bed. Shocked, Janet backed out quietly and told Dusty that Carly was with him, just like always. Then she said that she wanted to go home.

The next morning, Thanksgiving, Jack woke up with a giant hangover and no memory of getting in bed with Carly. She assured him that nothing sexual had happened or he would have remembered it, and she suggested that they stop for breakfast along the way home. Jack tried to fix the compass once more, but he could not make it work. He also tried to get Carly to leave without him, but she refused. Jack sat down on the bed and declared it too soon for him to go home.

At the farm, Teri had set Emma's Thanksgiving table and put place cards for Jack and Janet at the head. Janet and Dusty returned, and Janet silently went into the house by herself. Teri invited Dusty to stay for dinner, promising that none of the food contained fennel. Dusty, however, said that family gatherings weren't his thing. Teri went inside to talk with Janet, but her sister simply said that Jack would not be at their Thanksgiving dinner.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

In Pittsburgh on Thanksgiving morning, Carly watched the weather report on television and learned about a nasty snow storm across the Midwest. It was directly in their path to Oakdale, so she mentioned that to Jack. He commented that perhaps that was for the best. Jack rationalized that if he returned for Emma's big feast, his presence would spark questions and arguments. Carly was disgusted with Jack, and she said that she was going home for the holiday if she had to shovel her way to Oakdale. She left in a huff.

Later, after reclaiming her car from the bar where she and Jack had been, Carly began hunting for Jack. She found him carving turkeys and assembling dinners at the local food bank. Jack said he had nothing better to do, and he liked being among strangers who had no idea that he had shot and killed his own brother.

Craig asked Rosanna over breakfast coffee if they could go early to Thanksgiving dinner that evening at Margo's. He said that he wanted to tell his sister about their engagement before everyone else arrived. Rosanna agreed, and then she wondered how Carly was spending her holiday.

Holden arrived at the farm, and Emma was busy assigning tasks to Parker and Sage. Holden declared that Molly had gone to California to spend some time with Abigail. No one had heard from Jack; however Holden was sure that his cousin would show up for dinner. Liberty was at loose ends, and she asked her mother to watch the Cowboys game with her, because she missed doing that with her father.

Katie awoke and found Margo sitting by her bed. Margo said that she had chased Henry away earlier so that she could spend some time with her nephew. Katie said that she had bad dreams, so her sister urged her to knock off the sleeping pills. She also told Katie to get dressed so that she and Jacob could help cook turkey at Margo's house. As soon as Margo left, Brad popped in, but, as usual, Katie could not see him.

At Lily's house, Noah lay on his bed, and Luke walked in and wished him a happy Thanksgiving. He urged Noah to do his exercises, but Noah begged off. Then Luke invited Noah to go with him to the farm after dinner to take the kids there for dessert. Noah refused because he didn't want to be "the blind guy" whom everyone stared at. He did urge Luke to go, however, and to be with family.

Downstairs, Damian arrived with a full catered Thanksgiving dinner from the chef at the Lakeview. Lily told Natalie and Ethan that she was "heating up" instead of cooking. Damian got a phone call from "work," and he went outside to take it. The caller was really Meg, who wanted to know when she would see him that day. She said the day was all about family, and she wanted Damian with her at the farm. Damian said that would not happen, and Meg just needed to be patient.

Meg declared that she was not a patient woman, and she hinted that if she told Holden that Damian knew the truth about the body in the truck all along, it would not go well for Damian. Holden approached Meg and asked for some help in the kitchen, so she told Damian that she expected to hear from him, and she hung up. Damian went back to Lily, but he found her discouraged. Luke had asked permission to take the younger children to the farm right away instead of after dinner. He thought they would like to play with their cousins and watch the cutting of the squash. Lily told Damian that it would be just the two of them for dinner.

Damian tried to cheer up Lily, who was really depressed not to have any family around. Even Lucinda had accepted another invitation. Damian suggested that perhaps Lily should go to the farm, too, and be around her children. Lily said she wouldn't go without Damian.

Craig, Rosanna, and Johnny went to Margo's early, however Katie was already there. Craig took a deep breath and announced that he and Rosanna were engaged and getting married soon. Margo and Katie were stunned, and Margo finally congratulated her brother. Katie, however, excused herself to get something of the baby's in her car. She went out on the patio, where she found Nancy Hughes sitting. Nancy listened carefully to Katie's explanation that she felt Brad's spirit trying to communicate with her.

Katie also said that Henry claimed to actually hear and see Brad, and she asked Nancy if she thought Katie was "nuts." Nancy said she had been talking to her first husband, Chris, for the twenty-one years he had been gone. Katie was relieved that someone else had experienced something similar.

Inside, Margo served wine to Craig and Rosanna, and she cautioned them that if they planned on springing the engagement news at dinner, not everyone might be as "thrilled" as Margo was. Craig took Rosanna aside and asked if she minded spending Thanksgiving with just him and Johnny, and Rosanna said she would love it.

Back at the farm, Holden asked Meg if she had been talking to Damian previously on the phone, and Meg answered truthfully. Holden was irritated and said that Meg had to stop talking to Damian; he was a married man. Meg got snippy, just as Damian and Lily walked in. Holden was surprised and asked his ex what she was doing there. Lily answered that she missed their kids, but Holden told Lily that she couldn't just show up there unannounced anymore.

Meg took Damian aside and asked if he would like to go upstairs to her room, but Damian said they should join the others. He did invite her, however, to join him in his room at the Lakeview later that night, and he promised to have a surprise for her.

Teri and Dusty also arrived, bearing soup. Teri left the room to find Liberty, and Dusty tried to comfort Janet. Janet was upset, so she walked outside, where she ran into Jack. Carly was right behind him, and she announced to Janet that Jack was where he wanted to be. Carly continued into the house, while Janet threw her arms around her husband. Then she asked Jack if he and Carly had slept together, and Jack assured her that they had not. He told Janet that she was his wife.

Carly surprised Sage and Parker, who were delighted to see her, and then Jack walked in with Janet. Sage hugged him, as did Emma. Carly made a tactful exit and told her kids that she would see them later at home. Parker kidded his dad that the next time Jack went on a road trip, maybe his son could go along. Janet and Jack hugged again, but that disturbed Liberty, and she went outside and sat on the porch.

Damian joined the group in the kitchen, where Holden prepared to carve the traditional Hubbard squash. He picked up the saw, but then he handed it to Jack and said he wished Jack to do the honors. Sitting alone at the table was the ghost of Brad.

Katie told Margo after dinner that she wanted to take Jacob to the farm so that he could be around that part of his family, as well. She said goodbye to her sister and Nancy, who settled down on the couch to look at an old picture of the Hughes family. Katie headed for the farm, where she found Liberty sitting alone outside. Liberty mentioned that she had just had an odd experience. She had been sitting there when a burst of wind blew by, and Liberty had a strong feeling that her dad was nearby.

Katie smiled, and she said she understood perfectly. Liberty went inside, and Katie peered through the window. She saw Holden helping Jack with the squash, and then she saw Brad, standing behind Holden. She talked to Jacob and decided that they should go home and perhaps Brad would be there. After she left, Holden called everyone to the table and declared that it had been quite a year. He remembered those who were no longer with them, and then the Snyders began their feast.

Craig took his little family to Metro, where he announced that, in their honor, he was presenting the "First Ever Montgomery Backwards Thanksgiving." A waiter brought out something under a dome, so they sat down, and Craig removed the cover to reveal some pumpkin pie. He declared that they would have a full dinner, but they were eating it backwards, so dessert was first! Johnny was delighted.

Eventually Johnny fell into what Rosanna called a "sugar stupor" on a couch, and she complimented Craig on his innovative meal. They kissed, and then Craig said that they had done something else backwards, too. He said they had gotten engaged before he had given Rosanna a ring, so he reached in his pocket and brought out a ring box. He opened it to reveal a beautiful diamond, and he thanked Rosanna for giving him a second chance.

Craig removed the ring and was placing it on Rosanna's finger when the door flew open and in walked Carly. She turned around immediately when she recognized what was happening, but Rosanna called to her. Carly said she was through with both of them, and wished them a happy Thanksgiving.

Luke returned home from the farm with a plate from Emma, and he took it up to Noah. He also gave his boyfriend a lecture in which he said that he was going to take care of Noah because that's what people who loved each other did. Noah took his tray, and Luke showed him where everything was. Noah asked Luke not to hover, so Luke sat outside until Noah called him back. Luke told Noah that he was thankful every day that Noah was in his life. Noah asked for seconds, and he invited Luke to sit by him.

Parker also took a plate of food home for his mother. Carly was very pleased that her son had offered to keep her company.

Katie went home, half-expecting Brad to be there in some form. She saw no one, but she did hear a noise in the guest room. She called out to Brad, but out of the room walked Simon Frasier, saying, "Hello, Katie."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS did not air any original episodes in today's daytime line-up. This programming change was planned for and there will be no lost episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 30 and pick up where the November 25 episode left off.

On behalf of everyone at Soap Central, I'd like to let you know that your support of over the years means so much to us. Without you, our loyal readers and fellow soap fans, we wouldn't be marking the close of our 14th year online. I hope that you and your loved ones have a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving.

Dan J Kroll
Founder, Soap Central

Friday, November 27, 2009

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, As the World Turns did not air today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 30 and pick up where Wednesday, November 25's episode concluded.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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