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Monday, November 23, 2009

At the art gallery where Crimson hosted an installation by the artist, Franco, Maxie made a last minute inspection of the "Murder Room" exhibit. She spotted an interloper, who unknown to her, was the artist himself. Maxie asked him to leave the room, but Franco seemed intrigued with Maxie and insisted that he had the right to be there.

Franco flirted with Maxie and bandied words. After she referred to his artist persona as a pompous twit, he revealed himself to her, causing Maxie to blush. Maxie, however, was not fully convinced of Franco's identity, especially when he added a peace sign to the wall.

Dominic stopped by Lulu's apartment to escort her to the art show. She told him that she knew he was there because he needed an alibi. She told him that she had heard sirens only an hour before. Dominic responded that the four-alarm fire that was burning in his heart for her had caused the sirens.

A tearful Olivia was bemoaning her choices and praying for forgiveness when Sonny knocked on the door to invite her to the art show. She did not want to go, but Sonny shared what had happened at the ambush and how Dominic had saved his life. He told her that he needed to be seen in public and carry on as if nothing had happened. Olivia reconsidered and agreed to accompany Sonny.

Sam and Jason were dressed up and ready to leave the penthouse but Lucky stopped them. He told Jason and Sam that the slayings that he was investigating looked like Jason's doing except for one thing: Joey Limbo's windpipe had been crushed after he was shot and his body had been posed in an unnatural position.

Neither Jason nor Sam showed their surprise, but Sam was quick to agree with Lucky that Jason would never act in such a manner. Lucky let Sam and Jason go to the art show but reserved the right to ask further questions of Jason.

Port Charles denizens flocked to the art show. Jax, Robin and Patrick discussed the grimness of the exhibits that all seemed to focus on crime, specifically murder. Tracy called it tawdry, but Luke thought he could have some fun with it.

Luke found the "Murder Room" as Franco spray-painted the wall with a peace sign. Luke made humorous sarcastic remarks. He took the spray can and drew a tic tac toe square with an "x" in the upper right corner and gave the can back to Franco. They had a spirited conversation about what defined art. Franco told Luke that what made his work art and Luke's not was that his would command $50,000.

Luke laughed and made an excuse to get rid of Maxie. Once she was gone, he told Franco that even though Luke felt Franco's art was a scam, he wished him well in getting all he could from the rich and clueless. He then told Franco that his work lacked authenticity and that Franco would soil himself if he ever looked at a real murder scene. Franco smiled at Luke's back as he exited.

Maxie found Lulu in the main gallery with Dante. She told Lulu that Franco was a wacko but she was determined to do what Kate wanted and get him to do a photo shoot for Crimson. Lulu noticed that Dante was drawn to the paintings. She said she could see why he liked them since he was an undercover cop/gangster. Dante said that he did not like them at all, but that there was something familiar about them that he could not identify.

Sonny arrived with Olivia on his arm. They had a brief conversation with Patrick and Robin, who commented on Sonny's sudden interest in art. He said that he and Olivia were supporting Kate.

Robin was doubly surprised when Jason showed up with Sam. When she asked Sam said that Jason was consulting with her on security.

Jax and Tracy commiserated across the room. She wanted to know why Sonny had been invited. Jax said that like the choice of art, it had been Kate's decision. Tracy commented that Sonny was just like the art: dreary, blood-soaked and pretentious. A smiling Jax noticed Dante with Lulu and reassured Tracy that it was just a matter of time until Sonny was behind bars.

Spinelli spotted Dominic and Lulu viewing the artwork. He hastened to join them. Though neither Dominic not Lulu seemed to like what they saw, Spinelli was very enthusiastic.

Spinelli became concerned when he enquired about Maxie's whereabouts and Lulu told him that Maxie was babysitting Franco. Lulu said that Maxie had been ordered by Kate to convince Franco to do a photo shoot for Crimson.

Maxie was trying to convince Franco to do the Crimson photo shoot when Sonny entered the "Murder Room" exhibit room. Sonny complimented Franco on his art and said that the scene looked very real. When Franco asked how Sonny knew, Sonny said that he read a lot.

Sonny then asked Franco how he made it look so real and Franco responded that he read a lot. Sonny got serious and cautioned Franco to beware because sometimes it was hard to tell the difference between what was real and what was imagined. Franco looked delighted as Sonny exited.

Jason and Sam were next to enter the exhibit room. Franco tried to get Maxie to introduce him to Jason. She was reluctant, but finally agreed to ask Jason. When she did, Jason said no, even though Maxie begged and pleaded and reminded him of all the favors that she had done.

When Maxie told Franco that Jason had refused an introduction, he insisted that she leave with him. As they left by a back door, Franco smiled at Jason and gave him the same distinctive wave as he had earlier in his homeless disguise at the site of the Joey Limbo's demise.

Luke and Sonny ran into each other in the main gallery. Luke accused Sonny of using him to set up Joey Limbo so that Sonny could kill him. Sonny assured Luke that he had been sincere about the peace offer and that it was Joey who had set the ambush.

Luke was still disgruntled, but mollified, when he told Sonny that even though they were friends, he was strictly neutral and he did not want to be used as one of Sonny's foot soldiers.

Franco steered Maxie to a waiting limousine, then insisted that she put on a blindfold. She was wary, but when Franco told her it was to protect the location of his studio and insisted that she either put on the blindfold or leave the limo, Maxie chose the blindfold.

Once they reached the studio, Franco persuaded Maxie to keep the blindfold on. He posed her on the cold studio floor in the chalk outline of a body. When Maxie caught on that she was modeling a death scene, she ripped off the blindfold, leaped up and slapped Franco, while calling him a sick, perverted freak.

When Maxie told Franco about Georgie's death and how she felt about it, Franco apologized for making his artistic sense more important than her feelings. He asked for Maxie's forgiveness. Franco tried to start again by offering a tour of his studio. Maxie agreed, as long as Franco was willing to wear the blindfold.

Jason grabbed Sam and Spinelli and headed for the penthouse. Once there, he ordered Spinelli to pull up the footage of Franco leaving the art gallery. Spinelli was stung to see Maxie leaving with Franco. Jason urged him to concentrate on the wave, which Jason said was the same as that of the man in a hoodie who had waved at him as he left the scene of the ambush.

Spinelli said it was coincidence, but when he pulled up footage of the man in the hoodie waving, and placed it beside that of Franco waving, it was clear to Sam, Jason and Spinelli that the distinctive hand wave was the same in both videos.

Lulu was fascinated by Dante's interest in the art photos. When she questioned him he could only say that it was very, very familiar to him.

Lucky went back to the ambush site. He ran into the crime scene technicians who confirmed that Joey Limbo's windpipe had been crushed.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sonny escorted Olivia home. As Olivia opened her door, she found Johnny standing in her living room. Johnny wanted to speak to Olivia, but Sonny was reluctant to leave her alone with Johnny. Olivia assured Sonny that she was safe with Johnny. After Sonny left, Johnny wondered if Sonny would be concerned about Olivia if he knew that Dante was trying to put Sonny in jail.

Olivia admitted that she didn't want to know what Sonny would do, but she feared that he'd go after Dante if he learned that Dante was a cop. Johnny agreed that Sonny was capable of anything, including murdering his own wife. Olivia understood that Sonny was ruthless; it broke her heart because, when he was younger, Sonny had the potential to be a better person. Olivia confessed that she hoped that Dante would never gain the evidence that he needed in order to arrest Sonny.

Johnny pointed out that wishful thinking never worked. Olivia wondered if she might be better off returning to Bensonhurst, so that she wouldn't have to watch what happened next. In the next breath she dismissed the possibility; she could never leave Dante to an unknown fate. Johnny suggested that Dante's lies were bad, but Olivia's lies made everything worse. Johnny was certain that Sonny or Dante would end up taking the fall; either way, no one would win.

Johnny was curious if Olivia's confessions of love and heartbreak were real or merely an attempt to distract him. Olivia insisted that she had been honest about her feelings. She assured Johnny that Sonny was Dante's target. She begged Johnny not to tell Sonny about Dante. Johnny promised that Sonny would never learn the truth from him. He was content to stand on the sidelines and wait for Dante to do his job. Johnny intended to cheer when Dante put Sonny away.

At the penthouse, Jason, Sam, and Spinelli compared the footage of the homeless man waving at a bank camera with the images of Franco waving goodbye to Jason outside of the art gallery. Jason was certain Franco and the vagrant were the same person, but Sam and Spinelli appeared to have their doubts. Spinelli wondered why a world-famous artist would pretend to be a street bum. However, Spinelli did concede that Franco's attitude seemed a bit defiant.

Sam recalled that Maxie had mentioned that Franco wanted to meet Jason. She suggested that perhaps Franco had been offended when Jason had declined the request. Jason wondered how that would account for Franco's attitude hours earlier when Franco had posed as a vagrant.

Spinelli decided to head to the art gallery to meet up with Maxie. After Spinelli left, Sam asked Jason to tell her what had happened on Front Street. Jason told Sam about Sonny's intention to broker a peace treaty with Joey. He explained that Sonny had used Luke as a go-between to arrange the meeting. As Sonny and Jason had arrived for the meeting, Joey and his men had ambushed them.

Jason revealed that he had been forced to stand out in the open while he had returned the gunfire. Sam realized that anyone could have seen Jason, and therefore they would be able to confirm that Jason had been at the shoot-out. Jason admitted that he hadn't realized that he'd been seen until he had fled the scene. That's when Jason had observed the homeless man.

Jason hated that he'd been forced to resort to violence. Sam reminded Jason that he had saved "a lot of lives." Sonny, Max, Milo, and Dominic had escaped without harm because of Jason. She insisted that Jason had been under attack, so he had to defend himself. Jason wondered if he had the right to take the life of someone like Franco, who had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sam assured Jason that he was not an "amoral killer, drunk on power." According to Sam, Jason protected his own and had great instincts. She thanked Jason for opening up to her. Jason explained that she was the only person that he could trust.

Lucky went to the jail to question Anthony about Joey. Anthony insisted that Sonny was responsible for Joey's death. He also warned Lucky that Luke's hands weren't clean either.

Lucky was waiting for Sonny when he arrived home. Lucky assured Sonny that the guards had locked up Sonny's desk before they had left Lucky alone in the living room. Sonny offered Lucky a drink, but Lucky declined; he reminded Sonny that he was a recovering addict and he was on duty. Sonny was curious why Lucky had stopped by. Lucky revealed that he wanted to talk to Sonny about the incident on Front Street.

Lucky shared the details about Joey's crushed windpipe and that his body had been posed. Sonny disavowed any knowledge of the incident. Lucky agreed that it wasn't Sonny's style. However, Joey and Luke had known each other since the days when Frank Smith had controlled the mob in Port Charles. Lucky wondered if his father was involved in what had happened on Front Street.

Sonny suggested that Lucky talk to Luke about that. Sonny confided that he couldn't imagine anything worse than being investigated by his own son. Sonny admitted that he had been surprised when Lucky had decided to join the police force. Lucky explained that he had not become a police officer in order to get back at Luke. According to Lucky, he didn't want the sins of the father to affect his children; Lucky was determined to break an unhealthy cycle.

Sonny suggested that Lucky could have "gone straight" without becoming a police officer. Lucky insisted that he had to remain in the ring. Lucky didn't believe that justice should only be for people like Sonny and Luke, who had the muscle to take whatever they wanted whenever they wanted it. Lucky believed that his badge leveled the playing field for those who didn't have any power.

At the gallery, Dante admitted that Franco's artwork was unsettling. Dante feared that the artist was slightly disturbed. Lulu was curious if Dante really recognized something familiar about the crime scene photographs. Dante was ashamed to admit that crime scenes tended to resemble one another.

Dominic went to Greystone Manor to talk to Sonny. Sonny informed Dominic that Lucky was investigating the shooting on Front Street. He warned Dominic that Lulu might be caught in the middle if Lucky uncovered that Luke had arranged the meeting between Joey and Sonny. Sonny admitted that it would hurt him to be in Luke's shoes.

Sonny wanted Michael, Morgan, and Kristina to have all of the advantages that his money could provide them, but it would kill him if one of his children decided to become a cop. Sonny was also worried that Lucky, or another police officer, might be able to build a case against Sonny that could lead to an arrest and conviction for Claudia's murder.

Spinelli arrived at the art gallery, but did not find Maxie. As he left Maxie a voicemail message, Lucky approached Spinelli. After Spinelli ended the call, Lucky revealed that he wanted to discuss the guest list with Spinelli. Lucky was curious why every "gangster in town" had been at the art gallery opening. Spinelli didn't volunteer any information.

Lucky informed Spinelli that Jason was a suspect in the shooting. Spinelli reminded Lucky that Jason was at the art gallery. Lucky argued that it was "too little, too late." As Lucky spoke to Spinelli about how Joey's body had been posed, a picture on the wall had caught Lucky's eye. Lucky realized that the pose in the picture was eerily similar to position in which they had found Joey's body.

At Franco's studio, Maxie turned the tables on Franco by blindfolding him and then spinning him around in a circle. Before long, Franco had managed to stumble into Maxie arms. Maxie immediately accused Franco of peeking. Franco denied it as he ripped off the blindfold, but his smile contradicted his claim. Franco offered Maxie an expensive drink, but she spit it out immediately. Franco laughed as Maxie insisted that the drink was vile. Franco agreed, so he opened a bottle of champagne.

As Maxie looked around, she asked Franco about his art. Franco claimed that he'd been inspired to stage crime scenes after the woman he had loved had been murdered. According to Franco, a stranger had stabbed Vanessa to death. Maxie didn't believe Franco's story when he mentioned that the knife that had been used in the attack had been a "number four steak knife." Maxie pointed out that a person in love would not be "obsessed" with the detail of the cutlery used in the crime.

Franco confessed that he had made up the story; he made up everything. Maxie suspected that Franco had been laughing at her since the beginning. Franco seemed to appreciate Maxie's frankness. He claimed that he simply liked making art and he particularly enjoyed being paid well for doing it. As Franco continued to seduce Maxie, he told her that the secret to life was that anyone could die at any time.

Maxie wondered what they should do about that. Franco suggested that they should amuse themselves, not live by rules or boundaries, and take what they wanted when they wanted it. To emphasize his point, Franco kissed Maxie. Maxie pulled away moments later. As Franco refilled her glass with champagne, Maxie was curious if Franco was trying to get her drunk. Franco chuckled as he observed that getting her drunk would make it easier for Maxie.

Maxie pretended that she had no idea what Franco was talking about, but he refused to allow her to play coy. He was curious if Maxie intended to marry her boyfriend. Maxie admitted that she had tried, but it had not worked. Franco clarified that he wasn't interested in a long-term relationship. He promised that her boyfriend would never know if they made love, but Maxie argued that she would know. He insisted that he had never forced himself on a woman.

Franco wondered how old Maxie was. She revealed that she was 23 years old. Franco was curious if she was certain about what she wanted for the rest of her life. Maxie confided that she was sure that she didn't want to lose what she had with Spinelli. Franco offered to return Maxie to the gallery, but she declined. To make her point, she threw the champagne flute across the room and then announced that she was as adventurous as Franco. Franco and Maxie shared a passionate kiss and then they started tearing off each other's clothes.

Later, Franco and Maxie were kissing in the backseat of a limousine. Maxie realized that Franco had known all along that they would "hook up." Franco confided that he had hoped that they would. Maxie joked that she imagined many women would be happy to keep Franco occupied. Franco responded, "for a while and then what?" As the car pulled up to Maxie's apartment building, she seemed a bit subdued. After they stepped out of the car, Franco kissed Maxie and then asked if she would be okay getting to her apartment on her own.

Maxie admitted that her legs were a bit weak, but she would be fine. After Franco drove away, Maxie realized that she hadn't secured his agreement to do a photo shoot for Crimson.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Diane arrived at the Davis residence with gourmet yams . As Diane handed the covered dish to Alexis she gave her instructions on how to heat the treat. Alexis admitted that she hadn't realized that Diane would be joining them. Molly entered just in time to announce that Alexis and Molly had made plans for Thanksgiving. Alexis scolded Molly for being rude, and then explained to Diane that they had intended to go to the country club for dinner. Before Diane could respond, the phone rang. Alexis left the room to answer the phone.

Molly took the opportunity to hand Diane a dollar bill; she wanted to put Diane on retainer. Diane explained that her fees were considerably higher than one dollar. However, she was curious why Molly wanted her services. Molly warned Diane to not breathe a word of what she was about to reveal. Diane's interest was piqued, so she promised to keep quiet. Molly explained that she and her sisters had decided to play matchmaker for their mother.

Molly claimed that Alexis had horrible taste in men, so it might be her last opportunity to find love. Diane smiled as she assured Molly that her secret was safe. Diane's only regret was that she wouldn't be able to see Alexis' reaction when she realized that she had been set up. Molly apologized; she didn't think it would be appropriate to invite an extra guest to someone else's house. Diane completely understood.

Alexis returned to the living room with news that she had added another guest to their reservations at the country club. Diane appreciated the offer, but explained that she needed to see a client. Alexis pointed out that it was a holiday, but Diane refused to be swayed. After Diane left, Molly told Alexis that they had plans to go somewhere other than the country club.

At Pozzulo's Restaurant, the eatery in Sonny's warehouse, Spinelli left a message for Maxie while Milo was wrapping up a phone call with Sonny. After they ended their calls, Spinelli wondered why Milo looked downhearted . Milo explained that Sonny was fed up with Max continually sulking and Diane hiding out in Philadelphia. Sonny had ordered Milo to remedy the situation pronto. Max entered Pozzulo's moments later; it was clear he was in a dour mood.

Max explained that Sonny had sent him to Pozzulo's. According to Max, Sonny had told him that Milo would "fix him up" and that Max was to make certain that the job was done properly. It was obvious that Max assumed the assignment was work-related.

A short time later, Diane arrived at Pozzulo's demanding to know why Spinelli had asked to see her. Spinelli and Milo explained that it was about Max. According to Milo, Max had been having difficulty performing. Diane immediately jumped to the conclusion that Milo had meant that Max was suffering from some sort of sexual dysfunction. Milo didn't correct Diane.

Diane was horrified at the idea that Max had been suffering in silence. She insisted that Max had been more to her than just a sex object. Spinelli decided that it was a good time for him to leave. As Spinelli departed, Max walked out of Sonny's office wearing rubber gloves and carrying a plunger.

Max's gripes about plumbing problems died on his lips when his eyes connected with Diane's. Diane didn't waste time talking; she rose from the table and then marched to the office. She turned briefly to order Max to follow her. Max handed the plunger to Milo and then followed Diane into the office.

After Diane and Max recovered from a satisfying romp in the office, Max learned how Milo had lured Diane to Pozzulo's. He was furious that Diane had believed Milo's lies. Diane wasn't; she had missed Max. Max admitted that he had missed Diane, too. Later, Diane, Max, and Milo toasted each other with a glass of wine as they sat together at one of the tables.

On the piers, Kristina bumped into Ethan while she was on her way to Robin's house with pumpkin cookies. Ethan was happy to see that Kristina's stitches had been removed. Kristina was curious where Ethan was headed. He explained that he intended to go to Kelly's for a turkey sandwich. They chatted for a few minutes about Australia's version of Thanksgiving before Kristina invited Ethan to join her family for dinner. Ethan appreciated the offer; however, she had inspired him to spend the holiday with his family.

At the Drake residence, Sam arrived just as Patrick was carrying folding chairs into the living room. While Robin set the table, Sam confessed that she didn't think that their plan would work. Robin insisted that it was obvious to everyone that there had been chemistry between Mac and Alexis; they just needed a nudge. Patrick groaned when he overheard Robin and Sam plotting. He warned Robin that men were simple creatures. As if to prove his point, Mac entered the house carrying a six-pack of beer and asking if the game was on.

When Mac saw Sam, he asked Robin if Jason would be joining them. Robin assured her uncle that Jason would not be at their Thanksgiving table. However, Robin cheered Mac up by confiding that she had invited someone that he liked. Mac assumed that Robin meant Coleman. The doorbell rang moments later. Robin was surprised to see Matt enter with Lisa. Matt explained that he had invited Lisa to dinner because she didn't have anyone to spend the holiday with. Robin pasted on a smile and then welcomed her husband's ex-girlfriend.

As everyone sat at the table, watching the game on television, Lisa confessed to Patrick that she was impressed with the kind of father that he had turned out to be. Meanwhile, Sam received a phone call from Molly. Sam whispered to Molly that she thought the plan was a bad idea; she explained that Kristina had not even arrived and Maxie had canceled because she was sick. Sam was forced to end the call when Mac approached her. Mac wanted to question Sam about her statement regarding the night that Claudia had disappeared. Robin immediately scolded Mac, reminding him that it was a holiday.

Mac apologized, but then announced that he had to go to the station. Robin refused to allow her uncle to leave. Luckily for Robin, Alexis and Molly's arrival blocked Mac's exit. When Mac made another attempt to leave, Molly insisted that she had to ask Mac questions for a project. Alexis reminded Molly that she had already completed her report on the legal system, but Molly argued that she had a few loose ends to tie up.

Alexis sensed that Molly was up to something, so she quickly cornered Sam to demand some answers. Mac also realized that something was going on, so he pulled Patrick aside to question him. Patrick refused to incriminate himself. Mac and Alexis realized that their families were attempting to fix them up.

When Alexis and Mac stepped outside to talk, Kristina arrived. As Kristina entered the house, everyone was explaining Alexis' horrible history with men to Lisa. Kristina revealed that her father was a mobster. Molly confessed that her father was a mob lawyer. Sam confided that she didn't even know who her father was. When Jerry's name was mentioned, Lisa was forced to agree that Alexis needed help finding love.

Later, as everyone gathered at the table for dinner, Alexis found herself seated next to Mac. Everyone joined hands and then gave thanks.

At the apartment, Lulu offered to get Maxie a latte before Lulu headed to Liz's house for Thanksgiving. When Maxie wandered into the living room, Lulu realized that Maxie was down in the dumps. Lulu assumed that Maxie was depressed because Franco had not agreed to do the photo shoot. Maxie surprised Lulu by revealing that she had slept with Franco.

Lulu took a minute to absorb that shocking confession. She couldn't believe that Maxie had betrayed Spinelli. Maxie insisted that she hadn't cheated on Spinelli. According to Maxie, she and Spinelli had a list of people whom they could sleep with. Lulu was curious who was on Spinelli's list. Maxie reluctantly answered, "Anne Hathaway." Although, Maxie was fairly certain he had put her on the list only because Maxie had found the movie, The Princess Diaries, among his belongings.

Lulu pointed out that Anne Hathaway was a celebrity and that it was unlikely that Spinelli would ever meet her. Maxie argued that Franco was also famous. Lulu urged her friend to be truthful with Spinelli, even though it would most likely hurt him. After Lulu left, Maxie sat on the sofa crying; her thoughts were centered on her night with Franco. When someone knocked at the door, Maxie found Spinelli standing on her doorstep. He announced that he had picked up a few things that he hoped would make Maxie feel better.

Spinelli poured soup into two bowls and then handed one to Maxie. Maxie managed only a few bites before she set her bowl of soup on the coffee table.

At the Jacks residence, Michael, Morgan, and Carly prepared to go to Kelly's to join Sonny and Mike for Thanksgiving. Jax intended to stay home with Josslyn. Carly's plans hit a snag when her car failed to start. Jax offered to take a look at the car, so Carly went to check on Josslyn. As soon as Carly and Jax were out of sight, Michael noticed that Morgan had slipped something into his pocket. Michael realized that Morgan had sabotaged Carly's car.

Morgan didn't deny the accusation. He was determined to be a good big brother to Josslyn by making certain that her parents spent Thanksgiving together. When Jax returned to inform everyone that he hadn't been able to fix the car, Morgan smiled. Morgan's satisfaction was short-lived, because Carly asked to borrow Jax's car. Jax agreed to Carly's request, so Michael asked to talk to Carly and Jax about a school trip while Morgan raced outside to tamper with Jax's car.

Morgan's efforts paid off when Carly informed Jax that his car hadn't started, either. Carly decided that two brand new cars failing to start was an omen for them to stay home. Michael and Morgan volunteered to scavenge for food in the kitchen. A short time later, the boys emerged with tons of junk food. As everyone laughed and enjoyed the impromptu meal, Jax leaned down to kiss Carly.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Rebecca announced that she had decided to join some people from the hospital to help feed the homeless at a shelter. Tracy wondered why Rebecca wasn't spending the holiday with Nikolas. Rebecca explained that Nikolas was busy. Luke strolled into the parlor moments later to announce that Bobbie had flown to Seattle to spend time with Lucas.

Rebecca was curious how Lucky and Liz were spending the day. Luke revealed that Lucky and Liz were with Audrey, Lesley, and the children. Luke wasn't interested in spending the day with a kind and loving family, so he had decided to hang out with the Quartermaines. Ethan arrived a short time later, followed by his sister, Lulu.

When the pizza arrived, Rebecca asked how the tradition of the Quartermaines eating pizza on Thanksgiving had started. Monica explained that family squabbles had led to many ruined Thanksgiving dinners, so they had been forced to order pizza.

As everyone helped themselves to pizza, Edward began singing, "We Gather Together."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, ABC aired encore episodes of recent memorable show in today's daytime line-up. This programming change was planned for and there will be no lost episodes as a result. For your convenience, we've provided links to the full recaps that we posted when these episodes originally aired.

All My Children:
On an island in the Caribbean, Amanda goes into labor and plans to tell David that their baby died. Originally aired on June 12, 2009 (Click here for the complete recap)

One Life to Live:
Dorian announces that she and Amelia are going to get married - and then they kiss. Originally aired on November 9, 2009 (Click here for the complete recap)

General Hospital:
James Franco makes his first appearance as the mysterious Franco. Originally aired on November 20, 2009 (Click here for the complete recap)

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air today. This programming change was planned for, and there will be no lost episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, November 30 and pick up where Wednesday, November 25's episode concluded.

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